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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> it is friday, august 14th. let me reiterate, friday, august 14th. thanks for joining us. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen thomas >> i was going to invite you to say friday again. on this friday, good morning. a look at the golden gate bridge. winds at about 11 miles per hour. clouds lurking above it. they could settle on you as we head through the morning hours. mostly cloudy and mild. above average, low to mid-60s. your 12-hour day planner, up pe per 60s and 70 at the coast. we'll ramp up to 80 inland. quick warming to near 90 at 4:00 and back to 82 at 7:00. i'll show you the weekend heat wave coming up. here is leyla. the traffic wave, not much. we don't have too many cars on
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the roadways. 101 in san jose near 880. we take you over to oakland. we have an accident westbound along 580. one lane currently blocked. the area shaded in white indicating cloud cover. good check of drive-time traffic. from albany to the maze, a quick four minutes. 880 southbound to fremont, 14 minutes. 280 northbound from 101 to cooper tino, 11 minutes. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of oakland where crews just knocked down a three-alarm fire at a two-story building. they were called to the scene near 8th avenue and international boulevard around 2:30 this morning. the fire was under control about an hour later. there is a store on the first level of the building. one of them a beauty salon and apartments on top. no injuries reported a big pain in the neck this morning for people and police in union city and fremont sparked by a series of robberies where the victims had jewelry snatched
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right off their necks. matt keller is live at union city police headquarters. matt? >> reporter: eric rkts , as a r of these robberies, the police are saying people should be aware of their surroundings and some saying they are not going to wear jewelry when they are out in the public. last friday, a daylight robbery took place at union city. they stopped a young man that was trying to rip a necklace off a woman when the incident escalated. when she was struggling with the suspect, a bunch of onlookers came on and came to her assistance. when the citizens came by, the subject pulled out a gun and pointed it at the people coming to assist. he took off running. >> witnesses say the robber ran through the bushes to a waiting getaway vehicle parked on the
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side. the vehicle was skribdescribed gray or silver. one of half a dozen robberies that have taken place recently. we are not sure if it is just these individuals or a robbery crew behind these crimes. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news protesters outraged over a recent shooting involving oakland police. at issue, whether or not three officers were justified in using deadly force against a 24-year-old armed robbery suspect wednesday. they released autopsy results showing bullet wounds indicating he was not shot in the back as some claim. >> this gentleman went on a rampage, he robbed citizens, tried to car jack people, running around armed on a major thoroughfare in oak what are we supposed to do here? >> was that the only option they have and why the disparity.
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when white folks shoot a cop, they get taken in alive. when black folks have a gun or there is a gun on their seat, they end up dead. >> officers were wearing body cameras. an attorney for the officers association told the chronicle, the footage shows the suspect pointed a gun at the officers. mayor libby shah told abc 7 while she respects the right to protect, vandalism will not be tolerated. >> there is a 59,000 reward in information leading to the arrest of a man in his apartment. he was a victim of a burglary in the city's diamond district. his body was found after a neighbor became concerned about not having seen him and called for help. >> a contra costa deputy is being hailed a hero after he lost his life trying to save another person. he jumped into deep lake water
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in south lake tahoe to save a person apparently drowning yesterday. he is survived by his wife and three siblings. two of his siblings also work in law enforcement. he has coached youth football. sheriff david livingston is praising him for protecting the lives of others. the sheriff's department has sent a teen to investigation. abc 7 news reporter, alan wang, will have more coming up at 5:30. >> police have identified the woman who jumped or fell off the bay bridge and swam away. she is still on the run. police say she was driving a stolen car when she hit a guardrail early wednesday morning. they say she slipped off the side of the bridge when officers approached. a truck driver reported picking up a soaking wet woman near the toll plaza and dropping her off in the east bay. >> a man faces charges after san francisco police say he ordered his dogs to attack a person trying to break up a domestic dispute. it happened at oak and fillmore
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around 7:30. the good samaritan stepped in when a man and woman began fighting. two people were bitten. the injuries are not serious. police seized the dogs just about 5:06. the civil lawsuit brought by a disabled high school student that was beaten up by a security guard will cost the city $550,000. they approved the amount to settle a lawsuit. it shows former security guard slapping francisco martinez. he was born about cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. mitchell was convicted of felony assault and is awaiting sentence. >> t >> tenants of a building after a massive fire are suing. they are taking the owner of the building to court. >> marcella cordova and her daughter currently live on treasure island. they used to live at the corner of 22nd and mission until january 28th. >> that fire escape was blocked
