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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 30, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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stuff in plenty loads ♪ this is night line". tonight, criminal charges. donald trump's campaign manager. charged with battery against a reporter. the controversial new video. >> she was grabbing me. >> trump firing back. >> am i supposed to press charges against her. plus collateral damage. the scandal plot twist straight out of a spy novel. the socialite spilling new details tonight. our broadcast exclusive. >> i saw him break down. >> a conversation with jill kelley. >> it's paula broadwell. >> she triggered the vision that turned the careers of the military's most admired men upside down. and prowling for highthons. the competition deep in the everglades to stop these slithering invaders attacking native wildlife. >> i have no idea why i signed up for this. >> we're riding shotgun.
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>> i just jumped from a butterfly. >> but first, the night line" 5. ♪ try zyrtec. muddle no more. >> number one in just 60 seconds.
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>> good evening. thank you for joining us. it was a riveting sex scandal that struck deep in the heart of the u.s. military. bringing down a high ranking
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general. tonight it's the other woman at the center of the story stepping out to set the record. juju chang has the broadcast exclusive. >> i didn't know who it was. is it a terrorist group? is it a rogue agent. >> you thought you were in danger. >> i was scared for my life. >> reporter: jill kelley is caught up in if the tabloid sex scandal. >> reporter: that ended the career of david petraeus. celebrated four-star general, the combat hero who led the military surge in iraq resigning in disgrace. after the fbi uncovered an extramarital affair and worse, he shared classified documents with his mistress. >> reporter: the moment that general petraeus admitted to you who the stalker was. >> i saw him break down. >> reporter: that mistress, his bee graervegs paula broadwell but she was also accused of being a cyberstalker.
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kelly says sending menacing e-mails to him as well as his high ranking colleagues and friends. >> he immediately looked me empty eyes and said it's paula. >> reporter: one of broadwell's targets was kelly, a well keked honorary ambassador who hosted glamorous events for the highest ranking military generals. we now know broadwell became jealous of kelly's close woip with the general. kelly nicknamed him james bond at one point saying commander, you are such a tease. >> reporter: some of the e-mails between you and the generals were flirty. fawning. was it pointing to something else? >> no, i don't find my e-mails to be flirty. i love my friends. >> reporter: petraeus and she were the kind of friends who joked in front of their spouses about their athletic prowess, comparing that thigh muscles in the process. >> it was just completely innocent. >> reporter: but there was one moment during this easter family
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dinner washington that may have set broadwell down a dark path fueled by jealousy. >> there is this report that general petraeus admitted there there was groping under the table. >> he had his son with him. his wife with him. i'm with my husband all together. it just physically can't happen. i don't know what he told her. i don't know why he told her. but it never happened. >> reporter: you think he might have told paula broadwell to make her jealous about you? >> sadly nothing was the same after that. that's whether he the stalking started happening. > you were in her mind the other woman. >> i don't know why. >> reporter: kelly says that's when she and she and her husband began receiving threatening e-mails tracking her meetings with generals, especially david petraeus. as well as general john allen who also received mysterious e-mails warning him about his friend kelly. be careful at dinner, one said. she'll play with you under the table as she has other generals.
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allen was in fact exchanging thousands of e-mails with kelly while leading an the war effort in afghanistan. dozens of messages published in her newly released book "collateral damage." in one example, general allen begins to write i'm beginning to think these al qaeda fellows are never going to warm up to me. she responds i'm not feeling the love yet. general allen, if they met you, they would like me even more. >> let's do it. my bags are packed. >> reporter: the inspector general found no wrongdoing yet rather than take the promotion of a lifetime, the four-star general retired from military duty. he had no comment on the book. >> you were portrayed as the vixen, femme fatale. did you have a romantic relationship with general petrae petraeus. >> no, the general and i and holly were very close friends. >> did you ever have an affair with general allen. >> never with anybody in my life. i'm so happily married. >> fearing for her family's
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safety, she went to the fbi for help. instead of protecting her, investigators began digging into her private life and those of her powerful friends looking for dirt. >> you describe a harrowing incident involving fbi officials. >> it they told me to get in the car immediately. inside the car was basically an interrogation. they were trying to make knee say i had a affair with general allen and general petraeus. >> reporter: the fbi denied her claims of an suv interrogation in the summer of 2012 but the month's long inquiry and the headlines around it took its toll. >> you triggered an investigation that essentially brought down two of the country's top generals. what was your reaction? >> general petraeus didn't know his stalker was his mistress. general allen didn't know the general petraeus was having affair. i didn't know. i found out when the whole world found out. >> did you feel betrayed. >> i did. in his defense, he was in a
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difficult situation walking a very tight rope where he had a very unhappy ex-girlfriend. >> reporter: in the book, kelly says it was petraeus who asked her to call off the cyberstalking investigation. she writes, looking grimly at me, he whispered jill, i want you to go to the fbi and say you want to drop the charges. it won't be good of any of us. >> reporter: so you don't hold it against him he asked you to drop those charges? >> no, i actually feel sorry for david that he really was put in a very difficult position. i feel so bad for him. i really do. >> reporter: kelly's husband of 17 years cancer surgeon scott kelly stood by her without flinching. > i trust her to the end of the earth. >> reporter: turns out most of those personal e-mail messages were sent through a joint e-mail account that the couple still shares oo. >> even if she had own personal e-mail and flown up and been in the same hotel with these people i wouldn't worry because i know her. that's not jill.
