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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 19, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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news. >> san jose police release chilling video they say shows three suspects moments before killing a man. >> san jose police release frightening video which they say shows those moments before committing a homicide. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. we begin with new details on one murder and two officer involved shootings in san jose and all connected. >> two of the suspects in that murder were shot by police. a third is still on the loose. >> lilian kim is live at san jose police headquarters with more. lilian? >> the third suspect is more difficult to identify because his face is covered. but police hope the video will generate some leads. >> san jose police say matthew castillo is holding a gun. behind him a man investigators have yet to identify. they enter a room in an office building on lundy avenue where
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they find the man they are looking for. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> police say not too long after this encounter, the men shoot and kill the man identified as 38-year-old christopher maxwell ren. investigators are looking into why he was targeted. as for the men in the video, so far police have shot and killed two of them. castillo was shot at a strip mall on sunday night after they say he pulled a gun on them. and then on monday an officer shot and killed him as he was running away after having been tailed by police. video shes him on the -- shows him on the ground after he was shot. they say the shooting was unjustified. >> he was unarmed and shot and it wasn't okay. they didn't have to kill him. >> i thought we lived in america and you get a trial and you get a jury before somebody executes you. >> police say he was an i'm paw nent threat and planning
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to kill this woman for knowing too much about thursday's murder. the focus of the investigation is now on the third man still at large. police are counting on the public's help to identify and locate him. in san jose, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> the san francisco police department is defending its actions against a one-legged man who they say was combative and resisted arrest. this video shows the 42-year-old struggling with officers on market street near twitter headquarters on august 4th. police say he was raising wooden sticks at officers who refuse to back down. >> an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital. >> this was the second time he has gotten into a scuffle with police. in june he was arrested for assault on a police officer and two other felony charges. a tree trimmer died when a large part of a tree trimmer
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fell. he was 80 feet up when it happened. he lost his job as subway's witch man and now jarod foggle is expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. subway distanced itself from gents seized electronics and other items from his home. six weeks ago a local expert on consumer behavior says subway must do more than apologize for foggle's actions. >> i think what they need to do is come out with a really spectacular campaign that will attract attention away from previous campaigns and maybe special offers. court the consumer big time. >> foggle was the face of subway 15 years ago after shedding 200 pounds in part by eating the chain's sandwiches. new details in the case involving two tenants fighting to stay in a northeast apartment building.
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the landlord, a well-known person has agreed to pay a confidential amount of money to move out by february. the two tennants cared for the landlord's opt -- aunt before she died. she is not happy to move, but satisfied with the settlement. cal trans wants a permit to implode the longest pier. it would blow compressed air and use hundreds of small explosives to bring the 268-foot tall chunk of concrete down in a matter of seconds. the biggest risk to wildlife is the noise from the explosions that could injure or even kill marine mammals. head lice is now resis assistant to over the counter treatments in 25 states including california. the states marked in red on this map are the ones where southern illinois university researchers say lice treatments do not work. cornell bernard found some very concerned families. >> return at 3:15 and done by
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5ing on. >> it is a painstaking treatment as he just got back from summer camp and brought some unwanted guests home. >> i was scratching my head and one of the lice just came out. it was just on my finger crawling around. >> a bug like this. ben's combout treatment is at hair fairies, a one-stop shop for head lice removal. >> we have been getting a surge of clientele. >> kyle vaughn says lots of kids and adults are coming here for nontoxic lice treatments because drugstore remedies have not worked to kill the so-called super bugs. >> we know there is resistance to the strain of medication that is present over the counter. >> new research from the chemical society says head lice bugs are resistant to drugs that use a type of insecticide to kill them. in san francisco, students with live head lice are sent home from public schools until it is gone. the policy in other districts
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varies. ben's dad and the whole family was just checked for lice as a precaution. >> there is a creepiness about it that you just want to make sure that everyone gets checked quickly. >> lice removal treatments at centers like this can cause hundreds of -- can cost hundreds of dollars, but is often covered by health insurance. cornell bernard, abc7 news. this is an interest that will guard plane and it flew a medical team to try to save a badly injured man in the pacific ocean. highly trained medics parachuted this two hours ago. that vessel, the green ridge, is about 900 miles offshore. the are rescue team used an inflatable boat to carry their medical gear. once on board they will treat the man while figuring out a best way to get him out of there and into the hospital. two women have made military history. they are the first to complete the grueling physical and mental training needed to qualify as army rangers. martha raditz shows us what
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the women endured. >> >> it is a legendary course meant to bruise, blister and break you. >> ranger school is the most demanding course in the military. it is not just in the army. >> and this is the first year ever that women were allowed. from the first phase requiring a nine-mile run in no more than 40-minutes and a swim in a snake-infested lake and grueling hikes with 50 pounds of gear. in the end it equals the distance from boston to new york city. >> we consider them all ranger students. >> only two out of five male soldiers ever make it through, but this friday when the historic ranger class
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graduates, two women will be there proudly wearing the ranger tab. >> they are doing assessments on integrating women and the secretary of defense will decide by the beginning of next year if all combat roles will be open to them. a very big step this week. abc news, washington. another military first for women. the navy announced they planned to open their elite seals teams to women. they will have to pass the training regimen to get in. the army and air force also plan to open all combat jobs to women. a state lawmaker [inaudible] when he spotted people in a trapped car. evan lowe posted these pictures. he was driving down 17 when he saw the damaged car and he stopped to pull two women out of the vehicle. to one was seriously hurt. ahead, women get a little pink pill. >> just to prove the so-called female version of viagra.
