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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. an announcement from silicone valley. google is blowing up its corporate structure and creating a brand-new company that will be called alphabet and it will house the main google businesses such as search, maps, and youtube. google says it's making this change to clear the difference between its main businesses and other longer term businesses. >> here's the executive team for alphab alphabets. larry page will become the ceo. erik smic schmidt will be the executive chairman. >> larry page said, quote, we like the name alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, an
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important innovation, and the core of how we index with google search. >> here is the website. the page only includes the statement announcing the company today. the address interestingly enough is stay with abc 7 for much more on the story. we'll have more on abc 7 news at 5:00 and at 6:00. now to the east bay and a frightening sight from sky 7 hd. a firefighter carrying a little girl away from a school bus on interstate 80 in berkeley after the bus full of children was involved in a multivehicle collision. >> reporter: it looked scary on interstate i-80. that school bus full of children. injuries were my nor despite the fact none of the children were wearing seat belts. it was a school bus loaded with
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kids aged 5-15 headed to a park in oakland as part of their summer day camp experience when the bus suddenly crashed into a van in front of it on interstate 80. that set off a chain reaction that involved six other cars, an accident that prompted a large scale response from berkeley emergency personnel. >> and they had multiple drivers who had sustained injuries. fire was called to the scene. they immediately set up a triage, classified the injuries. most of them being minor injuries. >> reporter: chp reports 19 kids and adults and the bus driver suffered minor injuries. mostly bloody noses and bumps and bruises. how are you doing? >> good. >> reporter: four others, drivers in other cars, were also treated at area hospitals. >> we had a total of 26 patients that were transported and additional 17 that were not injured. >> reporter: california law requires buses built after july
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1, 2005, be equipped with seat belts. the older berkeley unified school district bus involved in this accident did not have seat belts. in berkeley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. and jose firefighters make quick work of a one-alarm fire reported around 1:15 inside a maintenance yard on mayberry road east of highway 101. let me tell you -- well, we're going to this now. when crews got there, they found a pile of garbage and rubber on fire. it only took the crews a few minutes to get the fire under control. no structures threatened by the blaze, and no injuries were reported. and also arson investigators believe this man, ron ramos silva, set a backfire to burn off dry brush in lake county last night. two fires are burning in that area already. officials say the fire silva is accused of setting is not related to the larger fire.
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silva remains in lake county jail. now firefighters fear those two larger fires could merge into one. a second fire, the jerusalem, has burned 3,000 acres since breaking out near lower lake yesterday. some lake county residents face evacuation orders for the second time in the past two weeks because of this new fire. and you can see on this map how only a few miles separate the jerusalem fire from the rocky fire. the rocky fire broke out in late july. it's charred nearly 109 square miles. >> let's turn to our weather forecast. spencer christian has the day off. >> drew tuma is here. i'll update you first on the jerusalem fire and what firefighters are dealing with. we'll zoom in and you do know this is the orange shading. this is the jerusalem fire. the green you're seeing live doppler 7 hd is picking up on the smoke being emitted from this new fire. so firefighters now air temperature right around 88 degrees. relative humidity is low at 25%, and the wind are not helping them at all.
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they're gusting out of the southwest to 19 miles per hour. you do notice, look how close this fire is getting to the rocky fire at this hour. so we'll have to watch and see if it's moving into burned territory. the next 24 hours in terms of the wind gusts, they say rather active at least through the late night and early morning hours. it's not until around 8:00 a.m., say 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, they calm down a bit but they will become more active once again in the afternoon gust iin to near 15 miles an hour. a live look outside, mt. cam showing you the hc from mother nature moving in. a cloudy start but lots of sunshine, below normal temperatures along the way. we'll take a look at the full accuweather seven-day forecast when i see you. larry? >> thank you, drew. sky 7 hd flew over east san jose as police arrested a suspect in a carjacking. the incident happened on capital expressway not far from east ridge mall. police say the carjacker shot at officers but police did not fire back and he was arrested without
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anybody getting hurt. >> in the south bay, san jose police are investigating two deadly incidents which forced officers to draw their weapons. >> last night officers shot and killed a man on east san antonio street and packing place, and this morning just four miles away there was a deadly standoff on san marcos drive. abc 7 news reporter david louie joins us with more. >> reporter: these incidents involved two officers in each incident. they are on administrative leave. here on san marcos way, police say they found a man with a shotgun. they shot at him, but they say he died from a self-inflicted wound. neighbors tell us they heard people inside the house arguing shortly after midnight, their voices so loud they could be heard several houses away. then, a short time later, gunfire was heard. san jose police were called by a woman at the house saying her brother had returned home drunk and had a gun. as they arrived, officers saw the man with a shotgun.
