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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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changes being considered to make way for the new school year. >> good morning, at 6:00. >> as i step outside this morning, it was cool but it also was muggy, does that sunday right? >> dampness. the due is becoming more prevalent overnight as the nights are getting longer and we are losing two hours and 20 seconds -- 2 minutes and 20 shes of sun each day. any drizzle is over the ocean or near the coast the next two hours with late arriving clouds and not so much moisture. look for fatter sunshine. waking up to temperatures in the upper 50s to let 60 and stay in the mid-to-upper 50s with sunshine breaking out and in the mid-60s around the bay to mid-70s by 4:00 and back to mid-60s at 7:00 and inland, 76 at noon and 84 at 4:00, so have short leaves for the kids under the hoodie.
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leyla? looks like we are having a rough time. 101 southbound from mobile 360 in redwood city, traffic is light. on the maps i will show you other areas of the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza shows from the east bay the metering lights were turned on and taking on to the commute. 14 from san francisco. traffic is flowing but with plenty of company on the road. >> more now on the breaking news from san jose where a manhunt is underway for two people suspected in a deadly late night shooting. amy hollyfield is near the area police are convassing. it and blocks away from several schools. >> yes, in sign of the killers. you can see behind me police are still searching the neighborhood going from house-to-house inside the perimeter to see if the killers are hiding in near.
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the murder happened at midnight. though believe the man who was killed was 30 or in his 30's. though brought in a helicopter with heat seeing devices do look for the killer with a k-9 officer on the screen. the helicopter did not find anything and they have cordoned off a five square block area. we asked if they think the suspects are inside or outside the perimeter. >> we have a witness saying the two suspects fled northbound into the area. we hope we were able to contain the area in a timely manner. we hope our suspects are located in the area. >> they locked down the middle school in east san jose and searched and cleared the cam pass. new they are on foot going door to door. the motive, they think there could have been a party or social gathering but that is all preliminary. the investigation is just
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getting underway. happening today, napa residents will celebrate the progress rebuilding a year after the devastate 6.0 earthquake releasing new numbers detailing the extent. 91 percent of people experienced some damage that caused safety hazards and 20 percent said repairs were still in the work and only 12 percent were let proceed fitted. melanie is in downtown napa. >> we are at third and brown where a number of brings are still damaged. what is interesting you can see there was a law office, watch repair shop, still damaged, but alongside of them is a cafe, a coffee shop and the owner will join us in a few seconds retrofit the building just prior to the earthquake so he had
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minor damage but because the other businesses are closed and there is a fence in front of them, one of his challenges now is to attract customers and let them know he is open and this is rick. sort of a lucky guy, because you made the decision to retrofit the building just prior to the evening. what is it likest stand here a year later. >> kind of awkward to tell you the truth. i come down here each day and nothing has contained but you can see the barriers, i am still open but it is awkward. >> you say you had minor damage, right? >> i opened an hour after. very little damage. some cracks, the retrofit did amazing work by the contractor. the only reason i closeds with because of buildings around me. >> now they are letting people know you are open. this is a unique perspective because you are a long-term napa
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resident with your family moving here from san francisco when you were four and your dad owns a deli. what do you think about how it is a year later? much improved a year rather with more businesses popped up and still some businesses that are struggling and my parents' deli, that is why i opened it because i wanted to bring that and we needed a coffeeship so it is needed and i is a great following. >> we will talk more in the next half hour and this afternoon we will have a sole operation and reflection. a lot of people are expected here if that. >> last year's earthquake last wineries in shambles, millions would the of wine poured on to the floors after barrels topple over and repairs are underway at one vineyard after this building wassisted.
