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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are starting off with rough traffic on the roads. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze.
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>> leyla? >> we are starting off with a deadly accident southbound 101 if shows at tully road, all lanes are blocked. c.h.p. is conducting the investigation. we understand at least two vehicles were involved. we see heavy backups. we are starting to see heavier delays building southbound 101 approaching the 280/680 split. taking you closer, you around this by diverting parallel 101. avoid this area completely. mike? thank you, leyla. hopefully i have easier news, no fog this morning, paper laser 2,000 foot and clouds are increasing. we can see it on the exploritorium. the day planner is 56-62, warmer this morning than yesterday.
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the low clouds move back to the coast and high clouds and sun with a break from the summer at 76 at noon. 4:00, 66-82 with the breeze picking up and this evening, you could need a light coat 64-74. >> we have break news from san leandro where crews are mopping up after a huge fire at marina boulevard at a popular neighborhood super market. our reporter is near the scene with more. >> yes, i want to show you guys another hotspot just popped up and we saw one here a couple of seconds ago and firefighters put it out and can you see a hotspot burning firefighters saying it is a four-alarm fire breaking out in the marina market and there are about 15-20 fire trucks working to put out the hotspots. most of the fire was contained to the marina market but a bunch of businesses are in the strip mall.
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i am join by the owner of the medical thrift store you can see right here. we are very sorry for your business. tell us how you got modified and what you think looking at this. >> got notified at 3:30 this morning, an e-mail from the registration company saying our company is on fire and our alarm company said this is a big fire beginning on. we rushed out of bed. i an freezing but, i want to know what is going on. >> you have owned the business for seven areas and you serve a last patients with medical supplies and you are concerned about then. >> of course, we are open monday through saturday and open mop morning in five hours we don't know what to do. we senator the bay area so it will be hard to... >> i want to bring in joe the owner of the empire smoke shop and you have owned your business about four years.
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>> yes. you said you were if good spirits. >> i have been here since 3:00 this morning watching the fire and i have not seen the firefighters go into my business yet although it has been next door at the medical supply and i am praying it has not amemberred my business. unfortunately, i feel sorry for the other owners. but i am praying and keeping my fingers crossed my place is not damaged. >> hopefully, the firefighters say they are going to try and rehab some of the businesses and they might be able to because most of the fire was contained to the marina supermarket which is why they believe that paragraph that is where the fire started but they have not released if they know the cause. they are get help from other units. we will keep you updated. >> happening now, fires in lake county are working furiously to
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contain a new fire that has grown to 5,000 acres if less than a day. flames break out yesterday afternoon in the jerusalem valley area. it is a rural area. there are resolution depths along jerusalem valley and canyon road and have been evacuated. >> we are doing the initial attack incident. we are fortunate we have the resources assigned to the rocky fire and committed many of them to this incident. >> we thought it was over. now here we are again. we are concerned about where we live and which way the fire is going. >> the fire is slowing moving to the southeast corner of the massive rocky fire expected to be fully contain by thursday the officials hope to get a handle on the jerusalem fire this morning before winds pick up. >> we know the name of the firefighter killed fighting a fire near lake tahoe, 21-year-old mike holenback died
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in the rugged terrain between lake tahoe and the el dorado national forest. this is the second firefighter death in northern california this season. david ruhl died july 30 in the national forest. >> union city police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened around 11:15 last night near 13th and i street. the victim was outside a home with a small group and two unknown people approached and began shooting. the shooters escaped. >> san jose is eyeing a temporary freeze on mobile home park conversions. the urge answer ordinance called on by mayor hillary clinton on friday would not prevent mobile home park owners from trying to close a property but it would complicate and slow the process. this is a week after the owners of the mobile home park win chester ranch confirmed they intend to close the community and sell it to a home builder. san jose has 59 mobile home communities.