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>> the suspect was outside of the residence with the shotgun. once the officer -- once he racked the shotgun, officers shot at the suspect to drop the shotgun, retreated back in his house. after a few hours our unit went into the residence and discovered the suspect dead. >> reporter: police say the man died from a self-inflicted wound. they are not releasing his name. however, friends who came to the scene said the man was a kind hearted person. this man did not want his face shown or name used. >> he's the type of person to drop everything and come and get you if you're stuck or anything you wanted he's always going to be there for you. he's a real caring person. >> reporter: residents of this neighborhood known as cherry wood is normally quiet. >> my husband at 1:30 heard a bullhorn and he didn't quite know. he heard a helicopter. we weren't sure what happened. >> i know this neighborhood hasn't been as great as it used to be. i actually went to school in cherry wood when i was younger.
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it's getting more and more of this happening every day. >> reporter: san jose police were involved in another officer involved shooting. officers shot and killed a knife-wielding suspect wanted in a stabbing incident in east san jose. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. the red cross is helping a man who was displaced by a fast moving fire in oakland this morning. flames raced through three homes around 4:30 this morning on 72nd avenue near hamilton street. sky 7 hd shows us the damage, flames engulfed one house under construction. look at that. homes on each side were also burned. the situation became even more dangerous after power lines came down during the fire and an open gas line prevented crews from pouring water on the fire. fortunately no one was injured. >> to ferguson, missouri, where a state of emergency is in place after protests turned violent. >> police clashed with demonstrators marking the first anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. you can see protesters gathered outside the st. louis federal
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courthouse today carrying signs chanting and praying. >> some who crossed police lines have been arrested and the city is bracing for more unrest following a chaotic night last night that includes police shooting a man. marcy gonzalez has the details. >> reporter: today more protests planned in ferguson after a chaotic night. a black teenager shot by police after they say he opened fire on officers. the violence and looting following a weekend of peaceful protests and marches. >> give love to my family. >> reporter: commemorating the anniversary of michael brown by police officer darren wilson. >> there is a small group of people out there there are intent on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. >> reporter: police say the 18-year-old shot last night, tyrone harris, was not a part of the protest but was in the crowd when gunshots rang out at around 11:15 between two rival groups.
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investigators claim that harris ran and started shooting at a police suv with four detectives inside. authorities say as the detectives got out of the vehicle, harris continued shooting at them with a stolen .9 millimeter semiautomatic weapon and all four detectives fired back. eyewitness tony wright posting this video to twitter of what appears to be harris on the ground with an officer standing over him. >> back up! back up! >> get me some help. >> reporter: and harris is hospitalized, listed in critical condition. at least three officers are recovering today after officials say two were pepper sprayed by protesters and one was hit in the face by a rock. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. a box truck stolen from the central valley ends up in a high-speed pursuit hundreds of miles away. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, how this all unfolded on the streets of southern skalcal today. >> and are donald trump's latest
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campaign antics hurting the polls? and new at 4:30, the ikea store that turned into a crime scene after a man went on the attack against fellow shoppers. 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he will answer them here in a few minutes. all you have to do is search for michael finney on face bobbing or twitter to ask finney. and taking a live look at our traffic through walnut creek at 4:11 on your monday, flowing in both directions on 680. southbound traffic is on your right-hand side.
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a suspected car thief is in custody following this car chase. authorities ran a check on this box truck and found it had been stolen in kings county in the central valley. the driver refused to stop and then led authorities on the chase that hit speeds up to 80 miles an hour. look at this. just right through the barrier right there. the suspect ran off but was caught a short time later hiding behind a parked car. investigators are looking into an incident on the old bay bridge that left a worker injured this morning. a person riding in a car on the new span caught this video. the fire truck rushed along the old span to the 40-year-old labor foreman's aid. the foreman was hit in the chest by a pipe. he fell back from the shock and he hit his head. sky 7 hd was over the scene shortly after the accident. caltrans says the pipe was likely part of the bridge's lighting system. the worker was wearing safety gear and should be okay.
