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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 9, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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honoring a
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live breaking news. >> breaking news in lake county. a massive plume of smoke and fast-moving flames, mandatory evacuations are in place tonight after another wildfire breaks out in lake county and it's growing rapidly. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm matt keller. evacuations have been ordered along jerusalem grade road east of the soda creek bridge. the fire began just before 4:00 today and it has burned more than 3,000 acres. we have team coverage on the fire tonight. first abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana is live in lake county tonight. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago i talked with a resident who was evacuated this afternoon. she tells me that sheriff's deputies went door to door through this rural area to try to tell as many residents as
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possible. and that right there is where the california highway patrol has closed off jerusalem grade road heading into what's now called the jerusalem fire. this afternoon, fueled by dry vegetation and shifting winds, this fire went there zero to 3,000 acres. it's triggered evacuations of homes along this rural road that is just a couple miles from the burn area of the rocky fire which tore through this county last week. it's not clear exactly how many people have been evacuated but a cal fire spokesperson tells me this new fire is burning right along a rural subdivision with about 25 homes. crews have 0% containment but they have a lot of resources available. >> right now we're doing fine for an initial attack incident. we're fortunate that we had the resources assigned to the rocky fire and were able to commit many of them to this incident. we thought it was over with. now all of a sudden here we are again. so we're concerned about where
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we live and which way the fire's going. >> reporter: jack and katherine live a couple miles from where the new fire is burning and have not been told to evacuate yet. but they are prepared just in case. a red cross shelter remains open at middletown high school from the rocky fire. we checked in there this evening. so far, no one has checked in because of today's evacuations. rate now there are quite a few residents around here who are actually helping some of their neighbors to load up some of their livestock. obviously that's a high priority in these rural parts. there are a few shelters that are open in this county for some of those livestock. we saw a couple of trailers pulling out of here loaded with goats. reporting live in lake county, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. the abc news now fire has shared photos and video. smoke is visible as far away as
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santa rosa, antioch, oakland. if you want to share on social media, do it safely. #abc7now. here's a look at the fire shortly after it got under way. this photo sent by abc 7 news viewer dana kelly. you can see the smoke around 4:00 this afternoon. it was still relatively small. let's head right to abc news meteorologist for a look at the conditions firefighters are facing tonight, drew? >> matt, the dry atmosphere we have and the active wind throughout the afternoon really helped to spread this fire rather rapidly. we'll take to the jerusalem fire at this air. air temperature 71. the relative humidity is rather dry. only at 38%. still a busy breeze out of the northeast, three miles per hour. it is gusting right now to ten miles per hour. so we'll take you through the next 24 hours in terms of the wind gusts. it's not such great news for the firefighters. early tomorrow morning you can see an active breeze anywhere from 16 to 22 miles per hour.
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a bit of a break in the mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours. once again, as a cold front approaches the region, that wind gets back up. by the evening hours, gusting to 20 miles per hour at times. that cold front is going to bring us a cooler start to the work week. we'll detail that in the full accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. here's a map to give you perspective. the jerusalem fire burning south of the massive rocky fire. the rocky fire has burned nearly 70,000 acres since it started on july 29th. fire's destroyed 43 homes and 53 outbuildings. it's 85% contained. cal fire expects to have full containment by thursday. u.s. forest service has identified a firefighter who died while fighting a fire near lake tahoe. 21-year-old mike hallenbeck from shingle springs died at the sierra fire between lake tahoe and the el dorado national forest. a tree fell on him while he and