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i know she couldn't cheat. she wouldn't cheat. >> reporter: though she did ask for the investigation to be dropped after petruziello resigned as cia director kelly's name was leaked to the press. kelly one day writing to petraeus, paula is ruining my marriage, my reputation and now my life. petraeus replying very sorry, jill. just told her to cease and desist. one of the most honored soldiers of his generation publicly apologizizing after having pled guilty to a misdemeanor for sharing classified information with his mistress. >> it is appropriate to begin this morning with an apology. >> reporter: general petraeus had no comment on the book. paula broadwell was never charged with a crime and declined to comment on kelly's book. >> i really have nothing to say to her. i wish she never sent those e-mails. i just hope she's in a better place today. >> mrs. kelly, how are you doing. >> the kellys filed a lawsuit against the fbi and defense department accusing them of violating their privacy rights
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for political gain. triggering a relentless media onslaught. their lawsuit dismiss the permanently just last week now leaving her free, she says, to speak out against the dangers of government abuse of personal information. >> that's why i felt like it was important to write the book because she is guys, resigned in shame. retired in humiliation and continue to live their life with the fallacies and falsehoods and the! less leaks and lies said about them. and my family and it's not right. the truth needs to come out. >> reporter: i'm juju chang in new york for "nightline." >> next, what's 20 feet long and fond of alligator sushi. >> great adventure in search of the wild burmese python. but first, the new video released today showing trump's campaign manager allegedly assaulting a reporter. there's trump making his way through the crowd reporter michele fields by his side in the light colored jacket.
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campaign manager corey lewandowski right behind them. watch as fields tries to ask a question. lewandowski appears to grab her and pull her back away from trump. >> i felt someone pull me from behind. i caught myself in a fall to the floor. it felt like it was a huge force like the person was trying to get me on the ground. >> reporter: the campaign manager took to twitter calling fields delusional insisting he never touched her. shortly after the incident, trump himself seemed to agree. >> perhaps she made the story up. i think what's happened. >> reporter: today the jupiter, florida police department charged him with battery. tonight the republican front-runner coming to his defense during cnn's town hall. >> she was grabbing me. am i supposed to press charges against her? i stick up, right? i stick up for people when people are unjustly accused. >> lewandowski is set to appear in court in may. the campaign saying he will plead not guilty.
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. now to a problem of the slithering variety. giant pythons invading the florida everglades at a dangerous pace and the unique new competition designed to deal with the problem. here's abc's kendis gibson. >> we're at the point of no return. they can grow to more than 20 feet long and have been known to eat al gate areas whole. >> there's no possibility there might be a snake right around here. >> yeah, there is a good possibility. >> all right then. nice seeing you. we're on the hunt for the wild burmese python, one of the biggest, baddest snakes in the
12:54 am
world and there could be danger with every step. >> i really have no idea why i signed up for this. i just jumped from a butterfly. so would you put your hand in there knowing there might be a snake down there? >> yeah, i don't have a problem with that. >> you don't think it might bite you. >> it might but i'll be able to pull it out of there. >> reporter: it's believed tens of thousands of these have taken over the everglades terrorizing the wild. >> there used to be millions of birds, wading birds and the snakes sit here quietly and wait on them. the birds loss every time. >> the woman found a seven-foot burmese python hiding underneath stacks of clothing. >> well, we do know there's a lot of missing cats in that neighborhood. >> reporter: that's why the bill booth, tampa firefighter and snake hunter is here. he's one of over 800 people who have come from across the country to compete in the python challenge. >> people effectively removing
12:55 am
pythons from the environment. >> reporter: a month-long contest to hunt, grab, and trade in wild burmese pythons for cold hard cash. dead or alive. >> all of our pythons are captured are going to be measured. >> reporter: the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission even has classes to too you how to do it. >> hold it with two fingers. who wants to go first. >> reporter: the contest is open to anybody and i mean, anybody. >> how old is the kid that's out with the golf club? >> he's 8. >> 8 years old looking for a python. that sounds safe. >> reporter: but this isn't bill's first rodeo. he and his crack team of hunters are confident they can slither away with enough of these snakes to win the competition. i'm riding shotgun on today's snake hunt but i have a confession to make. i'm terrified of snakes. >> do you think they can sense my fear? >> they probably do and will probably be waiting for you. >> you're funny. do you see him laying right
12:56 am
there in the water? his head's up in the water right now. >> reporter: we didn't have to wait long for my first sighting. > got one? all right. hold on. >> thinks they got one. >> oh, yeah, i see him. he's >> oh. my god. >> watch it. come here. there he is. there he is. there he is. see him. that's our python. >> reporter: these pros catch these snakes alive with their bare hands. >> that was quick. no, no, no. >> whoo. >> reporter: samantha first time python hunters armed with a pillow case and golf clubs. >> reporter: you're like steve irwin back there as if you know what you're doing with these. >> true. >> do you think do you? >> yeah.
