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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 18, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> high emotion tonight in san jose neighborhood where police shoot and kill someone less than 24 hours after another deadly shooting involving an officer. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amma. let's get rate to to the braking news. investigators right now are trying to determine what led up to the shooting death of man by san jose officer happened on stoney haven way. >> melanie is live at the scene with very latest. melanie. >> you can see there are still several police vehicle here and at least one woman who says she may be relited to the suspect who was shot and killed by police short time ago. the woman came outside and said they shot an killed my brother. according to san jose police the officer involved shooting happened just before 7:00 p.m. at kirk haven court an stoney have than way. police say the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and that nobody else was injured. we did see one
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person in handcuffs but it's unclear tonight how the individual was related to the officer involved shooting. dozens of neighbors came outside and they described what they heard. >> just relaxing you know. watching tv. a of a sudden i hear 2 gunshots. come outside because i was wondering what my neighbors came out for and i just seen the police flight with the body. >> i have never seen anything quite like this in this neighborhood. it's been pretty quiet. the not any kind of police activity around here. nothing to this accident for sure. >> this is the second officer involved shooting in 24 hours. san jose police have shot at suspects 4 times in the past 9 days and this year there have been 8 officer involved somewhatings. 5 of those have been fatal. police shot and killed a man on center road last night. police say the man is believed to be connected to the latest homicide in san jose
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that happened last thursday on lund court. according to the media partner east is he the man shot tonight was also wanted in connection with that lund court shooting. san jose police had said they would come out and speak to members of the media sense 7:00 o'clock tonight and they have yet to do that. relessing very few details. the only real details that they have confirmed this evening is that the suspect shot and killed was pronounced dead on the scene and nobody else was injured. as soon as we have more information we'll bring it to you. reporting live in san jose, melanie, abc 7 news. >> all right thanks so much. >> today police identified a man shot and killed by an officer in sunnyvale on saturday. 23-year-old allen baker the third wanted for armed robbery in san diego county. police confronted baker and 2 other men on motel 6 here. baker and another man tack off. officer who followed baker said baker had loaded gun and refused to drop it.
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officer fired 9 shots. other machine who ran got away. he's a murder suspect in fresno county. third map was arrested. the science camp for los gatos fifth graders up for debate following arrest of camp counselor. gar padilla arrested on molestation charge charges. lillian has more on tonight's decision. >>reporter: edgar was known as papa bear to the children. 27-year-old was camp aide at walden west. prosecutors say he had child porn and molested 11-year-old boy attending the los gatos union school district science camp. >> there are circumstances where children can spend the day and in the the night. >> tonight the board discussed whether science camp program should continue in the wake of by dill a arrest. there were handful of letters expressing opposition but tonight overwhelming support only. >> it's the best part of fifth grade the camp. >> i don't think that if the
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board should if stop the camp because of this. >> don't make got it away we want science camp. >>reporter: in the end the board agreed. voting you nap mustly to kept popular program. this year though the district plans to have a met with parents beforehand. >> first of all the chilled can go during just during the day if teen counselors in the cabin is something you are uncomfortable with. >> this year the chirp will be come to 3 separate camp locations. walden west will not be one of them n.los gatos, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> scientist are monitored for after shock after this morning earth quake. it was centered in oakland rock ridge area almost directly below holy name high school but felt around the bay area. short sharp jolt shook this baby awake just before 7 this morning. seismologist said happened on the hayward fault. pet so strong because it was shall o.
