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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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campus. who that student exposed to the virus. they do know that the patient was on an a.c. transit bus and left campus august 24 at 3:30 in the afternoon but it would be five more days after that bus ride and the trip off campus before they were dewed. the number of people exposed could be high and it is still in question. those vaccinated, however, say they feel protected. >> i feel same i got the vaccine but a lot of people have not and some people who can not like limit kids and babies who are going to be more susceptible to that. >> the students are encouraged if they are not vaccinated to get vaccinated saying it pregnants 99 percent of people exposed to the virus.
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>> thank you. if you are concerned about symptoms, they usually appear seven-18 days after being exposed. watch for fever, runny nose, run any eyes and sore throat and you could feel tired. you will get a rash and spots in your mouth and then the rash all over. >> police are investigating a crash that sent a pedestrian to the hospital. it happened before 9:00 last night on eastbound el ca the driver stayed at scene and is cooperating with police. developing news in san francisco investigators are trying to figure what sparked a fire that damned two houses. firefighters tweeted this video from the scene at clayton streets. they think the fire started in a light well between the two houses. no one was hurt. >> classes resume at two schools in los gatos after a fire caused $1 million in damage.
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we were on the scene yesterday morning, a 17-year-old admit to setting a fire and -- has not admitted to setting the fires. a group of teens went to smoke marijuana near loma prieta elementary and the middle school. no one had any pot so she set a box on fire to stay warm. the group put ashes in a trash can and that sparked a four that spread to the gym and no word if they will be charged. >> the family of kate steinle begins a legal battle seeking justice for their daughter. kate steinle was shot to death on pier 14 in july. her family is finalling a claim against those who are responsible for her death. her accused killer, francisco sanchez, was deported out of the united states five times. kate steinle's mother flames those who allowed him to walk free. >> something that needs to en. we do not need them here, not violent felons. >> the agencies includes in the
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claim or federal immigration and customs enforcement and the united states bureau of land management, the gun francisco sanchez is acan youd of using was stolen from a blm agent's car named san francisco sheriff mirkarimi who released francisco sanchez from jail in prim. the sheriff has decline add request from i.c.e. that he be town over. >> san jose police are asking for help finding a missing 79-year-old woman with alzheimer's disease. gloria mar agree was last seen on sunday at griffith street. the family say she was wearing a white and green shirt and black shorts. she could be carrying a yellow shirt and red san francisco 49ers cap. if you see her call san jose police. >> thailand prime minister said that the main suspect in last month's deadly bum attack in the capital has been arrested. the blast tore through a religious shrine in bangkok august 17. the suspect was arrested at a check point on the cambodian
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border. he is the second suspect arrested in connection with the explosion that killed 20 people which was the worse single mass casualty attack in thailand. >> research control and affordable housing is the hot topic at the san jose city council meeting considering a plan to benefit up san jose's represent control law including eviction protection. according to the city officials, represents have shot up 54 percent in the past five years. the average apartment in san jose is $2,200 an increase of nearly $800 since 2010. we will have a full report on the proposal at the top of the hour. >> happening today, santa rosa city council will take up represent control in their community. officials are under tremendous pressure to do something with represent in santa rosa rising 40 percent in the last four years. renters complain that is teach of a burden. landlords argue they need a return on their investments.
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the city council said they will look at mobile home represents at the meeting. >> residents in south san jose say homeless encampments are popping up where they have never been before. the city council say this goes well beyond the member's district. here is that story. aresidents in south san jose say the homeless set up camp in the middle of the night behind commercial buildings and on the highways but the troubling help campment is behind their home. drug paraphernalia is left behind across the street from where children are playing. >> they have been having sex and kids come by here every day on the weekends, coming on their bicycles. >> nobodies voiced their concern to the city council member saying the encampments popping up all over because of the shutdown of the jungle, the homeless encampment. half receive housing vouchers and the others dispersed.
