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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that guy with an ak entered the train cabin so me and my friend got down and i said, basically, let's go. >> a call to action that likely saved many lives. hear from the group of men with ties to northern california being praisees to stopping what could have been a mass killing on a train to paris. the three friends who stopped the gunman are anthony sadler, senior at sacramento state, spencer stone, with the u.s. air force, and army national guardsman alek skarlatos. here's what they're saying about their actions. melanie?
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>> reporter: the friends were relying on their training traind their instincts. it started with two words, let's go. >> i tried to chute him -- >> terror on a train, airman spencer stone walking oust the hospital eve overcoming a gunman on a paris-bound train who could have taken his life and possibly others. >> a good ten meeters to get to the guy weapon didn't know his gun one working. spencer just ran anyway. >> the gunman cut spencer. alek skarlatos, recently back from afghanistan, also sprang into action. >> i showed up and grabbed the gun from him, and we basically started beating him in the head until he went unconscious. >> passengers help tie up the 26-year-old moroccoan gunman.
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spencer and alek were on vacation with anthony sadler. >> in the aftermath we saw that a man's throat had been slit, and he was bleeding profusely, and spencer, who has some paramedic training, just clogged up his neck job authority says the gunman had an assault rifle, knife and close to a dozen additional cartridges, spencer and alek's mothers relieved their sons are alive. >> i'm greatful that everything turned out company. >> am lech's dad proud but not surprised. >> they knew they had to do something, and they risk their lives. >> in instinct tough reaction that changed the course of a terrifying trip on the train. abc7 news. >> a british businessman was the fourth to join the three americans in subduing the train gunman, chris norman says he was working on his commuter and heard a gunshot.
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>> i heard bun guy, american, say, go get him. my thought was, okay, i'm probably going going to die any. so let go. >> norman was returning from a business trip to his home in southern france. new details about the train attack suspect. he had been identified by fingerprints as a 26-year-old moore rock can man. france's interior minister said the man was earlier place ode an security watch list by spanish authorities and has been l. bid investigations of radical islamist groups. french president hollande will meet with the men who subdued the gunman. his office said in a statement he would meet with them at the presidential palace in the coming days to express france's gratitude. the belgian government stepped up rail security following the foiled train attack. security patrols are beefed up on the hugh-speed trains which link major cities to paris.
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police are warned to be on alert at major events and public gatherings. our coverage continues next of world news tonight and abc7 news at 6:00. protesters gathered at planned parenthood clinics across the country, calling for an end to federal funding for the organization. a viewer sent us this protest outside the clinic in hayward. protests started after an anti-abortion group secretly filmed video the group says shows planned parenthood staffers selling fetal tissue for research. planned erranthood denied the visions. yes a court rule the videos can be shown publicly. >> a planned parenthood clinic in san jose was accused of using tissue from a fetus that was are bothered. >> it's a day of new binges and long goodbyes as uc berkeley.
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this weekend students are moving into the campus housing for the start hoff the school year. cornell bernard is live in berkeley with how things are going. hi, cornell. >> reporter: i just talked to a uc berkeley police officer. he says the day, believe it or not, has gone very smoothlyby with few glitches, thousands of students are moving into this cluster. tomorrow dorms. their parents not far behind. this incoming freshman from santa rosa is moving into davidson hall, wheeling just about everything he will need for college in a big orange bin. mom is helping, to too, 7,000 students are move bog campus housing this weekend. so far, everything seem -- everyone seems to know where they're going, thanks to advisers stationed near the dorms answering questions. sebastian just found his dorm room, meeting his two room
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mates, mom is mel -- melancholy but she is excited. >> the adrenaline for this, there's a mix of nerves and excitement, but i am really looking forward to the year at cal. >> this is why you have kids to see them launch, but it's an emotional day as well. >> police welcomed new students but warned partying with alcohol in the dorms is not allowed, and if you plan to celebrate offcampus, do it response my. classes begin august 26th. we're live at uc berkeley. >> fire crews have the tesla fir burn near livermore 58% contain. the 2700 ache at the wildfire broke out wednesday. only one home was destroyed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in washington, lighter winds helped firefighters gain the upper hand against a series of massive wildfires. resources are stretched so thin officials began providing training to volunteers who had
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machinery to help dig firelines. volunteers from as far away as new zealand and australia are joining the fight to help save homes. >> they're committed. they're tired. they're working long hours. they're not getting sleep. they're getting chased from one house to another. but they're giving it their best. they're doing a great job. >> three firefighters were killed in the firefight on wednesday. president obama signed an emergency declaration yesterday allowing for more federal resources. up next, walk in one woman's memory that is helping so many others. we'll take you to this year's friends of fraught breast cancer walk. also coming up, touching reunion after a rough day for this puppy. >> so adorable. drew tuma. clouds to sunshine on this saturday but a marine layer that pretty deep is keeping temperatures below normal. how long it sticks around in the accuweather forecast.
