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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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change today and the problems that could linger for a while. >> a high flying security scare over the skies of southern california. a hang glider sent a prison interest panic mode. >> good morning on this tuesday. thank force waking up early and enjoying us. eric is off. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco to start on the forecast. >> mike? >> good morning, everyone. checking out live doppler hd seven miles visibility in santa rosa and there is drizzle out there from the very small marine layer you can see from mount tamalpais and day planner is waking up cooler this morning and you may need a light jacket, 56 to 62. now the sun will break free of the clouds but not come metally with some lingering clouds, at 76 inland. below average away from the coast, at 66 to 82 inland and you need the light jacket 64th at coast to 74 inland. and the morning commute, will
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that make you hot under the collar? >> it will into fremont. but, first, mobile 360 southbound on 101 if you have a flight to catch you will not be delayed at least on the roads. now, mike will have our flight arrival delays or departure delays but as you can see traffic is lovely and i will move 360 and and you can see northbound remark is building a bit head the into the city. the crash has been reported for the last half hour so it is now a sig-alert, southbound 880 at el dorado boulevard we have three lanes taken away and the multi vehicle crash involves a fuel spill three miles per hour is the top speed now we are look at an hour to get you from 238 into fremont. kristen? >> thanks, commuters in san francisco will notice a change today in the heart of downtown on market. new restrictions will kick in to new restrictions will kick in to keep everyone on the road safer.
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>> as you said to one hour and we have been watching the remark to see who is making the hard right or hard left town. at 7:00 this morning, doing that in a personal vehicle could cost you. there are a couple of signs under market street, no towns on to market but for trucks, taxis, buses and bicycles. this is all about reducing traffic accidents. it is part of the vision zero plan to end traffic degrees in san francisco by 2024. according to the (a) data there have been 160 traffic accidents in two years teen 3rd and 8th on market much the cars that we drove make up only 10-30 percent of the vehicles on the road. they responsible for 80 percent of the collisions. prepare pops say the chains will keep muni moving and make the area safe we for motorcyclists and pedestrians. i spoke with a professional driver about what the new
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restrictions could mean for him. >> someone asked me to drop them off and i said, currently, that will be very crowds and it will take a few extra members. >> the g.p.s. navigation may not reflect the new restrictions, just yets but that is not an excuse to potentially get out of a ticket. it is costly at $23 for the fine. ride share companies by the way like uber and lyft are not exempt from the restrictions. >> this morning, firefighters in lake county are trying to prevent two major fires there merging into one massive inferno, and the nearly 70,000 acre rocky fire is 85 percent contained where full containment expected on thursday. the jerusalem fire which began on sunday and is creeping to the rocky fire has burned 6,000 acres and is industry per sent contained. some residents would just returned home after the rocky
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fire threat are now again evacuated. >> a man is facing charges accused of setting an illegal backfire near the raging jerusalem ire. juan silva set a small fire to clear dry grass and protect his home from the wild four. he was arrested and jailed until he posted bail. should he have been setting a near when this is such high fire danger? >> i know, i me, that was a big mistake but you are desperate and...your mind goes... >> he knows he made a mistake by doing that. but he was just trying to recollect his home. >> silva never tried to put anyone in danger. he and his wife purchased property a month ago and they do not have in. deputies believe he set the backfire to protect marijuana plants on the property. >> the san mateo county sheriff is warning residents to be
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vigilant of suspicious people in their neighborhood after a woman was sexually assaulted 457ing at a home office chest not on sunday night and investigators say the woman if her 30's answer add knock at robert door and for some ron allowed the suspect into her health. when inside the man attacked her and the sheriff is asking anyone with information to give them a call. >> happening today, san francisco mayor lee could appear's the board of supervisors. lawyers for allege the chinatown gang step raymond "shrimp boy" chow filed documents ailing lee bribed in exchange for political favors and proved the united states attorney selectively targeted raymond "shrimp boy" chow despite taps into lee himself. according to the "san francisco chronicle" there are other supervisors mentioned in the document. >> the san jose city council will approve a one year pilot to allow the police department to use an unmanned drone.
