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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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here is amy hollyfield would just arrived on the scene. amy? >> natasha, they are keeping us back here because we have been told they are considering this is a crime scene and the coroner is on the way. you can see the wreck average has been shoved to the side, so, to get it out of the lanes of traffic, that is the good news for drivers. though do have one lane shut down here on northbound 880 andship drove and they have the davis street off-ramp closed. but at one point when the big-rig was on fire, all lanes were blocked. they have made progress hire for drivers. they got the call the big-rig was on fire at 3:59 this morning. at 4:telephone she should the sig-alert and they were able to get the lanes, one, two, and three open but the 4th lane is shut down to is a safety buffer
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doing the investigation. they want to be able to get tow trucks and emergency vehicles and the coroner van in there. the coroner is on way. traffic is slowed. it is not dreadful yet. it is still early. it doesn't take two terribly long to get through. we got through there in a matter of minutes. you can only ma'am this is beginning to continue to backup is if you can, make alternate plans that would be a good idea. i asked in they had an estimated time of when they will reopen the lane but they do not have it. reporting from san leandro, abc7. >> now, to sue and how it affects the commute. >> good morning, obviously it will affect the commute especially in it is out there for quite some time. it is relatively slow out there right now, and she was able to get through so the right lane remains blocked. the last lanes are open, davey street exit is blocked. the alternate is 580. can you not get off at davis
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street marina is the alternate exit there. and, again, one many is closed. and the exit ramp, davis, is also closed. right new c.h.p. has not confirmed that the big-rigs are allowed on 580 so we will check back with them and see in that is the case. otherwise, we will look right now at the weather. here is mike. >> thank you. good morning, everyone, a big story again, and hot, hazy, poor air quality and live doppler hd is looking quiet but along the coast where there is fog spilling across the bay bridge. today, 50 to 68, so warmer at 7:00, and aten knew, 66 at the cost and 93 inland and you notice the snow, it will be hazy again, 67 to 100 at 4:00, and 62 to 92 at 7:00. >> an investigation is underway in pittsburg this morning, after a suspect died to police custody after being tazeed. our reporter is at police
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quarters. katie? >> good morning, matt. police used a taser on the pan -- man during the arrest. he was resuscitateed with c.p.r. but pronounced dead at the hospital. the man is 32 years old warned on a felony warrant for drug-related charges officers tried to pull him over yesterday afternoon, he sped away and ran into a home on hillview drive, a struggle ensued with an officer getting bit on the hand. here is ard aring of the call for help. >> they requested paramedics for taser. >> pice have not released the man's name but they he was at home on hill view drive and had an extensive criminal history from terrorist threats to assault with a firearm charge. the delegate is investigated by police and by the contra costa county district attorney.
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ifs have not released the man's name. >> a san francisco police officer has been arrested for having an illegal ar continue assault -- ar 15 assault rifle. he faces two counts of manufacturing and possessing an assault help. he is 18-year veteran of the police force and on unpaid leave. the department said that fellow officers reported abrahamson to internal affairs. >> tonight at the democratic national convention one first will make the case for another. the first black president goes to bat for the first major party female nominee. reggie aqui is in philadelphia. reggie? >> good morning, 12 years ago a different dnc convention we heard from the president further first time on the natural stage. we will touch on that in the speech but mostly sit remember
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for hillary clinton talking about the woman he picked to be his first secretary of state. last night, we heard about a different sort of courtship, from bill clinton, describing a woman he met at the college registrar in line. >> how does it square with the things that you heard at the republican national convention? what is the difference in what i told and you what they said? how do you square? you can't. one is real. the other is made up. [ applause ] you just have to decide >> you saw the graphic and sound affect signaling that hillary clinton bloke a glass ceiling to be the first major party presidential nominee appearing last night to tell little girls that she could be become president and they could, too.
