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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> happy hump day. live doppler hd shows the air is cleaner and we have a thicker marine layer this morning. that is coming in on a faster breeze. you can see emeryville camera shaking. it will be breezy this afternoon but not so bad as yesterday. 12-hour day planner in the mid-50s to low 60 and headed to independence we will hang out in the mid-60s at thest and low-to-mid 70s bay and inland. if you are sitting outside it will feel comfortable and maybe warm in the direct sunlight. we are in the upper 60s at 4:00 and upper 70s at the coast and 90s, gone, gone from the forecast. for now. now the cork mute. -- now the commute. >> happy hutch day. -- happy hump day. the airport to the left and remark is moving nicely. you can make your way south to the peninsula everyone is at the limit. elsewhere, we will look at our
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map. we have golden gate bridge, light traffic, southbound four lanes of traffic for wednesday morning commute into san francisco. san jose, 101 at 888, looking good with headlights headed in the northbound direction and a problem, still, out there, in the sunol area southbound 680 beyond 84 an early accident is now clearing from the lanes. >> sue is here for leyla. a bay area lawmaker is pushing to ease the commute for people who travel between the north and east bay with a third lane to be opened on the richmond-san rafael bridge now but caltran said they have years of work ahead. amy hollyfield is near the bridge with more. >> the congestion from the bridge is backing up on to highway 101 in marin county, commuters say it is a nightmare. a lawmaker said the solution is simple: the idea is to open up the shoulder and turn it into a
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third lane and do it as soon as possible. assemblyman wants this process done by the end of next month. all they have to do he said is pain the new lane and commuters are on board. >> it cause as lot of traffic and it will open up another lane there will be less traffic for the commute. home and to work. in my opinion they should open it up. >> caltran says it is not that easy. they have to deal with environmental rules since they are working over water. they point out the shoulder now is used as a pike path and -- bike path. officials say the gridlock is unbearable. though need the third lane. they need it now. the hope is the legislation will pass so caltran will be forced to on the shoulder as a third
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lane. caltran wants to use explosives to take down part of the old span but the age said it is more cost effective and the least impact on wildlife. much of the bridge is taken down piece by piece so 26 months to take it down. it is 268' concrete in the mud. blowing the air around the biwill -- around the pier will be done in six seconds. >> a murder suspect is wanted in a brutal crime. the video shows three men moments before investigators say they killed 38-year-old christopher wrenn in a lundy avenue office building. police say 29-year-old matthew castillo is holding a gun.
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behind him a masked man investigators are trying to identify. police say a third suspect was identified as 40-year-old richard jacquez. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> jacquez and castillo were shot and killed by police this week. police hope the public will help identify and locate the third man in the surveillance video. investigators are trying to figure out why christopher wrenn was targeted. >> san francisco police department is showing this video of 42-year-old one legged man struggling with officers on august 4. police say he was raising wooden sticks at officers and refused to back down. >> this is the second time he was in a scuffle with police
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after being arrested for assault on a police officer and two other felony charges. a renewed plea for help from the hayward police looking for the killers of a teen walking down a street. detectives released the sketches showing three young man likely hispanic between 17 and 18. they confronted a victim and a young woman on august 4. one shot the victim, 17-year-old we, at morningside drive. murphy just graduated from high school and hoped to join the marines. >> now, something parents do not want to hear, head lice are resistant to over counter treatments in 25 states including california. the states in red are the one why the researchers say the treatments do not work. cornell bernard occupy conditioned -- concerned families. >> a 17-year-old got back from
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summer camp and brought unwanted guests hope. >> i scratched my head and one of the lice just came out, just on my finger crawling around. >> a bug like this, and the come out treatment is happening at a one-stop shop for head lice removal. >> we have gotten a surge of clients. >> the technician said a lost kids and adults come here for nontoxic lice dream because drugstore remedies have not work to kill the so-called super bucks. >> the bugs are resistant to the medication present. >> new research from the chemical society said hold lice bugs are resistant to drugs that use insecticide to kill them. in san francisco, students with live lice are sent home until it is gone. the policy in other districts varies. the family just got checked for lice as a precaution.
