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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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in her car and the car left the parking lot driving away. a short time later sky 7 was over the fire as flamed engulf the strip mall taking five long time businesses. one family narrowly escaped the salvadoran restaurant necessity is own for 15 years. they took the cash register with them. everyone else is gone. >> horrible. depressing. a loftiers of hard work. >> the cause of the fire is clear, a vehicle hit the gas meter and left the scene. police are looking for the driver in a car similar to the one seen leaving the scene, a white two car honda accord. if you have any information on the case, call po >> thank you, matt. tributes are pouring into a virginia tv station and families of two members of the team, a day after being gunned down on live tv.
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wdbj morning news reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward both died in the shooting during the morning showed. parker and ward's colleagues will on air with heavy hearts this morning. >> we have had flowers and notes and social media and people are offering their thoughts and prayers and we appreciate each of those. >> other stations have sent employees to help wdbj keep the newsroom working after the tragedy. employees from the parent company have flown in to help, vicki gardner the woman being interviewed during the time of shooting suffered serious injuries. >> gunman grew up in the bay area and a history of anger over race issues in the work police co-workers called vester lee flanagan disgruntled employees and accused the victims of racism an accusation the boss
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denies. vester lee flanagan said he was a gay man the victim of homophobia and said he admired mass murderer like columbine shooters. we have more on his history from vallejo. >> to his friends and family in the bay area, vester lee flanagan was an outgoing constitute named to the 1991 homecoming court at sky line high school in oakland. now, he is accused of shooting and killing a reporter can cameraman on live tv and turning the gun on himself. >> in high school we never saw anything like that. he was a happy and positive person. everyone loved him. >> 19 significant was a tv reporter going by the name of brace williams working with the victims at wdbj tv in roanoke, virginia, until fired in 2013. hit boss called him an angry man who had to be escorted out of the station. in a suicide note, vester lee flanagan wrote i've been a human powder keg waiting to go boom.
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>> this is out of nowhere. i don't believe it. what do you want me to tell you? i am in shock. ouvrier gel has known him since he was a child. >> well-spoken, poe late, educated. >> with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our condolences for the family ofup wrap and adam ward. >> his family later moved to this home if vallejo. he went to san francisco state and worked as an intern at a tv station for moving to the east coast. the family is well respected in the neighborhood. >> can you offer condolences by sharing this badge on social media on our face book page. >> animal hooder accused of abusing a dog in burlingame is expected in court to face animal cruelty charge. you may find this video disturbing. the san mateo district ton
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announced the charges against the woman yesterday. a neighbor reported her grabbing a dog and throwing it to the ground. she is out of jail on $10,000 bond. >> map accused in the kidnapping that police call a hoax scheduled to appear in court this morning after being charged with kidnapping dose niece husband kips and her boyfriend in march. police dismissed the case as a hoax. however, the file got a break when a similar kidnapping was tried three months later in dublin. he last hype a cell phone that agents used to track him down in south lake tahoe. his attorneys now plan to and a judge to suppress any evidence obtained through the phone pause the my file did not have a warrant to search it. >> the case against shrimp raymond "shrimp boy" chow returns to court, claiming prosecutors singled out their client while declining to charm others. there are accusations of laundering millions selling
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illegal drugs and weapons. former state senatoree has -- 83 has pleaded guilty and other city leaders also took braves but were not charged according to raymond "shrimp boy" chow. >> there is a flasher in palo alto and this is a sketch of the man accused. she told police she was talking her dog near monroe park on miller avenue and monroe drive at 5:45 on tuesday morning. the man was riding a bicycle in circles and she approach he got off the bike and exposed himself in the grass. the man was carrying a backpack or bag over a shoulder. >> the santa clara sheriff is looking for this woman wanted for accessory to bang robbery. authorities posted on facebook they believe he is between san jose and sacramento. >> investers wake town good news china's main stock market closed 5 percent higher. that is the biggest one day gain in eight weeks following six days of big losses.
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it comes after the dow surged 600 points yesterday and stocks rose in japan, south korea, hong kong and australia. stock markets began a roller coaster ride on monday when the chinese stocks plunged to the low of the level in eight months. >> that is better news. do we have better news weather-wise? >> if you like the heat, yes. remember we talked how it would be warmer this morning in livermore? two in san francisco and san jose. downtown it is 61. ferry building is 63. bayview and sunny side and mission, all 60 and wrest port am 57 and glen park is 67. really warm there. walnut creek 66 degrees, and 60 in santa clara, san lenadro and union city 62, and comfortable around petaluma and pacifica is 58. the golden gate bridge shows it is hardly showing any clouds. a west wind at 11 miles per
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hour. inland, east bay, probably need the air conditioning, heat increasing 95-99. the coast and san francisco, total sunshine and 70 to 82 degrees. will not be seeing a lot of harsh heat if you do not have air conditioning in your house. sfo partly cloudy and fingers crossed we do not have delays and the heat barely brake breaks tomorrow. leyla? >> we need the drizzle. anything we can get. the north bay 101 headed into san rafael, the drive is quiet. we are not finding any actions making the commute to 580 and beyond headed into mill valley and further into sausalito and the golden gate bridge. speaking of which, we have a haze in the air and we do not have too much of a thick fog cover at the moment and low peoples are not necessary.
