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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 28, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> sky 7 is over san quentin prison where the water is shut off. prisoners are using portal toilets and bottled waters following an outbreak disease that has affected two dozen inmates. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am cheryl jennings. >> a prisoner has been diagnosed with legionnaire's disease, an often lethal form of pneumonia.
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more are being tested? >> they are assuming couple of dozen inmates with symptoms have it. that is why they are treating this as an outbreak. they shut off the water yesterday. they say this is the first time this has ever happened here. >> portable bathrooms are now at the 3,746 inmates at the risen are using, bringing in 100 last night. you can see them in the resolution were yard in this view from sky 7. the prison has should off the water because an inmate has a confirmed case of legionnaire's disease a severe form of pneumonia that spread through the water system. a relative said without water, inmates are not shower we aring and toilets have not been flushed. she did not want to be identified for fear retaliation against the loved ones. >> it is could horrible like a third world country out there. or worse. there are no facilities to be used. feces and urine are in the toilets. >> prison officials say that is
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an exaggeration. they admit the conditions you are not comfortable. >> it is not third world. no. no. no. this are...there times when the prison environments we have to lock the place down and when that happens inmates do not have access to showers. >> officials brought in a couple thousand bottles of water and a tanker with 4,000 gallons last night. the relatives we speak of understand it is a tough situation and questions whether they are doing what they can to meet the basic needs. >> the smell is horrible. they have to open up the doors because they cannot stand it. >> officials are looking into bringing portal showers if the water is shut off for a long period of time. >> you can see that the tanks? they have to test water in there where it comes from. if it is fine they will test the prison pipes.
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they have no no idea how long it will take to uncover the situation. self-help groups like a a's and tutors are taught allowed to visit until they know they can provide them with a bathroom and water. >> according to the centers for disease control symptoms for the legionnaires can include cough and shortness of breath and muscle aches and headaches. people get sick by breathing in mist or vapor caping the bacteria. legionnaire's is not spread person to person and is treated with antibiotics. it does not seem to be very common but there have been several cases this career alone including outbrakes at a new york hotel in illinois veterans home, two deaths are blamed for the illness in canada. >> oakland police are looking at new cell phone video from the moments after a police officer shot and killed a man. map can be seen moving his head and arms still align after being
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wounded. a bystander is heard calling for help. investigators say the officer shot the man after he hit her in the head multiple times with a metal pick chain. police say it was recorded by the officer's body camera and the video is now being reviewed. yesterday's officer involved shooting was the sixth for oakland police this year, the 4th fail. >> an east bay couple accused kidnapping and running a human trafficking ring of prostitution for 15 years will be back in court september 11. james joseph and his common wife, avisa lavassani, appeared before a judge today. investigators say the couple rated out of san ramon and, later, in danville. they allegedly arranged for women to be flown to wealthy climbs around the country. police and f.b.i. arrested the couple at their home last thursday. >> this morning, we are getting a first look at crime christian where a tv news crew in virginia was shot and killed by a suspect who grew up in oakland.
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the deck at bridge water plaza has new wooden planks and they are erasing the physical traces of shooting that killed allison parker and her photographer, adam ward. vicki gardner, being interviewed at the time of the shooting, was seriously injured. in an interview with abc7, her husband said that allison parker was shot first and then adam, and vikki started to run the gunman began firing at her. >> he shot three times at my wife. she was trying to dodge everything. he missed twice. she dove to the ground. >> according to her, the suspected shooter, vester lee flanagan, tried to keep shooting her but the gun did not work so he took off. he killed himself as officers closed in. he was fired from wdbj in 2013. according to the general manager, vester lee flanagan handed the news director a crucifix upon the hiring saying and i quote, "you are going to need this." >> a hero's homecoming for one
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of the three americans who helped take down the terrorist on a french train last week, talked exclusively to "good morning america" today. >> i immediately recognized what was happening and i in the, there is no way, no way this is happening right new. i am just...really, that is the only thought i that, i could not believe it was happening and we acted, and i did not have another thought for those two minutes. >> alek skarlatos with the national guard thanksen for their outpour of gratitude and the airport cheer the as he arrived in new york. he and his friends, spencer zone and sacramento state student anthony sadler received the highest medal from the french president and congratulations from president obama. >> sausalito's police chief will be the his chief in wereryville. the chief has been in sausalito for five years. the last day is monday. she started in emeryville september 15.
