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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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late term fetus aborted at the planned parenthood clinic located on the alameda in san jose. it's public affairs representative had no comment about the court's decision because she'd not seen it. an antiabortion group has been posting videos from interviews of planned parenthood things done deceptively to promote falsehoods. reactions from claire mccaskill. >> the tapes are disturbing and obtained by fraud. and is an effort to get planned parenthood. >> reporter: a company that provides fetal tissue for research went to court to get the antiabortion group to stop running the videos. court says an appeal may be in
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the works. a bill to stop funding planned parenthood m reaction to the videos was defeated by democrats in the senate. two committees in the house are now undertaking investigations of their own into the practices of the group. the name of the group in california selling fetal tissue to researchers is called stem express. a political action committee is called constitutional rights is urging the public to file complaints with the san jose police department about the claims made in the latest-posted videos against planned parenthood. live in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> david, thank you. an oakland civil rights turn says police body camera video shows police appeared to follow proper procedure when chasing a speck that died between two
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buildings. the family accused police of beating him then covering up the death. >> and then, they did find him in a location and there was nothing improper about what was seen there. >> results are still pending. police believe the man died as a result of as officers say a seven year veteran of the force, a six year veteran all opened fire on a 28-year-old nate wilkes. in fremont an armed man shot by police now died. 54-year-old troy francis accused
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of threatening two roommates with a knife. officers say he refused orders to put the weapon down. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. a man thought to be carrying a handgun forced schools to go on lock down today. here, you can see police detaining him near 5th and a streets. authorities say the man got upset with a clergyman and called police on him. he wasn't armed but will be getting a mental health evaluation. for a second day, stock prices took a major plunge. today was worse. the dow fell 530 points. among local stocks netflix, apple and goolel were hit hard, dropping 5% to 7%.
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this is more than just a summer slow down. >> that is great. well, we think about august being a really slow month, but really, the dow jones suffered a correction today. we haven't had one since 2011. it was just a matter of time, and major markets in germany and france were battered as well. the selling started early and never let up. >> we just contributing to our 401(k). that is what we do. it's a concern. >> reporter: the main culprit was the slowing chinese economy. >> china is the second largest economy in the world. it's been a big mover of world trade. a big ripple effect on trading partners. >> reporter: it weighed on the market and weaker manufacturing there has been affecting tech
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companies. >> it affects the value of stock options and perhaps other bonuses from light. i don't know if it's going to have an overriding effect up front. >> reporter: oil prices set a new low, and looming is the uncertainty over interest rates. investors said it was too early to panic. >> we have investments. you know? we're not concerned overly. >> i think it will be temporary. the markets generally are cyclical. >> reporter: the worst, i'm told may not be over. september tends to be a bad month with people selling stocks and economists say this, too, of
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course shall pass. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> it will, thank you. there is good news on the economy. one expert calls it astounding. last month, 80,000 new jobs were created in california. a third of them here in the bay area. the state unemployment rate stands at 6.2%, the lowest in seven years and santa clara county now has more people employed than any time since 2001. chris nguyen has the story now where the rate is the lowest in the state. >> reporter: at jack's restaurant and bar, the manager, david jones says competition for top talent is fierce. and responses to job postings have been fewer than they used to be. >> our staffing is so strong we want people just like them so we don't have to roll the dice on a
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craig's list ad. >> reporter: san mateo county has the lowest unemployment rate in california. 3.6%. >> perception could be there are more opportunities. >> reporter: grace redman who operates stancebury staffing says more clients want a work-life balance and employers can't be as picky, some offering more money to be competitive and having to take into accounts other factors. >> means college grads and those transitioning back into the work force. able to retain the talent as well. >> reporter: this third generation florist knows a thing or two about his business. >> our candidates come from referrals. it's a family business. something we want people to be engaged in and like what they do. >> reporter: back at jack's,