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the department would use the drone in two key roles, to help the bomb squad and to assist officers in a high danger situation much the public has been allow to weigh in focusing on concerns of surveillance and privacy and still needs the approve the f.a.a. before the drone can launch in 2017. >> the technical world is reeking from the big announcement by google renaming itself as alphabet an umbrella company with google as the largest subsidiary. the co-founders will be president and c.e.o. and long time google executive will become the google c.e.o. and google will continue to focus on internet sevens, mapping and youtube, and technical an lives say the news was a surprise at first, it ultimate at this .ly makes sent. >> lost people argue say google is too business and too disparate and by dividing with the old google, it makes it more
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entrepreneurial and less bureaucratic. potentially. >> so far, so good, the stock was up 5 percent in after hours trading. coming up in morning money at 6:45 we take a closer look at how wall street is reacting to the news. >> nfl team owners are meeting in chicago and the raiders new stadium on the agenda, raiders and challengeers announce plan to will a joint stadium in southern california and they are continuing negotiations with alameda county and the city of oakland. folks stress they will not vote on any stadium plans. owners only plan to hard about projected costs and financing. >> warriors forward greene will be in las vegas as a mini camp for the united states nationals with the best way to prepare was if cabo with ex warriors teammate o'neal. >> you want to know if someone
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got money? take a look. >> u. i got some money. >> wow. >> he is referring to the $82 million contract that he just signed and apparently that buy as lot pedicures. >> i didn't realize the nice toes are the thing for athletes. why not? >> i hear from those who get pedicures and massage ... they are dependent on their feet. >> they do need to take care of them. >> good morning, everyone, at 61 degrees, humidity is 80 percent and winds gusting to 11 miles per hour around jerusalem and rocky fire and the latest update is up to nine square miles and no containment with the jerusalem fire. good news today will not be so breezy as yesterday and an ten or 15 miles per hour and not 20 to 25 miles per hour like
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yesterday. clouds and drizzle, ascending on the golden gate bridge and west wind around 15- to 20-miles per hour and slick and it could be dicey. this afternoon, 79 to 84 inland east bay, and more cooling for you, and the biggest departure from average is here 64 to 70s and brighter as temperatures are close to average and around the bay it will be breezy this afternoon at 69 to 79 in the south bay and north bay. leyla? >> we are rolling into bowl months and southbound highway 101 on mobile 360 as we approach ralston traffic is wide open with no delays. tail lights are looking great. and it isñç not will new are closer to and and into san francisco that you are going to see the slow downs. moving over to the east bay, how slow is the drive? it is moving along at a slug's space three miles per hour is the top speed with two lanes on
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and two closed and a sig-alert in affect with the multi-vehicle crash still involved and we have slowing building on 238 through castro valley and the rest the drive on 880 into oakland is not a remember and a new crash westbound i has one lane blocked. >> water supplies in danger as a toxic sludge goes from bad to worth with a new warning from the epa for western states. a texas couple explains how an ultimatum changed their relationship.
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay. >> a protest is planned outside a contra costa county sheriff's department over funding for the detention center expansion. a state grant will be voted on next week only funds 930 percent of the expansion and the remaining 10 percent or $9
6:14 am
million are expected to come from taxpayers. democrat stares do not feel taxpayers should be responsible since the only hospital was forced to shut down because of budget constraints. >> a school will unveil the plan for the new school year after a major overhaul. leaders at west valley elementary have called a meeting today to address concerns from parents. the school has been restructuring since the cupertino union school district reassigned the principal and 23 teachers because of morale issues at the end of the last school year. today, colorado's governor will tour the area contaminated by a toxic sludge spill that has spilled into the river jeopardizing water sources in colorado and new mexico and will remain closed for another week. "good morning america" will have more on the ofs do control the spill coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> this is interesting a texas couple is racketing to a judge's order that force them to get
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married. justen bundy was aexcused of assaulting his girlfriend's ex and a judge ordered him to marry the girlfriend or spend 15 days in jail and he decided to get married which made headlines married which made headlines around care but when you read the story so many feel certain ways about marriage, and it is a big deal, a commitment and for you not to have the final decision in every aspect, who is there, the you know... >> they were forced to marry on spot. he wants the world do know how unhappy he is with the judge's decision and there is now a petition circulating to get that judge disbarred. >> if he was unhappy, he could have decided to spend 1515 -- 15 days in jail.
