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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. it is 5:00 a.m. we have news store you. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> we have a a look at the weather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you. i am happy to see you on this tuesday morning. 22 miles per hour at fairfield. we have a breeze today. the key is it will not be so fast as yesterday allow us to. up a little bit more than yesterday. stepping outside, it is cooler this morning with clouds increasing through 7:00. 56 to 62. clouds will fade. but for the cost it is 66 and 78 inland and it will feel close to average this afternoon under total sunshine at 68 to 90 and high clouds rolling in this afternoon influence the evening hours and 64 to 80. leyla has a look at the news. >> heavy traffic an hour will
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get you over the altamont pass out of tracy to dublin and all because of thing is alert that started us off. westbound 580 to the northbound 680 connection is closed at 17 miles per hour, pushing to the entrepreneur. we have heavy traffic and there is a way to get around this. i am sure the surface treats are looking heavy, and you dublin boulevard will get you to northbound 680 with have building northbound 680. at walnut creek, further to the north, 680, it is light. eric and kristen? >> breaking overnight, san francisco officials are investigating the cause of a fire in the mission victim. flames broke out after 11 o'clock in a building on shotwell with the flames spreading to a second building before the fires put it out. everyone get out okay but the red cross now is on the scene helping 15 people find new places to stay. our reporter will have more on
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the story if a report coming up at 5:30. >> archbishop has been arrested for truck driving. hawaii police say the cardinal was arrested on thursday while driving on the big island. this muck shot courtesy from the hawaiian tribune herald, and he was released after posting $500 bail. the 79-year-old was vacationing. he was archbishop of san francisco for 10 years until 2005 and was the highest ranking american at the vatican. >> another potential anxious morning for american investors after chinese stocks fell for the 4th day in a row. chinese markets closed this morning at the lowest level in eight months. japan's stock market fell and over asian and european markets bounded back. united states stock futures are rising following yesterday's global sell off that saw the dow lose more than 3.5 percent. our reporter is watching the overnight activity and will have a preview with what to expect
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today on wall street coming you at 5:00. >> we will fall the markets and wall street opening in two hours. we will take you to the stock exchange and get a full report from jane king at the nasdaq and follow you on twitter@. >> a big change to the commute and interchange 680 starting later today and caltrain will town on the series of long awaited lights from san jose to the sunol grade. melanie woodrow is there. >> good morning, this is all about easing congestion and making the highway safer for drivers, town, on 20 ramp from highway 101 in san jose over the alameda county line and the southbound meters are activated today at 3:00 until 7:00 tonight the height of rush
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hour. this morning, the northbound side will be green at 6:00 and that is to help drivers get used to the change. the lights are fully rational september 1 so they be red and green and caltrain is explaining why it is taking a while to town on lights. >> to avoid bottlenecking the systems had to all be on the same time, 20 ramp meters and we had to wait for all systems operational before turning they will on. >> there is no timetable for turning on the other lights on alameda county side of 680. the metering lights do not have cameras attached. c.h.p. will monitor this >> thank you. the san jose city council is expected to sign off today on a pay and pension settlement agreement with the police and fire departments. this has been a contentious issue dividing the city for the past three years. that is what voters approved
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pension benefit cuts that led to 400 officers leashing the force. the agreement calls for percent raises and a percent one time bonuses. a plan to hold down pension costs will be put to voters in video of 2016. >> the contra costa county board of directors will okay the pay raise they gave themselves but it is smaller than what they wanted. last year they voted 33 percent raise that left an outcry if public employees and unions who launched a referendum petition to reverify the vote. board members currently receive base salary over $104,000, board of supervisors, bringing it to $117,000. >> former san jose recreational leader faces accusations of sexually abuse as teen girl. police fear there could be more victims. detectives arrested 25-year-old mark joseph west. he developed a relationship with a 15-year-old girl after meeting
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her on social media in january. west remains in jail. a city spokesman claims he passed all the background checks wren hired in 2011. victims are urged to contact san jose police. >> napa valley wine train apologized to black women force off the train, 11 members of the women's book club weres cored from the rain and met by police at station. the women said they were not louder than any other group and confused why they were removed. they were shocked to see facebook post where a staff member said that the women physically abused other guests and staff. the post was later deleted and called a "mistake." >> it was not accurate and taken down. we are trying to reach the club members to apologize in person and set things straight. >> the story has taken off through so media with thousands people using # #laughingwhileblack.