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>> students are heading back-to-school and man school drugs are scrambling to make sure they have enough teachers. as a last week of prominent education job website listed 8,400 teaching jobs in california. oakland afternoon filed has taken on social media to call for teeners. san ramon is add verifying substitute pay at $110 a day. pittsburg unified is searching for 25 teaches. the "san jose mercury news" said starting pay can be $52,000 for some positions. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will announce a land today to make college more affordable. to make it affordable she want the government to make a $350 billion commitment. the plan call as new college compact is a combination of family contribution, required student work and federal assistance. the plan will guarantee that students can attend an in-state public university without kneeing to take out a loan.
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>> the maybe opponent of hillary clinton will be here in oakland, bernie sanders and meet with the largest organization of measures much this will not be open to the public but bernie sanders rally yesterday in portland drew 28,000 people. >> now a check with leyla and see if they are making progress on the fatal action. >> you can see that all lanes are blocked and they are purple on the map. right new, we have heavy delays as we hold southbound on 101 near tully road coming away from 280 and 680 beyond the scene of the accident. remark is diverted and this is the best way around this. the sig-alert is in effect until further notice. we know that one person has died and one vehicle was seen off the roadway and in an embankment. >> we are taking you to san leandro and you are advised to
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avoid the 213030 block of dolittle drive at marina boulevard with a fire that burned out a grocery store. avoid that area and take davis avoid that area and take davis to do in walnut creek and the east bay, we will talk about temperatures, 59 at pleasanton and antioch is the cool spot and danville and san ramon at 60 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 60s and brentwood is at 70. now a look around our neighbors, clouds clear across the north bay and santa rosa and napa, 54 degrees right new and san francisco is 58, vallejo and san jose at 60. hayward and mountain view and san carlos, at 61. oakland is 62. we end up with los gatos at 57. this afternoon, we start off
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warmer this morning, and by the afternoon hours, the cool breeze we felt yesterday is going to keep us cooler-than-average around the bay at 69 to 79 in the south bay and north bay, along the coast, steady into san francisco 61 to 66 and inland, we will be around 80 to 88 degrees with high clouds and sunshine. you can see it starting to get diffused our view on the golden gate bridge where it will be foggy. pattern will remain steady through thursday and a big warming trend for the weekend. >> how low can they go? welcome news at the pump in mechanic's money report. >> coca-cola's latest million dollar effort to convince you that sugar filled drink are not what is put weight on stay tuned.
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> more breaking news leyla has been telling us about, a fatal accident in highway 101 in san jose. janet o is there live with more. janet? >> first i want do show you how
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bad the remark is backed up for several miles on highway 101 southbound lane. all this because of the accident that you see behind us. it looks like c.h.p. officers have flashlights and are looking for something. we are not sure what. we told that call came in at 2:48 this morning of the fatal accident. c.h.p. has confirmed one person has died and the coroner is here on the scene. we know two cars are involved and what happened we are not sure yet. c.h.p. is investigating. in fact, they are calling this a crime scene so we still gathering a lost information with a lot of c.h.p. officers on the john. they want you to avoid this area because they don't know when the lanes will re-open and they say they have a lot of work to do including cleaning the debris out here and getting one car that involved in the accident
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away from this scene, a lot of work to do and one person has died and two cars involved in died and two cars involved in the fatal action >> deadly typhoon is to you a tropical storm but continues to cause problems in china after violent welcome in taiwan responsible for 2 degrees 15 in china, seven in taiwan, and hundreds missing in each country. more than 27" of rain has fallen in china the most in 120 years with crop damage estimated at $600 million. the typhoon is leaded to korea and japan and cause heavy rains. >> nfl team owners will consider plans to move the raiders or the programs to los angeles.
