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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- fighting the fires. fast-moving flames burning thousands of arks in several states. thousands of people forced to evacuate with no signs of slowing. immigration plan. after a dramatic arrival in iowa, hovering in a helicopter, donald trump getting more specific about policies if e elected president. mass deportation. that's not all he wants to do withhe immigration system. wild reck. check the clearance. a truck driver smashes through an overhead. it's all caught on camera. going viral. an nfl player taking a stand. taking away his kids participation trophies, sparking
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a new debate this morning. good mornings, i'm marci gonzalez filling in for reena ninan. >> and i'm >> the flames fueled by erratic winds and skornling heat are taking a toll on firefighters. and forcing the evacuation of campgrounds near los angeles. this fire-fighting plane dubbed the super scooper swooping down near beachgoers to fill up with water. more from abc's >> reporter: it's a fire fight across the pacific northwest. tens of thousands of acres in california, washington, oregon, destroying homes. >> our state's resources are stretched so thin. it's up to us to defend our own property.
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that's what people do. >> reporter: the worst, the ridge viewer in washington. burning more than 50,000 acres. an assault from the air and on the ground where thousands of firefighters are getting backup from the washington national guard. 75 homes and businesses, possibly more, are gone. at one point, more than 10,000 people were without power. >> we don't have enough resources to put this huge containment line around all this fire. they have to prioritize what is near structures. >> reporter: in drought-stricken california, light winds helped crews increase containment on the fire near laings will. firefighters treated for heat exhaustion, minor injuries. home others did what they could to save the properties. >> it was a panic zone. we had enough time. people coming up and telling us, hey, man, it's heading your way.
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>> reporter: kenneth moton, abc news, washington. oppressive heat is expected again on both coasts. >> temperatures nearing triple digits sent millions to los angeles county beaches this weekend. >> according to a tweet, the attendance at l.a. county beaches, 2,067,000 people. >> thank you, phillip and marci. we have the threat for excessive heat coming into the northwest monday through wednesday. not the best of news, as we continue to have wildfires burn across idaho, washington, and oregon. farther to the east, the threat for afternoon severe thunderstorms from denver to colorado springs. monday, some of those storms could bring isolated tornadoes and the threat for hail. this area of low pressure will be gaining strength as we go throughout tuesday and wednesday. moving into kansas city and
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wichita. and then by the middle half of the week, impacking chicago as well. the heat is going to be felt across the northeast for the early half of the workweek from new york city to d.c. phillip and marci, back to you. >> thank you, molly. search and rescue teams are preparing to reach a site of a plane crash in indonesia. no word if any of the 54 people on board survived. the airline, trigana is well known in that part of the world. but is blacklisted in other parts. >> the european union won't let them in because of their safety record in the past. >> bad weather hampered efforts to reach the site. the death toll from the explosion in the chinese city of tianjin is expected to rise. 114 people have died.
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hundreds more on are injured. residents are demanding to know why huge quantities of dangerous chemicals were stored near their home. an army sky diver was killed after a collision midair with another sky diver. corey hood was killed. the 32-year-old was a decorated veteran who served five tours in iraq and afghanistan. the navy jumper he collided with suffered only a broken leg. donald trump off the campaign trail today. he's expected to report for jury duty here in new york. over the weekend, he helicoptered into the iowa state fair, where he greeted the crowds. he detailed his immigration poll sip among the most controversial, eliminating so-called birthright citizenship. when children born here to parents illegally are
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automatically american citizens. then there's the proposed wall with mexico. >> we're building a wall. it will be strong, solid, policed. >> trump said he would back mandatory deportation of all illegal aliens. an estimated 11 million people. the white house today announcing a new policy aimed at reducing the number of deaths from heroin overdoses. public health and law enforcement will be paired to focus on the treatment, not punishment, of addicts. heroin overdoses nearly quadrupled between 2002 and 2013. a sports note about david denson. the first openly gay player on a minor league team afile yated with major league baseball. he plays within the milwaukee brewers farm system in idaho. he says the support he's received from teammates after
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telling them about his sexuality was a giant relief. apple's biggest secret possibly just revealed. under unvest gags. murdered in cold blood. a person under arrest. morgan freeman mourning a young relative's death. plus, a truck driver crashing into a sign. the dramatic crash caught on camera.