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>> some i would say being married is a longer sentence. >> but you are happy being married. >> that is request i can make jokes. >> very interesting. >> and now the weather, let everyone else discuss that as we move on. we continue want to step on the land lines, sfo is cloudy and i an looking at the latest report, nothing suggesting they have flight arrival delays but they could, i were keep an cry on it, if you step away from the tv. we will stay with the peninsula at 52 at woodside and redwood city and menlo park at 57, and san mateo, good morning, waking up to 58 and palo alto at 59 and belmont ands for store city and san bruno at 50. 61 in hayward and san jose and concord and mill valley a cool spot and 52 degrees right now. in san jose, we have clouds rolling across just out of the reap of 87 near the shark tank and we will talk about what will happen today, drizzle and mostly
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sunny this afternoon away from the coast. nice comfortable nights all weekend and it will be really hot, just about everywhere, this weekend. now, as far as today's temperatures we are close to average at san francisco and oakland and santa rosa is a degree cooler and san jose and redwood city and concord at four to six degree cooler. the deep other you are inland the more likely you are cooler-than-average. drizzle this morning and the next three hours the best chance of anything measurable is along the coast and the golden gate bridge will be the post likely to be affected. mid-to-upper 70s in the santa clara valley at 78 in san jose and until you are deeper in los gatos and gilroy, the home 80s and 73 in millbrae and 75 in san mateo and jumping up to 9 in los altos and 66 is a warm spot along the coast at half moon bay and israelty and colma and pacifica at 64. about five degrees warmer on the bay side, at 69 downtown san francisco and we go from 7 a at petaluma to san rafael and novato at 76 and napa and calistoga at 80 degrees.
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the sea breeze reaches over to berkeley and lingering clouds and 68 and low-to-mid 70s for most of our east bay with oakland around 73 and a few upper 70s in the san ramon valley and most of our inland east bay neighborhoods in the low-to-mid 80's. astros are in town and we need home cooking after getting swept by the cubs. giants first pitch at 7:15 at at&t park. about 63. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and two to four degrees warmer tomorrow and thursday and from the coast to inland 70s at the coast and 90s around the bay and triple digits inland. leyla? >> yes, we we is heading south into palo alto right new at university avenue and you can see the traffic is slight foreign traffic also moving along without any problems and when you are closer to highway 92 you may have to apply the breaks but i have a little bit of pa good news where a sig-alert that has finally canceled southbound 880 at el
6:19 am
dorado boulevard it was a multi-vehicle crash and we had a fuel spill and six american and the top speed and that is the bad news. the worst noirs is it will take you 100 minutes to head f 1238 into fremont to bumper-to-bumper traffic. avoid it. as we take you to the bay bridge toll plaza remark is looking slow as you head out of east bay into san francisco. >> that is a tough commute. avoid it if you can. bicyclists if san francisco are landing another protest, a thoroughfare in the lower height causing well, they are expecting to ride system file and stop at every stop sign a move that could bring traffic to a standstill much the goal is to protest the police department crack down on pickives would do not come do a full stop. the stop instarts at 5:00 p.m. if you want do avoid the area. >> when you are out and about do not forget to snap a picture,
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meteorologist mike drew tuma is shown here meeting chrissy and joe promoting show that day buts right here at a posting on social media at # abc7now. while you are at it check out the photos at news bay area. >> stealing from an auto service. >> what put a prison on alert. >> looking at the golden gate bridge we have clouds. stay tuned. esurance was born online. which means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless,
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives where you live. welcome back, 6:23 a high flying misunderstanding caused the security scare in southern california. a man flying a motorized glider flew over a prison in castaic and was pursued by sheriff's helicopter. officers feared he dropped contraband over the prison area. they questioned the man who said
6:24 am