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the owners get detailed updates on oakland's plan to build a new stadium in carson they share with the san diego chargers. they will also hear about the st. louis rams proposal to build stadium in inglewood. the commission are said the updates are informational only with no vote taken. >> we saw janet and we talk to leyla about how long the closure will be. >> c.h.p. has in new updates but you saw in janet's picture that the flares are out and traffic is diverted off the freeway. right now we have all lanes shut down. southbound 101 beyond tully road. some vehicles were veered off of tully road. we do have heavy delays as you approach the 280/680 split. northbound traffic is not affected. as the morning commute wears on we anticipate spectator slowing in the northbound direction. traffic is having now to fake the parallel drive to get around
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this situation because it is parallel to 101 and south tully road you can get back on the freeway. ryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge is looking smooth to treasure island with no delays. mass transit, bart, trains are running on time, ace train one and three, no delays. muni is looking clear. >> thank you. good morning, everyone, welcome to monday. live doppler hd shows no need to worry about an umbrella for wet weeks ago, just more sunshine this afternoon. san rafael, no fog as you look at clear sky. southbound. that is where our destination is looking. on 101. we off to a warm are start and we will have a cool we ending today, cloudy tonight with cooler lows this morning and our highs are below average through thursday and summer returns for the weekend. if you could not make it to the
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coast, temperatures today are at the peak from 6-7 degrees before average so that is why the lows overnight in some parts closer to the coat are not that much cooler even when we go without cloud cover like tonight. here is the set up, three areas of low pressure, at 5:00 last night, and this low made it breezy during the evening hours and the secondary low is beginning to come through today kick up the breezes again and the parent let is going to sit here and spin and with the counter-clockwise flow hurl the cooler weather to us and the high will roll in friday through saturday and bring the warmer temperatures. until then, we have mid-80s, los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70s and cupertino at 77. up the peninsula we are in the my 70s and our extremes los altos at 78 and millbrae at 69 and mid-60s along the coast,
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upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-70s for petaluma and novato and maybe 77 in san rafael and larkspur but napa around 80 and 69 in richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere and russian drove at 68 and a last stop, free air conditioning 83. tonight, clouds in the upper 50s to let 60s and the temperatures fluctuate tuesday, wednesday and thursday and the 70s hit the coast starting friday and 80s around the bay and 90 inland and a very summer-filled weekend. have a good one. more news. >> thanks, mike, a question for you, if you exercise enough can you not worry about calories and drink all the soda you want? that is the belief of a new nonprofit that coca-cola is putting millions of dollars into, after sales have been tumbling, is backing scientists would believe sugar drinks
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should not be blamed for obesity. health officers say coke is using the new group to advance a misleading message. >> prices at the pump continue on a some are slide crass much of the nation. here is the money report. >> good morning be topping mc's money, gas prices continue to drop. >> aaa said the national average for regular gasoline is now $2.59 a gallon, down 16 cents from a month ago and 88 corners lower than this time last year. gas prices have dropped for 22 separate days. >> "fantastic four," was anything but fantastic "mission impossible," held on to number one taking in $2934. >> "fantastic," had over $26 million and "the giftish was in third place. >> if you love hotspot a new restaurant is just for you, the restaurant is just for you, the company that makes to
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out this morning and damaged two businesses. the cause is "under investigation." >> two, breaking news in east san jose, a fail accident has lanes closed southbound 101 at tully road with two cars involved at 2:45 and they are asking commuters to avoid the area as they vote. >> number three i have your alternates if you travel southbound on 101, you are going to be met with heavy traffic south of the 280/680 so the best bet is to get off the freeway when you can and get back on the capitol expressway. say the cooling breeze conditions dropping we let average in most neighbors at 2-6 degrees below average. i tell you when summer returns in the forecast. >> five, firefighters in lake county are not getting a memorial's rest, a new wildfire has broken out, the jerusalem fire is at 5,000 acres and counting and it is burning toward the southeast corner of the smoldering rocky fire and
5:25 am
this is in jerusalem valley. >> a man was shot after he stabbed someone near south 34th street and the man fled but officers found him an hour later and shot him after the officers say they feed for their safety. >> a state of emergency if affect following a tax ice sludge spill in colorado, officials now say that three million gallons of mine waste tripled original estimate have spilled into the river and develop workers punctured a pipeline triggering the leak that spread to new mexico. >> missing police dog is safe after a massive certain. niko was missing for 13 hours. the 16-month-old escaped from the yard in san jose. police found the dog just after 11 o'clock sunday morning. the german shepard has only been with the department a couple of weeks. >> heart warming story from the heart of a wildfire, a three-year-old tabby thought lost to the flames of the
