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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 26, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this is as much of the video we feel comfortable showing. he is described as a 41-year-old disgruntled employee of the station. he shot himself after the pursuit and died a few hours later. laura anthony is live with reaction from his family. laura, let's start with you. >> reporter: that is right, dan. flanagan lived and worked on the east coast, but he grew up in oakland and still has family here in vallejo. we heard from a very somber family spokesperson. >> our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victims' families and wdbj television station family. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the family read a statement in front of the home of flanagan's sister, in vallejo. >> we express our deepest condolences to the families of allison parker and adam ward.
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we're praying for the recovery of vicky gardener. >> sometimes, the pressures of life will get to you. >> reporter: earlier, virgel barker says he's known him since he was a baby and saw no signs of what he would do. >> very quiet. educated. i never seen it coming. >> reporter: parker grew up in this house, attending skyline high school. a school mate told us he was a popular, out going student, named to the home coming court in 1989. chris dobb was senior class president when flanagan was a junior. >> that is unbelievable. he was hapy person, our prom king. and at the time everybody loved him. >> reporter: after graduating from skyline, he went to san francisco state and then to
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kpix. most recently, working under the name bryce williams in roanoke, virginia. >> tragedy. just sad. sad. i mean, i saw the brief video clips of it. and what happened is just mind blowing. now, flanagan's father lives here in vallejo. vester flanagan senior played for the green bay packers under vince lombardi. he lives here and a sister lives here. it's a difficult time for the family and all involved. >> thank you so much for that report. now, here are the two people, the younger flanagan killed today. reporter allison parker and photographer, adam ward. the woman they were interviewing was shot in the back and expected to recover.
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i-team reporter dan noyes has been looking into the manifesto. >> reporter: it turns out he had been calling abc trying to pitch a story and fax documents. he never said what it was. this morning he called the newsroom one last time. it is clear now that vester flanagan had been planning this attack for weeks. he hit social media after the shooting to show the attack from his perspective. this is a still image from the video. we will not play it. at 8:26 he faxed the manifesto to abc news, new york and after 10:00, he called abc, identified himself and said authorities are after me, and all over the place. he hung up. the manifesto is a rambling 23 page was several sections. one titled open letter to a black father from a black son raised in oakland, california of all places. he says the charleston, south
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carolina church shooting spurred him to action and he discusses that gunman as for dylan roof, you blank, you want a race war, blank? bring it then, you white blank. then, he says he was attacked for being a gay black man and suffered racial discrimination, and nasty racist things while at that station in virginia. flanagan wrote the church shooting was the tipping point but my anger has been building. i've been a human powder keg just waiting to go boom. he was fired from the virginia station two years ago and had difficulty at other tv stations. >> i was shocked. the hair on the back of my neck went up. it was an amazingly deja vu experience. >> reporter: don shaefer hired him but then fired him because
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of personality conflicts. >> there were issue was him and personality that spiralled down. we had to get rid of him. i don't want to say anything more about that. but no. i didn't see that in the personality, certainly. >> reporter: today, a virginia man posted a close call with someone who appears to be vester flanagan. >> i've been finished. you followed me here. >> reporter: a road rage incident. and over recent weeks he's been posting various photos from his life on social media, almost like he was setting the stage. >> moving on to breaking news now, two people have been taken to the hospital following a fire in santa clara that started with an explosion. sky 7 is live over the scene of the small shopping center on lawrence expressway.