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now, tonight, the white house moves north as the president and vice president make speeches, and v.p. nominee tim kaine will try not to get lost in the have headliners as he takes the stage. we are told the president has been welcoming for week on this speech, and he will touch on hick he's intel county and capability leading the country and admits that he has big shoes to fill and he had pretty major speakerers before him include his wife, who, really, brought down the house on monday night. more on what will happen tonight and what we saw last night in a few minutes but i will send it back to you guys. >> in my lifetime and i hope this comes true, it will not only have seen the first african american president but the first female president, that would be a life worth living. >> california senator boxer articulate 9 feelings of many people at dnc a evening and moment in history not lost on
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anyone in the arena. >> this morning "new york times" is reporting american intelligence agencies have "high confidence," russia was behind the hack of the e-mails from the democratic national convention. it was undetected for a year. intelligence officials still are not sure in the break-in was routine or an effort to influence the presidential election. we will have complete coverage of the convention and we will go back to regular joy in philadelphia at 5:30 and is a report from laura anthony each afternoon right here. >> two good mayor is taps are being called heroes after rescuing 46 people from a sinking boat off the alaskan coast overnight. here is the story and the video. >> we got the video into the newsroom. the images from the coast guard show the rescue of the 46 people in the red raft after abandoning
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ship. they were pulled to safety on to the two large ships in the footage here. they were rescued after the 220' fishing vessel took on water yesterday morning. the coast guard put out an emergency request for help, two good samaritan ships rushed to the scene. no one was injured. the coast guard said that hurts were calm in the sea but skies look hazy. and all of to happened at 700 miles west of dutch harbor one of the busiest fishing parts. >> good morning, coming up on 5 5:09 on hump day and in the traffic center we had a big-rig fire, and the rig on 880 northbound hit an embankment and it was a gas tanker truck and it sledded. it is a fatality.
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right now, the fire is out and one lane is blocked and the day isis street off ramp is blocked, as well, quite some time before they can get identity there to get the investigation underway. amy hollyfield is out there and no estimated time of opening, but, obviously, it will cause havoc for northbound 880 commute with slow traffic on the scene. we will check back with the c.h.p. 580 is the great alternate to get around right now and green sensors mean good and everyone is at the limit and the off-ramp is closed to take marina. we will check back with amy in a few minutes. mike? >> we will start with resolutionlessness and this is why, the temperatures are 8 degrees warmer, and hesitated to say this but the coldest shower i have taken in a long time. i was so hot. now, on the peninsula, we go from 55 in san bruno, and belmont and redwood city in the
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60s and 60 in palo alto and hayward and 65 in san jose, and we are still in the 70s in antioch and fairfield, and san francisco at 53 and napa is 65 and santa rosa is 54. if you are walking the dog it is "spare the air" and stay cool at beep with the 50-degree ocean water and small craft advisory north of the bay bridge this afternoon. look at this, today it is going to be the hottest day, with 100s inland to mid-90's in san jose and san it rose, and even low-to-mid 80s around the bayshore. the heat will hold inland tomorrow and a last day on friday, almost over, and that means changes are coming and i have that next. >> next, a colorful change coming to the san francisco intersection and why there is more to it than meets the eye. >> protecting yourself from the >> protecting yourself from the good buys window b
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♪ ♪ >> lows am tease, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> crosswalks are getting more colorful in san francisco. as reported by us, it is part of a new effort to make the inner richmond neighborhood more "vibrant." pedestrian could be crossing and it is a lucky color in china culture paid for by a supervisor. >> closing arguments continue in pg&e and their criminal trial
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offer the pipeline explosion. prosecutors want another crack to introduce evidence facing 12 counts of violation of safety regulations and obstruction of an investigation. eight people were killed and a neighborhood leveled in the blast. reports are arguing that statements by the defense open the door to present more evidence about the accident. >> bullet proof blinds are hitting the market to protect greater home from an active shooting situation. it is more mike a ballistic curtain withstanding again fire from 44 magnum at close range. you can see the layer of fabric is shredded, but the bullet did not go through. >> you look at a lot of the shootings, usually they will not is a rave fell, they have a handgun. >> experts say the blind has to be down all the time for accident protection which is not for the average homeowner and they could provide a barrier at government buildings or school entry ways. >> two of the well-known
