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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 27, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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police head quarter was the latest. laura? >> this is the fourth fatal officer involved shooting this year. police say in this case, the officer, who was alone, had no choice. some community members see it differently. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows minutes after an oakland police officer shot and mortally wounded a man police say just struck her with a metal bike chain. >> a metal chain is a weapon, no doubt. >> i ran out and seen a man on the ground. i see an officer on the side. >> reporter: michelle harris says she recorded this video. >> she looked like she had blood on the side of her face. >> reporter: the officer is in stable condition with injuries to her head and face. >> days like today are very
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difficult for oakland. >> reporter: neighbors tell abc7 news the man was a regular in the neighborhood, often sleeping where he could. sometimes, being combative with those trying to get him to move along. >> they could have tasered him. >> reporter: police say it was recorded by the officer's body camera and they're reviewing that as part of the investigation. now, this is oakland's sixth police shooting this year, four were fatal. on august 12, '28-year-old armed robbery subject nate wilkes was shot and killed. august 3rd, a 49-year-old was shot and killed after wounding a sergeant with an ak 47. and june 6th, officer shot and killed a man after police say he went for a loaded handgun.
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policing news from the peninsula. emergency crews are on the scene of a small plane crash. this is the photo sent out on twitter by the fire department. >> officials say the plane went down near shoreway road and holly street. across the street from san carlos airport. the faa says it's a single engine ultra light that crashed after takeoff. we'll provide more updates as soon as we get them throughout the newscast and through abc7 news bay area on our twitter feed. a search is underway in san jose for a man accused of a fatal hit and run that happened at clarice drive this morning. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is live with the developments. chris? >> reporter: ama, good evening, the collision happened outside of welch park behind me. as we zoom into that cone there,
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that is the area where the woman was fatally struck. neighbors tell us roads have gone more dangerous over the past years with more people speeding. tonight, investigators are still trying to track down the suspect. at this intersection, heart break and tragedy converge. >> it could have been me. i walk around the block. after me, i have my granddaughter. there is no way i'm going to chance it. >> reporter: a woman was killed by a hit and run driver. 46-year-old from san jose. >> this is a park. there is a school nearby. there are kids waiting for buses. and those kinds of things so it's a tragedy. and very dangerous. very dangerous. >> reporter: police say the collision happened at the southern tip of welch park. it appears a driver left the roadway, hit reyes, then sped
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off, abandoning the car a few blocks away. neighbors tell us speeding in the area has been a major problem for years with countless crashes and inconsiderate drivers. >> it's getting worse every day. especially with the kids. it's getting worse. it's hard for the kids when crossing the street in the morning. >> reporter: a homeowner may have captured the suspect with his surveillance video. police have not commented whether this is the man they're looking for. neighbors are sending a clear message to the person who may have been responsible. >> it may take time, but they'll find you. stay there. don't be a coward and just run off and leave a person, dying on the street. >> reporter: this is san jose's 31 fatality of the year. details on the driver accused of causing an explosion in a santa clara strip mall,
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then taking off. the 47-year-old turned herself in this afternoon. she's accused of ramming her car into a gas meter yesterday. it caused an explosion that destroyed five businesses and hurt two people. investigators say a 40-year-old man was also involved. crews put out a brush fire this afternoon. sky 7 was overhead as flames broke out on eastbound 80 just before the split. two officers on bike patrol spotted the fire and tried to put it out to help firefighters who got there shortly after. no word on how this fire last started. there are details to pass along in the vallejo kidnapping case dubbed the real life gone girl case. >> the suspect's attorney says a key piece of evidence linking his client to that crime and another in dublin should be
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thrown out. >> reporter: we've got a look at him in court today, wearing a red jump suit, at times, smiling at his attorney. today's hearing was continued until next week. that is when muller's attorney will argue the lack of a search warrant for a cell phone is enough to unravel this case. after police called the march kidnapping a hoax, it seemed the case was over, until june, when police responded to a home invasion robbery. the victims fought off the robber but he left a key piece evidence. >> he left his cell phone. >> reporter: the phone was locked so detectives made an emergency 911 call. an operator gave them the number, they used it to find out who the phone was registered to. information that brought detectives to matthew muller's parents. then, to him at this south lake tahoe home. there, investigators found more evidence, allegedly linking muller to that march kidnapping.