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crews were trying to keep the fire from spreading. >> let us grieve but let us move forward. we're not ready to move forward, we're still very much grieving and sad for ourselves and sad for the family. >> this is the second firefighter death this fire season. david ruehl died july 30th at a fire in the modoc national forest. developing news in the south bay. san jose police shot and killed a man accused in a stabbing. around 6:30 tonight, officers found a man with several stab wounds at virginia avenue and south 34th street. the man went to the hospital with serious injuries. officers found the man accused in the stabbing near san antonio avenue and packing place. police say officers shot the suspect after "fearing for their safety and the safety of the public." outside lands wrapped up with elton john as the headliner. there was a lot of good, some bad, a little bit of ugly over the three days. lillian kim is live at golden date park with a wrap-up of the
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music festival. >> reporter: with three different stages there was something for everyone this weekend. but elton john, of course, was the big attraction. ♪ ♪ and they whispered into your brain ♪ >> reporter: elton john sang for two hours before a packed crowd in polo field. those who couldn't get tickets still enjoyed the music saying they could hear loud and clear. >> there's more room and all of that stuff. it's just wonderful. >> reporter: this is the eighth year in a row for outside lands and this year, 210,000 people attended. san francisco police say there was less counterfeiting this time around thanks to rfid wrist bands that replaced paper tickets. the three-day event brought other problems including the usual people trying to get in for free. video from saturday captured several people climbing over the fence. one officer was even knocked unconscious when a man stormed through the entrance. the officer has since been
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treated and released from the hospital. >> he's going to face felony charges, specifically haven't been determined, but likely felony battery on a police officer if they believe it was intentional, or felony resisting arrest because he did cause serious injury. ♪ >> reporter: a wide variety of artists made ticketgoers happy. there were more than 100 performances. >> the lineup was excellent. i think this is -- seems to be a great outside lands this year. >> it's not geared toward one group of people, indie, hip-hop, electronic. it's truly a platter for the people. >> reporter: a reason why many festivalgoers plan to be here again next year. . in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> no damage or injuries reported after a 3.3 earthquake 1:30 nine miles west of san francisco. you see it on our seismograph near the bottom screen.
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there used to be a river running through downtown san jose. it's different tonight. this is where the guadalupe river used to be. the drought has left a riverbed looking cracked and x-ray. not a drop of water in sight. because of the drought, less water is released from reservoirs and there are no plans to change that because water managers believe the water will just dry up. people who use the trails say it looks a lot like this all summer. >> we obviously don't have enough water for everybody. >> so i came down here to see the guadalupe. was shocked it was completely empty. >> two years ago a colony of beavers was discovered along the river for the first time in 150 years. now fish and other wildlife are dying off. the drought doesn't appear to be affecting tourism in california. that's according to our media partner, the san jose mercury news. travel spending has climbed every year of the drought, $117 billion curtly. 2015 is showing signs of being
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another great year. still to come on abc 7 news, a special honor for one bay area family touched by tragedy. ♪ o say can you see the tribute to law enforcement and one officer in particular. remembering a sports legend. a look back at the life of frank gifford. donald trump not backing down after the gop debate. how he's trying to change the conversation when abc 7 news at 11:00 continues.
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covering cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. a fallen hero who was one of the oakland a's biggest fans got
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a special tribute today. ♪ o say can you see >> fellow police officers honored hayward police sergeant scott lunger with an on the field motorcade before the game. he and his two daughters loved the a's. today the team gave the family special jerseys with their name, and his father took part in a huge honor, threw out the first pitch to his son's all-time favorite player hall of fame ericy henderson. >> it was a wonderful experience. i was nervous. i fear my son scott is jealous of me being up on that mound, where he always wanted to be. meeting rickey henderson, i felt scott was in between us and i was hugging him. >> it's amazing. so many people, friends, family, from all over the bay area, come to support us. it's just honorable to see everybody out there. >> sergeant lunger was shot and killed last month during a traffic stop. the suspect is in jail. from the football field to the broadcast booth, frank gifford was a star for 50 years. a hall of famer who became part
