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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> we have breaking news in oakland a police officer is in stable condition at the hospital after being wounded in a shooting with a suspect. police say officers came up on a man with a rifle at 1:30. police say the man shot one of the officers. two officers returned fire hitting and killing the man. the officer is in stable condition. abc7 reporter janet o is gathering new information with a report in a few minutes. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. we will have a check of weather and traffic. mike how is it looking?
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>> quiet. we have cloud cover that is increasing but no fog on live doppler 7 hd. can you see the low clouds on the exploritorium. temperatures are mild this morning upper 50s to mid-60s through 7:00 we will see a little less sunshine by noon and we are still in the mid-to-upper 60s and by 4:00 the cooling we saw yesterday continues today and mid-60s at the coast and mid-70s around the bay and barely 88 inland and a bit cooler after the sun will set at 8:16. more on the rocky fire coming up. how is the commute? leyla? >> good morning, everyone. if you are just waking up, good news. wart is open teen east bay and san francisco. the bad news is there is a 10-minute delay at embarcadero and pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton direction for traffic inspection. they are making sure that everyone is in good working order. jumping in the car in the worth
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bay that is 101 pushing to 580 with traffic quite light at the golden gate bridge. we have word there is an extra lane southbound direction. the zipper truck moved to the marin side. we have delays through los gatos because of an accident at the summit southbound highway 167. c.h.p. is there. they are getting things cleared. kristen and matt? >> in oakland police are on the scene of an officer involved shooting. janet o is at martin luther k boulevard. >> this happened at 1:30 at the street where it happened and police are giving new information but an officer has been shot. he is in stable condition. he is at the hop. a suspect who was shot by an officer was taken to the
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hospital. he was pronounced dead. this happened at 1:30 luther king when a man was found with a rifle. the suspect shot an officer and two officers fired back striking the suspect. the oakland police department spokesperson is on the scene giving information. we will have the latest update later in the show. >> new this morning the honor magazine is waving above the hayward police department in memory of sergeant scott lunger sarge that is taken across the country to honor american heroes flying for 15 hours one for each year of his service. sergeant scott lunger sergeant was shot to death july 22nd and the funeral was attended by thousands from around the state. >> breaking overnight in the east bay a house fire in concord. a viewer alerted us to the blaze
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and spread to the house next door damaging the roof. firefighters say it started just before 1:30 and the house was fully engulfed in flames. no one was hurt. >> developing news, rocky fire in lake county is growing into a monster and has doubled in size again and firefighters have not stopped it. the latest numbers this morning are 54,000 acres burned and it is only 5 percent contained. more than 12,000 people are under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. hundreds of nervous residents cape to a meeting to be updated. they do not know when they can return home. the stress of the fire is taking its toll. >> i have not slept for two days now i am concerned about spring valley because of my nephew. >> how do you feel? >> nervous as can be. we are tired of this. >> two dozen homes and 26 structures have been destroyed.
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our reporter is heading for the fire with a report in our next hour. >> this map shows new mandatory evacuations underway for several communities all residents in spring valley have been ordered out as the fire fire is backing traffic on highway 20 and 53 and leyla will have more on the closures. >> strike teams from around the bay area are at the rocky fire. this photo was posted on twitter showing their view of how big the fire has grown. other bay area firefighters are shooting their own vehicle of the rocky fire. the battalion chief is leading a strike team of five engines and shot this video. you first saw the flares burning fuel to stop the flames from jumping the highway and now you look at video shot at the plane dropping retardant and the team has been working 24-hour shifts.