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joan knows how important sit to attract quality candidates. he's a recent addition to the team and hopes by providing a great working environment, employees will stick around. >> i'm hoping this will be my last job, seriously. >> reporter: businesses are holding on to what they want, and need. chris nguyen, abc7 news. southern california tries to lure the raider as way from oakland, the developer proposed to the city. laura? >> reporter: well, he told us he has done his part, now, the city will have two weeks to review the proposal. the question remains how will a funding gap in hundreds of millions of dollars be closed? a key deadline has been met and the developer, floyd kephard
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says his plan has been submitted. >> we'll be reviewing his material in an effort to be ready when the board comes back from recess and will be informing them of our findings. >> reporter: she admits it's an uphill battle to keep them in oakland as part of a $1 billion development package. it will see retail, and housing at the current site. >> they're trying to find hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: still, no details on how he would close a $400 million funding gap, not including paying off existing detectives or buying alameda county out of the deal. still, save oakland sports president is confident oakland can keep both raiders and a's. >> he says money is not the issue. it's political will. can we make it happen? >> i don't want to see them strain the city financially to
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keep them. but i'm hoping something can come out of it. >> reporter: kephart plans to make a presentation to save oakland sports next tuesday. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. well, still ahead here tonight on abc7 news a major step forward putting awe -- a suicide barrier on the oakland bridge. >> this people of a san francisco neighborhood take the mayor to court. and a pick up in logging activity in timberland. rules in effect because of the
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. a major victory for supporters of a net to prevent suicide at the golden gate bridge. one supporter is a man that almost jumped ten years ago. >> reporter: every day, thousands flock to the golden gate bridge but a few stand out. >> they don't have a camera. they're not talking to folks. they're not smiling. >> reporter: retired sergeant kevin briggs spotted just that on march 11, 2005. >> i don't know what brought me to the bridge. i was ready to end it. >> kevin was 22. the sergeant called out to him. he jumped over the rail and landed on a pipe. i thought he'd gone over. >> i thought i was going to.
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i grabbed the railing. he distracted me. >> reporter: sergeant briggs talked kevin back to safety. but others still perished. like kyle gamboa. >> he was 18 and jumped on september 20, 2013. >> >> reporter: his parents made a promise to the bridge district. >> we go be coming to every meeting until they put up a barrier. >> reporter: now, they're getting their wish. the board agreed to hire a firm that put the contract out to by the. it can be finished in three and a half years. >> i am overjoyed. that board gave me some of the best news i've heard in a long time. >> reporter: 200 foot fall is nearly almost fatal. the net will be not fatal, but not fun. >> it will be rather unpleasant
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experience to fall into a steel net. >> reporter: the chief engineer says elsewhere in the world it keeps people from jumping. >> it would have stopped me. >> if there was a net there, i feel he would be here today. in a close vote, teachers at four catholic high schools ratified a new contract. labor negotiations got tense when the san francisco archdiocese proposed a morality clause that classified contraception and sex outside marriage as evil. the contract says now teachers are supposed to support the purpose of the catholic schools. investigators say under cover operations documented a long list of crimes at the mills
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motel, including prostitution, rape, burglary, and armed robbery. six people were arrested. oakland sued the owners in june for allowing the sexual ex-employment da -- exploiting minors. abc7 news is live in one neighborhood with the story tonight. >> reporter: in december, the streets of this neighborhood flooded. raw sewage mixed with storm water broke through man holes and rushed into homes. basements, garages and contents, soaked, walls and floored were damaged. today, eight months later sandbags are a part of the landscape on many blocks here. don and marie get emotional when talking about her grandmother who has alzheimer's disease. the water destroyed the furnace.
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>> she's been using a portable heater because we can't afford to replace the unit that was flooded. >> reporter: lawyer mark epstein represents 50 property owners. many had claims denied though he says mayor ed lee promised to make them whole again. >> he understood that they needed to repair their homes. >> reporter: tyrone jew did say many claims were paid. he said improvements have been made to the system but that the flooded area has historically been vulnerable to floods. >> there is only a certain amount of capacity you can have. once you exceed that, it's going to go towards the lowest point. >> reporter: residents are expecting the worst in the winter. there is talk of el nino and more flooding.
