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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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tell their story. >>
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we didn't know his gun wasn't working or anything like that. just ran anyway. >> spencer stone one of three northern california men who stopped an attack on a train, now out of the hospital. tonight we are hearing front men who have become international heroes. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm matt keller. french authorities said if not for the actions of the three friend from sacramento many people may have died. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live with more. melanie. >> reporter: when it comes to vacation stories the three friend may have one of the best yet. monumental train ride transformed them from tourist to heroes. injured but not defeated. airmen spencer stone wave to photographers as he left the hospital. spencer one of three men called
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international heroes. for thwarting a tear railroad attack on a paris-bound train. sacramento state senior anthony saddler another. though he questions the title. >> my friend spencer is a he roehero. he got up. we followed. >> the navy guardsmen, who tackled the gunman was instin instinctu instinctual. >> he shot the video of the gunman hogtied. but not before the 26-year-old moroccan man armed with assault rifle and knifemanaged to cut spencer. his mother believed he is alive. >> i really feel like, he had a divine intervention and they were saved. because the gun was at his head. >> reporter: the three men vacationing. as the the train was passing belgium, alex spotted the gunman and said to spencer and anthony, let's go. >> i showed up grabbed the gun
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from him. we basically started beating him in the head. >> reporter: alex's dad reacted to his son's heroism. >> they knew they had to do something. they risked their lives. >> reporter: beyond pride, anthony's father described where he is finding comfort. >> still the dominant feeling past that it is great relief that we didn't lose our son. >> reporter: authorities arrested the gunman. his plot filed thanks to the efforts of three fast moving men. melanie woodrow, abc news 7 news. >> president obama called the three men today to commend and congratulate them for their kur -- courage. the president expressed gratitude for their heroic actions. the suspect as been identified, a 26-year-old moroccan man. france's interior minister said he was placed earlier on a watch list. he was described as islamic extremist. >> the belgian government
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stepped up rail security following the attack. police have been warned to be on alert at major events and public gatherings. >> oakland police on the scene of a double shooting tonight. just after 10:00 on 2600 block of 77th avenue. one victim may be a child. a crew on the scene. we'll bring you updates later this hour. >> in lack couke county, a wild spreading fast. the peterson fire started at 5:30 this afternoon. peterson lane in kelsey view. burned at least 400 acres and structures are threatened. this is the third major fire in lake county this summer. the jerusalem fire near middletown is 98% contained. the riocky fire contained last friday. head to abc 7 news meteorologist for a look at conditions. firefighters are facing in the area tonight. drew. >> they have pretty good conditions at this hour. relative humidity is high. the wind are rather calm. take a look to the south of kelseyville. relative humidity its good.
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68%. high. wind in the area are calm. widen out. show you this is relatively close to the other two fires in lake county. the rocky fire and jerusalem fire. so the forecast over 24 hours. near the peterson fire. relatively calm wind. early morning hours. then tomorrow afternoon. a westerly wind gusting to 13 miles per hour. firefighters will face westerly wind. keep much of the bay area comfortably cool for sunday. look at numbers. the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. matt. >> thank you, drew. well authorities are scrambling for resources to help on the front lines as wildfires continue across the west. they're asking for all right help they can get. abc news reporter, is in washington with more. >> to nights crews battling wildfires out of control in washington getting reinforcement. >> this is our practice fire shelter. >> up to 3,000 citizen volunteers answering unprecedented call for help. training today on the front lines tomorrow.
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>> they call for volunteers. we can help in any way. we'll be here. >> the complex fires in central washington scorching more than 227,000 acres. responsible for the deaths of three firefighters, the president declaring a state of emergency. >> there has been folks here since day one. they're tired. you know? it's the how. it's windy. they're, they're watching lots of the, lots of -- lots of ground be lost. watching homes beep los lost. that just add it. >> 60 mile an hour wind gusts fueling the flames. the fires damaging power lines. leaving hundreds of people in the dark tonight. many towns remain evacuated. because of the danger. officials say hundred of homes remain in danger. after all of that is burned around here, they're hoping a break in the wind could help firefighters get a leg up. fire crews now have the fire burning near liver more.