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start-up at san francisco are at the democrat democrat including the airbnb policy chief who was a former clinton white house advisor and in philadelphia, uber advisor president obama's former campaign manager. uber and airbnb say users are critical to the november election. airbnb is pushing for help in the democrat party to fight against anti-airbnb lawmakers around the nation. >> the top soccer players in the world are in the bay area for tomorrow's all-star game at the same. we were in san jose as the earthquakes and head coach talked about players, and talked to players, rather, saying he is excited to coach the toll talent and more excited to play the high profile games in the south bay. not just the all stars but powerhouses including livermore and milan play at the stadium on sunday. >> a if play to see a soccer game especially with all of the
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stars. it will be great. now, a check with sue and a look at what is going on, northbound 880 in san leandro. sue? >> yes, the nimitz freeway near davis street where a big-rig early hit an embankment, flipped and completely was ungulfed. it is a fatality. the right lane blocked as a safety zone and they will have to get message crews. the coroner is on the way. right lane is blocked and davis off-ramp is blocked. take 580. we have slow traffic approaching the scene. 580 is the alternate. if you take the davis take marina. we have amy hollyfield on scene but, first, mike and the weather. >> good morning. not everyone is hot. the golden gate bridge has fog in the west wind at 15 miles per hour. gusts up to 27 near angel island. it will be brisk taking the
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ferry. "spare the air" hotter than average. inland heat wave today and tomorrow. the heat will break over the weekend. the small craft advisory at 2:00 this afternoon through 3:00 tomorrow morning. small craft advisory means less wind around 24-36 miles per hour. san jose, today, 94, it will be hot and murky and morgan hill getting 100. up the peninsula, warm sunshine in san mateo and 84 and to the cost, partly sunny and 60s. mountain view 88 and redwood city is 789, define san francisco early fog and sunshine and 72. daly city, a cool spot at 63 and sun will set at 66, through the north bay, afternoon breezes will bring relief but it will not make it to santa rosa at 95 or napa at 90 but vallejo only 83 and sausalito at 76. calmer and warmer, 82, in
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oakland and richmond is the 8:00 spot at 76 and corner city is 86, and inland, heading over, concord, everywhere inland, man, that is hurting. especially if you it is out in it. my seven-day forecast shows what you are going to see is 100 spills through friday and 80s around the bay and 60s at the cost and by sunday interest monday, 60 at the cost and 70s an the bay and upper 80s to increasely 90, which is more typical. >> we will take difficult. from a hero on the football field to the big scene, we have a preview of what is coming to the movie theaters. >> this morning, in the "first look," the exclusive interview with former new orleans saint players steve gleeson and his wife. the hero on the football field but still a hero for a different reason. >> i have been diagnosed with lou gehrig's disease. six weeks after that, and losing ability to movely wife fined out
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she is pregnant. their new mission? to record hundreds of video for their unborn son while he still has a chance. 1,300 hours of video are a documentary called "gleason." >> we wanted to show the truth. >> we are committed to be a great team with and for our son the michael strahan will bring the rest of the emotional interview. >> athletes competing inry provide have checked into the olympic village despite concerns of the compound. the australian team was the first to move in on mop, they called the villiage "unlivable," over plumbing and electrical and gas issues but they are moving in. water has gushed down walls and ceilings, and the village is expected to accommodate 18,000 athletes and staff. >> wedding jitters took on a new
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meaning in heist. the couple tied the knot 35' in the air. they are hire wire acrobats. it was easy to get married in the same way they met. >> she was a juggler i was high wire and she liked the high wire was in the >> they grew up performing in front of clouds they admit it is the most nervous they had been and neither of them fell, and it went off without a hip >> a big financial gift kaiser permanente ♪ with this level of intelligence...
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>> he are seven things to know before you go: one, breaking news on the nimitz, to avoid interrogate 880 with the crash claiming the life of a big-rig driver. police are calling it a crime scene and moving news media out of the area. all the big-rig accident is causing more delay as you make your way northbound so use 580 to get around this. and the davis street off ramp is closed, and can you take marina. >> temperatures are above average again. even hot in some areas and hazy as another "spare the air" difficult takes over our neighborhood. right new, we are good to moderate but we will be moderate to poor in our air quality this afternoon. >> four, hillary clinton is wicking up after make history as the first woman nominated for president by a major political party. president obama will speak to delegates ton. >> five, eight men are recovering this morning after being rescued by crews battling the soberanes fire in monterey
5:24 am
county. they were lost and surrounded bit fair for six days, thirsty and hungry but otherwise in good condition. >> more than 40 new metering lights are on the east shore freeway, and they will adjust to freeway and on-ramp traffic and so far, many drivers are oblivious to the lights and blowing past them. >> seven, you have over 12 hours to stock up on tickets for the powerball draw with the jackpot estimated at half a billion. the eighth large of the jackpot in the history. >> kaiser permanente is donating a $1 million to 32 community groups in santa clara county. this is video, showing recipients the boys and girls club of silicon valley and the girl scouts of northern california. the money goes to nonprofits that work on issues such as health care access, mental health awareness and violence prevention. >> another community in the santa cruz mountains is preparing for a fire. just in case.
