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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 27, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc news starts now with breaking news. >> in oakland police swarm a neighborhood after officers shot and kill a suspect. a female officer is seriously injured in an am foration. >> the shooting happened at 8:30 this afternoon at mcarthur boulevard and van buren. eric thomas is near the scene. eric? >> as you can see, the area is still sealed off. a lost police presence. police cars have the area blocked off. they are also at van buren on this side, and mcarthur and van buren.
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they are up there investigating what, exactly, happened. as you mentioned, the officer was called here to check out a situation and things went terribly, terribly wrong. >> officer needs, i need, i need, i need...i have been struck in the head by the suspect. mcarthur and van buren, mcarthur and van buren. police. >> i have been struck. i need an ambulance. >> it appears the subject, the person who was shot, came at the officer with some sort of metal implement, possibly a tire iron and she suffered a head wound before she opened fire with a service weapon.
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more now from the spokesperson. >> this was some time of a disturbance, an assault, and the officer was calling on that investigation. >> did you know the aim of the man? >> we do not know the exact age but it is an adult male who appears to be to his 20's. >> there is also talk that the person involved here might have been mentally disabled with the neighbors saying that. there have been, as we know, well publicized police shootings across the country, there is tension here. people are wanting know what happened. they want to make up their own mind whether it was justified or not. that is what is happening in the neighbor. they are watching very carefully to see what police are doing. again, an officer called here, an oakland police officer called on an assault, and at that point she tussled with a man with a met am implement suffering a
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head inwound that required her to go to the hospital the she shot and kill the subject. well have more on the story later today on abc7 at 4:00 and action in oakland for abc7 news. >> thanks. in san jose, yet another hit-and-run accident. a woman was killed early this morning and at the same time a number of children were in the area walking to school or waiting for buses near king and tully road. matt keller has the latest. >> yes, the coroner finished up the investigation here at the scene half an hour ago. they removed the victim's bed. san jose police are still here doing their investigation. neighbors say they are not surprised something like this happened here. >> gruesome and tragic display on huran drive off of tully road in east san jose. a woman, likely teen 30 and 40, was dead in the road. his say she was killed when a male driver in a maroon sedan
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hit her and sped off. his car was abandoned in a residential neighborhood several blocks away. no arrest has been made. >> this is a park. there is a school near. there were kids waiting for the buses. it is...quite a tragedy. very dangerous. very dangerous. >> parents walking their kids to the nearby elementary school tried to avoid the scene. >> they wanted to walk the front and i said, no, we will walk this way so they did not have to see any of that. >> this is san jose's 31st traffic fatality of the year, and the 14th involving a pedestrian. for this woman and her family, the numbers are not surprised. law have been a few times i have walk my son to school and almost gotten hit a if you times. just by impatience. i am really concerned about that. >> this is the second fatal
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hit-and-run crash in less than a week in san jose. the last one happened open saturday morning. a man in his 60 was hit and killed on king road. no arrests have been announced in the case. >> thank you, matt, the bay area native who shot and kill a t reporter and cameraman yesterday in virginia may have been hopping to stay free by using disguises. officers got a sent warrant for the car the suspect vester lee flanagan jr. was driving and inside they found extra license plates, a wig, sunglasses and a hat. he was traveling with a glock with multiple magazines and ammunition he group up with a family in vallejo and he was described as a gentle giant and told abc7 his behavior yesterday was surprising. >> people are mourning the loss of allison parker and adam ward. here is more on that story. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> a moment of silence on the morning news at the exact time
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the virginia news time lost two of their best live on air yesterday. >> allison and adam this is for you. >> allison parker and the photographer, adam ward were doing a tourism story and shots came flying killing the two and injuring the person being interviewed, vicki gardner. >> what happened is inbound for our community and i cannot remember anything like that happening. >> nightmare for a community stunned as we learn more of the shooter identified as vester lee flanagan a firm reporter who went by bryce williams on tv and worked with parker and ward at the same station physical he was fired two years ago. >> eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the forefront we dismissed him he did not take that well. >> the 41-year-old with a history of work-place problems,
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passed a suicide note to abc on the morning of the shooting claiming he was a victim of racism and sexual hard raiment saying he was a human powder keg waiting to go boom. on the run from police, vester lee flanagan shot and killed himself after posting the video of shooting he recorded on social media. abc is not showing the video. >> the family of allison parker said she was a rockstar reporter who loved whitewater kayaking and dark television characterers and always wearing a smile. >> she would text me right now saying, dad, what did you think of my story? what did you think of it? i'm never going to hear that again. she was so loved by all. heart is broken.