he was unaware he was flying over a prison and released after officers does not fine contraband. >> concern is growing of weather rio de janeiro is prepared to host the olympics next year. 13 united states rowers have fallen ill with a stomach virus after a weekend trial run. the doctor said he suspected it was due to pollution in the lake. "good morning america" will have more on the other pollution hazards at 7:00 this morning. >> now, we will see what else is cooking on "good morning america" with a look. >> good morning, kristen on summer america next a state of emergency declared in ferguson, missouri, with armed police dispatched throughout the city arresting demonstrators after a gun battle between two groups erupted and we are on the scene with the latest on "good morning america". today. >> nissan will give uber and
6:25 am
lyft a run for their money with a deal with car share to bring hundreds of vehicles to 90 college campuses across the nation. "usa today" said they will targeting millennials available to rent for $5 an hour. >> renewed hope for aldon smith and his career may not be over despite the relative troubles and more on the teenage suspect in the madyson middleton murder case possibly connected to another possible crime. >> and in alameda, police are warning residents to lock all tear witnesses and doors as they try to catch a serial prowler on the loose and i will have details coming up. >> leyla and mike are straight ahead with remark and weather so you are in the snow before you head out the door. looking at the clouds and the fog over san francisco fog over san francisco international a
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. it is 6:28. a look from the mount tamalpais
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camera looking at a gorgeous sunrise. you can see the orange flow of the light reflected in the bay a night way to wake up. here we go. come on, get out of bed. good morning, i am christian. eric thomas is off. meteorologist mike nicco has more on what we are seeing. >> mike? >> and feeling. it was tough to get out, it was cooler in the house. beings, to i, live doppler hd shows not much in the way of radar runs but over the ocean there is the possibility of drizzle and we have had measurable drizzle in san francisco at .0 1" with the wind pitching east so cooler than average away from the coast. day planner is mainly mid-50s to low 60s. as we head to noon, mid-to-upper 60s until inland add mid-70s and mid-sick at the coast at 4:00 and hid the mid-70s at the bay and low 80s inland and tonight money 60's by the time with get to 8:00 p.m. t
6:30 am
>> do you know the way to san jose, mobile 360 does headed south on 101 near mineta san jose international airport with traffic could naughton better if you need to make a night it and looking great nothing to get in the way. i want to show you delays with video been expensing in the east bay, trouble, trouble, trouble. we are looking at one hour that is starting to dissipate as can you see headed into treatment but we had an early sig-alert southbound 880 so, city, bumper-to-bumper traffic and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plazas, 15 minutes from the east bay and it looking like cotton candy over peninsula and a slow drive marching along the water from hayward to foster city. >> people in alameda are shaken after word that a girl was sexually assaulted if her home. police warning neighbors bringing in center officers to catch the suspect. janet o is where a video that police want you to see. janet. >> in one of the incidents, then
6:31 am
was caught by surveillance camera and police are working off of that along with sending extra patrol on the streets and undercover officers to try to catch the serial prowler. the man seal in the surveillance video i imagine was take were at the roadway inn open west side of town, a very thin man. a man works as clerk and lives on site of the motel and caught the man trying to break interest his body room window in june. the burglary was scare asked ran when he saw he was recorded and latest break in was sunday and forced his way in to another home and sexually assaulted a girl while asleep. the call still recalls the hair raising incident seeing the burglar face-to-face. >> it was scary. the first time in my life someone got into my room at midnight. >> officials say the man is colleaguing through unlocked windows and he has done it a
6:32 am
total of since times in the past two months here in alameda. police believe he will strike again so they want to warn residents to be on high alert starting with locking all your doors and all your windows. >> santa cruz police are looking into a possible connection between the teen accuses of killing eight-year-old madyson middleton and recent threat at a local high school. that is according to the santa cruz sent nil. cruz sent nil. the there were massing comments he made over the murder and those posted. >> police responded to reports after shooting at barlett and 24th street shortly after 10:00 last night both victims in their 20s ran from the scene.