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she described the move as a life balance decision because she lives in the east bay and will cut her commute in half. scott pauling will service as the interim chief until a replacement is found the happening now, scientists are performing a necropsy on the remains of a whale. it could take a week or two for results to figure what killed the whale. scientists with the national oceanic & atmospheric administration believe it is the body of a 35' to 40' blue or fin whale that may have been killed in a commission with a slip. it could have been debt before it was hit bit ship. >> presidential campaign, donald trump is beating all cop tenders in the poll but in san francisco one neighborhood people are taking a whack at his image, all in good fun. janet o joins from the mission to explain. janet? >> yes, mill frustrations this
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is meant to be light-hearted. the owner as discount city does not recall if another president am candidate has been made into a pinata but he said he is not a trump supporter but it is good for business. black suit, signature red tie and combed over hair, you know it and donald trump. >> it is a funny backlash to the controversy he is brewing. >> it is great. >> donald trump has been making a big splash in the political scene gathering supporters and a lot of vocal haters. drop the trump. >> i did not think the immigration thing would take open a live like it has. >> a woman said the statements have been deeply offensive to hard work immigrants hike herself. >> we had a hard time finding any trump supporter in the mission district. >> i don't want to
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shred it to pieces? >> yes. yes. >> discount city is selling better that expected, up to 30 a day. orders have been put in bliss to stock up. >> he is a laughingstock for the country. politics are ridiculous, that he is given a platform to say what he is saying. >> the pinatas are selling for $14 to $20 depending on the size. the whacking stick is an additional $3. there are still a few up for grabs. tomorrow is 10 years since hurricane katrina hit new orleans and how former president bush is marking the anniversary and how the former first couple has helped the city rebuild. >> record break price for a
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>> the breaking news two people accused of shooting a tourist in a busy neighborhood this week have been charged with attempted murder. that announcement coming moments ago on twitter from the san francisco district attorney. police say the two men shot the victim, a tourist from thailand, obtuse, as he tried to get his
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stolen camera back. the victim is expected to make a full recovery. authorities arrested the two suspects after a long chase across the bay bridge. >> former president bush and his wife laura are in louisiana to mark the 10th anniversary of hurricane hurricane katrina. they visited the hospital in new orleans, this morning, and president bush was at school of 2626 for the first anniversary of katrina, and library was able to rebuild the collection thanks in part to the laura bush foundation for american libraries. today we celebrate the resurgence of new orleans schools and honor the resilience of a great american city whose levees gave out but whose people never gave up. >> president was in new orleans and said he is inspired by the city. commemoration is tomorrow on the
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visit with president obama. >> wal-mart is launching off the christmas layaway two weeks early this year, two weeks earlier than the year before, choosing from 40,000 items on layaway, some as low as $10 and you have 90 days to pay rather than the 60. >> one of the most expensive homes, ever sold in california now has a new owner. >> this home sold for $47.5 million, smashing price records. it is 9,200 square foot, and jaw dropping views of san francisco. that is one of views of san francisco. that is worth a lot of money. it is $47 million view. this is an elevator, four bed troops, six full bathrooms, and a pool house, rose garden and
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wine cellar, and is listed on the national register of historic places. >> it is beautiful. they should invite us. >> exactly. >> you will be working forever. >> the taxes on the one house is more than i will make in a lifetime. our he is right about that. >> that is the guy who said it was the forecast. >> and notice no fog at the marin head lands, another hot one but i do have cooler weather and breezy conditions and the transition could be wet for a few of us. i will have the timing and when i expect that to happen. >> the two bay area cities among the best in the country to raise
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> so fun to figure when mike would invite us to the party at the mansion. >> $47.5 million, you should have seen the original asking price. >> amazing. >> how would you like to inherit that. >> here is a look at what is going on, everyone. santa cruz, our brand new high definition santa cruz camera, was 96 on the boardwalk yesterday and about 88 today, water temperature about 65. there is relief there. here is how it looks from the east bay hills camera, it is hazy. definitely can see the filtered sunshine that will help the heat taper fed.
