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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy "spare the air" monday morning at 5 o'clock a.m. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> it is hot already. we have the details from meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> we will start with the heat. from 11 o'clock until 7:00 this evening, all but for the bay
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shoreline, san francisco and the coast, you can be at risk of heat-related illness. notice the lack of clouds this morning. in the day planner, 52 to 68, quit a spread on this "spare the air" day and 72 to 90 with hazy sunshine and oppressive heat inland pushing sun and 72 and relief at the coast. a widespread by 7:00, though. sue has a look at the commute. >> starting rough in san francisco with a sig-alert issued southbound 101 and several cars, two last lanes, and s.u.v. on its roof so take 280, we are seeing traffic starting to stack up to the portrero district and sig-alert in effect leaving san francisco southbound 101. also, we had a make and a big rig and the big rig caught on fire blocking some lanes, southbound 680 and i am seeing slow traffic here.
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eric and kristen? >> the father of 8-year-old murder victim madyson middleton will rally in santa cruz outside the courthouse are her accused killer will appear. the news reporter is in santa cruz. matt? >> yes, this is a tough day here in santa cruz. the death of madyson middleton and the brutal christmas -- crime rocked the community with a hearing for the teen accused of killing her. the father of madyson middleton, michael, wants to focus on his daughter not on the killer. he is holding a rally in her honor outside the courthouse in santa cruz today. he will take place before the court hearing for adrian gonzalez, charged at able 15 with the murder and kidnapping and sexual assault of eight-year-old girl. she vanished at the art centers in santa cruz on july 26. police found her body the next day, inside a recycling bin at the complex. the community has supported the family and last month hundreds attend add public memorial for her at the kaiser permanente
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arena. the mayor declared october 5 as madyson middleton day. it would have opinion her 9th birthday. the arraignment is scheduled for 8:15 this morning. police in berkeley are searching for a man who tried to lure several kids and the van, two middle school students were walking on telegraph when the man pulled up and told them to get into the car. they ran to school and reported it. a block away, the man waved another young gill over but drove off when he saw her dad. the suspect is between 30 and 40 years scold heavy set and driving a green minivan. janet o will have a report at 5:30. >> now the valley fire. some families are returning to assess the dam of their homes. evacuation orders were lit for hidden valley. some found their homes intact and others, they were rubble.
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>> you wanted to make up from the nightmare and i work up and... >> flames tore through the community, more than a week ago, and people there now have vowed to rebuild. >> despite scorching temperatures, fires gained jolt ground on the fire. it is now 69 percent contained. that is up 21 percent from saturday. it has burned 76,000 acres to lake and napa and sonoma county and more than a thousand structures have been destroyed and 5,500 are still threatened. year, neighbors came together for a show of support raising a whopping $700,000 for victims. owe reporter, cornell barnard, reports on the generosity from healdsburg. >> barbecue is happening and they are cooking up the pulled pork sliders that are made for a restaurant. compassion is part of the recipe. >> think about going home and not having a is frightening. >> douglas is giving his time with restaurant owners and
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winemakers, a benefit to help those who is lost so much. >> my heart is with my families and my hometown. >> bonnie is volunteering her time days after her childhood home burned in the value fire sharing these pictures, homes of her stepfather and cousin, also, reduced to ashes. >> it is crazy. you do not think it will happen where you live. >> kids are writing thank you cards to firefighters and support to those who survived. abbey knows what she will say. [ inaudible ] we should help donate. >> phones are doing more than that, they are write donation checks. a lot of them. >> people i have never met before that probably have never been on cobb or hidden valley or mill town have been touched by this event so much they are willing to open up and give so
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generously. >> you in healdsburg for abc7 news. >> a lawsuit filed by neighbors in sunnyvale against the parents of an autistic child go to court claiming the 11-year-old's parent did not do enough to control their son and prevent him from hurting their young children. the plaintiffs say the case is not about autism or the child it is about the safety of their children. the lawsuit is going forward despite the fact that the boy and his family have moved away. "good morning america" will have more on the story at 7:00. >> happening today a public hearing on whether coal and crude oil products should be transported through the oakland city limits. the topic surfaced after utah approve $50 million investment at a west oakland shipping terminal with a concern it could be a health risk. the city council will discuss the possible ramifications during the meeting. >> the "spare the air" monday.
