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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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love you guys. thank you for who you are. >> lake county supervisor tried to keep morale from slipping as hundreds of evacuees gathered for the updates. >> many of you know we have had three confirmed fatalities. i hate to say it but i expect to find more. >> there was good news, residents in middletown and north side of cobb and hidden valley can return home on saturday. if they have a home. for others the waiting conditions. >> what do i do? where do i go? >> sitting around waiting for someone to tell you it is okay to go back. >> safety is the reason behind the wait. pg&e has 400 utility poles to replacings and miles of buyer to restring. police arrest three more men suspected of looting vacant homes. >>? i catch you looting you ought to
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be ashamed of yourself and i will help you be ashamed and i will publish the names of the people. >> it hasn't been easy. a moment of collective joy when five-year-old george klein got a birthday surprise. community members heard he was a monitor truck fan and he got a ride in the mini monitor truck ride in the mini monitor truck and tickets to a real rally >> 4:31. pope valley elementary school in napa county is re-opening but attendance is voluntary. the middletown unified school district will have inspectors looking over the schools today holding an informational meeting for middletown parents this afternoon. the schools that are damned will move the students to calistoga. >> people who have been staying at evacuation centers could get their mail delivered to them today. the middletown post office has been closed since the fire broke out and people who could get around have to drive clear lake
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to get their mail. starting today, postal workers will bring the mail to evacuees to shelters in clear lake and calistoga. >> members of the sonoma humane society set up a mobile care center to help those who have pets with them. animals who do not have homes are filling the shelters. the sonoma facility took in 18 dogs and two cats from lake county, a no kill shelter so they are asking foster families to come forward. >> look at this picture on instagram by the fire department. can you see firefighters, big smiles with camels behind them. this team filled the trough with water so the camels could drink. >> the state insurance commissioner will meet with evacuees and brief local officials on insurance issues impacting the residents would love their homes.
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they are eligible for income tax break according to the tax board in lake, napa, amador and california central valley county. you can give where you live to help out people affected bit valley fire and other wildfires across california. there are several ways to ticket. go to you can find specifics or text red cross to 90999. >> the they guards accused petting an inmate to death at santa clara jail goes before a judge hope to be freed on bail. matt keller is in san jose. matt? >> a few weeks ago the three correctional deputies were working at the sant county jail and will head to court this morning. matthew farris, jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez are charged with homicide in the death of michael tyree, assault under the color of authority and conspiracy. they are scheduled for a bail
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hearing to find out if they could be released. the prosecutors have filed a motion opposing this saying text message between matthew farris and rafael rodriguez outline a pattern of violence. activist say more needs to be done to protect the inmates. >> it is problematic and raises the flag we have to look at our jails systematically rather than three individuals. >> defense attorneys paint a different picture saying all three are caring, compassionate people committed to serving their local community and should have the opportunity to post bail. the bail hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. matt, thank you. this man, mathew muller, returns for court in hayward as the judge determines if he is fried for a failed home invasion robbery. the attorneys want the judge to throw out evidence that dublin police found on the cell phone. officers found the phone at
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crime scene. muller faces federal kidnapping charges in the so-called gone girl case in vallejo. yesterday the two victims in the case filed a claim against vallejo police because detectives called their ordeal "a hoax." >> berkeley's lake anza has high levels of toxic algae that could be deadly to dogs. warning signs went up. more water samples will be tested and the park district closed three other bay area lakes for swimming because of the toxic algae. officials say the problem is likely related to the drought. >> the centers for disease control issued the warning to the nation: get a flu shot. last area's vaccine did not work well and many still got sick. what about this year? >> it is that time of year. time to get your flu shot. last year's version did not work well. the virus mutated and left the sack seen out of sync with what
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was going around. many got sick and sicker. >> the 2014-2015 season had the highest hospitalization rate among seniors we have ever documented. >> this year will be different. >> this year, the strain which is part of vaccine looks like it will have recover agency with the virus circulating south of equator and that is presumably what will be featured in owe flu season. 89 percent of doctors and nurses get advantage natured in the general public, though, half get a flu shot and half skip. >> i don't get sick and i feel like taking a vaccine rather than suffering. >> kids thing getting the vaccine is suffering. >> they should make it so it does not hurt. >> everyone over six months is recommended to be vaccinated. >> there is no short average of the flu vaccines, 170 million are shipped out.