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>> there are 21 major fires burning in california on the map showing mostly in northern california. >> we have a free abc7 app with the latest information on the fires burning. the abc7 news app is free for smartphones and tablets and apple watch. >> a month since a deadly shooting at pier 14. investigators are staying tightlipped of the investigation. francisco sanchez pleaded not guilty in the killing of kate steinle and police say he used a gun stolen from a federal agent's car a week before the shooting. foes say the at works for the bureau of land management but did not identify the officer or said if the weapon was secured in the vehicle. both agencies cited the need for caution given the investigations of the gun theft and murder case. >> the district attorney is investigating death of a 56-year-old inmate at lake county jail. the woman was found unresponsive
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in a holding cell at 2:30. the sheriff said memorial day personnel started life saving efforts so they could not revise her. she was alone in her cell when found during a check. officials are notifying her family. >> san francisco police need your help to track down a suspected burglar provided by the department. police are looking for the woman when she and a man broke into a vehicle at a parking garage near a hotel. they made off with $1,500 medical device. the male suspect has been arrested. >> you probably have noticed the cooling that began this weekend. >> the week starts cooler with temperature at 56. we will focus on the rocky fire quickly, humidity is 9 percent calm to three miles per hour is the wind. you can see rocky creek and morgan valley road and sky-high ridge road possibly butte rock
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ranch that could be affected. 7:00 this morning, 60 and 80 is the tomorrow and humidity and you notice the toughest conditions at 4:00 87 degrees, 30 percent humidity and south wind at 11 miles per hour and gusting to 20. it will calm down overnight at 6:00 tomorrow and 88 for relative humidity with winds from the southwest at only four miles per hour and tomorrow, it will be the easiest day 84 37 percent humidity and south wind at 11 to 15 miles per hour. golden gate bridge is looking good and it will be foggy through the morning and inland east bay the warmest at 78 to 86 is good enough and you do not need to turn on the air conditioning. the cost and san francisco, 64 to 70s and a few more clouds than yesterday and around the bay 69 to 9 headed into the south bay and the north bay which is >> we start off with drive time traffic so 680 southbound from
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correct wreck to -- from walnut creek to dublin is 14 minutes. we have an accident at the summit and we are seeing delays through los gatos. the fire the rocky fire is certainly affecting roadways in and around the area so roads closes are highway 20 corridor at highway 53, and pair hell to highway 53 that road is shut down so you want to avoid the area. we will keep you updated for other road closures or openings coming up. >> if you are thinking of flying some where think fall in america's money. >> the november 3rd election will be making california history and park a big change for a lot of voters. >> we are showing a beautiful picture of the bay and the bay
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>> covering benicias san ramon san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> workers in menlo park are wrapping up spraying mosquitoes that could kill west nile with infected mosquitoes found on wednesday between men low avenue and creek drive and san mateo drive and waverly street. the spraying started last night in the area and crew are using a
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chemical that poses very little risk. >> san mateo county is on the way to becoming the first built in the state to hold a county-wide all mail ballot elections including school districts that approved a resolution for all mail ballot election for november 3rd election. each jurisdiction calling for an election must include the approval of the vote in resolution which is due by friday. there is one drop off location in each city. >> she was abandoned by her parents at the age of eight and sent from chicago to los angeles to live with grandparents who do taught want her. >> people showed her kindness. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton released her first commercial of the campaign called "dorothy," the canidate's mother designed to appeal to women and give her the appearance of a softer edge than in 28 state when she ran. the ads run in iowa and new hampshire. >> an actress' wildly successful baby product company is responding after customers took
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to social media to complain the sunscreen doesn't work. at issue is this spf30 s $14. some customers shows photos showing the sun screen is not effective. a critic claimed he was only in the sun for an hour before he was burned and in a statement the company said they stand behind the safety and efficiency of the product according to alba. >> sunscreen is a good idea especially during the summer but this weekend not so necessary administration some recent weeks. >> definitely going to need to begin today and tomorrow but a little more clouds and you do not have to put it on so much because the temperatures are down. here is a look at 87 near the shark tank waking up to clouds in san jose and a roller coaster of temperatures that began over the weekend when we fell the cooling, continued today and tomorrow and a little bit of a warming trend but it is not out
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of hand. more cooling as we head to the weekend. i will show you the temperatures in the seven-day forecast but first, we will focus on this morning, with nothing on live doppler hd and late clouds arriving in walnut creek looking southbound on 680 into the san ramon valley where temperatures are in the low-to-mid 80s danville is 62 and blackhawk is cooler at 60 and san ramon and dublin and walnut creek at 63 and pleasanton and concord at 64 and check out brentwood at 65 and pittsburg is 65 and same in oakland, san jose and mountain view at 62 and san carlos and hayward at 64 and napa and vallejo 61 and san francisco is 63. this afternoon. we will have a few more clouds than yesterday. that will keep temperatures below average. from 75 at milpitas. it could crack 85 in gilroy. on the peninsula today iffy if it is pool weather 72 at
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millbrae and 78 in redwood city. 66 at half moon bay. daly city and come in at 64. same in the sunset. more sunshine, sightly warmer at 68 in downtown san francisco. sausalito is 70. we jump into the mid-to-upper 70s and up to cloverdale mid-to-upper 80's and long east bay shore we are 69 at richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s to fremont at 76 and castro valley is 78 and men out to 86 and brent wad, and at the game, the baltimore orioles are in town dropping down to 63. sun will set at 8:16. we have hurricane guillermo heading for hawaii. it will get this. the first signs of it are late tomorrow night into wednesday morning. then every 12 hours from island to island and weakens down to a tropical storm. it could be breezy of the it will be wet.