6:33 am
>> one was at 24th and mission and the other at 24th and south van ness. they taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. this word were at gunman or suspect. >> a supermarket destroyed by a fire is being demolished at main that boulevard and dolittle after a four alarm fire. crews are tear down the rest of the structure. flames also spread to three other businesses including a medical supply store, a cafe and a nail shop. the old of the fire, the rocky fire over 69,000 acres and is now 80 percent contained and the newest jerusalem fire has burned 6,000 acres and is zero percent contained. firefighters do daughter want this to explode in size like the rocky fire. a man came to what the fire because he really wanted to. >> it is awe-inspiring and must be 100' tall flail over the top of hill and i cannot imagine
6:34 am
what the firefighters are dialing with. >> getting ready to get out? >> you bet. >> the jerusalem and rocky fires are a few miles apart and crews are being funneled two the two fires. >> fire department are forced to be creative with some refocusing water used during drills to watering lawns and trees at a local park. >> we have to train, right? if we can do irrigation at the same time, better. >> every bit of water helps. >> the fire department has cut backfire a year. >> governor brown is keying you the pressure to conserve water, the governor is in san diego this afternoon to meet with local, war, business and government officials and has made water concentration vacation a top priority and in april he announced a first ever 25 percent statewide mandatory reduction and brown were whats the state to invote of in new technology to make the state more drought resistant.
6:35 am
>> san francisco sheriff and defending himself offer an issue that could affect re-election chances and according to the "san francisco chronicle" his driver's license was suspended in february for failing to report a car accident to the dmv a fender bender but above the $750 threshold that requires notification and he said he told the incompany the rest is just paperwork error but the sheriff should know the law pert than anyone else. >> it is always someone else's problem or someone else's doing something wrong and people see that and they are just embarrassed, it keeping getting worse. >> he was referred to the domestic violence troubles and department polls critics would say that the polls head to the death of kate steinle open pier 14. he has a debate with an election opponent today in san francisco. >> a year ago today that robin
6:36 am
williams hanged himself at his home in tiburon. he had suffered from depress for years. last in, california state officials renamed marin tunnel the robin williams tunnel. >> and the actress would played his daughter in "the korea one," posted this picture of a boston park bench the same bench that williams sat on in a scene from "good will hunting," and she included a yet from emerson "to laugh often and much," and ends "that is do have succeeded." you have succeeded, r.w. >> aldon smith may now be unemployed for very long according to the "san jose mercury news" three team have potential interest in signing smith. they have not been identified. the giants were named as a possibility and smith was arrested open thursday and charged with hit-and-run and
6:37 am
driving under the influence and vandalism the 5th arrest in four years and the 49ers released smith open friday. >> next, looking ahead to super bowl 50, and levi stadium is poised to capitalize on the big success and help countless businesses do the same. businesses do the same. >> issuing out air tourist hotspot.