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about 3 and a half miles below the surface. >> some kind of like explosion or something. >> there is a 5 percent chance of an even larger earthquake along the same fault line in the next week. go to our web site and click on prp nor cal and make earthquake survival kit. >> we gate bit of break tonight from the summer sizzle that grip the bay area. students teachers heading back to school in the east bay greated by scorching temperatures reaching triple digit. 7 news was in antioch where kids tried to stay cool for the first full week of school. it was also the first day of football practice at antioch high school where players kept hydrated. >> in the south bay residents soaked in the sun today at plaza chavez in downtown san jose. there they enjoyed the fountain consolidate water and fed some ducks. by the lake. >> well takes a life look outside right now from the roof cam not as warm as last night to be sure. let's check in with sandhya and live doppler
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7hd. >> marine air starting to reach some parts of the bay area. show you how hot it got today. it was 106 in antioch. meanwhile san francisco 72 degrees. move it field tied old record set back in 1983 of 95 degrees. 102 in concord. 91 san jose. 98 santa rosa. oakland 77 degrees. live doppler 7 hd show you the fog rolling in. and the wind is really starting to blow at fir field. gust to go 35 that on shore breeze is helping to knock the temperatures down the 14 degrees cooler right now in san jose and santa rosa. better night of sleep ahead and cooler days are kochlingt i'll be back with the details in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. >> we have new details tonight about 2 teens killed by a falling tree limb be at yosemite. they have been identified as friend-year-old dragon kim and 15-year-old justin lee. the teens were camping with family at the upper pine campground friday morning when the large limb
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came down. students at the school in orange county wear red to honor them when classes resume next week. >> woman hiking survived 25 foot plunge in yosemite. fell at a spot where the creek drops 1400 feet down. the chp says she complained of severe pelvic pain and was unable to stand or walk but was conscious. she was identified as 28-year-old woman from the netherlands. >> let's go back now to the bricking news we began with the top of police officer shoot and kill someone in san jose. >> that's right. news conference going on rate now. let's listen in with the police spokesperson. >> officers were surveilling the suspect associated to the whom sthid occurred on lund avenue on august 13. if as you know yesterday we also had another officer involved shooting in which there was another suspect that was also associated to that lund avenue homicide. i have to tell you i just came from the san jose
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police department homicide unit where ty watched part of a video that shows horrific the encounter where 3 suspects are terrorizing the victim that eventually killed. the suspects are armed with handgu handgun. tech 9 style assault rifles and then the third outstanding suspect had another weapon which i'm not going to talk about at this time. if is it was just i can't imagine what that victim was going through as they were terroriz terrorizing him before they killed him. if our officers were through the homicide unit they obtained information fight furthermore obtained information that he was about to kill a female today that had some information about the
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homicide. the they began if following the suspect in a car with the if he mail that he was supposed to kill today. if the suspect at some point we believe and again the officer that is involve in the shooting has not been interviewed yet. but preliminary information that we have is that the suspect may have realized he was being tailed and he attempted to evade officers so they got in a little pursuit. eventually he crashed over here on the kirk and when he crashed fshing the car at the taking off on foot. running. he left the female in the car. officer that was behind if exited his car and also ran after the suspect. suspect now is considered armed and dangerous. he has a pel any warrant for homicide for killing the victi
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victim. on august 13 on lund avenue. running towards unknown house at the end of the court. the officer chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waist band area. officer fires his weapon. shots the suspect. and he was prosecute nunsed dead at the scene. as i mention if this is a very complicated case. we still have one occupantsing suspect. and. >> all right these police spokesman garcia describing what happened in some considerable detail tonight in san jose where man was shot and killed by police. homicide sues pwhobingt they say police chased and he reached in his waist band and officer opened fire 1 person still on the loose police trying to identif identify. we'll continue to follow the story in the morning news tomorrow morning at 4:30 and on twitter field 7 news bay area. >> yes up next. girls on the
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>> yes up next. girls on the grid eastern. if it's more than a game of catch. important lesson fathers are teaching their daughter ins the south bay. >> also the changes coming to levi stadium to improve the experience for football the past pass.
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>> football season is here and it's not supposed to be for father an sons these days. at levi stadium tonight the real face of football. as cornell bernard explains tonight event was more than just a bonding opportunity between dad and daughters. >> frainers training camp was never like this. dads and their daughters running drills. catching footballs. but all this is more than just a tough work out. >> what are they doing over here? if catching them too. >> bonding experience for frai frainer safety eric reid and daughter the who says she can do anything. >> i think lay a foundation for if you know how to work with the team. >> check this out. she might even have a future as a kicker. this dad and daughter football
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camp is hosted by the 49ers and the bay area women sports initiative. all designed to empower young women. >> girls who are active and involved in sports have higher self-esteem. better body similar annual. is it em powering to tackle something time. yes. you have to grind it. >>reporter: daughter of assistant coach lewis quality time is great summer vacation. >> in the fall we barely get to see each other so this is great opportunity for me to bond with my dad. >> world cup soccer champion says what is happening here is so much bigger than football. >> today event is a microcosm of what dads being involved in sports with their daughters means. which is life lessons. the challenge yourself v. a voice. >> daughter and dads. teaching each era thing or two working as a team n.santa clara abc 7 news. >> that is great. life saving sensors will be strapped to