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of abc's classic "monday night football" lineup. he seemed to lead a charmed life which came to an end this morning. tom llamas has a look back. >> reporter: with dashing good looks and dazzling moves on the gridiron, frank gifford was a natural. an all-american in college at usc, gifford was the first-round draft pick of the new york giants in 1952. >> i was out of the ordinary because i was in california. my nose wasn't broken, i had all my teeth. i paid an enormous price for it on the football field. i did within the giants itself in the early days till i proved that i could hit back as well as i could be hit. >> reporter: he proved it in 12 seasons with the giants, helping them to the league championship in 1956 and winning the nfl's mvp award. in new york city he was the giff and he was the toast of the town. >> if you grew up in new york in the '50s, '60s, it was mickey mantle, and frank gifford. >> hello, frank gifford with al michaels -- >> reporter: television beckoned
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gifford to a second career. he became household name as one-third of "monday night football" broadcast team. gifford spent 26 years behind that microphone. >> a man of style, a man of class. just a great guy to work with. you could count on him. >> reporter: while cohosting "good morning america," gifford met kathie lee johnson and married her in 1986. she survives him along with five children and five grandchildren. frank gifford, a true giant on and off the field. tom llamas, abc news, new york. gop presidential candidate donald trump isn't backing down. trump says he won't apologize after making personal attacks on debate moderator megyn kelly. on "this week" the republican front-runner addressed the controversy following last week's republican debate when trump made a comment some say suggested kelly was hormonal. >> no apologies to megyn kelly? you don't think you crossed the
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line there? >> no, not at all. i said -- look. she asked me a very nasty question. i have nothing against megyn kelly but she asked me a very, very nasty question. >> trump says he's having a great time with this campaign and it's full speed ahead adding he is leading in the polls by double digits, "why should i change?" it's time for a look at our forecast. the weather's been nice, why should it change? >> i know, a lot of people like the warmth we had and the warm finish to the weekend. as a cold front approaches it's going to drop our temperatures to below normal for the new work week. quiet picture on sunday night. take you outside, a live look from the exploratorium camera showing the financial district of downtown san francisco, the fog and the low clouds are back ahead of this cold front. comfortable temperatures though, in the 60s across the board. 61 in hayward. 66 in san jose. 66 in fairfield as well. downtown san francisco with the cloud cover 61. napa currently 62. live doppler 7 hd along with
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satellite, cloud cover increasing from the south. you look off to the west and this thin strip of cloud cover, this is going to be our cold front. it arrives tomorrow. then it stalls over us for a couple of days. that means there will be several days on the seven-day forecast with below-normal temperatures. take a look at napa for the week ahead for perspective. we're in the mid-70s tomorrow. we top out in the lower 80s on wednesday. temperatures really skyrocket. friday, especially next weekend. once that cold front gets out of here, none pa is near the 90s. similar fremont, comfortable early on, in the 70s. once that cold front exits, it's 90 on saturday and sunday. even in the south bay, enjoy the comfortable temperatures while they're here. average high in san jose around 82. we'll be below that at least through thursday. by friday and over next weekend, temperatures go above normal, near 90 as well. future weather will show you the story for monday. early morning clouds, a summer-like pattern. clouds pull back to the coast and we're going to repeat this a
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couple of times, at least through thursday, with that cold front stalled over the region. overnight, lows will see mid 50s north bay. low 60s around the bay. 60 richmond. 59 san mateo. 60 san jose. 60 in antioch. highs for monday, it will feel cooler tomorrow than today. lots of afternoon sunshine. a high of only 70 in oakland. 68 in downtown san francisco. 81 santa rosa. 86 antioch. san jose up to 77 in the afternoon. we'll take a quick trip to the tropics, update you on hurricane hill de. it is weakening to a category 2, winds 100 miles per hour, moving northwest at eight. the track thursday into friday it does weaken into a tropical storm but it could be a pretty significant rainmaker, especially friday morning on the big island of hawaii. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you we are cooler tomorrow. that air kind of sticks with us tuesday, wednesday, it's clouds to sunshine, a pretty quiet
