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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a change to the lights could bring you a better commute. >> is set back that can be passed from parents to schools and how it can affect your little one's success. >> good morning, on friday. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have a mild start. mike has the forecast. >> good morning, gang. nice to see you on this friday morning. i will show you live doppler hd we have the possibility drizzle near the coast and maybe a mist across the golden gate bridge and san mateo and richmond-san rafael and the bay bridge but not heavy and you will not needed wipers. the day planner shows mid-50s to slow 60s with clouds slow again just like they were yesterday and at noon you need a coast at 64 but 74 inland and by 4:00 we have more sunshine but the breezes will pick up and that will keep the temperatures
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below average at 6659 the coast and 80 inland and a light jacket, mid-60 to low 70s. leyla? >> good morning, everyone, we have landed in vallejo and it is difficult to see the picture. you can see it is bright. the travel times for mass transit show bart has trains on time one and flee where no delays and i expect some delays on the sauce least and larkspur ferry because they have berth repair at the terminal. >> thank you, we are continuing to follow breaking news from vallejo with firefighters monitoring hotspots after a massive three-alarm fire at a metal recycling plant. the flames were so strong the building come -- >> yes, it is so smoky out here we are concerned about what we are protecting so you can see a
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lot of people out here with firefighters and crews wearing safety makes just in case. you can barely see what is left of the building. just the shell is standing. not much left. there is concern about how toxic the smoke is so you are seeing the masks out here. we have them, too. this was a recycling plant on mare island if vallejo. when firefighters arrived after 11 o'clock the flames were shooting through the roof. it collapsed. they fought this from the outside to be safe. when the roof collapsed, embers caused a few spot fires in the grass. firefighters had to deal with that. the issue, then, what is burning? there are batteries out here, old generators, canisters of used oil and all sorts of things. >> wind was blowing the smoke
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out of the air very fast and we were not kept of anyone in the area but the firefighters dealing with the smoke in the area and our firefighters were masked up. even now during overhaul. >> all employees went home so no one was here. no one was hurt. firefighters now are concerned we what is lot of the walls will be coming down and there is a on gallon propane tank out her there are has -- hazards to dial with. it will burn through the day or a couple of days. investigators will head out here weapon the sun comes up trying to figure out what started the fire. >> in an odd coincidence, alco had a fire at the same building
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a year ago august 22 of last year, a storm room at the warehouse burst into flames and a shelter-in-place was called. officials say washers and drying equipment in the building caught tire. ought fire has many of you taking to season media to show us what you are seeing where you live. this instagram picture shows the fire at full blast. you can see it tore through the roof and spewed flames and smoke into the air. share your photos on social media with # abc7now. we will find them. check out our gallery at >> lawmakers are funneling more money to the bay bridge to upgrade lights which have not been redone since being first installed in 1974. matt, hoping the technology will help the drivers. >> you hope is. right now the metering lights are on and we have backup at the
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bay bridge toll plaza and that is normal. how hand times have you been stuck at the toll plaza wondering why the lights are redst a new project could make more sense out of commute. according to our media pan, the state approved an update that will set allow the metering lights instantly to respond to minute by minute traffic patterns the lights react to what the engineers expects the traffic to be not what is happening. that could mean light traffic while during accidents you get green lights would cars should be managed. the lights were installed in 1974 with only a few tweets and traffic has increased dramatically, fast track was implemented and the new span was build. engineers told the newspaper that the metering system has been malfunctioning with armying equipment. state will replace the equipment including five message signs and
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new signal heads and will be completed by 2017 with upgrades. >> monday, bart will tackle a smelly problem in the 127 elevators in the stations and cigar programs. workers will tear up the floor and repair the entire elevator before put down new flooring. the cars will be taken out of service during rehabilitation and the work will be finished by december of next year. >> san francisco miss are look for a mugger who attacked a 45-year-old map with a tripod in golden gate park on martin luther king jr. drive shortly before 1:00 o'clock on wednesday afternoon. list say the mugger hit the victims three times in the hold, stole the backup with prescription medication and took off. the you have was taken to a local hospital and treated for laceration to head. he is expected to be okay. >> fairfield miss arrested a 19-year-old map accused of human
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trafficking and pimping a 16-year-old girl. robert patterson was taken into custody. they found internal advertise months with the girl being sexually exploited for profit. she has been placed in protective custody. oakland has lost a court fight over the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the nation. the city does not have the authority to block federal prosecutors from seizing harbor side's property. oakland sued the government to prevent the closing. the city argued that medical marijuana is critical to the health those would use it much the city said closing the center triggers a health crisis. >> members of the teacher's union have ratified a new contract with the ambassador diocese of san francisco that continued to 2018 ending a year long dispute over questions of the teener's rights under labor laws much the two sides
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disagreed with archbishop proposing morality clauses to the contract. the disputed language was removed and the new contract does not include the morality clauses. >> in time for the new school year a study fines if you hate market there is a good chance your children will, too. finding in the journal of science find your child's success in math is determined how well you did on the subject. if you did not do well chances are you still have happening eight whether you realize it or not. republicaners say that translates to director kids when you help with homework carry over to the classroom. it is not how you are wired but your anxiety. that is what kids pick up. >> or >> if they think you think it is fun... >> you are laughing?
