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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 23, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 23rd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning, everyone. still a lot of gray out there. a little bit of sun break at sfo but still delays offed minutes there. san jose waking up to cloudy skies and temperatures at around 60 trees. 64 mountain view, and oakland at 62. also at san francisco and the coast. today at the coast you may get some sunshine here with the temperatures in the 60s to near 70. looking at mid-and upper 80s inland. we will detail the mini warmup coming your way in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa.
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this morning sharp questions are being asked about how a man flagged with terrorism charges in france was able to border a train. three american men stopped the attack and they are now international heroes. french authorities say if not for the action of these three friends, who grew up together in have died. melanie woodrow has the latest. >> injured, but not defeated. airman spencer stone waved to photographers as he left the hospital. spencer is one of three men being called international heroes for thwarting a terror attack on a paris-bound train. sacramento state senior anthony sadler is another, although he still questions the title. >> i would say my friend spencer is the heroe. i really just followed his lead. once he got up, we just followed him. >> the third army national
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guardsman, alek skarlatos, who said tackling the gunman was instinctual. >> i didn't even have time to think. >> alex shot this cell phone video of the gunman hogtied, but not before the 26-year-old moroccan man armed with a knife and a gun managed to cut spencer. mother is relieved he's alive. >> i really feel like they had a devine intervention and they were saved because the gun was at his head. >> the three men were vacationing. belgium, alex spotted the gunman and said to spencer and anthony, let's go! >> i showed up and grabbed the gun from him. and we basically started beating him in the head. >> alex's dad reacted to the heroism. >> they knew they had to do something. they risked their lives.
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>> beyond pride, he is describing where he felt comfort. >> still, the dominant feel is that it's great relief that we didn't lose our son. >> authorities arrested the gunman. his plot foiled, thanks to the efforts of three fast-moving men. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> president obama called the three men yesterday to commend and congratulate them for their courage. according to a spokesperson, the president expressed his gratitude for their heroic actions. the suspect has been identified. as ayoub el-qahzzani. france said the man was earlier placed on a security watch list. he's described by officials in spain, where he previously lived, as an islamic extremist. the belgian government has stepped up rail security following the attack. police have also been warned to be on alert at major events and public gatherings.
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a new wildfire is burning in lake county. it's spreading dangerously fast just south of clear lake. the peterson fire started around 5:30 yesterday afternoon off peterson lane in kelseyville. it's already burned at least 400 acres and structures are threatened. this is the third major fire in lake county this summer. the 25,000-acre jerusalem fire near middletown is 98% contained. the rocky fire near lower lake was contained last friday. >> winds are expected to start dying down across the rest and it could help the exhausted crews get a handle on the wildfire. but there are still big challenges. we have the latest from the front lines in northern washington.
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>> the planes were ground withs visibility down to less than a mile. the frontline getting much-needed reinforcements today. >> i appreciate you all coming in here. >> up to 3,000 volunteer citizens responding to a desperate call to help fight the flames >> i feel a responsibility to do what i can. >> the explosive fires only a week old, covering 355 square miles in washington. this weekend incredibly growing 100 square miles in only one day. there's been folks here since day one, they are tired. they are watching lots of ground be lost, they are watching some homes be lost, and that just adds to it. >> 60 miles per hour wind gusts whipping up the flames over the past few days. 25,000 residents this morning remain under evacuation orders with red flag conditions expected tonight. and officials fear many more structures are in danger of burning. abc news, omac, washington. >> crews now have the tesla fire
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near livermore 100% contained. the 2700-acre wildfire broke out wednesday. just one uninhabited home was destroyed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a three-year-old girl shot in a drive-by in oakland last night is expected to fully recover. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, is reporting the girl, a relative and a 35-year-old man, were sitting in a parked car on 77th avenue when someone drove by and began shooting. the girl received a superficial wound in the chest area. the man was shot in the chest and arm. both are now in stable condition. police say no motive has been established for that shooting. happening today, a celebration of the life of 8-year-old maddie middleton will be held in santa cruz. maddie was sexually assaulted and strangled last month. her 15-year-old neighbor is accused of the murder. today celebration will include
