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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ >> a massive tribute in the bay area to a fall 'hero as only major league baseball can do. good evening, and thank you for joining us. the oakland a's saluted law enforcement officers today, taking time to honor fallen hayward police sergeant scott lunger, and a special a's jersey hung in the a's home dugout. the a's tweeted this pitcher today. lunger's badge number was 106. cornell, you speak with lunger's family. >> reporter: i did. they're amazingly strong people.
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so touched by today's honor. a's just beat houston 5-4, but before the game came time to salute a fallen hero. ♪ >> it began with the national anthem, then an on-field police motorcade, fitting tribute to sergeant scott lunger, long-time a'sing me fa fan. before the game team members presented his fathom live with jerseys bearing the lunger name. >> the a's have got us where we want to be. make us feel really good. >> then the biggest honor. paul lunger threw out the first pitch to his son's favorite player, ricky henderson. >> i did the best i could and ricky covered for me. >> it was a wonderful
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experience. i was nervous, and i'm sure my son, scott, is jealous of me. >> suggester lunger's daughters were there, too. he was shot and killed july 22nd in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop. a suspect was arrested. lunger's girlfriend, police dispatcher jennifer lee, was proud to see scott honored by so many. >> was amazing, so many people, friends, family, from all over the bay area, come to support us and it's awesome to see everybody out there. >> a son, father, hero, and baseball fan. who will never be forgotten. ♪ >> in oakland, abc7 news. >> after a massive search in the south bay a missing police dog is found. niko had been missing 14 hours. the puppy escaped from its owner's yard by digging under a
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fence. >> he responded to me -- made a perimeter. his handler responded as well. the dog is now back with the handler. >> niko went to the vet to get checked out. he has been with the department a couple of weeks. >> a fallen tree killed a firefighter battling a wildfire near lake tau home. it happened yesterday in a remote area between lake tahoe and the el dorado national forest. a second firefighter was injured. did you feel it? a 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit near san francisco today, around 1:30 this afternoon. centered nine miles west of san francisco. viewers in daly city and even oakland tell us they felt us. just a little jolt. you can see it here. the one san francisco resident says it felt like a car hit her house. there are no reports of damage
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or injuries. outside lands, a massive three-day music festival in golden gate park wrap ums with elton john taking the main stage. organizers say more than 200,000 people took part in the event, now it's eight year, san francisco police tell us they will release arrest and citation totals after the festival. >> music fans are showing support on social media for a local artist whose performance was cancelled. police detained and cited fantastic and two others in his camp for pedaling wrist band. he said it was a misunderstanding and the intern from his office sold the wrist ban. he said the intern is a human being and made a mistake. and in another tweet, he proclaims his innocence saying if is proofed he knew about the wrist band sale he promises to retire. texas authorities say david conley has been charged on first
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degree murder after shooting and killing two adults and six children inside a houston home. sheriff deputies were conducting a welfare check when they learned conley was inside. deputies saw a child's body through a window and forced entry. conley started shooting at them. he surrendered after after honor-long standoff. >> we cannot comprehend the motivation of an individual who would take the lives of so many innocent people, especially the young ones. >> the victims range in age from six to 50 years old. authority says conley had a past relationship with the adult female victim and possibly fathered one of the children killed. police asked the fbi to help with the investigation into the one officer shooting death of christian taylor. police say the black texas college football player smashed his suv into a car dealership friday, surveillance video shows the teen walking around and jumping on to cars.
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49-year-old officer brad miller, still in training, responded to the burglary call and shot the unarmed teen etch his on administrative leave. a parade, prayers and a moment of silence today in ferguson, missouri, as people remember one year ago to the day at a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. his father led the parade. he says his family is briefing but believe's his son's legacy can be seen in the increased awareness of police shootings. >> frank gifford has died. gifford standard on the football people in college at usc where he was an all-american, and then spent 12 seasons with the new york giants. his good looks and persona made him an icon but his greaters homes were with abc's monday night football. he melt his wife, kathie lee, while guest hosting for good morning america. family says he died suddenly
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this morning of natural causes. gifford was 84. the first woman to swim from farallones in san francisco spent the night in the hospital. new zealand native and bay area resident, kim chambers, complete her 30-mile, 17 hour journey through shark infested water yesterday afternoon. she was taken to the hospital for dehydration and received four i.v. bags. she was the first woman to accomplish the swim. donald trump is refusing to apologize. what he told abc news about his latest controversy. this one involving a fox news anchor, and her response. also... as if you needed in proof our loyal dogs can be. this story approves they also have a good memory. aim drew tuma. a warmer finish finish than yes.
