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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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67,000 acres have burned. it is 30 percent contained. there is cooler air and a if you sprinkles. a 85 homes have been destroyed along where hundreds of other structures. this morning, schools in lakeport and upper lake and lucerne are re-opening. lake county officials stray is no estimation when the sales will re-open. >> firefighters could be helped with the rain but it could be another headache for evacuees living in tent cities. some will get on go back to some will get on go back to check on pets and live handed to people to put them over the tents at the napa county fairgrounds or do what those people did and get credit ever and find shelter. they pitched tents under a
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carport. they will be dry. 1,town people are living at fair drowneds a tent city. they have been evacuated or have lost their homes. most of them from >> so many people did not expect this to happen and then when it started you thought, no, no, no, this isn't real. you had to run or die. we ran. >> we cannot thank the community enough for everything they have done. we thought we would would in our cars. without them. there is a building are they are healthing the elderly sleep and people with medical issues. this we could not fit everyone in but if the rain got really bad they could move more people and the building. they brought in wooden pallets
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if you want to repitch the they are aware rain is on the way and preparations are in place. >> the cause of the valley fire is still under investigation. officials are narrowing down on what may have started it focusing on a shed in a community of cobb off high valley road where it could have started. part of the shed is charred and half of it is intact. flames burned quickly up the hill behind the shed open saturday afternoon. evacuees are growing frustrated with being kicked out of their homes and a man returned to feed his animals and lost two rental rots, and a couple of vehicles but the century old home remains intact. >> other people literally have clothes on hair back and that is it, no vehicle, no money, nothing. it is not so bad. not so bad.
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i can try to see some of the good out of this. it could be way worse. had are four of us, we are healthy. >> sheriff deupties escorted some beyond the barricades to their homes to care for pets and livestocks with more taking place today for people with homes in lower lake, hidden valley and middletown. >> 8,800 homes and businesses lack electricity in the area affected by the valley fire. pg&e brought in crews to repair damaged and downed power lines. the utility has so much work did do it is not providing an estimate on when repairs are finished and in some cases the work will not begin until people can return to their communities. a man suspected of looting fire victims is in custody after provide sterling moore was spot yesterday morning in kelseyville with a drill and a meth pipe and dressed in black. deputies are patrolling
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evacuation zone searching for looters. >> you can download the app for the latest updates on the valley fire by allowing push alerts for the newest information. the app is available for smart phones, tablets and apple watch. >> the wildfire burning east of sacramento, the butte fire. evacuations and road closings have been lifted in amador county but are in place for calaveras county which now is 40 percent contained near jackson. 233 homes are destroyed. this is a picture of the smoke taken by firefighters battling the place which has been burned for a week now. >> it is now 4:35, the butte and valley fires have devastated some of the membership machine working so hard to president el them. nine firefighters have host their homes to the fires. our reporter is in the newsroom where their story. tiffany? >> a number of the firefighters lost their homes to the valley
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near while trying to protect other families from the butte fire. four of the firefighters had homes in mill town and another three lived in hidden valley and the 8th local firefighter lost his house in copb another firefighter's house was destroyed by the butte fire, a level of sacrifice that shows the commitment they make to their job and the people they are trying to protect and it is i to imagine what they must have felt after learning their homes were destroyed while they were trying to save another. rather than leaving the smoke and ash they will return to scenes like these: charred scraps and funded out rubble of what used to be their lives. they are asking for donations to help the selfless men and women rebuild. if you would hike to help there is a special firefighter relief fund and 100 percent of the money collected is given directly to the firefighters. we have the full details on how we have the full details on how to donate on
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>> it is 4:26 and we are pan with the red cross to support all fire victims and it is easy to give where you live. to make a $10 donation text red cross to 90999. if you would rather call to dough at this time we have a phone bank set up today at 11 o'clock. >> a key decision in the case against a man suspected the girl gone kidnapping, f.b.i. agents believe mathew muller drugged and kidnapped a couple from vallejo in march. muller was arrested after dublin police found his yes at scene of a failed home invasion robbery in june. the judge will decide if evidence found on that phone can be used against multi-er. he is accused of drugging and assaulting women on the peninsula several years ago. >> a man tried to abduct a 13-year-old girl. this is a sketch.