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speakers, musical performances, and an appearance by the santa cruz warriors. that's golden state's minor league basketball team. it all starts at 3:00 this afternoon at the kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz on front street. it was a scary situation in daly city after a paraglider flew into a power line. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> a neighbor took this cell phone video on skyline and oceanside drives around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. you see the man just hanging from the top of the pole. sparks flew dangerously close, and the impact knocked out power to more than 100 customers. >> his parachute was flopping in the wind and something up there was shooting sparks everywhere. >> it took more than an hour for rescuers to safely reach the paraglider. they gave him a knife to cut
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himself free. he is expected to be okay. police have arrested a suspected gunman in san francisco after he led them on a chase across the bay bridge. highway patrol officers chased the man over the bridge to the island yesterday. police say that's when he got out of his car and started running. a coast guard boat, san francisco police and the chp searched for more than an hour. eventually that man was arrested. no word on why officers were pursuing him. a man has died in fairfield after being crushed by a military-style armored vehicle. investigators say the 55-year-old man was riding on the front of the vehicle. as the driver went down a dirt hill, the man fell off, the tank ran over him. the incident happened on property owned by jelly belly ceo herman roland. roland restores military vehicles. the chp said a family reunion was taking place and people were
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riding those tanks as part of the entertainment. police are searching for a man and woman accused of buying gift cards with a stolen credit card. this is a surveillance photo outside target in petaluma friday afternoon. police say this couple bought $15,000 worth of gift cards using a stolen credit card. lisa argen here now talking about nice temperatures today, about normal. >> that's right. it's been sunny in the east bay for the past hour. parts of the peninsula are breaking up. still the clouds here in san francisco. but a mild 64 degrees. you will get a little sun in the city, and then we have a warmup for everyone on the way to start the work week. i'll tell you how warm in just a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, check out this monster robot. meet the bay area man who built it and find out what he plans to do with it very soon.
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on the big screen you have seen those giant robots doing battle, but this robot isn't for the movies, it's a battle for
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world supremacy -- kind of. abc 7's sergio quintana climbed aboard for a closer look at the megabot. >> this is the mark 2, it's a 15,000-pound megabot, and it's the brainchild of matt and his cobuilder. >> we had dreams of being pilots in these giant fighting robots, and we wanted to make it a reality. it is armed with a battery of 20 rapid-fire air guns and a massive paintball cannon. >> it looks like it's built for war, but i'm told it's built for fun. >> he said some technology could be used for future tools in future industries, such as mining or construction. and before you have visions of it going haywire like you may have seen in science fiction movies, he said that won't happen. >> please, put down your
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weapons. >> these don't make any autonomous decisions open their own. they won't fire weapons by themselves this still takes a pilot to pull the trigger and there's a human in the loop. >> but it's built for robot-to-robot combat so they challenged the makers of a japanese robot to a battle. >> they want melee combat, so now we need to rebuild it so it can with strand hand-to-hand fighting with another giant robot. >> they need to raise money for a better safety cage. >> there is an element of danger in this whole operation. >> and you are okay with that? >> we feel it brings tremendous entertainment value. >> the showdown is planned for next year. in oakland, abc7 news. university of california berkeley police chief margaret bennett is now a crime victim.
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she went for a run and when she got back to the parking lot she discovered her unmarked police car had been broken into. her loaded gun and badge may have been stolen. the east bay regional parks police department is investigating the burglary. this weekend students are moving into u.c. berkeley for the start of the new school year. some 7,000 students are moving into dorms and campus housing. abc7 news was on campus as new freshmen moved in yesterday. it's an emotional time for parents, as their sons and daughters look forward to a new adventure. >> it's really exciting. the adrenaline is kind of unmatched for something like this. there's a good mix of nerves, as well as excitement. but i am really looking forward to it. >> this is why you have kids, to see them launch so it's an exciting day. but it's an emotional day, as well. >> campus police are welcoming the new students, too, but warning there is zero tolerance policy toward drinking in the dorms. classes start on wednesday.