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that is near white oak lane. police say a woman struck a gas line with her car. one of the people taken to the hospital is a firefighter. the other is from one of the buildings. our breaking news continues now on twitter at abc7 news bay area and our website, we'll stay on top of it. san mateo county charged a woman caught on camera abusing a dog. you may find this video disturbing. linda la rock is seen grabbing a dog and throwing it to the ground. her attorney says she was trying to stop the dog from barking. she is out of custody on $10,000 bail and faces one count of animal cruelty and set to appear in court tomorrow in redwood city. a santa clara county grand jury indicted one current and one former san francisco 49er for separate sexual assaults on the same woman. ray mcdonald is charged with
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violating a violence destraining order. the 49ers released mcdonald in december. and ahmad brooks for sexual battery against the same woman that same night. the general manager released this statement. we take any charge against a member of the organization seriously. ahmad is returning home to california. new revelations about the bullet that killed kate steinle. during the second day of a court hearing an expert says the bullet allegedly fired by sanchez struck the ground 15 feet from steinle, then ricochetted and struck steinle in the basketballing. an expert receive testified it could only be fired by pulling the trigger. a former soft ball coach has been convicted of child molestation charges in napa.
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the jury found him guilty on 45 felony counts. there were five victims ages 9-15 at the time of the incident. ortiz will be sentenced october 8th, facing a minimum of 25 years to live. the family of a san jose man shot and killed by pleasanton police last month filed a complaint against the city. according to the claim, an independent examination contra ducts police accounts john demming junior was shot at close range. the lawsuit claims he was shot from a distance. police have a warning one day after a tourist was shot during a robbery in a busy neighborhood in san francisco. this afternoon, police urged tourists and locals to be aware of their surroundings and not leave belongings in plain sight. police say two men shot the man as he was trying to get a stolen
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camera back on the crooked part of lombard street. >> this is not who we are as a neighborhood. we hope we can replace his recollections of our beautiful city with fonder memories. >> authorities arrested the two suspects yesterday after a long chase across the bay bridge. well, football's most prestigious event is being held in santa clara in just a few months but party central for southbound 50 will be san francisco. apparently, some preparations include trying to get hundreds of homeless off the streets. carolyn? >> reporter: to know what is going on, you have to look across the street. there are people there with tents and carts and their belongings sprawled out on the sidewalk. mayor ed lee says he would like to offer alternatives, not just leading up to the super bowl, but beyond. a homeless encampment greets
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visitors and residents across from the ferry building. and this is where the entertainment will be centered as part of the super bowl's fan village. it's expected to cover market street to justin herman plaza, opening the week before the big game. >> i want people not to be on the streets. whether it's super bowl, whether it's not super bowl time. >> reporter: with a million people expected to party there is a focused effort to get the homeless off the streets leading up to the super bowl. >> making sure that the areas are safe, are clean. and making sure that everybody has an alternative the best we can. >> reporter: the mayor's plan is for the entrenched homeless to go into the city's new navigation center or into 500 units of supportive housing that is being rehabbed. the police chief says the homeless are being approached because of the predicted el nino winter. >> we're going to have a cold, wet winter.
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so the streets of san francisco are nowhere for anyone to be laying down. >> reporter: el nino or super bowl, this man and homeless advocates believe the pressure is on. >> the police have been harassing every day. >> i'd like to see a commitment that folks' basic needs are met. >> reporter: the mayor has not said how he'll deal with those who refuse to pack up and go. in san francisco, abc7 news. still to come at 6:00 we're going to show you what washed up in the oakland estuary and challenges in getting rid of it. students at uc berkeley are lending a hand and how it has changed their lives. a vacation is jeopardized because of a name mix up on an
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a large dead whale washed into the oakland estuary today, and the carcass is wedged between the pilings at one of the berths. >> this morning, the opposite of having your ship come n a