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>> her boyfriend and co-worker at wdbj also talked about her today say she was the love of his life. >> journalists across the united states and around the world are post be tributes to parker and ward with the # westandwithwdbj. reporters and photographers and news teams have been sharing photos with hashtag created immediately after shooting by a reporter in texas calling on colleagues to stand in solidarity. as you can see they are with stations as far away as canada and europe. >> please stay with us for a complete coverage on air and online and follow us on twitter@ aprofessionaldog it is are accused animal abuse and we joined with the story from amy
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hollyfield. >> we now know more of the dog, the dog's owner has come forward and does not know her dog was treated this way until she saw the video and contacted authorities. before we show it, we warn you, you could find it disturbing and you may want to look away. the dog's name is frisco. he is okay with no injuries although you see the dog being grabbed by the neck and thrown to the ground. the actions are called republic prehence ill but he does not suffer broken bones he had to be charged with a misdemeanor. the woman was running a small dog boarding and sitting business and the neighbor took the video with the cell phone. we asked the prosecutor how the owner is holding up. >> she was pretty upset, she had trusted the defendant, like a lot of people, to care for her pet. and the defendant was holding herself out as a local business to provide care during the day for pets and unfortunately she
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was at the same time abusing at least frisco and potentially a number of other animals in her care. >> the woman's tea party appeared and entered a plea of not guilty to the champion of cruelty to an animal because it is a misdemeanor she does not have to appear. she is out of jail on $10,000 bail. her dog care business has been closed. if convicted she could face up to a year in jail and could lose the right to own or care for animals. >> thanks. a dead whale was found lodged in the dock and has been removed in alameda. we got this cell phone video showing the army corps of evening nears towing it to deeper waters at 8:00 this morning. sky 7 also followed as the whale was towed away. the national oceanic &
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atmospheric administration said that the whale is being taken to a suitable place for a whale autopsy. it was discovered in the oakland estuary yesterday. it could have disrupted the traffic in the waters. >> putting pressure on california smokeers, how much a pack could go up by in terms of price and how the money will be used to benefit everyone in the state. >> a mess on a southern california roadway will be frustrating neighbors for the rest of the afternoon. >> a look outside right now at east bay hills camera, it looks hazy. it could be a bit of clouds that have not dissipated and we will talk to meteorologist mike nicco about the war
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>> the driver of this car better hope the insurance is current. look what happened when they crashed the car as a busy hole intersection. they shear off a fire hydrant sending water more than 40' into the air. the water shot straight up into the power lines and witnesses reported that at least two explosions occurred. the power is knocked out to customs with several streets closed. it will take several hours to get things back to normal. authorities in alameda are looking into a suspicious fire that break out before 4:00 this morning at a business near ferry point in westland tick avenue. officials say it is suspicious because it started on an outside
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wall and there was a dumpster fire. firefighters quickly knocked down the fire with no injuries reported and only some minor damage there. oakland hills the power is become on to 1,200 pg&e customers after early morning fire with firefighters saying it was started by a blown transformers. crews had to go down the hill to reach the fire and put it out before it could spread to northbound by homes. >> the price of cigarettes is going to go up as california voters have their way. a president shows 678 percent of voters support taxing a $2 a pack tobacco tax. the measure would extend the tax increase to electronic cigarettes. supporters say the extra money would help pay for h care costs. right now the tobacco tax is 87 corners a pack. critics disagree with the idea of making goods and services more expensive. >> here is what i am work or for