5:25 am
the $99,000 grant will remove dry trees and brush along highway 17 in the basin, the state senator wants everyone to be conditioned about first safety because in the santa cruz mountains, it has to be. highly flammable material up here and a lot of people living up here and in addition we have a road going they with traffic. >> they lose one house they life them all and there is nothing you can do. >> last month the car fire on highway 17 sparked a big fire and 2008 maintenance flag, destroying 63 hopes and in 1985 the lexington fire forced 4, to evacuate. oakland as pitcher sean dolittle was walking the dog when a boy asked to play ball and had no idea who sean was but this was posted on twitter.
5:26 am
ready? strike one. >> the pitcher was happy to play, letting for ten pitches the by missed the first but knocked the second out of the park and around the bases. >>? i play imaginary baseball i an getting a homerun each time. i am not swinging and missing. >> we have another full 90 minutes of news including the threat of a strike in the south bay that could impact your ability to do business with the courts. >> we are tracking the breaking news, the fiery crash on interrogate 880 causing big remembers for the commute. we are gather new details right now. >> last fit we saw a moving speech, several speeches is, for mother whose lofts their children to gun violence here in the united states. the united states. we will hear from kam
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breaking news right now. we are tracking a breaking news. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller, here for reggie aqui in philadelphia for the democratic national convention. we will go to him in a minute but, first, we take you to breaking news in san leandro. all the big-rig exploded in flames on interrogate 880 kill the driver. now, back to amy hollyfield who is at the scene. >> let me show you the scene behind me we have gotten close are since the last report, you can barely toll that was a big-rig. it crashed through the concrete divide. officers said this is no indication any brakes werized so they wondering if he had a mold condition or if he fowl asleep. they are protecting the scene as in it was a crime scene to
5:30 am
gather information at the scene to figure out what happened. this is northbound 880 in san leandro, one lane shut down so traffic is moving slowly. the davis street off-ramp is closed. the backup is building as the morning progresses and no word on when they will get it reopened. they are waiting on the coroner and are working the investigation and trying to figure out what he was hauling and in the has mad was a haz-mat situation. it is possibly mineral oil does not spell like anything too dangerous. however, they are going to operate under the assumeship it is had douse material until though can figure out what it was and rule out anything dangerous. still, a lot to be sorted out at the scene but the huge fire is
5:31 am
out with no did brace on the highway. only one lane is shut down. no word on reopen >> now sue has a look at how it is impacting the traffic? >> yes, it is obviously the longer it is out there the worst it will be because the commute is getting under way. the drive times, 238 to the maze is 21 minutes, five-minute delay. more than usual. it is building from back to 238. big-rig accident the left lane is closed and the davis off ramp is closed, take 580 to get around this and we checked with c.h.p. and big-rigs are not allowed on 580 so they are only allowing them to pass through on 80 when you get the bigger citizens they do the 580 not the case this morning. not changing too much, at least not today. good morning, everyone, hold on,
5:32 am
you will want to see the numbers, here is live doppler hd, you can see the lack of cloud cover, some of the smoke hanging in the air, again, from our bay bridge camera, waking up warmer this morning, we are starting warmer and it means inland we are going to under up warmer this morning in the mid-50s to mid-60s at 7:00, and upper 60s at the coast to mid-80s an the bay and triple digits again on the "spare the air" day. back new to the dnc a big night tonight as president obama will speak and talk about last night, the mothers of the movement, social media lit you as mothers of trayvon martin and and sandra planned spoke to the nation. reggie you talked to the attorney john about police reform? >> yes, kamala harris said we have a false their give of two sides being represented. that is not true. however, it is notable to see
5:33 am
the differences in the way this story has played out at the rnc convention compared to the dnc convention in cleveland. we her chants of blue lives matter, and here in telephone -- in philadelphia we hear black lives matter. >> hick ice is not afraid to say that black lives matter. she is not afraid to sit at a table with grieving mothers and have the full force of our anguish. that is mother jordan davis shot and kill by a man upset over loud music coming from the car. other mothers lost children to pose action. here is what california attorney general kamala harris said on the issue of violence by and toward law enforcement. >> i reject the nothings that say that if you accept and embrace the challenge in terms of civil rights, you cannot embrace police officers.
