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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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break abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> a devastating wildfire rages out-of-control and thousands of forced from their homes. when they return many will find nothing but ash. it is monday morning, at 5:00 a.m., thanks for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. we will get to amy hollyfield in middle town where dozens of homes have been destroyed. just a scene of devastation. amy? >> kristen, this block has been wipe out. our jaws dropped when we pulled in one of the 400 homes that has been destroyed.
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this is the garage or was the far program. the truck is still parked inside. a closer look you can see the lives that filled this home. this is someone's unrecognizable exercise equipment sitting here in what was a garage. here is a look at the fire that is raging with residents say it is a best. though say when they first saw it in the distance they figured they were fine but quickly realized it was racing toward them at an unprecedented pace and they had to run for their lives. middletown was hit hard and this is not a rural hillside area, this is the heart of town. near just tore right through it. >> at this time from what you have seen and i have seen middletown a third to half of the you haves structures have been destroyed and hidden valley, a gated
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community, has anywhere from 90 homes destroyed in there. there are pockets everywhere. >> firefighters say they had to focus on saving lives and protecting property. not firefighting so this is still raging. they say they have zero containment at this time. they say 50,000 acres have burned. we are standing at jefferson and young but we had to lack at our g.p.s. to figures that out because look at charred street signs. everything here burned and you cannot tell where you are in the unable. it is very smoky and it feels like it is getting more smoky as the morning progresses, evidence that the fire is still strongly raging through here. >> it is 5:02 and now the latest number on the fire, governor brown plans to met with local authorities today after declaring a state of emergency. >> the fire has burned 50,000 acres and has video into three
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counties, natural pa, snow -- napa, sonoma and lake. there is one fatality. 400 homes have been destroyed. many are threatened. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect. 17,000 people have been forced from their homes. several evacuation centers are open and many schools closed. >> there is good news, the weather could be cooperating with firefighters. >> our meteorologist has the latest? >> yes, we are looking at mist and drizzle with lower temperatures, and higher relative humidity much the winds are flat which is why the smoke drifting and not being push out. 66 degrees where the fires are burning here and relative humidity is 53 percent. we are looking at a chance of rain today and, in fact, a better chan and wednesday. you can see the prevailing winds today from the west from 10 miles per hour.
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numbers up to 15 degrees cooler with the detailed look at the rest of the bay coming up. >> we have an accident right near rasco road westbound 580 slugging things out of the central valley at 54 minute drive from tracy to the dublin/pleasanton entrepreneur. to the lake county area we are multiple road closures, highway 29 at tubbs is closed and eastbound and westbound 12 is closed. closed. and the map shows the scope of the fire as of saturday night. now, the very latest map is estimating the bun area this morning, and you can see it stretches into middletown and south over to the detoured reservoir areas and the southeast the fire is moving into hidden valley lake.
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the list of mandatory evacuations has grown and now includes north of calistoga in napa county. if lake county, lower lake and bucks canyon road to the napa county lane and the communities of cobb and middletown and hidden valley lake. areas including geyserville there are order to evacuate with pacific streets included in the evacuation orders are on the bottom scream. >> hundreds chased out of their hopes are spending the night at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga where we fine janet o with their story. jap it? >> you can see the tents people are trying to get some rest during in terrifying ordeal. one of the stories we keep hearing over and over and over is that people barely had any time to escape.
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you could see how fast the flames were moving and because of how fast this was happen, evacueed had little time to grab personal bloggings, now the second night at the fair grounds and making due with what they have and on the generosity of others. evacuees continue to expert each other as best they can, a woman described only being able to rescue her dogs and family photos and other could not even grab extra clothes. >> all the firefighters were surrounding the area and i was mike [ blank ] out of here and i sad, map, [ blank ], i got to get out of smear they said, no, get out. and i was like, all right, dude. >> that exchange shows just how intense the situation was and many of the evacuees from middle town say this is the first fire to rip through the town with a
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last devastation. they say the hardest part is not knowing if they have a home to go back to. of course, they are very thankful to be alib this morning and they say they are also very thankful to red cross for helping out and the volunteers who are getting ready to serve breakfast for hundreds of people out here in just a few hours. >> thanks, janet. many people are posting open social media about the lost pets. this facebook page called valley fire pet fund is where evacuees have been posting photos of lost pets or animals they had to leave. others post offering free help to transport or house the animals. >> the fire has caused major power outages and pg&e said a,800 customers are without power and many are under mandatory evacuation orders anyway. they have a command post set up north of middletown and hopes to restore power quickly hopefully today or tomorrow.