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mike? >> a hot one. we see some relief is on the way. what we are talking about this morning, our temperatures that are still running at nine degrees warmer than what we had just 24 hours ago, and ten degrees warmer in livermore. that is compensation to spring board us to another hot day. here is san jose, 101 and 880, and the temperature in san jose right now is running about 68 degrees. inland east bay you have the most dangerous heat at 98 to 101. the late breeze will bring relief to the coast and san francisco and 72 to 86 but the hot sunshine will continue around the bay at 85 to 96 and we will take a look ahead at san rafael, 101, looking southbound, quiet, and your temperature right now in san rafael is running in the upper 60s also. tuesday's forecast and wednesday, when autumn begins, temperatures are closer to average, and mid-80s inland,
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and supposed to be hot on thursday. will it last through the weekend? i will let you know. sue? >> yes, we have a sig-alert issued in san francisco if are leaving san francisco you will want to take 280, we have a couple of cars, one flipped on its roof and c.h.p. said it will be an hour until it is out this so you can ma'am how that will stack up, so please use 280 this morning or caltrain if you are headed down the peninsula because southbound 101 is showing big problems to start on monday. not fun. bo llinger canyon motorcycle down southbound at bollinger canyon. an update in a few minutes. >> selfies with your breakfast? the creation that can help you do that and the major food company behind it.
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>> how the heat affected stars attending the emmys in los angeles and the abc star who made emmy history. >> how a quiet night on water nearly ends in disaster but the good samaritan who jumps into action to save boaters. action to save boaters. >> that looked scary.
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> four people were rescued from the burning yacht because of good samaritans and their get burst into flames off galveston bay, and people rushed over and pulled up and rescued those on the boat and the six-year-old that jumped into the water. >> and new schedule adjustments this morning that affect 11 regular school bus lines that primarily serve local schools in san mateo county. most buses have departing times later than last week. the agency said that the changes are all in the name of improving service. for a complete list of chains go to >> this week, bart will be
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closing off parking spaces as the station in oakland for safety upgrades. crews will reinforce the support columns that require the fencing off of 30 parking spaces and will take a month. bart is warning riders to expect noise and dust. >> former hewlett-packard c.e.o. carly fiorina is in second place in the republican field following her strong performance in the latest debate. the latest cnn poll shows donald trump is the frontrunner with 24 percent support among republican voters and that is 8 percent drop from early in the month. fiorina saw 3 percent increase putting her in 15 percent. retired neurosurgeon ben carson is in third with 14 percent. >> historic win at the emmys for "how to get away with murder," star, viola davis the first of color to receive the award for lead actress moving many to
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tears. >> let me tell you something, the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. can you not win an emmy for roles that are simply not there. >> the other big winners last knit included jon hamm who took home the first emmy ever after 16 nominations for best actor in "madmen." game of thrones was best drama and rita king for "american crime." >> the stars arrived on the red carpet and you thought you were hot, temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees in los angeles. it was so hot that former miss usa nearly fainted and entertainment tv host lopez had to change his shirt multiple times taking off the blazer to show us how soaked his shirt was. >> took off the shirt multiple
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times to change it? >> reasonable in front of the papparazzi. >> sure. >> according to the news. >> okay. someone sweated today. just happened to be mario lopez. >> a lot people are sweating again today. temperatures are up to ten degrees warmer this morning and we have had some 70s along the east bay shoreline and up in the elevation we are in the mid-70s above on or 600 and richmond is 65 and union city and fremont and castro stream are 66. pacifica is one of the areas up 650' at 76 degrees right now. the lower elevation like santa rosa is 55 and novato and napa at 57. in mountain view, san jose, at 68 and livermore is 69 and brentwood is 65 and pleasanton is 63 degrees.