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>> on the peninsula, the san mateo office of emergency services is alerting hikers and jogers to look out for a mountain lion this morning. a big cat was spotted on alpine road near west ridge drive at 8:00 last night. officials say mountain lions are most active at night and they are advise people to avoid outdoor activities at dawn and duck. if you see a mountain lion make noise and throw things at it. >> mike, more kids are for i back-to-school? >> they are, we have the forecast coming up in the next half hour and all the way through our 7:00 hour. california stoke is june, the cool spot up north until you get to mill valley at 50, and we have vallejo at 60 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s and the kids need a light coat or hoodie and 59 at half moon bay and san carlos and lafayette at 58 and cooler in san ramon at 57, and redwood city at 59, and
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brentwood at 61 and san francisco at 60 and newark and cupertino and san jose at 62. in san rafael, it is 59 degrees with clouds. no fog to contend with. our warm spot is san francisco 72, on the peninsula, we top out at 82, south bay is 81 where a few high clouds this afternoon. east bay we will top out at 80 inland, you may need the air conditioning, 94 in the north bay topping out at 85. in walnut creek, it is clear right new, at 60 degrees. southbound 680. we will warm up a degree or two tomorrow so climbing and the warmest afternoon is thursday and we will have the onshore breeze, the heating will end, and cooler weather is on the way through the weekend and i will show you where the rain is going to fall friday into saturday coming up in the seven-day forecast. forecast. >> as you use the app you can
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reporting this is a standstill. traveling in the westbound direction you will be waiting. had could be relief in the near future. we have a sig-alert in effect, westbound 580 to northbound 680 be the transition road is closed because of the accident. they need to bring a street sweeper in to clean up the debris. right now, it looks like the remark is starting to dissipate, 20 miles per hour, in the teens earlier but we still have heavy delays pushing in the westbound direction. be prepared. you will have some traffic on the roadways. drive time traffic shows looking green and green means go from albany to the maze and 880 is clear and 280 is not a problem. >> would you like some sympathy with the latte? starbucks reaction to the stock
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exchange plunge. >> we were able to help a driver who lost her license because of a police mistake. >> tremendous progress the wine country is making in recovering from the napa earthquake. >> our exploritorium view of the bay and the bay bridge and the clouds behind the bay bridge with more news and weather and with more news and weather and traffic [extracurricular activitiessands help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math...
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:13. senator boxer will call for the need to protect the california coast using santa barbara as the background. in may an oil pipeline owned by a texas company burst near the state beach with 100,000 gallons oil spilling with 21,000 flowing into the pacific creating tarballs and oil sheen. boxer has been critical of the clean up response by the texas company. >> if you details emerge of the theft of a gun and badge from a berkeley police officer's unmarked s.u.v. on friday morning. the item belonged to the chief and authorities say someone broke into her car as she ran along the bayshore line in richmond along with the badge and gun they took a lab top, ipad, self, and diamond ring. the department spokesman said the chief is upset and the burglary shows break-ins can
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happen to anyone at any time. ait is a year since the napa earthquake. among the damage from the earthquake was the iconic wineries with the best vintages ending up on the floor. the wineries are doing better. >> most of the marks on the floor are from the barrels. >> the sin yard co-founder lost $40,000 in vintage wine last year in the earthquake. most of the prizes 2005pinot fell on top and stayed intact. >> that is our top wipe of that time so that is an important survivor. >> 280 wineries suffered an estimated $80 million in losses. silicon valley bank executive assessed the damage to the wipe industry. >> the best thing in terms of the timing is most of the barrels were not filled you at that point and the second part
5:15 am
is it happened in the morning. otherwise, we could have had barrels landing on top of people working in the cellulars or tourists. >> it split one vineyard in half and stunted the growth of some of the wines. this ryan is city recovering and you can see how short the shoots are compared to, say, the one next to it which was showing roots on one side. a year later, the wineries are working to secure their bare relatives and adding early earthquake detection alarms and using safety cages for the employees to seek cover. >> time now a check on the weather trust. >> if news, too bad they did notably some back so we could verify the report. >> i am sure he is sampling now and giving us the best ones. >> all this information has to go through spencer, our expert the you know that? >> good point. i will look on his deck. be right back.