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>> donations are pouring into the shelters and if you would like to help the red cross said financial donations are needed the most. if you want to donate $10 right away, text "red cross," to 9 990999. so many out of the fire area are wanting to help so a website is set up to get your donations into the hands of nose who need it most called www. www.lovelakecountyorg. it is easy to use. you select what would you like for donate, for example, say donating blankets, you select that and, then, apply. it will tell you who needs blankets and we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven agencies that would live to receive blankets to help those out affected. we have more information on
5:09 am with the rest of the donation information. >> that is a great resource. we want to find out if the weather is going to be conducive to containing the fire. lisa? >> good morning, it is cool out there with moisture in place and the marine layer is deep, where a few returns in the north bay and better chance of showers for the entire bay area on wednesday and midday today, we could see showers here, just a slight chance, better chance in southern california and we are looking at numbers in the upper 50s to low 60s and could you have mist and drizzle as the system pushed through overnight, so 12 degrees cooler with the delta breeze up to 30 miles per hour and that is going to translate into 60s and 70s today and breezy winds on the coast so we will look for the hazy conditions north, a slight chance of showers and 60s and 70s for most and we will look at dry forecast foam with breezy winds and numbers still coming down another ten degrees for
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some of you today, this afternoon, so, mainly in the north bay, looking at, perhaps, jacket required as you head out today and you could see lingering shower through the afternoon and the cooler weather through midweek. >> good morning, it is monday and we are getting a little bit busy out there and the bay bridge toll plaza shows no meter the lights just a couple cars waiting to pay cash in the right happen lane and otherwise it is moving smoothly into san francisco. big grind on the central valley this morning with an early accident westbound 580 is cleared and now we have a new accident blocking the middle lanes westbound 580 before 680 and that involves the big rig so we are looking at an hour and 22 minutes teen tracy and the dublin pleasanton interchange. not such a happy monday for those folks. in san francisco we have the dream force convention. expect delays around moss expect delays around moss concern --
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>> automakers are joining forces to make future vehicles safer in mechanic's money. >> relief is coming for bart passengers with changes to ease overcrowded trains. >> if you have pictures or video of the massive valley fire we would like to see them. you can share them on social media using # abc7now. >> we have a live picture from the exploritorium scam paragraph bay and the bay bridge and you can see on right upper corner a devastating scenes one of many, devastating scenes one of many, in
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>> help is coming for hard working crews this is a group of san mateo firefighters leaving last night, among the thousand firefighters on the ground fighting the valley fire. crews are getting support from is 25 fire engines, four air tankers and 15 water tenders and 15 specially equipped dozeers. >> a lot of love and appreciation for fighters in lake county with #abc7now. in is outside the moose lodge in clear lake oaks. >> more on the fire head but we have other news.
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a two-alarm fire broke out this morning at santa rosa junior college with reports of smoke coming from the swim center at 2:15 and firefighters got to the scene in minutes and saw heavy smoke and fire coming from the utility road. official say the fire started from the gas line and crews were able to stop the fire from spreading after the gas was turned off. the extent of the damage is not known. >> a man is recovering after being seriously hurt in a hit-and-run accident, hit in san francisco near san jose avenue and rice street and was fund unconscious in the street with debris all around him. likely from the car that health him. he was rushed to the hospital but his condition is not known. >> look at this were credible surveillance video two burglars broke into drones must in santa clara early this morning around 1:00 o'clock, and you can see them getting through a small window in the corner, the alarm goes off and they hurry and fill several bags of items before slipping back out the when
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getting in a car and driving off. police are standing outside the store until the manager can check the inventory. >> bart trains should feel less crowded this morning with big changes taking affect today. center trains will be added to the pittsburg bay point line in the morning and evening and will also be up to 10 cars long. supplement am trains will turn around at lasten hill rather than concord to allow for extra trips during the morning and evening commute and the dublin/pleasanton will run nine cars. richmond and fremont all three car trains are going to be four crane trains. >> we have been talking about valley fire and hopefully some better weather conditions to fight it. lisa, how does it look in your neighborhood? >> up like. maybe the pumpkin latte for everyone as we turn the corner on the heat and temperatures,
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actually, below average the next couple of days. here is live doppler hd you can see the cloud cover and a few runs to the north. we will see a better chance of showers throughout the north bay this afternoon. waking up to mist and drizzle and the flow over 2,000' deep and sea ranch has a return and the wipers will be needed close to the coast. it is rainy in los angeles later today. 62 in concord and hayward and 61 in san mateo and southwest winds up to 30 miles per hour by the delta. a good indication of cooler air passing over our tunnel, bringing the temperatures back down to cool levels for concord, seven degrees cooler this morning for you and we are look at two or three degrees cooler from the south bay. overall, temperatures are going to be cooler with mist and drizzle this morning and hazy skies new are not seeing a mobile shower, and a break tomorrow, breezy winds take over and better chance of more widespread showers on wednesday.
