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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning. >> stay with us for "good morning making news in "america this morning," surprise move. hillary clinton agreeing to hand over her private e-mail server. why this sudden shift after remaining defiant. plus, an overnight poll showing another democrat surging ahead in a key state, we're live with the details. terror arrest. a young american couple with a methodical plan, honeymoon in syria and join isis. the undercover fbi sting leading to their arrest. sucker punch. a locker room fight sidelining an nfl quarterback, possibly for half the season. what both players are saying this morning. and picture controversy. the selfie that has kim kardashian in trouble with the feds.
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good wednesday morning to you, i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with the race to 2016 and major developments in the clinton campaign overnight. >> first, the shocking new numbers. for the first time, a major poll shows bernie sanders pulling ahead of clinton in the key state of new hampshire. "the boston herald" poll has sanders over clinton 44% to 37% half of the democrats said, while they could support her, they're not enthusiastic about clinton's white house bid. >> the news comes as clinton makes a surprising change, after months of resisting, she agreed to hand over her private e-mail server. republicans jumping on that reversal. abc's kenneth moton is tracking that live from washington. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, phillip and reena, clinton's campaign has repeatedly said she did nothing wrong. this could all mean big trouble for clinton, handing over the
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e-mail server she's been under scrutiny for months. during her time as the nation's top diplomat. former secretary of state hillary clinton's private e-mail server will finally be in the hands of the government. this, as the intelligence community's inspector general revealed at least two of the e-mails on that server contained top-secret information. two others had classified details of the time they were sent. it's a development that the clinton camp has denied. clinton directed her team to turn over the server to the justice department and a thumb drive containing copies of her 55,000 e-mails that were already provided to the state department. a campaign spokesman said she pledged to cooperate with the government's security inquiry. and if there are more questions we'll continue to address them. more ammunition for her opponents, including republican counterpart donald trump, back on the campaign trail yesterday for the first time post-debate. ♪ trump more confident and defiant
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than ever at a rally in michigan, appears to have made peace with fox news after his feud with debate moderator megyn kelly. >> leading in iowa, leading in new hampshire, leading everywhere. >> reporter: new polls show he's right. leading the pack with 18% in new hampshire, and iowa, 17%. trump also says he's prepared to lay out specific policy plans. he's just not ready yet. also, trump's campaign is now taking donations. even though a spokeswoman says the billionaire will continue to finance his own campaign. phillip and reena. >> kenneth moton live in washington, thank you. breaking news this morning coming out of japan. >> the japanese coast guard says there were injuries after a u.s. mill tar chopper was involved in what they're calling a hard landing. the pilot was trying to land on a ship just off the coast of okinawa. >> the entire row or the broke off the aircraft. still working to determine the
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extent of any injuries. again a hard landing for a u.s. military chopper at sea this morning. well, a young couple from mississippi is being held without bail accused of trying to join isis. 20 jaerld jaelyn young and her nuz husband were arrested at the airport just before boarding a flight to turkey. authorities say they expressed their commitment to help the islamic state to undercover fbi agents, posing as terrorists. but family and friends, well, they're stunned. >> i know the kind of person that she is and this doesn't make any sense. it still doesn't. i don't know if it ever will. she was so smart, top of her class, studying to be a doctor. >> young, a chemistry major and the daughter of a police officer. he just graduated from mississippi university with a degree in psychology, his father is a local imam. things are calming down in ferguson, missouri, after two nights of violent clashes. police in riot gear outnumbered
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protesters on the streets last night. there were no arrests. the state of emergency remains in effect, but it may be lifted as early as today. meanwhile, a militia is now patrolling the streets. openly carrying assault rifles. hours earlier police released dramatic surveillance video from moments shots rang out sunday night hoping to back up their versions of events. they say the man seen here pulling a gun from his waistband is tyrone harris, the suspect who was shot and critically injured after he allegedly opened fire on officers. the rookie police officer who shot an unarmed black teen has been fired. officer brad miller arrived at a car dealership after 19-year-old christian taylor was seen shattering a window. the police chief said miller used poor judgment and made a tactical error by entering the dealership alone. no video of the shooting. miller could face criminal charges. the head of the environmental protection agency heads to colorado today to get a firsthand look at a toxic river.