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with metal bars like those. i couldn't open it. we both started panicking. >> firefighters eventually got them out unharmed. that is at the center of a civil lawsuit filed this week on behalf of displaced tenants. >> we believe that the conditions at the property caused the fire and also caused the fire to spread and also caused the horrific experience of our clients trying to escape the fire. >> the building owner named in the lawsuit is hoff lu. >> issues with the electrical plumbing, heating, systems throughout. lu would do shoddy repairs and wouldn't take out permits. >> the san francisco fire department determined the fire was caused by an electrical fault or failure. we have reached out to ha lu for comments on the lawsuit. >> to be able to come back to the city, to our home. >> it cob a year before the lawsuit is resolved and mission
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local reports that the owner is actually looking to sell the property for $20 million. the tennant's attorney tells me the sale wouldn't have any impact on the lawsuit. in san francisco, katy marzulo, abc 7 news. 5:08 is our time. driving in this morning, my windshield wipers got a little action. you? >> no. but does that mean there is some moisture out there, mike? must be. winds gusting up to 10 miles per hour. we haven't seen an update this morning. last check, 24,000 acres, about 50% contained. unfortunately, the winds are going to ramp up as we head through the afternoon nd aevening houand evening hours. san jose, 87 near the shark tank. about 65 this morning. around the bay, 74-84. becoming breezy just about
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everywhere. coast, 67-74, downtown san francisco. with the lack of clouds, strong sunshine. high burn potential today. inland, 84 in the north bay to 93 in the east bay. just beginning of the warmer and uncomfortable conditions. here is a look at san rafael. 101. no fog to speak of. it is going to be hot saturday, hot sunday and then it starts to break monday. the rest of the accuweather seven-day forecast. taylor swift coming up. i will show you just where you are going to find those troubled spots. let's take you over to san jose, the south bay, where we have this transition road closed down near 101. it will be shut down until 6:00. be aware detours are in place. that can cause a jam. taylor swift is in town. big deal, right? well, it is going to be a big deal for your commute. levi stadium at 7:00 p.m. is going to be packed on those surface streets. also, they are recommending that
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you buy your tickets early. caltran as well. make sure you are all set before you get there. it might be sold out. 101 southbound. 134 minutes. castro valley to the maze. 14 minutes on 110 northbound from the 280 split to highway 85, just 12 minutes. >> leyla, thank you. it is 5:10 now. the black sheep of car colors is making a comeback. the american money report is next. >> why barry bonds is bound for the hall of fame despite his legal troubles. >> plus, training the next generation, the life saving lesson every high schooler is about to get. about to get. >> we are
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covering fremont, palo alto and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> it is 5:13. a strange site in san francisco at kocoit tower, a the second coyote sighting of the week. one charged at a man and his dog in pacifica. a woman is in jail accused of using a hammer to kill her mother. they arrested lindy smith yesterday. abc 7 news was at the plaza delray mobile home park on vienna drive as detectives take
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off the crime scene. they say the mother and daughter live there together and an argument may have led to the killing. this is sunny veil's first homicide this year. >> a san mateo woman who posted a viral video during a year of cancer treatment has passed away. 52-year-old jennifer glass was an ad vvocate for california to change their laws and obtain life-ending drugs from their drugs. they posted that she died peacefully holding his hand with her beloved cat at her feet. >> 5:14 now. former giants slugger, barry bonds, says, he feels a sense of relieve after fed raeral prosecutors decided to end their case against the home run king. he spoke to the "associated press." bonds says there is no question he deserves to be a hall-of-famer. he realizes his legal victory
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doesn't assure him a spot in cooperstown. apple has more than doubled the number of women, blacks and hispanics hired in the last year. the cupertino-based company is still overwhelmingly white and male. they revealed they hired 11,000 women in the first half of this year. other numbers barely moved, like the company's leadership being 72% male and 63% white. apple, like other major tech companies, has been under pressure to make their employees more representative of the population as a whole. >> reading, writing and cpr, ninth graders in san francisco will learn a life-saving skill starting this school year. teachers and other health educators are instructing students in hands-only cpr. members of the fire department are training the teachers in what their chief calls a life-long skill. >> basically, before we arrive
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on scene, anyone that administers hands-only cpr or compressions to the chest, a much greater likelihood of survival when there is immediate intervention. >> san francisco unified is now america's largest school district to make learning cpr a graduation requirement. >> hands-only cpr, was just watching an old movie in which they had their old mouth to mouth. >> they are having a lesson. it is good information >> it is a good reminder for those that haven't been certified. >> still swimming weather. absolutely. the beach water is going to be warm. low to mid-60s if you are heading to the coast. this morning, mild. 50s inland east bay. low to mid-60s from lafayette at 60 to pleasanton at 65. livermore, 66. one of the warm spots. let's see what everybody else is waking up to.