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police are on the lookout for distracted drivers. extra officers are on the alert. napa police say even using a hands-free phone can make driving more dangerous because it takes a driver's attention off the road. >> a warning if you like to swim in the russian river. officials discovered blue-green algae. it can cause rashes and blisters and headaches and vomiting. health officials said the best idea is to just avoid the water. officials say the high temperatures and the drought are to blame for the algae. people joined together for
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the 11th annual friends of faith breast cancer fundraiser in oakland. [cheering] >> the 5k walk and run was after a bay area broadcaster who passedded away from breast cancer, carol tire help was her friend and has become part of this event to help low income patients. >> we had great turnout. everyone seemed to be really focused on what our mission is, which is to help those who are uninsured or underinsure and doling with breast cancer. >> if you'd like to donate to friends of faith we have a link on our web site, a calming day on the water turns to chaos. take a look. coming up, hear from a kayaker who frantically tries to outpaddle a lightning storm. taking you live outside. a little cooler than normal but beach weather is coming,
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meteorologist drew tuma has details when abc7 news continues. >> we will be broadcasting live from napa monday as we mark the anniversary over the august 24th earthquake at 5 and 6:00 p.m. dan ashley will be the heart of downtown napa to show us how things changed women have uploaded snapshots to visit our web site to see for yourself what a difference a leave early go roam sleep in sleep out
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dine water quickly became a scramble for safety for the kayaker in florida. he posted it on youtube. check out the lightning. eric wallace says the storm snuck up on him quickly during a
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fishing trip. >> we bolts striking all over, in front of me, to behind me, i was lucky it wasn't on him. >> they both safely made it to a house at the end of the channel. a puppy and her mother are reunited after a rough ordeal. the puppies too tiny to open their eyes, fell into an open sewer pipe outside a phoenix house. law enforcement and humane society tried everything to get her and itout and when nothing work they called a plumber. the little dog was freed after nine hours ungrade. she'll stay at the humane society with her mother for two months and then will be adoptable. now time to check in with drew tuma. house the weather looking. >> gorgeous. mom didn't want to let the little puppy go. live doppler 7hd showing you it's a quiet summer pattern right now. take a live look at the exploratorium camera showing you blue skies on the bay water. light chop, and right now 67 in
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san francisco. a bit warmer in oakland, 72. mountain view, 7 5. san jose, 77. 73, morgan hill. half moon bay, 64. we had clear skies but right there, right on the coast, you can see the marine layer waiting to move back and over the bay tonight, but right now under sunshine, santa rosa, 73. novato, 81. fairfield, 84. 80 concord. 84, livermore. the next couple of hours, the evening planner shows coastal clouds early on. temperatures on the comfortable side. sun goes down at 7:53 and by 11:00 we'll have a cooler west wind, dropping temperatures into the up ir50s. it's a tranquil picture up and down the west coast. coastal plans -- coastal clouds are still in play.
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this is keeping keep the malene layer mr. place. tomorrow morning, we have been through this many times this week, the morning clouds will be there. they will erode by the information. sunshine, the only exception along the coast. and temperatures thanks to the marine l.a. will be normal. update on tropical depression kilo. what was happens as you go into the forecast. wednesday and thursday, it does strengthen into category 1 storm, but it kind of meanders in the pacific and all indications is that it will stay to the west of hawai'i, but something we'll be tracking over the next couple of days. i tonight, back here in the bay area, upper 50s to low 60s. overnight, we could have some isolated spots of light drizzle. highs for sunday, south bay, sunshine, 81, san jose, 83
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morgan hill. 65 pacific. a downtown san francisco, 69. north bay, 80, calistoga. 74, petaluma. 7 5 san rafael. 72 vallejo. east bay, oakland, 73. richmond, 71. 77, fremont, 76, union city. inland, warm and comfortable, sunshine. 84, pittsburg. livermore, 85. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow, sunny and beautiful. monday and tuesday, bit of a warming trend happening especially inland. by wednesday could track morning drizzle, otherwise it's warm along the coast, and a week from today a chance we could have showers move into the pictures. welcome news. >> what a mild august we have been having. >> so nice. >> thank you, drew. kole colin is in for mike this evening and we're talking about
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the giants needing a win against the pirates. >> a bit of a rough road trip, especially these one-run games. can't get over the hump. pittsburgh with the king-sized home run, two of them. the giants on the wrong end of another one-run game on the road. sports is next.