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the river turned orange because an epa cleanup crew mistakenly released 3 million gallons of contaminated waste water. that waste water contained lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. the rivers are off-limits. the hope is they can be open for recreation use the next few days some severe weather overnight starting near phoenix, arizona, where a small plane was flipped over by a monsoon storm. that storm trapped several a federal judge has ordered all sides in the new england patriots deflate scandal
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to reach a settlement before a hearing set for today. patriots quarterback tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell are scheduled to appear in court here in new york today, amid dueling lawsuits in connection with the scandal. the nfl's suit against its players union claims that goodell was correct in issuing the four-game suspension. the players union has sued the league, seeking to have that suspension overturned. and quite the audience for an army veteran's proposal to his girlfriend. tyler jeffries got down on one knee in front of george h.w. bush and george w. bush. they were at the bush family home in maine, as part of the wounded warrior project. bush 41, he later tweeted, congratulations tyler jefferys and lauren lilly on their engagement and wishing them a lifetime of joy together. by the way, she did say yes. >> that always helps. >> sweet moment there. coming up, soaring higher than ever, why airline complaints are on the rise. under arrest, a beauty queen accused of faking a cancer
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diagnosis. plus, sucker punch, the jets' quarterback sidelined, his own teammate breaking his jaw, what the team's coach is saying this morning. ing his jaw, what the team's coach is saying this morning.
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daredevil nik wallenda making his longest high-wire walk ever. this happening at the wisconsin state fair. he walked a wire that was 1600 feet long and 118 feet up in the air. the wire was suspended between two cranes. a surprising new study finds about half of all americans face the risk of an earthquake, that nearly doubles the previous estimates. both because of population shifts and better science. not surprisingly california has the highest risk followed by
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washington, utah, tennessee and oregon. well, this might come as no surprise to frequent flyers, complaints about airline travel are up. consumers' gripes about airplanes increased in first half of the year. partially because spirit airlines contributed to its complaints data. the top complaints, cancellations and flight delays. well, if you're thinking of buying a home don't dally any longer, because prices are on the rise almost everywhere in the u.s. the national association of realtors says a median price is just under $230,000, that's up more than 8% from last year. but, if you're shopping around northern california's silicon valley, the median price has soared to $980,000. burger king says it's resurrecting one of its hottest menu items ever, we're talking about fiery chicken fries. after putting them on hiatus in
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2012, bk has decided to bring them back after fans demanded their return on twitter and other social media sites. the company credits the fiery fries with a nearly 70% boost in sales. coming up back, a group of kayakers rescued. how they used tree branchs to signal for help. and a multimillion-dollar win, an 86-year-old woman hitting it big on a scratch-off. ok, let's try this online snacking thing again. ugh! rough around the edges. ugh... greasy... oh! dan n. oikos, tasty and healthy. and if i don't love it, it's free? could be the perfect snack! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt is creamy and delicious and has 12g of protein and 0 fat. i think i found the perfect snack! seriously, you'll love snacking
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okay, it may look like a special effect, but it's actually a giant dust storm engulfing the phoenix area. the blowing dust not only turned the sky a gray color, it knocked out power. forced flights to be diverted. let's check the morning road conditions, flooding is possible from there in arizona all of the way up into montana. >> wet roads along the southeast coastlines, from texas across florida. same thing around great lakes. and in parts of the northeast. driver fatigue is being blamed for the deadly accident that seriously injured comedian tracey morgan. >> the truck driver who hit morgan's limo had been without sleep for more than 28 hours. investigators say he was going 20 miles over the
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speed limit in a construction zone. images there from inside the limo show the twisted interior. it took 30 minutes for first responders to get morgan and others out the limo. beauty queen under arrest. the reigning miss pennsylvania, locked up this morning, accused of faking cancer and defauding supporters. investigators say, for the last two years, brandy weaver gates has been claiming leukemia even shaving her hair. supporters have held several fund-raisers. the most recent this past april, they raised $14,000. in arizona three friends have been rescued after a kay yakking trip took a turn. the group hit a fallen tree while riding the rapids and ended up stranded on the river bed. they finally texted a friend for help after waiting nine hours to get cell phone service. one of them had a bright idea. >> we thought, okay, let's, you know, maybe someone will fly over, let's put an s.o.s.