5:34 am
ridiculous. i also reject the notion that certain communities do not want law enforcement. that is absolutely untrue. all the attorney general telling me that every parent no matter the community, wants to make sure their kids are able to safely walk in their neighborhood and are protected by police which is different from being ill let searched or stopped and illegally arrested. that is where we have work. we are going to hear from a man who madely way in a car from san rafael to philadelphia with a special...puppet. >> thank you, reggie. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected 9 nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. >> the big moment yesterday senator bernie sanders called
5:35 am
for clinton to be nominated by acclimation met by cheers and admiration for a man who fought a tough campaign. >> donald trump responded for bill clinton's speech before hillary clinton delivered the speech saying and i quote, "no matter what bill clinton said and no matter how well he says it the phones can media will explain it incredible, highly overrated." reggie is in philadelphia covering the dnc. look for laura anthony's reports each afternoon right here. >> the contra costa county district attorney is investigating an incident involving a pittsburg man who died after struggling with police after being tazed. police tried to pull the 32-year-oldever but he ditched the car and ran into a home. police followed and said he fought with them biting an officer. the officers confirmed they used a taser but it did not affect him. he was unresponsive after being handcuffed. officers revived him.
5:36 am
he died a short time later. the man had outstanding warrant for drug charges. >> from south sacramento a six-year old girl is recovering from gunshot wounds in a car with her mother at an intersection when she was shot in a drive-by shooting. police are not sure in she was caught in cross fire. no one elsing what hurts. the search is underway this morning for the shooter. the soberanes fire is forcing evacuations as it continues to rage out of control. in the bay area, it is creating big air quality concerns. jessica castro has the latest. >> firefighters are bracing for another tough day at last check, 12,000 homes are threatened -- 2,000 home are threatened and 20 destroyed, and firefighters face dry weather conditions and there is only slightly more humidity than earlier in the week and not much significantly. more than 2,300 acres have burn,
5:37 am
the fire is at 10% containment and more than 3,000% gnome are involved, along with 300 engine trucks, 14 helicopters and six tankers. >> the team running this, have done a from job of keeping things coordinated 689 it is dynamic situation. we have hopes and wild line fires into steep terrain. wildfire has been challenging since the beginning because of the terrain. if you are not in monterey the health officials are urging folks to stay indoors and avoid strenuous exercise. air quality is bad and unhealthy. i am jessica castro for abc7. >> 5:37 we have a big-rig accident on 880 near davis street.
5:38 am
the left lane remains closed. davis off ramp remains closed this and this the drive time, at on minutes. now, the backup, the big-rig went through the embankment and caught on fair. they are not certain what it was carrying, something highly flammable. it is a fatality. the coroner is on the scene or will be shortly. you can expect this to be there for some time. use 580 and because the off-ramp is shut down, you can use marina and right now, moderate delays building but obviously when the commute is busier that will be increasing. big-rigs not allowed on 580, and c.h.p. said they are fine on 880 mike? >> back to the fire i want to show you the current conditions, tens are 58, humidity is higher at 9% but it is not that great. calm conditions right now and yesterday, cal fire said stay
5:39 am
away from highway one. southwest winds is west and then southwest again, and you know where it puts the smoke into the south bay. the colorful sunrise because of the smoke. "spare the air" today, santa clara have the poorest. tomorrow we will hear our update at 11:30, and likely another "spare the air" tomorrow. i will have the update when it is issued. our next three days, the haiti will hold with 100s and the rest us are in the 70s and 80s, and break inland this weekend with the newest numbers as i finish the seven-day forecast between the next time i see you. >> oakland voters have the opportunity to create an independent police commission in november. after two hours of debate the city council approved a ballot
5:40 am
measure to make the commission a reality. several activists like the ones earlier, said a chicago was paramount for a police department that was recently racked by a string of off duty disciplinary cases. in voters approve the commission they have the authority to discipline stores, or fire the chief. >> santa clara county superior court clerks are closer to being on strike, under paid and overworked with no raise in eight years. courts offered 4.5% raise in the first year of the contract and an immediate% raise for all workers with the courts for six years. clerks unanimously rejected the deal last night and voted to go on strike. >> it does not meet the standards of what we could be able to survive and have a live age. experienced clerks made $60,000 a year and are forced to live in shelters or couches. the strike would come by next month would shut down all of the
5:41 am
courts. >> it has been a heated issue with the lgbt community for years. next, the signal that a government restriction on blood donations by gay men could finally be lifted. >> little boy blue a two-year >> little boy blue a two-year old showing nothing but (whispering) what are you doing up? >> little boy blue a two-year old showing nothing but (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss.