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the time to get the shot is now. in castro valley for abc7 news. >> if you can get your hands on it. the flu mist, you inhale. >> i a not comfortable sticking things up my northeast but if it helps. whatever. and san francisco is about the same here but everyone else is two-seven degrees cooler than yesterday, with lack of cloud cover. ocean beach, 56. we have west portal, bayview, 58. everyone else is 59 in san francisco. pacifica is 59, also, and san leandro and belmont 5957. palo alto and santa clara at 52, and pleasanton, walnut creek, 55, and pittsburg is 62. walnut creek is 53 degrees right new. san francisco will top out at 73 and peninsula, 80 and south bay 82, inland east bay, 88,
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comfortable, and north bay 83. let me show you what will happen this weekend as we look from the east bay hills where it is 63 degrees. san francisco is going to go 80 tomorrow, 84, is the warmest on sunday, and you can notice the if peninsula is warm at 94, sunday, nearly 100, and same in east bay, 98 inland, 102 on sunday and north bay is 96 on sunday, so find relief you will need it. >> what happened to the rain, mike? >> love that. >> we are going to the toll plaza with a couple of cars stacked up here with folks paying cash and otherwise there are no delays if san francisco and no metering lights. a couple of problems out there, a car hit a deer northbound 85, waiting on a tow truck and the deer is lodged under the car. and highway 29 at bella oaks a car smashed into a building, waiting for c.h.p. and the tow
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truck in the solo spinout. >> comcast will pay $33 million fine for violating the privacy of thousands of customers. neck, how much money you can receive. >> the foo fighters rock the san francisco waterfront and will help children in need.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:41 on friday morning. a look at both sides of the bay, it will warm up especially inland today. we will walk to meteorologist
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mike nicco about that. >> thousands of comcast customers get a refund after publishing personal information online. they reached a $33 million settlement over claims they published names and addresses and phone numbers for 75,000 voi perform customer whose want their information kept private. the company will pay customers $100 and refund fees customers paid for the service. thousands of law enforcement officers and crime victims say this laced them in danger. >> carly fiorina's campaign is gaining new momentum after the standout performance at the gone presidential debate. the super pac behind her campaign is inundated with calls after wednesday night's event. she is getting new invitations to speak in iowa when she swings through the state next week the she has drawn strong reviews for how she handled donald trump after he criticized her appearance. we have a problem in this country it is called muslims.
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we foe our current president is one. he is not even an person. >> donald trump is drawing criticism for failing to correct the man would said president obama is muslim. it happened during a question-and-answer session in new hampshire he gave a vague answer and said he would be looking into the issue. a rock concert leave as long lasting legacy in the bay area, lasting legacy in the bay area, with few francisco. >> they fund raised for children's hospital and the league singer has a fractured foot from a fall on stage in sweden in june. tens of thousands packed on to bi70 for the most anticipated of the dream force conference. on a smaller stage a bigger moment.
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>> and the medicals of courage diagnosed with leukemia. >> this is very aggressive. >> despite a grueling treatment and a few set backs he has been an inserrates to the staff and to other patients. >> i help the kids at the hospital can tell them not to be so scared. >> regardless of what is going on he always has a smile. he is so positive. >> he goes now to the hospital only once a month that share as name with the sales force c.e.o. >> we are building the beers children's hospital in the worm in san francisco, the children's hospital and we raised $10 president. i don't think there has been a night where $10 million has been raised for a children's hospital. >> over five years they have raised $36 million.
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if you live in concord, can you get up to four free tickets to the county yes concert with live nations making a limited number of tickets available from 2:00 -- 10:00 to 2:00 and you have to show a government i.d. that matches the address on the i.d. on first-come-first-serve basis. >> no government i.d. so you have to sit outside and listen? >> sounds like a phoner song. ♪ feel like the first time." >> and you saw that break were foot? still he has so much industry it was great. >> but he was on. >> now a look at what beginning on with the weather window, it looks quite lovely this morning.
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looks quite lovely this morning. the saturday, and autumn starts on sunday. and it will cool down. a lack of clouds and wind, with a few reporting stations we have, the sunshine will warm us to 79 in milpitas, the cool spot. 81 in san jose, and santa cruz for the boardwalk is 80, and mid-80s for gilroy, up to the peninsula, we start in the low 80s and we drop do 76 in mateo and low-to-mid 70s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. heading up through the north bay, petaluma is the cool spot at 79 and vallejo is 78 and to wine country, 82, santa rosa is 83 degrees. great afternoon there.
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mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay explore with oakland and san drove at 77 and 80 in castro valley and union city and fremont. inland, our last comfortable day, from 84 at san ramon to pleasanton to brentwood at 90. at the game this evening, diamondbacks are in town to take on the giants, 65 degrees at 7:15 dropping to 61 with a light breeze, not going to be very crisp like normal or blustery. 50 in santa rosa and napa and san rafael, 52, half moon bay is 50 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50s when we wake up tomorrow and step outside. here is the high pressure that is dominating the jet stream, up to the north, the high pressure is going to build up andbly us record highs because we will have an offshore breeze. we will make it to 80 in man areas and 90s around the bay and upper 90s to low 100s inland tomorrow and sunday and warm on monday but by wednesday, temperatures are cooler-than-average. what are you working on, sue?
