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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 31, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> daylight shows destruction at a community center shared by two schools in the santa cruz mountains. a suspicious fire leaves hundreds of students with a sudden day off and uncertainty over classes. >> good morning, i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. investigators are calling the fire in los gatos suspicious breaking out after midnight on the santa cruz border at loma prieta elementary. matt keller is on campus. matt? >> kristen, this has turned into a salvage operation. several groups use the loma
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prieta community center. they are trying to save what they can. firefighters continue their investigation into what started the fire. >> calling you to let there is no school today, monday, due to a fire. >> classes were can sell for on students at loma prieta and c.t. middle school off summit road after a fire destroyed a community center and damned the gymnasium sitting between the two campuses. a woman -- man was drying by -- driving by and saw the flames. >> the structure was engulfed when firefighters arrived much it starts in a garbage can. flames were stopped from spreading to the gym by the concrete wall and metal doors. the water damage to the floor could be a big issue. several different groups used the community center including a
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seniors group. with santa cruz using a sheriff station and the middle school also used part of the building for music and art and dance. >> it is highly utilized component of our district resources. this will be a loss not only to the kids but to the community. >> there are surveillance video but the hard drive was inside the building and investigators are not sure if it can be saved. hopefully they. get evidence to determine if the fire was intentionally set. as for the kids, they are expected to be back in class tomorrow morning. >> matt, thank you. traffic is moving again on highway 101 in burlingame after both directions were shut down for hours on friday night and over the weekend to make room for pg&e repairs. those repairs are only temporary meaning we could see more closures in the future.
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our reporter, amy hollyfield, is near 101 with more. amy? >> yes, look behind me. you can see the two wooden poles. they are brand new. they are temporary. you are right about that. officials were just relieved they got them in place before the monday morning commute. monday morning commuteers did not have to deal with the shutdown of highway 101 through burlingame. officials got it re-opened by 4:00 a.m. saturday morning workers did have to navigate around the major inconvenience. everyone was late and freaking out because we were thinking we would be closed because we had no employees here. >> they made it to the restaurant on saturday morning, the usual customers did not. >> we usually have 30 or 40 minute wait but this was in wait on saturday. yes, definitely impacted us. >> we was shut down because of an accident at the construction site. two huge towers here -- there
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used to be three. it was hit with such force it buckled sending the transmission lines on to the highway. >> we had several folks trapped in their cars. there were no injuries. >> it was re-opened on saturday and they shut it sunday night when they brought in new lines. >> this is a high-wire act restringing the lines. it was trying for the commuters and we will work on a full investigation to find out how the non-pg&e contractor brought the to you wish down. >> when police realized the highway was closed they turned to officers streets forcing residents to stay home. >> we hit two roads that were congested. we did not travel so much. we dealt with it. >> they still need to put in a permanent tower like the one you are seeing right here so they are not ruling out the possibility of having to shut down the highway again but pg&e
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said if and weapon they do they will work with caltrain to minimize the impact on traffic. >> thanks, amy. all lanes of southbound interstate 880 are back open after a big rig overturned and spilled fuel this morning that happened after 2:00 a.m. near hegenberger road. some fuel spilled into a creek. sky 7 was over the crash as haz-mat cleaned up the mess. the work caused major delays for drivers but no injuries were reported. >> repairs are underway on two southwest airline jets that clipped wings at the airport in oakland. you could see the workers inspecting the two boeing 737s. toward the top, the tip of the wing has been chipped away. this photo was taken by a passenger on flight 2674 to john wayne airport in orange county. the plane was pushed back from the gate and the two boeing
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737s came in contact. >> it was just the scraping like an auto collision but no one wants to fly tilted line this with only part of a wing on one side. >> no one was injured in the incident. southwest airs has launched an internal investigation to determine what want wrong. >> police in palo alto are investigating two reports of flashers if the past week. a man followed a woman to a park are garage near stanford university on friday and hid in a stairwell. when she pull over a too blocks away to check the g.p.s. the man was back knocking on her window with his patches pulled down. another woman reported a flasher on a bicycle near monroe park last tuesday. >> a new program has been launched to make a san francisco street safer in the wake of a recent shooting. supervisor today announced the start of the local board street ambassador program from now until november and in the spring
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paid ambassadors are on the city's famous crooked street during peak hours to help with traffic and pedestrians and get information to tourists. they will work with police to deter and report crime. especially important in the wake of the robbery and shooting of a thai tourist last year -- week. >> scientists found a flaw to make it tough wear to do research in sports related head injuries with sensors measuring the force and speed are putting out inaccurate data including the way the skull moves fools some of the sensors to overestimate the force of impact but this is good news. researchers are finding certain motions that contribute to the concussions. >> an appeals court is deciding whether the death penalty violates the constitution with arguments being heard in pasadena.
