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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 19, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we have a developing story from the east bay. oakland police are releasing new details of a deadly officer involved shooting. >> the shooting happened last week at 27th and martin luther king jr. way and sparked protests all across the city. this morning, police allowed certain reporters a first look at officer's body camera video from the altercation. we are in oakland. laura? >> police have had the body cameras since 2010 but the first time they have shown the video
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to the reporters here this morning. they showed the video from two recent incidents one that got the most attention was the shooting of wilkes on wednesday at 27th and martin luther king jr. he was stopped by oakland police driving a car police say was wanted in an armed robbery in july. he took off. there was an attempt at a carjacking according to the police. and then at 27th and broadway there was a problem and you can see the police chasing wilkes and they are on the sidewalk and he appears to be carrying a gun in the left hand. he turns around and runs back to the police. that is when the shots rang out. here is the police chief on why his department released the video. >> we believe that doing it in the manner we have done it will allow us to correct some of the misinformation that is out there and at the same time preserve the integrity of our investigation.
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>> now, the chief went open to say that the family of wilkes was given the opportunity to see the video before the reporters could see it and the family, his mother, came here to police headquarters year and did view the video. of course, some credit i believes wonder why the video has not been released to the larger public. the chief explained today that this incident is still under investigation. they are still trying to locate witnesses. at this point, they will not be releasing the video or any stills from it. they say this will happen, they will release it when the investigation is complete. we will have more tonight at abc7 news. >> fire crews are at the sketch of a frightening fire in east san jose last night. the fire raced through six acres in the foothills and prompted a massive response from several armies who battled the flames all night. that made residents very nervous because of the intensity. matt keller has the latest.
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matt? >> yes, the fire is at six acres and 75 percent contained. at the height of the fire 150 fire% gnome from cal fire and san jose and fire department and will the department of corrections were battle the maims and right new there are 50 left over. they are keeping an eye on the fire all day long. >> flames burning at night are both beautiful and frightening. people living here in the eastern foothills of san jose heard the huge response last night just before 10:00. >> it makes me nervous. my time there are this many responders from the fire department, it feels like it is something to worry about and it is a concern. but my kids thought it was cool. that was the upside. >> 150 people in department of corrections and cal fire were here battling flames. it was remote and did not threaten homes.
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a woman said she packed up some of the family belongings, just in case. who can blame her? in the 4th year of the severe brought and dry grass a reminder that everyone needs to be alert as we head into the most dangerous time of fire season. >> we have to go through september and october. it will be much more dry. we just want everyone to be extremely careful when they are outside working outdoors or out with their family playing or towing boats or trailers, get the chains picked up. anything can set off a fire. >> another tip from cal fire, if you are going to go hiving in nature, park your car in a parking lot. if you can't, park on dirt because to you park in tall grass, you could spark a wildfire. >> thank you, matt. >> starting today, the united states military is joining firefighting efforts on the west coast. training start today for active troops and will be ready to head
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to the front lines this weekend, the first time since 2006 troops have been mobilized to help fight wildfires. there are 95 fires burning throughout the west. authorities in oakland are investigating two suspicious fires at the same exact location. the fires were set last night and early this morning at a duplex near market. oakland fire investigators say they found four suspicious sources for the fire in one duplex. the second fire started near a water heater. the duplex was vacant and under renovation. >> the contra costa district could re-open a fire station that was closed, station 16 rather than building a new station on the lafayette and or rip da border which would save millions and provide help more quickly. residents desperately need more fire protection now in the area. >> conditions out are improving for firefighters, meteorologist
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mike nicco is tracking all the changes. mike? >> thank you, lady. good morning to you. we will talk about good news, it is quiet on live doppler hd as far as the winds. napa is ten, and blustery through fairly at 23 and san jose is only at three miles per hour. in fact, wind are light overnight. as we head pa the afternoon the winds will pick up and we will reach double digits, san francisco, oakland, fairfield, livermore, san jose, and they will calm down but pick up more tomorrow. but not anywhere near red flag warping criteria. look at our temperatures, just to add to emphasis that the fire danger is not as high as it could be we are going to stay at or below average the next week, and san jose is just example here but it is everywhere. >> fall from grace? the former face of the subway sandwich chain accepted a plea deal in court where he admits to paying for sex with minors, child pornography and more.