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95% contained. 2700 acre wildfire broke out wednesday. one uninhabited home was destroyed. cause of the fire is under investigation. a scary situation in daly city after a paraglider flew into a power line. neighbors took the cell phone video on skyline and ocean side drives 4:00 this afternoon. you see the man hanging from the top of the pole. sparks flew close. impact knocked out purr ower to customers. >> the parachute was flopping in the wind. something up there was shooting sparks everywhere. >> it took more than an hour for rescues to reach the paraglider. gave him a knife. he is expected to be okay. pg & e says power should be back on 2:00 a.m. police arrested a suspected gunman in san francisco tonight after he led them on a chase
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across the bay bridge. highway patrol officers chased the man over the bridge. police say when he got out of his car and ran off. coast guard boat, san francisco, police, and chp searched for more than an hour the eventually the man was arrested. no word on why police were chasing this man. in san jose, police are trying to find a driver, ran a man over. killing him. officers found the man after 6:00. king road. south. storey road. he was an hispanic man in his 60s. a man died in fairfield after being crushed by a military style armored vehicle. investigators say the 55-year-old man was riding on the front of the vehicle on abernathy road. the driver went on una hill. man fell off. a tank ran him over. no one else was hurt. >> police are searching for a man and woman accused of buying gift card with a stolen credit card. surveillance video take in outside target in petaluma. this couple bought $15,000 worth of gift card using a stolen
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credit card. >> still to come on abc 7 news t a big day on the cal berkeley campus. controlled chaos. warning for students. as move-in weekend begins. check out this monster robot. meet the bay area man who built it. find out what he plans to do with it very soon. and later. >> oh. >> heroes. teaching your children how to dial bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club...
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on the big screen. giant robots ready for battle.
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one massive piece of metal in the bay area isn't for the movies. for a battle for world supremacy. kind of. abc 7 news reporter, climbed aboard for a closer look at the mega bot. this is the mark two. 15-foot, 12,000 pound mega bot. play the video games. dreams of actually being the pilot. in these giant fighting robots. we wanted to make that a reality. >> it is armed with battery of 20 rapid fire air guns and massive paint ball cannon. >> this looks like it is built for war. i'm told it is built for fun. >> some of their technology could be used for future tools and industries like mining or construction. and before anyone has visions of this robot going haywire like you may have seen in science fiction movies.
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>> put down your weapons. he says that went happen with the mark 2. >> don't make autonomous decisions. not going to fire by themselves. still takes the pilot to pull the trigger. all that. still a human in the loop. >> it is built for robot to robot combat. so they have challenged the makers of a japanese megabot to a battle. >> they want combat. reoutfit our robot it can with stand hand-to-hand combat with a giant robot. >> they want to raise half a million dollars to engineer punching mechanisms and better safety cage. >> there there is element of danger in the whole on lags. >> you are okay. >> we feel that brings tremendous entertainment value. >> the showdown planned for next year. in oakland. abc 7 news. >> this weekend. students are moving into uc berkeley for the start of the school year. 7,000 moving into dorms and campus housing. abc 7 news on campus. freshmen moved tine day. an emotional time for parents of
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course as their sons and daughters look forward to a new adventure. >> really exciting. i mean adrenaline is unmatched for something like this. and there is a, good mix of nerves as well as excitement. but i am really looking forward to the year to come. >> this is why you have kid. to see them launch. an exciting day. emotional day as well. >> campus police wanted to welcome students too. caution drinking in the dorms will not be tolerated. classes start august 26. >> great turn out today for 11th annual friends breast cancer 5 k walk and run. a bay area broadcaster passed away in 2003 from breast cancer. caroline tyler was her friend and part of the event since it started. mission is to help uninsured or underinsured patients fight breast cancer. great day for 5 k walk and run. let's check in. a look at tomorrow. drew. >> if you look today you are
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going to love tomorrow. rather quiet august pattern in the works with comfortable temperatures. live dop elerdoppler 7. 22nd day of the month. today it was 73 the high. average time of year. oakland warmer 75. san jose coming in 2 degrees shy of average of 83. 81 this afternoon. go outside. a live look. showing you, bouncing off the low clouds map. reason layer back. rather thick. means the cloud are going to take their time clearing tomorrow morning. out there right now. mixture of 50s and 60s. current temperature. 59. napa. 63 in oakland. 62, hey ward. san francisco. 62. mountain view. 63. live doppler. cloud hugging the california kes kes -- cloud lugging the california coast. what that is doing. helping keep marine layer in play. it will do so tomorrow. future weather has you covered
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hour by hour. tomorrow morning. the morning. low cloud around bay perhaps. isolated pocket of drizzle. cloud clear back to the coast. lots of sunshine. by the afternoon. which is great news if you are headed to levi stadium. cow cowboys, 49ers. game time. 5:00. warm. 81. sun goes down. 7 the. 52. 8:00. 70 degrees. fast forward the forecast into late next week. and late next weekend. you do notice by saturday morning. could be tracking some, rainshowers. moving through the bay area. of the energy moves through. something we are watching in the long term forecast. meantime. watching tropical depression. right now. slowly strengthening. wind right now. 35 miles an hour. west/northwest. 15. watch what happens. strengthen into a category 1 hush cane later in the week. going to keep our eye on this. does take a north-northeasterly turn. right now all indications are. it will stay to the west. of hawaii. late next week.