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well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
5:44 am
>> after criticism and pressure from congress, the f.d.a. may consider lessening or lifting restrictions on gay and bisexual men from donating blood. they began seeking public comments. gay men now are prohibited from donating blood unless sell brought for a year. the ban was put in place with the intention of limiting the risk of aids. >> if you are look for a job in teaching, oakland unified school district is desperate to fill 60 positions before school starts. spell education and math and science teachers are in high demand, and this video of a job fair was held yesterday. they hope to attract qualified candidate with cash $1,000 to teachers would refer special education teachers to us. and we are also paying $1,000 to the teeners we hire. >> the teacher short average is day to budget cuts, lay offs and retirement. they will hold two more job
5:45 am
fairs. school starts next month. >> democrats always bring out the stars to the convention. meryl streep and paul simon. reggie aqui is in philadelphia with a san rafael man's unusual mission. he drove all the way from marin to philadelphia? >> he d it took five days. he did it in a you would imagine if you thought you would imagine if you thought of an image of a paper >> who is gandhi supporting? >> bernie sanders. >> is gandhi coming around for hillary clinton? gandhi puppet? >> it depends on what happens in california. in it looks...he will vote for stein unless it is close and then in it is, for hillary
5:46 am
clinton but a vote of being practical. >> after the convention it is a long drive back from philadelphia back to the bay area and i assume it will take another five days with the gandhi mobile and he said a lot of people when they see gandhi going down the road they wave and have big smiles on their face. it is a people movement and that is the message he wants to spread, peaceful protest. in gandhi can come around for hillary clinton, maybe the other hardcore bernie sanders fans we saw yesterday at the breakfast of the delegation can did so, too, we will see. >> now, checking in with sue and a look at what is going on in traffic and how 880, northbound, san leandro, is looking. >> starting to build with delays, with a big-rig caught fire near davis, northbound,
5:47 am
880, so the traffic delay is at 238 and the maze at 25 americans, left lane is closed, and davis off ramp is closed and the matt will shoal you the backup now is starting to build further with the yellow and the red with speeds up to 30 miles per hour, slowing do 15 miles per hour. for those days, they are building and you can take 580, and if you normally use the davis off ramp it remains closed take marina, they are putting sand in the roadway and they are not sure what the big-rig was carrying but, maybe, some baby oil or mineral oil, whatever it was, it was highly flammable and this is a fatality. that right lane will remain shut for some time. mike? >> good morning. i am on the roof where i am watching fog. to move across angel island to the east bay where it splits and goes northbound and southbound. the fog is going to make your ferry ride interesting this
5:48 am
morning because you are in the sunshine, out of the sunshine, and back in it. and look at how it is enveloping the golden gate bridge. "spare the air" is hotter than average, inland eat today and tomorrow and excessive heat tapers, and 10 miles per hour at sfo and 16 at fairfield and everyone else is five miles per hour and high pressure is on top of us. of waking up to warmer weather, hayward and union city and el sobrante, 60 to 62 and everyone el is in the mid-to-upper 50s until fremont at 63 and san jose is 65, and antioch, still, 72, but, napa, 65 and novato and santa rosa 54. in the south bay, upper 80s to mid-90's today and 100s near gilroy, and millbrae is at 76, low-to-mid 60s along the coast with downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, low-to-mid 70s and 88 in petaluma and san to resolution at 95 and ukiah over 100, again, richmond is 76, and most comfortable along the east bay shore and everyone else in the low-to-upper 80s to
5:49 am
berkeley at 80 and fremont 88. inland everyone is over 100. again. my seven-day outlook shows hope that the weekend will bring an ease in the heat wave. >> love this next story, a two-year old san leandro boy is making bay area police officers smile with a simple act of gratitude. young aiden and his mother have been giving out thank you cards to officers. he is called "little boy blue," and they have thanked officers everywhere. >> hayward, oakland, san francisco, fremont, newark, san jose, santa clara, and los angeles. >> when we are acknowledged especially by a young man it is truely appreciated. >> we were in san leandro, take a look, police outfitted him with flags just in case he decided to become a police officer one day. you can see the big smile in the photograph on left.