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now to the race for president. donald trump is defending his most recent comments and effectively stealing the spotlight from this g.o.p. contenders. today the republican front-runner addressed the controversy following the republican debate when trump made a comment that some suggested the female moderator was are hormonal.
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>> no apologies toking me again kelly? you didn't cross the line? >> not at all. she asked me a very nasty question. i have nothing againsting me again kelly but she asked me a nicey question. >> the mode rater said she was not attacking him. she says she is sure he'll get over it. >> i'm a big girl. i can tike it. as i say, i think -- i understand why people get upset because this -- the stakes are very high here. we're talking about the oval office. >> trump today said he values women and feels they're, quote, amazing executives. caltrans is shutting down the bay bridge pedestrian path for construction. closure will -- the pass is scheduled to re-open 6:00 a.m. on tuesday. big changes ahead for people who drive on one on san francisco's most popular streets.
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supervisors are announcing turn restrictions for private vehicles on market street. the restrictions go into effect on tuesday. they're part of the city's vision zero plan, san francisco's plan to end traffic death biz 2024. a san jose little league team has gone where it's never gone before. >> a that's strikeout. >> these local all-stars are in the regional tournament. let's take a live look at conditions outside. the pleasant day in the bay area. drew tuma says a cooling trend is coming our way. we'll find out when i
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>> the boxer is back where he belongs. the tearful reup afternoon took place with his family. he disappear when he was eight months old. later a man dropped the dog off at a shelter saying hi cooperate care for the dog. the shelter checked his chip. >> san jose's little league baseball team may be down but not out. >> strike three. pitch on the outside part of the plate. >> he had to swing. >> the game is over. >> the bay area team lost to chandler, arizona, today, 1-0, in the first west regional tournament game. since it's double elimination, they still have a chance at the world series if it does not lose another game. this is the furrest they have as vaned since 1957. their next game is tuesday. you can watch the little
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league baseball world series final game right here on abc7 on sunday, august 30th. live coverage begins at noon. pretty nice baseball weather out there today. hot some place is. son -- san jose, pretty warm. >> a warmer second half to the weekend. live doppler 7hd right now showing you other quiet picture. we're just soaked in sunshine. in the bay, you look on the horizon, though, those clouds are lingering and will move in tonight. very summer like pattern setting up. the big story today, the big increase in our temperatures in the afternoon. some spots, some five to ten degrees cooler right now than we were this time yesterday. so current temperatures right now, 88 in fairfield, 87, antioch. 76, san jose. 71, san mateo, downtown san francisco with the clouds along the coast, a bit cooler with the west wind, at 64 miles-per-hour.
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the wind is rather busy right now. out of the west, bring us the comfortable temperatures in most spots along the coast but gusting to 30 miles-per-hour at sfo. 20 in mountain view 20. in napa. winds out of the west. going to switch more to a northerly component you're night and that's going to usher in a cooler start to the work week on monday. live doppler 7hd and satellite showing you sunshine around the bay. here's the coastal clouds. here's what we are tracking. this is dragging a cold front with the line of cloud cover, and the cold front movers over tonight and then just stalls across the bay area for next week, and that is going bring in the cooler temperatures for much of the seven-day forecast. future weather shows you a very typical summertime pattern. morning fog and low clouds, pulls back to the coast and that's going to be the setup for monday but really for the next four days. across much of the bay area. take a look at the temperature
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trend. specifically for san jose for the week ahead. average high this time of the year, around 82. we'll be below that in the upper 70s the next two days, below on thursday. once the cold front gets out of here, what replaces it is warmer air, and by next week temperatures jump into the upper 80s to near 90. tonight, mid-50s in. low 60s. a mixture of stars and clouds. wouldn't be surprises dismiss -- if some spot drizzle appears. cooler tomorrow than today. high of 77 in san jose, 77 cupertino. 65, half moon bay. 76 mountain view. downtown san francisco tomorrow, clouds, afternoon sunshine, 68. 64 for daly city. north bay, 81, santa rosa. 80 in sonoma. 78 in vallejo. on the east bay, 70 oakland.