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we have new details in a fatal crash in east san jose that brought the morning commute to a standstill. the chp says a 44-year-old fremont woman is facing dui and vehicular charges. it happened shortly before 3:00 this morning. the victim, a woman in her 20s, was in that blue toyota scion. her identity hasn't been released. the driver and three passengers why treated for minor injuries. all lanes reopened at 6:15. the latest scandal involving republican presidential candidate donald trump is apparently not hurting his popularity. a new reuters poll found he has a 12% lead in the gop race. things may not be so positive within his campaign as abc news reporter stephanie ramos tells us that campaign is regrouping after an internal shake-up. >> reporter: republic unanimous presidential candidate donald trump still out front in the poll and he's not backing down
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about his comments about fox news host megyn kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes -- blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> reporter: trump saying he felt attacked by kelly during the gop presidential debate. on fox news, she defended her questioning of trump. >> he felt attacked? it wasn't an attack. it was a fair question. >> reporter: the gop backlash more intense than what trump faced over his controversial comments of mexican immigrants and american pows. the billionaire business mogul did try to clear things up on "this week with george stephanopolous" insisting he has no problem with women and he was not implying anything about menstruation. >> i was referring to nose, ears, a very common statement. >> reporter: and what about trump's refusal to take a pledge not to run as an independent candidate? a senior adviser tells george karl that trump may take that pledge after all.
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trump fired his senior adviser roger stone saying stone was using the campaign for personal publicity. stone insists he quit. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. democratic candidate for president bernie sanders visited the bay area. coming up at 4:30, we'll tell you about the local group backing him over former secretary of state hillary clinton. thousands of people signed a petition to stop the release of a new movie that portrays a shooting strikingly similar to the 2014 attack near uc-santa barbara. >> claire? would you like to go to the dance with me? >> i'm going with someone else. sorry. >> it shows a young man taking revenge after he was rejected by women and bullied. the storyline is similar to the manifesto left by elliott last year. the movie aims to make money off a tragedy.
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shawn hart is an alumnus. he said he hoped the film could be beneficial. adobe is the latest u.s. company to announce a major expansion of worker benefits. today the san jose-based company says it will offer 26 weeks of paid time off for new moms and 16 weeks off for new dads. it will give 16 weeks of paid leave to employees who become parents through adoption, surrogacy or foster care. the announcement follows similar moves by netflix and microsoft last week. spencer has the day off. drew tuma is in. so foggy, so thick. >> i know you're not a fan of hot air. i can never please you. >> it's not about you pleasing me. i'm good with 80 and sunny. that's fine. >> you'll like the next three days at least, and then mother nature cranks the heat. the seven-day forecast has ups and downs with the temperatures over the next seven days.
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a quiet picture out there. we do notice, though, yes, we have the coastal clouds, mother nature's ac, larry's fog is there, right there, and it will stay there for the time being. right now it is breezy out there. a gust of 31 at sfo. currently 33 in fairfield. a gust of 23 in mountain view and 18 in livermore. our mt. tamm cam showing you the low clouds, a cooling effect along the coast. comfortable in san francisco. 65 now. oakland 77. mountain view, 76. half moon bay 65 degrees. another vantage point from our emeryville camera showing you low cloud along the coast. high cirrus crowd. a nice west wind not giving us the extreme heat this hour. 80 for napa. 2 fairfield. 80 concord. 78 livermore. sfo camera showing you the clouds, breezy tonight. the coolest day inland tomorrow and much warmer next week. the reason the wider picture, this area of low pressure keeping us on the cool side.
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we've seen the pattern. high pressure, yes, will build in. it will spread west friday, bring us the warm temperatures. livermore, for example, nice, below normal through thursday and then high pressure builds in. you are near triple digits. 99. 92 on monday. overnight lows tonight, we'll have some drizzle out there. some coastal clouds. otherwise 58 in downtown san francisco. it will drop to 60 in fremont. 59 in san jose. 55 in napa and 60 the overnight low in antioch. then as you take a look at highs for your tuesday lots of sunshine out there. 69, though, cool in downtown san francisco. 73 the high in oakland. 81 in concord. 76. we'll have a high there in richmond or fremont. 78 san jose. 83 in antioch and 82 the high in fairfield. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. what we'll focus on first off, the cooler than normal temperatures.