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>> from emeryville be it is cloudy and 60 degrees and, notice, our camera is not bouncing around as much as it did yesterday, and the winds are lighter today, slightly warmer today through thursday and temperatures are average today so above average by the time we get to thursday, showers are possible, and north of us with drizzle here on saturday and that will bring in the cooler pattern friday law sunday. look at the visibility we are okay this morning with the marine layer more compressed and the clouds could be lower to the ground but not seeing fog on live doppler hd. we will talk temperatures, nearly 90, morgan hill and gilroy and 87 in los gatos and santa cruz at 81 degrees and sunshine and most of the south bay are this is the area that will be below average upper 70s to low 80s, san jose, average high is 83, and popping out at 82. redwood city is advertised at 82, and los altos, 81, palo alto
5:17 am
80 everyone else in the money 70s and san mateo at 76, daly city, colma, 68, and san francisco, downtown, south van, 72, and average high is 74. sausalito is 74. vallejo is 79, and low-to-mid 80s through the north bay valley with mid-to-upper 60s bodega bay and sunshine is break out in the afternoon hours. oakland is two degrees warmer than average at 76 today, and 79 in young city and hercules is 77 and castro valley is 80. san ramon and pleasanton, 88, 89, antioch, 94, livermore, 89 and 92 today. good news is we are going to have necessary weather tonight at at&t park. it will not be too breezy with an increase in clouds and 65, cooling down to 62 degrees and you notice this time of the your it could be worse with the cubs in town. mid-50s to nearly 60 degrees with cloud cover in the same area as we are seeing this
5:18 am
morning. >> our set in, highs to the south is keeping us warmer-than-average and we are having the early week warming trend and the cool weather will come in and if we get a chance of rain with the low it will be if membership dough send and lake county north where the biggest fires are in california and the enormous fires in washington. we desperately need help for those fires. the seven-day outlook shows remain withest tomorrow and thursday, and we have a couple of degrees on friday and you will note the cooler weather at least ten degrees cooler inhappened by sunday. >> i have been anything about this, and because school is pretty much back in session for all schools it and a good time to brush up on our school driving equity. driving equity. -- stopped school bus is standing,
5:19 am
all traffic must stop. be really careful when that bus is stopped. the san mateo bridge shows traffic is moving loan nicely across the water between her hard and foster city. drive time traffic is a bear if you are headed between tracy and dublin on when 580 an hour, and because of the sig-alert. i will show you that if a second and highway 4 is lookingbly difficult 20 minutes between antioch and concord. a sig-alert has been updated and westbound 580 to northbound and southbound 680 say fected and this is because of debris in the lanes. we are back in the teams, 15 miles per hour, slow, and no word if or weapon the sig-alert clear. >> a truck driver from pacifica who lost her license because of a police officer's mistake has it back because of our discretion much a san francisco police officer gave gale a ticket for burned out headlight but got a number wrong if her address. so she never received noticed
5:20 am
from the court and had her license suspended. after see our report, the san francisco police department filed a petition to dismiss the case. >> i feel like, yes, justice is done. great. great to know i was able to get that kind of help. for them to look at my case. to really look at it. >> she is getting her license back and the dmv has waved $500 in fees. she could not work without a license so our viewers chipped in to help her pay the rent. >> all our viewers are stars for helping out. >> darn tootin'. >> investors hope for less turbulence on wall street. >> that is the truth. here is american's money. >> topping america's money, more pressure on stocks. the shanghai market plunged 8 percent but other markets rebounded after wall street's wild ride, the dow opening down 1,100 pounds before closing off
5:21 am
588. futures are up pointing to a positive open today. starbucks isen watching employees of customers angst of the market of the c.e.o. schultz writing to the baristas to tell them to be sensitive to the pressure all of us could be feeling. >> how about a free >> the richest people in the world lost the most. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg lost $1.9 billion yesterday. amazon c.e.o. bezos lost $1.8. and warn buff get lost $1.7 billion. and we thought we had a bad day. >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> a pope mobile takes a patriotic turn in the trip to the states. a teen dug up a solution to bridge the gap between blacks
5:22 am
bridge the gap between blacks and whites locally.
