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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? >> the answer is that there has to be some sort of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes, there has to be some form. >> at 11:00, donald trump sparks outrage saying women who receive punishment if it is banned. >> trump made the comments during a town hall event that aired tonight. >> sergio is live in the newsroom with the latest. sergio? >> dan and ama, none of the republican candidates have received enough delegates for the nomination. they need as many votes as they can get. it remains to be seen if today's comments will affect the campaign. >> this is is the latest controversy stirred up by donald trump. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion as a principal? >> the answer is there has to be some sort of punishment.
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>> for the woman? >> yes. >> minutes later msnbc town host asked if men should also be penalized. >> is he not responsible? >> different feelings and different people, i would say no. >> an avalanche of criticism followed. democratic front runner hillary clinton tweeted "just when you thought it couldn't get worse. horrific and telling." three hours after thinterview they retracted the penalties for women. the doctor or any other person performing the illegal act would beheld i legally responsible and not the woman. for pro-choice it is worse. >> it says that women can't make these decisions for themselves. >> the state republican party vice chair made it clear that donald trump is a presidential candidate and does not speak for the party. california's primary is still months away, but she believes voters have already decided who they will support. >> is is this going to make or
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break donald trump? >> abc7 news political analyst and political reporter says trump's support is is already low. >> he has the support of white men, but he has opened up a huge gender gap with women. 73% of women say they have an unfavorable view of trump, even half of republican women. >> the primary is june 7th. abc7 news. new tonight, scary moments before the warriors game in utah. a railing collapse as mobs tried to get steph curry's autograph. this is video from salt lake city reporter britney copeland. one fan went to get medical attention. steph gave souvenirs to the three people who were shaken up. tonight a former stanford swimmer is waiting to learn his punishment after a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting a passed out woman. brock turner faces 10 years in prison for the assault which
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happened last year outside a fraternity house. lilian kim had new details from the palo alto courthouse. lilian? >> the d.a. says campus culture needs to change which is why he is is hoping today's verdict will reverberate at colleges everywhere. >> they left the palo alto courthouse soon after finding the swimming star brock turner guilty on three felony cons. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman outside a fraternity house in january of last year. >> no means no. drunk means no. passed out unconscious means no. and sex without consent means criminal assault. >> emotions ran high as the verdict was read. turner's mother cried uncontrollably. the victim went and smiled through her tears. word on campus spread quickly. >> i am glad the justice
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system was working. >> i think the message will be received and that you can't get away anymore. >> prosecutors say what helped convince the jury were the two passersby who witnessed the assault and intervened. it highlights a sobering reality. >> the fact is is there are many, many similar cases occurring at stanford where there are no eyewitnesses and the victim is not believed and justice is not done. >> as for turner, he avoided the media where he left through a backdoor. he is scheduled to return for june 2nd for sentencing. lilian kim, abc7 news. a group of drifter charged with two bay area murders will not face the death penalty. they will now face the -- life without parole. both cases are being tried in
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marin. the three are charged in the death of a canadian visitor at golden gate park and a yoga instructor along a marin hiking trail. >> we are now hearing from a man beaten by alameda county sheriff deputies. we found stanislaus petrov in court where he fell guilty to charges. melanie wood roof has the story you will see. >> after being struck more than 40 times, stanislaus petrov had multiple head lacerations and fractures in his hand. >> i am a mechanic by trade. i can't use my hand and i can't even text on the cell phone. >> her son is suffering considerably. >> my son turns the tide. >> on tuesday he says the body worn cameras will be activated at all times. >> it is incumbent upon me to make sure that the culture of
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this agency is is above reproach. >> the san francisco d.a.'s office is investigating the incident involving deputy santa maria and weeber as well as a bribery allegation. they gave the gold chain to a couple that witnessed the beating to silence them of the since the november incident abc7 news has -- said they were arrested march 8th for controlled substances and a firearm. he was never charged. he told abc7 news that it wasn't him. by e-mail his attorney said obviously if true that would not affect the moral or legal equation of what happened on november 12th. she wants her son to get help. >> she is absolute -- alive, but horrible. >> abc7 news. in san francisco tonight, police are looking for a dog napper. police say a man stole catfish
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earlier this month. this is a surveillance video of who police say stole the five-year-old dog. he was last seen wearing a red shirt and camo pants. if you think you have seen the suspect or dog contact police. an elderly disabled woman vows to fight eviction from her san francisco home. abc7 news was in the valley where beatrice alan has lived in here for more than a decade. a new owner is evicting her and her daughter. the landlord is a technology investor who owns his own firm. he and his wife live next door. the landlord's attorney explains the couple's plans for the apartment. jay the mother of the wife who owns the property recently had a fall at her home. she had become ill. she needs a place to live near her family. >> where would you go?
