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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  February 20, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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now on "abc7 news" at 5:00, forced out for good. a year affair destroyed the rent controlled homes for dozens of people, they're being told they cannot return ever again. people in the bay area join a nationwide movement calling for release of an officer who shot and killed a man in new york. tens of thousands headed to san francisco as the city gets ready for one of the bay area's most popular annual events. "abc7 news" starts now. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." tonight, residents of a san francisco building damaged by fire last year are being forced out of their homes permanently. many had hoped to return after repairs were made, but now that's not an option because the entire building is coming down.
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hello, i'm eric thomas. the apartment building at mission and 22nd street was severely damaged in january of last year. the people who were forced out stand to lose not only their homes but rent-to-rent control, as well. kordell bernard is live in san francisco's mission district with more. >> reporter: hope is fading that they could one day returned to this building here. demolition could start as early as monday. inspectors say it's just too dangerous too keep standing. one city supervisor is trying to help tonight, searching for a solution. the apartment building fire at 22nd and mission street was intense. marcela still has nightmares being trapped in her apartment. >> i just remember trying to save my life and my daughter's life trying to get out of there. >> reporter: she escaped the
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building but one tenant lost his life. now living on treasure island, many displaced families were hoping to return one day. >> i hope my son -- his school is too far from here. >> reporter: now comes news the building is ordered demolishes, because an earthquake could collapse the building. demolition would erase rights to return, even after a new building goes up. rent control laws would no longer apply. >> one apartment is $3,000. that's crazy. >> i think it's unconscionable that this land lord has allowed things to get to the point where they are. >> reporter: the supervisor calls the demolition order unjust and is searching for a solution. >> what i want people to know is in my office, we are doing everything we can legally, under existing law to protect these tenants. >> reporter: the owner of the building could not be reached for comment. you were counting on going back
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there? >> yes? >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." a close call in napa when a truck hauling two horses and two bulls caught fire. video shows the truck torched. luckily the flames did not reach the trailer. the driver was also not hurt. the chp hopes you recognize three people running away from an accident. a quick-thinking witness snapped these pictures showing two of them. the accident happened around noon friday on south bound 101. three people inside a black 1995 ford explorer ran away before officers got there. san jose police are investigating a stabbing that left one dead and another in the hospital, just after 12:30 this morning in the 3200 block of south white road in front of the elephant pub in the city's evergreen neighborhood.
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we've been told the second victim is expected to survive. in san francisco this morning, police shut down several streets to track down a car thief. they know the suspect and chased him into a building. they do have a clue, his wallet. they said he sometimes carries a gun so could be dangerous. thousands protested in san francisco today to say a former new york city police officer convicted of manslaughter is innocent. "abc7 news" was at the plaza as they rallied for him. he shot and killed a man while patrolling a dark stairwell in a public housing complex. the man was hit by a bullet that ricocheted off a wall. protesters said the officer is a scapegoat for critics of police brutality. they called it an accident and said he didn't have proper training. >> he was beside of a very, very dangerous task, he was dark and he was scared.
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>> protests like this took place in 40 cities today. the votes are in, in nevada's democratic caucus. hillary clinton has been named the winner. she got 52% of the vote to bernie sanders' nearly 48%. clinton has an enormous lead with super delegates. an early count for the republican primary in south carolina, donald trump has the lead. ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting for second and jeb bush is in fourth. this is still early in the counting. next week, the democrats will vote in south carolina and the republicans in nevada. but the big date will be march 1 with a dozen states and some overseas voting. get the latest primary and caucus results any time from our "abc7 news" app, download it for free and enable push alerts. one of the world's most popular parades is about to get under way to usher in the year of the monkey.