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pattern. little change on thursday. the day of transition comes on friday. we get rid of this cold front. in the wake of it, it warms up the heat on saturday and it will linger. something for everybody. >> we can deal with mid-90s. it's not triple digits. >> exactly. still to come on abc 7 news, a tale of two pets. both back home after daring escape
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a missing police dog is safe after a massive search in the south bay miko was missing for 16 hours, escaping from its owner's yard in san jose. police found the dog just after 11:00 this morning. the german shepherd has been with the department only a couple of weeks. the heart of a wildfire. rosemary, 3-year-old tabby, thought lost to the flames in
11:24 pm
the complex fire in shasta trinity national forest, is back home. the family returned to their home and heard their cat. other than singed whispers the cat is unharmed. san jose's cambrian park little league baseball team still has a chance at the little league world series. the team lost to chandler, arizona, 1-0 in their first west regional tournament game. cambrian park still has another chance, tuesday at 11:00 a.m. watch the final game here on abc 7 starting at noon on sunday, august 30th. you can be that hot team. >> always exciting for the kids and their families. >> an important game for the a's. more than just baseball. >> it really was. it was law enforcement day today. the a's honored fallen hayward police officers scott lunger. the inspiration all started with
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brought to you by xfinity. >> a special day celebrating law enforcement and the a's honored fallen hayward police officer scott longer. his daughters there, dad threw out the first pitch to rickey henderson, scott's favorite player, a special moment for the entire family. 6 2/3 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 10 ks in the eighth. leading 3-1 in the ninth. mujica gives up a bomb to colby erasmus. bottom nine, josh reddick shot back to the pitcher. everyone's safe. reddickic, two rbi, tie game. next batter the newcomer danny
11:29 pm
valencia, rbi in every game this series, delivers his second of the game. it's the game winner. he also had a moment run, what a way to honor sergeant younger. washes it down with gatorade. a's win 5-4, taking 3 of 4 from the first-place astros. >> it's been nice. we've been winning. and it always feels better when you win. everybody gets -- everybody's more loose, you have more fun. it's been a good time. the team has been freight to me. i've been fortunate enough to come through some hits and we've done some games. it's been fun so far. >> we're going to battle. the season's not over. we're still trying to win games and play for ourselves. you know, that's what can happen. giants/cubs. he lasted five innings, allowed two runs on four hits, struck out six, gave up this rbi bloop single to chris brian, 1-0 cubs. cubs pitcher lights out, scary moment in the third, he beans norrie aoki in the head.
11:30 pm
it hit his helmet. aoki said to be okay but he is being evaluated for concussion. giants down 2-0 in the ninth. hector loaded the bases but strikes out. hector, sanchez, pagan, blanco. 2-0 the final. giants swept by the cubs, first time since 1977, losing four straight at wrigley, giants 3 1/2 out of the wild card. dodgers on the verge of being swept by the pirates, led 5-1, mccutcheon two of his four rbi in the seventh. the pirates' nine-run inning. l.a. swept by pittsburgh 13-6 the final. and are you ready for some football? it's finally time to play. the nfl preseason officially kicked off with tonight's hall of fame game between steelers and vikings. tim brown, charles halley, and other hall of fame inductees were honored before the game. then it was time to play ball. took awhile to get the first td of the year.
11:31 pm
vikings quarterback under pruett, 34 yards, 7-3 minnesota. the only other touchdown of the game, four minutes left in the third. joe runs it in from 1 yard out, minnesota wins the hall of fame game 14-3. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. golf and tennis coming up later. still to come, new details coming to light tonight about a deadly shooting in texas. we'll show you the surveillance video coming out today. severe weather across the country from fires in california to flooding in florida. a look at what's ahead this week. and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns
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is. it's matt keller. tonight a new wildfire is growing tonight not far from the rocky fire in lake county. the jerusalem fire started around 3:45 this afternoon between calistoga and clear lake, zero containment. there are mandatory evacuations for the jerusalem valley area. a second firefighter has died fighting wildfires in california. miami hallenbeck died saturday when a tree fell on him at the sierra fire near lake tahoe. the 21-year-old was from shingle springs. in san jose police shot and killed a man accused in a stabbing. police say officers feared for their safety and the safety of the public. the man who was stabbed went to the hospital with serious injuries. on this day a year ago a white police officer killed an unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. the death of michael brown triggered a summer of unrest and a national conversation about use of force by police. now this weekend another