5:26 am
complex fire in shasta trinity national forest is back home. the family returned to their burned out home and heard sounds from under a destroyed truck and it was their beloved cat. other than s inked whiskers the cat is okay. >> dozens of kids start school with a new look because of a generous business owner as they gave free hair cuts to children. the stores usually closed on sunday but the owner opened the doors to give back the community. the children also received backpacks and school supplies. >> a makeover on market that will impact director commute, the change to watch for this could add to director drive time. >> speaking of drive time, it is worse than ever on the richmond-san rafael bridge. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:29 on back to work monday. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. and leyla gulen is checking out a horrible traffic situation in the south bay, on highway 101 southbound janet is on the scene. janet? >> christian, c.h.p. is investigating a fatal accident on highway 101 and they are confirming one person has died. we are told that two cars were involved in the fatal collision that happened around 3:00 a.m. the southbound lanes are blocked. there is a lot of traffic congestion. drivers are being diverted to actually road exit. c.h.p. said they are trying to figure out what happened. they are calling this a crime scene the both cars involved in
5:30 am
the accident appear to still be here on the scene and c.h.p. officers are gathering evidence. though say try to avoid the area if you can because they do not know weapon the southbound lane will re-open. we are continuing to gather more evidence and we will have more throughout the show. >> thanks, janet. if you want to find out about alternates here is leyla. >> you can see the backup, the cars were taken by those flares, veering them off of tully road at 18 miles per hour is the top speed approaching the road closure. right now, we are seeing more days headed south of 880. the best alternates are going to the best alternates are going to be francisco to sfo is 11 minutes and northbound 880 from 238 to the maze is 13 minutes and south
5:31 am
bay northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airport is 13 minutes. i expect spectator slowing as the commute wear on. mike? >> thank you, leyla. good morning, everyone, welcome to machine. welcome do a dry start on live doppler hd. over the next three hours, anything that develops will be drizzle along the peninsula coast and into the monterey bay. this is how it looks from the east bay hills camera barely seeing the sunrise that happened at 6:21 with temperatures in the my 50s in the north bay and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 60s can warmer. we day in the mid-60s at the coast up to mid-70s an the bay from noon to 4:00 and mid-70s to low 80s inland, the temperatures today are below average. high clouds and sunshine. we have breaking news in russian drove a major fire has destroyed part of a trip mall and forced evacuations. our reporter is there with the story. >> yes, this is a four alarm
5:32 am
fire and you can still see it is an active scene with firefighters saying right new they are working to put out hotspots. the fire started in the marina market in san leandro. and this is a strip mall here several differentships. at left seven of them. we are learning that there is an apartment complex directly behind the strip mall and 16 people that live there were asked to look their apartments as a reventive measure. some of them are now being allowed back in and there does not appear to be much damage to the apartment complex but they wanted to be safe. again, there are a number of businesses and business owners got the causes overnight to come out here and most of them have insurance. we talked to unwest business owners a few moments ago. >> we are open monday through saturday. on monday morning in five hours we don't know what to do because we senator the bay area, it will be hard our clients.
5:33 am
>> the supermarket is a totalless. the or businesses, i am sure they can rehab. >> that is good news for the business owners out here look at all of this damage and making sense of what this means for their livelihood. the businesses will not be opening. there are 15-20 fire trucks here receiving some help from oakland and hayward. we will stay out here and bring you updates throughout the morning and reporting live if san leandro for abc7. >> happening now, firefighters are taking on a brand new fire in lake county. it is burning close to the still burning rocky fire with mandatory evacuations ordered in jerusalem road. as of this only, it as burned 5,000 acres, and dry brush caused bring the brush is adding to the fuel and some residents
5:34 am
would have not left are packed and ready to go. >> i am ready to go with my dogs and i lived in american canyon and was in american canyon during the earthquake. what the earthquake didn't break, i guess the fires will bake. >> fire is slowly moving to the southeast corner of the massive risky fire. our community is sharing dozens of photos of the jerusalem fire and i will show you some of photos, the spoke has been visible from as far away as oakland and if you take any photos share them with us on social media using # abc7now. >> the rocky fire is now 85 percent contained. it has bumped 70,000 acres in lake and calusa and yolo counties and desteroid 53 outbuildings and expected to be fully contained by thursday.