5:50 am
>> and he will have the halloween costumes for the next few years. >> a warning for pokemon go overseas japan is upset over a pokemon stop site. >> a warning for people and their pets: do not swim in the water in one east bay community. >> a prank that some restaurants >> a prank that some restaurants did not find funny
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> discovery bay residents are warned not to swim in the water because of toxic algae. officials say this we do not know how the levels are but there is a if at a number of locations in discovery bay. exposure can cause skin
5:53 am
irritation to intestinal problems in people. in dogs it can trigger serious problems and three dogs have died after drinking the water in alameda last summer. residents are concerned because people, dogs play in the war, kids switch in the water, they are waterskiing, and boarding and jet skiing. >> fest results in the epa are spended by the end of week, and high levels of the toxins are warning signs going up. >> tonight, at&t park will turn into a field of dreams for more than 400 giants fans camping out on the fold. the giants slumber party is held after the series against the reds tonight. families pitch tents and enjoy the games including a selfie scavenger hunt. they will be treated to two movies and a with bedtime story with relief pitcher. fans get breakfast before they head home tomorrow morning. >> louisiana man refused to be a carjacking victim and used a
5:54 am
spraytory drive away the attackers. on thursday after midnight michael davis was washing his car and two people armed with a gun started carjacking him. he fought with the only tool he had, the hose, with the scrubber attached movement sprayed and was determined not to be a victim. >> do what you can with the tools you have. why care if you are small you can intimidate someone like that, just by taking action. >> police do not agree with the course of abc but he would do the same thing ofry time. >> back to sue and a check on the sig-alert. sue? >> sig-alert northbound 880 inship tremendous, we had a big-rig fire early this morning and it has been out for some time. it was a fatality. delays are now building from 238 northbound into the maze at 30 minutes. 580 would be the best alternate because the left lane remains closed for quite some time during the investigation. davis off-ramp is closed, and that is indefinite and you can
5:55 am
take the marina. we will look at the backup, we have a bit of a delay getting to the scene and now it is building back to 238 so we are see more and more delays happening, as well, as southbound look looking are slowing, as well, and both directions, sig-alert is in affect and you can take 580 and use main that if you take davis street to get off the 880 freeway. a couple of housekeeping items and bay bridge metering lights were turned on at 5:30 so delays are building and thick fog on the golden gate bridge. mike? >> a look from mount tamalpais after we look at the incredible sunrise that is help having because of the smoke in the air, you can see behind me, mount tam a couple of fingers of fog gripping marin county over to the sure line and you will be more comfortable hand rest of us in santa rosa we start at look,
5:56 am
77, and 91 at 3:00, a lit breeze keeping it at 84. wrapping up under 64 degrees. mid-to-upper 60s for the giants and reds at first pitch. everyone is 100 but the coast and record 91 in lake tahoe today. >> if you have an older honda or acura the government wants you to get it repaired immediately. this is new information on the takata airbags with a 50% chance of rupturing affecting more than 300,000 older models. the airbags have come underfire because of the tendency to blow up sending shrapnel to the drivers. safety ten fatalities happened in acuras and monday dids. i am tweeting a leak so you can see if you driving one of the cars. >> new a prank that not many people are finding funny, this took place in the sacramento area, someone who claimed to work for a fire alarm company
5:57 am
told the manage he needed to check the alarm and asked hadtory activate the fire suppression system, and liquid suppression fluid went everywhere. >> it creates a mess. yes. yes. the businesses have to clean up the businesses have to clean up and four fell for the prank. >> new information on the ice bucket challenge and all the good it has done with a discovery made because of the money. >> in philadelphia, again, a crack in the glass ceiling and history made for he hick. we are tracking breaking news a firsty crash on interrogate 880 and how it
5:58 am
5:59 am
and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> breaking news is in the east
6:00 am
bay this morning, and take a look at the fiery big-rig crash. it is causing major problems for the morning commute. >> we have team coverage starting with amy hollyfield on interrogate 880. amy? >> i got c.h.p. to tell me how long until they get the lane reopened. they will estimate it at a couple of hours. it is hard to say. that is a rough estimate now. the coroner is here. he is removing the bodies. we will be careful what we show you with the camera. we can only show you a little bit of the aftermath. we want to be sensitive to what is going on i wanted to steer your focus to the traffic situation northbound 880 inship drove, one lane is shut down and the davis street off ramp is closed. this happened at 4:00 this morning, the big-rig crashed through the concrete divider and caught fire. officers say they do not see any indication he used his brakes.


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