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>> we are going to the san mateo bridge and it looks clear, at 14 minute drive from the toll plaza to highway 101 and you can see the tail lights along the flat section toward the high-rise and everyone is moving nicely with a couple of problem spots this friday morning. we will check this out, we go to the cupertino area and northbound 85, before bascom, rather, near los gatos, the car hit a deer and the deer is stuck under the car. and highway 29, a solo spinout with a car into a building and no word of any injuries. we are following that. just reported, westbound 24, just reported, westbound 24, coming out of the >> game changer in the tablet game, as amazon has low price device. >> here is the tech tech bytes.
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>> amazon's new low price tablet with 7" screen front and rear facing cameras and price tag of $50. it goes on sale september 30. >> t-mobile and sprint are expanding international coverage plans, both wireless carriers added dozens of destinations. >> including free texting and cheaper cames. >> a pennsylvania mom is taking to facebook to make a plea to her son who just went off to college. >> hi. do you remember me? i'm your mommy. i gave birth to you. >> she posted the video after not herring from her son for three weeks and it has 300,000 views in they days. call your mama, take a few minutes today. >> a mystery on streets of berkeley, the blobs that are suddenly showing up.
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>> also, a dog's best friend, a heart warming tale story of loyalty between two k-9 loyalty between two k-9 comp
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>> the abc7 news app, news that lives where you limp. >> it is friday, and a look at the bay at san francisco from the camera, it is calm. it will give way to a hot day and hotter weekend. more with meteorologist mike nicco just ahead. >> boating fans are in for a street on san francisco bay. 930 world class teams will race on the challenging waters of the bay. sky 7 caught up with the rolex big boat series yesterday with six winners in the competition, each get trophies and special rolex watches.
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and now, you can see the to which the 268' pier from sky 7, and the san francisco bay conservation and development gave the green light yesterday to imload the tower normally november which is extending 20 stories into the bay. they need final approval from the army corps of engineers reducing the concrete tower to rubble in six seconds and become entombed. environmentalists are concerned highway it will impact the wildlife. >> science could have an answer to the mysterious blobs popping up near bart station in north berkeley. a website reports that a local science teacher reached out to experts at uc berkeley would believe yellow jackets deposited the problem and think it is wood and dirt that the wasp chews and the clutches are dropped a few
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yards from the nest. >> giants manager will lead 5,000 walkers from the plaza to at&t park. he will kickoff the heart walk in san francisco at 11:45 and the 60-year-old skipper will encourage the crowd to keep active and incorporate walking into daily routines. he likes to walk to relieve stress and get a work out and released the first book in may, a become walks of his favorite routes. >> i want him to lead us in running the bases. >> now, meteorologist mike nicco? >> temperatures at game are in the mid-60s and falling into the low 60s and 80s and 90s for the day games. >> we have art and fine festival in the east bay, lafayette, 20th annual, 75-95 on saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and
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sunday, 80 to 101 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. hopefully the wine will clench your 30's. we have the raiders in town, 90 degrees at the cove. maybe you want to wear more silver than black. temperatures an the state, mid-to-upper 80s through the central valley and monterey is 70, and 75 in lake, and 79 in san diego and 84 in los angeles. it is quiet. it is quiet. good traveling >> leyla is out, she will be back next week. san rafael is good beyond the civic center with for delays into the city across the golden gate bridge. a couple of problem spots, at the oakland area, westbound 24, c.h.p. is now saying it is closer to 580, motorcycle down, and rider is okay and walking around but this is the center
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divide, caution, please, here. elsewhere we have a problem with a deer under a car at northbound 85 at bascom approaching los gatos and in yountville we have a car solo spin out into a building where slow traffic on highway 29 near bella oaks. >> happening today, we are talking for an appearance by caitlyn jenner, scheduled to appear at the war memorial opera house in san francisco february 29. that is leap day. jenner was motivational speaker before transitioning from male to female and filed paperwork to legally change her maim and gender. tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. >> now a story of the loyalty between best friends. two dogs, one trapped in a concrete hole, the other refusing to leave her side.
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>> it started with this post open facebook, a family asking the public to help find their missing dogs. a man called to say a reddish colored dog had been coming to his property for the past few days but when he tried to approach her she would run off into the ravine. it turns out she was trying to get help. volunteers found her standing guard over her friend. >> she was scared and you could see a little flash of relief trying to let someone know that they were there and that her friend was in trouble. >> that is a true friend. the two are now back where they belong safe at home. >> sugary sweets are causing a social media fire storm and angry parents are firing back. >> funds san jose is getting to upgrade security at the airports upgrade security at the airports after a series of security
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>> good morning! thanks for joining us on friday at 5:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the brand is taking a break but mike has the forecast. what do you have? >> darkness this morning. then well have light. and it will show...there are no clouds on live doppler hd. as we look at the ferry building, the flags are calm. that is going to warm us and back to av


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