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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 23rd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. and the weekend is just about over but we are still looking at a nice day to enjoy after the low clouds and fog burn back. this shot from our sutro tower camera looks pretty good. overcast conditions all across the bay and with that the blanket of clouds allowing for temperatures to be slightly warmer today than yesterday. 60 napa and santa rosa. and a look in the south bay where the clouds will reveal a sunny and pretty warm afternoon with low 80s in san jose. we've got the 49ers tonight at 5:00. mid-60s during the day coastside to near 70 downtown. looking at more pleasant low to
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mid-80s inland. we will talk about the back to school forecast and a slight bump up in the temperatures coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you many this morning sharp questions are being asked about how a man flagged with terrorism charges in france was able to border a train. three american men stopped the attack and they are now international heroes. french authorities say if not for the action of these three men, who grew up in sacramento, many people would have died. melanie woodrow has the latest. >> injured, but not defeated. airman spencer stone waved to photographers as he left the hospital. spencer is one of three men being called international heroes for thwarting a terror attack on a paris-bound train. sacramento state senior anthony sadler is another, although he still questions the title. >> i would say my friend spencer is the heroe.
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i really just followed his lead. once he got up, we just followed him. >> the third army national guardsman, alek skarlatos, who said tackling the gunman was instinctual. >> i didn't even have time to think. >> alex shot this video of the gunman hogtied, but not before the 26-year-old moroccan man armed with a knife managed to cut spencer. mother is relieved he's alive. >> i really feel like they had a devine intervention and they were saved because the gun was at his head. >> the three men were vacationing as the train was passing belgium. alex spotted the gunman and said to spencer and anthony, let's go! >> i showed up and grabbed the gun from him. and we basically started beating him in the head.
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>> alex's dad reacted to the heroism. >> they knew they had to do something. they saved lives. >> still, the dominant feel is that it's great relief that we didn't lose our son. >> authorities arrested the gunman. his plot foiled, thanks to the efforts of three fast-moving men. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> president obama called the three men yesterday to commend and congratulate them for their courage. according to a spokesperson, the gratitude for their heroic actions. the suspect has been identified. as ayoub el-qahzzani. france said the man was earlier placed on a security watch list. he's described by officials in spain, where he previously lived, as an islamic extremeist. the belgian government has stepped up rail security following the attack. police have also been warned to be on alert at major events and
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public gatherings. >> developing news this morning, another new wildfire is burning in lake county. it's spreading dangerously fast just south of clear lake. the peterson fire started around 5:30 yesterday afternoon off peterson lane in kelseyville. it's already burned at least 400 acres and structures are threatened. this is the third major fire in lake county this summer. the 25,000-acre jerusalem fire near middletown is 98% contained. the rocky fire near lower lake was contained last friday. authorities are scrambling for resources to help on the front lines as wildfires continue across the west. they are asking for all the help they can get. abc news reporter kendace gibson is in washington with more. >> crews battling the rages -- the massive wildfires raging
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out of control in washington, finally getting reinforcements. >> this is our practice fire shelter. >> up to 3,000 citizen volunteers answering the unprecedented call for help. training today on the front lines tomorrow. >> if they call for volunteers and we can help in any way, we will be here. >> the fires in central washington scorching more than 227,000 acres, responsible for the deaths of three firefighters, and the president declaring a state of emergency. >> there have been folks here since day one. and they are tired. it's hot, it's windy. they are watching lots of ground be lost, they are watching some homes be lost, and that just adds to it. >> 60-mile an hour wind gusts fueling the flames. the fires damaging powerlines, leaving hundreds of people in the dark and many towns remain evacuated because of the danger. >> officials say hundreds. homes remain in dang he, but after all that's burned around
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here, they are hoping a break in the wind could help the firefighters get a leg up. abc news, omac, washington. crews now have the fire burning near livermore 95% contained. the 2500-acre wildfire broke out wednesday. only one uninhabited home has been destroyed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning oakland police are looking for a person who shot two people overnight, sending both to the hospital. it happened just after 10:00 on 77th avenue near garfield. that's in the eastmont neighborhood. both victims are expected to recover. police have not released a motive or a description of the suspect. happening today, a celebration of the life of 8-year-old maddie middleton will be held in santa cruz. maddie was sexually a-- sexually assaulted and strangled last
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month. her 15-year-old accused of the murder. today's event will include an appearance by the minor league team of the warriors. it starts this afternoon at the keiser permanente arena. that's in santa cruz on front street. quite a scary situation in daly city after a paraglider flew into a power line. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> a neighbor took this cell phone video on skyline and oceanside drives around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. you see the man just hanging from the top of the pole. sparks flew dangerously close, and the impact knocked out power to more than 100 customers. >> his parachute was flopping in the wind and something up there was shooting sparks everywhere. >> it took more than an hour for rescuers to safely reach the paraglider. they gave him a knife to cut himself free. he is expected to be okay.