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tuesday we have clouds to sunshine out there. then it's a little warmer, holding steady, and then this is what larry hates. warm to hot, larry. near triple digits inland. even in the bay we're in the 90s. the coast 70s. something for everybody the next seven days. >> to be clear, are you now taking responsibility for what happens out there? >> i think only the positive aspects of it. the negative call spencer. >> definitely. who is off. >> thank you, drew. all right, up next, why it may be difficult to roam golden gate park the next few days. >> and target going gender neutral. meet the mom who sparked a social media campaign leading to the shopping change of the big box retailer. and taking a look at our traffic on the san mateo bridge moving in both directions a little slower, though, heavier on the left-hand side. that is your eastbound traffic approaching 880 in the east bay. stay with us.
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don't expect to roam totally free for several days. cleanup continued in a large part of the park. crews will be working over the next few days to break down the stages and bring down miles of fencing. it is not a quick and easy job. more than 200,000 people attended the three day music festival. mostly people, police issued 77 trespassing citations and more than 120 traffic violations. changing times thanks to changing signs. target, the retailer, moving forward on no longer using signage like girls or boys toys. >> it all started with one mom's complaint on social media. abc news reporter rita has the story. >> reporter: a step toward gender neutrality after a social media backlash. their goal, defy gender stereotypes within the aisles. in a statement to abc news, the
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retail giant says they're working to phase out gender based signage to help strike a better balance. >> target is a trendsetter. it's a huge retailer and it's certainly popular with young people. >> reporter: the game changing conversation kicked off with a mom of three, abby, who tweeted this photo from inside her target store showing a sign for building sets and a separate sign for girls building sets. the caption reading don't do this, target. that picture retweeted nearly 3,000 times. >> as my kids got old enough to notice there's a distinction, my boys didn't want to go down the girl aisles. we would have these conversations about it's okay for kids to play with any toys they want to. >> reporter: target vowing to change with the times by revamping signage in their toys as well as their home saying in the kids' bedding area it will no longer feature signs for boys or girls, just kids. in toy aisles they will remove
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reference to gender including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves. >> retailers have an incredible opportunity here. they're opening up a whole world of possibility for these kids. >> reporter: in 2012 a 13-year-old urged easy bake oven to make a more neutral product. many switching over with these gender neutral signs. >> target says the changes across its other stores will happen over the next few months. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue and we have a lot more coming up for you. up next, the big changes you can expect on the market in san francisco starting tomorrow and why the city says it will be safer. >> but up first, the presidential candidate getting big buzz around the country stops in the bay area. the national group based here backing senator bernie sanders over hillary clinton. and an ikea store becomes
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. here are the headlines where you live at 4:30. 19 children had minor injuries after a school bus crash on interstate 80 in berkeley this morning. officers said the bus rear-ended a car setting off a chain
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reaction crash with four other vehicles. the bus driver and at least eight people in other cars were also injured. the jerusalem fire has quickly spread to 5,000 acres since it started in lake county. some folks had just returned to their home after the rocky fire forced them out are having to evacuate again. cal fire shows how close the smaller jerusalem fire is to the enormous 70,000 acre rocky fire. they fear the two could merge into one gigantic fire. some residents are fighting the city of san francisco to stay in their home. this photo showing former navy housing. all residents are being forced out next month and carolyn will explain why coming up at 5:00. also, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is rallying supporters in the bay area. he'd been considered a long shot against hillary clinton but today picked up support from a
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major national organization. reporter sergio quintana live with details. sergio? >> reporter: well, this nurses' union at about 180,000 members isn't one of the largest unions in the country but, because they are the first or one of the first to give this endorsement, political observers say it could actually prompt other unions to look at senator bernie sanders as a viable option against hillary clinton. this is an announcement that's a big deal for senator bernie sanders' campaign for president. >> national nurses united is endorsing bernie sanders, friend, human rights champion, for the president of the united states. >> we have got to get millions of people to jump in to vote, to be actively participating. and i believe that more than any other campaign out there, this campaign has the excitement.