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literal whale of a problem. iets something to see and smell, not what you're expecting. >> today, she has a new duty. figuring out what to do with 36 foot long dead whale. >> who knows how long it will be here. our concern is that we don't want to be it to become a navigational hazard. >> reporter: it's lodged in tightly. tail is on the other side of the dock. the carcass growing larger and more aeromatic in the hot sun. >> it's grown about 15%. >> reporter: by afternoon, researchers from the marine mammal center could not identify the species but did take samples. by then, it had become a buffet for hungry wildlife that seemed impatient at times. >> we've contacted several
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different agencies. the coast guard told us to call fish and game. we've left message was the california academy of sciences. >> reporter: locals learned the coast guard will be by tonight to secure the carcass, devising a plan to dispose of it tomorrow. from alameda, wayne freedman, abc7 news. ten years ago new orleans was devastated when hurricane katrina destroyed neighborhoods and killed 1500 people. today, a group of berkeley students is still helping to rebuild the city as part of a volunteer program. >> reporter: after watching these images of desperation, then cal student jeffrey mitchell spent the summer volunteering in new orleans. >> i mean, houses on top of cars. >> reporter: rosa ortega spent three summers there. all had been part of the
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magnolia project. among the hardest areas hit was the lower 9th ward. an under served community in new orleans. mitchell says volunteering helped him understand the economic disparities that exist. >> the french quarter was rebuilt almost immediately. looking at the 9th ward and it looks like hurricane katrina hit yesterday. >> reporter: but joanna says after hurricane katrina, many vowed to change their path. >> it's not a solution. it includes, also, long term, long lasting community focus changed. >> reporter: these are all lessons not necessarily taught in class rooms. alana banks is now an activist in the community she lives in, teaching neighbors what to do in the event a disaster like an earthquake. >> what does it look like to
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have an evacuation plan and things in your home so if there was an earthquake, you'd be prepared. >> reporter: they agree spending time there has been a life changing experience. >> what a profound educational opportunity for them as well as a chance to do a great service. >> certainly. it's time to check on the weather which is changing. >> it is changing. we have had a wide range of temperatures today, a cool to mild at the coast but hot, sizzling inland. tomorrow may be hotter. here is a look at live doppler seven hd. sunny skies now, thin, high clouds. notice low clouds at the coast. that is often the pattern. today, hot weather and highs at 98 degrees inland at antioch and livermore. lake port, 94. 93 cloverdale. so 30 degree change between half moon bay and antioch and
6:19 pm
livermore, roof top camera, blue skies but clouds off in the distance there. it's 70 in san francisco. 75 oakland. mountain view, 76. 78 in san jose and 64 in half moon bay. here is a lovely view perfect our east bay hills camera, looking over the bay with a few wisps of clouds. novato, 92. 89 in concord, 92 in livermore. these are the forecast features. heat peaks tomorrow, we hope. will be not quite so hot friday. still warm. and will be much cooler this weekend. another satellite radar image shows a hot air mass shifting ward just a bit from the southwestern u.s. into much of the state of california. that will bring us hot weather inland, again, tomorrow. over the weekend this cooler air mass drops in. and sort of brings showers near the bay area.
6:20 pm
here is our forecast animation friday morning at 11:00. that low moves into the north pacific northwest. showers in northwestern california reaching near the bay area but not quite into the bay area. saturday, taking showers with it. so northwestern corner of the state will get wet. we probably will not. highs tomorrow 98 in livermore. friday, 96. dropping saturday, that will be the pattern many inland locations will experience as the weekend approaches. overnight, mainly clear skies. a little foggy on the coast. low temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow, sunny, warm to hot. highs from mid-70s on the coast to mid-80s and low 90s around the bay. upper 80s to near 100 inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. heat easing up a bit friday. we get further cooling on saturday. a sharper cool down over the
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weekend. then, the pattern remains with us throughout next week with mid-80s inland and mid-60s on the cost. >> thank you. >> up next, a major transformation man in the
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tonight, the bulls are running on wall street. dow jones came roaring back
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today, up more than 600 points. it's wall street's biggest rally in four years but makes up less than a third of what has been lost over six trading sessions. and apple and intel both climbed more than 5%. the apple watch has been something of a disappointment for apple but not best buy. demand is so high, best buy is planning to offer it in 100 more stores by the end of the month. walmart will stop selling the ar-15, another semi automatic weapon mostly because fewer people are buying them. and british airways said tonight it will begin daily service between san jose airport and london. the flights begin in may, tickets going on sale tomorrow. the new owners of an aging cupertino mall are going big with plans to transform it into a new neighborhood.