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sign -- it was just up the bank. there was a nice, flat area and there were tons of dry wood all around. >> and you know what, it worked. the kayakers were rescued the next morning. after a helicopter posted the sign. crews say that the giant sign was a smart idea. the quarterback for the new york jets is sidelined this morning after being sucker punched by a teammate. geno smith had his jaw broken in two places by a backup linebacker during a heated dispute in the locker room. sources tell espn that the argument over 600 bucks that the linebacker thought he was owed. he was immediately released from the team. the jets' coach spoke to reports are afterward. >> he went up to him. i guess some words were exchanged. he fired off a punch. i thought it was childish either way and stupid. but, you know, we got to live with the results. >> the now-unemployed linebacker released a statement, saying he was sorry for his actions and late yesterday, smith posted
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this picture on instagram, saying, i'll be back. well, a first in baseball last night. all 15 home teams, they won on the same day. >> it happened several times before but there were fewer teams in the league. some highlights, now, from our friends at espn. >> good morning, or good night if you're sitting where we are. he's stan, i'm neil. >> let's talk about the yankees. that once secured lead down to game and half. taking on the indians. they played for a while. top six, yankees have gone 31 innings without scoring a run. yankees trailing 2-1. bottom ten now, indians trailing 4-3. one out and a runner on second. gomes, that scores -- michael brantley ties the game. 4-4, it would stay that way for
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a while. bottom 16 now, here's brantley again. mark teixeira can't handled that. 5 hours and 4 minutes it took. indians win it, 5-4, in 16. door opened for the jays, looking for their ninth straight win. they haven't been to the playoffs since they won the world series joe-carter style way back when. blue jays down a run. in the bottom of the seventh. coco crisp didn't know the ball had bounced over his head. next batter, marcus simeon, this has been a habit. that part of it, the error part. russell martin advances. blue jays tied. then, jose bautista does what jose bautista does. he goes yard. blue jays were winners, 4-2. >> that lead just a half-game for the yankees in the n.l. east. toronto surging. >> that's all we got. back to you. winning the lottery, how about this from long island, new york, 82-year-old marilyn looney
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and her daughter splitting $7 million. >> looney bought the ticket while waiting for a hairdresser appointment. she'll use half of it to buy a new house. >> and she says she might even take a trip to disney world. >> i hope she gets the fast pass. >> she can get everything to get through everything. >> the fast pass comes with the ticket. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> i'm not so sure. coming up, selfie scandal, how an instagram post has kim kardashian in trouble with the fda. and massive predator. the largest great white shark ever caught on video. outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one.
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kim kardashian getting a tongue-lashing from the fda. >> kardashian, pregnant with her second child, was forced to take down a social media post, promoting a morning sickness drug. it warned the pharmaceutical company that the drug could not be advertised without mentioning its risks and side effects. >> kardashian has nearly 80 million twitter and instagram followers. and next up, i think we'll need a bigger boat, because we're dealing with this monster. take a look. that's a female great white shark, named deep blue. >> she's 20 feet long and this video was shot by a researcher two years ago, but it's only been released now because that researcher said he only recently found it on his computer. >> deep blew is believed to be at least 50 years old and experts say it's rare for sharks to live that long because of human fishing practices. she's pregnant and she's got sharp teeth and she's huge.
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>> like you said, 50 years old and pregnant. gestation period that's weird. a drone proved to be no match for a bird of prey. a photographer caught the encounter on camera when he was piloting a drone. >> watch as the eagle uses its talons to knock the drone right out of the sky. the bird surprised the impact. but the drone needs about $100 in parts to get it going again. >> it circled it to make sure the drone was dead. most of us have been to a fair where, we paid good money to grab a stuffed animal with one of those mechanical claws. >> it's a ripoff. it feels like a rip-off, check this one out, this is a whole new twist on that game. this at a mall in china. they used child dangling from a harness as human claws to make that game a bit more challenging. some of the kids wore boxing gloves. >> potato chips. it looks like potato chips and
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, it's 4:28 on this wednesday. thanks so much for joining us. >> let's get right to a check on weather, and mike, what do we have in store for today? >> for today, we've got a lot of sunshine. temperatures may be a little bit warmer than yesterday. we're starting off dry this morning. haven't heard any reports of drizzle. not seeing anything on live doppler 7 hd. check out our picture camera showing it looks like glass this morning. a little bit cooler this morning. the sunshine comes out faster, so have those sunglasses ready. as we head through 4:00, 68 to 84. 64 at the coast to about 78 inland. let's get a check of that morning commute. >> let's do that. good morning, everyone. here's a live picture at the bay bridge toll plaza.
4:29 am
you can see traffic is starting to build, particularly on the left-hand side. the fast tracker is in the middle. looking pretty clear and not having any delays. we might have some delays in the eastbound direction. we do have an incident reported here. right now, we're seeing all lanes that are currently open and we do not see traffic affected at this time, so we're going to be keeping our eye on this. we'll let you know how the altamont pass is doing. right now, back to you. more on that breaking news that laila just mentioned. a search for a person who may have jumped or fallen into the bay bridge. janet oh is live near the bridge. >> reporter: this started out as a single car crash on the eastern span of the bay bridge, east of treasure island, when officers arrived on scene, they found three people in that car. two of the women started walking here along the bike path, when officers approached the women. one of them actually climbed over this rail here and jumped into the water. now, let's show you some video that we shot earlier of the
4:30 am
coast guard flyve the water trying to search for this person. also, the boats have been launched, and crews are down there. you may see the flashing lights there, searching as well. officials say the woman jumped 70 feet below into the water. a survivable jump, but hypothermia could set in if she's not found soon. last look at our emeriville camera showing the current situation. a lot of police activity searching for this person. emergency vehicles are on right-hand shoulder to stand by, to treat this person upon recovery. all lanes here on the bay bridge remain open despite all the police activity. that's the very latest from here. reporting live in san francisco, janet oh, abc 7 news. >> janet, we'll be coming back to you and following up with laila as well. breaking overnight, seven people were injured when a u.s. army helicopter made what officials are calling a hard landing


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