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>> it is creepy. you just want to make sure everyone is checked quickly. >> the removal treatments at the centers can cost hundreds of dollars but often covered by health insurance. >> the oakland unified school district is holding another recruitment fair to fill 60 available teaching positions. classes begin on monday in the district and they are scrambling. dozens of candidates showed up on friday and the district plans to used a ministries and substitutes until new teachers are hired. the job fair starts at 1:00 o'clock p.m. at 11th and broadway in downtown oakland. >> the race for 2016 is heating up for president. the poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump 51 percent to 45 percent in a general election. he trailed hillary clinton by 16 points in july. he is closing up the gap. hillary clinton is dahled by questions of e-mail and donald trump heads to new hampshire.
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>> it has been a week of campaign events and ten moms and large rallies for presidential hopefuls who were gaping ground. bernie sanders is gaining support holding a large rally in nevada. in the state yesterday, hillary clinton had a heated exchange with a reporter at a las vegas campaign event. the topic? yes, e-mails. >> my personally e-mails are my personal business, right? >> the secretary of state asked, did she try on wouldn't server -- did she try to wipe the server? >> we have turn over the server to figure out a is there or not. >> today, the republicans are playing a game of campaign events, donald trump proving no one trumps trump announcing a townhall meeting in new hampshire at the same time as jeb bush.
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the rest of the week is busy for g.o.p. hopefuls and 31 truck is leading at 24 percent announced he will hold a pep rally on friday night in alabama. yes, it is 6:09 and now the weather forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone, on the east bay it is cloudy. berkeley is 61. castro valley and richmond at 62. hayward is 63. union city and fremont at 64. temperatures are above average. until antioch at 55. napa at 59. san francisco is 62. walnut creek shows the marine layer in the east bay and 90 is the warmest temperature. north bay is 81. east bay shore is 78 and south bay, 81. san francisco is 68. we are cloudy in san jose and 101 and 880 dropping a couple of
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degrees tomorrow and holding steady through friday and upstick on saturday. sue? >> yes, we take you to camera headed down the peninsula, 101, beyond san mateo headed to san carlos traffic is moving nicely with a limit bit of cloud cover. we will look hype us as we work our way to the south bay and looking good. everyone is at the limit as we head to burlingame and south to redwood city. the accident on the sunol grade southbound 680 beyond 84, it has picked up. the accident is clearing. a grind from the central valley at an hour and ten minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton interchange. an early accident clearing westbound 4 in the brentwood area. >> much more ahead on the morning news and the drought is
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taking deeper toll open california agriculture with jobs at stake. >> state fire officials say private drones are putting crews in serious danger. >> more weather and traffic as >> more weather and traffic as the abc7 now [female announcer] if the most is the staying awake part, day sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save during mattress price wars. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. the odds that uber and lyft will soon be fully operational at l.a.x. are increasing. according to the "los angeles times" the city council committee voted in favor of a policy allowing the companies to seek permits to pick up airport passengers. the matter now moves to the full city council. the vote is expected to take place later this summer. l.a.x. has reportedly been the most lucrative and closely guarded part of the taxi industry's stronghold in southern california. >> a new report shows the trout is tight being its grip on california agriculture. it predicts farmers will lose $1.8 billion, 10,000 farm
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workers lose jobs a big impact. and 500,000 acres are idle again. the losses are 30 percent higher than last year. many farmers have tapped into the ground water supply the agriculture economy has expanded. >> fire officials say private droves are a let to air crews and those battling wildfires. a dozen incidents have been reported this summer. recently, a d.c. 10 air tanker came 50' of a drone at rocky fire. the state has launched a public service campaign called "if you fly, we can't." the f.a.a. is working to develop regulations to address the use of private drones. >> we know it will be a wild before we get rain but once it comes hopefully it will be good. >> we hope the el nino will develop. but until then we only have drizzle the next couple of days.
