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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> freak accident sends 2 people to the hospital. man trying to launch a jet ski the delta gets hit by an amtrak train and only gets worse from there. you. just unbelievable chain of events. it happened east of brentwood right next to the or wood resort boat harbor. >> cornell is live on the scene tonight with the very latest on the bizarre accident. cornell? >>reporter: both victims have major injuries but they somehow survived. a truck towing a jet ski trailer was parked on these tracks you see here. woman was enjoying the delta waters down below. you know what happened next was unbelievable. this mangled pickup truck is hauled away from the scene of a
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bizarre accident. sky 7 hd was overhead after police say an oakland bound amtrak train struck the pick up which was towing a trailer parked on the tracks. truck owner was trying to launch jet ski from the delta waters nearby. >> my god i was so scared. >>reporter: this witness said the man ran back to his truck when he heard the train coming. >> train beat him to his truck. >>reporter: impact catapulted the truck in the water. ejecting the driver and landing on top of a woman lying on a yellow raft. >> we saw people running and screaming. >> miss burke couldn't believe both people survived. >> they seem to be responding when the medic and everybody was here. we saw an arm go up. >>reporter: both victims airlifted to john muir medical center. friend of the 20-year-old woman struck by the truck says her prognosis is good. >> she is breathing. no coma. and luckily l she's okay. >>reporter: local say launc launching jet sdpree this spot near the track is pretty common
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and very dangerous. >> about stupid. >>reporter: many refuse to pay 10 dollars at local launch only feet away at the or wood resor resort. >> they want to be rebell us in the pay the 10 dollars. not have a safe day. >>reporter: nobody on board the train was hurt. the crash is under investigation. in brentwood, cornell, abc 7 news. >> criminal investigation into a woman in burlingame caught on video abusing a dog. we want to warn you some people may find this video disturbing. the city says the unidentified woman was running an illegal dog sitting boarding business out of her home. the video shows her grab ago dog by the neck and throwing it to the ground. the woman attorney says she was just trying to stop the dog from barking. neighbor says she is shocked. >> i don't know what caused her to do such a thing. as i say i have never seen her do anything like this. it's just disappointing to me. >> after our story new video surfaced where the woman
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appears to be stomping on a dog. humane society has seized 8 dog in her car and put her 3 personal dog in protective custody. >> let's move next to the wildfires burning across the west tonight. the 2500 acre wildfire burning near livermore grave percent contained. it has been a hard fight involving hundreds of firefighters from multiple departments. katie is live on tesla road with the struggle to fight all the fires with rae sources stretched so thin. >> the cal fire spokeswoman tells me they got a little bit locate because the fire broke out just as crews were leaving the rocky and jerusalem fire. still it's taking a lot of firefighters a lot of over time to put out the flames here and save homes. of course that has homeowners feeling lucky. watching the fast moving fire approach her home was hard enough. then the aftermath. >> terrifying again to think that it was that close to the house. >> wildfire broke out wednesday afternoon closest crews three
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units were the if stories go. >> that is 30 percent of my department. >> battalion chief miller mappinging fair resource in livermore and pleasanton. >> i move engine company up to cover livermore from the pleas anton area and i initiate a recall and we were lucky enough to get 8 people to come back in work. >>reporter: rearrange crew happen on daily basis and when not enough people can come back or work over time this is thin. >> what happens is the response time is going to change instead of us being from 3 to 5 minutes away it could be 5 to seven minutes. >> at the peak of the fire more than 250 firefighters on the job. >> large plume of rae sources tonight. try to hit it really hard and day shift tomorrow and reevaluate at that point and start probably relessing some resources. >> firefighters who will manufacture on to the next fire. people like the long won't forget the whouns save their home. >> if it weren't for the firefighters we might all be
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homeless my neighbors and i so we are really thankful for that. >> right now there are 11,000 firefighters battle 15 fairs across california. in livermore, abc 7 news. >> one of those wildfires continue to move quickly in the southern sierra nevada. rough fire just 3 percent contained. it's burned more than 32,000 acres of forest land including part of the sequoia kings canyon national park. broke out on july 31 and flared up this week because of very dry condition. thousands of campers escaped the fire path. >> this procession here provid provides rae minder of the danger firefighters face ambulance carry the body of 3 firefighters killed in 20'sp washingtonless nature. all 3 belong to special team to size up wildfire before crew arrive on the scene. series of fires charred 140 square miles in washington. >> family friends and co-workers said goodbye to contra costa county sheriff's
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deputy who died trying to save a life. think-year-old deputy carlos france drowned after jumping that lake tahoe to help a friend last week. his friend a friend last week. his friend survived if hundreds of people filled the church this sacramento to honor france. he spent 4 years with the sheriff's office working with martinez. france off duty when he died. >> to developing news now in search for answer ins new york city after a natural gas explosion in the bronx. blew out wall app window at john f. kennedy high school. 3 injured construction workers expected to survive. brick. glass. other debris could have had the sidewalk outside the school. no students were present. school still on summer break. >> san francisco police are looking for a man and woman who used a razor scooter as weapon during a robbery early this morning. happened at 15th and mission district. please say one victim knocked unconscious after one suspect hit him in