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>> the math keeps people getting a meteorology degree. >> you did it. >> i faked it until i made it. >> now, the fire conditions, do not have an update so 2,500 acres at 45 contained and winds at southwest at 22 to 31. they will lay down the next couple of hours and through 1:00 o'clock and they will pick up in the 25-35 miles per hour range in the afternoon. walnut creek is a cloudy area at 60 degrees. san francisco is partly cloudy at 66 with sunshine on the peninsula at 77 and south bay is 76 and east bay is 75 and warmest inland east bay 84 and north by at 80. sfo has clouds opening up with no delays. tells are going to warm up a couple of degrees tomorrow and drop on news and warm up a couple more deaths on monday. i will show it through the seven seven. >> we will check the fire 5 mare
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island. highway 37 is not affected. who are stopping at a light where traffic is light. other parts of the bay area show the bay bridge toll plaza and 9 metered lights were turned on at 5:41. traffic is stack asking impacting. we have some lanes moving along without delay. over the altamont pass, yes, that is the tough spot, an hour and six members from tracy to dublin westbound 580. in the south bay, highway 85 from 101 to cupertino is 17 minutes. >> a reason to rethink the cocktail hour a darrylly drink to unwind could have you killing yourself years from new. >> it is more than stress, the potential long term impact of having too many extra long work weeks. >> oprah vs. kim kardashian and >> oprah vs. kim kardashian and who and better for busines
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happy friday. tiburon has joined sausalito in banning short-term rentals. the town city council voted 3-2 to amount zoning ordinance to ban rentals for fewer than 30 days. the properties are paid visible to websites such as airbnb. the city council has been removing the issue since march when residents complained of miscellaneous, packing and other disturbances in the neighborhoods. >> a long work week could mean an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. researchers in london found those who work more than 40 hours a week face officers health risks and the more time spent at work the greater the risk. >> ladies if you drink an alcoholic benefit religion a day for health, you may want to think twice a steady finds a
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drink a day is all it takes to increase your risk of cancer. doctors say drying makes women more prone to breast and liver and throat cancer. however they still stand by the theory a drink a day can be good for your heart. >> perseverance paid off for crews rescuing a puppy in arizona when local police served a drug-ited search warrant at a home yesterday morning. when the officers arrived they found two dead puppies an adult and a puppy in a drainage pipe. police called in plumbers and it took 11 hours to rescue the puppy and they -- it managed to get 29' down the pipe. humane were there to offer immediate care. >> he is alive. >> he is alive. doing good. >> officials believe the female dog gave picture near the open drain and the puppy managed to fall in much the puppy believed
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to be a pit bull is undergoing treatment. the dogs were last behind when the people who lived there were evicted. >> glad it is okay. >> today we got more adorable animals, cuteness. >> we have kittens today for "purr-fect" pet. >> the smoke forecast, now, i want to show you how we are. this is santa rosa, san jose, south lake tahoe. the orange is where we have the thickest smoke from trinity fire and thick smoke can be seen around stockton. as we head to noon most of this smoke is going to stay to the north. it never quite gets to the south lake tahoe. it dissipates and moves to the north while the smoke from the livermore or tesla fire heads
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into the central valley. hopefully if you are in livermore with asthma you will not have the issues you dealt with yesterday. san jose shows clouds and 61 degrees. we have more drizzle this morning. a comfortable afternoon. clouds. minor drizzle tomorrow morning. stagnant summer pattern all the way through my extended forecast. 73 on mount diabolo. the entire column of air is cooling. we are in the low 60s in most neighborhoods until pleasanton at 2358 and antioch at 55. low-to-mid 60s around the bayshore great 63 at oakland to 57 in lows gatt doze and 59 in napa and 56 in santa rosa with seven miles visibility and hazy there because of the marine layer. you can see the two areas of high pressure keeping the storm rack to the north is we have quiet weather pattern and the low is hurling the strong sea
6:18 am