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>> what a great turnout yesterday for the 11th annual friends of faith breast cancer fundraiser in oakland. the 5k walk and run around lake merritt was inspired by faith, a bay area broadcaster, who passed away in 2003 from the disease. i was one of her friends and one of the founders of the organization. i have been part of this event since it started. our mission is to raise money to help uninsured or underinsured patients right here in the bay area. the 49ers will honor legendary broadcaster lon simmons prior to today's preseason game against the cowboys. the 49ers and his family will celebrate his life in the pregame ceremony right before the kickoff. he spent 26 seasons calling niner games, starting back in 1957. the bay area sports icon also broadcast games for the giants and the a's during his career
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spanning five decades. simmons passed away in april at the age of 91. happening now, thousands of runners are pounding the streets of san francisco in this year's edition of the giants race. here's a live look at some of the runners on the embarcadero. 20,000 people registered to take part in the race. and closer look now at the giants race which benefits the san francisco-based nonprofit organization project open hands, which provides meals to senior citizens throughout san francisco and almeda counties. they are running in some decent weather this morning. >> that's right. good timing on that because we are going to get some clearing all over the city, and also even at our beaches. so the fog will scatter out, or the low clouds. it's been inland the past couple of days, but already sunny skies
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and mild temperatures for our friends over the east bay hills. and we are looking at that delay pattern still at sfo. but that should begin to improve, as well. i want to get you updated on a really disorganized system here that will continue to bring some more rain, while tropical weather has been around the hawaiian islands. and with this headed your way. this was tropical depression kilo and it will become a hurricane. it's getting into some warmer waters here and the islands have been under a flash flood watch. we are looking at more rain for the next couple of days. and this is friday. so it may even strengthen further. we will keep you updated on that. and the skies continue to clear here. so things are looking up on the peninsula. and even around daly city and pacifica, we have more sunshine on the way for you. 64 in mountain view, 60 san jose.
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half moon bay it was in the 70s yesterday. a little cooler but you will get some sunned to. and sutro tower looking a little gray with temperatures in the low 60s, as well. 64 novato, 62 santa rosa with the delta up to 67 degrees. the southwest wind and the sunny skies all morning long, allowing for some mild numbers. 66 concord and livermore. from our exploratorium camera you see the deck of low clouds here. they are clearing around parts of the bay right now. and that will reveal sunshine with the summertime spread. temperatures may be a few degrees cooler than average. but tomorrow, as high pressure begins to build, we will get warmer weather around the bay. not only the bay, but at our coast. and that will allow for a few 90s to arrive in our inland valleys. so the setup, we are in between two systems. so we have a ridge of high pressure to the east that will build and a trough of low pressure that's going to stay away. that will allow for the typical ebb and flow of the low fog and
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the clouds. it will be back later on this evening, but it retreats a little bit earlier each and every day. that's going to allow for a slow climb in temperatures. so as a result, it should be a warm afternoon getting going here with upper 70s for the 49ers in santa clara, and temperatures into the upper 60s by about 9:00. 81 san jose. look for about 83 morgan hill. 78 in redwood city. san francisco 69. up in the north bay we've got mid-70s for novato, 78 napa. nice afternoon for berkeley and oakland, about the same, low 70's. 76 in union city. you head inland, low 80s for most close to concord, san ramon and pleasanton. the seven-day forecast look at temperatures warming up here inland. we will spread the warmth around the bay at the coast looking pretty sunny and pleasant wednesday into thursday, but it looks cooler by next weekend.
9:22 am
you can see what is showing up on live doppler 7hk anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free and we have more information at abc7 early on looking kind of dreary, but really brightening up. >> certainly much more do-able than this time last week. >> i know. >> thank you, lisa. up next, good news comes in twos at the washington national zoo. hear about the big day for the panda mom. we will be broadcasting live from napa tomorrow, as we mark the anniversary of the august 24th earthquake. at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., abc7 news anchor dan ashley will be in the heart of downtown napa to show us how things have changed. we've already uploaded snapshots from our report to go you can visit our website to see for yourself what a difference a year has made in
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>> the washington zoo at washington national zoo. >> serious reports but nothing quite like this.