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that is when fbi agents obtained a warrant for muller, in jail facing charges in the dublin home invasion. >> it turned out great. >> reporter: his attorney claims detectives searched with out a warrant. >> a phone is a window in the entire investigation. >> reporter: if the search is suppressed, muller's attorney says... >> i don't know what evidence would remain. >> reporter: vallejo home invasion victim is not a party in the alameda county case, but her attorney told abc7 news he recognizes implications in a subsequent federal case. by phone, he said i'm glad the right person was apprehended. it would be tragic if the case is dismissed on a technicality. this argument has no merit. it seems muller's attorney isn't sure the claim would hold up in a federal court. >> the federal government and department of justice is a freight train sometimes.
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i doubt they take their foot off the gas, even if there is an add ver ruling here. the san francisco 49ers haven't decided the future of troubled line backer ahmad brooks. the 49ers are preparing for the game against denver. brooks was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery for an assault at the home of ray mcdonald. the team is trying to keep the development rz from becoming a distraction. >> this particular thing has been -- we've known about this. you know? the potential of the thing. >> brooks played in the 49ers first two exhibition games. the team may release him. or suspend brooks or place him on leave. san francisco police arrested a man accused of possessing child pornography at a home on 28th avenue in the
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outer richmond monday. police say they found child porn on the computer, a mobile device that belonged to rivero. a surprise in the pier 14 murder case, undocumented immigrant francisco lopez sanchez is accused of killing 32-year-old kate steinle. everyone expected his hearing to end today, but the prosecution unexpectedly asked the judge for more time. abc7 news reporter vic lee was in court. >> reporter: today, public defender matt gonzales called his only witness, jim norris, former head of the san francisco police crime lab. gonzales believes the gun fran sis being yes lopez sanchez is accused of firing accidentally discharged in his hand. norris's testimony supported gonzales's position. he said the weapon, a 40 caliber has no safety switch, and the weapon has a trigger that
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requires little force to pull. thus, supporting the defense position it could have accidentally gone off. a police investigator has testified that the bullet hit the ground, and ricochetted, fatally striking her in the back. outside of the courtroom, norris told reporters he disbelieve sanchez unintentionally shot kate steinle. >> this is not the way you'd try to shoot someone. you can't ricochet and try to hit someone. you aim a gun at the person, and shoot them. >> reporter: but the prosecution believes sanchez was aiming at steinle when he it went off. >> we believe the decision is proper and defendant has been charged with murder for that reason. >> reporter: police criminalist andy smith testified that the trigger had to be pulled for the gun to go off, but admitted under cross examination that it could misfire. at the prosecution's request,
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judge conroy continued the preliminary hearing to next month. vic lee, abc7 news. a rare sight across the golden gate bridge. these cars weren't locked on the way to the sonoma speedway. up next, special tribute in memory of a fellow driver. plus... the drought is a simmo apocalypse. conserving water one swimming pool at a time. how he is keeping his pool and saving water. we can expect a big cool down in just a couple days. the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like?
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today a sight we may never see again. not just cars, indy cars promoting a race this weekend at sonoma raceway. we're not sure what is more impressive, the spectacle, or drivers that insist they managed to maintain the proper speed limit. >> reporter: finally, at vista point today, one of the selfie capitols of the world, something more interesting to take photos of on our own mugs. >> to be lucky to be a witness. >> they're coming. >> reporter: these were coming. five indy cars. driven by household names for those of us who follow oakland wheel racing. we've never seen a sight like this before. was it a promotional stunt?