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to school this morning, in the north bay, you are joining vallejo unified school district at 60 degrees with clouds at 7:00. sunny and breezy at 73 by end of school day. have fun today. the parent layer is dropping a little. because of that we have slower sunshine and more cooling. cloudy the next couple of nights with east bay hills along the coast and through the stepped period a typical summer pattern. here is a look at the golden gate bridge, it will not be so foggy because the marine layer is thicker but you have a nice stiff perpendicular or sideways wind blowing. watch out for that of the napa is 80. oakland and redwood city and san jose and san francisco about one or two degree cooler. inland east bay the bridgest drop at four degrees but not is dramatic. live doppler hd is quiet. the fiscal year three hours if
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you see anything it will be drizzle near the coast and offer the ocean water. our area of high pressure is shrinking and weakening. with the warm dome receding, our temperatures are back to average or below average. 79 in milpitas. 80 at san jose. mid-to-upper 80s los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. up the peninsula, starting around 81. 79 in redwood city and mill provide is 74. 66 in the sunset and two degrees warmer downtown with sunshine at 68. 72 in sausalito and upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay sale from 75 in vallejo to 81 in santa rosa and along the east bay shore richmond and berkeley at 72, and oakland at 73. 85 in walnut creek.
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and san ramon. nearly 90 in antioch and brentwood. bring the sun screen for the game. it is #sweepla. remaining to 69. temperatures in the my 50s to low 60s. comfortable. dropping a couple degrees tomorrow. custody difficult on friday. fluctuating a degree or two and afternoon sunshine. >> happy hutch kay. back-to-school for a lost kids. use extra caution. c.h.p. is tweeting they have extra units on patrol. our camera is traveling to dumbarton bridge on the freeway and it is light. not a lot of folks on the road headed to dumbarton. a few headlights eastbound direction. but looking good. a new problem in petaluma south 101 near the outlets. if you know where this area is,
6:19 am
use extra caution we can see slow track southbound 101. we will follow that. the early accident near brentwood has been cleared. the drive times south 101 santa rosa to petaluma under 20 minutes. castro valley to the maze is 15 minutes. 101 northbound san jose to 85 is under 15 minutes. >> kids, the tooth fairy is tight being the purse strings. >> kids average $3.19 a tooth down from $3.70 in 2013. that means kids can expect $64 in income over their tooth help losing years. kids in the northeast make the most per tooth and kids in the south made the least. >> students are headed back-to-school and we are
6:20 am
saluting the crossing guards where you live. hubert j. lee has been a crossing guard in oakland for 18 years. he is retired from the federal government. he has called oakland home since 1973. each school day he is stationed on 35th at 7:30 a.m. and 1:00 o'clock p.m. kids from laurel elementary and american indian school and skyline high school get to school closely because of hubert. we would love to meet the crossing guard where you live, send us a picture. >> bad news for the giants, another starter appears to be another starter appears to be headed to "disabled."
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. developing news we are following in sacramento. c.h.p. is investigate a deadly crash that claims the life of a good samaritan, an off-duty officer could be involved. the crash happened on i-80 a few
6:24 am
miles east of the 99 interchange. investigators say the good mayor is tap was helping another driver would ran out of gas. the car was rear helped and burst into flames. the driver would hit them may have been an off-duty police officer. we are working to learn department the officer works for. drugs and alcohol were not a factor. >> mountain biking could be allowed on watershed trails after being banned because they could increase erosion and injure hikers. the agency is rethinking this because many who prompted the ban if longer enjoy the sport. it is unfair to deny them access to publicly owned trails that have been open to hiveers and joggers and horse riders. >> now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, on "good morning america" the latest in the prep school trial with the victim taking the stand accusing
6:25 am
the graduate at st. paul's school of sexual assault and breaking down while identify them him in court. will the suspect take the stand? that is on "good morning america" next. >> after winning a planned new chevrolet pickup for winning the world series, bumgarner knows where the vehicle is. he was awarded the truck by a nervous chevrolet employee after the world series win. after the day, they installed upgrades and in november he said he had no idea where it was. chevrolet confirmed they delivered the trudge to his father in north carolina. >> we have bad news for giants' fans, hunter pens is on the disabled list. he has a strained left oblique injured on monday night at the
6:26 am
game, the latest player to be injured. giants are 34 listen 17 in games that pence has started. the good news is bumgarner pitch hits, and he did great as a pinch hitter. >> we need your help to show how you get the day started without live. >> snap a picture and send it to us on instagram. look who is enjoying the lovely water. >> look who is enjoying it, this is a turtle, a tortoise, huge, and old. we went to school together. >> sharing the water with otters and sea lions. you can post a picture on # #abc7now. we will find it. 200 years old.