6:25 pm
it's called the hills and valco. including a 30 acre elevated park that would link the tops of buildings and a mix of housing, retail, and restaurants. >> it's expensive and will be a long term effort. we anticipate this represents $3 billion in the cupertino community. >> it has been struggling to find tenants with macy's gone, the new development needs approval from the city. there is more still to come here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. a nightmare ride from uber. a bay area woman claims a driver went ballistic and tried to dump her on a freeway. and we're going to introduce you to some young survivors
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a south bay woman says it left her fearing for her life. an uber ride. vicky batera said she had the worst uber experience of her hive yesterday afternoon. >> i was for it as a company but they can't have drivers like that. people can't be put in that situation. >> reporter: she requested an uber to get to the 4th and king cal train station. it should have taken eight minutes and turned into a 22 minute trip that felt like a roller coaster gone bad. >> it's traumatic to be trapped in a space with someone you're uncomfortable with. >> reporter: after questioning why she was taking 280, she claims he got hostile. she claims the rage didn't end there. >> said if you don't like the way i drive, get out of my car, what is wrong with you? and started getting aggressive.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: she's shaken over the incident. we took her concerns to uber. they issued a refund for the cost and told abc7 news they've suspended the driver and will be taking a look at what happened. in the meantime, she's encouraging phone shall riders to learn from her experience. >> when you see someone, just think around how you're going to get out of the situation. thinking about it on the fly while you're panicked in a car is very, very difficult. >> reporter: she wants uber to be more transparent with the driver rating and allow riders to see detailed comments left by other customers. uber points out the driver in this case has not received any similar negative feed back from other customers. chris nguyen, abc7 news. a sacramento state student who saved lives in france is getting a hero's treatment this afternoon in san francisco. the mayor honored the 22-year-old for helping take
6:31 pm
down a gunman ona european train headed to paris. gave him a sacramento kings jersey with his name printed on it. he called it a thrill. >> after such a crazy few days, it feels good to be back on american soil. >> we were regular people five days ago. all of a sudden, now we're the focus of attention through what our son and his brave friends have done. >> reporter: his two friends also helped stop that had gunman and when they return home, the city is planning a parade in their honor. a four year investigation into the cylindra report is now complete, saying it omitted key information in order to get a $535 million federal loan guarantee. the company collapsed after and became the focal point of criticism of president obama's stimulus package after the great recession. the company's failure will
6:32 pm
likely cost taxpayers $500 million. a bay area nonprofit that helps children with life threatening conditions is celebrating 25 years. >> yes. it is a group we've covered many times. the foundation operates camp arroyo near livermore. >> some campers say how much they enjoy meeting the kids like them. >> reporter: you can't help but smile and laugh along with the kids enjoying summer camp. you can see why this camp is especially important to the children and the counselors. this is a camp for children who survived terrible burns to their bodies or faces or both. this camp is their therapy. camp arroyo is a safe haven for them. >> what do you like about camp? >> you can go swimming and rock climbing.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: 12-year-old paul survived burns from a house fire. they feel comfortable showing their affection for the firefighters with the firefighters burned institute. they all volunteer their time at burn camp. >> this is what happens when you go to camp with firefighters. they take a fire hose and sometimes, reporters and photographers get wet. >> fun. i was in a barrel. >> reporter: tell me what happened to you? >> i got burned by a christmas tree. >> oh. >> reporter: it burned >> it burned down my house. >> reporter: he's happy to be here because it's hard to be home. >> some kids bully you and make fun of you. they don't want to hang out with you and don't let you sit at their table. >> that is wrong. >> yes. it is. >> reporter: this is michael's
6:34 pm
posse here. these guys are like his brothers. >> i was about three. my dad put me in a bathtub. just kind of flipped it on. he walked away. the water kind of filled up. i started to scream, and just kept trying to get out of the bathtub and i couldn't. my leg was the worst. third degree burns. the surgeon did amazing on my leg. i had bad burns to my ears. both were black. it healed up really good. >> reporter: 22-year-old firefighter aaron williams is one of the victims. >> there was a fireball i was caught in between that for about half a minute until my partners pulled me out. thank goodness for them and their bravery. >> i know the pain they're going through and i'm going through.