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it cost napa wineries $80 million. they generate about $13 billion a career in business mostly though are all back in business. >> it rumble through vallejo and injuring 49 causing an estimated $5 million in damage. most damage involved chimneys and brick walls including this at first unite the methodist church. the snow may boulevard exit on highway 37 was closed because of safety concerns. >> the community will mark the anniversary with an event called anniversary with an event called napa strong 6 we will broadcast from napa today as we ma the anniversary of the august 24, at 5:00 and 6:00, abc news anchor is in the
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heart of downtown napa to show us how things have changed. >> the dow will be down 600 points when it opens in 30 minutes, with the sole off after a brutal night overseas with markets sharply down overconcerns china's economy is slowing and interest rates in the united states could rise. the dow was down a thousand points last week marking the worst week since 2011 and apple stock is trading below $100 a share and analysts have been warning of a market correction after months of record highs around the globe coming up at 6:45 we go thes no dark for the money report in new york city. >> three young northern california men were honored this morning in paris for taking down an armed man on a passenger train in belgium. french president hollande pinned the top honor on all three men early this morning. hollande said spencer zone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler shows bravery of the stone was
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injured but he helped another injured passenger. >> he was pleading. i does not it was that bad. i saw he was squirting blood from his neck and i was going to use my shirt but i realized that would not work and i stuck two fingers in the home and found what i thought to be the artery and pushes it down and the pleading stops and i said, thank god and that position until the paramedics got there. >> seven and alek skarlatos are childhood friends and sadler is from the east bay and attends sacramento state. the gunman identified as ayoub el-khazzani is in custody. a lawyer if the 26-year-old from morocco was not planning a terrorist attack, said he wasn't but the only wanted to problem passengers. >> and firefighters have been battling a fire since saturday knit with heavy brush making it difficult to battle the flames.
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the wildfire has burned 215 acres and now 30 percent contained. officials are investigating the cause. >> united states forest service officials have forced the evacuation of 400 hopes south of big bear lake in san bernardino mountains. a wildfire broke out near the snow summit ski resort and bound 85 acres. the resorts water cannons are pinned to the fire. the resorts usually use the cannons do make snow. >> students head back-to-school, districts in the tri-valley must scramble to find room. a search of students is leaving elementary school headed for middle school with families moving to dublin during the willing boom the pest decade. high school enrollment will peak in 2020. solutions may include using portable classrooms, going to a year round schedule and letting students take pore online
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courses. >> today, the 19n annual lake tahoe summit is underway. governor brown and senator feinstein are among the group of politicians expected to attend. the event is hosted by senator heller from nevada and take place at the round hill pines beach resort. the summit showns a spot light on the important retoring work taking place at lake tahoe on both california and novato side. the theme is conducting the lake tahoe environment and economy through innovation and transportation. >> kid going back-to-school and then of course it will feel like summer. >> of course. mike? >> a warming trend i will have three school districts starting school in five minutes with the trust. inland, east bay, lafayette at 58, along with blackhawk and san ramon and pleasanton at 57 and antioch at 55 and brentwood and pleasanton hills 59 and 60 to 61
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degrees. as far as what is happening, upper 50's to low 60s right now, and a west wind at 11 miles per hour at 60 degrees and clouds over the golden gate bridge. in the afternoon hours, the coast and san francisco is clouds and 66 to 70s and around the bay, 72 to 82 in san jose and to santa rosa and inland east bay, 84 to 93 so warmer there. you can see it is cloudy with a break going on. did you see the police car slowing everyone down on 87? we will bring leyla in, in a second, and get you through the next three days. it will be warmer tomorrow and when and thursday the same we see if leyla hasness on that or other hotspots. >> we are going to take you over to the area, 87, and we do have an accident as we pull in to
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southbound 87 an action involving a motorcycle and two vehicles so we will keep our eyes peels. southbound side of 87 at 280 i expect to see lanes blocked because of the crash. 280 and 680 at highway 101 we have another accident with a big rig middle lanes are blocked with the crash being cleared at palo alto but speeds at 18 miles per hour pulling to east palo alto and northbound highway 101 at university avenue all is over at university avenue all is over on the shoulder. >> and now on marriage, who is in it to win it, men or a partner that could determine the gate of your marriage, with one sex quicker to call it quits than the other. that is ahead.