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yes. >> this is spectacular. >> reporter: it fit with what had become the primary theme, a tribute to driver justin wilson who died after debris hit him in the head last weekend. as a consequence, making changes to car was open cockpits and wheels is now a subject of discussion. >> that, i think is the last big step of the oakland wheel cars is the driver cockpit. >> you don't sound opposed to it. >> i don't think anyone will be. >> reporter: that is a sobering element. as to how fast the drivers went? >> we didn't go 45. >> but you wanted to? >> yes. i wish we could have let loose. >> reporter: in cars capable of 240 miles per hour, really? >> technically it's 45 for us. frankly there is no speedo meter in the car. i couldn't tell you.
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i can neither confirm nor deny whether we stayed within the limits. >> we can confirm they paid no toll, however, northbound. from vista point, wayne freedman abc7 news. what a sight. word of a coyote attack on a small dog has san francisco residents on edge tonight. a man says a coyote attacked his dog, eddie yesterday. eddie is in icu in an animal hospital, poor thing. residents in the area say they spotted coyotes before. eddie's owner says the fire department saved his dog from that coyote. a gofundme page has been set up to help with his surgery. water reports have been released today. the state is doing well, going beyond requirements, actually. in april, governor brown mandated a 25% reduction for the state. and in july, san jose reduced
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it's use by 38% and santa rosa, 44%. the water use dropped 31% last month. >> i think folks are limiting outdoor irrigation. california, urban californians use 50% or more of all of their water outdoors, largely on ornamental turf. >> he fishls have not yet issued fines. they could start at $500 per day. with the drought pushing water prices sky high, owning a pool becomes a pricey proposition. one couple's solution was anything but conventional. >> we have wondered what these things are. they look like an orange. they don't taste like one. >> jeff and kathleen said the tree came with the house. so did the pool. >> my daughters and i thought it would be fabulous to have a
6:18 pm
pool. now, we don't use the pool. at all anymore. >> reporter: but a pool is a lot of work. >> it would be almost a daily task to get the leaves out. >> reporter: they decided to take the plunge and take it out. >> it's a small backyard taken up by a large pool. and now, they have a lot more space to plant green. >> reporter: you almost think they forgot something. the pool still has water in it. >> if you're not going to use that pool why fill it in? >> reporter: the landscaper had an idea, keeping the lawn lush and green. >> try to store rain water in it. you've got the hole already dug. >> reporter: an underground reservoir made out of plastic blocks. >> they're super strong. >> reporter: they are strong enough to drive a truck over. but importantly, how much empty space in the middle to hold 7500
6:19 pm
gallons of water. >> there is the down spout. we just connected our pvc pipe to that. >> reporter: rain will fill the tank and water the new landscape on top of it. >> that is where veggie gardens are going to be. >> reporter: kathleen is happy next year's harvest will have more than just mystery fruit. and jeff? >> i'm glad i don't have to get inside of it. checking on weather, and whether anything should be coming from the sky? >> spencer christian is here. how about that clever, creative? i can't make it happen, but i can tell you about it. sunny skies around, but there are fire concerns across the state and over the central sierra. a fire weather watch for this watch from down, i shouldn't say way down, but from bishop, way south, up to lake
6:20 pm
tahoe and into the reno area. that is it was pretty hot. 102 in antioch and livermore. numerous low to mid-90s in other locations and a high of 79 here in san francisco. this is the view over sfo. before you skies and 74 degrees now in the city. 80 in mountain view. 82 san jose. 72 half moon bay. here is the view from our santa cruz beach camera. it's a lovely evening at the beach. readings 91 in santa rosa. and concord, 91 degrees. check out this view. a lovely sky over the bay. looking from our camera west. these forecast features, he'll taper off and be a warm day.