11:36 pm
incident under the microscope, this time in texas. abc news reporter kendis gibson has the details. >> reporter: surveillance cameras at this dallas-area dealership capturing the final minutes of 19-year-old christian taylor's life. taylor, a college football player, hops over this barricade into the parking lot. police receiving a call of a possible burglary in progress. >> advise the suspect's trying to get into a vehicle. >> reporter: watch as taylor jumps repeatedly on the windshield of this gray mustang, peels back the cracked glass before walking off. he returns to his car, drives it through the barricade and around the parking lot and through the glass showroom. officers respond. >> they made verbal contact with mr. taylor through the glass wall, instructing him to lie on the ground. mr. taylor was not compliant. >> reporter: the surveillance cameras do not show what police call a confrontation between taylor, who was unarmed, and two officers, 49-year-old brad miller and his field training
11:37 pm
officer. >> we've got shots fired. >> reporter: miller firing four rounds, striking taylor multiple times. >> the decision to use deadly force is one of the most difficult and scrutinized actions a police officer will ever make. >> reporter: the fbi now investigating. taylor's december adding fuel to protests in ferguson, marking the anniversary of michael brown's death. >> this boy -- >> reporter: former officer darren wilson, cleared of wrongdoing, the town erupting in violence. ferguson further igniting the black lives matter movement. a "washington post" analysis shows 24 unarmed black men shot and killed by police this year alone. a statistic not lost on the youngest. >> i think i'm going to get killed. >> that's how you feel as an 8-year-old? >> yes. >> reporter: protests across the country today, like these in new york city. demonstrators are calling for a nationwide day of unrest tomorrow. families of two florida boys who went missing at sea have
11:38 pm
called off their private search. kerry cohen and austin stephanos disappeared on july 24th on a fishing trip. the family launched a private search but called it off saying there was no new credible evidence or clues to guide the search. a judge is expected to announce a decision in the slender man stabbing case. two 13-year-old wisconsin girls are charged with trying to kill a classmate. a judge will decide whether the girls will be charged as adults. severe storms are ramping up in the central plains tonight threatening cities and suburbs. a monster storm whipped up near tucson, arizona. lightning potentially igniting the dry brush while flooding plagued central florida. here's abc news reporter ryan owens. >> reporter: tampa can't seem to get a break. this weekend, the florida city hit yet again. this neighborhood submerged after 10 inches of rain in just eight days. pumps brought in to drain the water, homeowners facing major repairs. >> the county and the state can't get together and come up
11:39 pm
with a permanent solution, i don't know how i can put more money back into this house. >> reporter: in south dakota, this family racing to keep golf ball-sized hail out of their home. that same system lighting up skies over nebraska. >> tornado! >> reporter: tornados reported there and in kansas. out west, more than 40 large fires burning, including this fast-moving blaze in arizona. >> the fire is continuing to grow. this thing is burning and it's roaring. >> reporter: hundreds forced from their homes. more than 10,000 firefighters battling the blazes in california, where one firefighter lost his life this weekend. ryan owens, abc news, san diego. a state of emergency has been declared in colorado over that toxic sludge spill. more than 3 million gallons of waste water contaminated with heavy pin rats spilled. that's up from the original estimate of 1 million gallons. the sludge has spread into new mexico.
11:40 pm
police at uc berkeley are investigating a burglary after several offices on campus were broken into. officers responded to the burglary report last tuesday on the ninth floor of evans hall. nine offices have been broken into and computers have been taken. police say there's been a spike in burglaries involving window smashing on campus in recent months. the bay bridge pedestrian path is now closed for construction. from now until 6:00 a.m. tuesday morning the path will be off limits. closure will restrict access to the oakland touchdown and the belvederes on the eastern span of the bay bridge. big changes ahead for people who drive on one of san francisco's most popular streets. supervisors are set to announce tomorrow restrictions for private vehicles on market street between 3ed and 8th streets. restrictions will go into effect tuesday. still to come, a new bed full of problems. >> a couple buys a bed that hide in the wall. it also hides a few problems. ahead on "7 on your side," the return of the classic murphy
11:41 pm
bed. it was a warm finish to the weekend but now a cold front is going to bring about a whole new set of temperatures tomorrow.