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police have arrested a suspected gunman in san francisco after he led them on a chase across the bay bridge. highway patrol officers chased the man over the bridge to the island yesterday. police say that's when he got out of his car and started running. a coast guard boat, san francisco police and the chp searched for more than an hour. eventually that man was arrested. no word on why officers were pursuing him. a man has died in fairfield after being crushed by a military-style armored vehicle. investigators say the 55-year-old man was riding on the front of the vehicle. as the driver went down a dirt hill, the man fell off, the tank ran over him. the incident happened on property owned by jelly belly ceo herman roland. roland restores military vehicles. the chp said a family reunion was taking place and people were
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riding those tanks as part of the entertainment. police are searching for a man and woman accused of buying gift cards with a stolen credit card. outside target in petaluma friday afternoon. police say this couple bought $15,000 worth of gift cards using a stolen credit card. >> lisa is here now with the forecast coming up. >> we will look for the clouds to hang around and then a 10-degree warmup for you. more 80s in the forecast and even a couple days where you could head to the beach for some nice weather. i'll explain coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, check out this monster robot. meet the bay area man who built it and find out what he plans to do with it soon. and it is a big weekend on the cal berkeley campus. you might call it controlled
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chaos, and a warning for the new pressure
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looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. well do we get points for trying?! fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better. >> this is a live look at the san mateo bridge camera as we come up on 6:12 on had sunday morning. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news.
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remember last sun, those scorching temperatures? well, today not so much. lisa argen along shortly with her full accuweather forecast. on the big screen you have seen giant robots doing battle, but this robot isn't for the movies, it's a battle for world supremacy -- kind of. abc 7's sergio quintana climbed aboard for a closer look at the megabot. >> this is a mark 2, it's a 15,000-pound megabot, and it's the brainchild of matt and his coworker. >> we had dreams of being pilots in these giant fighting robots, and we wanted to make it a reality. >> it is armed with a massive paintball cannon.
6:14 am
and also air guns. >> it looks like it's built for war, but i'm told it's built for fun. >> some technology could be used for future tools in future industries, such as mining or construction. and before you have visions of it going haywire like you may have seen in science fiction movies, he said that won't happen. >> these don't make decisions on their own. they won't fire weapons by themselves this still takes a pilot to pull the trigger and there's a human in the loop. >> but it's built for robot-to-robot combat so they challenged the makers of a japanese robot to a battle. >> now we need to rebuild it so it can withstand hand to hand fighting with another giant robot. >> they want a raise half a million dollars to put in a
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cage. there is some element of danger in this whole operation. >> and you are okay with that? , we feel it brings tremendous entertainment value >> the showdown is planned for next year. in oakland, abc7 news. a new study is confirming what many people already thought, humans are the super predators on earth, and our dominance is not sustainable. australian researchers looked at thousands of interactions between predators and prey. for most animals there's a balance in how they hunt, which can preserve most species. however, when humans hunt and gather animals, the methods are so devastating they alter the course of their evolution and in some cases force the animals to extinction. researchers suggest hunting more like other predators, like fishermen going after younger fish and releasing older fish which lay more eggs. new this morning. university of california berkeley police chief margaret
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bennett is now a crime victim. she went for a run and when she got back to the parking lot she discovered her unmarked police car had been broken into. the police department is investigating the burglary. this weekend students are moving into u.c. berkeley for the start of the new school year. 7,000 students are moving into dorms and campus housing. abc7 news was on campus as new freshmen moved in yesterday. it's an emotional time for parents, as their sons and daughters look forward to a new adventure. >> it's really exciting. the adrenaline is kind of unmatched for something like this. there's a good mix of nerves, as well as excitement. but i am really looking forward to it. >> this is why you have kids, to see them launch so it's an exciting day. but it's an emotional day, as well. >> campus police are welcoming the new students, too, but warning there is zero tolerance