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>> the homeless population has spread out and they are not as concentrated and because of that, there is no doubt the neighbors are feel the impact of homelessness more than ever. >> now that he knows the troubling spots the city can offer help. >> we pay a lot of money in property taxes and to have that around here is not pleasant. >> neighbors have been told to keep their cry out and to let the city know of new encampments. >> new details have emerges in a violent confrontation between bicyclists and a driver during critical mass in san francisco. >> we are not going anywhere. we are not going anywhere. >> the video posted on youtube shows a bicyclist hitting a zip car with a u lock and police have signed an investigator to look into the
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incident and work with zip car to fine the driver and locate bicyclists to get both sides of the story. >> work begins on a pilot program to make caltrain rail corridor safer. palo alto is taking aggressive measure to prevent suicide at tracks installing cameras that detect objects more than a mile away. the cameras are at the meadow avenue crossing for two month trial period. though will install 8' high fences between oregon express way and the creek to make it more difficult to climb the fence. >> it is september but i did not expect fall weather when i stepped out this morning. >> definitely cooler we have the winds of change blowing in, new month and new weather pattern, and now, san francisco, is waking up with mission and presidio and crissy field and bayview you all have 61 in common and west portal is the cool pot at 58, and ferry building is 62 and in the financial district and richmond
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and 61 in walnut creek and san leandro and union city is 50 and a went of 50s, palo alto is 55 and pleasanton is 58, and warmer in pittsburg and tracy at 64, and petaluma at 53 and american can beyond is 61. in walnut creek, the clouds are trying to roll in right now, it is mainly clear and 61. as we head through the afternoon, more clouds in san francisco at 70 and toll sunshine elsewhere and topping out at the peninsula and east bay is 78, and inland east bay 87 and the north bay is 84. right now it is 61 with a wind faster at the golden gate bridge at 12 miles per hour. better chance of drizzle dome and thursday morning our two coolest mornings and the weekend looking warmer. say the north bay and highway 101 headed southbound tail lights as they head up to 580 and traffic is clear and nice so we are not finding delays when we get to the golden gate bridge and another one for the commute
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into san francisco and when you get there, we do have construction overnight progresses that are going to exist through the end of the week and for tuesday through thursday closures on northbound highway 101 to northbound highway one is going to be from 10:00 people tonight until 4:30 tom morning and for wednesday night and thursday night so expect lane closures overnight lane closures northbound and southbound highway 101 between the toll plaza and the >> equal pay for equal work, next, the any protection women in california are about to get help to close the pay gap. >> everything about this restaurant is different. >> a different approach to dining. what makes this san francisco restaurant unlike any other. >> a look outside abc looking at >> a look outside abc looking at the empty bay bridge toll plaza.
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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,. >> vehicle correct, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:44. the folk federal government will begin testing for radiation using helicopters flying across the bay area. the national nuclear security administration will use the data it collects to improve radiation and nuclear detection technologies. the testing starts in san francisco. it will continue through friday with testing in berkeley and pacifica. >> the california senate approved a bill to strengthen equal pay policies. the measure heads to governor brown. this are some laws to prohibit businesses great paying women less for doing the same work as male colleagues. this bill aims to close the remaining gap. it said that women must be paid equally for doing substantially similar work. employers have to prove they were paying a man more for legitimate reasons such as seniority or merit. >> a huge announcement from
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yahoo c.e.o. she is pregnant and expecting twin girls. she said it was a surprise because she and her husband have no family history of twins. she is consistently name by for tune and forbes magazine as one of the most power will women in the world. she said she plans to only take a few weeks of maternity leave. >> a new restaurant now open in san francisco is anything but ordinary. >> it is a high-tech take on fast food. we have the taste of what it is all about. >> what do you think of this? >> long line. eight name rhymes with pizza but that is all the two have in common. >> i would like to thinking about restaurant is different. >> you swipe the credit card before you order. >> when you start with the credit card it knows all of your history, so the computerized ordering system with no cashiers
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or wait staff. >> did you miss ordering from a person. >> not when it is a quick meal to get in and get out. >> this are human beings. >> but you will never see them. the food arrive like this. >> take a picture of that. >> just, really, really fun to see. >> she was not here the last time food was senatorred in a wall of glass. >> high-tech version of the old automatic. >> what you left with is a fundamentally different way to run a fast food restaurant. >> it was only $6.95. >> it serves all vegetar food. it is cheaper because it is served without people. >> we are more efficient and have low wherever prices. >> new jobs will emerge. >> turning humans on to more human act its. >> what do you think?