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we have a wind that is light but at least it is a wind and it is blowing on shore at the golden gate bridge so it will not be so hot at the coast, san francisco, and around the bay today. the rest of us have dangerous heat and poor air quality. the equinox' fall comes in on wednesday morning and most of us are sleeping. more comfortable, though, this weekend if you want to be identified. walnut creek is an area that could have poor air quality and "spare the air" day but tomorrow and when we are going green. breezy today and no worries tomorrow. winds are height and variable and nonexistent at sfo and three in concord and the stagnant air and the sunshine, mid-to-upper 90s in the south bay and cupertino and santa clara at 95 and san jose behind it at 93. redwood city south on the peninsula, mid-to-upper 80s san mateo and millbrae the immediate neighbors and half moon bay at 74 and the clouds are increasing and pacifica gets up to 80 and you are the warm spot, money 80s downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito so take in the 90s
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out there and we will still have mid-to-upper 90 through the north bay with novato at 97 and napa at 9 a and 85 today, richmond and berkeley and oakland at 87 and 90s in union oakland at 87 and 90s in union city and fremont and 89 and low tonight, mid-50s to mid-60s and the cloud cover causes the seven-day forecast to drop 10- or 15-degrees and hold steady on when, a quit bun into the 70s, 80s, and 90s for the coast and bay and inland on thursday and friday and back to average, 60s and 70s and 80s saturday and sunday. dry through the forecast. wish we could say traffic was dry this morning. just trying to sneak in this, this is a good look at the golden gate bridge with traffic southbound light and four lanes are coming interest san francisco. here is the problem spot: it is in san francisco south 101
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beyond caesar chavez and c.h.p. issue add sig-alert and a car turned over blocking the two left lanes and they are saying probably closer to 6:00 trillion they get it out of there so the before alternate would be to avoid 101 and take 280 if you are headed southbound out of san francisco. another trouble spot, south 680 at bollinger canyon, big rig on fire and motorcycle drown but it is still clearing. there is a lot of slow traffic back to crow canyon to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. >> thanks sue. you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> new you can document every last bait thanks to the selfies spoon. general mills is offering the cinnamon toast crunch selfie spoon with a spoon on one end and a spot for the phone on the other. the company posted the video on the witness saying the spoon fits all 15s and can extend up to 30". they are free. you just pay for shipping and
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handling. >> i did not know it was april 1st. >> really? >> yeah. >> i was thing many of us before our first coffee of the day would break that stick. >> you do not want that selfie. >> a major auto make makes a stunning admission. >> lifesaving drugs gets outrageous price hike. >> good morning, topping america's money, volkswagen said they are sorry after making emissions appear lower than they were. they are suspend sales of new models with bad engine and have to recall 500,000 older cars. >> doctors are outraged after the price of a life saving drug went up 5,000 percent overnight. the medication increased from $13.50 to $750 per pill. we use it to help keep infections from those with weak
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weakened immune system. >> and johnny depp's movie was in second place with $23 million and "the visit," in third >> straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. and a monster pumpkin. >> a four-year-old flower girl's hilarious weddings to her father.
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fill your pet with love. petsmart®. it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. >> it is 5:22. herer seven things to know before you go. nine degrees warmer already this morning. it will spring board us to temperatures in dangerous levels except for the bay shoreline and the coast and san francisco.
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we have heat advisory from 11 o'clock until 7:00 this evening and i do have a break in the heat branchly. i will show thank you coming up. >> number two, sue hall watching your monday morning commute with a sig-alert in effect southbound 101 past caesar chavez a car flipped blocking to lanes of traffic and c.h.p. is saying at least 6:00 until it is cleared. three, crews are gaining ground on the valley fire now 69 percent contained. more than a thousand structures, though have been destroyed and more evacuees are allowed back home. >> the santa cruz teen charged in the murder of 8-year-old madyson middleton is scheduled to be arraigned today. 15-year-old adrian gonzalez will be tried as an adult in death of his neighbor. her father will hold a rally for hope outside the courthouse this morning. >> pope francis is on the move, a plane carry the leader of the cat catholic church left havana for the eastern city where thousands have gathered in the city's plaza for the mass. >> governor brown wants to help
5:24 am
put an end to gender-based wage gaps signaling he will sign a bill that places the burden on the employer to prove a man's higher pay is based on facts other than gender. an equal pay law is considered outdated. >> dozens of popular chinese mobile apps could be infected with militia software the first of its kind security breach with apple and steps apple is taking to address the problem. >> san francisco police and firefighters spent part of the weekend learning how to make split second decisions. yesterday 70 volunteers acted as victims of a fake explosion. firefighters and police officers had to figure out what happened and helped those who were hurt. the first responders were not told exactly what the incident was because that is part of the training. >> they respond and they are supposed to analyze the situation and see what it is and respond appropriately. the idea here is to train our first responders because it
5:25 am
could happen in the real world where you do not know what you v >> police will analyze the response and see what the officers can do better in the future. >> a flower girl's job is a big responsibility, the four-year-old wants to make sure her father does not embarrass her during the ceremony. >> no one can call because we are going to be busy walking down the aisle. >> what if i just yell "princess." >> no, dad. there will be a bunch of people and they will hear it. you cannot do that. you do not understand it. >> you do not understand. she is going to be a great c.e.o. some day. not mess" around this is serious four-year-old business and she wants do do it right. >> that is not the last time she will hear that. >> organizers after the half
5:26 am
moon bay pumpkin race have an opponent a pumpkin weighing 2,149 pounds the biggest pumpkin on record. last year at half moon bay the winning pumpkin was at 2,058. at the time that was the record. the world record is 2,323 from germany. the ifest value at half moon bay take place october 17 and october 18. >> beating the last leg of a summer structure and ideas you may want to put together to stay cool. cool. >> the of math could affect you. >> a lovely morning but the heat is going to set in real quickly today. today. we talk about
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today. we talk about they're inevitable. but messy engine deposits don't have to be.