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>> reporter: for political observers, it's significant that a national union has come out so early in favor of the progressive fire brand senator from vermont. daniel is the president. they track political spending nationwide. >> senator sanders has been portrayed initially as not in the mainstream of presidential candidates. i think to have a national union endorsing him helps move the perception for the sanders campaign that he is more than someone who can get more endorsements. >> reporter: sanders has been drawing large crowds including tens of thousands of supporters over the weekend at stops in seattle and portland following this event in oakland he's heading to los angeles for another california campaign stop. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. gop presidential candidate carly fiorina won't be appearing tonight after all. a fund-raiser has been canceled with no reason given. fiorina's campaign is boasting a
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spike in fund-raising following her performance in last thursday's debate for second tier gop candidates. she hoped to seize on that momentum by attacking donald trump and the blood comment he made to fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> the point is women understood that comment and, yes, it is offensive. >> trump fired back at fiorina today tweeting that she has zero chance of winning the republican nomination and that listening to her for more than ten minutes gives a massive headache. union city police hopes they can help identify two people who shot and killed a man at 13 and i street. witnesses say the gunman walked toward a group of people, fired several shots, and sped away in a car around 9:15 last night. detectives are working on giving a description of the shooter and their car. the victim has not been released. a man is in custody in sweden accused of killing two people inside an ikea store. a man and a woman inside a
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kitchen utensils department. a third person was seriously wounded. the incident happened in the city of 140,000. murder is extremely rare in sweden. there were 87 people killed in the entire country in 2013. 67 people in 2012. it was a violent night in turkey with several attacks including one at the u.s. consulate in istanbul. two shooters stormed the consulate. one of them was a woman who was injured and captured. no one at the cons late was hurt. a leftist group is claiming responsibility. earlier a police station in the city was attacked first by a car bomb and then by guns. the police officer and two attackers were killed. ten others were injured. >> a potential environmental disaster is spilling across state borders today. toxic sludge was accidentally released into the colorado river. photos showed what it looked like before and after the spill. now officials say it is three times larger than first thought.
4:35 pm
abc news reporter brandie hitt has more on how it's impacting people and wildlife. >> reporter: a state of emergency in colorado. more than 3 million gallons of this yellow toxic sludge has poured into the river at an alarming 550 gallons per minute. >> we're encouraging people to stay out of the river. >> reporter: the environmental disaster caused by the epa nope scrambling to clean up the mess. it was stored inside an abandoned mine. the waste spreading across more than 100 miles of the once pristine river as far south as new mexico where the governor got an aerial look at the damage. >> you see something that your mind isn't ready or adjusted to see. >> reporter: new data released by the epa shows at its peak the sludge had 300 times the normal level of arsenic and 3,500 times the normal level of lead. >> i am here on my property and i cannot shower.
4:36 pm
i cannot cook. this is my place of peace. >> reporter: that toxic water is expected to approach lake powell and the grand canyon. wildlife officials begin testing the impact on fish. no timetable has been set for cleanup. >> i'm hopeful and optimistic the majority will flush itself through. >> reporter: it's not known yet what the long-term health impacts might be either and this spill raises concerns about additional mines in the colorado rockies known to be carrying dangerous waste as well. abc news, los angeles. mark your cal endar. we have the date when we can expect apple's brand-new iphone. >> up first, plumes of ash and steam a mile and a half into the sky. the scary sight south of the border. >> i'm michael finney. ask finney is just ahead. so i'm asking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney. i'll answer questions here live in just a little bit.