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you can switch it right on again.'re back! [touch tone] freeze it, only from discover. get it at >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven theys to know. breaking overnight in san francisco, the red cross is helping month then a double people find a place to stay after a fire broke out in the mission district damage two buildings including a senior care facility. janet o is at the scene with a report coming up in a few minutes. >> united states done -- united states stock markets will open. chinese markets fell to lowest level in eight months, and other markets did better and stock futures are moving up. >> three, former san francisco archbishop has been arrested for drunk driving, the cardinal was arrest on thursday while on
5:25 am
vacation in hawaii. he was released after posting $500 bail. >> drivers on southbound 680 in san jose will expense new automatic traffic controls this afternoon, caltrain will turn on 20 ramp metering lights stretching from 101 do scott street road in alameda county. northbound meters are activated on september 1. >> it is a morning of contrast with a challenging commute westbound 580 a sig-alert blocking westbound 580 to northbound and southbound 680 because of an early accident with debris on the roads. i will let you know how to get around this. >> six, at look at our temperatures today compared to average, all of us are close to average if not three degrees warmer as you head inland. i will talk about how long the warming trend is going to last and the potential for wet weather that will bring us a cooler weekend coming up.
5:26 am
>> the her roars -- the heros are on the train in europe getting needed rest and starting senior year at sacramento state. >> teen won $36,000 for community working. the 16-year-old is one of 15 teens across the nation who were honored in san francisco by foundation using a community garden to breakdown bear years between the white and black communities in marin. >> the project breaks down barriers that exist between different communities in marin county and helps for clear up misconceptions around marinty. >> other teens taught english to immigrants and raised newspapers pore school and developed educational programs for girls in rwanda. >> the pope there was tip the
5:27 am
united states next month will be all american affair down to the transportation. >> check it out, a jeep wrangler will be the official popemobile. the vatican said there is more than one vehicle on hand for the pope who will need a people michelle obama in washington, dc, new york, and philadelphia. wranglers are easy to customize so modifying one into a popemobile is viable objection. previous popes have ridden in mercedes and suvs with bullet proof glass but the pope prefers non-luxury vehicles and accepted lower level of security so he can be closer to the crowds. >> hundreds of millions drown the drain because of home sales scream in east bay and what the man accused is saying about his role. >> people forced from their oakland home after it partly come landed and the natural disaster that investigators say disaster that investigators say is to blame.