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i don't think there will be much damage other than rough surf. temperatures tomorrow are the coolest and well will hit the sick 70s, and a few 90s on wednesday and thursday and back below average friday and saturday. >> the good news is the transbay tube re-opened. the bad news is it is recovering from a ten-minute delay because of track inspection taking place to the east bay through the transbay tube there is track inspection happening and everyone else is running on time so for delays. as we look at walnut creek the southbound side away from mosten hill is pleasanton and bumping up ever-so-slightly near the 24 junction but you are in good shape. we move over the altamont pass at 15 miles per hour where traffic is heavy and back from tracy boulevard. over the altamont pass, speeds are starting to dip down and they climb back up again as you go closer to vasco only to slow
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down again and beyond dublin interchange you have a clear drive into hayward and 880, as well south from hayward. but right now between tracy and sundlun it will take you an hour. >> happening today if you look for a job you may want to suit up and head to the south bay. organizes hundreds of positions are at the silicon valley hire event at the biltmore hotel from noon to 4:00 and energy and retail and so her companies are hiring on-the-spot. abc7 is a proud sponsor. >> you may have noticed prices at the pump are declining. how long will it last? good morning everyone, topping america's money could we see $2 a gallon gas by christmas? >> that is the way it is trending. aaa reports the national average this morning is $2.6 a 12 cents less than a month ago and nearly a dollar from a year ago. >> if you do not fell like
5:19 am
driving, air fares could hit a four-year low. a travel app predicts average fare at 4 percent cheaper than last year. the reason is fuels down 30 percent. >> it is not impossible or difficult to guess which movie tops the box office: mission impossible pulls that off, taking in $56 million. "vacation," took a distant second at $15 million. >> it is now 5:19. seven things to know as you start your day and the royal family as you have never seen them before. k-9s catching a wave. stay tuned.
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>> good morning a look at san francisco and the east bay seeing both sides of the bay with a few clouds keeping us warm in the morning and cooler today. we will have more from meteorologist mike nicco coming up. >> here are seven things to know before you go. breaking news in oakland: a police officer is in stable condition. he was wounded in a shooting with a suspect. the police officers came upon a hand with a rifle at martin luther king jr. way and two officers returned fire hitting and killing the man. >> firefighters are working 24 hour shifts to get a handle on the rocky fire in lake county. 54,000 acres are in flames and only 5 percent contained. amy hollyfield will have a report from lake county shortly. >> i will have the latest on what the firefighters are dealing with and the trust for the fire. three, the cooling trend you
5:23 am
felt yesterday continues and we will have a roller coaster of trims through the seven-day forecast. >> starting off on a busy note with traffic building quickly at the toll plaza toll to make it to the city and it will take ten minutes. we have road closures to the north because of rocky fire. also some delays on bart. >> a 35-year-old man died at a festival outside chicago when the wind brought down a tent. he was hit on the hold. 15 others were taken to the hospital with injuries. the winds came out of northern during a brief storm. >> a warning of a new scam that could take over your pc, hackers are sending an official e-mail from microsoft offering a free upgrade to windows ten but ransom ware is installed and you have to pay the hacker to take
5:24 am
it off. >> developing news a special olympics bowler missing in los angeles has been found in hayward. he walked into the police department early this morning in good condition. he is from albania and does not speak accomplish but responds to his anyway. >> a badger close to death two months ago is free this morning. wildlife experts released her on a family form last night. the staff nursedder back to health after she was founded semi conscious and lethargic. >> thing do days of summer live up to their name in san diego for real. 50ing dos took part in the annual surf dog competition getting the dogs on the board takes some training and a trainer said you have to keep them for have a calm state of mind. can they hang ten. some go backyard. incredible stuff.