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61, san francisco, oakland, hayward. mountain view. san jose, san carlos, 64. 62, los gatos. 69, novato. 58, napa. cloud deck over the top of us. we'll be sunny. we'll be warmer than average to the coast tomorrow and sunday. the heat will ease monday. seasonal temperatures by middle next week. pretty quiet on live doppler 7. take an umbrella possibly to the beach if you are going to be out there in the sun for a while the next couple of days. low to mid-80s, south bay. san jose, 84. near 90 in morgan hill and gilroy. gilroy. 82, santa 73, mill. bayside, downtown, south san francisco, mid-70s. 72, sausalito. upper 60s, bod
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84, petaluma. along the east bayshore, 74, richmond. oakland, 78. we'll hit the low 80s in castro valley and union city. air-conditioning weather possible. antioch and brentwood. 91 and 93. >> levi stadium, starts at 7:00 tonight, possibly ending at 11:00. 75, cooling down to 69. taylor swift and a few friends in town to entertain you. we have baseball over at at&t park. 68 at 7:15. dropping down to 65. plus, we've got football at temperatures in the upper 60s there. my accuweather seven-day forecast. near 80 at the coast. tomorrow, 90 at the bay. tomorrow, 90 at the bay. the coast gets coolest >> ready to party like it is
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1989. here is a look right now at the macarthur maze. good morning, everybody as we take a look at the drive coming through berkley into emoryville. traffic checking in light. it is trickling in as you peel away from oakland into san francisco. i'll let you know as soon as the metering lights are on. we are heading into livermore. that's where we have some construction, eastbound side of 580 from highway 84 to northland road. if you are traveling between highway 84 and greenville. we have some construction that will be around until further notice. that's going to be intermittent enclosures. we have another project that's going to last until 9:00 a.m. if you are heading in the westbound direction, you are at 45 minutes. normally, it takes 50. i sh yould say you are looking a great commute. >> 5:19 now. can you tell me how to get to hbo? >> here is this morning's
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america money report. topping america's money, sesame heading to hbo. >> the hbo episodes will air on pbs, nine months later. old episodes will continue to be aired on pbs. >> the sesame group says they will provide critical funding to keep the series going plum crazy purple will be available on dodge and they are targeting the in your face customers. a new treat for sweet tooth. getting into the spirit of autumn a little early. >> introducing a pecan pie m&m. limited edition, fall flavor. already spotted on store shelves. but don't expect that crunchy nutty flavor. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you search your day. >> also, how you can get behind
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the wheel of a car once owned by steve jobs. >> taylor swift is just hours away from taking the bay area by storm. where you may want to avoid driving this weekend. as you get your day in gear, keep on top of weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc 7 news now. looking live at the bay bridge looking live at the bay bridge to
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the goodness that goes into making a power kale chicken caesar salad is rivaled only, by the goodness felt while eating one. panera. food as it should be. good morning. 5:23. don't see a lot of fog or drizzle. i did encounter a little bit on my way into san francisco. possibly be on the lookout for that. >> whether you are just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to know before you go. the contra kosta county sheriff's department is mourning the death of one of their own. deputy carlos franteese drowned after trying to save someone. alan wong will have a few report
5:24 am
coming up in a few minutes. >> crews battled a huge fire at a building near 8th avenue and international boulevard. they brought flames under control in about an hour. no injuries reported. no word on a cause. this building housed an apartment and also some stores. >> union city police warned people to watch for possible snatch and grab thieves that want their jewelry. there has been a string of recent necklace grabbing robberies. the last ended with a suspect drawing a gun on people that tried to help a victim. >> number four, hot everywhere even at the coast this weekend. i'll have an update on the temperatures where you live and also the latest on el nino and whether it will break our drought. >> number five, with the exception of a couple of hiccups in our commute, we will have a pretty light start for friday. a couple of cars that are traveling out of richmond toward the north bay. we have some areas of construction gobbling up lanes. that's just about it. >> number six, a live look right
5:25 am
now in havana, cuba. history is about to be made. in just over an hour, the american flag will be raised over the u.s. embassy in cuba. the first time in more than 50 years. it is the last step in the obama administration's plan to reestablish diplomatic ties with the communist island nation. >> researchers at u.c. davis are trying to turn a lack of water into wine. they are trying to grow on grapes that rely on at little as one-sixth the water it usually takes. you heard leyla and mike talk about her. she is hotter than georgia asphalt and she is coming to levi stadium. >> pop star, taylor swift, has two sold out shows this weekend. that will mean traffic. santa clara police have issued a traffic advisory for today and saturday. heavy traffic and delays are expected for highways 101, 237, and 880, as well as surrounding areas. police say play it safe.