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policy toward drinking in the dorms. classes start on wednesday. people who use the elevators at their local bart station are in for a treat. starting tomorrow bart will begin tearing up and replacing the floors in all 127 elevators in stations and parking garages. the workers will clean, disinfect and repair the entire elevator system before putting down new aluminum diamond plate flooring. the elevators will be taken out of service during the rehab, and people who use them will have to find another way to get around. the work should be finished by december of next year. well, it was a great turnout yesterday for the 11th annual friends of faith breast cancer fundraiser in oakland. the 5k walk and run was inspired by faith, a bay area broadcaster, who passed away in 2003 from breast cancer.
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i was her friend, and as one of the founders of the organization, i have been part of this event since it started. i just saw my friend lee housekeeper go by there. our mission is to raise nobody to help uninsured or underinsured patients here in the bay area. we had a nice turnout of colleagues from abc7. dan ashley was one of the mc's, and bob goldberger was there. >> i saw pictures on twitter. >> it was fun. i appreciate all of them for that. >> good. you had a good day with the weather, and today very little change. so if you did like yesterday, it's going to be nice again throughout the afternoon. in fact, brighter, but a cool start in most neighborhoods with the cloudy skies. we are looking at some airport delays at sfo. up to 39 minutes due to the low ceilings. a lot like yesterday, a few holes in the overcast here and there. but a look right now on the peninsula and you notice the gray sky. so if you are headed to the airport, of course, check with
6:19 am
your airline and there could be some delays out there. temperatures haven't changed much since the early morning hours. that's about 5:00, i would say. 64 in mountain view, 61 half moon bay. san francisco is in the low 60s. oakland at 63 degrees. and down in san jose it should be a nice afternoon. 49ers hosting the cowboys. it's going to be warm at 5:00. in and around 80 degrees. 62 concord, 63 novato. yesterday the temperatures were anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees cooler. so with the blanket of low clouds and the cooling overnight, we weren't allowed to cool to the minimums of saturday night. so that's why we've got some warmer readings, especially in the north bay. mountain view and san jose a couple degrees warmer. will that translate into warmer temperatures today? not likely because the westerly winds are going to kick up. that will allow for the good ole sea breeze. nice day, warmer weather takes
6:20 am
shape tomorrow. i'll tell you why in a moment. in fact, it will stay with us right on through wednesday, possibly thursday. we are in between two systems with an upper level high around texas and building into parts of the west. and an upper level low here. in between the two, california sits with the low clouds, the fog, the steady on shore push. and with the marine layer pulling back to the coast by the late morning hours, we won't get too warm. but we should see some sun. perhaps at point reyes and down through stinson. here's a look at the game forecast. 5:00, 79 degrees. temperatures will drop pretty substantially. a good 12 degrees by later on in the evening. 67 but still very mild. sun setting at 7:49. highs around the bay today then in the upper 70s to low 80s. a few mid-80s the further south you get into gilroy. morgan hill 83. on the peninsula upper 70s should do it for most you. 73 in san mateo and maybe a few
6:21 am
peaks of sun from pacifica. i want to bump up the mid-067's to more hike upper 60s. sunset in the mid-60s. 69 downtown. a little breezy in the average. north bay about 80 calistoga. a warm day there with 74 petaluma. near east bay you have the yellows here for the 70s from union city to fremont. 77 there. we head inland. should be a very nice summer afternoon with 85 in livermore. pleasanton as 82. and by the delta mid-and upper olawale's. the accuweather seven-day forecast, little change today. we warm up tomorrow. right on through the middle of the week. and even the coast is going to warm so it should be sunny and mild with 70s there. 80s around the bay. the 90s will stay just in the low 90s inland. you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. we have more information on our website. no rain to speak of, just pleasant temperatures. >> you know how we always joke
6:22 am
when school starts, the temperature rise. doesn't seem like it this year. >> it does last week for the poor souls who had to go the week before. >> that's true. up next, good news comes in at the washington national zoo. hear about the big day for the panda mom. we will be broadcasting live from napa tomorrow as we mark the anniversary of the august 24th earthquake. at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. dan ashley will be in the heart of downtown napa to show us how things have changed. we've already uploaded snapshots from our reporting to you can visit our website to see for yourself what a difference a year has made in