breeze to us so we are below average. mid-to-upper 70s through the south bay 76 in san jose and the average high is 83 degrees. significant in mill bring and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70s and mid-60s in the coast and downtown and 68 in sausalito and cloud cover and maybe not so stubborn at yesterday and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay and santa rosa at 80 and low-to-mid 70s on the east bay shore and inland in air conditioning needs 78 in san ramon to 86 in brentwood. we will warm up a degree or two tomorrow, hold steady through monday maybe another degree or two of warming on tuesday. >> we have word there is probable another fire burning at mare island eastbound highway 37 at walnut we with traffic westbound. slow compute. over the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving along nice and light and you can see we have a few extra cars on the roads but
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it is still moving at top sped with drive time traffic 680 southbound is seven minutes. at highway 24 westbound we to highway 13 it is only ten minutes and an hour to get you along 580 westbound from tracy to dublin. >> happening now in contra costa county crews are spraying for mosquitoes after sam mes tested positive for west nile. fogging is underway along the martinez waterfront. crews are using a truck-mounted sprayer to kill me -- mosquitoes. >> the future of sports in oakland is on the line with the key deadline that could decide how much longer we will see the raiders and the a's. >> security boost at levi stadium and what was approves as the countdown to super bowl 50 continues. lake tahoe is just gorgeous.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> good friday morning. it is 6:22. this is the view from the
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embarcardero from the roof with the bay and the back ground and yerba buena island. not much traffic on the embarcadero yet. here it is friday lite. >> an important day in oakland's efforts do keep raiders and a's in town. today is the deadline for financier to submit the final development plan for coliseum city after submitting $4 billion plan to transform the coliseum complex into a mini downtown with hops, shopping center and hotel with new stadiums for the raiders and the a's. today, he needs to show city and county officials how it would be financed. >> a security measure is kicking in at levi stadium head of the upcoming nfl season. the santa clara city council has approved a no-fly zone for drones and other unmanned aircraft. they will not be able to fly half a mile around or over stadium. last year, police warns fans would knew a zone before a game the know fly zone is less than
6:24 am
six months before levi stadium hosts super bowl 50. >> the f.a.a. is cracking down on drones. in philadelphia, ahead of the pope's visit the agency established a temporary no my zone at the request of the department of homeland security. the ban applies do drones and aircraft used for crop dusting and rockets. >> now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, dan. >> coming up, a dramatic rescue caught on camera, a server now a hero after saving two teen girls caught in a rip current in michigan. >> thanks, dan, see you at 7:00. >> new survey, who would make a better business partner, kim kardashian or oprah? what do you think? the former queen of talk is the number one choice according to small business accounting
6:25 am
software company finding oprah was the topic of eight famous entrepreneurs and kim ranks dead last. pal ptro was second place, and mark cuban was third. >> stranded pause of spirit air. next, the problem leaving hundreds of passengers stuck in oakland for the weekend and some say spirit is not doing enough to make up for it. >> criticism thrown at netflix as the race to offer more parental leave heats up. >> you tired of sitting at the metering heights for no good reason? what is going to change that could save minutes on the commute. >> more weather and traffic all morning long. we show you sfo with clouds cleared from the airport but, cleared from the airport but, still clouds in the pick
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6:28. we take a shot of the bay. and yerba buena island. you can see the ferries are making a run under gray skies. it is friday. it is friday. i love the sounds of that. i am eric thomas. >> a nice ring to it. >> friday! >> mike is uing eric to sing. you better take it away. >> know you want to. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler hd shows a low cloud deck, mist out there this morning, but have not heard of any slick streets. we will look at the exploritorium. it is calm. winds from the west at 5- to 10-miles per hour. they will pick up this afternoon. the ferry ride him is rougher. 56 to 63. that is the temperature at 7:00. our day planner is 64 to 74. more sunshine than yesterday. still, the agrees keep us below average at 66 at the coast to 80 inland. grab a coat. 64. probably do not need one inland
6:30 am
at 74. friday morning commute is hoping for light, we will see. >> it is descents. we will talk about mass transit at 51 bart trains on time and someone else can do the driving and muni has no delays reported. the golden gate ferry will have delays over the next couple of months because of berth repair at the san francisco bay terminal, the ferry building. here is a look at emeryville camera to the span of the bay bridge which is waving because of winds. heavy traffic southbound 680 out of pleasant hill to walnut creek >> we are continuing to follow breaking news great vallejo where firefighters say hotspots at a metal plan could burn for days. the alco metal company caught fire on mare island. firefighters are using extra caution. our reporter is there to