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traveling southbound direction you are finding empty conditions and the zip are truck needs to make it out to, expand southbound lanes, an extra one is needed. northbound traffic is light. drive time traffic is 680 southbound from highway 4 to walnut creek is six minutes. on highway 24, through lafayette and orinda to highway thin, it will take you nine minutes and 580 building over the altamont pass so tracy to dublin is minutes. >> another whale washed up in the bay area and challenges for the coast guard to find a final resting place. >> a hero's welcome home we hear from the student who saved many hives stopping a terror attack on a train. hives stopping a terror attack on a train. stay tuned.
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> have you been to this area of oakland recently? great scientific museum, great to check things out there, the observe story, east bay hills. we are observing from the museum observe story, east bay hills. we are observing from the museum camera and we are looking >> now, our director >> one of three american men who stopped a terror france is honored in his hometown taking down a gunman on a european train headed to
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paris. the student spoke briefly thanking everyone for their support and said it feels good to be home. >> i am just glad to be back here to see everyone and kind of overwhelming for are me, i didn't expect all to to happen. >> we just regular people five days ago and now, we are the focus of attention through what our son and his brave friends have done. >> the mayor gave sadler a special sacramento kings jersey with his name on it, and the other two heroes return home, the city is planning to throw a parade in their honor. >> experts with & atmospheric administration will find a way to get rid of a dead whale that was discovered on the oakland estuary between the dock pilings. wayne freedman has more. >> something to see, something to smell, not what you expect when you first come in to work. >> christina wright harbor master, normally deals with collecting rent and paying
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bills. a new duty: figuring out what to do with the 36' long dead whale. >> who knows how long it will be here. our concern is the marina, we do not want it dislodged and become a hazard. >> the whale is lodged in tightly, head buried in the biand tail below the other side of the dock, the body growing larger and more smelly with each hour in the hot sun. >> it is considerably floating since i got here at 7:30 this morning. >> how much bigger? >> 15 percent. >> mid-afternoon researchers from the mammal center showed up and could not identify the species but took samples and then it was a buffet for hungry wildlife that seemed impatient. >> we have contacted several agencies and we called the coast guard, who hold us to call fish and wildlife and we left imagines with cad miff
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messages with academy of science. >> and crossing the golden gate bridge will be different today, with cars rolling across the span at 1:00 o'clock people today with a driver offering justin wilson by driving number defy car across the bridge. he died when hurt in a race on sunday. the drivers will race in the gopro grand prix on sunday. >> and a new deal worth $650 million with incomes rising crew the country in china, so does the popularity forfeitness with -- fitness and wanting to acquire two more sport fitness
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companies. >> and buster posey talked about proper nutrition and fielded questions. >> they wanted to know how high school life was him. he enjoyed the enthusiasm. >> have not experienced this sense my last year in high school. you forget the excitement with a gym full of 14-1-year-olds. >> one person asked, fist bump. >> he said try hard whatever you do. >> when you get that advice from buster, you do it. >> new, the east bay hills camera looking at the oakland and california >> church of latter day saints, i believe. now, mike has the weather forecast. >> another window from the
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camera in the ferry building the flags are unfurled with a light breeze. but not the summer marine layer we are used to. we will have hazy sunshine. the heat is going topeka today. we -- going to peak today. drizzle on saturday morning is the transition to cooler weather this weekend. the winds are three miles per hour at san carlos and concord. 12 at sfo and 18 in fairly. everyone else is calm. the major players take up the entire screen. you can notice how neither is moving. that is why it willen hot inland the next two days until the low starts to take over and bring us cooler weekend. we have high clouds like yesterday afternoon but it will be three or four hours later and it will be a gorgeous sunset
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tonight. you can see the picks send it to us at 90 in milpitas. 92 in san jose. it will be hot in the south mid-to-upper 90s in los gatos and hot on the peninsula, low-to-mid 90s redwood city and palo alto and menlo park and mountain view and mid-to-upper 80s millbrae and san mateo. check out the coast: mid-70s with water temperature in the mid-60s. we will hit 82 in downtown. nearly 80 in south san francisco and 84 in sausalito. inland, 20 degrees warmer, low-to-mid 90s petaluma and vallejo at none and we will hit the mid-to-upper 88 through the east bay shore and 85 at oakland and 90 in fremont and castro valley and san ramon and push triple digits around antioch and
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brentwood. tonight, low-to-mid 60s but for santa rosa at 59 and upper 60 around antioch and livermore. coming in at 6:00 on saturday morning our best chance of showers, drizzle along the coast and by the afternoon hours we will see increasing sunshine. it will be breezy this weekend. and 10-15 degrees cooler than today. >> a picture of walnut creek headed southbound on 80 out of metten -- pleasant richmond-san rafael toll plaza, that is a great commute. owe of richmond to the tolls to the north bay the drive will take approximately seven minutes away from i-80 up to the north bay. could not be better. we have an accident on the peninsula in redwood city, it is blocking the off-ramp here. take woodside.