5:25 am
>> this week san francisco was alive with the music of the grateful dead. ♪ you just ain't no good ♪ >> abc7 was at the park a thousand deadheads celebrated jerry garcia. this is the on you'll tribute to the founder of the band, he grew up in san francisco and died in 1995 but the music and spirit lives on through this event. >> these people are like my family. i have grown up with these people, the fan base and music. it is like being at home. for me. >> jerry day started in 2002 to fix up a run down playground and this is the 10th year it has been held at the jerry garcia theater. >> san francisco nonprofit celebrate add major milestone this weekend. [ inaudible ] the young woman is one of 200
5:26 am
college graduates supported by alive and free the group that began as the boys club in 1987 aiming to protect young people from street violence focusing on decembering them to college. >> i did not have a blueprint or anyone that actually did if my family. i am the first male in my college to go to college and graduated. >> it helps you become success. what other choice do you have? >> the oared conference included old are graduates from the program along the donor whose contributed for decades, a big congratulations to all. >> coming back with 90 minutes of news including help for struggling renters in richmond and how the city wants to give resident as break from the rising cot of living. stay tuned.
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abc7 starts now with breaking news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i am matt keller here for eric thomas. i am kristen sze. in oakland police have given us new information on an early morning officer-involved shooting. janet o is near the scene with more. janet? >> officers just informed us at scene that the officer would was shot early this morning is now out of surgery and in stable condition. look at the scene behind us. this is where it happened at 1:30 this morning on martin luther king jr. way. police say a suspect was armed with a rifle when officers arrived. the officers were -- the suspect shot at the officers and the
5:30 am
officers returned fire. they hit the suspect. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. here is what the oakland police shared moments ago. >> i cannot go into a lot of the details but only share with you that officers were investigating a sexual assault. their investigation led to the 380 block of manage month ago jr. and that is where they encountered the suspect who was armed with a rifle shot at the officers striking an store and the officers returned fire, striking the suspect. >> police say they had a report of a sexual assault yesterday evening and that led police officers to the scene. they were trying to make contact with the suspect. the suspect was armed. they have recovered a rifle at the scene. it is part of the evidence. the officer-involved shooting investigation with oakland police and alameda district attorney is now investigating
5:31 am
the case. oakland police say they will have another update for us at 7:30 this morning. stick with us. we will have more information. >> now it is time to get an update on the weather conditions with all the fires burning. >> we will see how weather conditions look. >> better this morning. i will have the complete forecast coming up today and tomorrow as the best two days to fine the warming trend on the way and that is in seven minutes. cooling conditions on live doppler hd and no fog around 101 in san rafael. the 12-hour day planner is 56 to 64 and warmer-than-average with clouds increasing. by noon not so sunny as yesterday at 64 to 74 and nearly average along the coast and below average inland 66 to 80 with sunny conditions and it will be comfortable this evening at 64 at coast and 72 inland.