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>> back at 6:40. :15 first pitch at fat, and breezy and 61. still be chilly. around the state, mid-to-upper 60s eureka and monterey and a lot cloud cover and mid-to-upper 70s a little afternoon sunshine san diego and los angeles, and 88 in sacramento and 78 in lake tahoe and 92 in yosemite. surf advisories and now flood advisories for parts of the hawaiian isles especially the big island as hilda is still a hurricane but you can see the shearing taking place and being blown off to the northeast looking like it will health about 1:00 o'clock tomorrow
6:41 am
afternoon with gusty winds but the serve and the flooding raps are the big story on thursday, friday, and into early saturday. leyla? stay safe. we are now northbound highway 101 near the expressway and traffic is light but we are seeing a few extra cars and i town 360 around and in the southbound direction not sighing very many, whatever, but i want to fake you over to another part of the bay area, a beautiful shot, walnut creek southbound 680, traffic is fair with clear conditions lou we do have extra folk on the roadways just a gorgeous site, sun, clouds but the problem with the clouds and the fog, that is causing accident and part of reason why this car crashed and spin out if the wrong direction northbound highway 1 and 280 through colma and dallas city the visibility is low. >> home sharing site is fairing uphill battle accommodating those who want the hottest tourist destination with
6:42 am
barcelona spain mayor banning hair b and b rentals a more inform if an effort to cut back on the number of visitors which outnumber locals in barcelona. >> new details just in on the jerusalem fire in northern california lake county. it has green to it will,000 acres and it is just about doubles, and rocky fire is holding on at 88 percent contained. >> forget turn on market street with an impact affecting san francisco commuters. >> stay in the know with abc7 and look at traffic on the san mateo bridge, westbound, seeing more brick lights with traffic and wet together during the entire commercial break. entire commercial break. stay
6:43 am
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>> covering walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> in 15 minutes, commuters in downtown san francisco will notice a big change on market street, restrictions are kicking in, in name of safety. our reporter is along market street to show us what will happen. >> with all of the traffic here you have to imagine this will be pretty new for a lot of the drivers. there are scenes wanting them at
6:46 am
market street it says no turn on to market but for the trucks, and taxis and buses and bicycles. this is about reducing traffic accidents and part of the city's vision zero plan which aims to end traffic deaths in san francisco by 2024. there have been approximately 160 traffic accidents in two years define third and 8th open market. the cars we drive were only 10-30 percent of the traffic but responsible for 80 percent of the chicagos. respect popes say the changes keep muni moving and make the area safer for bicyclives and pedestrians. >> there is a last traffic here and if it is just buses and professional drivers who know what they are doing we do not have random people causing
6:47 am
accidents. >> the g.p.s. will not get you out of the ticket and the fine is $238 uber and lyft exempts from the restrictions. >> thank you, wall street is reacting to google's decision to create a new parent company, alphabet. jane king is in the nasdaq with that step and more in the morning money report. >> good morning to you. we are seeing a lower start on all with the dow down 150 points with a big rally back yesterday and kickback of it, and china devalued their currently. google shares are up 6 percent over the alphabet revamping as wall street welcomes the we revamping and the volume of tweets coming in about alphabet shot up when people started tweeting thoughts of the fate of the company after the news and the sentiment was highly
6:48 am
positive. a lot analysts are possible. >> whole foods is sued over the pricing investigation, with the lawsuit claiming that executives misled shareholders and misrepresented the company stock value. the google over haul is not the obligate thing that is big this morning, this is a prediction of a big business boost to comb with leaf stadium hosting super bowl in february the mom and pop shots will cash in. levi stadium is no stranger to big events, with the super bowl taking the economic potential to a new level because many of the evens take place in san francisco leading up for the game in santa clara with a 40 mile spread between the two cities fans have a chance to visit all the businesses in
6:49 am
between. thing of all that traffic in between, too. didn't mean to go negative, just another prediction. >> called job security for leyla. >> exactly. we will not ask you to predict the weather that far out but what are we face this week? >> we start with the fire because it doubled in size. what you are seeing in the red, that is the iraqi fire and what you are seeing in the orange is the footprint of the jerusalem fire at 5,000 acres so it is twice as big as the footprint now. the winds are only seven miles per hour but they are gusting yesterday and that is a reason why, the fire kept getting bigger. 12,000 acres now and 70s,000 -- and 70,000 acres around 120 square miles. it is big. now, the wins are double digits starting around noon through midnight tonight but hopefully we will stay below 20-25 minute winds we had yesterday and they