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owners are committed to help ease the move and provide financial assistance. a really important test of el nino's impact on the high sierra. the scene was this morning at echo summit and it was starkly different than this time last year, but it didn't exactly live up to the lofty expectations. they measure 58 inches of snow containing 26 inches of water. that is 97% of average for this time of year at this location. >> better than we were, let's put it that way. now we are clearly looking at next year and there are no reliable indicators of what next season could bring. >> statewide the water content is just 87% of average. it is an improvement, but not where we need to be. abc7 news at 11:00 continues. caught on camera, a pick pocket in action.
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the new warning from bay area police. >> and a crab come back. they are hauling the popular seafood back to shore. tonight, some are disappointed. >> and putting knowledge to good use. the event that is raising thousands of dollars for charity. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. your morning chute well -- commute will include gray skies and 80-degree heat. i'll show you when coming up. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" on abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama. i was awake some of the day preparing this for you. donald trump, is he the person you dislike most of anyone in america? >> oh no. >> who do you like better, obama or trump?
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and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. a warning tonight, if you ride muni look out for a pick pocket. they got this muni video. this man in the spriep -- striped shirt is holding his child. officers say you are most vulnerable when buses and trains are crowded. they recommend you keep your wallet in your front pocket and keep your bag and purse in front of your chest and not on your back. >> dungeness crab have made a come back in san francisco, but the season may not be all it is cracked up to be. abc news was at fisherman's wharf. many returned today and they say the catch is lighter than normal, but there is some crab in there. >> they are all hard.
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not a soft crab in them. they are all good quality. >> it is too early to tell if they can make up the losses from a four-month delay because of high levels of a toxic algae. the levels are now back to normal. the crab will go on sale tomorrow. >> there is excitement around the world for the newest tesla. that's before the car is officially unveiled. this is the photograph from tesla of someone already camped out in front of the walnut creek store. they are 17 hours ahead and the pre orders are already underway. the new electric car will be unveiled tomorrow. new at 11:00, record bracting fundraising at lucas film in san francisco. >> trivia night raised $154,000 for aids and breast cancer patients. >> it is incredible. and that number brings the total number to more than $1 million. >> here is abc7 news reporter
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katie marzulo. >> welcome to trivia nights. >> a pretty penny kicks off the festivities of big night and big fun that started with penny. >> the unstoppable fundraising jugger not that was trivia night. >> paul hill put a jar on his desk and asked for pennies. >> we raised $3,000 and we were so excited that we were able to get that much money. >> fast-forward to 2016 and the top fund easy raying team brought in more than twice that. >> hundreds of people wrote back saying i will give $2, $500, 20 and we raised $6,178. >> it is made up of teams of disinto employees. most work for -- disney employees. most work for lucas films. you may recognize this group. the money raised benefits the aid emergency fund and breast can iser is emergency --
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breast cancer emergency fund. >> there are so many people that get in that tight spot where they need a little assistance to get over the hump to continue to go forward. >> they are really fighting a debilitating illness and we really try and help those out that are falling through the cracks. >> the general manager of lucas films say they are proud of what has become the most fun night of the year. >> the goal was to top $1 million this year and that is exactly what this group did. abc7 news. >> and disney is the parent company of lucas film and abc7 film. >> let's talk about the weather forecast and it is gorgeous outside. >> now if more rain is ever coming our way, sandhya? >> no rain, but how about a little drizzle of the live doppler 7hd is showing a
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preview of what is to come. you can see the low cloud and fog. socked in along the coast. visibility in half moon bay down to eight miles and pet lieu paw is lowering a nine-mile visibility. the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it is not as chilly as it was yesterday morning. from our exploratorium camera, you are looking at the financial financial -- trans america pyramid, the financial district and the skies are overcast. spotty drizzle and sunny in most areas. we aring looing at milder con -- we are looking at milder conditions. overnight we will see the fog continuing to spread. there will be some areas of slick roadways as the drizzle continues. the fog will be slow to burn off. even at 9:00 a.m. you are looking at gray skies across parts of the bay area. first thing tomorrow morning low 40s to low 50s. and there will be drizzle around a. if you have to walk to bart or if you are taking the ferry in, keep in mind there will be a little drizzle out there.