9:26 am
>> the online panda camps,en grossing viewers around the world, watching as the giant panda gives birth overnight, and we can't bear the excitement. >> so excited to confirm that we have a new giant panda cub. after spending nearly 7 hours in labor, she is seen here cradling her newborn cub. >> she delivered the cub nicely, scooped it right up. and just five hours later delivering a second cub. coming as a surprise to the zoo's chief veterinarian. even after reviewing this ultrasound. >> early on i'm not sure if it was two different fetuses. >> the national zoo tweeting out this foe so saying the second newborn appears healthy. >> it's been an exciting week around the panda house. >> a typical giant panda isn't so giant. weighing in less than five ounces. the size of a stick of butter. and the cubs won't be named for
9:27 am
another 100 days. the national zoo's most famous mamma bear is no stranger to the spotlight. her first healthy cub, turning 10 just last month, has been seen in this viral video by over 200 million viewers. and her second cub is celebrating her second birthday today. >> that was sarah haynes reporting. we have much more ahead on the sunday morning news. the race for the white house heats up. why two democrats are taking a break from vacation. is one getting in the game? and the bay area police captain who promise today crackdown on cyclists is now riding two wheels himself.
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the whether with our meteorologist lisa argen.
9:30 am
>> good morning, carolyn. take a look how nice and sunny it looks on the peninsula here. it may still be gray in your neighborhood bushes we have sunshine and temperatures climbing through the 70s in many locations from san mateo to belmont and san carlos. right now it's 67 by the delta. you have been sunny all morning long. 63 in napa. here's the fog. it has been erased from our east bay. it will begins to clear on the peninsula. and mt. tam higher above. you have the clearing and it will work down to the surface. you see the stratus along the coast, but that's going to clear, as well. we will see some 60s shoreline. near 70 san francisco. very tempered today in the 80s inland. but we have some 90s open the way, but it won't be too hot. we will detail that forecast coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. in political news this morning there are rumblings in the democratic party that perhaps hillary clinton is not the slam
9:31 am
dunk nominee. and if the door is open, maybe there's room for former senator from delaware, vice president joe biden. devin dwyer reports. ♪ sweet home alabama >> while donald trump riels up republicans. >> unbelievable! >> this morning vice president joe biden is adding intrigue to the democratic race. biden interrupting his family vacation in delaware saturday for a secret last-minute trip to washington. he met privately with popular liberal senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. the two talked politics and biden's likely possible bid for president. a decision he plans to make by the end of the summer. >> there's a chance but i haven't made up my mind about that. >> warren was heavily lobbied to run for the white house herself. now her endorsement is sought by all the democratic candidates. so far she hasn't decided. >> i want to see all of the presidential candidates lay out where they stand on key issues. >> this morning front rubber
9:32 am
hillary clinton is off the campaign trail and on vacation. seen here friday in the hamptons with her husband bill and their dogs on a photo on daily it's hard to imagine wanting to leave a reportedly $50,000 a week luxury rental home, but clinton's campaign said she's ditching it this week for three days of campaigning in controversial state. and the controversial over oar e-mail server continues to swirl. >> and the campaign insists she always planned to take a break from her vacation to get back on the campaign trail and she's not done vacationing for the summer. devin dwyer, abc news, the white house. >> donald trump remains as confident as ever about his immigration plans. although he is refusing to say how much they will cost. as many of you just saw on "this week," trump was confronted with a study estimating the federal government would need to spend up to $600 billion to address
9:33 am
the undocumented immigrant issue. that includes catching, detaining, processing and transporting the up to 11 million people estimated to be in the country illegally. trump dismisses those numbers and gave this solution. >> i'm going to get great people who know what they are doing. not a bunt of political hacks who have no idea what they are doing appoint bid president obama who doesn't have a clue. the man doesn't have a clue. people are walking across the border right now. >> trump also said jeb bush is a nice guy, but does not have the energy to be president. ten years ago next saturday hurricane katrina slammed into louisiana, causing unprecedented damage, especially to the city of new orleans. president obama will travel there on thursday. he will be followed by former president bush and laura bush on friday. on saturday former president bill clinton will visit new orleans. here's a programming reminder.