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we have the backups away from woodside. approaching the avenue, the ramp, again, is blocked. southbound traffic is not affected with clear conditions. we will look at the altamont pass in the next report. >> several news reports say apple hassented owl the bill graham civic auditorium in san francisco for the upcoming phone event. "san francisco chronicle" said they are renting it for a private event with the auditorium larger than venues they usually use for the events. and steve jobs unveiled the apple 2 at the sick auditorium back in 1977. >> facebook has rolled out its own siri like technology. >> another message app and unlike siri, it
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can my things and book reservations. youtube launching the spinoff platform for video gamers a dedicated app focusing on gaming content with greater emphasis on live streams. it is designed to compete with the twitch platform. >> technical experts call the release of sony odd. it is tv remote control attached to a speaker so users can listen to shows but how do you stay in front of the scene? to shows but how do you stay in front of the scene? it costs about >> those are the tech bytes. >> how many bay area residents are already trying to capitalize open super bowl 50 at levi stadium. >> food fight like no other. hitting the streets for the tomato toss. >> abc showing you a picture from our rooftop camera of the
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san francisco skyline with a bit of the embarcadero and the bay bridge and no traffic problems to report and we will check more news and weather and traffic to report and we will check more news and weather and traffic when wer the same roof. but it might seem like you're miles apart. the boys town national hotline can help. trained counselors are available 24/7 to listen, provide advice and help with problems. ( tdd# 800-448-1433) or visit make the most of your time with your teen.
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>> good morning, everyone, a look from the sutro tower camera in san francisco with the pretty lights. we will find out more about the forecast when the sun comes up in a couple of minutes. >> a san jose hose is adding another international flight, british airways said they will launch service between san jose and london next may. this is the latest international flight added by the airport since the $1 billion modernization. they added flights to japan and china and has been flying to mexico for years. >> 20,000 people turned out for the 70th annual festival where people pelt each other with
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tomatoes in spain. 175 tons of tomatoes were used in the battle that lasted an hour. >> lot of laundry. >> the pumpkin spice trend is beyond starbucks with the new m&m flavor pumpkin latte. you can get your fix. the new kale is pumpkin. >> and it is not even green. when they cop out with kale m&ms. >> a business concept. >> a failing business cop sent. >> we have cardinals coming in and it does not get easier, with cubs and giants dress for temperatures nearly 80 degrees. well start out at 76. we reach 80. well drop to 79 at 3:15.
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high u.v. index and burn potential is high and it will feel 10- or 15-degrees warmer in the sunshine. triple digits in sacramento, fresno, palm springs, 84 in san diego, 90 in los angeles, 83 in lake tahoe and 97 in yosemite. that is the entire state warmer-than-average. we have category one hurricane right new with winds at 85 miles per hour. it is putting the spaghett arms, but these are the different commuter models and this one is the category two size the official track from the national hurricane officer having it heading to the northern part of the big island by monday evening. >> a look at san jose looking good. here is 87 near julian street with empty traffic. as we take you to the altamont pass it is full and as you come in from tracy to 80 where 205
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merges, it is looking good but eastbound the projects will last million 8:00 this morning where you will fine the cones taking and lanes away until 9:00. drive time traffic shows between tracy to dublin it is 33 minutes. 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard south is 16 and highway 85 from 101 to cupertino is 16 minutes' commute. >> many bay area residents hope to cash in on super bowl 50 by offering their homes to out of town fans. according to our media partner the san jose mercury news many hotels are sold out. bay area residents putting their homes and apartments and rooms on airbnb and thousands of postings are there. some are up to $3,000. a night. or $5,800 for the weekend. >> a new report confirms what
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many know: represent is out ragously expensive here. new data shows three bay area cities rank in the tomorrow six of the highest rental markets, with san francisco at one, with median price of $3,500 a month for one bedroom. san jose is 4th at $2,300 and oakland is 6 at $2,000 coming from the nation-wide rental service. >> the 49ers' reaction after a current and former player are indicted on rape charges. >> california farmers are seeing record sales although they are not midst of a drought. record sales although they are not midst of a drought. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is thursday. it is august 27. it is 5:00 a.m. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. will it warm up? we will check with meteorologist mike nicco. >> absolutely it will be warmer some of us nine degrees warmer. >> absolutely it will be warmer some of us nine degrees warmer. there are in


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