5:26 am
take public transportation and don't be upset by traffic that you know is going to be there. >> we are warning you now. what would you give for steve jobs old car? >> would have to know what it is first. his current owner has taken to craigslist to find out. the listing price for this bmw is $11,000. >> will kelly blue book agree with that? it is steve jobs or it was. his business cards went for $10,500. those are just business cards. this could be a steal. the owner said it is in working condition and provided a certificate to prove that jobs owned the car. if the business cards went for 10,500. i think it will go for more than $11,000 why al gore's name is being tossed around with the talk of a 2016 election. >> down to the wire to get first day ready. >> the 11th hour push to make
5:27 am
sure the new school year starts off on the right foot. >> here is a live look for you. the embarcadero in san the embarcadero in san francisco, abc 7 news now
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aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease
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on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. good morning. 5:29 on this thursday. i said that just to see if you were awake. >> i'm awake now. i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. >> you did a story earlier on cpr. you might have to do that. i'm eric thomas. let's get a check on the weather forecast. it is going to be another hot one. good morning, everybody. it is going to be hot. it starts today. one of the reasons why, not much in the way of cloud cover out there. it is broken. it is going to break quickly.
5:30 am
maybe a little spotty drizzle near the coast and the peninsula. waking up mild. we head through your 12-hour day planner. inland, 80 at noon to 88 at 4:00. it will be breezy around all bayshore lines this afternoon. this evening, 66 at the coast to 82 inland. i'll show you the latest temperatures for the hot weekend coming up. here is leyla. >> looks like everybody wants to come into the city. they are heading to the east bay along the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have the lights turned on just yet. traffic is starting to build a little bit. we take you to the altamont pass. involving a motorcycle blocking a lane. 53 miles per hour as you push in towards 580. the pass gets slower. tracy and dublin, 43 back to breaking news in oakland where crews are keeping
5:31 am
an eye on hotspots following a three-alarm fire that broke out around international pull vard around 2:30 app. it took crews an hour to knock it down. >> we have a lot of people that live in this area. we have people that are living in commercial stations, residential stations. >> officials said the buildings housed several apartments and four businesses, 15-20 people are out of their homes this morning. the red cross is now helping them to find a place to stay. >> the contra department tried to save someone from drowning. >> reporter: deputy carlos francis worked out of the jail in martinez. this morning, many of his colleagues are finding out about his death. to his friends and family, he was known as diamond, a talented
5:32 am
athlete that played football at sacramento state. he wills played for the stockton lightning arena football team before joining the sheriff's department. this happened in south lake tahoe yesterday afternoon. authorities in eldorado county say he jumped into lake tahoe to save a person apparently drowning. he got into some trouble and ended up drowning himself. right now, it is unclear if the person that he was trying to save survived that incident. we are told he lived in sacramento and coached youth football. david livingstone called him a hero and said he died doing what he was sworn to do, putting himself in harm's way to protect the lives of others. he is survived by his wife and two sisters also in law enforcement. his brother, coy, also played football and recently retired from the oakland raiders. i'm alan wall, reporting live from martinez, abc 7 news thanks a lot. more protests are planned in
5:33 am
oakland in response to the deadly shooting involving three police officers. at issue, whether or not the officers were justified in using deadly force against a 24-year-old armed robbery suspect on wednesday. they released autopsy results showing bullet wounds in the front of the victim's body indicating he was not shot in the back as some claim. body camera footage allegedly shows the suspect pointing a gun at officers. mayor libby shah says while she respects the right to roe test. vandalism will not be protested. more than 2100 firefighters are battling the jerusalem fire. it has grown to 2500 acres with containment at 50%. it is brning towards the rocky fire. they say the jerusalem fire will run out of fuel by the time it reaches the rocky fire officials expect to have the flames fully contained by monday
5:34 am