9:34 am
tonight at 10:00 abc will present "katrina, ten years after the storm," with robin roberts. one of the bay area's more popular tourist destinations will be closed beginning today. the uss hornet, registered state and national landmark and home of the largest collection of apollo space mission artifacts on the west coast. it will be off-limits for one week. crews will be giving the hornet the once-over for maintenance and restoration to get everything literally in ship shape. a recent crackdown on san francisco bicyclists led to a traffic-blocking protest. the target of that anger hopped on a bicycle himself in an unusual outreach effort. >> it seems just the other day captain john sanford was a villain in the san francisco bike community. now, among those joining him on this ride, one of his biggest
9:35 am
critics. >> i learned a lot. >> and he heard a lot. he said cyclists were blowing through stop signs and red lights. last month in response, bikes stage a protest. every bike stopping at every sign, disrupting the flow of traffic. it is over for now. the police crackdown is over for now. >> if we continue to get the complaints, if we continue to observe it, then we will have to go into enforcement mode. but what this today is all about is community coming together. >> as part of his outreach, captain sanford met with the so-called father of the mountain bike, gary fischer. >> let's learn something about each other and let's start to build what we call respect. >> and the captain has formed a bike advisory commit. ms. emery is a member. >> i think we all have to be grown ups, no more lone rangers, and play by the rules. >> critics say it takes efforts
9:36 am
away from other efforts to make the streets safer. but they are willing to give it a chance. >> you want good relations, and like i said, we will see what happens. >> the captain said this community bike ride will not be the last. we all have to share the road. happening today, researchers in san francisco will reveal what they have found while mapping the great pacific garbage patch. millions of tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. the pacific garbage patch is the largest of five patches floating in the world. at 10:00 this morning at peer -- pier30, members of ocean cleanup will say how much plastic is floating in the pacific and provide updates on the progress being made for the actual cleanup which is scheduled to begin in 2020. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, hazard in the hills. the california drought is killing our trees.
9:37 am
how you can tell if a tree poses a danger where you live. and here is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. still cloudy there. but, of course, the sun is on the way. what will happen in your neighborhood? lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast.
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>> welcome back, everyone. this is a live look from our walnut creek camera, where it's going to be in the 80s today. pretty mild. hope your sunday is going along well. it is 9:39 this august 23rd.
9:40 am
new this morning, a japanese island is growing right in front of the world's eyes. two years ago an underground eruption near the remote island created another island. since then the new island has grown more than 12-fold and has merged with the old. there you see rocks being thrown into the air by the force of the eruption. layer upon layer of lava has cooled, giving the island density and height. the island is now more than 300 feet above sea level. we both agree that's pretty fascinating. >> sure is. don't get tired of looking at it. and this shot is brightening up minute by minute. it's our exploratorium camera with the heavy overcast, low 60s. but we are getting a little sun and more is on the way for a nice afternoon in san francisco. the clearing will spread pretty close to the coast. i'll let you know how that influences some of our coastal temperatures along with the rest of the bay area coming up.
9:41 am
>> all right. look forward to that, lisa. also ahead, raiders fans catch their first glimpse of carr throwing deep to amari cooper against the viking
9:42 am
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9:44 am
delayed due to weather. here's collin resch, he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> a little lightning, that sums it up in minnesota last night. 4 of 8, only connecting with amari cooper once. here's the controversy. perfectly thrown back shoulder fade to the rook. but did he get both feet in bounds? they reviewed it and say he did. he completes the 6-play, 75-yard drive, 6-0 raiders. minnesota counters in the second quarter. teddy bridge water from the raiders 10. into the outstretched arms of johnson after a missed point. six minutes left in the half. players and fans told to seek shelter. lightning in the area. game played 1 hour 5 minutes. play resumed with 11 seconds left in the second quarter. he finds chase in the end zone and took a shot but he held on.