6:21 pm
will be cooler this weekend. that will continue into next week. there is a slight chance of early morning showers saturday. here is our radar composite image. a dominant feature is beginning to retreat now, friday, south, southeast opening doors for arrival of the cooler air mass which is unsettled and will bring more clouds and maybe showers. at 11:00 in the morning we'll see clouds, high clouds moving through tomorrow, tomorrow night, and then, early saturday morning maybe a few areas of light showers in the north bay. then, a chance will diminish rapidly. a cooler pattern continues into next week. overnight, clear skies. temperatures low to mid-60s. quite mild. tomorrow, another warm day. highs into the mid to upper 80s. to 88 in san jose. and highs to about 88 in
6:22 pm
mountain view. 68 pacifica. downtown 76 degrees tomorrow, highs in the valleys 88 in sonoma. and 83 san leandro. inland low to mid # 0s and here is the accu-weather forecast. oh, now, let's skip over that and go to the seven-day forecast. see? there it is. that pattern lasts into next week. and there is a little chance of showers saturday morning looks like it's going to be dry. >> more accusations against the napa valley wine train. >> plus, a latino woman claims she was discriminated against. rewarding fans, a move by a loningal musician after a show was cancelled by police at outside lands. stay
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we're hearing from another woman who accused the napa valley wine train from racial discrimination. she says an employee told her group they'd be kicked off if they didn't control their noise level. >> if i would have been white, i think i would have been more
6:26 pm
privileged. they would consider v.accommodated us in another car train and from other guests, more tollerant. >> this after a black woman's book club was kicked off the train after passengers complained they were being loud. a spokesperson has denied the latest allegation of racial bias. a local artist is making it right for fans tonight after police cancelled his show at outside lands this month. he announced today he would give a free show at the independent on september 11th. police detained and cited him and two others for peddling artist wrist bands at outside lands. he says it was a misunderstanding and an intern from his office sold a wrist band. to get a ticket have you to rsvp online. in virginia, a news team remembers two of its own. >> as we approach that moment we
6:27 pm
want to pause, and reflect. >> the show of solidarity for two journalists, shot and killed during a live report. that is next. off the charts, more on record ratings for tesla's new cars and how viewers say it defies physics. >> eating like a king on queen. healthy students available to
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the family of a 19-year-old man killed by police last month is asking to get federal intervention to find out why police shot. >> the family of john demming junior say results of the autopsy contradicts what was reported. it has been difficult to pin down what led to pleasanton police to shoot and kill their 19-year-old son july 5th.
6:31 pm
police found him in a classic car dealership in the middle of the night. police say the former high school football star was acting like a madman. but police are not providing them with details so the family is asking for the u.s. department of justice to intervene. >> you expect a transparent police force to do that. that is why we're demanding that the feds intervene and help us gain the answers. that is what the demming family demanded. >> reporter: details released contradict findings from an autopsy done by the family. police say he was shot at close range but the autopsy says their son was not shot at close range. police say they used a taser on deming several times, that is now in question. >>. it's unfortunate we have to seek out an expert, the best in the world, to tell us that there is no taser marks. why did they tell us this and
6:32 pm
why can't they just be transparent with that? >> reporter: we contacted pleasanton police. a spokesman says the department and district attorney are still working on the case, quote, because these investigation s are still pending it would be inappropriate and unfair to all parties to comment. the officer involved in the shooting is on paid administrative leave. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. new court documents show the man accused of killing a avirgin avirgin avirginia tv journalist had a glock, a license plate, and a wig in his car, possibly determining a get away plan that failed. the oakland native, whose real name is vester flanagan was fired from the station two years ago. in a rambling suicide note he claims he was mistreated at work. something the general manager of the station denies. this morning there was a moment
6:33 pm
of silence at the moment they lost their colleagues. messages of sympathy and support are pouring into the station. >> i have 819 e-mails. i have all of my voice mailboxes are full. and it's with people reaching out. >> the lone survivor has been upgraded to good condition. happening now in san francisco, sky 7 is over the embarcadero. 1 of the street cars on the f line hit a truck, as you can see. muni has not returned our calls. you can see street car service and traffic on the embarcadero. our live reporting continues on twitter. a disgraced real estate tycoon is giving an interview from jail to the abc7 news i team. >> a preview of the report that will air tonight.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: he goes by the nickname luky luke, but he's in jail, convicted in an $11 million art fraud. i went through exhibits and found surveillance video of him esca escaping from u.s. marshals and running away. he is in the giving up. >> i'm innocent of the claims against me. >> but you've been convicted. you're insisting you've done nothing wrong? >> i've absolutely done nothing wrong. >>. >> reporter: tonight the hunt for this statue he's convicted of taking. he tells me he doesn't know where it is. it's a fascinating report on many levels. >> it certainly is. thank you, dan. we're waiting results of a necropsy on a whale that died and is in the marina.