6:31 am
explain. >> the fire is giving them fits, they responded to a spot fire my highway 37 moments ago that started from embers that flew over from here. they got that out. look how smoky it still is here at the warehouse where only the shell of the warehouse is standing. firefighters are wearing masks and we have them, too, all concern about what we are breezing, if the smoke is toxic, that is the hazard they are dealing with. look what they saw when they pulled you, a huge warehouse fire that started after 11 o'clock last night. this is the alco warehouse in vallejo on mare island, it is a metal recycling yard and they recycle batteries and generators. when they got here they were worried what they were breathing and, also, the enormous fire burning through the roof, fast moving fire, the roof collapsed and they had to take a defensive stand and grass fires starts because of the embers flying off of the huge fire.
6:32 am
the big flames are out now. they say they are not bed. >> it is -- it has a lost material that collapsed, the whole building is down but for the exterior wall structure and it will take probably throughout the day to finish putting the fire out if not, it could be burning a couple pore -- more days. >> no one was here and no one was hurt. they are concerned that the walls, what is left, are going do come down. they have 500 gallon propane tank they hope does not fall in that direction. those are the hazards. they have hotspots. they think they will be here for most of day. they say we do not know what caused the fire. investigators will be headed out here to see if they can figure out what started this.
6:33 am
>> develop news alameda county sheriff is recovering after the pa trillion car was hit by another car in castro valley boulevard. the deputy's car was parked when hit. the deputy was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. driver of the other vehicle was not injured and was detained for questioning. they not sure if the driver was under the influence of alcohol. >> investigators are trying to figure what triggered an explosion in downtown los angeles that momentarily cut power to a shania twain concert. it happened faffed. during the song "that don't agree me," the stage is dark before the backup lights come on. as she is singing the wo "night," it con sided with the outage and the crowd thought it was planned. the generator of the building could be to blame.
6:34 am
firefighters say they refused to be extensive damage to the base of the building. >> we have a significant water problem and the water issue including questions of the structure because of an explosion. >> four people were slightly injured in the blast. only two went to the hospital. we just learned that 13 buildings now are without power because of the explosion. >> the 2,500 acre tesla fire burning near livermore is 45 percent contained because of hard work involving hundreds of firefighters from many department. the danger is not getting enough manpower to the fire because the department is stretched so thin. when it broke out on wednesday, three units from livermore were the first to go which is 30 percent of the department. >> i move engine companies up to cover livermore from pleasanton and initiate add recall. we got eight people to come back to work. >> when not enough can come back
6:35 am
staffing is thin. 250 firefighters were on the job at the livermore fire and some resources will be released after evaluating the games. >> a man has died in nevada helping to build the desert infrastructure of the bump man n -- burning man festival. officials say he was in his late fights died of natural causes but that is not confirmed. he was a might be of burning man's department of public works. works. the festival me -- >> east of brentwood, next to the orwood resort, rather than using a boat large a man parked on the train tracked to launch the jet ski into the delta and ran back do the truck when he saw the train coming. it slapped into the truck and
6:36 am
ejected him into the water and the truck landed on a woman, in a raft, in the river. the victims were airlifted to the medical center and are expected to recover. >> dozens of passengers are stuck in oakland after spirit airlines flight to houston was canceled. these are pictures superintendent by a frustrated passenger. the airline canceled the flight after eight hours delay. passengers were told the next night was not available until saturday. he said spirit airlines is not offering stranded passengers hotel vouchers. spirit airlines said they are required by the department of transportation to book passengers on the next available flight, refund the unused portion of flight or provide a credit for a future flight and said passengers given the option to choose which works best. >> you it backlash over baby benefits with a decision net nix