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looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. well do we get points for trying?! fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better. covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all bate area. this is abc 7 news. if you live in a small house you might be on the lookout for space-saving furniture. a couple in half moon bay thought they could create a guest bedroom but wound up with
11:44 pm
sleepless nights instead. "7 on your side." alan's home service office is the perfect size, except when he wants to use it as a guest bedroom. >> too tight if we put a bed in there. >> reporter: his wife kathy had a clever solution. >> it seemed logical to have a murphy bed. i'd seen them before. >> reporter: you know, one of those beds that pull down from the wall. like that devilish one in this charlie chaplin flick. kathy decided it was time to get one. >> we were going to be having family for the holidays. >> reporter: she went online and found >> they could deliver the bed in approximately six weeks. so that was the incentive to go ahead, get the order in. >> reporter: alan could assemble the bed in plenty of time for thanksgiving. however, that was a year ago. >> then they said, well, it probably is going to be a bit later than six weeks. >> the date kept getting pushed back. >> getting ten weeks, 12 weeks. >> as we saw thanksgiving coming close forget that, we'll shoot
11:45 pm
for christmas. >> reporter: it didn't arrive until february. when it did, a lot of problems came with it. >> some of the pieces did not fit. important pieces. >> reporter: boards had holes in the wrong places or no holes at all. then this. >> the squeak, that's annoying. >> reporter: alan tried contacting the company. he says no one responded. >> i probably have 60, 70, 80 calls. >> reporter: the company sent replacement parts but they didn't fit either. the color was wrong. >> frustration, frustration. >> my wife suggested i call "7 on your side." >> reporter: we contact the company. owner don schultz said machinery failed when he relocated his factory last year and halted production. it also led to his "f" rating with the better business bureau. schultz said, unfortunately these were not the only customers left without product for several months. and we take full responsibility. this certainly was not our
11:46 pm
intention. we are truly sorry that they felt neglected during this difficult time." the company finally sent the right parts. now alan can turn his office into a comfy guest bedroom. with no worries about charlie chaplin-style pratfalls. >> thank you "7 on your side." >> to help make up for the long delay, murphybedsdirect refunded the couple $500 to cover the cost of shipping. kathy and alan are planning to have family stay over for the holidays -- just one year later than originally planned. dozens of kids will be starting school with a fresh new look thanks to a generous bay area business owner. the barbers ink gave free haircuts to children. the owner opened today to give back to the community. children also received backpacks and school supplies. i know a lot of schools are starting this week.
11:47 pm
so it's an important weather forecast. what are they dealing with? >> you know, they'll need the shorts, the jacket in the morning. a cooler start to the week tomorrow thanks to a cold front approaching the region. live doppler 7 hd reveal clouds moving in from the south. no rain, a cloudy start for most areas on your monday morning. widen out the pick tour across the entire country. it's the eastern half of the united states that's dealing with a cold front moving through. bringing showers up and down the coast. 76 in boston. 79 in new york city. 83 in the nation's capital. also showers in the forecast, 83 in chicago. 83 as well in fargo. back west, monsoonal moisture moving in from the south into the four corners. 86 denver. 106 in phoenix. in the pacific northwest, nice, 86 seattle. 90 portland. zoom into the golden state tomorrow. show you lots of sunshine on the way. hot in palm springs, 107. 76 in l.a. 96 in fresno. 89 sacramento. 90 the high in chico. bay area tomorrow, early morning
11:48 pm
clouds. the cold front gives us a preets out of the north and that's going to bring in the cooler temperatures. we go to a high of 68 tomorrow in san francisco. 70 in oakland. 77 san jose. 86 in antioch. santa rosa in the north bay, a temperature tomorrow afternoon at 81 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you a cooler breeze on the way for tomorrow, morning clouds tuesday, afternoon sunshine. duplicated on wednesday. thursday a change as that cold front stalls over the region. by friday it's a day of transition, sunny, warmer. and the august heat returns saturday and lingers into sunday. >> we'll take that august heat as long as it stay in the mid-90s. i know the raiders have a lot of hope for the season. >> without question. a lot of optimism. ready to kick off their preseason friday night as they host the rams. head coach jack del rio can't wait to see what his team looks like besides someone other than teammates.