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at noon, santa rosa to cloverdale, clear lake could see showers and vallejo only talking a small amount, and if you see anything it is not much. we will dry out tomorrow and lack for the breezy conditions. nearly 80 if you are lucky in concord and 73 in vallejo and 62 at half moon bay and after a couple of cool days and chance of rain on wednesday, warmer and dry. >> good morning, everyone, we have a lot going on, the drive from the central valley is fought so fun this morning. we had a couple of accidents, 100 cleared by vasco and another involving a big rig before the 80 junction and an hour and 24 minutes between tracy and the dublin interchange. sorry for the bad news. toward the fire, we have multiple road closures, highway 29 at calistoga area and eastbound and westbound 128, continued to be closed as they try to go the fire under
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control. further to the north, at highway 29 at 175, lower lake, highway 29 at 53, also, remains closed to -- just best to area if possible. >> if you end up in the slow commute, at last you pay less for it, industry analysts say the price of as if has dropped 27 yeps over the past three weeks. the average price of gasoline is $2.44, and a survey by aaa is better saying the national average is $2.34. aaa said we had the lowest national agency for gas over labor day in 10 years. better is relative if you are in the oil industry you may not think so. >> extraordinary step in the auto industry. carmakers are joining together to improve safety. >> here is america's money. >> topping america's money, making cars safer, ten automakers including ford and g.m. will ice quip most new
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models with automatic braking systems, that use radar, laser or cameras to sense impending collision. if all cars had the automatic braking 200,000 accidents could be eliminated each year. >> the perfect guy, a big winner at the box office that of the coulds only $12 million to make, and $27 million in ticket sales. >> " the visit," was $26 million. "war almost," is third. the cost of be batman has been estimated at $700 million using technology today with the suit, the batmobile equipment and, of course, the man servants. and cat woman has less overbudget. >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> back to the ballroom on abc and what you can expect as stars look to make a splash on latest "dancing with the stars". >> keep on top of weather and
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traffic throughout the commercial break with abc7 now, looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and also on the right upper hand corner, devastating scene so many streets look like that in middle town and lake county with the valley fire county with the valley fire raging
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only philadelphia®. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. cal fire is investigating a reported death in the valley fire. this morning, it continues to burn out of control in napa and lake and sonoma with flames scorching 50,000 acres and destroyed 400 homes. the governor plans to meet with authorities this today. >> two, 17,000 family have been evacuated and many are trying to get information on if the homes were impacted by the fire. janet o will have a report in a few minutes from the evacuation center. >> cooler temperatures today with a chance of showers in the north bay mainly in the
5:24 am
afternoon. >> four, we have just received word of a sig-alert from the c.h.p. this is the multi-car accident, three lanes are blocked, westbound 580 before 680 and that is affecting the commute from the central valley. >> bart commuters should have a less crowded ride this morning, and the transit agency has responded to come plants of jam packed trains by increasing the length and frequentative the busiest lines. we have all the changes posted on-line at . on-line at . >> breaking news, row were kim davis is back on the job. they will follow the order without violating her beliefs. >> a through poll shows donald trump's numbers are growing and democratic frontrunner hillary clinton would have only a slight edge on the republican candidate if the election were held today.