a contra kosta county judge is scheduled to decide if a predator will be released from custody. the 71-year-old was brought to the hospital after he violated the conditions of his release in june. liberal health care testified that chrisman recently made contact with an 18-year-old man and did not tell his case worker. he moved to a walnut creek neighborhood prompting objects you remember madison middleton. an autopsy report says the 8-year-old was stabbed in the neck and strangled. police found her body inside a recycling bin at the complex. prosecutors say a 15-year-old neighbor sexually assaulted her before killing her. adrian gonzalez is facing charges as an adult. happening today, the san jose police department academy
5:35 am
will graduate its 23rd class. 19 recruits became officers in the last class that graduated in april. this is video listed on youtube by san jose police. the major will attend the ceremony and speak to the graduates. it starts at 1:00 ft. street sommet center. the san francisco police department will graduate its 242nd class. the women and men will be sworn in at auditor um why. the oakland school system, ten days before classes begin, it is holding a recruitment fair. they still need 72 teachers before the first day of school. the teacher shortage is nationwide. baby boomers are retiring and there is a sharp drop in the number of people entering teaching programs. substitute teachers are being
5:36 am
pulled in to fill the gap. >> we may have to take people in our central office back to the classroom. we are going to make sure every classroom is staffed. >> they anticipate a teacher shortage from years to come. the first is today from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. the next one is next wednesday. it is 5:36 now. history in the making this morning. a live look at havana cuba this morning where you see a reporter getting ready to do a story about the return of the american flag to the u.s. embassy in cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. secretary of state, john kerry, is in havana. he is overseeing the last step in the obama's administration's plan to reestablish diplomatic ties with the island nation. east bacy congresswoman, barbar lee, will be there. the next step, expanding ties with measures like direct flights and mail service. it is 5:36.
5:37 am
we have a one-day on tap. i also felt a little drizzle this morning. >> along the peninsula of the coast. they are keeping woodside 59. the rest of the community at about 64. same thing in san carlos, oakland, hayward, san ramon, mountainview, san jose, concord. 66 in livermore. check out the cool spot. mill valley, 54. santa roe sgr santa rosa, 53. even when it is going to get hot, we will fall back into the 50s and 60s at night. breezy everywhere. 74-84 in the south bay. warm sunshine at the coast. 67-74 in downtown san francisco. temperatures well above average and not quite as comfortable inland. from 84 in the north bay to 93 in the east bay. speaking of that, partly cloudy in walnut creek at about 63 degrees this morning. this is one of those areas that's going to hit the 100s tomorrow and sunday. it i
5:38 am
near 80 along the coast. we'll start to see cooling hit the coast on sunday and spread to the rest of the neighborhood monday. it will get cooler towards next week. >> the bay bridge, metering lights have been turned on. nine minutes between the mcarthur maze into san francisco as you wait your turn to pass those metering lights. we are going to take you to ul ta month pass. no fog to speak of. a bit of cloud cover. it looks like they are trying to get all vehicles off to the shoulder. we are down to 24 miles per hour as you pull away from tracy. it is 43 minutes. for those of you heading out of town to the north bay, to visit wine country, be aware in st. helena, north and southbound side of highway 29 between c
5:39 am
t charter oak and inglewood, they are going to be out there locating gas lines. lanes shifted between sex a.m. be prepares for some delays. >> leyla, thank you. 5:39. the rescue that's giving those new hope of finding survivors amid the devastation of the massive warehouse explosion in china. >> people around form are vice-president, al gore are saying about a possible 2016 presidential run a live look outside. this is san francisco international airport. see some clouds there. kind of broken. this could be affecting flights today. today. we'll find out in the next half
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5:42. an intense thunderstorm rumbled through las vegas rushing water like this, prompting flash flood warnings. warnings. lightning struck power lights were ground flights were grounded at mckaren airport. pge says it has paid a $300 million fine for the state's
5:43 am
general fund for penalties related to the deadly 2010 gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. part of the $1.6 billion penalty levied by the california public utilities commission in april. it requires them to pay $850 million to gas safety improvements and requires utility to refund $400 million to gas customers. >> rescue crews in china have pulled a 19-year-old survivor from the wreckage leveled by wednesday's explosion. the video from the port city describes the devastation better than words. the person was found alive. he was a firefighter. at least 17 are among the 56 dead. over 700 are injured. it is the world's tenth largest port. explosions and aftermath are affecting china's economy by disrupting the flow of cars and oils to pol titics. news that the democrats may see