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the head with the scooter. the other victim was kicked in the back. suspect made off with cash and cell phone. >> cell phone industry fight against berkeley law returned to court today. we were at the federal court news san francisco. berkeley right to know law requires cell phone to come with warning label about possible radiation hazard. consumers need more warning that the s p c is required. >> there is information in your phone that the fcc requires that says keep it defined distance from your body or you may exceed the exposure limit. >> may be circumstances when the government can provide a warning label with something. but the government has to show a justification for it and barecly can't do that it. >> other city watch the case closely and decision is expected in a few months. >> east bay mud says repair could take until tomorrow morning on breaken water main and sewer line in oakland. utility sent us these photo of the work happening tonight at
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oakland and santa clare avenue near interstate 5 80. throughout working like this right now. break will be inspected once it is safe for workers to enter the large trench. 82-year-old pipe burst about 4 this morning flooding the intersection. 12 property are without water service and 2 eastbound lanes of oakland avenue are closed. hope to have the repairs done by tomorrow morning. >> still to come tonight at 1 11:00. long work week could be doing more than leaving you tired. medical condition tu could soon face. >> campbell man says dresser on craig list but inside the wife wedding ring. quest to find it before the international move. >> i'm sandhya morning starts out gray and bit on the drizzle side. let you know if you see a shift pattern for the weekend coming up. >> a little boy and father work out together every day but much more than just physical. the difference it made in both of their lives.
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>> look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live". >> thanks. here's a snippet of what we are up to tonight. >> can i sleep over? >> wash my hair in the lincoln >> wash my hair in the lincoln bathroom
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at [female announcer] dsave up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.n, get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. >> campbell man sold dresser on craigslist and then his wife's wedding ring and jewelry were still inside. we explain how they found it weeks later. >> wedding rings family heirloom and a lot of sentimental value stashed away
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in this dresser. >> we are on our way to nepal to do volunteer work for earthquake victims in. a rush to move out of the home mike sold the dresser two weeks ago on craigslist. >> we realized shortly there after that one of the drawers had not been emptied. >> simple mistake but the prison much of his wife jewelr jewelry. call text e-mail to the buyer all went unanswered. >> lost cause. and when i got phone call from officer terri and took me by surprise. >>reporter: the couple had filed a police report weeks before. officer terri gallagher worked the case the whole time. >> helped by dispatch. able to come up with a name and address based off of a phone number. >>reporter: address was for an old apartment in san jose but few leads later officer gallagher was able to find someone who knew the buyers. turns out they had had a recent death in the family and simply weren't returning phone calls. >> i think there's good in everyone and hopefully that
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they saw it and was had the intent to return it. >>reporter: good people. good day's work. >> doing this job for 20 years. when i get people the property back that's worth more than putting people in jail. just to see the look on their face. >>reporter: and perhaps some good karma and mike and wife leave for volume up tier work in nepal. in the south bay, abc 7 news. >> former president carter says he is at ease with whatever happens after undergoing his first radiation treatment for cancer this afternoon. president carter revealed early today doctors had detected 4 melanoma spots on his brain. carter says he's grateful for the life he's lived and remains optimistic. he plans to host 88th birthday party for his wife rosalyn on saturday. child suffered traumatic brain giraffe car accident inspired his father to lose weight. rick posted this picture on red it with the caption he used to be in a com
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coma. i used to be a fat guy. 12-year-old reece needs a special brace to stan up and whenever he puts the brace on, his dad gets on his tread mill and runs. this is going on for 2 years now. reece can now stand for 90 minutes at a time. dad the has lost 70 pounds. >> long week at work could mean an increase risk of stroke or heart attack. researchers at university of college london found that people who work more than 40 hours a week face increased health risk is. and more time spent at work the greater the risk. >> way to woman heart is through her stomach. new research from drexel university finds women respond pwetsd to romantic cue on full stomach. discovery was actually an accident scientist were original nationally trying to find out how habitual dieters respond to certain images but unintended consequence. they got that result. >> time to check on our weathe weather. pretty cool. >> yes nice. sandhya is here tracking a pretty good weaned.
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>> absolutely. beautiful weekend. we take a look at live doppler 7hd right now more of the over cast we have this morning almost rae peteing again as the marine layer is deep. has spread quite a bit and by morning it is going to be filling all areas like this morning. temperatures at this hour in the 50's. 60's. this afternoon you remember you saw some sun. if near the bay or inland then all of a sudden the cloud came back. cooler pattern. temperatures you notice running from about 4 to 8 agrees below normal for this time of year. livermore with high only yes degrees. here's live look from the exploratorium camera with the low includes around rate now in san francisco. call it morning over cast and spotty drizzle. sunny afternoon bay inland mild to warm for the upcoming weekend. satellite radar show you what is happening really not whole lot. quiet pattern for the bay area and on shore breeze continue it's going to run a little bit below average inland for this time of year.