5:25 am
>> part of the capital lawn will be cop verted to sustainable land with a mull change method to use on the lawn that layers cardboard and mulch applied directly over the lawn. this is the kickoff for a new public awareness campaign encouraging people in california to make changes to save water in their community. >> tonight is the premiere of the 21st season of dance dance right here on abe 7. >> all 13 stars and their partners were announceed and the co-hosts return along where hough and bruno with all the action at the premiere starting tonight. and on "good morning america" you can look at the star move last rehearsal, the final rehearsal before the big show. >> will premiering, a debut at
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3:00 with super model tyra banks including foodie and fashion guru and focuses on food, fashion, interior design, and d.i. rods and rachel ray moves to 1:00 o'clock. >> firefighter on the appropriate line injured while fighting the valley fire. well update the progress this morning. >> protecting pet in the wake of fast moving flames with the effort to reconnect evacuees with the animals they left behind. >> a look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco which is calm and will have cooler conditions today around the bay and in the meantime you will want to look at the top right-hand corner of the screen and this is devastated middletown in lake county where the fire has destroyed so many homes and, also, some lanes are perfectly fine and across the street, utter devastation with
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the latest coverage weapon we come back -- coverage when we come back -- coverage when we come
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> hundreds of home, gone if hours. thousands of people are in evacuation centers. signs of containment are not there yet of a massive fire wild raging out of control right now in the north bay. fingers crossed. the valley fire continues to rage out of control if three counties, lake, sonoma and napa and this morning it is at zero containment. flames have shared 50,000 acres already and cal fire is investigating reports that one person was killed, 400 have been destroyed and 17,000 people have been forced from their home. the governor will meet with
5:30 am
authorities today. amy hollyfield is in the community of middletown, what left. >> an entire block is wiped out, eric. look at a home. this is one of the 400 that is destroyed. the garage, you can see this is a truck park. the home next to it, only a footprint. no walls left. just a foundation. so much destruction. just piles of ash. it is still smoky here, evidence that the fire is still raging out of control. and video of the fire that we shot over the weekend it is called a beast. residents say when they saw it they figured they were fine and saw it off in the distance but quickly they realized they were not fine and they had to run out of here and could not grab anything. 400 homes destroyed, two apartment complexes and ten
5:31 am
businesses. people would last their homes say watching the fire approach was terrifying. >> wall of find behind us when we left. scary. i am still in shock. >> firefighters say when the fire was racing through the neighbor they were in life saving mode not firefighting mode. they were helping people and trying to protect property. at this point they have zero contain president on the fire. firefighters are expected to get a briefing at 7:00 this morning. that is when they will find out what kind of progress was ahead and what today's game plan is. reporting live in middletown for abc7 news. >> it is now 5:31 and hopefully the weather will be cooler and wetter today. >> more from our meteorologist, police; here for mike. >> 10 or 15 degree cooler out there. we had 90s yesterday and outlying areas inland east bay and here where the fire was,
5:32 am
upper 80s to nearly 90 and today is in the 70s with mist and drizzle and clouds and the for ramping up but the winds, here, have been light through overnight and the relative humidity at 55 percent, and temperatures are in the 60s but it will be a slow climb with the cloud cover and a chance of showers throughout the afternoon you will be in the 70s and the winds, prevailing wind from the west at 12 miles per hour through the afternoon. so, the better news with the cloud cover and the chan of showers and by 10:00 you will notice that we are still cloudy and pop-up sure could be anywhere. we are going to see dry conditions and the breeze kickoff for the tuesday. we will look at the seven-day outlook with warmer and dry weather coming up. >> sig-alert for the dublin/pleasanton area westbound 580 with health people cars, big rig involved and several lanes so c.h.p. has issued this alert. the only way to get around this is to be take vasco road and head back up on 680.
5:33 am
i am hearing to my producer all lanes have been re-opened and that is great news. the drive time out of tracy, all the way dublin interchange, an hour and a half so far. hopefully we will see some improvement. >> glad to hear all lanes have re-opened and the latest estimate the fire shows how large it is, the fire, of course, started saturday near hidden valley road south of glen brook and has spread east south through pine grove and whisper pines and past middle town and southeast through hidden valley lake. the hundreds of bay area residents are taking rest use at napa county fairgrounds. janet o has what is happening in calistoga. jap >> this is the second night at the tear ground and many are fearful they lost everything but what they have with them.