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welcome back. these pictures from ecuador. residents in the capital are on alert. a volcano 30 miles from the city unleashed an ash cloud more than 20 mi two miles into the sky.
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the ash indicates violent explosions inside. that has not had a major eruption since 1877. a hot air balloon zept in pennsylvania happened over the weekend the. one of the victims was in cardiac arrest by the time rescue crews arrived. the faa is investigating what caused the top of the balloon to blow on to the touch the wires. a software glitch probably caused the widespread delays over the weekend. it was supposed to provide additional tools for controllers. it's been suspended while the agency completes its investigation. 500 flights were canceled and another 500 delayed. apple is reportedly set to move forward for testing technology for a self-driving
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car. the work is called project titan. the company has reportedly contacted a vehicle testing center, asking about using a site. apple's ce orvegs is calling for meetings with top car industry executives. a record-setting weekend "straight outta compton." the biggest august opening ever for an r-rated film. "mission impossible rogue nation" was a distant second. the man from u.n.c.l.e. was thirl. gone in 60 seconds. an american muscle car stolen from an auto show. wait until you hear who it belongs to. hey! >> and great escape. horses making a run for it. >> how do you stop 'em? ♪ one, two, three o'clock. four o'clock pop. ♪
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those two sharks caught on long beach, new york, sunday. the guy two reeled them both in also hooked and landed several others. a witness said it took about ten minutes to reel in each one. the fisherman got them all to shore and then released them back into the water. a look at morning road conditions. a slick commute in the eastern rockies. wet at times from the plains into the great lakes and ohio
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sally. drenched roads across the south from houston to the tennessee valley and much of florida. if you're flying, airport delays are possible if denver, chicago, and kansas city. tragedy for the family of actor morgan freeman. >> his 33-year-old granddaughter was stabbed to death on manhattan street over the weekend. the 30-year-old man described by police as her boyfriend was taken into custody. freeman posting this. i want to acknowledge the tremendous outpouring of love and support my family has received regarding the tragic and senseless passing of my granddaughter, edena hines. thank you for the bottom of my heart. two small planes crashed near dag. they were approaching an airport and burst into flames. the wreckage of one of the planes ended up in a nature preserve. the faa and ntsb are
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investigating the cause of the cash. commuter rail service is expected to be back to normal this morning on new york's long island after a small plane crashed on the tracks. the pilot was killed. passenger was injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the pilot had issued a may day call. a drug considered the female version of viagra could be cleared this week for use in the united states. if approved by the faa, the pill would be the first drug to raise a woman's libido. the company behind the drug had previously been accused of making misleading statements and downplaying risks. the owner of papa john's pizza is offering a $16,000 reward for the return of his prized 1972 camaro. it was sold to help start the
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pizza business. he paid more than $250,000 to buy it back in 2010. the theft occurred during an annual classic car event in detroit over the weekend. the only thing to say before this next bit of video is let's hope no one's commute includes something like in this morning. [ horn honking ] wow, yeah. never a good thing when the back of a dump truck is up in the air like that when the truck is going down the road. when the truck hit the overhead sign. it's believed this accident happened in pakistan. none of the pieces of the sign fell on any passing vehicles. [ horn honking ] a bunch of horses tried to make a break for it at a circus in indiana. the horses somehow broke free saturday afternoon. you can see them there taking off across the road. they did cause a bit of commotion. they did not get too far before they were finally rounded up,
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caught, and brought back to the circus. all right. now to some sports. a record-setting performance at golf apt final major of the year. >> details on that and baseball from the guys at espn. john's anderson. >> sunday, jason day. pga championship. close at the u.s. open. closed it out. shot 6737 whistling straits. won by three over jordan speet. the first guy to finish a major at minus 20. so hard to get that first major. chicago versus chicago. kr chris sale. one of the nastiest pitchers in the game. tied a career-high with 15 strikeouts. fifth pitcher this season to have a game with 15 strikeouts. the cubs were red hot.