5:32 am
leyla? >> i want to talk about what janet o was reporting on in oakland and what we know as far as streets are closed for an investigation at martin luther king jr. way shut down until further notice. the bart station is not far at all from the area and that is not affected. we do have delays however, on bart and i will get to that in a moment. it is because of track inspection through the transbay tube in the east bay direction and right now it looks like that is dissipating and you will be on track soon. a.c. transit is not fining delays. from emeryville camera to the span of the bay bridge traffic is building into treasure island. >> danger from california's raging wildfire, the worst burning north of here if lake county. sky 7 was over the explosive rocky fire yesterday and it has doubled in size burning 54,000 acres and 12,000 residents are
5:33 am
under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders and two dozen homes have been destroyed and fire is only 5 percent contained. >> firefighters are working day in night in close hand to hand combat against the rocky fire raging north of sacramento, 2,000 firefighters are trying to stop it. the military called up two more c-130 fire-fighting planes from colorado to join the large dc-10 tankers. the fire retardant will be dropped and the plane can carry 12,000 gallons at once. the terrain is bone dry. lightning is not helping. since thursday, 13,000 lightning strikes sparking 260 new fires. >> we have seen a couple of spot fires and those escalated and got pretty big and took off both sides of the mountain. >> 12,000 people are evacuated
5:34 am
their homes. this man is camping in an r.v. with his poets. >> as they keep up the fight firefighters are now washington their own, david rule, 38, lost his life in northern california surveying the fire zone. >> crews on the rocky fire in california are hopping they will get a break from the weather in the next couple of days. >> today, two more air tankers are joining the aerial assault again the rocky fire two air tankers and 19 helicopters are battling the place this video from the california national guard shows one of the helicopters picking up water and dropping it on the intense flames which are critical to the firefighting effort. >> the firefighters on the ground can get in there and get the fire out. >> the state of emergency declared by governor brown
5:35 am
cleared the way for the california national guard to help out and lets the state get help from other counties and states and the federal government. >> officials say it will take crews longer to contain the fire burning near lake berryessa which they hoped to have contained by today but pushed it back to thursday. the fire has burned 8000 acre since breaking out ten days ago and now is 95 percent contained. you can get the latest information on the fire burning cross the state by enabling the "push" alerts for instant updates >> trains resume through the bart transbay after the first of two planned disclosures to replace aging track and warn railings. bart offer the free service between oakland's 19th street and the temporary terminal in san francisco over the weekend. the second closure is planned for labor day weekend.
5:36 am
>> officials may decide whether they will bury or tow to sea the body of another whale that washed-up. 33' long humpback was found yesterday morning. biologists performed a necessity cropcy and sliced the dead came hoping to find a cause but could not. beachgoers believe it is not natural. >> we love the whales. we love to watch them. it is sad what is going on in our environment to cause this. i wish they would find out why they are doing this. it would be interesting to know. hopefully, maybe we can find a way to stop it. >> this is the third dead whale that wash aid shore. biologists say there is no reason to be alarmed. the whales that have been washing ashore are not a sign of a bigger problem. >> philips 66 is trying to figure what caused a small fire at the refinery that started at 3:00 p.m. yesterday. haz-mat issued a health alert
5:37 am
for the community after the flareup. firefighterred headed out by action and haz-mat lifted the alert. >> the richmond city council will try to help struggling renters by turning represent control ordinance into law that was delayed from last year limiting represent hikes to 2 percent a year. it will stabilize the represents for 10,000 and require landlords to show just cause for evicting tenants. >> new clouds this morning. mike it is not very cool. >> no, that has been the stow with the lows warmer than average this summer and the highs have been cooler-than-average. here is what the firefighters are dealing with right now temperature is 54. humidity is 84 percent. winds are north at three and gusting to five so ideal conditions. you can see it is spreading 54,000 acres now and getting a
5:38 am
little bit dangerous and out of control. veteran is what we will have at 7:00 and humidity is 94 percent and winds from the southwest at eight miles per hour. they will be around ten-20 from the south at 4:00 and 87 and dry at 30 percent humidity. through 6:00, 59 degrees and 87 percent and winds at four miles per hour. tomorrow is the coolest afternoon,84 degrees. clouds at him will linger longer than yesterday and dropping a little bit inland east bay or the bay 69 to 79 in the south bay and the north bay and inwere land east bay tremendous air conditioning again up to 86. the coast and san francisco is 64 to 70 and a few more clouds than year. have a good day. >> this are road closed because of rocky fires and as i take you this is how it closed and highway 20, the corridor between
5:39 am
highway 53, various streets feed into the highways are shut down at this time. the road that runs pair hell to highway 53 is closed to traffic. back home this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is building and it looks like we have cashpayers starting to backup and the rest of the the traffic is moving fine to the north bay and downstairs moving into richmond not finding any delays. 680 southbound is looking good and west from walnut creek is thin minutes and an hour from tracy to dublin, westbound 580 and a new crash reported at grant line road. that sun the shoulder with a lot of congestion. thank you leyla. a new twist in the fight over california's new mandatory school vaccination law. the compensation program that were on points say you need to know about. >> severe weather across the