5:34 am
tom joins us working at twin pine casino and you saw the fire? >> yes, i saw the fire. we were at work, we went outside and i was with employees and we saw the fire and suddenly spot fire on the side of the hill and in 15 minutes the mountain was in flames and 10 or 15 minutes later i left to go home to grab valuables took them to safety and when i got back to the house the fire was in town or identified of town, grabbed our stuff and told to leave. >> you said that you saw a picture indicating that your house is most likely destroyed. tell me about that. >> hour house is gone. open facebook there is a picture of a fence ambassador way with a wooden sign that says "this is where i belong." the ash behind it is where the house used to stand so that was
5:35 am
our confirmation the house gone. >> is sorry to hear of your loss and thanks for joining us. tom is one of map at fair groups who are thankful for the help and all the volunteers getting breakfast ready and red cross who are out here helping the hundreds of evacuees and red cross said they have enough supplies to provide shelter, food and clothes for the next several days. it is 5:35 and officials are cautiously optimistic that crews can make significant progress again the valley fire by this morning. they say that the cooler weather and the lower winds will help. officials add vase anyone in a probable path of the fire to have your items to be saved set aside in case the call for evacuation comes. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> residents have one question for cal fire: when can they go home? the answer is too soon to tell.
5:36 am
last night, some evacuees expressed flustration at number of hopes lost. early on, officials say protecting prosecute was not the top priority. >> first 24 hours, we were in life saving mode and went around and could not put out the perimeter of the fire out because there were too map lives to be saved. a last residents, cars were on the road that are burned trying to plea and the fire engines were workerring with local law enforcement to get much out of the homes in a rapidly developing fire. >> governor brown will be at state operations center today for a briefing on the fire. >> napa and lake county officials have a warning for evacuees: do not post consider address on-line. burglars are on the prowl scamming survivors online asking for addresses to check on their homes in an effort to steal their belongings.
5:37 am
sheriff deputies are patrolling the evacuated areas. >> the community of lower lake is furthest south you can dry on highway 29. many are wondering when they can get home. crews are setting backfires to get rid of fuel in case the flames are closer. most have been told it could be a while before they return home. there is no power through the evacuated area and it may not return for a while. pg&e crews are cutting down lines because they were damned and laying across the freeways and streets. >> in hidden valley lake there were so many downed power lines that pg&e crews turned off the electricity so anyone who remains would not be hurt by live wires. there is now power through the evacuated and it may not run for a while. crew are cut down line because they were damaged and laying cross the streets and highways. >> still a few people would have decided not to evacuate. if have aiken it upon themselves to watch their neighbor's properties and decided to fed their neighbors' animal, too.
5:38 am
>> they have five hours, seven goats and two mules and they did not have the trailer. it would take three trucks. >> local animal rescue operations are searching for stray pets and livestock and an area is set up at the evacuation center so people can identify and recover their critters. >> most evacuation weighs have petors livestock and they have been trying to find out how they are. a tacks for this morning will help local agencies location, feed and transport the animals last hype. some whoever evacuated let the animals lose hoping necessity would run to safety. >> the neighbor had to walk away from her horses, two of them, and i found out today that the neighbor next to her was able to on the gate to his property and let them in this so they did not die. thank god. >> the goats survived the flames that destroyed their owner's
5:39 am
home. neighbors dropped fresh hay to feed them. the driver of this pickup loaded two horses in the back to escape the fire and this captioned "where there is a will there is a way." the fire chief tweeted this photo, and in the center is a thumb's up from the firefighters despite suffering second degree burns but all expected to make full recovery. >> this is still another big fire southeast of sacramento. the butte fire is 25 percent contained. a new assessment of damage shows 135 hopes have been destroyed and 65,000 acres burned one of 20 active fires burning. the emergency services chief or governor brown said that fires are spreading this summer faster than they have in 30 years. >> weather is cooling and the
5:40 am
winds are dying down and helping the firefighters. >> absolutely. mist and drizzle and moisture this morning and live doppler hd confirming to the north of cloverdale and ukiah you can see the runs but another chance of showers headed your way by afternoon but look for the moisture to stay in place with most of activity in southern california and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and clouds as you head out and the moisture add you head in close to the coast and bay you will find that. by midday, hack for hazy conditions, clouds and and 60s and maybe some 70s inland east bay and a chance of showers for everyone toward the afternoon only 80 around gilroy and morgan hill and elsewhere, upper 70s and the look ahead even cooler tomorrow and breezy and better chance of rain for wednesday. >> wanted it show you the abc waze app here for this valley fire with a lot going on, you can check out the app by seeing
5:41 am
watt road closures are and see bottle rock down to calistoga, the lake county fire, right there, near highway 139 and 129 so check out the abc waze app reasonable a from way to avoid the area or find out about the road closures. elsewhere, we have a problem westbound 80, just a brand new accident blocking lanes there and traffic is starting to pack up and the signature alert lifted westbound 580 before 680, but, still, a grind and two hours between tracy and dublin/pleasanton interchange. >> next the clean up resuming on a large paint spill in the in the bay and the impact it will have on traffic. >> if you take any pictures or video of massive valley fire do so safely and share with us on social media using #abc7now.