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here in the the bay area. mid 50s north bay. 50s. 60s. immediate bay. stars and cloud. then highs for sunday. microclimate. south bay. morning cloud. # 77 tomorrow. 65 pacifica. 69, downtown san francisco. 65, daly city. north bay. 80, calistoga. 72,the high in vallejo. east bay. oakland. 73, freemont. and inland in the 80s. 84, pittsburgh. 85, liver more. and san ramon, 81. tomorrow. sunny. beautiful. it is a touch warmer inland monday. especially into tuesday. wednesday. could have morning drizzle. thursday, friday, beach weather. sunshine. saturday track the chance of rain. cloud. and sunshine to start off. next weekend. >> all right. thank you, drew.
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>> collin is in tonight. we'll get to you in a minute. talk about pandas. what's local news without pan dras. still to come. good news comes in twos. washington national zoo. hear about the big day for the panda moms. do-up look pop tarts. a san francisco company is brewing up something different with your favorite breakfast treat. >> it was so hard. and so loud.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> oh, baby, or babies. washington's national zoo has two new baby pandas. giving birth to twins. first and then five hours later. according to the zoo. both cubs are healthy. if the cubs survive, the 17-year-old panda's third and fourth surviving offspring. >> budweiser long been known as king of beers. anheuser-busch isn't happy with the california brewer calling itself the queen of beers.
11:24 pm
lancaster based she-beverage company targeting female beer drinkers, and applied to have it as a trademark. they may believe the beverage beers come from the bigger brewer. >> may have heard of the wheaties beer. san francisco brewery, a crossover blend. 21st amendment brewery, a beer inspired by pop tarts. toaster pastry. a style red ale next saturday. tribute to the new facility which used to be a kellogg's factory. that made pop tarts. >> i don't know if i need my beer mixed with breakfast treats. >> pop tarts. >> not too sure about that one. >> a pairing we can agree. hoping for something big from the raiders. >> duo one for, going to watch for a decade right. raiders fans hope so. the guys hook up a lot. a come of superbowls. silver and black version of
11:25 pm
ac/dc, amare cooper and dareic car. thunder struck
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>> little controversy. inconsistency and lightning. sums up the raiders second preseason ganl minnesota tonight. four of eight for 78 yard. connected with amare cooper once. here it is. the little controversy. perfectly thrown back shoulder fade. and did he get both feet inbound. reviewed it. say he did. completion. and murray. going to complete. six play 75 yard drive. two yard plunge. minnesota counters. second quarter. charles johnson.
11:29 pm
end zone. nice grab. game tied at 6. after the miss. six minutes in the half. players and fans. seek shelter. lightning in the area. downpour. delayed. 1. 0, 5. play resumed. before halftime. shaun hill. the end zone. took a shot. and the vikings quarterback. raiders recovered the fumble. and, second half pick. the silver and black. and against arizona. and the national league west. and 18 today. in walk off fashion. and pnc park. and, you know he is engaged. and crawford. take that bro. taking you out. and -- brings it back. crawford 2 for 12.