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who would make the most out of the least? that's what today reside giants-pirates game came down to at&t park, considered by most the best of the new ball porks, pnc a close second.
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trying to sneak the cheese past my bro. take that. no, no, no, marte brings it back, cole goes seven innings. fifth, blanco stealing second and then scores on the next hit. one hit allowed and here it is and there it goes, it's tied, and then in the step. , king kong all over hunter strickland, the fast ball, way out, pirates 2-1. giants get a gift in the 8th. the ball gets away from stewart. duffy scores. we're tied. marte, a walkoff, pirates with four hits in the game, two from kong, two of the four hits are home runs. after tomorrow's series finales the giants come home to face the cubs. chicago facing the braves,
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russell ties it at 7:00 with a solo shop, and. and the cubbies win and now lead the giants by five game are for the second wild card spot. collin kaepernick, limited to one possession in the fibers' preseason opener last weekend. you can expect two or three from him tomorrow night when the niners host dallas in their second exhibition game. for the cowboys, after sitting out the opener tony romo is still to play but still no certainty. concern over the condition of the field at levi's stadium the question. the niners are prepared to see the first team offense. >> a great opportunity going into the season, high-powered offense, great quarterback, great receiving group, something we'll be able to see before the season. probably make mistakes butted that is what the preseason is for. just something good to do going
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into the season. >> if you're a niner fan, you want to see tony romo, raiders in minnesota, just started with the vikings, game two on the preseason docket, and first team is on the field. it's 0-0. most days the season tiger woods would have been happy with a 2-under par 68. not today. now he'll have to come from behind to win his first tournament in almost two years. third round of the wyndham championship. gorse with nine birds on his way to an 8-under. gets to 15-under. takes the lead into sunday. tiger paired with tom hoagy in the final group today. asked if he could recognize hoeingy, tiger said, no, i wouldn't. is in birdie putt for hoagy but he is two over tiger's buyingy has him two back.
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i think it's going be a great final round if think tiger is going to finish in at the top two. not play in the first pairing but look for tiger to get in the top two and advance to fedex cup playoffs. >> golf is more exciting when tiger is in. >> the following day the crowds in greensboro, all because of tiger. >> great to see him put on the red and be intimidating. thank you, colin. this may not look like much but what is happening here is a big deal for the national zoo. we'll explain when abc7 news at 5:00 returns. >> it was so hard and so loud.
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coming up at 6:00, california mother warning parent about what she claims to have found in her baby wipes. think like an animal. researchers say it could help save many a species on our planet. the giant panda at washington's national zoo gave birth today. she gave birth this afternoon. officials don't know the sex or paternity of the cub. if the cub survives it would be the 17-year-old panda's third surviving offspring. the first was born 2005, and the second one has a birthday tomorrow. >> you can watch abc7 news news on all of your favorite shows with want abc, and the watch app now available for xbox 360 and your tablet, smartphone or computer.
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have a great night. welcome to "world news tonight." u.s. servicemen on a high-speed train, jumping into action, grabbing a shooter's gun, saving lives. >> i looked over at spencer and said, let's go, go. >> tonight those heros speaking out. the stunt pilot in the military jet, thousands watching as something goes horribly wrong. the fireball, the sky full of smoke, the deadly crash landing onto a crowded road. donald trump packing a stadium, arriving in his plane, playing to his fans. >> i'll prove once and for all that it's mine. >> did he break a campaign record? and the hip-hop star at the center of the hit movie "straight outta compton" making millions on his bad boy image, what dr. dre is apologizing for tonight.


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