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friends and family of faith franture will gather to help raise money for low income breast cancer patients. she died after a long battle with the disease. carol lynn tyler was her dear friend and has been part of the friends of faith organization keeping her memory alive, helping others face a similar challenge. >> she came together with a group of us in the media and said she wanted to us do something to help women who had fewer resources than she had to deal with the disease. >> the fund-raiser begins at 9:00 a.m. at the lake view library branch. for more information there is a link on our website. many members of the media will be there and i'm proud to emcee it tomorrow. >> it's going to be lovely. we have nice weather coming up for the weekend. let's take a look at live
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doppler 7 hd. you can see low clouds around much of the day. you can see them clearly here, winds are brisk at this hour with gusts 31 miles per hour at fairfield. 23 miles per hour and a strong breeze in other locations. here is a live view looking at the western sky. you can see low clouds there over the bay. and over the golden gate. it's 62 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 66. 70 in mountain view. and 62 half moon bay. it's clear skies over the airport now. 69 in santa rosa. and 77 in fairfield and concord. towards embarcadero center, mostly cloudy skies and mild to warm days this weekend and next
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week a steady pattern over the eastern pacific. near us, but let's travel to the tropical system. this this is expected to become a hurricane by monday, turning sharply northward. if it stays on that track, it could pose a threat to kauai next week. moving well beyond the coast and inland, lows upper 50s to 60s, mild with highs to about 80 in san jose. and mid to upper 60s on the
6:21 pm
coast. north bay highs from mid-60s on the coast to upper 70s and low 80s inland valleys. 77 in fremont. inland east bay, warmer there. low to is aly bit of an increase in inland temperatures tuesday and wednesday. so moderate again. >> san francisco police officer talks about his danceoffuñ
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the metering lights in the bay bridge toll plaza are about to get an update. you know the back up, whenever you cross from oakland into san francisco, timed metering lights just pass the toll plaza, help control traffic but they have glitches and sometimes, lights appear to create congestion when traffic is actually light. >> that is what causes the traffic when they're red and there is no need for it. it's no traffic at all. then, they're red. now we have to stop.
6:25 pm
the build up. the back up, then, we're like why? so yes. that is a problem. >> now, caltrans is working to make them more responsive to current traffic conditions. the $7 million project is the first major upgrade since 1974. a san francisco police officer is getting lots of attention after breaking it down with a young patient at ucsf antioch children's hospital. >> officer joseph marte had a dance offwith colton garra, he is being treated for an aggressive form of cancer, neurobla neuroblastoma. >> i congratulated him on a break dancing video and he
6:26 pm
wasted no time into challenging me. >> his family says that interaction made everyone's day. >> we're approaching the one-year anniversary of the napa earthquake. coming up, michael finney will have good news about a storage facility. you may be able to get your stuff out. and new tensions on the korean
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it's been nearly a year since a 6.0 earthquake damaged the napa area. >> hundreds have been living under the threat of more destruction. >> michael finney is here with the story. >> reporter: for a year, these residents put precious belongings into a storage
6:30 pm
facility. the owner planned to bull doze the building until residents came up with millions to shore it up. now, it looks like they'll get their belongings back. >> reporter: most of joan clark's worldly belongings are in this building. >> all of my belongings are in there. >> reporter: she sold her house and put everything in storage. >> the killed billing can't be safed and needs to be demolished. i said what about our belongings? they will be demolished. i was angry. i was really angry. i heard that. >> this 13-year-old was was worried about the items her family store there'd.
6:31 pm
>> my great grandmother's piano is in there. >> reporter: 223 tenants found out their valuables are trapped here at napa self storage. the city red tagged the structure after the quake, it's shell, buckled. too risky to go inside. >> if you want your belongings, this is how much you're going to pay. >> reporter: owners gave them a choice. >> an ultimatum. >> tenants could pay a contractor to shore up the building and remove their belongings or lose everything in a demolition. the cost, $170 million. tenants paying $1700 each. with no assurances. >> it doesn't seem fair a renter has to be responsible for someone else's building. >> reporter: tenants were told those who didn't pay would not be able to get their goods, yet
6:32 pm
some couldn't afford it. soon after the quake, jessica found out her 2-year-old son has a rare immune disease and needs a bone narrow transplant. >> in a year we've given up our home, our furniture, and now to be told there is a chance we may not get the stuff out? that is all we have left. >> reporter: she tried to scrape up her share of the cost. >> we were able to come up with $200. that is not the full amount. >> reporter: she wasn't sure she'd be entitled to her belongings and imagined her wedding dress and baby pictures under a bulldozer. the owner points to a sign that says the owner is not responsible for stored property for any cause whatsoever, including earthquakes. napa self storage says it's equal to what they would have paid in rent and the company
6:33 pm