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always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good monday morning at 5:29. hope you had a from if hot and uncomfortable weekend. thanks for joining us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> just like today? >> with "spare the air" and of course they go hand in hand. i have good news look the bay shoreline, san francisco or the coast, you are not in the heat advisory but 3 1/2 million of the rest of us are from 11 o'clock this morning until 8:00 this evening. be careful if you are outside. this is how it looks from the east bay hills with the bay looking like glass and not a breeze. we disaster in the mid-50s nearly 70 and hang out in 90 inland and 80s around the bay and 70s at coast so you are not in the heat advisory today.
5:30 am
sue? >> we will go to the bay bridge with no metering lights but traffic is stacking up, especially for the cap-paying folks on either side of the toll plaza. a couple of problems, at san francisco, a sig-alert is issues and a really over in lanes, beyond caesar chavez take 280. it should be cleared by 6:00. and a second sig-alert in san ramon 680 at bollinger canyon a big rig and a motorcycle and traffic is stacking up. one person is seriously injured after being hit by a car near south 101 in the off-ramp in san francisco at the cow palace. it is not clear not victim was on foot or on a bicycle. the victim was rushed to san francisco hospital. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating. >> frightening moments for a couple drivers in san francisco early this morning traveling along northbound 280 and something hit and cracked their
5:31 am
windshields. >> we got straight off the airport and drove in here and it is the first thing that happened. welcome to san francisco. >> north boundly the victims thought it was a bullet but authorities later determined it was a bottle or rock the overpass. >> parents of a berkeley middle school are on alert as they take their kids to school after a couple of attempted on deductions on friday. our reporter is at willow middle school with the story. >> there were two separate incidents and the fear is this could happen again so parents and students definitely are encouraged to look out as they head to school. the first when a man said "get in the van," but the students refused and the man tried, again, and the students were able to get to campus and tell staff what happened.
5:32 am
a second incident took place when the same man tried to lure a young girl to his van but he drove off when he saw her dad. the man is said to be hispanic around 30-40 years old with dark hair and a mustache and a heavy set body with a baseball cap. his car is described to be an older dark green minivan possibly a nissan quest with the back window tinted. police of asking anyone with information to call them. of course, again, they are asking people to be on the look out and they are encouraging students to walk in pairs. remember, safety in numbers. >> 5:32. happening today, the 15-year-old accused in the murder of 8-year-old santa cruz girl is scheduled to be formally charged. adrian gonzalez will be tried as an adult. he is facing charges of murder, kidnapping and sexual assault in the death of his neighbor, madyson middleton, whose body was found in a recycling pin in late july.