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. san francisco charity is issuing call for volunteers now through labor day. officials at st. sault ste say they are short on volunteers and are seeking help to serve meals and sort clothes. you have to sign up in advance to do your part because they do not accept walk in volunteers. log on to and look for the link to the st. anthony's page. >> researchers are heading new light on course and who more likely to call off the resolutionship first. a team studied more than 2,200 americans over a six-year period. though found that women initiated 69 percent of the divorces compared to 31 percent initiated by men. researchers attribute the
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disparity to heightened scientist and changing gender roles. an interesting note for couples that were not married it was equal, men to women, in breaking off the relationship. >> i thought weekend break off more because men do silly things. >> really? >> sticking with that theory and a study needs to be funded. >> very nice. doesn't come see us when you get a flat tire. >> check the forecast. >> thanks for helping with the oil the other day. >> and the forecast is uncontroversial. >> who is dressing kids this morning. >> our first school district, we are going to west contra costa county, dress the kids for 61 but ill to be sunny by the afternoon and 68 degrees so not too warm. we have another one we are going to talk about, lafayette, orinda, walnut creek, clouds and
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59, but warmer this afternoon sunshine and 84. our final stop for these three, three more coming up around 6:45 we are going back-to-school at union school district serving san jose and clouds and 62 this morning and sunny and warm at 83 during the afternoon hours. now, a look at done stop, hayward is eight miles visibility and everyone else is unlimited although we have a cloud deck there morning, and marine layer is here and it and staying above all of our roadways so no need to worry about fog. a minor warping trend today and tomorrow and unsettled not, friday and saturday and chance of a shower is possible and that will lead to tapering highs during the weekend. now, the cloud cover pulling back to the cost by noon, faster than yesterday, and the coast will see sunshine this afternoon, 60s, and 70s and 80s, and getting closer to average but, still, not quite this, sun any veil is 78, and 8
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is spot on in san jose and nearly 90 around gilroy. now, 80s are close to the wood and 82 in lows a toes, and mountain eye is 81, and everyone else in the 70, upper 60s along the coast until daly city and colma, mid-60s, and 70s around downtown and south san francisco and 80s around sausalito, and san rafael in the upper 70s, upper 70 around castro valley, union city, new york, everyone else in the low-to-mid 70s with oakland at 74 and our last spot is focusing on antioch and brentwood, low-to-mid 90s because that will take over our inland east bay neighborhoods tomorrow and the prosecute of you mid-to-upper 80s. warmer tomorrow and wednesday and thursday are beginning to be the same as today and friday, you can see a dip and saturday and new, temperatures are below average. leyla? >> good morning, everyone, at 6:20 we are taking mobile 360
6:20 am
through san jose southbound on highway 87 we are trying to find the accident involving a motorcycle and two other vehicles happening right around 280 so we did see one c.h.p. officer traveling southbound on 87 approaching this accident and we will keep our eyes peeled for this. i am going to turn 360 around so you can see northbound traffic headed into downtown san jose not a problem. moving over to other parts of bay area, we will stay in the south bay and we are going to take you right back to where mobile 360 is headed where we have the accident. we are not seeing any delays, we could see slowing, though, southbound 680 to highway and an accident involving a big rig with lanes blocked. northbound traffic is slow and go beyond alum rock up to the nimitz and full steam ahead to nimitz and full steam ahead to the san jose airport.