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>> are you ready for fun at the alameda county fair? we have the good guys, 60 in the morning and low-to-mid 80s in the afternoon. how about baseball? that in a second the how about the oakland chinatown street festival? low-to-mid 70s and sunshine. tomorrow in oakland. remember "wipe out," we have the wipe outrun at the santa clara county fair grounds and upper 70s in the afternoon. a football game, cowboys in town. 49ers forecast show 77 at 5:00. cropping to 66. have a hoodie with you. >> that looks like fun. always wanted to do the "wipe out," challenge. we are traveling eastbound on highway 37 trying to make it up to i-80. remark is light. we saw very heavy traffic westbound. that is usual. through vallejo. other parts of the bay area the
6:41 am
san mateo brake, remark is moving. a few extra vehicles between hayward and foster city. 101 southbound from santa rosa to petaluma is 14 minutes, 580 westbound from castro valley to the maze is a short 13 minutes. 101 northbound from 280/680 split to highway 85, 15 minutes. >> this morning, los gatos-based netflix is criticized for excluding hundreds of employees from paid baby leave. >> net nix began offering mothers and fathers unlimited paid parental leave to 2,000 workers in the service after the birth or adoption of a baby. now at least three petitions are urging netflix to extend the baby benefits to 450 temporary, part time and full time employees in the dvd distribution centers. >> a makeover for the bay bridge with upgrades that will help you move through the metering
6:42 am
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. the bay bridge is ready for an upgrade to a part not touched since 1974. >> millions will be spent to upgrade the lights and bring fewer headaches to your commute. matt is at the toll plaza. matt? >> yes, that is the goal. this time of the morning we are used to a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. what about weapon the metering lights are on with little traffic? a new project hops to fix this. the state approved an upgrade to allow the lights to instantly respond to minute by minute traffic patterns. the lights react to what engineers expect traffic to be like not what is happening. that could moonlight traffic getting red signature malls and during accepts you get green
6:46 am
lights but the cars shoulding managed through the toll plaza. the lights were installed in 1974. traffic has increased dramatically, fast track was implemented and the new span was build. engineers told the newspaper that the metering system has been malfunctioning with aging equipment. they will replace dozens of pavement detectors and new signal heads and message signs to be completed by matt, thank you. thousands of women are having unnecessary breast cancer surgery according to doctors. most william diagnosissed with early same of cancer d to have removal of any breast tissue. this could fuel debate over the
6:47 am
increase of the surgeries. >> wall street tries to dust off and recover from a big sell off yesterday. >> apple watch sports users a complaint that lettering and wearing off along with logo. jane king, we help to end the week better than we started? >> we are not starting friday off on a good note. who knows how we finish, the dow is down 180 points and we are seeing a continued selling going on and a lot it is on worries of growth particularly china. a quarter of new moms returned to work two weeks after child birth it is a nonprofit magazine analyzed data from the labor department and found that moms cannot afford to be off any longer. only 13 percent of workers have access to paid maternity leave. there is a problem with the apple watch with the logo wearing off. does it not how it works but for a pricey project and marketed as
6:48 am
"luxury," it is up expected. >> new car prices hit a record high, coming to an average of $18,800 according to a new study with better employment, low gas, low interest rate are fueling used car sales, as well. >> thank you, jane. have a great weekend. >> we will have a great weekend, too. >> a lot is going on. we will get to the baseball forecast with star wars fireworks tomorrow at the coe. smoke, though, a lost reports of livermore smoke so i pulled you the smoke forecast. first, this is san jose. santa rosa. there is livermore and stockton. here is south lake tahoe. you can see the orange is where the concentration of the smoke is the greatest from trinity county fire. you can see going down highway 5 to the southeast that is where the smoke is supposed to be in
6:49 am
two hours. we can take the banner down and see right here you can see the smoke will be more concentrate around stockton and tracy as we head to noon and, still, very thick smoke to the north and as we head into the evening hours, northern snow may and napa is clearing out and the smoke will be thicker around livermore and toward stockton. now, a hole opened over sfo in the cloud deck with no flight arrival delays. more sun this afternoon, grab the sunglasses. manner layer means we stay cooler-than-average with hints that back in the month which could be a shower. low 60s around san jose and sunnyvale and mountain view and santa clara and campbell. 56 in the hills around los gatos. we have low-to-mid 60s elsewhere until brentwood and novato at 59.