5:28 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:30 on tuesday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. now the weather without further ado. >> live doppler hd shows on tuesday morning, a quiet commute. any drizzle is staying over the ocean if it does develop. the exploritorium is cloudy. temperatures are a few degrees cooler mid-50s to 60. through the 12 hours we will stay in the mid-to-upper 60s with as much sun as year the seven around the bay at lunch to 80 inland and 78 and inland neighborhoods from noon to 90 at 4:00 so we will be warmer. >> now a look at the not bay,
5:31 am
101, to 580, san rafael the drive is looking heavier at this hour and at the golden gate bridge, it is busy. we do have folks waking up early headed to the roads, and speaking of heading out on the roads we have a sig-alert, and we wonder if it has been cleared. northbound and southbound 680, the two transitions were closed because of an accident. debris is all over the roads. 14 miles per hour is the top speed. things are relaxing. i will let you flow if the roads have re-opened. >> breaking news, firefighters remain at the scene after a fire in a residential building in san francisco's mission district. our reporter is learning more of the type of building it is. jap it? >> yes, this is a devastating fire not only is the damage pretty significant but it also displaced more than a dozen people who were living here at the senior care facility and the building next door. a last them were elderly folks
5:32 am
with special needs and the fire damaged the two buildings, the ones behind us and a viewer sun us the video show the two-alarm fire when it first began at 11 o'clock last night, firefighters were seen working on the roof of the senior care facility on shot whole street in the anything district. the third floor is gutted. crews are still here to check for any hotspots and have when putting several of them out overnight. we are told that there are a hot of flammable stuff inside. they are making sure that it is safe. the red cross is here working with those would have been displaced trying to extend their housing until the owner of the care facility can figure something out. >> it is a difficult city to find housing as we know particularly for people like this with spell -- special needs and limited resources. there are not a last options. >> one person has been treated
5:33 am
for smoke inhalation but is fine. there were no other injuries. fire investigators are on the scene. they are trying to figure the cause of the fire. >> thanks, janet. all indicators are pointing to another rough ride on wall street today. chinese stocks tumbled. others in asia and europe bounced back. amy hollyfield is tracking it all in the news. >> chinese marketed plunged again but chinese officials adjusted and other markets liked it. europe markets are up and dow futures are up of the chinese market closed down 7 percent and japan closed down. china end forked by cutting interest rates and allowing banks to lend more. that set united states futures up 4 percent. that would be great after yesterday's rough right. we have an hour before the markets open. traders are working for a
5:34 am
volatile week but the white house is encouraging people to focus on the long term strength of the economy. >> united states businesses over the last 65 consecutive months have adding 13 million jobs the long of the sustained private sector job growth in history. >> the stock market dropped a thousand points when it opened yesterday and it did rebound but closed down 600 points. experts are hope investors do some shopping while prices are lower and they are buying will help to rebuild encouraging people not to panic but stick it out. dow futures are up 600 points through the morning and it could be a good day and a huge >> stay with us as we follow the overnight markets and wall street opens. we will take you to the stock exchange at 6:30 and:45 get a full report from jane kin on the nasdaq. and you follow us on twitter@.
5:35 am
we will -- follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we will have instant reports. >> and a department will enter a plea after shooting lunger a veteran of the department. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to try sanchez for the death of kate steinle who was killed on pier 14 in july. sanchez admit he fired the shot but pleaded not guilt united nations. this triggered a national debate on sanctuary cities. sheriff released sanchez from jail before the shooting although federal immigration officials wanted him in custody. >> the local f.b.i. agents will offer a significant reward to catch a suspected gang member wanted in the murder of a four-year-old girl.
5:36 am
police in watsonville believe marcos robl. s shot and killed a gang member at a me tell but a shot when awry into a restaurant that killed the girl and wounded another man. the f.b.i. described the 23-year-old robles as "armed and dangerous." >> the f.b.i. reached a deal with the man agents say is connected to an east bay mortgage fraud scream that contributed to the housing bubble and collapse, the former president ayman shahid is under suspicion of back fraud and a former employee of a family business raided by the f.b.i. in 2010 one of the largest privately owned construction companies in the east bay. the fraud works with the soler to get cash to the buy are without the leper knowing and the sale price is then inflating the market. i saw it a few times as a listing agent, and i saw offers coming in structured like that.