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and inland, 80s, no 90s. 86 pittsburg. 83 livermore. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler air tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, little change with morning clouts and afternoon sunshine, and once we get the cold front out of here by friday, and saturday and sunday, it's a warm weekend and the august heat returns, 70s along the coast. oughts in around the bay. >> here we are approaching mid-august no triple digits. >> no triple digits. >> shu joins us now with sports. the giants need to turn it our. >> a tale two of cities. a's with a walkoff, and giants in a freefall. the cubs beat the giants. not what you're looking for when you hit my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company.
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the giants are falling and can't get up. with the loss to the cubs the first time since 1977 the g-men have been swept at wrigley in four games. some perspective? i was a senior in college in 1977. long time ago. jake peevey, drops to 25, leasted five innings, allowed two runs, struck out six but give up this single. cubs pitcher, lights out. scary in the third moment. hits the helmet. aoki left the game, said to be okay. giants down 2-0 in the ninth. hector rondon.
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loaded the bases no outs. but bounces back by strike ought hector sanchez and angle pagan and blank co. giants swept by the cub. the a's honoring fallen hayward police officer scott lunger, his daughter and scott's dad through out the first pitch to rickie henderson. chris bass pitched the game of his life. ten strikeouts. a's look good when they're going to win the game. bolt nine, a's have the bases loaded. final out. josh reddick to the pitcher. and everyone is safe. reddick, two rbi. mark hannah scores, 4-4, next batter the newcomer, danny valencia. a game-winner. also had a home run. what a way to honor surgery sergeant lunger. a's win 5-4.
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let's head down to stanford. bank of the west finals. angelique facing -- pishkova. managed to break her opponent ten times. after going 0-4 last year, i now 4-0 this year, winning in three sets, two hours, seven minutes. her first bank of the west title. final round of the bridgestone invitational. what a day for shaken shot a 4-under 66, a one-shot lead over bubba watson, in danger of dropping a shot but threads the needle between the trees. setting up this birdie opportunity and he got it. lowry, the 11th first-time winner on tour this year.
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next up, the pga championship, which begins on thursday. pro football hall of famer frank gifford passed away of natural causes at the age of 84. he was top draft for the giants and was named to the pro bowl in the different positions, running back, wide receiver, and defensive back. he won the nfl championship. he became one of the first to move from the field to broadcast booth. he served as a buffer for howard cosell and don meredith. he hosted wild world of spots on abc, covered the olympics, and if not for frank gifford, guys like me may not be sitting in this chair. the santa monica native paved the way for athletes to move into broadcasting. he was one of the pest on and off the feel. rest in peace for frank gifford. one of the first athletes to go into the broadcasting booth. so special man, special -- we're
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going to miss him. >> ahead, how the online food ordering services could lead to an expanding waistline.
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at 6:00, more effects of california's historic drought. the bay area river that dried up. a fresh cut. local bash & give back to the local community just before kid go back to school. warning tonight if you're watching your weight, be aware or those online ordering apps. a study found that people not only spend more money when ordering food online, they also order fattier, higher calorie food, especially when it comes to pizza. it's due to the anonymity that leads to us go overboard when ordering. no matter what size pizza you order, that's one serving. >> don't know anyone who cooks
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anymore. >> that does it for us. welcome to "world news tonight." no apologies. donald trump standing firm after his comments, seen as attacks on women. >> you don't think you crossed the line there? >> no, not at all. >> how the republican front-runner plans to bounce back. deadly encounter. the experienced hiker in yellowstone national park, killed by a grizzly bear. tonight, the hunt for the beast on the loose in one of america's most popular destinations. tinder box. searing heat and bone-dry brush, fueling new wildfires. homes destroyed, more than 100 families evacuated. and the erratic wind and lightning on the way. toxic river. a major waterway, now free-flowing yellow sludge stretching more than 100 miles, and heading towards the grand canyon. and, remembering frank gifford. on the giants.


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