6:35 pm
yesterday i had an emotional breakdown. my campers came, they gave me a hug. >> i love that their counselors are survivors themselves. so you can survive this burn. yes. it was horrific but they're going to make lives filled with quality. >> it's easy to get excited about something you love. there are days i can't get out of my house quick enough. i'm excited to get to work. something is going on. you don't want to miss it. >> the foundation was founded by elaine and barry to help children with life-threatening illnesses or life altering conditions 25 years ago. and that is something to celebrate. >> barry passed away suddenly in 2013.
6:36 pm
his legacy will live on. >> i'm proud of what we gave back to the community. and this is about the impact we've made and the lives we've changed. and the people that came into our lives taught us more than we could give them. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc7 news. the foundation's annual fund-raiser is this sunday at camp arroyo. cheryl and a number of us from staff will be there. we have ticket information on up next from mick yil finney a lesson on travel web sites. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine.
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an unusual mistake snow balled into an avalanche for one traveller this summer. >> so she helped michael finney to help makes things right. >> reporter: francis's name was not on the reservation at the ticket counter. she thought she fixed it in a after they showed up at the
6:40 pm
airport... >> i see my name isn't on the tickets. >> reporter: expedia substituted her name with the name of someone who traveled with her four years ago on another trip. she received this confirmation with her name and husband's name. when she the showed up... >> they go yeah. we have your seat but there is no francis in the system. >> reporter: she tried to show the confirmation. >> he said we don't deal with paper work, only deal with the system. you're not in the system. you cannot board the plane. >> she was forced to book another ticket. she and her husband had a wonder full time. she estimates she must have talked to 40 people. she got to know the music very
6:41 pm
well. >> come fly with me, frank sinatra. >> reporter: she decided to call 7 on your side and we contacted expedia. and it told us we regret confusion surrounding the itinerary and delay in processing this refund. expedia refunded the full price and gave her a voucher for a free future flight. if you have a consumer problem and need help let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, seven on your side. >> coming up next, behind the scenes at pixar in emeryville. >> the movie
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a daring rescue from a cliff in daily city. a woman and two dogs spent six hours trapped after falling during a walk. the woman was pulled to safety by a coast guard crew. she's okay. the dogs were aggressive but
6:45 pm
animal control reached them later. they're both back with owners and receiving care. they brought you films like "toy story" and "monsters inc" but the newest film brings a different cast of characters, like algebra. it's a chapter in a new movie owe get kids excited about learning. >> reporter: where no one bats an eye when you ride your scooter indoors, it may feel like a playground. >> there is a rich story behind how films are made. the math and science is part that have rich story. >> reporter: that is why tony derose started giving a talk called math in the movies. >> the shape of the face. or the forest in "brave". those get reduced to algorithms and programs and numbers. >> reporter: now, tony's talk is
6:46 pm
getting a sequel. it's called "pixar in a box". >> it's one of the greatest motivating factors. >> working at kahn academy, she built a course that is given by pixar animators. starting with basics and getting into the nitty gritty. and the equations. >> revealing under lying algebra behind the curves. >> reporter: it's based on the notion that kids taking a look back stage. >> in a sense, it's a continuation of a tradition that walt disney started long ago. the episodes that went back stage and looked at how
6:47 pm
imageneers did their job was fascinating. >> and how crowds were designed in the film "wall-e". they hope it will be the first course of many. >> it's cool. >> it is. pixar is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7. >> let's talk about the changing forecast. >> yes. i'll show you what has passed, this is a time lapse view. it was mild and will be milder, perhaps, tomorrow, mainly clear skies right now, but traveling across the other side of the continent into the tropical atlantic. tropical storm erica is turning towards guadalupe.
