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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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temperatures. some communities even saw record highs today. so let go to abc7 meteorologist drew tuma for more on that. >> official numbers came in moments ago. 14 cities in the bay area had new records today. look at this, napa, santa rosa, a record high of 104. downtown san francisco, high of 90 today. 92, a record high in oakland, and san jose, record high of 97 degrees earlier this afternoon. out there right now, current temperatures, it is still hot in many spots. 102, concord. 104, antioch. what you're noticing along the coast, half moon bay, refreshing, 73. tonight it's going to be haze where and hot, between 72 and 100, and by 11:00, a rather warm night once again. another "spare the air" day has been issued for monday before we see relief from the heat.
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>> in san francisco, people hit the streets, parks and beaches to enjoy the hot summer day outside. katy has more. >> reporter: step outside. if you dare. >> it's really hot. >> reporter: a taste of summer in the normally chiller inner richmond. >> we spent a lot of the summer in the fog so this is welcome. >> reporter: the farmers market, heated up early. >> came from prepared to be cold but i'm not. i'm frying here. i got this, so i'm staying out of the sun, and not gutting surgeon burn. >> with temperatures from the 80s to more than 100, some of us are delicate flowers. >> we have to put water on the bottom so they should last an hour or two in the sun. >> others thrive. >> this melons, the heat makes them fragrant. >> reporter: if watermelon or ice cream doesn't keep you cool.
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>> going shrimping in the water. and go in pools. >> probably the beach. no complaints. >> reporter: just be careful, warns san francisco fire chief jose bell yo. >> all these days of hot weather, we have rescues at the beach. >> yesterday crews performed two marine rescues. >> they did drills. >> reporter: today they attend at ocean beach where surfers are feeling the heat and the animals. >> definitely warm water, there's anchovies around. >> ann can use refresh. during this heat advisory. >> high five. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news. >> one way to cool off is to hit the water. we were at a very full water world california in concord this afternoon. the wave pool, very popular, as you might imagine, same store for people floating down the
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lazy river. anything to get out of the sun. >> gorgeous day and we're just staying out of the heat, staying wet, with the kids. >> my daughter's birthday so here with friends, enjoying the day, trying to beat the 105-degree weather. >> there's no better place to do it than here. >> park officials could not release exact numbers on ticket sales but it was close to a record-breaking day. tomorrow is another "spare the air" day in the bay area as drew mentioned. you'll notice smoke and fog from wildfires in the air. health officials say try to limit outdoor activities, avoid mowing your lawn, and car pool if you have to drive. you can see just how hot it's going to get where you with the abc7 news weather app. we have more information at >> four people are dead after two small planes collided
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mid-our today near a san diego county airport. the crash happened this morning around 11:00. both planes were headed toward the brown field municipal airport south of downtown san diego. the collision sparked brush fires in a remote feel. the faa and ntsb are investigating. >> man died inside a burning motorhome in sonoma county today on highway 116 between pet huma and sonoma. lilian kim is live with more. >> reporter: the chp is urging witnesses to come forward. it was horrific scene, as other people reported seeing a man trapped inside his burning motorhome. the chp believes it may have exploded before it became engulfed in flames. i crashed into the grassy wooded hillside. debris scattered and skidmarks can be see on the highway leading up to the crash site. happened on highway 116 between
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petaluma and smoke ma -- sonoma. 10 emergency vehicles responded. the driver of the motorhome has not been identified but said to be a resident of the county. >> witnesses did report hearing someone inside the vehicle, however they were unable to get to that individual due to the flames. we have a large scene. there was debris from the motorhome that goes from the actual spot where it ended up, further back. so we have a lot to investigate here. >> reporter: the cause is under investigation. the chp says it could be a mechanical issue. anyone with information is being asked to call the napa chp office. live, abc7 news. >> thank you, lillian. vallejo police are investigating a stabbing and deadly hit-and-run that happened on springs roader in thelma avenue
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around 10:30. officers report the driver of the uhaul truck and the victim got into a argument. the victim stabbed the driver and the driver hit him. witnesses saw a bald white man in this 20s in flee. >> san francisco has seen a sneak car break-ins, nearly 12,000 reported burglaries from january to june. the number could be mump -- much higher. police blame criminal justice reforms that reduce penalties for nonviolent crime. the water is running in vallejo after a water-many break. took crews longer than expected, until 9:00 this morning to make temporary repairs on the line. half the city lost water or had reduced water pressure all day yesterday. the water is safe to drink but might be discolored for a day or two. the city has customers can run their outside taps for five
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minutes until the water runs clear. still ahead at 6:00, a new report reveals how much one our nation's largest telecom companies helped the federal government spy on americans. a bay area microchipmaker has a plan to help get one of the nation's small i.s. minority group friday into the tech industry. >> the first ever "star wars" spinoff movie will be a prequel to the original "star wars."