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this sports report brought to you by xfinity. >> >> frank gifrd parsed away of natural causes at the age of 84. he was an all-american halfback at usc. the top draft choice of the joins in 1952 where he was named to the pro bowl at three different positions in his career. running back, wide receiver, db. won the nfl championship in 1956. he became one of the first to move from the field to the broadcast booth, "monday night football" over 25 years where he served as a buffer for howard cosell and don meredith. he covered the olympics and if not for frank gifford, guys like me may not be sitting in this chair. a great athlete, a better person. may he rest in peace. are you ready for some football? nfl preseason kicked off with tonight's hall of fame game between the steelers and the vikings. tim brown, charles haley, and others inducted before the game.
11:53 pm
vikings quarterback mike hopka to michael pruett. 34 yards, 7-3 minnesota. the other touchdown came four minutes left in the third. joe banyard from one yard out. vikings win, preseason that is, the hall of fame game, 14-3 your final. your oakland raiders open their preseason at home on friday against the rams. head coach jack del rio said this week they won't do any preparation work for their opponent. week one is to see if the players can showcase their own talents in game situations. >> we'll basically just pare down things we've installed and try and really evaluate the players, their ability to play fast in some of the basic concepts that we want to be able to utilize. so we're not trying to outsmart the opponent in this game, we're trying to get a real thorough evaluation of the people we have and what they're capable of and really looking to kind of settle
11:54 pm
some of the battles at different positions. let's switch gears. baseball, a special day in oakland, law enforcement day and the a's honored fallen hayward police officer scott lunger. his daughters and scott's dad who threw out the first pitch to rickey henderson, scott's favorite player. a special moment for the family. chris basset took over. 6 2/3, 3 hits, 1 run, 10 strikeouts. leading 3-1 in the ninth. mujica gives up a bomb to colby rasm rasmus, 4-3. bottom nine, a's down to their final out. josh reddick shot back to the pitcher. everyone's safe. reddick two rbi. mark canha scores, tie game. next batter, the newcomer danny valencia. had an rbi every game this series, delivers frs his second of the game, also a home run. what a way to honor sergeant lunger. a's win 5-4, taking 3 of 4 from
11:55 pm
the astros. where was this earlier in the season? giants and cubs. jake peavy drops it 2-5. allowed 2 runs on 4 hits, gave up this rbi bloop single. cubs up one. arrieta was lights out. in the third he beans norrie aoki in the head. it hit his helmet or would have been worse. aoki left the game, said to be okay, but he's going to be evaluated for a concussion. giants have the day off tomorrow. down 2-0 in the ninth, loads the bases but strikes out hector sanchez, angel pagan, and blanco to end the game on a full count. 2-0 your final. john swept by the cubs, first time since '77. giants lose four straight, 3 1/2 out of the wild card, three back of the dodgers in the national league west. bank of the west finals, stanford. gutting it out in the final match. fish cova ankle injury, she
11:56 pm
managed to break her opponent ten times. got lucky as the ball pops up for the easy winner. after going 0-4 this year, 4-0 this year winning in three sets. 22 hours 10 minutes. since losing to serena last year, her first bank of the west title. bridgestone inhave a stational, ireland's shane lowry, shot of the day, 5th hole. 100 yards to the pin. he put it 99. taps that in for birdie. shot a 4 under 66. had a one-shot lead over bubba watson. way left on 18. in danger of dropping a stroke. instead he threads the needle between the trees setting up this birdie opportunity and he got it. the 11th first-time winner on the tour this year. next up, the pga championship which begins on thursday. how good a nascar driver is denny hamlin? can drive with a hood of a car in his way. harvick would have an easy victory had he not run out of
11:57 pm
fuel on the last lap. joey logano who ran out of gas last week would pass harvick, takes the checkered flag, sweeping the two races at the grand. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. baseball come nerving the playoffs, football just getting started. everyone's looking at the 49ers and a lot of optimism heading into the year. that's it for us to be night. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for joining us. we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language.
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