9:45 am
13-9 vikings. the hits kept coming in the second half. he drills viking quarterback taylor heinky. raiders recovered the fumble. and minnesota, they do get the win, 20-12. next up for the raiders a week from today at home against arizona. the pirates have owned the in the league west this season. 18 wins, just 4 losses. number 18 yesterday in walk-off fashion to beat the giants. pittsburgh at pnc park. garrett cole, you know he's engaged to brandon's sister, amy. he said take that, bro, it's gone! no, it's not. starling marte brings it back. he's 2 for 12 against his future brother-in-law. one hit allowed and there it is, the solo shot. that's by jung ho kang. tied at 1. in the seventh king kong all over the hunter strickland fastball. the pirates take the 2-1 lead. giants get a gift from the a's.
9:46 am
the breaking ball in the dirt gets away from chris stewart. matt duffy will speed home. contos retired the first five batters but not the sixth. marte with two outs. that's a walk-off. pirates four hits in the game, three of the four hits home runs. 3-2, the final. the giants third 1-run loss in their current road trip. fourth sellout of the year for the a's. packing them in on "star wars" fireworks night. sunny gray gave up three runs. all were home runs. his former teammate john jaso giving tampa bay the lead in the third. 2-1. ball carrying well at have to respect the effort by kevin. almost a miraculous catch. game tied, and a couple batters later. is that dennis eckersley hanging out on the steps? lookout, man, you are going to get hit! a two-run shot for the 4-2 a's lead. billy burns made some great catches this year. this might be the best of them all. going parallel to the turf to rob logan forsythe. what a grab.
9:47 am
gray would hand it over to the bull bullpen for the ninth. bad move. the pitch from drew. the double down the right-field line. the loss for the a's. 5-4, the final. oakland the 29th one-run loss this season. on the pitch, the quakes with their second consecutive road shutout. defeat dc united 2-0, and the san jose sabercats advance in the arena bowl with the 70-68 nailbiter over the arizona rattlers. with a look at sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone. >> so the a's play again today, correct? >> yes, they do. they will turn it around, i have a feeling. >> nice weather will be on their side. >> exactly. it was a night game yesterday. they had the fireworks and this afternoon temperatures will be in the 70s there. so looking pretty good weather-wise. and live doppler 7hd, we have the clouds off the coast. but really it's going to be quiet the next several days. in fact, the changes come with warmer temperatures. so if you like it slightly
9:48 am
warmer, slightly more of a summertime spread, we have that in store for you. and already we are looking at some 60s and some sun spreading out from east to west. although there is still a good deal of cloud cover out there. 62 san francisco. we had some airport delays. 64 in oakland and mountain view with 630 in san jose. morgan hill low 60s. half moon bay 63. we have mid-60s down through belmont and san carlos. this is from our east bay hills camera. looking westward at the fog. so even though we have sunshine ebb low in our east bay valleys, we still have some fog out there. but look at the temperatures. 67 in fairfield. 66 concord and livermore. comfortable mid-80s on the way before the 90s arrive tomorrow. they will stick around for a couple days next week. low 60s from santa rosa and napa. the overcast trying to break here from the roof camera. the low clouds are clearing right now with the summertime spread today. the low to mid-60s, even with
9:49 am
some sunshine at the coast and some mid-and upper 80s inland. the warmer temperatures arrive with the ridge of high pressure building in from the south here. so that's going to overtake parted of the state. it's not going to be too strong because we have a trough visit from the north and west. with that the onshore flow keeps things nearly perfect here. the westerly winds getting breezy at times around the bay by the middle of the afternoon. but otherwise the winds should be pretty light and out of the south. 72 in monterey today with the hazy conditions from southern conditions, lake county, and also in the sierra nevada. it's been kind of smoky, especially in the valley. 85 in tahoe. 97 in yosemite. the air quality certainly not great there. but we are looking at temperatures pretty comfortable, even in sacramento and chico at 91 degrees. it will take another day until antioch warms into the 90s. a treat for you at 86. back into the mid-and upper 90s by tuesday and kind of