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a new report says at&t plate a big role in helping the national security agency spy on people's internet use. "new york times" reports the company handed over billions of e-mails to the nsa from 2003 to 2013. the information is in documents, former nsa contractor and whistleblower edward snowden gave the "times." the report says at&t helped carry out a secret court order to wire tapp all online communications at the united nations. at&t says it does not comment on issues of national security. >> intel is making good on a promise to help more women and minorities get jobs in tech. it latest move, large donation
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to three navajo nation high schools in arizona. intel is giving $250,000 a year for three years, in hopes of inspiring kids to become computer programmers. teachers at the schools will get training in how to code so they can teach the students. this weekend we get our first look at the "star wars" spinoff movie, rogue one. disney announced rogue one will star felicity jones, nominated for the oscar last year. forest whittaker and nicholson will star. the movie's the group that stole the plans for the death star. yesterday disney aapplianced plans for a "star wars" theme park at both disneyland and disneyworld. a lot of "star wars" news. a last ride another bay area rollercoaster include's one couple's happiest moment was made riding the rails. >> a look at when the hazy air
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is expected to clear up. meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. i. >> madison bumgarner joins juan marichal with a very rare feat, and all week it was his day.
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a pop alreadycamground at yosemite will close temporarily to spray for the plague. two squirrels were found with plague last week. last month a child got sick from the disease at a different campground at yosemite. a bittersweet moment for one calm another six flags in vallejo. today is the final day for the roar rollercoaster. carol and michael won a radio contest to have a vj mary them on the ride. so the couple said their "i do" doing the opening year back in 1999 with 20 of their guests onboard elm they spent the day at the park to commemorate their
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wedding on the ride's closing day. >> man and wife at the top of the first hill, as we went down, and it's been like that ever since. life has been a rollercoaster. >> the rollercoaster is closing way to make room for future expansion at the park. the last ride set for 7:00 p.m. coming up in 45 minutes. the last riders will be six flag team members who worked at the park when the ride opened in 1999. yes, quite the metaphor there. over to drew. a check on the sweltering heat. drew? >> the peak of the heat was today. 14 cities set new record highs. tomorrow it's still going to be hot in spots. tuesday everyone will feel relief. the live doppler 7hd is quiet. the big story till at the temps. heated a rise in effect until 9:00. spots are still at 100 degrees in some locations.
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a live look outside. doing bridge camera showing you the hazy sky, and right now it's 79 san francisco, 83 oakland. off the high of 92 degrees this afternoon. 86, mountain view. 91, san jose, 100, morgan hill. you can see right now, the milky sky up above and temperature-wise very hot. santafairfield, 103. concord, 102. livermore, 104. it is hot and hazy out there. the forecast is calling for another warm night on the way heading into monday. tomorrow, another "spare the air" day in effect. hot in spots starting the work and school week for some. entire bay area will cool off come tuesday. that's win the marine layer comes back. the high pressure is in control and acts leak a heat pump, bringing in hot temperatures, and also calms down to the wind
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and that's why we have the stagnant air over us today and tuesday. so air quality in the north bay, east bay, and inland, and haven't clara will be poor so use public transportation, car pool, bike or walk. future weather shows you tomorrow, shallow marine layer returns, so along the coast, little fog. cooler but hot elsewhere. tuesday, watch as the marine layer punches in and that's going break this heat wave by tuesday. tuesday will feel comfortable compared to today. a warm night. low in mid-60s. so highs in the microclimate. south bay, sunshine, hot, san jose, 91. 97, gilroy. 89, cupertino. 90, road wed city. 92, mountain view.