6:35 pm
witnesses first saw the whale attached to a ship. a company spokesman says the whale drifted away and sank and they reported it to federal authorities. the whale resurfaced on wednesday. the manager of a recreational company thinks authorities waited too long, causing a danger to boaters. >> like a car hitting a call. like someone going full speed in a power boat, it's going to be devastating. >> results on the necropsy will take a week, maybe two. over the years, lunches at schools have changed but perhaps none as dramatically as marin city. the tiny, two school districts is said to be the first district in the nation with all organic meals. carolyn tyler was there for the first day of school. >> reporter: no mystery meat
6:36 pm
here. >> we're having italian herb roasted chicken breast. >> there are fruit salads on each table. the chef makes this meal from scratch. everything is 100% organic. marin city school district is said to be the first in the nation to offer that. >> it's the best you can get. that is how we can begin to make bodies healthy and minds healthy. >> the founder of turning green, here in 2013. and this year, added a second school, some of the produce comes from the academy's own garden. >> gives you energy throughout the day. >> it's more delicious. >> many students qualify for free or reduced lunch, the
6:37 pm
federal government picks up the tab. but also key is an influential partner. justin everett is a menu consultant and mentor. >> it's a great way to connect with the kids. >> reporter: for some, lunch, like school is a new experience. >> i didn't like everything. >> reporter: but the big kids who had the food two years, like the food. >> it's fresh. >> reporter: educators have seen improvement in behavior and grades. >> getting sweet stuff from your favorite stor
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retail loyalty programs are gaining ground. customers are beginning to expect them. >> yes. we have become used to them. michael finney is here with a look at how small merchants are taking a look at the programs. they do motivate you. >> yes. the programs are a way of
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saving. so when i heard about a new program, i figured let's go and check it out. >> reporter: up on a jet, you'll get reward miles. use a credit card, you'll pick up points. when buying groceries, there are special deals. >> one here, and another one here. >> reporter: kelly is showing me old school loyalty punch cards. the smaller businesses have relied on these types of cards and big guys computerized. now, companies like five star are offering computerized loyalty programs to the little guys. >> they're the same technology, it's available at safeway, wall greens and cvs. >> here at plenty, customers earn rewards. he said he heard from customers. >> people asked me, hey, do you have a punching card?
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do you have something you can gain points? something like that? people asking me all the time. i think people want that right now. >> every small business owner offers a different reward. free coffee, 10% off, 20% off. every owner customizes that way. >> reporter: it's important to know. there are five points to look at at our request. >> we found some are quite nice. a pizza shop, after spending $25 pizza, you get a free slice. there is another for metro pcs. they give you $one store credit after paying your bill ten times. $1, 10 times. you must remember these are not
6:43 pm
trading back and forth between retailers. each store has its own program. it's a base program. to see my reports online go to and select 7 on your side. here is another thing that is cool about five stars. they send a lot of discounts. >> that is great. thank you, michael. >> sure. still head a remarkable device unlocking the secrets of the fruit fly.
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[female announcer] dsave up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.n, get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. bay area researchers made a new break through in the robot revolution. switch place was one of these fruit flies and you might feel like the target of an alien abduction. first, infrared light. then, a beam from a mothership locks on. >> when the fly becomes stati stationery, it will be picked up by the picker. >> then, you're being studied by probes that want to study your brain.