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white. 40. 5' so" and muscle build and short monday hair. he pulled to the teen in a white minivan with tinted windows and asked her to get in. when she refused he grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her in but she got away. >> police are trying to track down the people involved in this fight outside levi stadium on monday. 49er fans got into it with a viking fan. it started when to fans began trash talking. security broke up the fight and the viking fan was able to walk away. >> the national guard hearing is helping in the search in utah for possible survivors of fatal flash floods. 16 people have been found dead after being swept away by the rushing waters. the system led to several swift water rescues near los angeles. here is the latest. >> good morning, the intense storm jammed the freeways and left thousands without power in
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los angeles but the impact in utah was heart breaking. >> dramatic rescues in southern california. at least ten people including this man and his dog were pulled from rubbing rivers after a heavy rainstorm. >> we had to climb up a tree to wait it out. >> the same storm system was deadly in utah. floodwaters swept away two vehicles holding three mothers and 13 children. so far, 12 have been found dead. >> this is the worse weather related disasters in the history of the state of utah much the national guard is now helping in the search in hildale for one person still missing. another search continues in utah at zion national park where flash floods killed four hikers, three still missing. authorities confirm that the three women killed in hildale were sisters. they have not identified the 13 children swept up in the
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>> it is 4:39. we have rain head our way. >> nothing like that. our rain is lit. in fact, south of san mateo bridge you will not see anything unless you are headed through the santa cruz mountains in the evening where we could have our best chance. as far as temperatures we are waking up west portal at 56, sunny side is 58. ocean beach and crissy field and mission district, downtown, 59. through the ferry building 60. same temperature in richmond and belmont, palo alto is 50. clear skies and 51 in santa clara and saratoga, only cooler in healdsburg at 46. pacifica is 56. same in walnut creek. pittsburg and pleasanton at 58. most of our temperatures are cooler than yesterday especially the north bay, santa rosa at 13 degrees cooler. the north pay will get the rain first after 8:00, san rafael, 101 is quiet and showers toward
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the evening rush and san francisco at 66 and otherwise most of us are dry with increasing clouds and low-to-mid 70's and the north bay has the best chance of rain after 9:00 and up until at least noon it will increase across your maybe. as we hold to tomorrow, increasing sunshine, still below average, and look at heat wave on friday, i will show you the forecast coming up. >> hump day. traffic is flowing nicely. a beautiful new eastern section and inis at the limit with no metering lights, month stack up behind the toll plaza it is that early. back to the valley fire, mentioned gist last time 29 is now open from kelseyville to 53 and south on 53 it remains closed with limited access. 128 at ida canyon is open but that is closed, again, limited access. 29tubbs lane is closed.
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other road work eastbound highway 12 in santa rosa to southbound 101 road work is going on there until 5:00 this morning. >> next, the price of conservation, the bay area communities where people are cutting water use with the rates are actually going up. >> he has been purring and acting like a normal cat. >> an outpouring of support for a four-legged victim of the valley fire and this little guy is doing is ahead. is doing is ahead. >> stay tuned.
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> east bay residents could ask
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if they are punished for swerving water. the water agency that served the tri-valley area will increase rates to make up for a decrease in water sales. drought conscious residents have outdone the rest of the state slashing water use even more than they were asked. zone 7 sells water to retailers that serve livermore, pleasanton, dublin and part of san ramon but how the rates will show up on household bills remains to be determined. >> homeowners will pay more in property tax with the board yesterday unanimously approving an increase of .0 08 percent. that is small but homeowners will see a 3 percent increase because of the rising values of homes in san francisco. not so small. the home assessed at $500,000, for example, will pay $1 59 more. officials state increase is needed because of rising bond repayments for the san francisco
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unified school district. >> now a story that has received thousands of "likes," on our face spoke page, a cat that was badly bumped in the valley fire. >> although his injuries are severe he is expected to be okay. this video is graphic. >> when the veterinarian saw the badly burned cat, he considered euthanize the cat. >> he cannot eat because his lips and mouth are so swollen at first he could not open his mouth. >> after inserting a feeding tube, the cat showed signs of hope. the doctor named him "mr. "mr. burns." he is obviously someone's pet and a first crew from oregon found him wandering unable to see, the tips of his ears melled and his paws scorched from the flames. >> there is antitoxic in there so it is hard to tell but there are eyes in there. his nose is pretty plugged up.
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we are finale able to kind of open his mouth. >> the cat was found in the drive in front of a him on highway 175 near middletown with no telling what he went through but he is one of many pets that were left behind in the chaos of saturday's evacuation. >> there are 6 a healthy dogs at the animal control if lake poverty that we are trying to find their owners. >> as evacuees return, the vet clinic expects for see more injured or lost pets but new they trying to fine the owner of mr. burns. >> we thank our community for all of the photos they have been sending of the fire, if you have pictures or video of the fire or any news that happens where you live, share it where us by posting on social media with # abc7now. now the weather. the rain system is coming and starts in the north bay. >> in the north bay, probably at
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8:00 when we will see the rain developing. it will take the better part of the morning to slide south and will not get and the heart of the bay until the afternoon. the evening rush is going to be the most affected. here is live doppler hd you can see in the upper left hand corner of your division screens where the best radar returns are. the storms are moving more east-northeast but the system itself is going to dive to the southwest. we have to watch this thing make a slow progression to the south and it will be slow as it always is with september storms coming in from the northwest. ahead of it the winds will pick up this afternoon. it will become breezy. we are around, say, 9-16 miles per hour. golden gate bridge is clear, and not expecting much in the way of fog, maybe a few clouds from time to time and clouds are increasing across our neighborhoods today with the morning rain staying in the north bay, and the light showers
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that will transition to headed into the afternoon and evening and we will taper and we get on the back side of the cold front it will be nice for a day and then it will be hot as we head into the weekend. low-to-mid 70s below average again. temperatures are a lot like yesterday. we will go from 71 in milpitas and san jose and gilroy at 76. upper 60s to low 70s on the peninsula, until palo alto and mountain view and los altos at 73. low-to-mid 60s along the coast today to mid-60s for downtown. mid-to-upper 60s so the clouds and the rain-cooled air keep the temperatures down across the north bay. we have upper 60s in hercules, richmond, berkeley, and low 70s from oakland to union city and castro valley and fremont at 73. inland, 72 at san ramon and pleasanton and 75 in antioch and livermore. it will be cloudy with showers tapering and not so cool at mid-50's to around 60.