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of the napa evening and how it affected you and where you were. >> check out our instagram gallery online and this is our instagram page. >> technology to the rescue, guarding against skin cancer. a cell phone app could change how doctors predict who is most at risk. >> looking at the golden gate bridge where traffic is flowing smoothly into san francisco with weather and traffic during the weather and traffic during the commercial
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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the abc7 news app news that lives where you live. >> a european digital technical start-up may have cracked the code to predict who gets skin cancer, an app that works when users snap a picture of a mole they have. the app uses avisual a figure which growths suspicious. studies have found it as much success as the average dermatologist. it secured nearly $3.5 million in additional funding to really out upgrades for iphones and droids. >> now a preview of "good
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morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up next on "good morning america" an abc exclusive, new video revealing exactly how the two convicted killers broke out of prison back in june. investigators retracing their steps through the narrow escape tunnel with footage coming up on "good morning america" next. >> scientists are a step closer to cleaning up the great pacific garbage pack an area of the pacific ocean between the west coast and hawaii with tons of plastics polluting the water. we are h were at pier 32 where crews returned from a 30 day expedition map, and measuring the garbage to build barrier that will clean it up. work will begin in 2020. >> you probably will not see tom brady play during the nfl regular season first part but the suspension has not hurt marketing appeal. he will be featured if a new
6:26 am
commercial and the company never thought of pulling him despite the suspension. 9 ads will run during the early part of the nfl season while he is success -- suspended. >> the dow is expected to plunge and the opening bell is heed. >> tension on the wine train and what got a book club kicked east train and has people sounding off on social media. >> eyeing a change in how teeners are reviewed and what is unfair about the current system. >> revisiting napa a year of the earthquake with reports up next. showing you a shot of san francisco international airport and the cloud cover there. we will find out if it is we will find out if it is affecting fli
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the goodness of oats and the people we love. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. news. >> yes you can use
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>> traffic is move along. i am oat it. >> i am meteorologist mike nicco? >> gray conditions, yes. but sun this afternoon. if we see drizzle in the next three hours it will be along the coast. not so breezy along the embarcadero but it will be later this afternoon. that is the change from yesterday. warmer and breezy. 56 to 63 if you are headed out and around 66 at the coast and delightful during lunch. 66 at the coast at hurricane to 84 inland no need for the air conditioning today. grab a light jacket this evening at 64 4 to 74. hotspots early this morning, leyla? yes, and now in san jose we have an accident involving a
6:31 am
motorcycle on-ramp to highway with light conditions. i will turn around so you can see the traffic. it is starting to building. on maps i will show you exactly where this is affecting the commute. traveling northbound you are going to be on the brakes up through willow glen and closer to downtown san jose it is moving along just fine. the backup is building coming away from am lull rock southbound 680 near 101 we have a big rig crash involving a couple of other vehicles and lands are blocked. >> developing news, the dow is opened and it is down, off more than 650 points right now, and the floor of the new york stock change investors are braced for a, arey start after a bra tall night in overseas markets and asian and european markets are townshiply over conditions that
6:32 am
china's economy is slowing. >> the dow is down a thousand points last week, and marking the worst week since 2011. and analysts have warned of a market correction after record highs and we will go to the nasdaq for the money report with jane king in new york city much more breaking news in san jose where the sent is on for two suspects if a deadly shooting with the search happening near several schools. we are at the scene with more. >> still no sign of the killers, but they are calling this a "hot," crime scene because they were able to get away and are at large. they are still on the loose. they proposed off a five square block area hoping they are inside the perimeter and hiding. this happened around midnight. a man found shot to death next to his car is 30 or in his 30's. this happened in east san jose. police brought in a helicopter with a heat-seeking device.