5:35 am
san jose police shot a man after he stabbed someone, officers found the man with several stab wounds at virginia avenue at 6:30 last night. this is a map of scene. they launched the search if the suspect and fund him about an hour later near an san antonio avenue. police say officers fearing for their safety shot suspect. the man who was stabbed was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> oakland a's pay a tribute to a fallen hero who was a huge a's fan. >> fellow police officers on hayward sergeant scott lunger with a motorcade before sunday's game. sergeant scott lunger and his we daughters loved the oakland a's giving the family special jerseys with the lunger name, and his father threw out the first pitch to his favorite player, ricky henderson.
5:36 am
>> i was nervous and i am sure my son scott is jealous where he wanted to be. >> meeting risky henderson i felt scott was this between us and i was hugging him. " so many people, friends, and family from all over the bay area, it is honorable. >> sergeant scott lunger was shot and killed by last during a traffic step. the suspect. be back if court next month. >> developing news a tense peace in ferguson, missouri, after shots were fired at officers during an interview with the police chief. >> gunfire, gunfire. >> the violence happened during a protest, maaing the one year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown by a police officer. one person fired at a police car fill it with bullet holes. officers return fire hitting the suspect and he is in critical condition. the miss chief said that
5:37 am
agitators are the problem. >> there is a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure we don't have peace that prevails. why necessity how else to say that. >> today is a planned day of disobedience in ferguson. police will be this in force. >> breaking overnight a violent night in turkey with several attacks including once one at the consulate in istanbul with two shooters storming the consulate. a lastist group is claiming responsibility. a police station in istanbuls with attacked by a car bomb and then guns. two attackers were killed and ten injured. >> brutal commute across the help rich is -- across the richmond-san rafael is getting worse by the day with traffic increasing 13 percent over five years. in july, summertime,,
5:38 am
paid to cross the highest tally in five years. a plan to open a third lane is moving forward. >> driving on one of caltran's most congested streets is about to get tougher. drivers not be allowed to turn right on to market teen 3rd and 8th with a plan to make it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, part of the vision zero project to eliminate all traffic-let the deaths in the city by 2024. muni buts and takes and commercial and emergency vehicles are exempt from the restrictions. >> if you commute by bicycle, it will be a windy ride home. >> we foment the breezes yesterday and they will continue. they will be pretty guffie near the rocky fire but good news, we are calm to eight miles per hour and temperature is 62 and humidity is 53 percent and that
5:39 am
is close to what you will find in jerusalem fire. while we enjoyed the weekend the firefighters go the this 85 percent contained and the square my agency has not changed with the jerusalem fair to the south with a breeze. a breakthrough lunch and 17-to 22 miles per hour this afternoon through the evening and staying double difficulties overnight. firefighters are going to have a harder time with 9 jerusalem fire today and tonight. in san jose, waking up to a clear sky over 101 and 80, and inland east bay up to 88. the coast into san francisco is close to average at 61 to 69 and cooler-than-average around the bay, 69 to 9 in 9 south and north bay. walnut creek is clear south open 680 remaining below average with 60 at the coast and 70's an the bay and 80's inland. the summer heat is coming up. >> seconds ago we got an update
5:40 am
from c.h.p. that now we know two hour closure here southbound 101 at tully road in san jose. that is all due to a deadly accident involving two vehicles, one of which went doubt an embankment. we have one fatality. traffic is starting to stack and pack in the southbound direction away from 280/680. sometimes the traffic builds from 880 and we have alternates. the northbound side of highway 101 is-ing slow as you head away from, say, highway 85 up to the scene of the accident the spectator slowing and they are slowing things down. the best way to get around is to get off and get on the freeway at capitol express way with slow-and-go traffic to the scene of the accident and we will keep you updated on that. a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza and it look like metering lights are turned on soon if they have not already. they have not yet but we are starting to seat heavy delays.