5:44 am
a blast from the past with hillary clinton's lack of momentum. they say the two-term vice-president is thinking about running. confidence in hillary clinton ace the party's nominee is said to be eroding in the face of a new poll showing her trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. >> sources close are denying. tonight, the raiders will play the first game of the preseason against the st. louis rams at coliseum. >> both teams looking to move to los angeles. this will be the first glimpse of the new raiders with jack del rio as head coach following the first two weeks of training camp in napa. the starters won't see much playing time. kickoff at 7:00 p.m. the niners play their first pre-season game tomorrow night in . >> jeremy affeldt and javi lopez
5:45 am
will be serving coffee to will be serving coffee to promote pizza hut's new proceeds will benefit the team. both will be there from noon to 1:00 p.m. >> long lines, i >> i need to decaf nate. >> let's talk about needing a cold drink by the tomorrow this afternoon rolls around. >> a cool drink and shade and possibly ed hadding to the beaches where our temperatures are in the low to mid-60s once again. outside of el nino, warmer than average. warmer along the equator than it was at this time in 1997. we got an update yesterday. significant el nino continues to
5:46 am
strengthen. 90% chance lasting through winter. here are some facts. southern california has a better chance of getting wet during strong el nino and weak to moderate events. we have about a 60% chance of this one is strong. the drought will not end this winter even if we get above average. we need at least 250% of average we need at least 250% of average the next three years to that 44%. the most we have had, 190%. we are trying to do something we have never done and trying to do it three years in a row. keep conserving. you are doing a great job. keep going. a look at some of the low clouds that are hanging around. notice how they are broken. we are going to have warm sunshine today and comfortable conditions tonight even when it gets warm to hot this week. we'll still fall back into the 50s and 60s tonight. the heat will back down.
5:47 am
most areas, less than 10 miles per hour. notice as we head through the afternoon hours, north of the bay bridge at 3:00, south of the bay bridge at 2:00, we're going to have small craft advisories begin. if you are heading out that way, a little choppy. why not? look at this. low to mid-80s in the south bay. upper 80s, low 90s. los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. los altoes, 84. mid to upper 70s, we'll flirt with 70 along the coast. south san francisco. south sol lito, 72. a better day for pictures than yesterday. everybody else in the mid to upper 80s. along the east bayshore. 74, ridgemonday. here we are looking at temperatures in the mid-80s to upper 80s, all through our inland east bay except for antioch and brentland. low 90s. going to the concert tonight,
5:48 am
taylor swift, 75 at 7:00 at levi stadium dropping down to 69. my accuweather seven-day. near 80 at the coast. cooling will hit the coast late sunday afternoon. have a great weekend. here is leyla. >> mike, we are taking another look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the cars are starting to thin out a little bit. perhaps we are going to see a trailing off of traffic. i am not seeing the type of congestion norris the calculation of drive times as high as it normally is on a friday morning. good news for you folks heading into work. i'm going to take you over to fremont where we have a brand new accident southbound side of 880 at maury avenue. you can already tastart to see delays. the san mateo bridge moving along about 14 minutes ahead between 880 and 101 on the
5:49 am
peninsula. mass transit, not finding any delays so far. kri kristen? >> thank you you. 5:48. robin williams lasting impacts. what we are learning about i apos tiff taa positive takeaway regarding his untimely death. what nasa will hope will take flight an astronauts do business in space the pesky peacock that cannot take a hint whether it is time to leave. time to leave. looking at the
5:50 am
a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions
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>> welcome back, 5:51. south lake tahoe is asking for the public's help to identify a missing man after a boater found a paddle board adrift in lake tahoe, a go pro camera, a selfie stick and a life jacket discovered on the board wednesday evening. these photos were taken from the camera's memory card. he identified himself as moyim and paid in cash when he rented the badpaddleboat but never returned. a water and shoreline search were conducted but nobody has reported anybody missing a terrifying ride for children showing the bus hurdling through an intersection, clipping an 11 children were on the bus. some kids are still recovering, injuries not life threatening stanford researchers say they have come up with a speedy new way to make pain killers using bakers yeast instead of