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>> you budweiser has long been known as the king of beers and anheuser-busch is not too happy with a california brewer calling them the queen of beer. lancaster-based shee beverage company is targeting female beer drinkers and is applying to get a trademark. but budweiser believes the she beer may have come from him. you heard about the new wheaties
6:26 am
beer, now there's a crossover blend of their own. 21st amendment brewery plans to release a beer inspired by pop-tarts. toaster pastry, an india-style red ale will debut next saturday. it's a tribute to their new facility in san leandro, which used to be a kellog's factory that made, you guessed it, pop-tarts. oh, baby, or should i say babies? washington's national zoo has two new baby pap das. the mamma gave birth yesterday. the first born at 5:35 p.m. and the second came along nearly five hours later. both cubs are healthy. if they survive they will be the 17-year-old panda's mom third and fourth surviving off spring. much more ahead open the abc7 sunday morning news. the race for the white house is heating up. why two democrats are taking a
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the whether with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> you will see the gray sky here with airport delays of 39 minutes. in the low 60s san francisco, as well as oakland. 64 in mountain view. our coast today should get a little bit of clearing. here is sutro tower camera where it looks a little hazy, in addition to the 2,000-foot deck of low clouds. low to mid-60s concord and livermore. 63 in novato. as we go through the average, probably about midmorning this lifts in the south bay to reveal temperatures in the low 80s. so it should be pleasant around the bay with the winds breezy out of the west. san francisco mid-60s at the coast to about 70. we will look for low to mid-80s inland. pretty typical summertime afternoon. we will let you know if it lasts through the last week of august coming up. carolyn.
6:31 am
>> lisa, thank you. turning now to the race to the white house. two top democrats are taking unexpected breaks from their summer vacations. one is running for president, the other, nothing official. abc news reporter chuck sievertson has the latest. >> hillary clinton had expected to spend the rest of august off the campaign trail at the new york vacation home she's renting in the hamptons, but now her campaign says she will be stumping in key battleground states. her aides deny it's a change of plans. but in the latest polls, those who think she did something wrong with her e-mails is up from march. went from 51% to 56%. and vice president biden interrupted his vacation for a secret trip back to washington and a hush-hush meeting with massachusetts governor elizabeth warren. this is likely to fuel more speculation that he is mulling another run for president. warren's endorsement is a prize up for grabs among democrats. [chanting]
6:32 am
>> beautiful! >> on the republican side, donald trump is basking in the glow of his rally friday night in alabama. >> wow! the gop frontrunner drew 30,000 cheering supporters to a football stadium. a record crowd for this political season. it had a touch of a revival meeting. >> we love billy graham. we love billy graham. >> and a touch of hair trigger humor. >> you know, if it rains, i'll take off my hat and i'll prove, i'll prove -- i'll prove once and for all that it's mine, okay? rival jeb bush tried to play catch-up. >> i cut taxes every year and he has proposed the largest tax raise in history. >> bush is on the boarder in texas monday and trump in iowa on tuesday. chuck sievertson, abc news, new york. >> trump will have root chance to expound on his campaign on
6:33 am
"this week." the real estate mogul continues to stump the experts with his polls. staying power at the polls. this week with george stephanopoulos airs this morning at 8:00 right here on abc7. ten years ago next saturday hurricane katrina slammed into louisiana, causing unprecedented damage, especially to the city of new orleans. president obama will travel there on thursday. he will be followed by former president bush and laura bush on friday. on saturday former president bill clinton will visit new orleans. here's a programming reminder. tonight at 10:00 abc will present katrina, ten years after the storm, with robin roberts. dozens protested outside the planned parenthood clinic in haywood yesterday. they are calling for an end to federal funding for the healthcare organization. this is all part of a nationwide protest against the
6:34 am
organization. the protests are in response to an anti-abortion group that secretly filmed videos. the group said it show planned parenthood staffers selling fetal tissue for research. planned parenthood has denied the allegations. >> one of the bay areas more popular tourist destinations will be closed starting today. the uss horn net, a registered national and state national landmark, and the large of the home of the apollo space mission artifacts on the west coast, will be off-limits for one week. it will be given the ones-over for maintenance and restoration to get everything literally ship shape. a recent crackdown on san francisco bicyclists led to a traffic-blocking protest. the target of all that anger hopped on a bicycle himself in an outreach effort last week.