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it will wind from market street to china town. sergio is live on market street with more. sergio? >> reporter: eric, the experienced parade watchers know they need to come and get one of their favorite spots along the route early. there are hundreds of people along market street for nearly 60 years, the chinese new year's parade has been a huge draw. it's known for being a spectacle of floats, firecrackers and drag ons. in the leadup to the parade, we've already seen a lot of the costume performers getting to their starting area. this is thanks to a small army of parade marshals who helped organize the more than 100 parade entries. this is well known to be the biggest outside of china and it often draws crowds from across the country, even around the world. this year, we've seen quite a few people dressed up as
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monkeys. they'll have starring roles aboard their floats. >> we have monkeys dancing on the float. >> incredible to represent oakland and the community. and it's just the energy, it's fantastic, it really is. it's an honor to be able to do this. >> reporter: captain joseph torres will be joined by a full contingent of oakland firefighters who will follow this truck. a vintage 1967 open air diesel fire truck. it will be a part of a massive parade that includes dozens of floats that have been under construction for several days and it will be nice to see them here. the parade is going to be starting at 5:15. it will continue for several hours. it's going to snake through the financial district into union square and then it ends in china town. >> sergio, thank you very much. changes announced to
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california's high speed rail project. still ahead on "abc7 news," how they could help bring down the project's enormous cost. and learning to soar on and off the field. i'm drew tuma. perfect weather out there this evening to have a parade. in fact, the week ahead is going to be all about the numbers, potentially record breaking heat returns. i'll show you when in the moeshgs. -- forecast.
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that's running back marshawn lynch, coaching some lucky players this morning. "abc7 news" was at oakland technical high school as he and buffalo bills quarterback josh johnson led some drills at the fam first youth football camp. they weren't the only stars on the field. actor hue jackman is in town and ran a few drills himself. [ inaudible ] >> lynch has said he's going to retire but he's not made that official. new details now on a major change in plans to build california's high speed rail line. as we reported this week, the first leg will go from bakersfield north to gilroy, then san jose. the original plan was to go from bakersfield south to burbank.
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this pushes back the start of service to 2025. a rail spokes person said these changes drop the cost of building the line from $68 billion to $62 billion. much of the cost is expected to come from private investments. some lawmakers are concerned that costs haven't been lowered enough. >> this is just a math issue. we know we have in round numbers $20 billion. we can build the north with that. >> it went from roughly $40 billion to $98 billion. then they brought it down to basically a $70 billion project. still a lot of money, but we're already in cost overruns. >> once finished, the line will stretch from san francisco to los angeles. everyone has their own way to cool off after a -- coming up on "abc7 news," the bay area race where runners plunge after the finish line. and more signs of early spring coming. meteorologist drew tuma has the
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forecast and a lovely picture from emeryville there. that's when "abc7 news" continues. and in honor of black history month, we're using our bay area instagram feed to celebrate the organizations making a difference. pack the hood utilizes technology as a tool and
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you know, you don't have to be crazy to plunge into ice cold water, just committed to a cause. and these people were committed. "abc7 news" was at san francisco's aquatic park where the ninth an you will san francisco polar bear plunge and 5-k dash and splash. the police chief led a large contingent of officers into the
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bay. it provides money for special olympics northern california. last year's plunge raised $235,000 for the cause. wonder what the water temperature was there, drew? >> water temperatures? it's mid to upper 50s, so a chilly dip in there, yeah. look at that. talking about nothing but sunshine out there today. partly cloudy skies but we are dry out there. just a gorgeous saturday afternoon shaping up across the bay area. right now temperature wise, right around 57. san francisco, comfortable. oakland at 60. san jose at 61. 55 currently in half moon bay. nothing but sunshine over san francisco. santa rosa at 62. napa, 58. fairfield, 60. 62 in concord. livermore, 59. and just a gorgeous view inland. i think some spots early inland