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>> and a live look outside from our sfo camera showing you low clouds. a cooler day today. how about tomorrow? the details ahead in the accuweather forecast. are and checking your traffic at 4:37 on this monday, this is san jose 101 southbound on the right-hand side, all that backed up traffic great if you're heading northbound. 880 is moving freely in both directions across the top. stay wit
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a volcano in mexico is spewing ash and spteam. look at that. the fire volcano has had three large explosions so far today. authorities do not believe the volcano's activity is posing a threat for those who live in the area but are warning to stay away from the crater, and some could be affected by falling ash. >> do stay away from the crater. check our forecast now. spencer has the day off. drew tuma is here. it's going to heat up. >> a couple cool days and then by the weekend the temperatures really go near 90 and higher inland. live doppler 7 hd a quiet picture. we are tracking some significant showers to the pacific we go. this is hilda right now. her current status as we speak a category 1 hurricane. she is weakening as she moves to the west. 90-mile-an-hour winds gust to 115, moving west/northwest. she does have her sights on hawaii and it may look like
4:41 pm
thursday and into friday it will cross as a tropical storm continuing to weaken but could bring some downpours there by the end of the week. so take note of that if your travels are taking you to hawaii. highs tuesday across the nation unsettled on the east coast. lots of thundershowers from 80 in new york. dallas, hot and sunny. 102. 10 7 in phoenix. here in california a nice day on the way, lots of sunshine, hot in palm springs. 93 fresno. 87 chico. monterey and l.a. a high of 78 degrees. let's zoom into the bay area for your tuesday. a nice cool, august day on the way, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, a high of 69 in san francisco, 73, oakland. 78, san jose. and napa up to 78 degrees. >> thank you, drew. >> he's a median talk show host. now wedding officiant. >> we know when apple is likely to release the next highly
4:42 pm
anticipated iphone. 7 on your side's michael finney. are you still planning your late summer vacation? if so, which website should you
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the u.s. postal service reported a $586 million loss in its third quarter earnings report. mail volume declines and increasing operating costs are to blame for this. it's a slight improvement from last year's $6 million loss. it has to be higher, maybe $600 million. they say they need to increase on digital innovation and restructure their benefits program to improve the financial health of the mail delivery system. >> michael finney is here. our first one comes from ann who e-mails walmart checks receipts on everyone who leaves the store. is that legal? >> it is but they can't demand it. all walmart can do is say can i look in your bag or i would look in your bag. they can make a request. they cannot demand to look in your bag.
4:46 pm
you know who can? costco, sam's club, because they have a program that you join and in the fine print when you join it says they have a right to look through everything. i will tell you, if they think you stole something, if they have reason to believe, they're allowed to hold you until the authorities come. so they do have that right. >> what website is the best to book an airline ticket? >> everyone has their favorite. kayak does a fabulous job finding the cheapest price if you have some time, you put in where you want to go and it will contact you. a price agony ratio. it's like the price is really good but the agony because you travel so long and the seats are terrible, so the price agony is not good. the most important thing you can do is only book through the sites that you know.
4:47 pm
the big name sites, a real big problem, the better business bureau had warnings. make sure you know. >> i love price aggie ratio. >> my boyfriend was in a financial jam and took out a loan with very high interest. he borrowed $2,500. the loan pay back will be $8,856. >> there are no laws in the state of california that i'm aware of that will help you out. if you get a very low loan, there are new rules. i think $100, something like that. up to $300 or some additional rules there. i would look for an attorney and say can you help me get out of this or what are we going to do? that's amazing. >> thank you, michael. >> as you know it's that time of
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year, back to school. hitting the stores to stock up on clothing and school supplies. some tips to help parents try to save big. lindsey powers recommends apps like ibota or ebay to search for your favorite store and get cash back on all of your purchases. if you're shopping online, check sites or apps like retail me not for secret savings. deals using the gps locator on your phone. >> are you ready to go shopping? >> $498. >> your total is $240. you saved a ton of money. >> how about an old school approach? sign up for mailing lists that give exclusive sales to subscribers. the date is apparently set for
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apple's next product launch. it will show off its new product september 9 including new iphones. they will likely be physically identical to last year's iphone 6 but are promising radical hardware changes, possibly the force touch technology that's included on the apple watch. we should expect new ipads and a new apple tv. diet pepsi hits store shelves nationwide this week. the rollout will test the theory the artificial sweetener is to blame for a drop in sales with diet pepsi and other brands of diet soda. executives blame the free fall on unfounded concerns people have about aspertame. they have found no link between aspertame and cancer. coca-cola wants you to exercise more. >> and the dairy industry is making a new health admission about butter.