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give or take. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top story. >> vandals on the campus of stanford and officials are upset about a vandalized statue. >> neighbors are watching this >> neighbors are watching this fire in the south bay. >> neighbors are watching this fire in the south bay. binor b.e.d. disorder isn't just over-eating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. and, i learned that b.e.d. is the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. when i binged, i felt completely out of control. i would eat really, really fast and eat so much during my binges.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. 6:30 on wednesday morning. we thank you for joining us. we have a break but that will change. >> mike? >> we will watch the gray out of our sky but it will take longer. good morning, everyone. other than drizzle on the coast, i is not seen anything measurable we are off to a grave start. winds are blowing on the cam are and pier 9 shows what the day will unfold: 55 to 63 through 7:00 and slower sunshine 68 at the coast and comfortable temperatures so have sunglasses. 68 at the coast at 4:00 to 82 inland and the summer pattern is
6:31 am
developing, during the evening grab a light jacket, 64 at the coast to 76 inland. sue, what do you have? >> we are headed up 880 across the dumbarton bridge and headed north on 880 through union city and newark and toward hayward and it looks like we are moving at the limit with no problems checking traffic. it looks good. everyone is moving at the limit. southbound is moving well, too. we will take you to the san mateo bridge. we had a tire and rim on the high-rise blocking the traffic. c.h.p. will do a break to get it out. traffic is moving nicely after the toll plaza and this is 17 minutes from hayward to foster city. >> happening now, crews are battling a slow growing grass fire that has been burning all night in east san jose. firefighters are working in tough terrain east of heartland
6:32 am
way with six acres burned at 70 percent contained. california oak creek subdivision is near but no hopes are threatened. firefighters in san jose are fighting the fire. >> san jose police hope surveillance video will help catch the third suspect in a gruesome homicide last week in a technical office. this after officers shot and killed two other suspects. matt keller is at police headquarters. >> police home the third murder suspect towns hedge self in. they want to avoid another violent help counter. check out the surveillance video from lundy avenue office building in san jose last week. san jose police say 29-year-old matthew was it will wrote and 40-year-old richard jacquez are seen holding a gun and a third man is not identified. they terrorized and shot and killed 38-year-old christopher wrenn. officers have shot and killed two of the three suspects,
6:33 am
castillo at a strip mall was shot and killed on sunday after pulling a gun on police. on monday, an officer shot and killed jacquez running away after being tailed by police much he is on the ground of alive after being shot. family say the shooting was unjustified. >> he was unarmed. he was shot. it was not okay. they did not have to kill him. >> i thought we historied in america and you get a rail and a jury before you are executed. >> police sajak quasi was planning to kill a woman for knowing too much about the murder and police are focusing the investigation on the third suspect still on the loose. they hope someone. recognize him from the surveillance video. >> 6:33. accept crews are poking through the rubble of a motel near seattle looking for survivors arrest part of it was leveled
6:34 am
last night in an explosion. janet o is in the newsroom. >> one person has been located alive calling police and let them know. crews are looking through the debris looking for two other motel guests who are missing. a dog search team is on site. this fire started at 8:00 p.m. last knit at motel 6 in bremerton west of see allege caused by a gas leak. there were 6 a guests. a majority got out just in time before the big explosion. firefighters say they were low pressure back 20' from the blast. the manager of the motel is credited for saving lives. she pulled the alarm and got out as man as she could. a gas company worker suffered critical injuries and now is treated at a hospital. chaos on scene and the fire has died down but a lot smoke coming from the building at this hour.
6:35 am
those who made it out are up certain where to go from here. >> i come here from yuma for a job and this is my first day on the job with all my stuff here. i don't have my boots, no work clothes, everything. my computer. everything was in there. >> a good part of the motel turned to the ground after an extensive remodel and re-opening last fall. red ross is working with those would have been displaced. >> a sheriff deputy is remembered for his final act of valor, 30-year-old drowned while trying to sin a friend in the waters of lake tahoe. the friend and two others made it out. 300 loved ones hemmed a vigil last night at the high school near sacramento one of his best friends saying it is difficult to come to terms with the tragedy. he was off duty at the time of
6:36 am
the accident. >> stanford university police are asking for the help of the public after a popular statue was vandalized. the ape gel of -- the angel of grief is missing a limb off someone broke off the left forearm. you can see the damage to the white statue. officials say the missing arm is valued at $15,000 to $20,000 but represents much more. it was erected buoyancy stanford in 1901. >> contra costa county fire department is considering re-opening a closed firization in lafayette which was shut down in 2012 over budget problems. with more money in the pipeline the supervisors are considering re-opening station 16 rather than moving forward to build a new station on lafayette and orinda border that officials say makes sense and could save
6:37 am
millions. rehabbing the station could take 15 months. residents desperately need new fire protection. >> what starbucks is serving at select stores. >> a new household item from google and how you can preorder it. it. stay tuned.