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73, daly city. 89, vallejo. 78, sausolito. 85, oakland. east bay, 81 hercules. and inland, 98 pittsburg. 102 in brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you hot in spots tomorrow. the heat will be back off for everybody on tuesday. by wednesday it's fog to sunshine. a little cooler on thursday. by friday, we're calling it nice for august. so one more day of the hazy atmosphere, and then by tuesday, clear skies as the cooler breeze kicks in. i. >> wonderful. >> a lot of people will do that. >> this sports report is brought to you by bank of the west. >> over to colin resch for sports. do you like the heat? >> i like the heat. why not. i live in the city so the heat is right but we dent have -- don't have any heat. i'm a big fan of jason day,
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finally jason day at had -- had his day. the 97th pga championship. whistling straits. there's the taking for spieth and day. day, two up on spieth to begin the final round. fifth hole, spieth, at 14-under. seconds later, day to match. got it. he is at 17-under. south trajectory yack brendan gray playing in the second to last group, justin rose making an early charge. birdie on 7. two off the lead. when day got to seventh, longer attempt. 49 feet. the sort of week it was for him. back of the cup. fired up. meanwhile, gray crumbles on 10. third shot from behind the grown. rolls back down. a double bogey. rose, could he net contention? bird on 11, but two holes later, bunker issues on 13.
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double. that ended is hopes. so it's between spieth and day. jordan, a birdie on 13 to get to within three at 16-under. then on 14, great up and down, rolls in the par putt to stay at minus 16. day looking on. big moment here, birdie opportunity. knows it. got it. the 20-under. a four-shot lead. spieth ascended to number one in the world but it's the win for jason day, his 20 under finish, the best score to car in major history. overcome with emotion. day claims his first major championship. >> i didn't expect i was going to cry. and a lot of emotion has come out just because i've been so close so many times in major championships and just fallen short. just really close. and just to be able to play the way i did was just amazing. >> finally got it done. the great juan marichal was the
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only giants pitcher to hit a home run while striking out ten plus in a complete game win until madison bumgarner today. the giants complete a sweep of the nationals. tom seaver at at&t to watch bumgarner them first giant since tim lincecum to throw consecutive wins. giants scored 28 runs in the series. five today. hunter pence, deep into the bleachers in left. a 3 or lead. mad bum at the dish. 2-3, fourth homer of the year. a complete game, three-hit shutout for bum barner. 5-0 the final. dodgers remain two and a half back in the west. >> felt pretty good. always something you can do better, but for the most part, it was -- be tough to beat. >> he is fun to play behind.
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just is remarkable how he throws his pitches and the different pitches he has, just fun to watch. >> no walkoffs needed for baltimore. they thumped the a's this afternoon. adam jones and company, four homers, hit ten in the series so far. otero blast. manny ma shadow to left. that was coco crisp. and demming just bowled him over. first baseman ike davis had to come in to pitch. gets a strikeout. an 18-2 embarrassment. the a's have lost sick -- six straight. nascar in michigan. tough day for jimmie johnson. got pit stall number one, not number two. back it up. and then with 17 to go, j.j. going to spin out. finished portland out of 43 cars. matt kenseth dominated from start to finish, leading 146 of
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the 200 laps. led 147 laps in the first 22 races this season. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west.
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giant searchers may have found a plane missing in indonesia. the airline involved is banned in certain parts of the world. then at 11:00, we're following breaking news out of los angeles county where a wildfire has destroyed six structures. the world's most dangerous group took over the box office this weekend. obliterating studio expectations. "straight outta compton" is the biopick about southern kaz's most famous rappers, nwa. it was estimated to bring in $20 million. instead it earned $56 million. the most ever for an r-rated movie in august. "mission impossible: rogue nation" came in second with 17 million. the "man from u.n.c.l.e.," a remake of the '60s spy series, debuted at 13 million. "fantastic four" and "the gift" rounded out the top five.
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thank you for watching. see you at account and 11:00.
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hi, everyone. welcome to bay area life, the place where lifestyle, interest, food and entertainment all comes together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, the fun begins with some shopping, the dos and don't of picking the perfect jeans. >> the design of a jean doesn't always help. >> then the magic of disney reveals. fun facts you never know. >> dedicating a petrified tree to his wife. >> we meet the two twomen behind the brand. >> we're actually a family of brands created for entrepreneu entrepreneurship. >> kids who feel good about themselves. >> you like camp? >> yeah. >> all driven by your honda dealers.


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