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here is our front to the north and look as we head through noon. you can see the moderate rain rolling in there and during the heart of the rush hour it is moving to san mateo bridge and maybe scattered light showers but, mostly, anything measurable is going to stay north of san mateo bridge but for the santa cruz mountains. are you ready for 70s and 80s and 90s? they are on the way. >> good morning, everyone, at san rafael the drive out of novato, lucas valley road, very light conditions and as mike mentioned, no rain moving through san rafael as of yet. we do have other things to talk about with this tube closed until 5:00 a.m. there is work ongoing and in san jose first reports of an accident
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northbound 101, it is out of the lanes and i am not seeing too much slowing where most of the sensors in the south bay green. elsewhere, we will take a look at the eastbound highway 12 southbound 101 they are doing work on the transition ranch and it is closed until 5:00 am. >> apple's new operating system rolls out with new features. >> a huge day for apple customers, the new mobile operating system rolls out so you can update the iphone, ipad, or ipod. >> it takes much less space than the previous ios and is expected to be easier download. >> snapchat new is offering users a second chance. messages that are sent disappear after a few seconds and you can buy replays and view the emergency three times for a dollar. they stick around. they not go anywhere away.
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>> facebook useers have been ask for support for friends without hitting "like," and zuckerberg said they will test the "dislike," button. >> going presidential candidates are 12 hours away from the second debate. the latest comments of donald trump that will make him a target. >> close encounter of a huge kind for kayakers off the kind for kayakers off the stay tuned.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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>> live candidates will be on stage for the second presidential debate and some will take aim an donald trump. >> we have illegal immigrants
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that are treated better by far than our veterans. it will not happen. >> he got cheered and jeers at a group in los angeles. 200 protest efforts and supporters showed up to voice opinions on the candidate. trump will be joined by fellow front runner ben carson and carly fiorina at the reagan library. >> a new study by the centers for disease control is shedding light on fast foods. 34 percent of young people between the aims of 2-19 ate fast food on any given day making up 12 percent of the daily calorie instate. on average, calories from fast food increased with able and asians ate less gatt food than white, black and hispanic counter parts. >> we are seeing the slow food movement especially in the bay area. so take your time.
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easy for say. hard to do. >> if you are going to the game, showers are likely and they will be light. they will be out had at at&t park along where cool conditions and mid-60s rounding out the game. 7:15 on wednesday, the last game of the series and pause the giants is an off day it is not an early game. the next system is north of 80 through the afternoon and at pack, it will move through the rest of the neighborhoods and elsewhere it will be quiet with showers ending in southern california and mid-70s, thunderstorms are possible in lake tahoe at 60 degrees. >> we have an accident in the san jose area clearing out of the lanes north 101 at brokaw. also, we have problems eastbound twelve to highway 101 road work with that section closed. road work westbound 580, until 5:30 at grant and 35 and an
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accident beyond 205 on westbound 580 which is why there is slow traffic. eastbound 580, road work, to charro. >> the pope visits the united states and a new order prohibits drones from flying near the leader of the catholic church. the f.a.a. revealed up manned aircrafts are banned in and around washington, dc, philadelphia, and new york city. violators can face criminal prosecution. the pope will visit the united states from september 22 through september 27. >> our news anchor ama daetz will be in washington, dc, the first of three cities the post will visit in the united states and you can watch the reports starting open tuesday as abc follows pope francis on this historic trip. a frightening situation when humpback whale breached off the
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monterey cost and landed on top of two kayakers. boaters on a cruise caught the whole thing on video. the whales can weigh up to 40,000 pounds so you do not want that landing on top of you. amazingly, neither kayaker was hurt. >> 4:57. rarely is a traffic jam music to the ears unless you are stuck in a traffic jam with musicians. the train quartet treated motorists to a concert, stranded drivers got out of the cars and gathered around to listen to them perform, they were driving home from a wedding when a horse on the road brought traffic to a stand still so they took out their instruments ask made the best of it. >> vandals sliced through two fiber optic cables and there is a sizable reward being offered by at&t. >> santa clara built supervisors
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bolds move to hold guards accountable in the wake of ain't mate death. traffic is moving well and rain traffic is moving well and rain is in ♪ in stores now.
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they are. they don't think like you and i. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. on wednesday, september 16 so we are halfway to the weekend. we have interesting weather headed our way. >> interesting if you define that by "wet." that is what we have. >> absolutely. wet weather across the north bay. i will show you what will happen the next three hours. in the north bay we will see


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