5:33 am
gonzalez tied her up, sexually assaulted her and stabbed her there is a rally today in her on. our reporter, matt keller, will have more on that and what is expected in court at the to which the hour. >> the suspect at the center of a vallejo kidnapping case is set to be arraigned in federal court in sacramento. in match, denews huskins and her boyfriend were victims of a home invasion. she was kidnapped. police officially called eight hoax when she showed up at her parents home. but in june authorities arrested mathew muller in connection with a dublin home invasion where he live the cell phone behind. that is when f.b.i. investigators linked him to the vallejo kidnapping. muller pleaded no contest in friday in dublin case. his attorney said he will plead not guilty to a federal complaint in the case. >> cal fire is hoping to make more progress against the valley fire now being call the 4th worst wildfire in california history. it has destroyed a thousand structures, burned 118 square
5:34 am
miles and killed three people. our reporter is in the newsroom with an update on containment. >> the good news is the fire is now 69 percent contained and over the woke, many evacuees were able to return home. for some members of hidden valley lake community it was an opportunity to unpack and clean up but for others, it was a scavenger hunt nor anything that could have escaped the flames. one company recovered a ceramic vase a wedding gift. >> it is like our marriage, sometimes it is broken but it survived. >> more orders are lit add 5:00 this evening with families able to run home and classes are set to resume today for students in 8:00cyville. students in middletown school direct could go back at the end of the week amid recovery efforts, stores of heroism are coming to height with fish and wildlife warden who saved to
5:35 am
women and a baby and now there is a movement on social media for him to be honored as hero. so far, the five has scorched 118 square miles and destroyed 1,050 structures and killed three people, 6,500 homes are still threatened. >> a weekend fundraiser brought in $700,000 for those who lost everything. restaurants owners and wineries cooked and served at a benefit for those would lofts homes even helping. they were all grateful. >> this is going to be a huge opportunity for lake county to come back even bigger than it was. [ inaudible ] kids wrote thank you cards to
5:36 am
firefighters and cars of support to people who lost their homes. >> the latest update on the valley fire you can download the abc app and make sure to allow push alerts for the newest information as it develops. the news app is available for smartphones and tablets and the apple watch. later this morning, evacuees from tassajara fire south of monterey can check on their homes which has burned a thousand acres and damned or destroyed ten homes. it is now 30 jersey contained. the sheriff investigator found a burned body inside a car near the source of the file and they are calling that person's death a suspected suicide and do not know if it was related to the fire. >> in amador in calaveras all evacuations connected to bought fair have -- butte fire have been listed after destroying 545 homes and now 72 vicious contained. >> mike has been telling us it will be cooler today and that is a relative anyone.
5:37 am
after the sweltering weekend, people in san francisco hit the beaches and take a look there, the cooling water and there is a large town out be as well, at lafayette wine festival. some people new to the bay area found this soothing. >> this is fabulous. at home it is freezing, it is miserable, pouring rate, cold. >> i swam in the ocean. i swam for about 30 minute. s. i came back. relaxed in the sun. put on sun screen. >> the art and wine festival if lafayette, the hot weather got do some and had to be treated by paramedics. several headed for the ice cream to cool off. remember, summer is officially over. tomorrow. >> it is sticky when you put the ice cream on your head. >> put it in your mouth.
5:38 am
>> good morning, everyone, a look at walnut creek one of the areas that could possibly have poor air quality this pair pair day starting tomorrow. we are going green as the sea breeze returns. inland east bay is the warmest nearly 100 and we will follow that with north bay at 96, southbound bay at 95 and topping out on the peninsula at 93 along the east bay and 89 and san francisco is 84 degrees with a few clouds as we head into the afternoon and here is a look at sutro tower you can see the bay is like glass with winds less than ten miles per hour and they pick up this afternoon, tomorrow, though, the significant jump and we are 93 yesterday in san francisco and 66 tomorrow, and 70s return and most of us in the 70s and 80s tomorrow and in the 70s and 80s on wednesday as autumn starts and it is warmer for thursday, 80s and 90s. first, sue is busy helping.
5:39 am
>> not a start to the work week, we go to the bay bridge toll plaza, 5:33 metering lights are turned on and remark is back to the macarthur maze and the drive time, kathy from 4 to drive time, kathy from 4 to walnut creek is 24 to the san francisco southbound 101 at caesar chavez has two lanes blocked, an overturn and c.h.p. hopes to have it cleared by 6:00. take 280 if you are leaving san francisco. in san ramon, this is a possible fatality. it involves a big rig and a motorcycle. south 680, sig-alert is issued. not a from alternate route. perhaps surface streets or 24 all the way around to 580. no great alternate. happy monday. not so good. kristen and eric? >> 49 fans could feel the pain
5:40 am
of a post-game brawl that went viral with changes at levi stadium city leaders are considering. adozens of apple apps in china are hit with malware and users in the united states have reason in the united states have reason to worry, as well.