5:42 am
>> a picture of san francisco international airport and do not know of delays at this moment but we will know as the morning goes on. goes on. stay
5:43 am
5:44 am
daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:44. >> it is 5:44. a few moments ago
5:45 am
fire in middletown, a heartbreaking story. he knew, because he has seen a photo of what was once his home. i will try to pull it up right now on instagram on ipad 2. if you can see, it has the distinctive iron sign that read "this is where i belong," the most ice cop ice image of the valley fire because of the juxtaposition of his home and the charred remains of the home. it is a sad coincidence yet one of many stories being told, too many, of what has happened with victims in the valley fire. best wishes. >> more on the valley fire in a moment. first, we have other stories this morning. the kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage
5:46 am
licenses to same-sex couple is refusing to comply with a federal order returned to the rowan county clerk more than a week ago jailed for guying a judge's order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couple and davis said doing so violates her beliefs. while she was away, her deputies issued licenses and may continue to do so without her authorization. >> any unauthorized license will not have my names title or authority on it. instead, the listens will be issued pursuant to a firm court order. >> it is unclear at this point if a marriage license issued without her signature is legal and at least one continue difficult clerk has said he will continue to issue listens either -- licenses, way. >> crews will clean up a 300 gallon paint spill that closed lucas valley road last week when a big rig slipped into miller
5:47 am
creek. difficult terrain made it hard for crews to get in there. the paint must be cleaned off the rocks before the county can give the area the okay. tomorrow, a lane of the road is closed for a few hours while crews hall off the debris. >> now a check on the weather in the bay area, and the valley fire area. >> cooler and we have had moisture and the flow with us at 2,000' so live doppler hd show the cloud cover and even some possible rain showers up to the north of cloverdale and better chance later today so we have all the moisture in place from the clouds and the system offshore over the weekend and, yet, another one with much cooler and dry air headed into the bay area. so, here is a look at central coasts southern california are getting most of the rain, for us, though, a chance, .0 1 for you and this morning in san jose and san francisco, just a bit and it is misty along the coast
5:48 am
at 59 morgan hill and half moon bay so temperatures are down 10-15 degrees inland communities and 60 by the delta and the southwest wind up to 30 miles per hour and 64 in livermore and mild and everyone is feel the effects of the cooler air mass and four to five degrees cooler in the north pay and two to four in livermore and san jose so sfo has clouds and mist and drizzle, and hazy continues for some of you and we will hook for chance of a shower but mostly in the afternoon and cooler today and the cooler continues into tomorrow and wednesday with a better chance of rain more widespread across the bay area. we are looking at a system drop down out of pacific northwest and what we like to see feeling pore like fall and this is push through and we get the cooler and breezy area tomorrow. in terms of rainfall we will take you through the next couple of hours 1:00 o'clock, slit chance, 3:00, around the bay, and through the evening hours, we are dry, going to lack for the resolutiony wins tomorrow and the temperatures are still
5:49 am
just in the 60 and 70s for most today and 76 in san jose and another chance on wednesday, dry and warmer and right influence next weekend. >> we have a couple of incidents to tell you about. we will look at this accident, two separate accidents westbound 80, there is one, and another accident in richmond, all that adds up to very slow traffic from highway 4, by golden gate fields and look at 30 help minute drive for the commute this morning and another hotspot from the central valley we have very slow traffic, and an early accident near vasco is gone and now, it pick up and you are sluggish because of a sig-alert which is cleared and the accident is on the shoulder adding to on hour commute from tracy to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. not a good morning. and downtown snap, heads up, dream force convention has howard street closed between 3rd and 4th and the surface
5:50 am
streets could be crowded. >> making roads where you live safer foreign. the of the happening today in san mateo to encourage drivers and pedestrians to share the space. >> first a die that can help women reduce risk of developing risk breast cancer. >> the impact of the valley fire on the air in the bay area and the precaution leaders are urging people to take. >> keep tabs on weather and traffic with abc7 through the commercial break. this is the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving along just fine. just fine. stay tuned.