11:30 pm
future brother-in-law. six innings. one hit. solo shot. and tied at one. and hunter strkland fastball. and breaking ball in the dirt. gets away from giant. two outs. and what a game he had. pirates. three are long balls. the third. one run loss in the road trip. and packing them in on star wars fireworks night. two of the three game series. and similar team. giants game. and gave up three runs. all were home runs. and in the sixth. dead center.
11:31 pm
and this is dennis eckersly. you are going to get hit. 4-2 lead. billy burns. doing it again. look at that. catch. full extension. parallel to the turf. would hand it over to the bullpen. in the ninth. bad move. first pitch. drew, cabrera, doubles down the right field line. and, loss to the as. 5-4 the final. oakland. 29. one run loss. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. rest of the day in the nfl. quakes for a shutout. saber cats. arena bowl bound. once again. show you how. great game. >> good news. thank you. >> still to come the race for the white house heats up. why two democrats are taking a barack from vacation to get back into the game. >> check this out. what
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good evening. in headlines, police are looking for the person who shot two peop people. happened after 10:00. both victim went to the hospital and are expected to be okay. watch the morning news for the latest. >> new wildfire is burning in lake county. the peterson fire around 530 south of kelseyville. >> the power should be back on in a couple hours, 100 customers in daly city after a paraglider got caught in a purr liower lin. on ocean side drive at 4:00. took an hour for rescuers to
11:36 pm
safely reach the man. he is going to be okay. turning to the race for the white house. two top democrats are taking unexpected breaks from seller vacations. one running for president. the other still hasn't made it official. abc news reporter has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton had expected to spend august off the campaign trail at new york vacation home renting in the hamptons. her campaign says she will be stumping next week in key battleground states. aide deny a change of plans. comes as cnn poll find 56% of americans say mrs. clinton did something wrong with her private e-mails. up from 51% in march. and it comes as the vils president joe biden interrupted his vacation in delaware for a secret trip back to washington and a hush-hush meeting with massachusetts senator elizabeth war earn. likely to fuel speculation that biden is mulling a run. and warren's endorsement a prize up for grabs among democrats.
11:37 pm
>> usa! >> reporter: on the republican side donald trump is basking in the glow of rally friday night in mobile, alabama. the gop front-runner drew 30,000 cheering supporters to a football stadium. a record crowd for this political season. it had a touch tough the revival meeting. >> we love billy gral. we love billy graham. >> and touch of hair trigger humor. >> if it rains i will take off my hat and i will prove, i will prove -- i'll prove once and for all that it's mine. okay. >> rival jeb bush tried to play catch up. >> he proposed largest tax increase in man kind's history. >> trump versus bush duel next week with bush on the border monday. trump in iowa tuesday. dozens protested outside planned parenthood in hayward calling for end of federal
11:38 pm
funding for the health care organization. part of a nationwide protest against the organization. protests in response to anti-abortion group secretly filmed videos shows staffers selling fetal tesh to for research. >> seven people were killed after a military jet crashed into several cars on a busy road. the vintage aircraft in an air show. doing an ak rebcrobatic loop. seven people on the ground were killed. 15 injured. >> 2,000 migrants were rescued. a boat belonging to doctors without borders helped save 300 people. officials received distress calls for vessels drifting in waters off libya. a driver in massachusetts had a big woops moment. he is driving along. then, smashed right into a bridge that was too low for his truck to fit under. police say there have been so many crashes like this one.
11:39 pm
put up a video camera to catch them all. 15 last year alone. >> when emergencies happen. abc news reporter, john donvan tells us perhaps no child is too young to laern but 911. a call comes into 911. a kid's voice. >> hello. my papa, his chest hurts. >> how old is he? >> he is 84. >> how old are you? >> i am 6. >> yes, 6-year-old trevor fowler, his grandfather having the heart attack at home in burlington, north carolina. >> is he breathing normal? >> yes. >> is he changing color? >> yes. he is getting pale. off a in january, a 4-year-old in cal ma zoo, michigan, called 911 when her mom started having seizures. >> she's shaking. she is having a baby. >> reporter: that time things ended happily. her baby brother delivered
11:40 pm
safely. >> he is cute. i love him. >> her mother taught her how to dial 911. back to trevor. listen to how cool he stays. >> how long will it take? >> i can't tell you a time. >> he kept his composure. if adults will do that. it would be's. >> it got his grandfather saved. there they are with trevor's mom, who guess what had also trained her child for this moment. >> my mom is a diabetic. so she, she keeps telling me. how to do it. >> there is a lesson in there some where about what kids are capable of when they're the ones you have to count on. john donvan, abc news. just ahead. one year since the napa earthquake. for some, they're just now getting the help they need. >> a storage facility damaged was about to be demolished with everything in it. ab about to be. how tenants may get their things back. >> abc 7 meteorologist, starting off the weekend on a gorgeous
11:41 pm
note. marine layer is back.