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the seven-day forecast, the heat where you can go do escape it today, our chances of wet weather this weekend and how cooler it will be when the heat finally snaps. >> the major fan, 103, almost did not make it to
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a big honor for one of the texas rangers' biggest fans 103-year-old louth cille
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fleming threw out the first pitch, she almost did not make it. she told a t station she died early this week. for several minutes. she was brought back to life by a nurse. it was just a health scare and she were whatted it survive so she could make it to the game. she said "i want to live. i need to make it to the rangers game." she is adorable the we love her. i want whatever she is doing, it is good. call it a strike no matter where it ends up. >> now, heading outside right now, meteorologist mike nicco highway are the skies? >> fantastic story. we will look at what happened this morning and set the table for what is going to happen today. look at gorgeous sunrise from our exploritorium, notice the lack of clouds this morning and the marine layers gone, because of the high pressure. we are off to the races and almost up to 12 degrees warmer in some spots, to two degrees,
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even along the coast where we see total sunshine putting us at 6 at half moon bay and already 74 in san francisco, and in free air conditioning today, in fact, i don't feel any breeze out here right now and i am looking at the similar inform to my right and the flag is not moving whatever. we are already nearly 90 in san ramon and 80 in novato and upper 70s in hayward and mountain view and redwood state. sutro tower has haze in the air but it is not a "spare the air" day so if you want to head to the coach the water is low-to-mid 60s, you can do it as the heat peaks today. it will be milder tonight and tomorrow night and even nor more than this remain and drizzle is possible on saturday morning and that will bring in 10-20 degrees of cooling this weekend. look at the winds, light and various am, and a little bit of a breeze at half moon bay at telephone miles per hour. high pressure with the heat pump to the southwest controlling our weather today and you can see
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the clouds on the left side of the screen. that makes for a colorful sunset. we would love to see your pictures. a cooler weekend. there is the low. it will bring a chance of drizzle. here is a look at temperatures, low-to-mid 90 throughout the south bay and upper 90 headed to morgan hill and san jose is 82, ten degrees warmer than average. redwood city is 93. los altos is 93. the warm spot is the peninsula, helpfully you can find a pool. 76 at half moon bay. 75 in the sunset. 82 in downtown san francisco. sausalito is 84. a 20-degree spread between the coast and bodega bay at 70 and low-to-mid 90 inland in the north bay. we have mid-to-upper 80s including oakland and mid-90s to 100 degrees inland. you will probably near the air conditioning. at the game, look at this, we will top out nearly 80 degrees with a light breeze and very strong sunshine. please, be careful and wear the
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sun scene. 60 in santa rosa, antioch and police officer more, and 67 degrees tonight. low-to-mid 60s and same on friday night, but, notice, the heat eases tomorrow and still hot inland but on sunday, it will become breezy on saturday but on sunday we are 10-20 degrees cooler. not of next week, we will remain cooler-than-average. it is a small window on saturday. do not change plans. we will not get very wet mostly along the coast in the north bay if we see anything measurable. >> we will take whatever we can get. >> a lot is going on in the bay area this weekend. here is leyla gulen. >> ready for racing under the sonoma sun? your need for speed with the gopro grand prix with life in the fast lane with major delays on highway 37 and 121. it's alive after 218 years,
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frankenstein as imagined by author shelly will be at the north branch you and can enjoy tea and: the brains. they will talk about mod were day medical advancements. >> we have talent and the marin museum cop temporary art, the emerging artists in the bay area opens and you can meet the artists behind the featured works during the saturday reception. for more information on these events, go to >> still ahead, an unusual request from a visitor to yellowstone. >> one person's note to park staff about the local bears is now goi
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not see the bears. >> there are a last commends on social media about the request. >> i can only imagine. >> you are going into your habitat... >> have a great day.
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