6:35 am
>> it seems just the other day captain john sanford was a villain in the san francisco bike community. now many joining him on this ride, one of his biggest critics. >> i learned a lot. >> and he heard a lot. there was a sting citing cyclists where he said were blowing through stop signs and red lights. last month in response, bike stapled a protest, stopping at every sign, disrupting the flow of traffic. the police crackdown is over for now. >> if we continue to get the complaints, if we continue to observe it, then we will have to go into enforcement mode. but what this today is all about is community coming together. >> as part of his outreach, captain sanford met with the so-called father of the mountain bike, gary fischer. >> let's learn something about each other and let's start to build what we call respect. >> and the captain has formed a bike advisory committee. ms. emery is a member.
6:36 am
, we all have to be grown-ups, no more lone rangers, and we have to play by the rules. >> even last month's protest organizer is willing to give this new collaboration a chance. >> you want good relations, and like i said, we will see what happens. we will see where their enforcement priorities land >> the captain is going to keep going with his collaborative effort. he said this community bike ride won't be the last. happening today, researchers in san francisco will reveal what they found while mapping the great pacific garbage patch. millions of tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. the pacific garbage patch is the largest of five patches floating in the world. at 10:00 this morning at peer -- iepr 30, members of ocean cleanup will say how much plastic is floating in the pacific and provide updates on the progress being made for the actual
6:37 am
cleanup, which is scheduled to begin in 2020. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, hazard in the hills. the california drought is killing our trees. how you can tell if a tree poses a danger where you live. and here's a live look from our exploratorium cam. you can barely see a little seagull at the bottom of the screen. he pops up every so often, amusing our director, jerry sanddy, and others here who look for all kinds of entertainment on an early sunday morning. lisa argen will be along shortly with her full accuweather forecast.
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this is abc7 news. new this morning, a japanese island is growing right in front of the world's eyes. in 2030 an underground eruption near a remote island created another island. since then the new island has grown more than 12-fold and has merged with the old. there you see rocks being thrown into the air by the force of the eruption. layer upon layer of lava has cooled, giving the island density and height. the island is now more than 300 feet above sea level.
6:41 am
>> lisa, that seagull even has a nickname. it's a little too -- it's not for tv. we will talk during break >> okay. this camera shows the clouds in the south bay. with the mild temperatures, 62 degrees. should be good for a morning bike ride or a jog. but the afternoon getting on the warm side. about 81 degrees today. we will talk about the rest of the bay area and the mini warmup that's also on the way in your neighborhood next. could. >> also next, raiders fans catch their first glimpse of derek carr throwing deep to amari cooper against the
6:42 am
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>> take a good look in your yard. if you are conserving water, no doubt it's browner than it used to be. and take a look at your trees. they are also suffering in the california drought. here's reporter wayne freedman. >> in front of homes around the bay, this has become an unofficial badge of water conservation, a brown lawn. they tell us it's the right thing to do. but now we are seeing unintended victims. we are looking at a coast redwood, and this tree is in trouble. >> note the peeling bark, the brown branches, the ability to see sky through canopy.