6:48 pm
and as a tropical storm, that will get our close attention. tomorrow, sunny, hot in parts of the bay area. high temperatures near 100 degrees in some inland valleys tomorrow, here is the accu-weather forecast. warm on friday, and temperatures drop over the weekend if you settle into a more comfortable pattern. a big warm up and a sharp cool down. >> it's time to talk about football. heart to believe summer is there are a few reasons niners practice location will change in the next few days.
6:49 pm
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taking practices on the road is something niners did in
6:52 pm
baltimore. and for teams to conduct scrimmage-like practices. the two teams practiced against each other today. the defensive line stood out, getting pressure on peyton manning. and the veteran safety says he likes these joint practices. it's the way wait of breaking up the preseason. >> seeing a different offense, great quarterback, getting different reads. as far as defensively we've got good work today. >> i think when you get to see what happened today, i think that is awesome. me? i'd take that tape and say that is what you want this to look like. you know? two teams, a bunch of professional athletes out interest working like crazy, competing. and having fun. okay? and going about their business. >> and no fights.
6:53 pm
we've been seeing joint practices with fighting involved. game three is going to be which starters see the most time. i have to think peyton likes to see weaknesses before the game. >> it's a good thing, no matter what you do it. when you play against these guys on saturday, it's a little different but they have an excellent defense and you know, great guys to work again for tight ends to running backs. good work today, and tomorrow. and turns out to be a better team. >> next up for raiders sunday night at arizona. a family face to 49er fans will see its first action in silver and black. signing taylor mays today. the three-time all american never lived up to expectations. he spent parts of the off season with minnesota and detroit. maybe he just needs a new
6:54 pm
workout facility? check. the team is back in alameda and take a look at the new digs. >> we have a whole team tonight now. you know? whereas you going in the morning and then, we've got everybody there right now. not only just that stuff, but like i said, you see commitment that our organization has in us. you see the belief they have in us. we're honored and thankful for that. >> baseball now, since entering oakland, you can argue chris bassett had felix hernandez type stuff. fernandez knocked around on the two starts. we're thinking hey, he's going to have another off day. didn't happen that way. bassett lit up. six in all. scoring four runs. bassett did pitch into the
6:55 pm
fifth. but the damage at this point was done. hernandez goes eight of three. two are long balls. brett laurie, that would make it a 5-2 game. nelson cruz assuring the 15th win for felix, though. his 39th home run, 3-2 the finals. a's and arizona on friday. at the beginning of the nationals-padres game, a moment of silence for allison parker and adam ward. senselessly gunned down by a disgruntled former colleague. and giants have jake peavy on the mound. and new revelations from the ashley madison data dump.
6:56 pm
there were millions of men on the site but were most of the women fake? that is at 9:00. then, at 11:00 new fallout from california's drought what. some people won't be able to do anymore at one bay area park. tonight in prime time, it's the middle, the goldbergs, modern family, blackish followed by celebrity wife swap. then, stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and then, it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire abc7 news team we hope have you a great evening. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "celebrity jeopardy!" please welcome our special guests. this veteran newsman has covered stories ranging from the war in iraq to the best way to catch fish bare-handed. he co-anchors "early start" and "at this hour." please welcome cnn's... on the hit tv series "the goldbergs," she's the world's most lovable smother and is also the host of the popular prank show "repeat after me." here's... he's a correspondent on "cbs sunday morning" and also the host and creator of "my grandmother's ravioli." please welcome...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. i am very excited today on "celebrity jeopardy!" to be able to welcome three players who are used to appearing on television as themselves, not in roles. is that going to be a big help? well, we'll find out in this half hour, won't we? good luck. here we go. the first round of play today, and here are the categories for you, starting off with... okay. each correct response will begin with the letter "c," and somewhere in there will be a double "n." mo, you start us, please.


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