6:47 pm
>> this system is only one piece of a larger research program that we're pursuing. >> reporter: first, it helps to understand they're one of the most-useful creatures in science, giving scientists a window from everything from diseases to genomics. >> the flies have to be trapped in realtime. so images have to be acquired on a camera. >> that, with vision recognition software powerful enough to distinguish the best candidates. >> they can distinguish male and female. >> reporter: the fly scope took several years to build and vacuum plucker allows researchers to conduct experiments without harming the flies. but the team believes power will be speeding up research into human diseases by capturing a
6:48 pm
fleeting opportunity. >> and then, we can release suction and flies are now free. >> reporter: if one project, the microscope was able to distinguish between species so similar, they're identical to the human eye. >> that is incredible. now, spencer is back with our forecast. >> let's take a look at what's happening in the tropics first. tropical storm erika is churning towards puerto rico and bahamas, expected to become a category 1 hurricane along the atlantic coast of florida. and storm preparations being made there. we have active weather in the tropical pacific as well. here is hurricane ignacio expected to intensify to a category 3 and a one again
6:49 pm
approaching hilo, hawaii. that would be tuesday of next week. here is our accu-weather forecast. we're going to have warm weather again, tomorrow, and a sharp plunge in temperatures over the weekend and nice, cool steady pattern throughout the week. >> cool, steady. >> yes. we like that. >> thank you. >> larry is off. collin rush is here. >> that is right. and he's got sports. >> i think i said it in the 9:00 last night. remember giants win is going to fault them into this great september and playoffs? i was right. the dream come true for giant rookie today. the world series mvp a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our
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the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. it should no longer come as a surprise, madison bumgarner earns his fifth win. we know about his power at the plate. he can be nimble when he has to be. third inning, covering first. behind him, a
6:53 pm
dan herron into dead center, way out. a three-run shot, a 5-1 game. leaving after 6, 1 run allowed, win 16 for him. he's giving up only six earned runs. go down, and get them, fellas. check out the smile on his face. 9-1, the final. and dodgers will beat the reds again today. for stanford, the season begins a week from saturday. and kevin hogan will start under center. the fifth year senior decided to return mid january. the reason was simple. he loves the >> to stay?
6:54 pm
or not to stay? that was the question following an mvp performance in last year's foster farms bowl. >> a lot of things went into it. talking to my family, coaches and former teammates. just get all of the information possible. just wanted to make sure that you know, i won't regret coming back. i won't regret leaving. in the end, you can't regret coming back. >> the fifth year senior decided to stay due to unfinished business. inconsistency that coincided with his loss of his fajer to cancer. >> this is very special on the
6:55 pm
field and off the field. it's a tight knit locker room. >> he's hoping his career comes full circle. he led the cardinals with the first win since 1972. now, he's got a chance to get his team there, again. >> it doesn't feel like much time as gone by. seems like just yesterday, but it's been five years. it's just good to be out here. i'm loving every >> broncos coach called cap a special player. the denver defense seems to get the better of cap today. >> not a good practice to split. learn from me and get better.
6:56 pm
>> first of four tournaments started today in new jersey. a four over 74 for 95th. >> thank you, collin. >> the disaster happening now in the caribbean and rains pounding that area of the world. a wild story of survival. two women found alive after only having bathing suits for cover. >> it's coming up tonight. that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. from the entire abc7 news team, have a great evening.
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this is "celebrity jeopardy!" please welcome our special guests. she is the chief meteorologist for abc news and brightens our day on "good morning america." please welcome... [ applause ] nominated for a tony for "the book of mormon," he was the voice of olaf in "frozen." currently stars in the fx series "the comedians," and can be seen this summer in "pixels." here's... [ applause ] on the hit series "scandal," she is the beloved first lady with a saccharine smile and an iron-hard will. please welcome... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to "celebrity jeopardy!" and a warm welcome to these three competitive and courageous celebrities who are here in the next half-hour trying to win a lot of cash for their favorite charities. ginger, josh, and bellamy, good luck. let's play jeopardy! here are the categories. bellamy... you get to select. alex: off you go. the comedians for $200. she's the emmy-winning comedian seen here. ginger. who is sarah silverson? you are right. no, sorry! silverman. who is sarah silverman? bellamy says... oh! who is sarah silverman? silverman, yes.


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