5:37 am
>> overinflating the price of homes and that load to the problems. >> there are $200 million in questionable home sales. >> the management of an oakland apartment building is blaming last week's piedmont earthquake for walkway collapse that left five families homeless. it happened yesterday afternoon. you can see the damage to the willing on 31st and market of the city deemed it "unsafe," to occupy. eight adults and six children were forced out. the read cross is helping then. >> people living near the marin headlands are wanted not to drink waters without boiling after the water at a housing area was testified and came back positive for e. coli. officials are looking for the source of the contamination. >> most of the beach front language the big island of hawaii are closed because of a sewage skill with raw sewage flowing into the ocean along the world famous beach. hawaiian officials are theying
5:38 am
tourists to stay out of the at because it is a health hazard and it could be a couple of days before the water clears. >> four red cross volunteers are in washington state we provide disaster relief to those affected by a historic fire. five survivors have come together to form the fire that is burned 400 square miles of trees and grass and airline positives say the fires could actually bun for months. 5,000 hopes are threatened by the fire which is only 10 percent contained. the volunteers from cupertino, los gatos and san jose were deployed over the weekend. >> now a check on the weather forecast. what did you have? >> i have the rain we have been talking about and more likely to hit them than to hit us and hopefully, it will help them out a lot. we will focus back at home in the east bay valleys where blackhawk is 54 degrees and san ramon and antioch is 57 and hold out to danville, doubly, or lafayette be it is 58, and pleasanton, 59.
5:39 am
61 right new in brentwood and live more and pittsburg at 60. oakland and hayward and leg at 61, and san jose at 62 and mountain view is 60 and cooler in san carlos and half moon bay and san francisco and vallejo at 59 and novato and napa at 55. in walnut creek, we have a few clouds and mainly clear, and as we head into the afternoon, this area is the warmest with hotspots developing for the first dave class for many folks and 88 to 95 and coast and san francisco a few clouds and 66 to 72, and high clouds around the bay at 74 to 85 headed into the south bay and north bay. west wind and clear with warmer temperatures tomorrow into thursday and friday, the cooling trend will ons in and i will show you where the rain will fall as we head from friday to saturday coming up. >> and here is a look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are turned on and we have 11 minutes away from the macarthur maze into san
5:40 am
francisco and heavy traffic is building, using our exclusive waze app it is safe to say the sig-alert is canceled but we have 15 american speeds pushing westbound 580 approaching 80 with the ranking road, northbound and southbound 680 closed because of an accident but everything hasry opened and traffic, though, did not do any favors for 580 and we are laughing at major delays, an hour and 16 minutes to get you between tracy and into dublin, at 15 miles per hour is the top speed and 205 merges with 580 and eases over the altamont pass and you and see where the area clears to 31 miles per hour and you are back on the breaks pushing in to 680. >> next, a big honor for the northern california men who took down a gunman on a train in billion judgment and how sacramento will roll out the red carpet for the hometown heros. >> face book is allowing fans do go one-on-one with the warriors
5:41 am
m.p. stay tuned.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning on tuesday at 5:43. a look outside from the exploritorium camera in san francisco and the embarcadero looking across the bay, you can see clouds. but not a lot. now to meteorologist mike nicco with the temperatures. >> santa rosa firefighters will move into their newest station today months after being delayed over disabled access. santa rosa's new station a has called for $4 million facility to open in april. however, the city staff found potential violations of the members with disabilities action. an official grand opening takes place if a few months after construction is completely finished. >> the three northern california men who subdued a would-be terrorist on a paris bound train are lifelong friends. the journey began at a small christian school in fair oaks in sacramento county. two of the boys later enrolled in del campo high school, alek
5:45 am
skarlatos left to live with his dan in southern oregon and spencer stone played basketball at del campo and the koch said he was a team player. >> it is amazing how the guys not only act courageously but pulled this afternoon and did pretty cool things to pick sure people were safe. >> today, stone and alek skarlatos are in a german hospital after treatment for their wounds. anthony sadler is on the way home. when they get back, sacramento will throw them a parade. >> happening today, the national park service is 9 years old and we get to celebrate in honor of the birthday, entry at all national parks is free today. today is founders day for the park service and this is one of three free entry days of the year. the next two are september 26, national public lands day, and november 11, in honor of veterans day. >> this morning you can ask warriors star steph curry questions. he'll answer fan questions on facebook live starting at 8:00 this morning.