6:45 am
arty kirk of the arboretum society in concord said trees like in coastal redwood is dying of thirst. >> the drought isn't going to necessarily kill them, but weakens them so other things come in, bugs, funguses and that leads to their decline and sometimes death. >> we see more this winner when they give way during heavy rains. many of us or worsening the crisis by forgetting to water our trees after we've turned off the sprinklers to our lawns. >> i was underwaterring. >> in walnut creek, gail has put more than three decades of love and care into her backyard. this drought here has been the biggest challenge yet. she's had more than a little help from her gardener. >> the drought this year is very serious because it is a four-year drought. we had a drought in the 90s and the 80s and the big one of
6:46 am
the 70s and a lot of these trees today had to get through all of those. >> the methods of tried and true from drip irrigation to building a small well around the base of the tree to keep water from flowing away to enriching the soil with mulch to watering at night. gail's yard has responded in the difficult summer, and without overwatering. >> it's okay to have some things not look as attactive or as aesthetic, but maintaining the trees i think is the most important things because those are long-term investments, and i believe it actually helps the environment to have the trees survive. >> nothing is perfect. not even in a drought year except maybe finding a balance between water conservation and holding on to long-term trees and the yards we love so much. from walnut creek, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> hey, here is our friend, that seagull again. this time he's facing us, lisa. he's ready for his closeup there. he seems to know that we had that exploratorium cam. he shows up always about this time of the morning for months he's been there. i don't know what it is.
6:47 am
what do you think? >> he has a nice profile. looks good, you know. he's got something to say. just hanging out on this calm morning. it's pretty comfortable out there with temperatures in the 60s. so really no reason to go anywhere else. in fact, we are looking at the low clouds and to go this morning, anywhere from about 1800 feet deep to 2400 feet deep. and that's allowed for a gray start for much of the bay with 39-minute delays at sfo. so it's been one of those mornings. it will be one of those mornings again where when the fog pulls back, it will get a little breezy. there he is finish. hello, there. the temperatures haven't moved much. 62 in san jose. this is about two to four degrees warmer than yesterday, but really the warmup will come tomorrow as we go back to work. sutro a little gray, a little hazy out there, but you, too,
6:48 am
will get some sun. maybe a few peaks of sun at the golden gate bridge for the tourists. and looking at temperatures this morning with the clouds in the 60s from concord to livermore. fairfield, well, we are looking at those winds at about 28 miles an hour. so the breezy southwest winds will be allowing for a pleasant afternoon. and finally from our exploratorium camera, yep, a lot of gray for you. a cloudy start. we will look for a sunny average. high pressure builds slightly for the week ahead and that brings our warmup. in fact, we should get more clearing at the coast. so we are in between two systems. an upper level high to the south and east of us, and an upper level low here that kind of keeps us locked into a very quiet pattern with the ebb and flow of the low clouds and fog. they came back kind of early last night. once again, that will be the case. so in between we've got the warmer weather in sacramento. 91 there. hazy conditions from the northern sierra and up in lake county with some of those fires. southern sierra, hot there, 97.
6:49 am
but pleasant from los angeles and san diego. as the high builds, many of the cities here will experience a warmup through the middle of the week. by next weekend, looking a little bit cooler. so nothing too extreme. we will take a look at one of the warmer neighborhoods around the bay. this is antioch. you will notice that highs today in the mid-80s. but by tomorrow a significant jump, into the mid-90s. then by wednesday, thursday, still hovering into the mid-90s with that cooling trend not slated until next weekend. else where around the bay today, looking at very seasonal temperatures. half moon bay a nice afternoon. kind of mold at 71 degrees. look for 73 in san mateo. pleasant for santa rosa. up towards napa. 85 livermore, and 73 over in oakland. speaking of oakland, the afternoon game will be nice with 72 degrees. and that west wind up to 15.