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high school football players in san rafael this soap. we were at san rafael high school this afternoon for practice with the new smart impact monitor. the technology keeps track of and measures head impact during practices and games t.player take as blow to the head text is given to the coach about the intensity. goal is to keep players safe. >> we are still out oh, to develop young men and >> this experience and traffic congestion they are adding additional exit lanes from parking lots. there will be more evening games this season so fans don't have to sit in the hot afternoon sun. frai frainers are also cutting the praise of bottled water by 75 cents. and reducing beer prices by 25 centsd. all the
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changes are part of 17 million dollar in stadium upgrades. all right. time to check ncaa on our weather which is starting to cool off a little bit. >> it is a little and sandhya is here. not nearly as extreme this he can woo. >> that's a welcome sight indeed. we continue with the cooling trend that started today from our south beach camera. this is just really cool time lapse sutro tower sticking up from the marin layer developing and this is responsible for the temperature dropping around the coast and bay today. that will start to spread in the inland 80's as far as the cool down is concerned. live doppler 7hd gray sky along the coast and fog along with smoke from fires burning in northern california and the haze due to the poor air quality is reducing the visibility. has been running low around napa 7 miles. 5 miles petaluma. 9 around mountain view and 5 in hayward. combination of this and morning commute you mighten counter this so just keep that
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in mine. temperatures most 80's in the 50's and 60's we only have a few low 70's showing up. certainly cooler than last tonight at this time and that is welcome news as you notice from the emeryville camera what is contributing to that in the port of oakland. back to average temp by wednesday and better air quality is ahead by midweek we look at good air quality. high pressure that brought us the record heat over the weekend and today as well showing some signs of weakness. so we will see the heat rae treating continuing to rae treat as we head natural next couple of da days. tomorrow morning what you really need to watch out for is fog. could be some drizzle spots so keep it in mind interthe coast. mid 50's to the low 60's t.sleep tight tonight with the cooler air reaching your neighbor. tomorrow afternoon still warm in the south by. not as warm as today. 86 degree ins san jose. santa clara 85 sunnyval sunnyvale. 93 gilroy peninsula 84 redwood city. palo alto. 79 in san mateo o. 65 pacifica
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and it's a foggy one. same thing for daly city. 71 in downtown san francisco. north bay you see relief from the heat after upper 90's today. dropping did you know to the mid 80's santa rose so with pretty good marine push you will feel a difference. why san rafael. vallejo. year napa east bay 75 in oakland. sunshineing in hayward after the morning overcast. 77 degrees. 84 castro valley. inland spots still hot not as hot as today. 95 livermore. 94 pittsburgh. please an top 92 concord and 7 difficult forecast temperatures will continue to good down. by thursday and friday we are only in the mid 80's inland mid 60's coast a little bump up in the numbers just in time for all the weekend plans. >> all right thanks sandhya. >> well, next on 7 news at 11:00. in a rush. >> yes. police pull over speeding car and get a lot more than they expected. why the driver had a good reason for driver had a good reason for what they were
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after traffic stop in seattle sunday morning. police said the driver was speeding and running red lets. when they pulled him over he yelled his wife was in labor. officers called in medic before they got there the baby arrived. at first it wasn't breathing. police and mother work together to mostly clear out the air way. >> what a story. >> yes. >> story now that paragraphs sometimes simple gesture can change a life. in texas brook was at restaurant when she noticed an elderly woman eating alone. brook asked if she could join the woman who agreed that woman named dloers said her mother and aunt had recently died and she was having a hard time. being alone. brook and dloers have now made the lunches a weekly event. >> what a gesture. >> absolutely. >> all right time to turn to our sports news tonight. >> larry here with everything as always. >> giants cardinals interesting series. crawford knocked in the only run they scored louis. one play he's kicking himself about tonigh
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>> question. crawford great year for the giants but tonight game in st. louis was decided on one really unusual play in
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the 8th inning of mrichlt can't simulate but crawford said he will be practicing it tomorrow. the a guy brought a giant madison statue. chris tlau 104 pitches and taking to big mac land. only third homer of the season. 1 nothing cards. pitcher michael lock 7 strong gave up 1 run. it's a 2 out double by crawford in the sixth. of course matt we have a 1-1 game so we go to the eighth and here's the weird play. runners at the corner. grounder to crawford and rushes to the bag and throw wi as he spins around. go ahead run 64 should have been a double play. crawford didn't really trust tomlinson to do it himself. top 92 outs. buster and he gets a hold of it off trevor but caught open the warning track. and giants fall to another 3 back of the idol dodgers in the nl west. a's wrapping up horrid 4 game
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series in baltimore and everything wept black. tell okay. so let me know if we have the highlights if we have it let's roll it. it's really bad any wait a minute you are better looking at my face than you are watching these a's highlights. that's saying something. there's the homer by steve clevinger. 3 run shot t.i'm prettier than this i tell you that. sam at the bump then called for being out of the baseline running in the base license really. he got ejected and bob melvin if he was called the whole thing embarrassing. not my performance but the way the team played but there was burns nice catch at the wall and davis orioles sweep the a's and go a and 7 open the road trip. the financial score. sneak peek of my favorite video of the weekend. look who jumps in. big no. 75 oscar her nap did he say he has to be an offensive license man or something and watch that. not
1:38 am
a football player at all. turns out he's a professional dancer and choreographer who can do the splits with ease. i think i can do it once and then drive me straight to the hospital, please. in fact let's do this. just have the ambulance right here. okay. 7 sports brought to you by the exfinity. >> standing by. >> all
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