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>> pretty good. >> for abc7 news. aought technical part is interesting but the food will keep people coming back if it is good. >> we need a taste taste. >> who is buying? >> nicco. >> if you are a warriors fan you do future have to go far, with the opening pre-season game october 5 at the s.a.t. in downtown san jose with the first batch of tickets available to season ticket holders tomorrow, and the first 10,000 fans get a been bell head, steph curry wearing a j >> he is a good golfer. >> a good fly shot. >> probably. probably. >> one timer. >> on the peninsula, sfo is
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partly cloudy and 60. we will keep an eye on this because the clouds are encroaching. could be delays unlike yesterday. down in san francisco it is mostly clear. temperature of about 59 degrees. this is a new month, welcome to september. not so warm. the pattern will be the first couple of days. the clouds are more numerous the next couple of nights with drizzle possible. cooler weather and better sleeping weather and the warm holiday weekend is still on tap. the winds are ten summer at concord and 18 at fairfield and they have picked up from yesterday and they will notice that during the afternoon and that will take the heat out of our sky we felt yesterday. here is a look at cloud cover, late arriving cloud cover. by than, 11 o'clock, reasonable, it is gone but the coast, and it will break up but the breeze will pick up and so the cloud cover will be more numerous along the coast than yesterday keeping you in the 60s and 70s and 80s for the rest of us. specifically where you live in the south bay, upper 70s and
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sunnyvale, san jose, and cupertino, los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy, low-to-mid 80s. the peninsula to, mid-to-upper 70's and los altos at 79 and millbrae is cooler at 72. the clouds near half moon bay and pacifica and daly city to the sunset we are in the mid-to-upper 60. 70 if downtown and south san francisco, and 72 in sausalito and 71, and low-to-mid 80s through the north bay with petaluma and san rafael at 80 and slay show 76. mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay shore and castro valley is 79 and we have mid-to-upper 80s in our inland east bay neighborhoods and not so warm as yesterday. tonight, the temperature and cloud cover, you notice the cloud cover is more dominant with mid-50s to low 50s and the seven-day forecast, our coolest afternoon is tomorrow and thursday and, also, the
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afternoons with the fastest presses. the freezes pull back to the cost on friday so we see warming. and into saturday. look at the warmest temperatures, sunday and monday. >> here is a look right now, an early picture of the san rafael toll plaza you barely have any company. i will take you to san jose where there are a few have a people coming to the party. along 87, northbound, at julian street, traffic is moving along without any problems across the bay area. as far as part is concerned, we do have 28 trains on time. starting saturday, there will be no transportation on bart between the tube, the east bay and san francisco. have an alternate form of transportation. drive time traffic this morning, highway four, westbound, antioch to hercules is 28 minutes. i 80 westbound is 17 minutes 4 to the maze. northbound highway 85 to the mineta san jose international airport is eight minutes.