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>> daly city, dublin and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:43 and a look at traffic on the eastern span of the bay bridge headed into san francisco, getting busy over here. we do have a big problem in san francisco and sue hall is monitoring that. san francisco police are still looking for the people would shot two men at a busy freeway interchange. doors expect both victims to survive after being wounded at the interstate 280 highway 101 interchange on saturday night. the shooting stalled traffic for to hours. investigators believe two men in another car opened fire on the victims' mazda. >> popular mobile apps could be infected with malicious software. it was fund on the chinese version of apple's app store and is believed the first-of-its-kind among the infected apps including the
5:44 am
mobile chat app "we chat," and has removed the infected apps. a security firm estimates 344 apps have been taken down. >> the fight after the 49ers game on monday could result in changes at levi stadium. cell phone video show as man in a minnesota viking jersey being pummeled by 49 ever fans. the santa clara city council want to sane a message that behavior is not tolerated and they could have more police at the stadium and stopping alcohol sales after half time. three men and a teen have been arrested in connection with the fight. >> happening today, pope francis will fly to eastern cuba to celebrate mass after an outdoor mass with hundreds of thousands in havana. >> massive crowds fill revolution plaza for this mass in the cuban capital yesterday and urging everyone to serve the
5:45 am
poor while being very careful not to criticize the communist regime outright. later, he had an informal meeting with former cuban leader fidel castro. >> on the east of the visit to the united states, catholics in the bay area gathered to pay for the pontiff. on saturday ambassador bill cordileone stopped in the mission to speak to 150 pilgrims heading to washington to see pope francis. our news anchor asked the archbishop what the emergency might be. >> i would not be surprised if he speaks of the environment and how it is connected to so many issues and the poor tend to suffer more from abuse of the environment. immigration and migration are certainly very high profile. >> pope francis will also canonize a for sainthood for a man believed to be responsible for the deaths of 150,000 of the local
5:46 am
>> ama daetz will head to washington, dc as she follows pope francis on this historic trip. >> what is one of the greatest ropes throughout history that man has migrated? >> freedom? >> food. >> weather. >> weather can has to do with food, the greatest for us in the united states was freedom, but, yes --. >> love questions when we have so many per expectatives. >> it is climate. man moving to where the climate is more conducive to live so he can eat. >> we are moving to the beach is what you are saying. >> you can put a tent up and leave it there all night, sometimes necessity don't let you. can you see most us are anywhere from four to ten degrees warmer and the north bay is the insense with clear sky and dry air and five degrees cooler in novato and the same in santa rosa. to the north, rohnert park is 51
5:47 am
and petaluma is 52, and santa rosa and novato at 55 and american canyon and guerneville is 57 and we jump to 68 in vallejo and san rafael and tiburon is 76 degrees right now. san francisco is 59. lafayette is at 65. san ramon is 62. newark and cupertino at 65 and alameda is 68. redwood city is 69 and san jose is 68. 280 at 17 under the clear skies and 68 degrees. now, what will happen moving forward. hot away from the coast and bay sure today. heat wave briefly breaks tomorrow and it is warmer on thursday and friday and the weekend will not be so hot. the winds still justand conquer at -- the 92. and millbrae is 96.
5:48 am
low-to-mid 50s for the rest of the peninsula and language cost, 74 at half moon bay and pacifica at 80 for warm spot, mid-to-upper 70s sunset and daly city and mid-to-upper 80s for downtown and south san francisco and sausalito a far cry from the my 90s yesterday. the mid-90 stay locked and the north bay valley and even 97 in novato, and vallejo is the cool spot at 91 until the coast at low-to-mid 70s and mid-80s to low 90 along the east bay shore and oakland is 87 to new action at 91 and castro valley is 93 and all the sheet gathering and 100-degree heat inland east bay, antioch and brentwood and livermore and walnut creek. tonight is cooler and the clouds develop as the marine layer and, mid-50s to mid-sick. my seven-day forecast shows we drop 10- or 15-degrees tomorrow with the stronger sea breeze and wednesday is the same as tuesday and warm into the 70s at coast and 80s an the bay and 90s inland thursday and friday and back to the 60s and 70s and 80s for saturday and sunday. we get relief from the heat but
5:49 am
not from traffic. sue? >> no, we are dealing with ises this morning, unfortunately, and we have a couple -- let me give you the good news. southbound 101 if san francisco, the early sig-alert has been cleared and they have lifted thatage alert and traffic is recovering but, still, slow out of san francisco and you may still want to take 280 but, again, the overturn is cleared before caesar chavez is a drawn spot with a fatal accident involves a big rig and a motorcycle and there is a sig-alert in affect southbound 680bollinger canyon and i am seeing an alternate here which is not particularly good which is 24 to 580 and loop back around to 680. no estimated time of clearing here. it is a fatal accident. there is an investigation going on so you need to take an alternate. >> sue is here for leyla this