4:50 pm
>> reporter: butter can be bad for you according to a new study and you'll never believe who did the research. it was the danish dairy industry. normal diets for two five-week periods and study showed that higher levels of the bad cholesterol on team butter than team olive oil. team butter did risk their cardiovascular disease. coca-cola backing a new science based solution to the obesity crisis. get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories. they have teamed up with scientists who are advancing this message in medical journals. and developers of a new video game for your brain says theirs is more than just another get smart quick scheme. a startup insists on taking the game through a full battery of clinical trials to get approval from the fda, a process that
4:51 pm
will take less money and several years. the market for the brain fitness games is worth about a billion dollars. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. trending now we are learning more star-studded details about jennifer aniston's secret wedding. >> abc late night talk show host jimmy kimmel officiated the ceremony. they are close to kimmel. kimmel and his wife joined the couple on their honeymoon in bora bora. >> interesting. a new study could explain why your dog is so happy to see you when you get home. >> research found dogs have a specific spot in their brains that reacts to faces. when dogs in the study were shown movies of human faces, dogs faces and inanimate objects, the dogs' faces lit up significantly more in response to people or their fellow
4:52 pm
canines rather than objects. up next, the new rule of the road and why the city says this will help calm commuter chaos. right now here is cheryl with what's ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, a murder trial beginning in the death of an oakland paramedic. we'll hear from a family who wants justice for their loved one. the dash cam video with a terrifying encounter with a tornado and why it is harvest day above the space station. we'll have those stories and more
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well, coming up, you'll see a shot of steve walking out of jail today. he was arrested on trespassing. he climbed a crane at a hollywood construction site protesting seaworld and live streaming that on facebook. >> fire officials not sure if he was a jumper, responded with 80
4:56 pm
firefighters, five ambulances and a helicopter. he climbed down voluntarily before officers arrested him. back here locally if you drive on market street in san francisco get ready for some big changes. >> yeah. this is part of san francisco's effort to eliminate deaths from traffic accidents. we've been seeing a lot of them over the past several months. the city is making big changes to the traffic flow. >> you're not going to be able to turn on to market street between 3rd and 8th. it's going to impact a lot of people who are used to just following their normal route and they will have people watching. >> abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman reports this has been in the works for a long time. >> reporter: some parts of urban life never change. if you don't believe that here is market street in 1906 just before the great quake. check it out then and take a look at it now. faces change and the modes of transportation but market street
4:57 pm
is still chaos. >> and there's a part of trying to bring order to the kchaos. >> reporter: san francisco's director of transportation justifying big changes on market street between 3rd and 8th. beginning tomorrow the city will close market street between 3rd and 8th to all private cars. >> obviously this is a high injury corridor, market street. the data shows that. >> reporter: tomorrow fellow officers will be here for enforcement. that data shows 160 injury accidents in two years on market between 3rd and 8th. private cars make up 10% to 30% of the traffic but they were responsible for 80% of the collisions, so now they're banned. you will notice new signage, better markings in streets and cross walks, a freer flowing muni and supposedly more safety for bike riders like kyle. >> a lot of traffic here and if it's just buses and professional
4:58 pm
drivers who know where they're going, then we won't have random people turning left. >> reporter: and that's what the city calls progress in these four lanes with more than a century of chaos in motion. from market street in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. all right and thank you so much for joining us today. for abc 7 news at 4:00, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. now cheryl and dan. i lost all my joy when i lost quinn. >> a father grieves for his son killed two years ago. tonight a call for justice as a murder trial gets under way. plus -- >> five to seven vehicles involved. >> that includes a school bus. firefighters carrying injured children to ambulances. find out what happened and how the children are doing right now. google drops a bombshell. how the company just snuffed the corporate deck -- shuffled the corporate deck, rather. >> and some of the best views in the bay area but not for much
4:59 pm
longer. what may be the world's most powerful technology companies suddenly changing the way it does business. tonight google shows off its new look. and a new name because it's grown so big. it's easy to remember as abc. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. the giant is rebranding itself as alphabet, a new umbrella company with google, its largest subsidiary. you won't notice a change if you google something but you will start hearing about a lot of things the company is doing beyond the google brand. abc news reporter lilian kim to explain. >> reporter: dan, in his statement co-founder larry page says while his company is operating well, he and sergei brynn can make it cleaner and more accountable, hence the new company, alphabet. google will be a subsidiary of
5:00 pm
alphabet, a holding company like berkshire hathaway. co-founders larry page will be ceo and sergei brind will be president. >> google said that alphabet was a reference to the many different parts of their company, right? the other thing, also, they say it's an alphabet. it's the best that they can make. they see this as really the future of what google needs to be. >> reporter: longtime google executive becomes google ceo which will be one of several companies under alphabet. google will continue to focus on internet searches, mapping and youtube. as to who will lead the other company such as google car and google ventures, that has yet to be announced. tech analysts say while the news came as a surprise at first, it ultimately makes sense. >> a lot of people would argue google has gotten too big and by dividing it into separate companies with the old google being there as the biggest one makes it more entrepreneurial and less bureaucratic at least potentially. >> reporter: so far so good. the company's stock was up about 5% in after


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