5:46 am
this morning, questions and answers take place at the pavilion in san francisco while he takes part in a commercial shoot, a new feature of facebook that is offered to public figures such as act reports and musicians and athletes and famous meteorologists who want to connect. >> i have a question for riley curry. what is her favorite book? a lot of kids want to know. >> maybe we can get her in here. >> do you have a question? >> cloudy with a chance of meatballs. >> my favorite book? is spencer up yet? we will look at what is going on outside, our most famous meteorologists, we thought we would wake him up. i was specifically told to show this at this time, san ramon valley, unified school direct goes back today. featuring danville and san ramon and a senior tradition they gather on the field in san ramon valley high school and watch the
5:47 am
sunrise and it will be 57 degrees when that happens at 6:34 this morning. 90 dids, and warm when you head outside this afternoon for practice. here is a look at san jose this morning, we do have clouds and 59 degrees and minor warming today through possible temperature and thursday, yes, and showers will form and roll to the north of us on friday and saturday and hopefully bringing relief here and in oregon and washington and bringing in bergoglio average highs. the winds are 23 arrest failed and today is not is breezy as it was yesterday. we will have local breezy spots but over all it will be slower. 8 to in san jose, and 79 in sunny vein and 90 in mortgagen hill, and the boardwalk is 82 and sunshine, and redwood city is 82, and 76 in san mateo and
5:48 am
69 at half moon bay and 68 at daly city, and colma, and 712 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is 74 and low-to-mid 80s for the rest of the north bay and vallejo is 79, and along east bay shore, we will go worm at castro valley and fremont at 80 and oakland is down to a comfortable 74 in berkeley and inland, uncomfortable today, and maybe the first day of needing the air conditioning unless you can tran the 50 degree temperatures and san ramon is in the upper 80s. as far as what will happen tonight, clouds are in the same area at mid-50s the new, our best chance of rain is moving forward, and that will be on friday night through saturday morning and it will be mainly mendocino and lake county north of us. look what it does as we top out above average on thursday, and we will drop to below average temperatures this weekend. >> 680, we are looking busy,
5:49 am
southbound, headed through pleasanton hill, up for highway 24, we are looking at 10 minutes, normally it takes six minutes to get between highway 4 and the 24 junction on a if day. now it is stacking and packing maybe the drive in the south direction. further on the south we had an early sig-alert and that has canceled and it aifs westbound 580, because there is still residual delay westbound direction from tracy to dublin at this hour it will take you an hour and 20 minutes. in san jose, we have a if you crab northbound highway 101 and we have one lane blocked and a heavy backup starting to build as you pass on by alum traffic loosening but it is slow and go to the san jose airport. >> a potential scandal involving cal sports with the alleges from
5:50 am
female field hockey players that have the feds on the case. >> paying less for less of a con th venience. >> sharing child caring duties can three a more satisfying can three a more satisfying relationship for the parents.