6:33 am
they have a k-9 officer on the scene and, still, in sign of the killers. bliss are looking into whether a social event before the killing led to the shooting and residents say this is all very disturbing. >> very quiet around hire all the time and a lost police so we are surprised do see how many cops are passing by for a long-term. >> we have preliminary thoughts this may have been some type of social event on party happening here and we are at the usually statements of that right new. >> the middle school was searched and the campus has been cleared along with a community center. they have released a helicopter and now they are going door to door to the homes in the perimeter hoping maybe they find them hide. they hoping they set up the perimeter usually enough they could contain the suspects and they did not slip outside. they are hope it is a meat of fining them inside the five
6:34 am
square blocks. >> today the napa community comes together to mark the one-year anniversary of the 6.30 earthquake in south napa, the strong of the since loma prieta in 1989 leaving 200 people hurt and damaged historic buildings. melanie woodrow has a look at the recovery of city. melanie? >> we are at third and brown. the sun is coming up you can get a sense of what is going on. you can so a few buildings very damaged and still closed, with a law office here, a watch repair shop and scaffolding and right there in the middle, the cafe, a coffee shop and the owner had retrofit his builting prior to the earthquake so he was able to open up the next day. however, the big challenge is to
6:35 am
let customs know he is open for business. you are a lifelong napa resident. how is it to stand here now the sun is up? >> still challenging but it is awkward, as well, to see a year later and this building is still the same. >> talk about the community. you made this personal decision, saying to leave corporate america and everyone is close here in napa and how is that helping with the resiliency of the community? ought community is strong. we have a lot of people that own the local businesses that took their wineries over from their parents or decided to open up restaurants or bars and we come together and...have become really, really good. >> you had another business and had to close it not because of damage from the earthquake but because of what? >> the shopping area closed
6:36 am
because a lot of hotels were closed because of water damage and one took three or four months longer so the tourists could not get to the valley and i shut it down to keep this going. >> because you lost part of your customer base. >> thank you for talking with us. we let him get back to the coffee shop because people are coming to go to the cave as we have been chatting. there is a big event this afternoon and we will be around for that. >> thank you, work continues to repair the first presbyterian chump on the national regular december of historic politicians. pews are covered and stain glass windows are broken and walls crumbled. services of held for 140 years before being damaged and it will take $1.5 million for repairs. a teen severely injured has made huge recovery steps after a
6:37 am
claim any collapsed on him. nicholas dillon still feels pain after the pelvis was protecten in four places. he is also dealing with his father's death from cancer in january. he is practicing dance >> communities marks the >> communities marks the anniversary with "napa strong region has come. >> we will broadcast live from napa as we mark the anniversary of the august 24 earthquake at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and our anchor is in the heart of downtown napa. we have uploaded snapshots great and you can visit our website to see what a difference a year has made in napa. >> members of a black women's book club say they were unfairly
6:38 am
ejected from the wine train. 11 women in total were aboard the napa value wine train on saturday members of a book club. though were planning the trip since last year and were excited to be on board. >> we are a group, we have been together for 17 we have been together for 17 years and go to fine that is what some call the napa wine train. >> they were taken off by police and now a special report about the dow tumbling. >> stocks are flinging more than a thousand points and that is more than 6 percent, fears of the global economy and the chief business and economic corporate you were concerned about this. tell us what is happening now. >> a we seeing right new is stops are down 800-plus points
6:39 am
and not the worst so far today, do you pointing lower at 771 points. here is what is happening, there were fears of a global economic slow down and second all the federal reserve is on the verge of hiking interest rates from 30 zero percent so the cost of borrowing everything from the car loans to 9 north to the credit cards, the cost those things is more expensive s what we saw last week the typical 401(k) is down 6,000. if you looking at the number they are probably scary but the reality is that the markets have been climbing now for five years. the typical 401(k) anyone out there with a retirement savings account, that 401(k) is likely up about 61 percent over the last five years. in an environment like this we know historically the people who sell on bad days like this are
6:40 am
the people who unfortunately lose the most. if you take the great recession, those who sold in 2009 lost we half of their money by those who stuck it out have the money back and then some in three years, like i said those would really stuck it out we are doing a lot better died than they were. it is scary, it is not easy. >> ease are said than done. we is an indication early today with what we saw going on overseas. >> in china; that is where this is rippled through overnight storms were down 8.5 percent the worst day in eight years. to this holds today in the united states markets you will see the worst day in many, many years, as well, but, person, going back to history, we know that when these things ham, evertime, they bounce back for anyone who and close to retirement and those are the people who are most concerned about this, if you are close to retirement you have to thing about what is sitting on the side lines, do you have access to cash that is not in the stock
6:41 am
market? do you have a typical savings account? start using that savings account before you start dipping into your i.r.a. because you want do get year i.r.a. sometime to recover. think about the cash, you want three to six months of cash on the side lines that is not going to be tied up in stocks. that is the most important thing for people when you hear the word diversify, that is what it means, have money, not stocks but savings account money. >> a big difference. i know you will keep a close eye all day long and well see you tonight on "world news." now to the regular ramming and then "good morning america" with a wrapup on world news tonight and you can get the latest atty time at >> as we follow the special report we did a quick check of
6:42 am
bay area shares, google stocks down 4 percent, apple stock down 5 percent right now, and tesla shares down 7 percent, and help down percent so you can see silicon valley shares certainly affected this morning, as well. >> that is an indance where being interconnected around the globe means when they sneeze in chicago we catch a cold here in the united states. until then right themselves. we watch this all day long and bring you the latest. stay tuned. choose, choose, choose.