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>> devastation caused by the valley fire h is a him on jefferson court in middle town on the street before the fire and now, this is after the fire. nothing remains. all charred. can you see the burned up car in the driveway and the debris from what was once someone's hope. >> ash has rained down through the bay area with a light dusting covering this car. a strong sea breeze should clear some of smoke we have been seeing overnight and there is no serious health danger from the ash but keep your doors and windows closed and if you smell the smoke avoid exercising outside. >> a closeup look at flails surrounding highway 29, david
5:54 am
martini shot this video as he evacuated. if you can share your photos with us to tell the devastating story, please use #abc7now. you can see how hot the fire is burning in the nasa satellite imam, with the valley fire private we than the lights of san francisco. you can seat lights from the butte fire still burning but not so hot as the vietnam fire when the ill panel was fake were. >> we talk about 49ers news, the team will break the field tonight at levi stadium, taking on the minnesota viking starting at 7:20. bill be broadcast on espn our sister network. the new coach account red and gold are long shots to get to the super bowl but first you have to play the games. tonight, the 49ers unveil the black uniform for the very first time. >> the raid others wore their traditional block uniforms and it did not help against the cincinnati bang els turning in a disappointing performance at
5:55 am
coliseum at 33-13, and worst quarterback suffered an injury and reports say no bones were broken. >> and the stadium can get hot but that will not be a remember tonight for the 49ers game. and you lisa has the forecast. >> we have cooler temperatures this morning, mist and drizzle and the marine layer is back and breezy wind by the delta, 62 in hayward and fremont. a shower in the north bay and a lot of clouds around, and bit afternoon, here comes the best chance from santa rosa and cloverdale through the east bay, and it should be dry for the evening commute, but, temperatures are down up to 10-15 degrees today, 70 in oakland, and 75 in san jose, and 73 in vallejo and 71 in santa rosa. sue, how is it looking? >> there are a couple of hotspots with metering lights on this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza and the commuter lanes, though, are the way to go flowing through nicely and the
5:56 am
cash-paying lanes on the right-hand side are not too bad. a couple of hotspots, two accidents, one still out there and again in the richmond area, with traffic back from highway 4 you are looking at a 30-minute drive into berkeley. >> ladies, listen up of the doctor say they found the key to cutting your breast cancer risk in half. that key is extra virgin olive oil, a study finds that extra helpings of extra virgin olive oil are most effective when added to a mediterranean diet based if fruits and vegetables. people who adhered to the diet reduced the risk of breast cancer by 68 percent. >> new republican shows the timing of a woman's second pregnancy could increase the risk of autism in the children. if a second born was condition received his than six months after the first child was born, or more than six areas later, the child is more likely to have autism.
5:57 am
scientists say more research is needed. the world health organization recommended basing pregnancies a minimum of two years apart. >> new at 6:00, trouble for your little tyke, the danger lurking weapon they go for a spin and the groups move at risk for landing in the e.r. >> are you everworked? you are not alone. what doctors say are the biggest complaints from american workers that can really hamper productivity. >> continuing coverage of the valley fire by keeping it here at abc7 during the commercial break and which is the bay bridge toll plaza on the big scene, but, on the upper right happen corner is the scene from happen corner is the scene from middletown so devastated by the
5:58 am
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abc 67 news starts now with breaking news. >> all of our houses are gone. >> six words describing the devastation from the valley fire. >> one person believed to be
6:00 am
dead, hundreds of homes gone, thousands more threatened. flames are burning out of control across three counties. our coverage begins right now. thanks for joining us. it is monday, september 14. we have the fire which is still at zero percent containment and has been unpredictable burning in all directions sending thousands fleeing from their homes and giving fire as tough test. >> we have teen coverage at an evacuation center and the heart of the devastation. our reporter picks up the coverage from middletown. amy? >> this entire block just wiped out, we are standing in front of one of the 400 homes the fire has destroyed, a footprint only now, with no walls at all. there is a garage next to it. we can tell that because of truck parked inside of it and the almost unrecognizable exercise equipment right here in the corner, just stuff that is usuall


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