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janet? >> the entire row seedings took ten minutes and another big development in jared fogle's personal life the his wife said she is filing for divorce. the attorney admits his client is guilty and is prepared to search time in prison for the crimes. >> he will fully and completely agency his responsibility for his wrongdoing and his acts and conduct. >> jared fogle's attorney said the 37-year-old is taking full responsibility after accepting a plea deal in federal court. the champions filed today involve 14 victims including two teen girls he allegedly crossed state lines to have sex. the prosecutors say he possessed and distributed child porn. jared fogle faced between five and 12 1/2 years in prison and will have to pay restitution to the victims, a total of $1.4 million. >> he is moan for 15 years as
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the subway spokesman walked out, head down, and his wife is seeking divorce, saying she is extreme shocked and disappointed by the allegations. jared fogle will formally enter a plea at a future court date under the deem, then, will register as a sex offender, where electronic monitoring device with no unsupervised contact with minors. >> he knows he has a medical problem. he has sought evaluation by a world-class psychiatrist experienced in these matters. >> after the allegations surfaced subway severed all ties with jared fogle. 12 victims live in indiana and two in other states. >> stanford university police are asking for the public of the public after a popular statute was vandalized, the angel of grief is missing an arm. someone broke off the left
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forearm. the pictures show the damage to the marble statue. the missing arm is valued at $15,000 to $20,000 but represents more. it was erected to honesty the loss of a beloved brother. >> and there could be legislation that immediately helps getting across the we bridge. amy? >> yes, we got a clash going on. lawmakers and commuters may want a fast solution for this bridge but if it can happen quickly, that is another issue. the problem is big: eastbound traffic on the richmond-san rafael bridges makes drivers want to pull out their hair. >> i hate traffic. i'm not a big fan of traffic. >> if it is bad on 101 and 37,
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across the bridge, and, you know, go that way. >> the solution is easy: turn the shoulder into a third lane. all it takes is payment. drivers on board. >> soups good to me. >> i don't think it is necessary. there is a lost traffic. it is congested in the evening. >> the transportation officials say it is not that easy. by law they have to conduct an environmental study because they are working above water. they are on pace to on the lane in 2017 but the assemblyman said the traffic backing up to highway 101, and the problem cannot wait. he proposed a bill that would force caltran to on the lane by the end of next month. commuters appreciate the urgency. >> the idea of opening the lane is great if you can do it, it would be great. great. >> beautiful. best thing to do for everyone.
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>> this man is for eastbound only. if this legislation passes, it would be a mandate for caltran to open it up by the end of september. caltran officials say they cannot comment or take a stance on pending legislation. reporting live from richmond for abc news. >> communicating in burlingame is as easy as checking in on a smart phone. the new app called access burlingame is designed to help residents, businesses and visitors access city services on their phones. the app is free. it allows users to report city issues and people and have abscess to the city calendar and the agenda. the app increases transparency, community outreach and citizen engagement. >> when minimum wage workers will get a raise if a main city. >> frightening for a woman fishing on the delta.