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nearly a year since a powerful 6.0 earthquake damaged parts of the napa area. while many have recovered. hundred of residents have been living under the threat of destruction. 7 on your side, michael finny has their story.
11:44 pm
>> that's a wall in there. >> most of joan clark's worldly belongings lie trapped in the mangled building. >> bedroom sets. all my kitchen belongings are in there. >> joan sold her house and put everything in storage after the quake. she was told sunny might never get it back. >> the building can't be saved. it need to be demolished. i said what about our belongings. they will be demolished with the building. i mean i was, i was. i was angry. >> she was devastated to find out a bulldozer might destroy everything her family stored here. everything i have to remember my great grandmother is in there. my great grandmother's piano. >> 223 tenants found out their valuables are trapped inside building 900. the two story structure.
11:45 pm
after the quake. its steely shell buckled. too risky. too risky to go inside. this is how much you will pay. gave tenants a choice. pay a contractor to shore up the building and remove their belongings. everything in a demolition. the cost of 170,000. tenants paying up to 700 each. with no assurance. their property is intact. it doesn't seem fair at all. that a renter has to be responsible for someone else's building. and will not be allowed to recover their goodz. some could not afford it. >> they're holding it for ransom. jessica found out her 2-year-old son has a rare disease and need a bone marrow transblant. she had to quit her job use their savings and begin a search
11:46 pm
for a donor. >> in a year we gave up our home. we gave up our furniture. to be told we may not get our stuff out. all that we really have left. >> she tried to scape up her share of the cost. >> come up with $200. nowhere knee the full amount. jessica wasn't sure she would be entitled to her belongings. and rolled under a bulldozer. and points to the rental agreement. says the owner is not responsible for any damage. and from any cause whatsoever. including earthquakes. >> each tenant's share is ookabooequal rent. tenants held fundraisers. tapped savings. with the $25,000 grant from the napa valley community
11:47 pm
foundation, this summer they reached their goal. tenants are assured they'll see their belongings. just not so sure they're still intact. >> i feel good knowing that we have a chance to get some of it out. >> i'm confident there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> piece of good new. tenants who could not pay their share will be able to get their items back. thanks to donations. and the fun raising goal. tenants will be notified when they can pick up their belongings. expected to happen in seven, eight wekdz from now. i well of course be there to show you how they hopefully happy reunions go. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> we'll be broadcasting live from napa monday. dan ashleyen downtown napa. 5:00. 6:00. and uploaded snapshots. abc 7 see for yourself what a difference a year has made.
11:48 pm
dealing with wildfire danger. lack county. looks like the weather is cooperating tonight. maybe the keep that danger down. >> good new. cool in the areas. the wind not a huge factor. really less than 15 miles per hour. live doppler 7. widen perspective. lower 48. watching a cold front through the midwest. earlier this evening. now marching to the east coast. 8 #, lan hot in the south. 107, phoenix. southwest. 9 # 98 in dallas. quiet weather pattern. warm to hot across state tomorrow. 82,l.a. 91, sacramento. here in the bay area. morning cloud. have isolated pocket of drizzle. specifically along the coast. afternoon sunshine. 83, concord. 69, downtown san francisco.
11:49 pm
81, san jose. the seven-day forecast. sunny. beautiful. we'll warm up a bit inland. monday. especially tuesday. wednesday. morning drizzle. possible. thursday. friday. beach weather. lots of sunshine. cloud. sun. chance of an isolated shower. quiet. >> looking forward to chance of isolated shower. exciting for the end of august. all right. thank you. drew. >> well, there's not too often that people are saying, well, maybe if tom brady did play. >> yeah, start a major controversy right now. tom brady's final days are approaching. google him. google him. the saber cats. on the right end or wrong end of the goal line call. arena bowl.