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critics say it violates the 8th amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment with years of delay for communication is arbitrary, and since 1978, on the other hand 13 sentenced to die have been executed while 94 debt row inmates have died from natural causes. >> the sacramento student who stopped a planned rampage on a high speed we train said life is getting back to normal attending church services on sunday at shiloh baptist church in sacramento where his father is a pastor. his dad said his son is still trying to get use to the international attention and recognition he is getting after he along with two other friends tackled a gunman on a high speed train inup. >> when i see him on tv i shake my head and still a level of
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disbelief it is my son. >> the city is planning a parade for sadler and his friends, alek skarlatos and spencer stone. >> a new strain on hillary clinton's campaign, a candidate now closing in on the former secretary of state as the presidential race on the democratic side heats up. >> the amazing closeup sighting off the coast of half moon bay. >> a live look outside right now from our south beach camera in san francisco and it looks like a sunny day with meteorologist mike nicco coming up with the are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives.
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>> santa rose's city council is responding to calls do bring rent prices under control starting tomorrow, the city council will kickoff a look at how to control represents according to the "resolution democrat," after a petition collected more than 2,500 signatures. locals reacted after the city council passed over a rent control measure in june in favor of spending money to help the homeless. >> happening today, president obama is traveling to alaska to address climate change and rename the north america highest peak, the president will change the name of mount mckinley to denali, the alaskan native name and mark the first visit to the arctic circle by dressing climate change. alaskan politicians are afraid he will use this to declare oil reserves off limits. >> the california state assembly
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could take up to two bills this week to fight climate change and reduce the state's reliance on oil. the bills allow the state to meet goals set by the governor in april and calls for reducing greenhouse gas emmissions and cutting use by cars and trucks in half over the next 15 years. if enacted the legislation would set an international precedent. >> the race for the presidential nomination is getting tighter today. a new des moines register poll shows hillary clinton barely ahead of bernie sanders with only 37 percent of democrats in iowa say they would pick hillary clinton as the nominee a 20-point drop since may. sanders is seeing 30 percent support young voters and the self described solist from vermont is also beginning ground in new hampshire. >> this is not antihillary clinton but pro bernie sanders and pro message that says "enough is enough." >> among republicans in iowa, donald trump is still on top and is taking aim at hillary
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clinton's top aide, who is married to former congressman weiner who was forced to resign after a sexting scandal saying he he is psychologically >> and this was quite the sight off of half moon bay after a whale came out of the water next to the people and the creature came out of the water before diving back down. the woman said she has never seen whales kyle so close to the peach. >> meteorologist mike nicco is straight ahead with the forecast. >> as least it was a whale and not a shark. >> good morning, everyone, take a look behind me and all of sunshine we are ending august warmer-than-average but there are changes on the way to the cool side as we say goodbye to summer with the details coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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>> plus, a hiker has a close encounter with a pair of black bears caught on camera and she got away uninjured. >> nutrition labels on the food are about to get more correct and some say that is not a
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a hiker is fortunate she escaped unharmed after an up close and personal encounter with a pair of black bears. the woman thought she was keeping a safe distance and they got closer and closer until one of them ended up reaching out