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a fish with
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>> minimum wage workers will get a pay raise in santa clara to $11 an hour, the highest in the county. it takes affect january 1. it will be adjusted based on the county living index. santa clara will move to $15 an hour they hope to help working families facing the steep
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housing costs. the state minimum wage is $9 and will be $10 in january. >> happening today, the oakland unified school district is holding another recruitment fair and needs to fill 60 positions before classes on monday. dozens of candidates showed up at a job fair and the district will used a menstruates and substitutes until new teeners are hired starting at 11 o'clock at 11th and broadway if downtown oakland. >> a woman reeled in a mysterious fish from the delta. officials confirmed it is not >> it looked like a river monster. >> this looks like a pihranna. >> all signs pointed to that officials say she hooked
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something relating to a fish from south america like a perch but they are illegal to own unless you have a special permit for research purposes. >> a full sized one can grow 3 1/2' long so if you got one for your home you would need ten, 125 gallon tanks. >> they cannot take care of the fish and that big old fish will not fit down the toilet so it was probably dumped in this case, disrupting the ecosystem as a non-native species. >> the reporter caught the fish using worms and took it home but did not cook it. >> don't get any ideas. >> yikes. >> wonder how it would taste? >> those teeth...showing the
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pearly whites. >> from emeryville the cooling trend continues and some of us are down 25 degrees compared to sunday. i will let you know when we will see a rebound. >> the plan to help some residents drought proof their lawns. >> adorable couple celebrating 60 years of marriage and paying tribute to mayor favorite baseball
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> enemies in baseball but
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partners in life. check out this couple from illinois, celebrated the 63rd anniversary. they responded monday outside the giants and cardinals game in st. louis wearing shirts saying "together since 1952." another fan posted the photo. she is a diehard giants fan and he is a cardinals fan. the two teams meet tonight. hopefully the couple have washed their shirt already. what if they switch sides, you have what? >> so nice they have that all those years together. >> hopefully she will be the happy one tonight. >> it shows you can have differents and remain... >> married? >> or friends. or persons. >> we are trying to "marry," sunshine into the forecast. it will be cooler today and we are looking south from south
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beach and if the giants played the cardinals here we we would pan to the right and show you at&t park. talking temperatures, we are 63 in san francisco, 61 in santa rosa and 70s showing up in los gatos and inland east bay. overlaying the clouds you can see the outline of the clouds from fremont up to napa and santa rosa to the coast which is why they are cooler. in san rafael, you can see this tree blowing a little bit, a nice breeze and temperatures are in the mid-60s. the deep marine layer means more cooling and fault so dramatic as the last two days. we are going follow this with a cool and gray night and patchy drizzle possible along the coast and in the east bay hills. then we will be steady through the weekend, napa is 80, the same as year, and oakland and redwood city and san jose and san francisco, one-or-two degrees cooler and inland east bay the biggest drop at four degrees and livermore from 93 to 89. the fattest breezes are north of
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the bay bridge and east to the golden gate bridge and ends at 9:00. it could be choppy through the area. the area of high pressure is giving way to this low so the warm dome is receding this low which is counter-clockwise and bringing the deeper many layer and bringing us the average august conditions so morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. temperatures are below average, upper 70s sunnyvale and milpitas and 80 in san jose and starting atup if los altos and redwood city at 79 and ending up at 74 in millbrae. 67 in millbrae. more sunshine and 68 downtown. 72 in sausalito. vallejo is 75. richmond and berkeley is 72. up to 78 in castro valley and fremont. mid-80s to upper 80s for the inland east bay and antioch and brentwood at 90. the sun is coming up quickly in oakland at 67 at noon and los
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angeles is 69 degrees. cooler tomorrow. minor fluctuation in the temperatures, so get used to morning clouds. summer is here for an extended period of time. >> the sonoma county water agency is offering a free lawn conversion program to encourage residents to save water and reduce their use. they have earmarked $75,000 to the program and partnering with nonprofit to hire 16-24-year-old workers. >> a lesson in leadershipping from a feisty -- in learning from a feisty
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and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> we know caught of the massive fire that has forced thousands from their homes. >> pay pal goes on a buying spree. >> a local cat is now an official member of the san jose high school, according to the mercury news, bubba has been issued a student body card at the leland high school economy adopted by a family who lives behind the school. >> he appeared on campus in 2009 and is in the school year back with a facebook page with 700
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followers. >> and a student i.d. card. can you believe that? >> facebook entry. have a great sell summer, meow, meow.
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