5:53 am
opium poppies. >> they have bio engineered yeast to make drugs like hydrocore done. they were until now made from the opium poppy. they have been working to make it faster and cheaper. it still takes 4400 gallons of yeast to make a single dose of pain medication. they think it could be improved over the next several years. >> nasa needs your help. it is willing to pay for it. the agency is looking for someone to design smart watch apps for astronauts on the international space specifically, they want an app to keep astronauts more organized and safe and it should let them know when they are in a position to communicate with ground control. the best app designer will receive $1500. if you are interested, we have posted all the details at millions of americans say they haven't taken a vacation in
5:54 am
a year. >> what percentage of americans do you think that is? it is 56%. they conducted a survey and didn't ask why people are putting off vacation time. they are afraid of returning to a mountain of work. some say, no one else can do some say, no one else can do their job. the survey defined vacation for a week off of work to a place at least 100 miles from home. folks coming back from vacation. what are they looking at? good morning, everybody, football at the 71 at 7:00, dropping down to 65. raiders and rams tonight across the bay. we've got 7:15, first pitch. nationals and giants. 68 dropping down to 65. pretty comfortable in both areas. high fire danger until 11:00 around lake tahoe. sunny 81. 95, yosemite.
5:55 am
90, l.a. palm springs, 114. today, that's what's coming our way. leyla? here is a peek at your drive coming away from marin. that's on the golden gate bridge. traffic is starting to flow a little bit more than it was earlier. we have more cars on the roadways but nothing to hold us back. what we do have holding us back is this accident. it is in fremont, southbound side of 880 at maury avenue. it is a two-car crash blocking one lane. 19 miles an hour as you pass on by highway 84. if you take the dumbarton bridge. all of that green means we are running at top speed. it is 5:55. s some elvis fans have a piece of the king of rock 'n roll. >> a diamond an gold pendant elvis gave sammy davis junior was among 160 authenticated artifacts. it sold for $40,000.
5:56 am
last night's auction was called elvis week. the annual commemoration of his death. other pieces sold included one of his personal handguns. it went for $96,000. a racquetball shirt sold for more than $32,000. >> a sacramento woman is at her wits end over an unwanted house guest. >> diana fong says the pesky peacock took up residence on her roof in mid-may and has never left. officials told her the peacock doesn't fall under the jurisdiction, because it is considered domestic foul. even fong's neighbor tried to help. >> i have one neighbor that lives down the street who said that as soon as she saw them, she called animal control and they said they won't touch him bass he is not an endangered species. >> unless the bird is sick or injured or attack someone, animal rescue can't help. the local zoo even turned fong
5:57 am
down. people in the neighborhood have named peacock kevin after the peacock in the disney movie "up." 5:56. success thanks to a sinkhole. why a giant hole that swallowed up corvettes is the best thing to happen to a vintage car museum. what makes the 1980s video game at the time trust best way to ward off your guilty pleasure. the bay bridge toll plaza the bay bridge toll plaza starting to get heavy
5:58 am
♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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breaking news at 6:00, more than a dozen people displaced after a three-alarm fire in the east way. the contra costa county sheriff's office mourns the lives of one of their own. the warning from union city police, the common thread in a
6:00 am
robbery spree putting the community on alert. >> a lot going on. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. the weekend is just about here. it is going to be a warm one, right, mike? >> good morning, guys. nice to see you on this friday. take a look at this. no fog to speak of around the bay. our inland, broken deck of clouds over the top of us that will quickly move away. they are keeping this in the low to mid-60s. very mild this morning. as we head through your 12-hour day planner, upper 60s near 70 at the coast. low 70s to upper 80s around the bay. it will be a comfortable evening. 66 at the coast to 82 inland. more on that weekend heat coming up. here is leyla. >> i'm taking you right into pleasanton. good morning. 6:00 a.m. traffic is light. traffic is certainly manageable. however, as far as you get towards grand line road, that's where we are passing through some construction areas and some gravel i


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