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for leg leg. >> he scared the herm out of me can he thought he would take out a leg muscle in a bite and i took ten minutes in the car and thanked god for...letting me out of there alive. >> she walked away from the help counter unharmed. the incident was reported to the authorities would out of concern immediately closed off the trail. negative very scary about this forecast with close encounters of the private kind with all of the sunshine out here and warming up a little bit and if you had to work, you had the day off, this would an nice place to go if you can get this high definition santa cruz camera showing how tranquil the ocean is near the boardwalk with temperature at 65 degrees in the water, about 70 out. the east bay hills calculate a
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back to san francisco you can see haze in the distance and it is getting sunny at the coast right now which is helping our minder warming trend. september starts tomorrow and we will be cooler and more gray in the morning and maybe drizzle along the coast and into san francisco but we turn that around just in time to say goodbye to summer to holiday weekend and it looks like temperatures will rebound and be as warm as today if not warmer. for most of us we are up to 60 degrees warmer but for san carlos and napa and half moon bay, three and two and one degree cooler. oakland is 69. we are already 80 in fairly and los gatos and near that in san ramon and concord and fremont, san jose, at 73 and 74 in san mateo and in maintain view. here is the reason why, look how quiet it is outside as far as live doppler hd, keeping an cry on the warm front, the warm bubble of air coming in today and on its he wills is this cold front inducing the marine layer
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that will re-establish it in the coolness of that starting tomorrow. until then, today is nothing like yesterday's fast breezes with all of us less than 10 miles per hour and we are variable. on the closeup satellite, the visible satellite showing clouds leaving the coast and total sunshine for all of us this afternoon, so where does it put us with the democrat? how about in 9 low-to-mid 80s for most of the south bay, and 80 at san jose and sunnyvale is cooler and 79 and los gatos is 84 and same in santa cruz, and on the peninsula, we go mid-70s to low 80s from millbrae at 76 to los altos at 82 and accident at half moon bay and close to that in daly city and colma and pacifica and sunset 70s, mid-to-upper 70s for downtown does and south san francisco and sausalito warmer-than-average and mid-80s through the north bay valley and the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 70s, like union city at 77, and inland, we have mid-80s to nearly 90 degrees. if you are going to the game, it will be delightful starting near
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70 at 7:05 and drop to 65 by 9:35 with the temperatures dropping tomorrow account cool of the day probably is wednesday, we will rebound on thursday and friday and we will have 70s at coast, great weather at the peach this weekend, 80s around the bay and 90 inland and it will feel like summer as we say goodbye to summer this holiday weekend the enjoy today. >> nutrition labels on packaged foodses will be more honest and researchers say that is not good. the f.d.a. will update the searching sides to reflect the amount of food that people consume. the thing is to convince people to east less because the amount of calories and fat in their portion sizes could double. researchers say consumers will likely read the new label as endorsing larger portion sizes saying the vast majority of consumers incorrectly believe serving size refers to how much food should be consumed. >> fighting where your spouse could lead to weight gain.
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an ohio state university said couples with hostile exchanges have poorer heating has been difficulties causes a hormone to search results if more trips to the refrigerator and the hunger could have negative long-term health imly cases such as emotional easting or obesity. >> a bay area nonprofit celebrated 25 years of help children at camp arroyo in livermore yesterday. >> that is a song from journey called "don't stop believing," and during the day in the park event it was swung. our news anchor hoped lead the silent and live options with hundreds of donors enjoying food and wine from the livermore wineries and restaurants.
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3,000 special needs youngsters and children facing serious illnesses have been able to attend the camp all thanks to the founder elaine taylor and her late husband, barry. >> each time the stories are told look at all new people who did not know about us a month ago. >> we are a long-term and proud sponsor of aday in the park. >> so true, they never stop believing. >> a piece of hit's fair item from the titanic is for sale and how much a lucky checker is
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it is expected to soviet between $50,000 and $70,000 dollars. >> a lot of collectors out there. >> see you here tomorrow.
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