9:50 am
staying in the mid-90s through the end of week. it's usually a pretty warm place, and it will be that way in the next couple of days. as for today notice the mild numbers from 69 in san francisco, 75 san rafael, upper 70s for san carlos. san mateo should be in the low 70s. 81 san jose. 86 in antioch. 27 vallejo. we talked about the a's game. it should be very comfortable with the low 70s right on through 4:00. so bring the sunshine. the accuweather seven-day forecast. there's the warmup tomorrow and it takes us through the middle of the week, even getting warmer around the bay. the coast should be clear and it should be pretty nice at our beaches with some total sunshine. each though we will get some each and every day and looks like a cool down by next weekend. back to school, cloudy start, sunny, warm finish. >> all right. thanks, lisa. there's a bay area company that believes it has a way to make wearing contact lenses safer and
9:51 am
more convenient. eric toms has a look to clean him. >> if you wear contact lenses you know taking them out and putting them in only part of the routine. forget to clean them, you can get serious infection. >> it can range from a i am simple ulcer or a severe fungal infection that can make someone go blind. >> katheryn is an ophthalmologist in san rafael and the vice president of medical agars with bay area based nova bay. they have just won fda approval for a high-tech device called the telecase, designed to disinfect contact lenses in a different way. it determines when it's safe to use the lens. >> it works with hydrogen peroxide. it's been the gold standard for killing bacteria but fell out of favor because of safety concerns. >> you get a little bit of it left into your lens and you earn
9:52 am
certificate it into your eye, you get a burn. >> a little computer makes sure it's been neutralized during cleaning. a light on the case switches from yellow to green when it's safe to remove the lenses. >> if for any reason there's a problem, the red light will blink. >> developers believe the system offers better protection from dangerous eye infections. >> a major advancement in contact lens care. >> eric thompson, abc7 news. >> they begin selling a limited number of their cleaners through optometrists office by the end of the year. up next, she keeps growing in popularity. why you may see lots of catelyn jenner in a
9:53 am
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>> she are the winning numbers from last night's $90 million power ball draw. 4, 12, 14, 21, 55. the power ball number 7. nobody picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $100 million. and check out the winning numbers from last night's $10 million super lotto plus. 6, 9, about 1, 33, 42. the meganumber 13. again, no one picked all six. wednesday's jackpot increases to $11 million. new this morning, for halloween costumes this year we can expect
9:56 am
ghosts, vampires and katlyn. "the huffington post" is posting that spiritual between will be carrying a catelyn jenner costume. they won't say what the costume will look like, but does consider jenner to be the most important superstar of the year. the costume will hit the racks in 4 to 6 weeks. now you are nice and tall and you could carry off that jenner costume. >> okay. i'll keep that in mind. thank you. halloween, yeah. not too far off. good morning, everyone. we are looking at bright conditions around the bay. [laughter] >> and temperatures in the 60s right now. but 80s will be moving into concord and livermore. just low to mid-olawale's. 71 in richmond with low 60s from san mateo, upper 60s. redwood city and even some sun he is coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we are warming up tomorrow and we will stay in lot 90s inland for the middle of the week. near 80 around the bay. coast will reach the low 70s with some sunshine.
9:57 am
so just wait we like it around here. and then cooler by next weekend. >> okay. and i'll be the little short kardashian, chloe. >> i'm just picturing it. >> that will do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with my buddy, lisa argen. remember you can watch abc7 news and all your favorite abc7 news live or on demand with watch abc and the watch app now available for x-box 360. have a good sunday, everyone.
9:58 am
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