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tonight will see areas of fog develop. so expect that first thing on sunday. lots of sunshine for the second half of the weekend, very seasonable temperatures. then the numbers take off into next week. we're flirting with records once again. but a beautiful evening on the way for the chinese new year parade. 57 degrees by 5:15. by 8:00, just a light jacket, under clear skies and temperature 54 degrees. this is going to be the muscle maker of a forecast. high pressure anchored off the coast, bringing sunshine, and a warming trend as we head into next week. tomorrow, there is the inland fog first thing in the morning. otherwise, it's sunshine, we are sunny and seasonable. take a look at the week ahead for san jose. afternoon high 63 this time of the year. by monday and midweek, we are in the mid 70s and i think thursday into friday, we'll be near
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record warmth. so we'll be tracking those records falling, especially for the second half of the accuweather forecast. overnight tonight, clear skies in most spots and fog developing, especially in the inland valleys. cool in napa at 46. 47 overnight in san francisco. 43 for san jose. lots of sunshine on the way, a nice second half of the weekend. try and seasonable. 63 in san francisco. 67 in san jose. 68 in oakland and a high of 68 in napa. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow some early morning fog with a warming trend into monday and tuesday. above average by wednesday. by thursday and friday, tracking for possible records around the region. by saturday, one week from today, there's the first chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> all right, drew, thanks a lot. rick is here with a preview of sports. >> big game coming up tonight. can the warriors respond after that disappointing loss last night? we'll go live to the staple center where mike shumann is
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the golden state warriors lost by 32 in portland. no chance to rest up tonight as they are in lmpl a. to take on the clippers in half an hour. our own mike shumann is court side at the staple center. how are the warriors feeling tonight? >> reporter: well, once you fall off a horse last night losing by 32, you want to get right back
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on. but steve kerr told us they're going to have to play a lot smarter than they did last night. >> what i'm not okay with is losing our poise in the third quarter and making 13 turnovers in one quarter. we're down 15, we can score 15 points in two minutes but we tried to score 15 points in one possession, over and over again, trying to make home run plays. totally lost our poise. >> every team we're playing has been on fire pretty much. so we've got to be ready. >> reporter: tip you have about 5:30 here at the staples center. afterwards, stick around for after the game. larry beil, nate thurman and i'll be here for all the interviews postgame. a couple of tidbits. andrew bogut is a game-time decision. jason thompson might get the start if we can't go. and the warriors are 12-1 in
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back-to-back games of game two. let's hope that continues tonight. i'm mike shumann, "abc7 news." >> thanks a lot, shu. golden state didn't make any deals before the deadline, but with festus azeali out for at least a month, they may try to add anderson varejao. he'll clear waivers on sunday. he's played his entire career with the cavs. they traded him to portland who then released him. the thunder, spurs, and mavs are all said to be interested in the 6'11" center. when asked about signing him, steve kerr says it makes sense. > devon watson has his shot blocked here. steven haynie puts up a prayer for the win but no good. so they go to overtime. there it was all loyola. haynie for three of his 25.
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lmu wins in overtime 100-87. the dons drop to 8-8 in conference play. now to baseball. barry bonds is back at spring training. this time as a hitting coach for the miami marlins. when asked whether he should be in the hall of fame, he said there is no doubt. >> there's not one player to ever say that i'm not one or a coach that ever coached me that said i'm not one. in my heart and soul and god knows, i'm a hall of famer. >> in the latest round of the hall of fame boating, bonds got just over 44% of the vote casts, leaving him 31% shy of admission. he's doing better in the voting, but still far away.
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there's an otter baby boom in the elkhorn slew. scientists have counted 12 sea otter pups with the latest coming out thursday. this is a look at the otter cam. sea otters were nearly killed off entirely in california because of trapping. but the last 15 years, conservation efforts have brought them back. biologists believe their return means some day they can start populating areas like the san francisco bay once again. we would love to see that. that does it for this edition of
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. steph curry, the nba's leading scorer put up another 31 points last night in portland. he is grooving here. there weren't many other positives to talk about. the defending champs in oakland suffered one of their worst losses in three seasons. will they bounce back a few hours later? not if chris paul has anything to say about it. something's got to give. let's get you set for the warriors and the clippers, "nba countdown" next on abc. ♪


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