5:41 am
kristen and eric? >> corroded pipes, peeling paints the growing cost to replace the oldest jail and who lawmakers are turning to for help in building a new jail. >> routine flight turns into heart stopping moments for airline passengers and what caused them to start passing out. >> speak of airline passengers a look at san francisco international airport with the cloud cover and we will find out in 20 minutes if it aifing in 20 minutes if it aifing flight
5:42 am
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> santa clara county supervisors will ask the state for money to offset the cost for a new jail. this is no art the jail is desperately in need of an ungrade. corroded pipes, leaking and mold in the showers, but the cost of a new jail is almost $250 million. san francisco also asked for a new jay. the supervisors will apply for $80 million in state funds with 150 more beds and could be. by 2019. >> scary mops on united express flight bound for chicago. flight 5919 was diverted to
5:45 am
indianapolis yesterday morning when it experienced a sudden drop in cabin pressure. the pilots were forced to quickly descend the plane 10,000' after passengers began complaining of headaches. first responders troated passengers after the plane planned and no one was hospitalized. >> the f.a.a. this morning is investigating reports of drones flying too close to busy newark international airport outside of new york city. the crews of four flights yesterday said they saw what appears to be a drop flying near the final approach of one of the airport's runways, all of the flights able to land safely. flying a drone near a manned plane is illegal and could result in up to $25,000 fine. >> frank gifford nfl hall of famer who became part of monday night football is dead at 84. he was taken in the first round of the draft by the giants, and bake an all pro, and began the
5:46 am
second career as a broadcaster shortly after retiring from football. he spent 26 years behind the mike for abc. the family said he died of natural causes at his connecticut home. >> always seemed like quite the joe. >> he was and quite a find player, too. >> new, baseball. specifically, kids and baseball. san jose's little league baseball team still has a chance at the world series. >> they lost to chandler, arizona, 1-0 in the first tournament game on saturday. >> during the game, they lost but cambrian park can still make it if they do not has anymore. the next game is tomorrow at 11 o'clock a.m. watch the little league baseball world series final right here on abc7 starting at noon on sunday, august 30. so much drama and excitement. and they are only 11 and 12. >> now, find out the latest on
5:47 am
the accident in the south bay. leyla? we got an update from condition saying that we have a closure here for the next two hours. anticipated re-open in southbound 101 at tully road is 7:40 and tully road will be the exit where cars are getting off. we do have very heavy delays pushing in from 880 and now we starting to see slow traffic in the northbound direction at 29 miles per hour passing by the accident. spectator slowing will last through the duration of the morning commute. as we look at the best way to get around it you can return on the capitol expressway. the bay bridge tolls, the metering lights were turned on seconds after the last report with heavy traffic from the macarthur maze. as i take you to the north bay we have clear conditions here and further to the not we have one lane blocked to a multi-vehicle crash northbound we at old redwood highway. how is the weather? >> good question. the weather?
5:48 am
it is quiet in the north bay. look at the winds, knowing in novato and three at santa rosa and napa and where it became breezy years conquer at 15 and fairly at 25, definitely have an p sure breeze that be fatter from the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge north and east through the west dole da from 2:00 to 11 o'clock and the ferry road is going to be more comfortable than it will be this afternoon. we from the east bay hills camera you can see the many layer is topping the east bay hills at 2,000 foot foot pulling back to the coast and leaching the rest with high clouds and sunshine and sunny and breezy and summer takes a break until the weekend when all of us, even the coast, is going to be warmer than average. the bell of cold air and the parade of lows that are going to keep us cooler-than-average and then this high pressure is going to bring up the desert heat start own saturday is into sunday. mid-to-upper expect for the south bay and mid-80s in los gatos and on the peninsula, 69 at millbrae, and mid-70's
5:49 am
elsewhere. we have mid-60s along the coast and upper 60s in downtown south san francisco and sauce least and mid-to-upper 70s and 101 to petaluma and santa rose and sonoma and napa at 80 to 81 and vallejo at 78. in richmond and berkeley, 69 because of the breeze. castro valley is 74 and san ramon at 80 and brentwood at 88 degrees. tonight is cooler this morning in the upper 50s to low 60s with more cloud cover. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are fluctuating a degree here or there through thursday and you will see 70s at the coast and 80s around the bay and 90s inland friday through the weekend. have a great day. >> turn tragedy into triumph new at 6:00, the families of two florida teams lost at sea are making sure that others do not face the same fate. >> first, when seconds couple, the advance wanting you will have at your finger tips weapon the next earthquake hits.