12:57 am
>> there's a sense -- >> you said no. >> reporter: a lot of people doing this have never gone python hunting before or never been out in the everglades. >> people want the challenge. a python in florida, let's go try and find one. >> reporter: is it dangerous? >> it could be. if you don't have the experience of handling big snakes, you're going to be in a world of hurt. >> reporter: and by hurt, we mean wrapped around -- >> choked out. wrapped up. bitten. >> reporter: i'm still shake off my first encounter with my fanged friend, bill's teammates jacie and dwayne. >> holy [ bleeped ]. >> reporter: have pulled in two more and then another. makes four. >> reporter: you look so pumped. >> i'm still shaking. >> reporter: they're very calm. would look great in a britney spears video. >> miley would like it, too. >> they are pretty. i still don't want to touch him. >> not even the back end. >> not at all.
12:58 am
>> reporter: every snake goes not university of florida where they study them for environmental impact. >> the python is eating our native wildlife without a healthy food chain, you don't have a healthy environment. >> reporter: even though the fwc admits the number of snakes caught barely makes a difference, they say the competition brings attention to the problem. >> this is a serious issue. it brings the aware flez to everyone in florida, united states, and the world of an invasive snake. >> reporter: much to my surprise, there really isn't much backlash to this. even peta is okay with it as long as the hunting is done by experts like bill and the pests are killed humanely. as the day draws to a close, bill's team reaches the checkpoint. >> snakes have been in these bags all day long not moving much. you can slow down in opening that up. they're going to take them all out for a class picture. >> do you want to reach in the bag and get them all out?
12:59 am
>> no, i'm not touching it. throughout the competition, they end up bagging 33 out of 106 total pythons caught including this oh, my god, 15 footer. winning them $8,000 in prize money. nope. not worth it. >> what are you doing over there. >> i'm practically in miami right now. but i did make some progress. >> come on here. what kind of grip do you have? >> baby steps. >> you're not going to play any games. >> i won't play games. promise. >> for "nightline," i'm kendis gibson facing my fears in the florida everglades. >> and next, the new chapter for fans who have been indiana jonesing. >> abc news "nightline" brought to you by ford. ♪ ♪
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and finally tonight, harrison ford's renaissance, bringing back indiana jones and reflecting on that key moment for his beloved character in the megahit "star wars." here's abc's nick watt. >> that's not how the force works. >> reporter: harrison ford
1:05 am
doesn't just play hans solo. >> electrical overload. >> reporter: he is hans solo and he got his wish. >> you've been wanting to do something like this with this character for a while. >> for 30 years. >> he brings emotional weight and gravitas to the story. >> reporter: which is something you've wanted, kts. >> doesn't say how because nobody's seen the movie. >> reporter: nobody's seen the movie. >> and you'll spoil it. >> i need this. >> reporter: the force awakens available to download from april 1st. hans' pivotal moment involves his son. that's all i'm saying. > a quote from six or seven years ago where you said there's going to be a time when you can't be playing action heroes anymore. >> i said that? >> reporter: you're now coming back as the indiana jones. >> indiana jones. always knew some day you would come walking back through my door. >> reporter: indiana jones 5 slated for 2019 release. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: do we know what this movie is going to be about? >> this would be the wrong place to announce details.
1:06 am
>> reporter: will you ever, ever return to a galaxy far, far away? will you be back at all appearing in a sharer after it's all been a dream, something like that? >> there are no showers in space. >> reporter: i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. the digital download of "star wars" is available friday. the blu-ray version will be available on april 5th with lots of extras for the fans. thank you for watching abc news. "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online at
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