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
>> colin kaepernick. one possession in the niners preseason opener last week. expect, three, four from him tomorrow night. niners host dallas in their second exhibition game. for the cowboys, sitting out their opener against san diego. tony romo supposed to play. uncertainty. concern over the condition of the field. levi stadium. the main reason why. the niners defense, well they're expecting to see the cowboys first team offense. >> great opportunity going into the season. high powered offense. great quarterback. great receiving group. couple good tight end.
11:53 pm
and it is something that we will see before the season. you know? we'll probably make mistakes. that's what the preseason is for. and -- it any just something good to do going into the season. >> well, let's make a run around the nfl. andrew luck and the colts. hosting the bears. luck in mid season form. can't find open receivers. and the score. go for the two point conversion. luck. looking for his new favorite target. andre johnson. got it. chicago winner. 23-11. patriots/saints. new orleans. drew brees. 159 yard. two touchdowns. second one. right here. 45 yard. and brandon cook. saints led 21-0. late second quarter. tom brady started. three, three and out possessions. his backup. while he hit him. 269 yard. passing. relief. 24-yard touchdown. that's chris harper. and rally. 26-24 win. dolphins, panthers. cam newton didn't throw a
11:54 pm
touchdown. did throw a pick. jamar taylor. steps in front. newton. 4 of 10. limited action. third quarter. going to save a couple tackles here. getting in from nine yard. panthers a winner. arena football. national conference saber cats. and the center. eric myers, 445 yard passing. eight touchdowns. three to darius reynold. 15 second. down four. meier. reggie gray. makes the grab. does he get in. fumbles near the goal line. ruled a touchdown. after about a five minute review. san jose up three. one last chance. rattlers. 53 yard out. for the tie. no. instant. classic. saber cats win. 70-67. jacksonville sharks. arena bowl. 2. next saturday. 4:00 the game in stockton. well, with a rare lead going into the weekend.
11:55 pm
tiger wood hoped to put the field in the rearview mirror by day's end. the opposite happened. tiger in the middle of the leader board. the windham championship. now, going to have to come from behind. the first tournament in two years. tiger, opening birdie. hard to come by for him today. not for jason gore. 41-year-old journeyman. nine birdies. eight under 62. his final one here on 1. 15 under. he has the lead going into sunday. two shots. tom hoeing hogey. birdie putt 16. two over. six shots off the pace. tiger. roll in a birdie putt. same hole. bogey at 1. tiger. two back. need to win. finish second to advance. next week's fed ex cup playoff. lpga. third round. women's open. lydia coe. same putt. the bird.
11:56 pm
coe. four birdies. one bogey. three under 69. chance for a birdie here on 14. one rotation short. co coe, the co-leader. bristol motor speed way. the irwin tools night race. great name. and jeff gordon. become to the rain bow warriors. victory lane. finished 20th. joey legano. second win. three weeks. 176. joe gibbs racing. the winner's sscircle. quakes. nation's capital. taking on d.c. united. san jose scored three minutes into. and 12th of the season. second half. going to find hit. and past him. goes in. giving the goal to shea. we showed you billy burns. great catch. was that the play of the game.
11:57 pm
look at this. the dive. that was amazing. ha-ha. what a catch by the ball dude. the abc 7 sports report. brought to you by, xfinity. >> signed for $100 million. >> probably. >> give him a raise. couple year. >> exactly. >> all right. that's it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning. 5:00. matt keller, thank you for joining us. have a
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iator in a suit, 'cause that's what you are when you work for olivia. you're a gladiator in a suit. do you want to be a gladiator in a suit? i want to be a gladiator in a suit. (projector and camera shutter clicking) previously on "scandal"... (harrison) and that's-- olivia pope. (quinn) it is an honor to work for your law firm. we're lawyers, but this is not a law firm. law firms are for pansies. we solve problems... manage crises, save reputations. he needs a favor. there's a girl, an aide going around saying she's sleeping with him. (projector and camera shutter clicking) her name is amanda tanner.


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