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who the pill is geared toward and the warning for women. >> and a delicious destination. it is named the top new restaurant in the country. the winner revealed and we will hear from the owner. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. our cooling trend continued today and for tomorrow you may be dealing with damp roads. >> first jimmy kimmle has a big show ahead. here is a preview. >> thanks, dan and ama. johnny knoxville and kelly clarkson sings tinder profiles and this happy couple. that's next on "jimmy kimmel live."
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gatos and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> millions of women are calling doctors to get the newly approved drug some call the female viagra. the fda approved the drug. carolyn tyler has the pros and the cons. >> the nurses at stanford's dye dye -- gynecology clinic fielding calls wanting to know about the so-called female viagra.
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it is pre-menopausal women with lola be dough. they say one in 10 women suffers from hypoactive sexual desire disorder. a stanford doctor conducted research in 2009 that found the brains of women with the disorder are different. she believes the new drug the fda just approved effectively targets the chemical imbalance. >> the data speaks for itself. people doubled the amount of sexually satisfying events who were on the drug in the study. >> the fda advisory panel heard from women who want the pill and received a letter of opposition signed by several health care advocacy groups including san francisco's breast cancer action . >> they are trying to sell hope and height. >> it does not show the benefit outweighs the potential harm of the little pink pill. >> this is a drug you take
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every day that stays in your blood stream and reduces blood pressure and increases risk of fainting and interacts with the common drugs such as alcohol, birth control and other pills. >> that pill will carry the fda's strongest warning on the label. in the beginning the pharmaceutical company will focus marketing on doctors rather than consumers. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. walgreens has agreed to pay more than $500,000 as part of a settlement with three california counties. according to the settlement the chain failed to provide its customers with personal pharmacists consultations when filling per prescriptions or new dosages. the district attorneys for all three counties helped carry out an undercover investigation of walgreens in 2011. two mission district restaurants in san francisco are on bone april --
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bon-apetit's. it was named the top new restaurant anywhere in the u.s. al's owner got the call at 5:30 this morning and it was a huge thrill and surprise. >> i still have my restaurant. this is my baby. i will wake up every day and come in here and cook the best food i can. >> it is a validation of the insane hours and difficult times for everybody. >> a japanese restaurant is on fulsome street. it is nice to be acknowledged. good news for the restaurants and commerce in the city. >> and diners. >> all right, it is time to check on our weather which is cooling off. >> it is. sandhya patel is here. sandhya, we waited three long days. >> we did indeed. after all of the record setting heat we finally get a break. as you look at live doppler 7hd, the marine layer deepened. it is 2,000 feet deep making a good push into the north bay and out toward the east bay. and we do have an air quality warning or an alert up in
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northern california until tomorrow afternoon from the smoke from the fires burning up there. here is a look at how it was in milpitas. she said it was slightly better in the milpitas area, but still hazy and smoky. you may have noticed it. maybe your throat is bothering you or your eyes eyes are itchy. you are relieved to hear the air quality is getting better. we do have air quality and much better and cleaner air friday and saturday as we get a stronger breeze coming through here. the temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. as you look at the satellite and radar the high pressure that has been providing us with the hot weather is slowly weakening. as it continues to weaken we will go back to our average august conditions. we will be right around a -- right around where we should be. it is going to be great sleeping weather with the cooler con -- cooler
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conditions. you may need to grab a jacket or sweater when you head out the door and watch out for drizzle during the morning commute especially in the morning commute. most will be in the upper 50s to the low 60s and then tomorrow afternoon it will be a nice warm day in the south bay. 80 in santa clara. sunnyvale and milpitas, 79. 75 in santa cruz. on the peninsula, palo alto 80 in redwood city. the coastal areas are no need for air conditioning. your temperatures will be in the midto upper 60s. the natural ac will be working. 65 this daly city and north bay 60s here near the coast where the fog will be sitting. you know this pattern in the summertime. you have mid90s in ukiah and lake port. 81 in santa rosa. novato 79. 75 in vallejo. 77 in san rafael.