contributed $39,000 towards the cost. tenants held fund-raisers and contributed what they could. finally with a $25,000 grant from the napa valley community foundation, this summer, they reached a goal. tenants are now assured they'll see their belongings just not sure they're still intact. . >> i feel good knowing we have a chance to get some of it out. >> i'm confident there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: tenants who could not afford to pay will be able to get their items back thanks to donations that met the fund raising goal. they'll be notified in eight weeks from now. i'll show you, hopefully, the happy reunions. hopefully what they find inside. we don't know. >> we'll be broadcasting live from napa monday marking the anniversary of the earthquake. i'll be in downtown napa, at 5:00 and 6:00 to see how things
6:34 pm
have changed. >> we've up loaded snap shots from our reporting to see what a difference a year made in napa. there are a lot of repairs to be made from the napa quake. it took a chunk out of this sound wall, leaving homeowners exposed to anyone driving by. the city says eight homeowners share responsibility for replacing it, but they would like caltrans to pitch in half of the cost. >> i'm told it's on a private property. yes. it's private property so belongs to those homeowners. . >> i was hoping to get good neighbor fencing. >> a developer built the wall on private property. overseas a man with ties to terror is in custody in france after two u.s. marines took him down during a train attack. they were heading from amsterdam
6:35 pm
to paris when an armed man began attacking riders. one marine and another passenger were seriously injured. u.s. military exercises with south korea continue despite threats from the north. exercises were stopped after weeks of threats and violence came to a head thchl week, north korea fire into a southern border town. the south returned fire. no one was hurt. reports say the north moved military units into place along the dnz. >> i think we're into a crisis moment right now and i'm not sure there is an easy way to deescalate this at this point. >> north korea imposed a saturday deadline for south korea to stop playing anti-north korea propaganda on their loud
6:36 pm
speakers on the
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a bay area company believes it has a way to make wearing contact relenses safer and more
6:39 pm
efficient. >> reporter: if you wear contact lenses you know putting them in and taking them out is part of the routine. forget to clean them, and you can expose your eyes to serious infections. >> these could range from an ulcer or a severe fungal infection to make someone go blind. >> reporter: catherine is an ophthalmologist and with nova bay, the company won approval for the intela case, designed to disinfect in a safer way. >> it determines when the patient uses the lens. >> reporter: developers say it's been the gold standard for killing dangerous bacteria but fell out of favor because of safety concern s. >> if you get hydrogen peroxide
6:40 pm
on your eye, you get a burn. >> reporter: the case makes sure it's been neutralized. a light switches from yellow to green when safe to return. >> if for any reason there is a problem, that light will blink. >> reporter: developers believe the system offers better protection from dangerous eye infections. and, they say the indicator light system prevented accidental burning in clinical trials. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc7 news. the company plans to begin sell them by the end of the year. well, coming up next a lot more logging taking place in california's
6:41 pm
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to eliminate potential of a fire, the state is allowing loggers to take out thousands of dead, and dying trees. kate valentine has that story
6:44 pm
tonight from pinehurst. >> reporter: loggers are hard at work at pinehearst. the trees are threatening to fall. >> you can see the tree is faded. lime green, next week, it will be brown. >> reporter: forester jeff glut onn onnee says that the trees are about to change. >> beetles came in and devastated this place. >> reporter: the drought created perfect conditions for bark beetles to thrive. other trees are dying because they're sick for water. they've cut down requirements for loggers to remove dead trees, hoping to make the forest safer. >> the logs were available, and millers were still taking logs before winter gets here. >> reporter: malio moved to live
6:45 pm
in the tree s. >> hard to see. when the area gets changed you feel like oh, that is not so good. but you know, it will recover. >> reporter: she's had several trees cut down near her home and says logging will help firefighters have a better chance, stopping a blaze. >> you saw it driving in. there is a band here, like 60% to 70%. >> reporter: 60 trucks hauled away a thousand trees but trees continue to die, so this won't be the last truck to drive off. only one city on the west coast made the ten best local food scenes and it isn't napa or san francisco, it's oakland. coming in at number seven, the culinary seen is hot and trending. diners can find a wide range of foods and neighborhoods to choose from. oakland restaurant
6:46 pm
week is considered one of the best in the bay area. readers of "usa today" vote on the list. >> wow. >> that is great. >> absolutely. >> let's update the forecast. weekend is here. >> spencer christian is always looking forward to the weekend. >> and hungry after that story. it's going to be a nice weekend. low clouds on the coast now, over to the tropical atlantic, a powerful hurricane doesn't look very massive, but it's a category 3, moving on a westward track expected to cause the storm to weaken a bit moving towards puerto rico and dominican republic over several days. if it does hit land here, expect it to be as weak as a tropical storm but still, flooding and other damage. we'll watch the storm for you. tomorrow, sunny, calm, and hot. high temperatures 90s in chico.