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but chris sales stops that streak. madison bumgarner doing it all against the nats in the seventh. he already doubled. then really unloaded. hoss. home run fourth of the year for bumgarner. now he has to go back to his day job. he struck out bryce harper three times. 14 ks as the giants win it, 5-0. >> it will be hot today in america. >> i'm good with that. >> stay cool, america. >> we don't do the weather. we're the sports thing. >> oh, yeah. let's stay with sports. a unique meeting before an nfl preseason game over the weekend. the league's first female referee, sarah thomas, taking a minute to speck to if first female assistant coach, jen welter. >> they met before the cardinals took on kansas city. the chiefs won the game, 34-19. up next in "the pulse." the classic video game
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♪ a bunch of pineapple ♪ 'cause hey - it's summer! ♪ bananas and berries ♪ 'cause the letter b rocks. ♪ a little bit of yogurt? ♪ sure! why not? the fun never stops! how will your kids top their snap, crackle and pop? time now check "the pulse." and pittsburgh steeler james harrison is getting a lot of attention for action off the field. >> he posted this on his instagram account. trophies his two sons got for participating in a sporting event. those are going back, harrison says, until his boys earn a real trophy. >> he writes, i'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best. he's getting mostly positive reaction to all of this on social media so far. >> sorry, dad, i'm not an nfl
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player. sorry. >> yet. next up, tetris. you remember that? it can apparently help cut down on cravings. you heard that correctly. cravings. >> playing tetris can cut urges for cigarettes, alcohol, food, even sex and sleeping. craving involves imagining something visually. >> playing tetris occupies the same mental process. you have to make a choice. tetris or sex. figure it out. >> i'm going to stay away from that one. moving on to the next story. many big brothers wired to be annoying. but, one guy in california takes it to a whole new level. and it is going viral. >> we want you the meet 29-year-old brian anderson. he's entertaining his sister, ashley, on a seven-hour road trip. from san diego to san jose.
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he put on a li li lip-syncing every song he could. ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a heartache ♪ ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a ♪ >> i love this. as you can see, ashley is not feeling it. not amused at all. millions of other people are impressed. this time-lapsed youtube clip has gotten more than 2.5 million views and counting. >> people like to see that sister being annoyed. it's a seven-hour road trip. play along. >> exactly. he's so animated. he has the dance move down. look that. >> she wants no part of it. >> until the very end. >> until the very end.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 4:28. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. i am christian. >> i am eric thomas. >> it was a warm weekend. mike? >> good morning, everyone, a smoky start to monday. look at visibility, five mile at petaluma of the seven in napa, five in hayward. you can taste it outside this morning. it will be around. a "spare the air" day. waking up mostly in the 60. a very warm morning. 70s at the coast, 80s around the bay and 90s inland by noon. we will run to triple digits inland at noon, and 70s at the coast. cooling is on the way today and tomorrow. more on that in a second.
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leyla? >> good morning, everyone, a happy monday to you at 4:28. we are look at the san mateo bridge and traffic here is moving along fine, with no delays. in the eastbound direction, we do not have construction in your way. at walnut creek the commute is moving without any problems. no actions to get us going. drive time traffic shows i-80 westbound from albany to the maze is four short minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and northbound 280 from 101 to cupertino is ten minutes. >> thank you, at 4:29. in the east bay authorities are trying to identify threat victims burned beyond recognition in a traffic crash. the driver suffered major injuries and is being treated now. our reporter, janet o, is near the accident scene. janet? >> good morning, the crash happened on this road behind us and it involves the tree where you can see part of the crime
4:30 am
tape. c.h.p. saidthe people died in the fiery crash that happened last night. they cleared the scene an hour ago. they were out here for several hours. the coroner took three bodies badly burned to try to get an i.d. a viewer sent us this video showing a car that crashed into a tree and burst into flames. it was fully engulfed for several hours until the fire department got out and put it out. the passengers reportedly were not able to get out and died as a result. three victims total. one other person who is said to be driver of the car hash transported to hospital with major injuries. the collision happened at 10:00 last night on san pablo dam road in el sobrante. >> the road is two lane highway eastbound and westbound. it has some turns and twists but this portion appears pretty straight far


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