5:40 am
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos >> the private white tornado moving through des moines sets this windstorm apart because of color part of a thunderstorm system in the center of the state. no one was hurt. >> a man is dead and a dozen are injured after is severe storm tore through a music festival outside of chicago. winds sent poles flying and tents crashing at the prairie festival. they cut holes in the tarps to free those trapped inside. a young concert goer could not believe what she witnessed. >> i saw a son on the floor, and the am was cut. >> the system included hail and reported tornadoes. the severe weather forced the organizers to cut shore the final day of the music festival. >> french and malaysian investigators are meeting in paris to help solve the mystery of missing malaysia airlines flight 370. experts will determine if the part comes from the plane that
5:44 am
disappeared in man of 2014 open way to beijing. 1239 were on the plane. the wing part found in the indian ocean on reunion island has been verified coming from the boeing 777. >> bobbi kristina brown will be buried today in westfield, new jersey. the body is expected to be place next to her mother whitney houston. private funeral was held over the weekend outside atlanta. an on was reportedly kicked for screaming at another family member at the funeral. >> health advocates are calling for greater scrutiny of a federal program that pays families for injuries caused by valve nation the national vaccine injury compensation program that began three decades ago, it has paid out $3 billion for injuries caused but everything from influence to whooping cough vaccine. the san jose mercury news said health advocates claim they need
5:45 am
more just my and publicity because most parents and doctors do not know it exists. the california vaccine law that kicks in removes all exmeptions except for medical ones enrolling in public or private school. >> hopeful future major leaguers take the field and junior giants are learning more about pitching and catching focusing on the character development: confidence integrity leadership and teamwork. >> junior giants was created for an alternative to drugs and gangs and crime. >> matt what did you do this weekend? scooping ice cream...for a great cause. >> root beer float tent at the stadium, just a beautiful stadium. kristi was next me scooping ice
5:46 am
cream and we had a good time with keith from the super bowl committee at levi stadium so we had a great time. i found out that you cannot everpour the root beer because it foams up so i was fund. they raised money for leukemia and the earthquakes foundation and mothers against drunk driving. >> ice cream first or root beer first? >> we go with the ice career we had a line going a human conveyor belt so scoop the cream and poor the root beer. we were in the sun watching the game. >> wonderful out there. we will talk about what is going on as far as the forecast. here is a look from sutro tower and you can see the clouds that are hanging over the top of us this morning. we are going do have modest
5:47 am
cooling and more clouds lingering in the afternoon the next two days and at night it is cloudy and mild temperatures are above average with drizzle near the coast and we will have cooling into the welcome. right now along the east bay orinda is 61 and san leandro at 60s and berkeley is 63 and young city is fremont and oakland is warm at 65 degrees. we have 64 at san carlos conquer, pleasanton brentwood and san jose is 62 and napa is 81. pacifica is 60. our winds are 14 miles per hour in oakland and same in napa and livermore and 30 in fairfield aural pointing east we we picking up at 3:00 this afternoon from the west delta back through san pablo bay to the bay bridge and to the golden gate bridge lasting until 10:00.
5:48 am
as far as cloud cover you can see it pulling back mainly to the coast by noon and there will still be fog rolling cross the again gob to emeryville and berkeley keeping you in the 60s and the rest of the bay is in the spent and 80s deep inland places like...los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and otherwise mid-to-upper 70s and san jose is at 78. 78 at los gatos and redwood city and down to 72 in millbrae and 66 today in half moon bay and 64 in daly city and colma and sunset and 68 and more sunshine downtown and 70 in south san francisco to sausalito and santa rosa and napa at 79. vallejo topping out at 75 and 69 in richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s for the east bay shore until castro valley at 78. 78 in san ramon and everyone else out highway 4 in the low-to-mid 80s. temperatures tonight are 56 in napa to about 60 around fremont.
5:49 am
seven-day forecast shows a couple of degrees of cooling again tomorrow and a quick rebound summer comes back at least inland for wednesday and thursday with a few 90's showing up and 60s to 80s around the rest of our neighborhood and a slight cool trend on friday and saturday. a lost morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. >> good morning, and the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are turned on and now it is 13 minutes to get you define east bay into san francisco and we do have very heavy traffic over the altamont pass and an accident to add to the mess and right now if you are headed out of tracy and dublin it is going to take you an hour and ten minutes and i am not sure where the traffic came from. we have one crash at grant line road but it sounds like that is on the shoulder and perhaps it is enough to cause specific state slowing and 13 miles per hour is the top speed leaving tracy boulevard causing pressure on 580 as it emergencying with 205 and when you get over the altamont pass you are slow and go and 28 miles per hour up to
5:50 am
vasco road. that is 71 minutes from dublin. pack your patience. >> nervous moments on a california-bound flight. >> reaction from passengers the moment they are told to brace for an emergency landing in the ocean. >> pay at the pump,bly at -- play at pump a move to make new players more intereste >> is your child a picky eater? you may want to talk about it with your youngster's doctor. stay tuned.