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east bay, a nice, mild, sunny day. 74 hayward and 70 nay fremont. you will be on the warm side, but not as hot as it has been in days past. 86 concord and 85 walnut creek. 89 in livermore. i know the firefighters will be relieved to hear the cooling will continue at least for a few more days which of course should help the firefighters around california battling the blazes. the accu-weather seven-day forecast will show you mid60s to mid80s on thursday and friday. slightly milder temperatures. on sunday it is down a few. we are all about pleasing everybody this upcoming weekend. >> thank you, sandhya. >> coming up next, a success story. >> steph curry talks about life after winning a championship. a sample of what he is telling jimmy kimmle. >> when it happens where you live. >> a grassfire in san leandro. >> the abc7 news team covers
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your neighborhood. >> san jose. >> berkeley city hall. >> moraga. >> on the pier. >> your story. >> 7 on your side got them into the game. >> the building is not very old finished eight years ago. >> your everything. >> sky 7hd shows you massive delays. >> choose the news that matters where you live. >> choose the team that works for you. >> abc7. >> abc7. >> abc7. >>
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you want that to go again sweetie? the thing burger. welcome to denny's. fantastic 4, only in theaters. -- features a chat with steph curry. >> did you really take a moment to stop and -- i know you didn't go to the big party in las vegas or wherever. are you enjoying the spoils of success? >> a lot of people recognize you running around the street and my family and all of that. it has been a great journey obviously. >> steph also has a prediction for the warriors next season. you will want to hear that and a special appearance by riley. that's after this newscast at 11:35. good stuff. >> just when you think she can't get any cuter jie. she tops -- >> she tops herself every time. sports director larry beil is here. >> high sign for the a's and another injury for the giants. and guess who came to their
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no mike leak for the giants in saint louis because of the nagging hamstring. vogel song had to step up and so did pinch hitter madison bumgarner. mad bum can do it all. come on, get out of here. going to pop it up and hit in foul territory. he will run a mile to get there and slam into the railing and still make the catch. what a play. a swing and a miss. he gets pulled for the pitch hitter and bum gay garner who came in with two outs, what does he do? he gets a base hit because he is mad bum. the bench is loving it after two walks. bumgarner comes home as he is drilled with the bases
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loaded. mad bum gets a single and run scored. giants win it 2-0. here is the bad news. he strained his oblique. mri today. he is going on the 15-day disabled list. last thing they need. big mac mark mcguire is back. he -- a frustrating night with kershaw. frustration. get this ball out of here. he has clout. a three-run bomb off rodriguez's third of the year. 4-1 dodgers. and the a's come back to tie it in the bottom of the eighth. base hit. he scores and we are tied at four. so we go bottom of 10.
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he scores the game winning run. dropping the dodger lead over the giants to just two games. the 49ers say they knew when they signed jerome simpson that he might be suspended and it happened today. he has been a solid citizen since joining the red and gold. his problem is his past. the nfl suspended him for six games steming from an incident back in 2014, a violation of the substance abuse policy. the wide receiver had been suspended twice previously for issues connected to marijuana and alcohol. a joint practice in oxnard and the rams and cowboys get into a brawl and everybody involved in this one. the cowboys' receiver de z bryant was hit so hard that his earrings fell out, both of them. somebody has to tell dez, clip ons do not work in a brawl. frowned upon.
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abc7 sports brought to you by xfin tie y and keep your helmet on in a brawl. >> you have the helmet in football. there is a reason for it. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of our mobile devices with the abc7 news app. >> the next newscast is at i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses...
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they have macaroons, their mcdonald's, designer macaroons. >> there you go. they've got all sorts of things going on overseas at mcdonald's. >> they do. coming up in "the mix," it sounds all-american, a presidential candidate tossing a football with kids. oh, no, it just did not go well. don't know what to tell you. also ahead, breaking down gender barriers in the military. the two women making history completing a very difficult assignment. and later, pop a pink pill and get in the mood. ladies, find out when you can get a prescription to perk up your sex life. remember, join our discussions on facebook,, and on twitter, @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate
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