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>> we are back at 6:40. we will start with preliminary initials from july. we have satellites orbiting the earth and take measurements where we cannot get ground listen based. compared to 30 year average everyone was warmer than we should. a's hopefully can help the giants, two gays back, at 67 and join getting to 69. a lot of smoke around lake tahoe and yosemite, hazy away fresno, 100. chico is 95. mid-to-upper 70s in san diego and los angeles. safe travels. sue? >> we have our camera out on 880
6:41 am
approaching 238 headed in the finish direction toward 92 into the oakland area. we will be passing the coliseum where we have the 12:35 game time, a's and dodgers. the southbound direction is looking pretty good on 880. normally the nasty anyone its but we will take it. the naps -- our friend, the spider is back -- at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and it is 11 minutes from the macarthur maze to san francisco. not too bad. this is the accident i wanted to show you, southbound 101 near the outlets, petaluma partly blocked. very slow traffic. kristen sze? >> we have spiderman and now
6:42 am
superman, we are talking about, who else? steph curry, two months of at the golden state warriors brought home the trophy steph curry is enjoying the spoils of success. he stop by jimmy kimmel on abc last night and said life is different. people recognizely on the street a great journey and he got a chance to play golf with the president. >> when you are in the bay area do you ever pay for a meal now? >> i am trying to eat out as much as i kept walk in with my happens up and see how many people pick up the tab. >> you gained like 45 pounds? people keep buying me food. >> of course the tax quickly turned could riley, stealing show and got a huge round of applause when jimmy kimmel gave her a shot out.
6:43 am
you can catch jimmy kimmel right here on abc7. >> member, south bay workers get a pay raise and we will tell you who and what city. also, dealing with skin damage, where california ranks in wrinkle rankings compared to other states.
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welcome back, the dry on the toughest bridges could see relief. a lawmaker is pushing for a third lane on the richmond-san rafael bridge to be opened next month. but caltran says not so fast. amy hollyfield? >> yes, commuters say the backup on the bridge creates congestion on highway 101 in marin, it is a nightmare. a lawmaker said the solution simple. on the shoulder. it just takes paint. he has introduced legislation to force this by the end the month. commuters say it would ease the pain. >> i cannot stand traffic. it is not my thing. >> the idea of opening up the third lane is great. if they can.
6:47 am
>> caltran said it is not that easy with the environmental rules and reconfiguring they would need a year. if the legislation passes they have to figure how to get it done in weeks. >> starbucks is expanding the beer and wine sales. >> google launches wi-fi for home. jane? >> good morning, to you. a sell off going on with the dow down 142 points and s&p 500 and nasdaq trading low. the problem is the latest ininflation numbers show hardly any inflation. that gives the federal reserve room to raise experts next month. that is why we see the markets down. starbucks is serving beer and wine at more locations. after testing the service they are bringing it to more cities.