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>> google's newest smart watch is compatible where apple iphone, surprise, surprise. >> changes coming to netflix. >> they are not renewing a deal with epic so some movies will be removed at the end of the month. they want focus on more exclusive content. >> droid wear is coming to the iphone. google announced the newest smart watch will be compatible with the iphone. >> this is the first time that droid wear devices have been compatible with apple products. >> this string aircraft is called "the swarm," with 54 row -- propellers and stay in the air for a short amount of tie. >> it does not go far, it still looks like a
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those tech bytes. >> do you get a last colds? >> some in my name. >> listen up, the key to warding off sneaks and sniffles could be as close as your bed. >> heights, camera, action, apple could be knocking at your door. >> we look you with abc7 now you can check out buildings on the embarcadero with live weather and traffic through the weather and traffic through the commercial
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>> official may is learned why two high school football players underwent surgery, a student was arrested on drug charges as part
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of an investigation into the collapses. the charms against the teen are for providing narcotics to another student. to hear more of the investigation, be sure to watch "good morning america" at 7:00 right here. >> college students are smoking pot more often than cigarettes according to a new study from the university of michigan. republicaners say undergraduates would height up regularly responded they are more likely to smoke marijuana than tobacco the study has been can youd for 3 1/2 decades. a possible explanation for the increase is more and more college students perceive marijuana to be less dangerous than other drugs. >> keeping a body mass index in middle age, lower body mass index could help delay the start of alzheimer's disease, researchers followed 1,400 people for 14 years. 142 came down with the disease but most had higher-than-normal body mass index by able 50. the heavier a disease sufferer shows symptoms seven months
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earlier than the others. there are five million americans living with alzheimer's disease and that number is expected to jump to 16 million by the year 2050. >> scientists say the less sleep you get the more likely you are to be catch a cold. >> they found out if you sleep less than six hours a night you are four times more likely to get sick. researchers say sleep deprivation backs our immune system in a variety of ways including making the recovery longer. a lack of sleep puts you at higher riff heart attack and can dull your mental alertness. >> what? >> huh? >> what? >> amazing we don't get sick more than we do. >> good morning, everyone, a look at another game at the cove, under sunshine at 7:05, 67 and increasing clouds and 63 by end of the game. traveling around the state, a quiet weather pattern low-to-mid 90s through the central valley
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and lake tahoe is 81 and yosemite is 93 and the clouds take us into the mid-to-upper 70s, san diego and los angeles and aspected, north of the islands for ignacio creating dangerous serve and another major storm that will be close but it will also take a jog to the north so we are looking pretty good if you are headed to the hawaiian isles the next week or two. >> back over to the altamont pass right now, 45 minutes in tracy to the dublin interchange with slow speed at 17 miles per hour. 205 is merging with 580 and you can see where it eases around north flip, closer to vasco and you are clear headed to livermore and pleasanton and dublin, and 680 southbound looking clear and 84, already, looking busy and as you push to the west, through castro valley no problems on 580 and in hayward, along the anyone its freeway, headed into drawn city, it is also a great commute.
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>> it is 4:55. happening today it is the moment of truth for a county clerk in kentucky. she refused to issue any marriage licenses since the supreme court paid same-sex marriage the lay of the land. she said issuing a license to a gay couple violates her religious beliefs. yesterday the supreme court ordered her to issue the licenses or face repercussions. this morning, davis returns to work if she still refuses to issue the listens, a federal judge could issue fines or send her to jail. >> the president of columbia university may have spilled the bean on what the president is going to do when he leaves the white house. people at the university are buzzing after the freshman class was told that president obama will return to his alma mater in 2017. the foil word from the white house is that the president has always respected column what and wants to continue working with the school but no plans have been finalized as to what he will do when the term ends in the white house. >> apple could be on the verge of becoming a major player in
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show business in early talks with hollywood executives to produce original video consent that could allow the company to rival netflix and amazon. apple did not comment. the move cops as apple looks to launch a jamming tv service and make hardware and software more appealing to consumers. >> on the third lane now. please. a group putting pressure to open another lane on the richmond-san rafael as soon as possible. >> a powerful storm pounced arizona and the damage it caused and the clean up underway. and the clean up underway. >> stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is the first day of september and we thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> you are not used to the september cool. >> i am not. i was surprised. mike? >> cooler out there. a lack of clouds allowed to us drop to comfortable level. the clouds are developing along the coast. drizzle through the morning commute. the winds have not picked up yet. the flags are not unfurled but they will be. that will take the heat away from us. 54 to 62 is the 7:00 spread. by noon, we are sunny but the coast is 66 to 78 and close to average at 66 at the coast and 84 inland to round out the day planner with a


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