5:50 am
>> a graphic impact of the drought in the large of the city, a river that no longer is running through it. stay tuned.
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5:52 am
the bay bridge pedestrian path is closed at pier 23 and is off limits restricting access to the oakland touchdown and the belvederes and will step the path to yerba buena island. >> outside lands festival is
5:53 am
over and it was a huge success. >> 200,000 people grooved to the tunes and food with sir elton john performing sinning for two hours. san francisco police say this was less counterfeit because of wrist bands that replaced the paper tickets. everyone said they would be bag again next year. >> this used to be a river running through downtown san jose but it look as lot different this morning. >> check it out, where the guadalupe river used to be but it is bone dry because of the drought. less water is being released into the river and a colony of beavers was just discover the for the first time in 150 years and now wish and filed life are dying off. >> now a check of remark with a two-hour delay. >> exactly. 1-2 our closure here, southbound highway one one at tully road are we have a deadly accident.
5:54 am
it sounds like c.h.p. has confirmed it is a d.w.i. involved crash. we have 14 miles per hour as you pull away from 280/680 with a sig-alert until the lanes are re-opened and slow track on the northbound side as the morning commute byes up. as we take you over to the a notes, you can get off and back on at capitol expressway. in northbound highway 101 at old redwood highway multivehicles involved when lane block but in injuries to specific of. mike? thank you, the weather window shows the day unfolding, multicolored and a legal breezy already mount tamalpais with the sun warming the ground, warming the air and turn us over and it will be breezy if a lot of neighbors. santa rosa is 81 and the rest of us are two to six degrees cooler-than-average and the breeze gets to sacramento and 89 and chico is 90 and fresno is 96 and sunny in lake tahoe, and 78, and none in yosemite, and
5:55 am
mid-70s around san diego and los angeles and 107 in palm springs with sunshine. safe travels. >> a palo alto-paced company has created an crap that tell you when an earthquake is about to strike. this warning system used mobile technology and a sensor that records when the ground starts to shake. the data is sent to the server that determines the location and origin time. push anythings are then sent to the user smart phones to provide a few seconds and a pints of wanting. thia will be released august 21. >> palo alto based elon musk is live on the edge. we have the picture. check this out, the tesla c.e.o. elon musk despotted a picture of himself stand on an airplane as it flies through the sky in england. no big deal, right? we do this every day, the
5:56 am
billionaire dare doveville posted a people along with a photo saying, went for a nice wing walk. what could go wrong. photo by my lovely life. >> a north carolina army family is complete after their dad's surprise run. the kids had no idea dad was coming home after spending five months overseas and they thought they were there to welcome home a family friend. you can imagine the joy when their dad arrived at the airport. the sergeant was welcomed by his wife and seven kids include his four-month-old son who we met for the first time. >> it takes a moment to figure out who i am. a different face. pretty awesome. how are you? >> good.
5:57 am
>> man of the house? >> yes, sir. >> the emotion of seeing dad home safe after a second deployment is overwhelming. they plan to spend time at the beep. >> a school makes s honor back parents' trust after a major shakeup. >> the real reason your pup is so excited to see you when you come home. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news, a deadly crash causing big problems for the commute through east san jose. new details from the scene and leyla will be here to help you get around the delays.
6:00 am
>> more breaking news in san leandro where a popular have market is up in flames and what fires are revealing on the cause. >> back-to-school race is on, some bay area schools are struggling to keep up but the new area gets up and running. >> good morning, on this mop, hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us. >> we want to get right to the breaking news we have been following all morning along on highway 101 fatal crash causing big problems for the commute. >> janet o is on 101 and kelly road with new information on the accident. janet? >> kristen, c.h.p. just confirms moms ago that one of the drivers of the two car collision has been arrested for d.u.i. here is the scene. check it out. they are getting ready to clear all this off and re-open all of the lays, the southbound lanes on highway 101. here is what they say


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