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really, really fast and eat so much during my binges. it was very upsetting. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. walnut creek, bulge game, -- burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the world is watching to see how the united states market reactions to china-led slump and it is roller coaster mostly down. that is what we saw on dow and jane king is at the nasdaq watching since the opening bell. how is that market doing? >> i never thought i would be happy about seeing a dow down 570s points. that is where we are, an improvement from after the open, when it was down a thousand points the biggest loss ever
6:46 am
four the dow. if we closed down 800 it would be the biggest loss. the nasdaq is down 193 and 50 of the loss, as well, and s&p 500 trading off of the losses and we are following china with 8.5 percent sell off overnight and it started a couple of weeks ago about the global economy down, and stick stocks are hit heart and apple is below $100 a scare and reasonable in your 401(k) even if you do not own the showers outright a major holding of every major fund and they have lost a quarter of their value since april and the slow down in china and it feels like panic but it is best not to let that dictate the investments and stocks rise overtime with oaklands in the great recession in 2009 lot half of the money and those who waited it out gained everything out and more
6:47 am
but it has been a rough couple of weeks. finally, huggies, the reports of possible glass found in wipes was actually melted fine betters part of the manufacturing process and the company began investigating after a picture was posted and parents posted video showing the residue but huggies say they investigated and they are totally safe. >> remain calm. all is well. >> thanks. >> buying opportunity. >> that is a way do look at it. >> our temperatures are not the roller coaster we are seeing on the mack contempt. >> we are going up slightly. no crazy rollercoasters our way but there will be a cooling trend and a chance of showers, and livermore, joined unify school district with students and faculty partly cloudy and 61 at 7:00, and a warm afternoon
6:48 am
and 85 degrees so have short sleeves under the hood and redwood city school districts serving redwood city and cloudy and 612 and cool and very comfortable this afternoon with sunshine and 76 and finally, one of our biggest districts, oakland, heading back do school today, 137 schools 62 in cloudy and 71, enjoy the afternoon and sunshine and i hope everyone has a great year. we have 57 minute flight arriv delays so the cloud deck is coping those trying to get into san francisco behind school and our sun is faster than yesterday and that will add do a slight warming, steady we for the most part through thursday and cooling with a transition and a chance of showers across the not bay. winds are blowing from the northwest at 10 miles per hour and fairfield is 25 and the entire bay shore in the delta from 2:00 this afternoon to 10:00 this evening with winds coming from the west at 21 to 33
6:49 am
notes, multiplied by 1.15 you get miles per hour. gilroy and morgan hill are warm spots at 88 and san jose is 82 and leg at 85. 80 in redwood city and elsewhere, mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is 72. hoof half -- half moon bay is 69. daly city is 65. more sun downtown, sole san francisco and sausalito and nearly 70. santa rosa and snow may and napa low 80s. elsewhere, in the upper 70s. we will have 71 at otherwise mid-to-upper 70s and oakland is 74. san ramon is the cool spot inland at 84 and antioch and brentwood low-to-mid 90s more representatives of tomorrow as we pick up a couple of degrees inland and wednesday and thursday a lot like today and friday is cooler but our coolest weather is saturday and sunday.