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we have a small window for wet weather tonight, law tomorrow morning, and a dramatic drop in the temperature as the breezes kick up this weekend, here are the players, you can see a nice shape developing at the area of low pressure and the shield of high clouds bringing our way with radar runs showing up off the coast around crescent city but, that is not making it to the ground. it is too dry right now. this is our game changer, the one that will drop our temperatures around 10 or 20 degrees compares to year the right now it is only high clouds and the filtered sunshine will bring us temperatures that will pull back 3-5 degrees. no sea breeze, no marine layer, no free air conditioning. not today. but if you have the aconditioning, you will want to stay inside for the better part of the day because it is 88 in san jose, 97 in gilroy, and 85 in sunnyvale and maybe the kids can find the pool after school, mid-to-upper 80s for most of the peninsula, and more comfort around millbrae at 79.
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floating with 70 all along the coast today, and money 70s downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito and mid-80s to 90 through the picture bay, with santa rosa at 90 and vallejo at 83, upper 70s is where it is most comfortable along the east bay shore, richmond and berkeley, low 80s around oakland, and 87 in fremont, and you come in, this is the area, inland east bay, some of our temperatures did nut drop out of the 70s this morning, we are on our way to the 90. the cardinals are playing the giants at 7:15 and 68 degrees dropping to 65 with a very light breeze. notice if green the future radar runs are up to the north. here we are, 5:00 this afternoon, heading to the overnight hours, starting at 5:00, to 9:00, that is one of our best chances of a scattered light shower and then it starts to taper as the front moves
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through, by 5:00, and we will feel the breezes kick up and let the cooling begin. special event this weekend, very proud of it to part of this, special catch for spell needs kids in livermore with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70's by the time we get to sunday and up to the grand prix, 90 today in sonoma and low 80s tomorrow and through the weekend. in fact, all of us are in the 60 at the coast, and 70s around the bay and barely 80s inland tomorrow. >> sounds good to me. i like it cooler. >> san francisco is san jose are ranked among the top ten cities in the country to raise your children. consumer website analyzed the best hospitals and crime rate and job availability and housing prices. san francisco was 9th on the list, san jose was third. dallas-ft. worth, ranked at the top because of low unemployment and two great school districts.
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this is a gorgeous acrylic tub that fit right over the old one. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantee a watertight fit. when you change your tub, you change your bathroom. and that can change your life. i know because i did it. call today or learn more at >> coming up at 4:00, we are tracking tropical storm erica
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ready for possible landfall on the florida coast with the problems the store is already causing. >> after people's new partnership at 5:00, how the pentagon is looking to silicon valley to protect its soldiers. >> time now for friday's purr >> nice to see you. you know the cram is on you. >> ready for closeup. >> right on that. >> she has an interesting story. >> she was left on the shelter tied to a bench in the front. so she is four years old and certainly ready for a if new li. >> at least they brought her there. >> exactly. we are ready to take care of her and match her with her great new home, probably people only is the best for her. >> people only, no other pets, cats or dogs. >> reasonable not. she is a people dog and a people
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dog and very interested in people. >> and she likes to sit on laps. >> does she like football? >> she loves football. >> we have a sale going on, a great band and a lot of fun stuff and the kid zone sunday september 20. >> that is a fun fundraiser for you guys and you get to tour the spell facility and see other animals. we will try to find you a never home and we thank you for be here. you are hing us for a while. congratulations. >> employ is having her first child soon so... >> thanks. >> thanks for everything you do. appreciate you being here. we will not forget about you.
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thanks for joining us from the marin humane society. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> and a look of santa cruz. the board walk this looks like fun.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ha! huh, hey. i'm terry crews, and it's time to start giving out the cash right here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] our returning contestant smiles so big, her nickname is "switch." today she is halfway to round 2 and says she'll have no problem keeping her eye on the prize. from chelsea, new york, please welcome patti carpenter! [cheers and applause] >> thank you. nice to see you again. >> oh, good to see you. you are doing so well. the smile is still beautiful. now, i hear you have traveled


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