6:50 am
are diverting all resource away from the rocky fire to the jerusalem fire because it is zero percent contained. san jose is waking up to cloud cover and temperatures running from about 58 in campbell and los gatos to 61 in san jose and cupertino to sunnyvale at 62 and temperatures are in the my 50s to low 60 and cooler this morning than yesterday morning. check out the parent layer, and some of high includes that are with us today, we are starting off moist and cool and .04" of drizzle in daly city. dry this afternoon. clouds ton and patchy drizzle again and weekend warmth reach the beaches. winds are then at concord for 22 in fairfield and they will be fast through the delta and back to the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge from 2:00 to 11 o'clock and the reason why the slow get closer, the winds are converging on the raw and that is why we are going to be cooler than average. the sheet coming up with
6:51 am
excessive heat advisory in texas and arizona and california but we are below average mid-to-upper 70s for most of the south bay and mid-to-upper 70s for the peninsula, with mid-60s along the coast and upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and sauce lady. mid-70s to nearly 80 through the north bay valley and it will be breezy and 69 at berkeley, and low-to-mid 70s for everyone else along the east bay sure and upper 70s in the san ramon valley but low-to-mid 80s for the rest of our inland east bay neighborhood. tomorrow into thursday, 2-4 degrees warmer from the cost inland with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and look at the 70s at the coast, starting on friday and 90s around the bay saturday and spend and nearly triple digits inland our too hottest days are the weekend days. leyla? yes, we are taking you northbound on 101 in palo alto on mobile 360 and traffic could not be better, i will turn us an and you can see southbound traffic is looking quite nice and over to the east bay, i want
6:52 am
do show you the richmond-san rafael heavy traffic, bumper-to-bumper traffic, away castro street so it is going to be a ways and the travels across the bridge to the north bay are going to take approximately ten americans and northbound highway one at 280 we have heavy fog coulding the accident, a spin out and it is blocking one lane, slowing now, behind it. a if you crash eat highway 4 at hillcrest avenue involving a motorcycle slowing in the west direction through antioch. >> we are back with seven things to necessity before you go. first, it is abc7 looking at weather and traffic where the bay bridge toll plaza under clouds.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> he are seven things to know before you go. number one, the jerusalem fire in lake county has doubled in size overnight much the fire has now burned 12,000 acres since sunday afternoon. there is zero percent containment. a few miles away is the rocky fire over 69,000 acres burned. 85 percent containment. alameda residents are warned to lock their windows and doors with a sexual predator on the loose. this man has broken into six homes since june while residents were inside and sex womb assaulted a young girl in the latest break in on sunday
6:55 am
morning. >> a major change to the drive through san francisco, starting had five minutes, drivers can not turn right on to market street between third and 8th street with taxes and buses exempt. the fine for violations are $238. >> a packed tuesday commute. that is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, 22 minutes from the east bay to san francisco. pack the patience. along with the coffee. we have construction each 580 at santa rita road but the major delays are in the westbound direction at 31 miles per hour as you approach grant line road and it eases from there. >> early morning sun slip under the deck or blanket of clouds it will be from one degree cooler in santa rosa and conquer at four to six degrees cooler. drizzle along the coast through 9:00 or 10:00 and we will see
6:56 am
more sunshine at 60 there and soviet around the bay and 80s inland. >> police in ferguson, missouri, praise for another day of protest with 23 people arrested after pelting officers with frozen water bottles and rocks erupting during the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. >> and the city council will approve a one year program to approve a one year program to allow the police -- see you in 25 minutes. clear
6:57 am
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good morning, america. new overnight. firing back. the fox news anchor at the center of that dust-up with donald trump not backing down. >> i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. >> responding to the front-runner for the first time, his republican rivals piling on, and hillary clinton is now weighing in. also breaking overnight. state of emergency. heavily armed police patrolling the streets of ferguson, using mace to break up crowds, dozens of demonstrators arrested. throwing rocks and frozen water bottles at officers, shutting down a major highway, tensions running high right now. white house arrest. an aide to president obama under investigation for firing a gun at a capitol police officer. charged with assault. what set off her angry tirade? ♪ i'll be ready


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