6:48 am
four san francisco starbucks have craft beer and wine and small separates. google has a wi-fi router, a move to get ready for the connected home and draw more users to their services. the router can be pre-ordered for $200 at amazon and wal-mart and google. >> california is among the least wrinkleed states and is ranked 36 on the most wrinkle prone states because of healthy eating but they lost point for the sun shining with new york at the top. the long commute and lack of support and general dissatisfaction with life leaves new yorkers to have wrinkles earlier. >> jane, come join us here! >> you hook great no matter what. you look fabulous. >> workers on the low end of the stale get a pay raise in santa
6:49 am
clara with final approval to raise the minimum wage to $11, the highest in the county, and adjusted annually based on the cost-of-living index. they hope to move to $1520 help working families deal with steep housing prices. the minimum wage now is $9 and $10 in january. how is the weather? >> x-ray conditions and hour and 18 minute flight arrival delays more than yesterday, unfortunately. kids are going back to school. at the love school districts are opening their doors today. get on the bus, napa unified school district is 57 under clouds at 7:00, and breezy and sunny 82 by 3:00 and we have another more to look at, and we have talked about other areas such as piedmont, 61 with clouds and 72 and sunshine in the
6:50 am
afternoon hours, enjoy the mild weather and to the south we are 60 in alum rock and los gatos and cupertino at 62 the warm spot and mountain view at 6 pa and newark and redwood city at 64 and danville is 57, and lafayette and san pablo at 60 and half moon bay at 62 and in san rafael you can see the cloud cover but month fog this morning. cool and gray nights with patchy drizzle near the coast and east bay hills and steady afternoon temperatures tomorrow through the weekend. look how stout the sea breeze is, 26 degrees in pearland and twelve in concord and faster from the west delta west of the golden gate bridge south so the bay bridge and not take over so much of the neighbors as yesterday. it will start earlier, 2:00 and ending at, say, 9:00. the cloud cover shows by noon there are plenty of clouds in the bay and the coast is socked in, 60s to 80s today with
6:51 am
the summer spread shrinking. and mid-to-upper around los gatos and gilroy and sunnyvale is 79 and san jose is 80. up the peps that, 81 if los altoses and 76 in san mateo and half moon bay is cloudy and 67 and daly city and colma, same thing at 6 a and more sunshine at 68 downtown and 72 in sausalito and upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay valleys and recommended at 72 and lastly, in the mid-to-upper 80s if most of our inland east bay neighbors and 90 in antioch. cooler tomorrow. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and steady stems through next week. enjoy. >> good morning, everyone, happy when, our camera is headed northbound on 880, the nimitz phelps to the oakland area and lark is looking pretty good at the macarthur maze showing
6:52 am
southbound to the coliseum it is good. the san mateo bridge shows an early tire on the high-rise and c.h.p. issued a traffic break and continued slow because of the traffic break and you can see beyond the toll plaza inching along on the flat section. southbound 101 east washington near the outlets at petaluma still clearing and slow traffic through the construction zone. a new accident northbound 680 at crow canyon road we are seeing slowing toward san ramon. >> back with seven things to know before you go. stay tuned. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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here seven things to know before you go. number one, crews are on scene of a slow moving grass fire in steep terrain that has burned 60s acres since last night. >> san jose police hope newly release the surveillance video will help track down a murder suspect. two suspects were shot and killed by police. all three were wanted for a murder on lundy avenue last week. >> stanford police are looking for vandals would broke an arm off the angel of grief statue on campus. the missing arm is will vade
6:55 am
between $15,000 to $20,000. if you have information cause police. >> off to a great start, morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, sea breeze will keep us cooler than average and no fog for the morning commute topping out at 68 in san francisco and upper 70s in the peninsula and low 88 in the north bay and south bay and 90 inland east bay. >> wednesday morning commute with the san mateo bridge, clogged because of an early tire in the lanes and now cleared and 22 minutes from 880 to 101. an update on a couple of actions, petaluma southbound 101 is slow because of the accident near washington. >> sir teams are looking through debris in see at looking for survivors of a gas explosion that leveled a motel 6. two are missing. >> oakland unified school district is holding another
6:56 am
recruitment fair to fill 60 available teaching jobs by monday. the job fair starts at 1:00 o'clock if you are in downtown oakland. >> get your resumes ready. >> we will see you in 25 >> we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. happening now, tornadoes tear through the midwest taking down trees as massive lightning bolts rip through the sky. this as tropical storm danny brews in the atlantic. it could strengthen to a hurricane. fed up. hillary clinton defiant facing questions once again about those e-mails she turned over to the fbi. >> did you wipe the server? what, like with a cloth or something? >> the democratic front-runner throwing up her hands in frustration. taking the stand, the young accuser in that elite prep school trial testifying about the fellow student who she says sexually assaulted her in a classroom as part of a sordid senior salute tradition. the defense firing back. the e-mails they say tell a completely different story. and breaking overnight home at last. rosie o'donnell reun


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