6:47 pm
and 110 in palm springs. here in the bay area, mielgd to warm. highs into 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. a gradual increase with highs in the low 90s inland by wednesday. >> a little bit of a heat snup. >> yes. just nice. >> yes. >> typical late-summer pattern. >> yes. thank s. >> time to talk sports tonight. >> yes. baseball to talk about? >> yes. i think we can agree the world is a better place when madison bumgardener is on the mound. and it's interesting when guys
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good evening, giants acquired marlon bird yesterday and he made an impact today. speaking of impact, madison bumgarner, he did it again. marlon bird going to take flight here in the first inning. bird with three hits so far in
6:51 pm
the last -- i'm in love with marlon bird already. madison bumgarner facing jeff locke, locked and loaded. giants up 5-1, pirates get a run back in the third. brandon belt would answer, goes off the high wall, bumgarner, strong late, staring down old teammate michael morse, come get some. the raiders are in minnesota, taking on vikings tomorrow, silver and black looking to improve in a pretty good showing in week one. they were the last two big name quarterbacks taken in the 2014 draft. carter the most impressive
6:52 pm
quarterback in that crop. carr has great respect for bridgewater and looks forward to competing against him this weekend. >> he's a great guy. and it was really -- there were four quarterbacks that didn't know where they're going to fall and all that. we happened to be the last two. i'll never forget. i just know that him, as a competitor, great competitor, i wish him a world of success. >> with a glut of tight ends, 49ers traded derek carriere who has seen limited playing time. skins lost two to injuries so they need derek >> check out this graphic that
6:53 pm
says unleash the tiger. that is what happens in greensboro. davis love iii trying to become the third oldest winner in pga history. long birdie putt on its final hole of the day for a nine under 61. now, tiger putting for birdie on nine. watch what happens here. the ball backs up at the lift. look at the lady in the window. she can't believe it. how did that happen? big breaker for birdie here. it's just right on target. so he's nine under par. then a beautiful first on 15. tiger a down hill eagle putt. tiger moves into a tie for the lead with rookie tom hogan, 11 under. tiger atop the leader board for the first time in two years. >> i want to win this tournament. i came here to win it. and right now i'm in good shape. >> looks like an easy birdie
6:54 pm
putt for andreas parto. he signals to his girlfriend, and drops to his knee and does the "will you"? maybe that is a first in the middle of a round. it's all right. they have wedding plans this weekend. it's fine. >> nice. >> thank you. >> well, join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, cable channel 13. the burning man bugs. lots of them showing up at the festival. what they are, and can they bite? then, dog owners on edge. tonight, attack on a couple walking their dog in san francisco, and the warnings going up across the city, on abc7 news at 11:00. and tonight's abc7 programming line up starts with inspiring celebrities and young people sharing passion for making a difference, then, it's
6:55 pm
shark tank, excuse me. 2020 and abc7 news at 11:00. >> tonight, thoughts about what really matters. if you have investments, stocks are down 530 points today. only eight times in american history has the dow dropped more than today, down more than 10% from it's high in may. experts call this a correction. the rest of us may call it a crisis. but in most respects, during the 20th century, the stock market's rate of turn was 10.4%. yes, first decade of the new millennium was very rough, barely over 1%. but last several years have seen stellar increases. it is a sickening feeling to watch investments plummet, though, like we have this week. we watched as our home values and retirement savings dropped to the floor boards. what matters is keep in mind
6:56 pm
what's happening now, most say is not a long-term crisis. best advice, they say don't panic. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we hope to see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's kids week contestants -- he's focusing on becoming a corporate attorney, because of his fascination with the law and the way contracts are written. from burlington, wisconsin, make it your business to clap for tyler van patten. [ applause ] she's hoping to become a teacher and inspire her students in fun and interesting ways, much like her teachers did for her. from johns creek, georgia, everyone take your seats and say hello to neha rao. [ applause ] and she loves the idea of creating art that people can live in every day and plans on becoming an architect and interior designer. from san mateo, california, start building those cheers for emma miller. [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hello, ladies and gentlemen. because of the way things have been going so far in this kids week, i want to say that i'm delighted to be back here to spend a half an hour in the company of the little people, the very bright little people. tyler, neha, and emma, good to be with you. let's go to work, shall we? here comes the jeopardy! round for you, and here come the categories, starting off with... next, you deal with... we'll give you... you give us the longer version, please. you get to deal with... and finally... you're gonna love it. emma. um, song lyrics for $200, please. emma. who is clementine? that's it.


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