6:50 am
the winds are blowing to the east again and they will pick up and be fatter if you are on the water whether you are recreational or traveling, commuting, they will be fastest at 2-8:00 with more sunshine an the bay than yesterday. we will be out by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 and more sunshine. temperatures are below average with mid-to-upper 60s along the coast into san francisco and low-to-mid 70s around the bay into the south bay and nearly 80 in santa rosa and low-to-mid 80s inland east bay. at game this evening, at cove 65, partly cloudy and 63 by 9:30 what you are going to notice is a degree or two warmer tomorrow holding steady on sunday and monday and maybe one or two more deaths of warmth on tuesday and cooling trend on wednesday into
6:51 am
thursday. >> leyla? traffic is looking guy westbound on 80 up to the maze. that is how we are traveling, clear conditions if you are in the drive in the westbound direction turning 360 around, in the eastbound direction, not too bad. other parts of the bay area, the south bay 101 near 880 you can see traffic is slowing nicely but the bulk of the commute is south of 880. we do have a new accident out much hayward, southbound nimitz with delays building away from highway 92. the rest of the drive through fremont is 48 miles per hour and another slow drive and to make it across the water dumbarton to the south is 53 miles per hour and to the north, 55 so volume there but, still, moving. >> back with seven things do necessity before you go.
6:52 am
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a look at the golden gate bridge, it is cloudy but traffic is moving into san francisco just fine at the moment. >> whether you are just heading out the door here are seven things to know: breaking news from vallejo's mare island. a three-alarm structure and
6:54 am
grass fire is almost out. flames broke out at a metal recycling plant the same plant that bun add -- that burned a year ago. >> an alameda sheriff deputy is hospitalized with not life threatening injuries after being hit in his car in castro valley. the car was parked when it was hit. officials are not saying if the driver was drinking. >> most of us have mist and drizzle but not too heavy. it will reinforce our cooler than am temperatures. we have sunshine everywhere and quicker than year. even the coast and san francisco will see more sunshine, 66 and the warmest temperature is 77 and south bay will top out at 76 behind east bay at 7 pa, and inland east bay, no need for air conditioning and to the north bay, 80. have a good weekend. >> a slow-and-go commute on walnut creek 80 southbound through pleasant hill at highway
6:55 am
24, it will take you 11 minutes and 87 near san jose julian street traffic is light with no accidents to report. >> the 2,500 acre wildfire burning near livermore is 45 percent cape and 250 firefighters are battling the tesla fire burning since wednesday afternoon. >> in washington state plans carried the bodies of three firefighters kill on wednesday part of a special team trained to size up the wildfires before the crews arrive. more than 100 fires in washington state have burned a devastated 390,000 acres. >> cal students move into dorms and berkeley police have a warning for those partying before classes. officers crackdown on alcohol and patrol neighborhoods around campus. >> there is no underage drinking
6:56 am
at cal. >> or any other college in america. >> what a bold statement. >> we continue online and twit and facebook and will see you in 25 minutes.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, an underground explosion shaking los angeles. >> looks like we got a large multi-storied modern sealed building. got smoke showing. >> more than 150 firefighters on the scene. the blast sparking a power outage, even bringing a huge shania twain concert to a halt. also happening now, severe storms in the east. flash floods spanning the coast and it's now official, hurricane danny brewing in the atlantic. winds set to approach 90 miles an hour, and ginger has the latest track. and new overnight, jeb battles back. the republican candidate taking on trump. >> he's been a democrat longer than being a republican. >> as the debate over immigration heats up again. check this out, the surfing savior. dangerous rip currents pulling two teens underwater, one of them not breathing.


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