5:51 am
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>> special olympians from an the world dance to music at the closing ceremonies of the world games. 6,500 athletes competed the past week. australia is the sight of the next special olympics in 2017. >> your credit card can get you more than fuel. it could make you a millionaire, a new california lottery program called play at the pump. drivers can get $20 of quick pick tickets when they bay gas and the cost goes on the credit card. >> you need cash to buy inside a store but the game is available only at 897 stations throughout the state. there is one in campbell. matt, if you are in the south by you are in luck. >> why me if that is good or bad but players have to senator
5:54 am
their i.d. at the pump to verify their age and there is an easyject of gas prices being so high you have to win the lottery to pay for it. but they are low right new. i thought the joke was matt you of old enough not to show your i.d. >> that is reality. unfortunately. >> great new program. >> now meteorologist mike nicco, are we winning the lottery with the forecast? >> if you like cooler weather shutly. during a normal august or average august we warm in san francisco at 68 to 70s on the high side and 55 to 56 on the low side. the extremes are 48 and 98 and this is a dry month at .0 65 at 7:00 as the baltimore orioles take on the a's and 63 with increasing clouds by 9:30. heat advisory at palm springs at 1:12 to 1:16 and today they are
5:55 am
12. >> we are keeping tracks of friends in clear lake suffering from the rocky fire bumping right new and shutting things down shutting the roads down. highway 20 is off limits between highway 53 and new long valley. the feeder roads are blocked as well. and the road that runs parallel to highway 53 is closed. we had an earlier officer-involved shooting if oakland. janet o will have more details ahead. >> happening today, president obama is set to unveil a new plan of emissions rules to fight climate change. >> join us. we can do this. time for america and the world to act on climate change. >> the white house released the video announcing the move with regulations slashing carbon emissions from power plants by
5:56 am
32 percent the next 15 years. it is the biggest and most p step the united states has taken to help the environment. several states preparing to challenge the plan. >> a study on picky eating in kids fines parents should talk to their doctors if their children are fussy about what they eat it could be a sign bigger health concerns. preschool able kids who are selective about food are more likely to have underlying anxiety, depression and attention deficit higher activity disorder. it should not raise panic among parents. only a small percentage of kids are actually that picky. the study appears in "journal of pediatrics." new portraits of the world family are show unique side of the monarchy using the use of mirrors to show each family member great four sides with prince william and the duchess and photos are
5:57 am
featured in long continue later this month. >> more evacuations ordered if lake county because of the fast moving rocky wildfire with a report coming up. >> the russian superstar was over the edge. >> stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> in oakland a police officer is wounded. an armed sexual assault suspect is shot dead. the confrontation overnight toledo a absolute out near a busy bart station. >> new evacuations if lake county with the out-of-control place spanning 54,000 acres. >> transbay bart tubes are back after an unprecedented 48 hour closure at the transbay tube and the shut downs are not over
6:00 am
yesterday. thanks for joining us on monday. >> i am cryptosporidium. >> i am he for eric thomas i am matt keller. meteorologist mike nicco? >> the morning we continue to be warmer-than-average with temperatures in the 60s but no fog to speak of. even though our cloud deck is thick this morning. as you can see from sutro tower we will start with low-to-mid 60 at 7:00. the day planner stays in the my 60s at the cost through 7:00. we will go from 68 around the bay to 74 at 4:00 and back to 68 by 7:00 and inland we jump to 74 with slow sunshine to 80 by 4:00 below average and 72, a delightful evening. more on the rocky fire next weather hit. leyla? >> we can deal with delightful weather, northbound on 101 this is in san jose near san antonio traffic is light as we turn it around you can see the southbound t


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