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for few more days. this is what i am excited about. can't get too excited. computer model hint at the possibility of rain about 10 days from now. monday maybe some morning drizzle along the coast. next week. then we head towards next weekend so not this weekend but the follow weekend august 29 and 30 there is a chance of some showers moving in. other computer model is dry so we keep an eye on it for you. hurricane daniel we keep an eye open. first hurricane of the atlantic season and as you know we come up on the peak of the hurricane season for the atlantic in september. fact this is only the first one is worth noting. now it is minimal hurricane very small in nature. going to continue to track to leeward island and port rake as we head into early next week. so keep close tab heading in that direction. in the pacific we keep an eye on what is really an area of thunderstorms top consolidate depression 3. this is expected to intensify into a category 2 hurricane and then veer back
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towards kauai. hawaiian islands we are concerned about the possibility of some pretty good rain and some surf if the system holds if you have plans to good there keep that in mine. mid 50's to low 60's tomorrow morning. drizzle need more time for the morning commute. for the afternoon mid 80's inland so a lot leak today. 60's. 70's. around the coast and bay. 66 san francisco. 80 in santa rosa. 71 oakland. 85 livermore. 73 in san mateo o. 79 san jose. 74 santa cruz. from what i can tell on face back and twitter people love this brick from the hot weather. we'll keep it coming for a few more day. weekend warmer. mid 60's to upper 80's and bring back the 90's at least for short time. accu-weather forecast on tuesday if you take notes. >> cat burglar for real. >> cat burglar for real. >> unusual new trick when we
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the. >> so hard and so loud. >> we have a 6.0earthquake in the napa american canyon area the napa american canyon area about 3:20 this morning.
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>> 4 legged thief roaming around in oregon. the neighborhood cat has a habit of swiping stuff left out on neighbor porch like shoes and pair and halloween costume anything he can find. owner says taking things makes him happy. all the stolen stuff in a box until full then goes around the neighborhood trying to return all of it. >> oh, wow! >> klepto. >> dancers from around the world showed off the mavs in livermore to compete for one of 24 spots on the dance team. 40 candidates from texas, new jersey and even japan impress judges during tonight final audition for the team. they announce the winner tomorrow afternoon. >> you were a judge at this last week. i did it last year it was fun.
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>> is a brain a and the whole crew they do a great job. i was told in the judging i was not ruthless enough. >> oh, really. >> first time ichb told i have been too nice. >> certainly not the around here. i don't hear that a lot. sports tonight pirates swept the giants back in june and open new series on the bank of the river and this is not
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you. >> good evening. were you the hunter pence, the offense is on fumes. problem on display again tonight in pittsburgh. if praying mantis found a new friend. juan. giants praying for shut out. from the pitche pitcher. least they will be in
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the series on this road trip jake on the mound in the first. the 1 nothing pirates. morton had uncle charlie work big hook to freeze l this and struck out 8. pirates swept the giants back in june and they can't hi hit. machine shot off pave very and 2 back of the donors in the west. help on the way. giants traded for bird hit twoing 37 with reds but 19 home they are year the giants send johnson there with the tried and bird joins them tomorrow. second pre-season gym on sunday here. it's fun to sea what jared hawaiian can do for encore. debut smashing succes success. he's trying to make the 49ers roster as kick returner and running back. he was impressive in very first game in padres in texas. big strong natural fast and he still has a lot to learn.
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>> everything. from the way i handle the ball and throw out and picking up. whole bunch of things that i need to get the not only used to but better at as well and for me it's about just working on those things. >>reporter: the bills and browns tonight. yawner of a pre-season game until johnny football does this. 21 yard touch down strike to winn. buffalo won 11-10 but starting to look like real quarterback. still backing up josh. warriors first round pick from ucla underwent surgery. expected to be out 4 to 6 months. warriors may pull him out next season to be safe. they knew about the hip problem before they pick him but they have a deputy squad. championship squad so no rush to get him on the court too soon. tiger woods still searching for a game. missed the cup at the championship. open today with 6 underscore at
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the windham championship in north carolina. he need to win this week to gulf for the fedex cup my off. 7 sports is brought to you by exfinity? thanks. >> our next newscast is coming up tomorrow morning of course at 4:30. >> be sure to tune in but stay
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is already here with x1. only from xfinity. ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. you. >> here's another look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast tomorrow morning commute will include some slick spots due to drizzle so watch out. afternoon high a lot lake toda today. a little bit below normal but the weekend will faech a minor warm-up. dan and amma. >> thank you so much sandhya. >> that is our report as always we appreciate your time. >> for sand why larry all of us here thanks for watching.
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michelle is on kimmel live. michelle is on kimmel live. >> have a great night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- first lady michelle obama -- topher grace, lily tomlin, and music from the struts, with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than ever, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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