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by the afternoon, the fog lingers at the coast, but most other areas will be enjoying the sunshine and the temperatures will rise inland. we will keep them about the same near the beaches. half moon bay 60 degrees and all the way to 70. livermore, concord, napa, 72 degrees in santa rosa. 71 in san jose. oakland 66 and san mateo 65 degrees. if you are going to the bay bridge series, you will want to grab a jacket. it is breezy and dry. mid50s at 7:00-- 7:15. we are in dry con digs -- conditions. fast-forward to friday. it is mild and temperatures in the 70s. we will go into saturday and you notice it warms up not just inland, but also near the coast. sunday a few more cloud, but keeping it on the mild to warm side inland and along the coastline x comfortable. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast, low 60s to low 70s and we will bump up the temperatures to the mid70s for your upcoming weekend plans.
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now the slight chance has become a slight dip in temperatures on monday. the system is going well to the north of us. notice it is beach weather by the middle of next week. we will bottle up the temperatures to 80 degrees inland. near 70 at the beaches. mid70s around the bay. dan and ama, we will change it up a bit from mild spring weather to warm spring weather. >> thank you, sandhya. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, picture perfect. >> the panda that knows a thing or two about taking a
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♪ ♪ department is apologizing for a controversial tweet. the tweet today said not a 10 in the u.s. and not a 10 overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse and being robbed. spring breaking badly.
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twitter users complain it was unnecessarily sexist and they apologized saying, quote, some were uh financedded by our earlier -- were offended by our earlier tweet. we see many americans fall victims to scams every year and they want to be careful while traveling ?ie. look at this -- look at this giant panda cub at the research center in southwest china. the panda was spending time with his foster dad. their bonding included hugging, kissing and taking selfies. tas a pretty -- that's a pretty big cub. >> did you see him put his arm around the guy? >> hi, buddy. i love you. >> i'm sure he has a popular facebook page. >> probably. twitter, lats of followers. lots of followers. >> beating the grizzly bear. >> in sports, klay thompson says he hates missing two shots in a row. he did not with the game on
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the line. the warriors steal one. they easily could have lost
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to you by riverwalk casino. >> we get so caught up with the magic of the splash brothers. there is a word we don't use often enough to describe these warriors. that word is gritty. they were on fumes and got there at 3:00 in the morning. their grit won out in over time. jerry slown is checking out the -- jerry sloan is checking out the best team. i got this. drains it. warriors looked gassed in the
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third quarter. curry responding. the cross over and the fourth quarter and sean livingston gets it back for the reload and money. tied at 89. the last chance for utah. gordon hayward at the buzzer and on to over time. that's where the warriors finish it. steph in traffic. he had 31 points in 42 points and he is an equal opportunity destroyer. 99-9 throw and green with authority. 103-96. warriors a franchise best 68-7. if they finish 5-2 down the stretch they will own the all time single season winning record. hoops news, they vow to spend money. he is taking teams in the acc to the ncaa tournament and was hiree.
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from nc state to arizona state and his job is to take a west coast conference team and they were building a winner. >> with gonzaga and byu, it is remarkable. those are programs that can compete in every league in america. we have to take it one step at a time. >> and there is a new man on the hilltop. kyle smith replacing rex walters. smith has bay area ties and he has spent 10 years as an assistant. he spent the last six seasons as the head coach in the ivy league of columbia. they lead to the lions of the college tournament. giants and a's begin the bay bridge series tomorrow at at&t. opening day is monday for both clubs. a's host the white sox while the giants are in milwaukee. the giants' home opener is a week from tomorrow against the dodgers. the giants in sacramento facing the rivercats. bottom three and brandon belt has been hot. i got it, i got it, i -- i almost had it.
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in his glove and then popped out. would have been nice to make that catch with your bosses watching. so close, yet so far. they win by a score of 8-4. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. warriors are back home for the next few nights and they play boston on friday a is they continue to roll toward history. >> this was a game they easily could have lost. >> you are playing a tough jazz team. they might meet the jazz in round one of the playoffs. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is at
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that's our report.
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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. ted cruz is on "jimmy kimmel and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- senator ted cruz -- from "meet the blacks," mike epps -- and music from st. lucia. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on fast -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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