6:50 am
leyla? >> look at this, mike, we are traveling on 87 and we are getting back on the highway and traffic is a pest. we have very heavy conditions. i will turn around and traffic is looking slow. other slow areas with the worst timing traveling between highway 4 up to the hoffman split 14 miles per hour is the top speed and just horrible traffic all because of this, repairing guardrail here and that is choking the traffic. it is leaving you with 40 minutes from carquinez bridge up to albany and it will not clear until 9:00 a.m. it is a mess out there. >> thank you, leyla. the mayor of santa cruz has declared october 5 "madyson "maddy" middleton day," in honor of the 58-year-old murder victim. it would have been her 9th birthday. hundreds came together to
6:51 am
remember maddy. family and friends enjoyed her favorite things including pop music and snacks. >> i thank all of you for your kindness and support. >> her mother, laura jordan shared an entry great her daughter's diary and a segment of the video blog. her body was found where she lived at the arts center dying of affixization. a 15-year old has been charged with her death and faces adult felony charges of murder and kidnapping. >> three young northern california men were honored in paris for taking down an armed man on a passenger train in belgium. french president hollande pinned the medal, on all three men early this morning. he said spencer stone, alek skarlatos and anthony sadler showed bravery. stone was injured during the take down. >> alek skarlatos said let's go, and ran down, tackled him, we
6:52 am
hit the ground and alek skarlatos grabbed the sun and i put him in a chokehold and it seemed hike he kept pulling more weapons left and right. >> they friends and sadler is from the east bay and stated. the gunman, ayoub el-khazzani; in custody. a lawyer for the 26-year-old said high was not planning a terrorist attack but only wanted to rob the passengers. >> this is first day of class for oakland unified school district and all teening positions may have been filled. the district has been scrambling to fill the positions relying on job fairs. the officials say they were down only to 15 vacancies and chances are good they would be filled. district has fired 348 teachers for the new school year. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go, but, first, we will keep weather and
6:53 am
traffic up throughout the commercial break so you do not miss a thing including traffic miss a thing including traffic at the toll
6:54 am
miss a thing including traffic at the toll my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door fear are seven things to know. stock exchange are plunging in the united states, and europe and asia led by another sole off in china. this is a picture of the board with the dow down 740 points
6:55 am
since opening. it was a thousand points down in the first mintses of trading. >> breaking news in san jose where police are looking for two people after a man was slot and killed after midnight. officers found the victim dead on the avenue. the shooting is plaintiffed to have happened following a party. >> a year ago today napa residents were awaked by an earthquake and today they will celebrate the progress they have made in rebuilding the city and we broadcast from napa for 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. newscasts. >> berkeley's new soda dark is not working as planned. the city hoped the tax would cut consumption of sugary drinks and obesity but a study by the university of iowa found store owners are only passing 22 percent of tax on to customers. >> check out our customers starting off mild upper 50s to let 60 but for antioch at 54
6:56 am
degrees and sunshine around check correct. it will be sunny and warmer today at 69 in san francisco, peninsula and south bay around 80 to 81 and east bay at 78 and warm spot is 91 and north bay is 81. >> it is back to work monday but it is also back-to-school for thousands of children in the bay area and the worst time to have construction lasting until 9:00 a.m. and that is happening here westbound 80 great hercules up to the hoffman split and that is where we got a drive at 46 minutes from highway 4 to the hoffman split. >> bart will begin replacing flooring in elevators at stations at parking garages and crews are taking out the old floors and putting in diamond plate flooring. pleasant hill will be the first to get a makeover. >> we continue on-line and twitter and all mobile devices and we will keep covering the stock market this
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news. for our viewers in the west. massive sell-off. wall street plunging with morning. dow plunging in early trading. the latest on the worldwide fears right now. also breaking, american he rose. the three men who stopped the terror attack on a high-speed train received france's highest honor this morning. new details. about how they leapt into action taking down the gunman, saving countless lives and what was going through their minds. >> it was either do something or die. >> we learn more about the childhood friends and the last-minute decision that put them on the train. an abc new us exclusive. new video showing the escape route the


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