5:51 am
5:52 am
the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives without live. >> with the bumping man festival just days away authorities are promising a crackdown on crime
5:53 am
in the middle of the desert. the new sheriff of the county in nevada will not bend any rules for visitors. he said he does not have the personnel to issue citations for 70,000 naked people but he will uphole the law as best he can. bumping man officials say you should not have anything to worry about if you are not giving officers a hard type. the festival begin on sunday. >> aspirin a day could keep colon cancer away, men and women who took low dose aspirin for more than five years saw their risk of colon cancer drop by 27 percent. the study found taking other common pain relievers was linked to 30 to 45 percent drop in colon cancer risk. aspirin and other pain relieveers can protect against cancer but they have to be taken over a long period of time before the effects kick in. >> parents, if you want a more satisfying relationship with your significant other, you may want to split up the kid duties. researchers at jay jam state
5:54 am
analyze nearly on couples and had them split responsibilities such as enforcing rules and even playing with the kids. the couples would shared the duties were happier today, fought less, and had a better sex life. they found the least satisfying relationship involved women who handled most child caring duties. >> that sounds about right. mike? >> we will look at the exploritorium, good morning, everyone, you can see our shallow marine layer is opening up for early sunshine. that will mean warmer temperatures today. most of us are above average, hayward, napa, oakland, one-or-two degrees and same in san francisco and livermore, on agency in redwood city at 8 to and below average by one degree, 82 in san jose. at the game, kicks are if town and another stretch of if teams coming to at&t park and 6 a at 17 at at&t park, and 84 in lake tahoe, and high clouds at 77 if
5:55 am
yosemite. palm springs is over the 100 mark. >> 101 a picture at 880, traffic is heavier in the northbound direction but you can still see it moving. what is happening hype it, though, that is a trouble spot. we have a four car crash pushed to the shoulder and you can see it has done a number on the traffic at 19 miles per hour for the top speed with delays up from you tully road and you wile it is a nice flow to the airport. over to 680, a little bit of a hub of activity at 580, where we have a brand new accident southbound side of having one vehicle and it is blocking a lane. right new we do not have delays headed through the san ramon valley. kristen? >> yes, 5:55. uber is testing a way to let you pay less money for a little less convenience and a legal less time saved. it is called smart route and it involved uber pool. rather than having uber come do
5:56 am
your door you go do a designated smart route election on the map and uber will give you a dollar or more off of the normal price for uber drivers, smart routes allow few are time wasting and gas wasting detours. >> facebook has made it easier to donate to charity. it is opening up the donate but the done to all nonprofits through linked advertisements and to distance yourself from bad apples face book will alert you the organization is not endorsed by face book and redirect you to the nonprofit site outside of facebook. they were donating with the men red cross with the process of deflating with credit cards took place in facebook. >> it is official, a if you bachelor coming to abc hit roman reality show but he is a familiar face. ben h as he was known last season is the next bachelor and you may remember bachelor nation was heartbroken when the sales pan from denver was superintendent home by kaitlyn
5:57 am
on the bachelorette. the indiana native is read to put heartbreak hype him and sent for true love in the 20th season of the bachelor and prompts not to be beforing. >> new at 6:00, erasing a stereotype of silicon valley. sheryl sandberg is looking to send a message that women are in and here to stay. >> hundreds of east bay school kids need your help with volunteers to be ready for class next week. >> and keep tab on weather and traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza, we predicted the backup plaza, we predicted the backup and there it
5:58 am
plaza, we predicted the backup and there it fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
5:59 am
because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 3 minutes and counting until the opening bell on wall street. the outlook for trading after
6:00 am
stocks slide for the 4th straight day. >> and an arrest for the man who was the highest american at the vatican is accused of this morning. >> change to the commute on southbound san jose when the metering lights will flip on and how it will impact the drivers. >> i am kristen sze and i am eric thomas. we will tell you about the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, we will start off by alonging at what could were what the next three hours, drizzle will fall over the coast and we talk about the lack of clouds this morning. check it out, east bay hills and valleys mostly cloudy at 7:00, and cooler this morning if you are headed out, dress for that with a thicker sweat third. 68 at noon, and warmer temperatures this afternoon, 68 at the coast and 90 inland. in the evening, 64 at coast,


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