5:50 am
morning and it is 5:29. a fight over a place to call home a showdown that could shut out hundred care of themselves. >> two suspects try to make a get away after a jewelry heist and the plan did not exactly work out. >> keep tabs on our warm weather and traffic. here is the san francisco here is the san francisco skyline from the rooftop
5:51 am
5:52 am
yeah, we know that feeling. you're so bloated you've started wearing sweatpants ...everywhere. when it finally happens, it's always the worst possible time. and when you're finished, you realize you've been in there for a very, very long time. being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolatey, chewy fiber one bars. feeling good can taste great. >> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> good morning, everyone, on the morning news at 5:53 with
5:53 am
traffic on 680 is heavy. it is slow. we have sig-alert on 680 not here but elsewhere. sue you tell you about that. >> mosquitoes with the west nile virus are found in san jose so fogging will be underway this week starting at 11 o'clock tomorrow night fogs will happen in neighborhoods in the 95133, 950127, and 95166 zip code lasting these hours. >> in the bailey -- get kids to eat new vegetables, new jersey is power. the most popular fruit is the one you put on the teacher's derrick, the apple after surveying 3,100 kids and teens, apples accounted for 0 percent of all fruit consumption among kids 2-19 which could be important because studies show only four in ten children get the recommended one or two cups of fruit as day. can you fine the study in the
5:54 am
journal of pediatrics. >> is it because they live it more or it is more available? >> yes. >> good answer. >> now the emmys. it was hot on the red carpet literally and with the fashion. >> looking smokin' hot, the biggest trends with black. black is the new black. lady gaga looked amazing in stylish maxwell ground and cary washington step out in a silver marc jacobs dress more on "good morning america" next. >> black may not have been the colors which were in the triple digits. >> they look good for being so hot. look good. >> hayward has the worst air quality right now but it is only moderate ozone and it will pick up headed to the afternoon
5:55 am
hours. try to avoid using the internal combustion engine or anything that burns gas. flooding is possible at palm springs at 97 for the high. mid-to-upper 80s in los angeles and san diego. increasing clouds in monterey and 82 in lake tahoe. safely travels. >> monday is off to a by day start and southbound 680, at walnut creek, beyond north main to 24, south on 680 toward spokeswoman we have a problem and this was in san francisco southbound 101 with the early problem cleared, but still, residual slow traffic to 280. here is the big issue, a fatal accident south 680 big rig involves and a motorcycle with lanes blocked. the investigation is onpoint and the best alternate is to take the surface streets at this time. >> now to a story about an
5:56 am
attempted diamond heist in ohio that was foiled by bad luck. surveillance video shows the 57-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman breaking and the jewelryship on friday and they grabbed 26 diamond rippings -- rings and they made a dash an elevator and that promptly got stuck. police nabbed the suspects and found the rings in the ceiling of the elevator. one suspect was caught on surveillance video casing the shop early this same day. >> karma. >> another good karma story that is big on the abc face be if page all weekend involving a berkeley man who order add pizza and wednesday from dominoes but ended up getting a lot more. it is a step you will see only on abc7. mike from berkeley called up dominoes, order add pizza and wings and ate only one slice before putting the rest in the refrigerator.
5:57 am
he went to work and came back home several hours later and noticed something unusual. >> at 5 o'clock a.m. i got home from work and went to the refrigerator and pulled out what i thought was wings and was $1,300. i whenned it keep it, believe me, but i can't. i can't do it. >> that was dominoes money and the delivery driver was supposed to make the deposit but got call to make another delivery and he put the money in the box for safekeeping. dominoes was so impressed they offered him free pizza for a year and mike said he will need to work out a little more enjoy but he is happy. >> tools california women will see in the workplace soon to help leveling the playing field. >> change for international travelers. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up and probably metering lights are on. sue is here for leyla. sue is here for leyla.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, the teen accused of killing little madyson middleton face as judge today. how the santa cruz girl's father will on the girl. >> families forced from the whom by the valley fire get to return and what they are fining as they go home and the process to contain the destructive fire. >> equal pay for all a proposal that will help women in california push for the same salaries as their male co-workers. >> the temperatures, the hot temperatures are being shared equally. >> "spare the air" today? >> all of the above. >> the heat could discriminate which is good, it will not be so hot along the coast and around the bayshore but everyone else is unheat at advisory from 11 o'clock to 8:00 this evening so we will listen to your body and hydrate early and often. from the east bay hills camer


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