6:50 am
not dropping too much temperature-wise right through 4:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s, 70s, 80s, a slight warmup tomorrow. them we look at clearing a little sooner and more widespread the middle of the week and it brings everyone up about 5 degrees or so. still pretty nice out there, and the following weekend looking kind of cool. i think it looks nice. >> yeah, great. all right. thank you, lisa. the 49ers will honor legendary broadcaster lon simmons prior to today's preseason game against the cowboys. the 49ers and simmons' family will celebrate his life during a pregame ceremony. he spent some 26 seasons calling niners games, starting back in 1957. the bay area sports icon also broadcast games for the giants and a's during his career, which expanded five decades. simmons passed away in april at the age of 91. kickoff is at 5:00 p.m.
6:51 am
last night the raiders played the vikings in minnesota in a weather-interrupted preseason game with some flashes of what could come in the regular season. here's collin resch. he has your highlights in this morning's sports. >> the pirates have owned the national league west this season. 18 wins, just 4 losses. number 18 yesterday in walk-off fashion to beat the giants. pittsburgh at pnc park. pirates pitcher, garrett cole, he's engaged to crawford sister, amy. crawford said take that, bro, it's gone. no, it's not. starling marte brings it back. he's 2 for 12 against his future brother-in-law. one hit allowed and there it is, the solo shot. that's by jung show canning. tied at 1. in the seventh king kong all over the hunter strickland fastball. the pirates take the 2-1 lead. giants get a gift from the a's. the breaking ball in the dirt gets away from chris stewart. matt duffy will speed home. he retired the first five
6:52 am
batters but not the sixth. marte with two outs. that's a walk-off. pirates four hits in the game, three of the four hits home runs. 3-2, the final. the giants third 1-run loss in their current road trip. fourth sellout for the a's. packing them in on "star wars" fireworks night. sunny gray gave up three runs. all were home runs. his former teammate john jaso giving tampa bay the lead in the third. ball carrying well at have to respect the effort by kevin. almost a miraculous catch. game tied, and a couple batters later. is that dennis eckersley hanging out on the steps? lookout, man, you are going to get hit! the 4-2 a's lead. billy burns made some great catches this year. this might be the best of them all. going parallel to the turf to rob logan forsythe. what a grab. gray would hand it over to the bullpen.
6:53 am
the pitch from drew. the double down the right-field line. the loss for the a's. 5-4, the final. oakland the 29th one-run loss this season. on the pitch, the quakes with their second consecutive road shutout. defeat dc united 2-0, and the san jose sabercats advance in the arena bowl with the
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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happening today, thousands of runners will be pounding down the streets of san francisco for this year's edition of the giant race. runners will start in front of at&t park at 7:00 and begin either a half-marathon 10k, 5k or family relay run down the embarcadero. about 20,000 runners are expected. the giant race benefits the san francisco-based nonprofit organization project open hand, which provides meals to senior citizens throughout san francisco and almeda counties. not too warm for them, lisa. >> no. it should be very comfortable. 61 degrees right now. we should see temperatures still in the low 60s for the next several hours. by the afternoon 61 for the high with sunshine. 73 oakland. 72 vallejo, 83 concord, 81
6:57 am
san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring a slightly warmer day tomorrow. and then still we are going to look for warmer weather through midweek? sounds good. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. remember, you can watch abc7 news and all your favorite a about. c shows live or on demand with watch abc and the watch app. it's now available for the x-box 360, as well as your tablet, smartphone or computer.
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good morning, america. the new developments in the story of the american heroes. >> i just looked over at spencer and said, let's go. go. >> congratulatory phone calls from president obama after three young americans sprang into action, tackling a heavily armed gunman on a train. this morning, what we're learning about the suspect's past, his alleged ties to radical islam. caught on camera. the air show disaster. crowds watching in horror as a stunt pilot in the military jet crashes onto a busy road. >> oh, my word. >> the unsuspecting people may never have seen it coming. this morning, the latest on the investigation. one player's pitch, baseball superstar justin verlander, boyfriend of kate upton, taking on the league over fans getting


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