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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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an arrest has been made in an execution-style killing. it has been a year and a half since police swarmed the haze valley neighborhood in january of 2015. good evening. and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. four people died in what police call an ambush. tonight we hear from the mother of one of the victims. lyanne melendez is live in san francisco with the new developments tonight. >> reporter: that is right. well abc 7 news found out that police had been talking with the suspect for several months now. they knew who he was. he is from san francisco. lee far lee was in a federal prison in@water which is in merced county for unrelated charged. this occurred a year and a half ago in haze valley and described as a vicious killing
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execution-style, as you mentioned and their car was double parked on laguna street before 9:00 in the evening. at that time, san francisco police believed the killers were members of a western edition gang but one is already arrested. >> one suspect was arrested and picked up from the prison in atwater and booked in the san francisco county jail and facing four charges of murder. >> i can now rest because the message i left my son was, i was going to fight to the end for you, son. >> reporter: and that was salah chandler, the mother of the person on his way to work when you recognized one of the person in the car and asked for a ride. police say it was a tragic mistake. now finding those involved in this murder has been an important case for the interim
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chief of police toney chaplin and with at rest they hope to obtain more information and more suspects. and the man arrested today is charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle, a car. with also a gang enhancement. he will be in court on monday for his arraignment. in san francisco, lyanne melend melendez, abc 7 news. thank you. a man convicted of killing two teenage best friends has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. the two were killed in 2012. the two girls were in relationship with powell who was 18 at the time and another man. he asked the girls to leave after getting a call from another girlfriend. when they refused, he shot and killed them. now to a new development into alleged misconduct by an
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ala immediata county sheriff's deputy. we have exclusively learned that a deputy investigated in connection with this beating avenue suspect in san francisco last year has been let go. and he worked his final shift with the department today. c melanie woodrow is live from the hall of just nis san francisco with the latest. >> so far the deputy sean os born is not facing any criminal charges in connection with this alleged bribery of a kum that witnesses two other -- a couple that witnesses two other couples beating the man in a district mission alley in november. the two deputies are facing criminal charges and they remain on paid administrative leave. they are saying the use of force investigation is more complicated than the bribery investigation. deputy osborne tonight is without a job and the alleged bribery is being looked at as to
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what it could mean for his other cases. in the surveillance video, you could see the sheriff's deputies paul weaver and louis santa maria hitting the man more than 40 times. both of the deputies are facing criminal charges. they remain on paid administrative leave. in this enhanced video, you could see a third deputy, deputy sean osborne, swinging a gold chain, allegedly taken from petrov and given to a couple who witnessed his beating. acso said this video was a big piece of the internal investigation. >> i could tell you that the deputy no longer works for the sheriff's office. >> reporter: reliable sources say the deputy was fired. in march, sheriff greg ahern said this. >> if that allegation is true, that is one of the most horrific things i ever heard. >> he is sad that this happened. he feels -- you know, betrayed but he knows -- that the public trust is the most important thing for him. >> the deputy had nearly 20 years with acso.
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in an e-mail statement his attorney said the departmental misconduct investigation remains ongoing, with no final determinations having yet been made. once completed the deputy is confident he will be exonerated of the theft and bribery allegations. the public defender said it may have not come to light have the surveillance video not been turned over to his office. >> a public agency has an obligation in my view to inform the public as to what actions were taken, particularly when you have an allegation such as bribing a witness. if you are willing to mishandle evidence, destroy evidence and bribe witnesses, you are likely to do it no other cases. >> petrov is in custody on unrelated gun and drug charges with a pending civil lawsuit. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. right now, to breaking news
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in the south bay. sky 7 hd live over a crash that killed a 15-year-old girl. >> this is on lafayette street between add new and montague expressway in santa clara. around 2:30 that pickup truck slammed into a light pole. >> six people were in the truck. the other five are in the hospital. the chp said there is no indication drugs or alcohol were involved. >> and southbound lafayette is shut down as officers investigate. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for the latest updates. and tonight we're learning that all four people that crashed in a life flight medical plane bound for oakland have died. they found debris from the plane north of mckinleyville this morning. plane took off last night from crescent city. the pilot declared an emergency about 1:00 a.m. because of smoke in the cockpit and then they lost contact. and we are hearing this evening from the good samaritan who stopped a kidnap ago tempt in san leandro. first here is a sketch of the
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suspect provided by the police. he has dark skin with a goatee, glasses, about 5'10". police say he sprayed mace at a woman and then dragged her by her ankles toward his car. well a passerby saw what was happening and took action. >> i just ran and i got them loose and i made sure she was free and okay and then i started going at it with the guy and he started macing me. just a total coward. >> he was not. he was a brave guy to get involved. he said the two started fighting and eventually the man took off running. he said the woman was in shock but okay. if you recognize this man, please call the san leandro police department immediately. the alameda county sheriff office is happy to have a stolen trailer back in its position. they say it was stolen from law enforcement property and that stolen trailer wasn't all they recovered at a chop shop in
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oakland. lonnie rivera joins us live with more. >> reporter: they got away with thousands of dollars worth of vehicles and other things. one police officer said to me never a good idea to steal from police. he said, we will get you. and that is exactly what happened. these two broken locks give a glimpse of a crime spree that spanned two nights in the city of san leandro and oakland. alameda county sheriffs said the thieves pulled off bold and brazen burglaries. >> i was obviously very distressed and thought we might have had video tape of it. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows them casing cars in this parking car lot in san leandro and 30 minutes later you see them steal this trailer. >> i was the first person to realize it on monday morning. so i just -- just started calling the police and the insurance agencies and the owner
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of the company. >> reporter: the trailer belonged to black sheep bike tour rentals. >> it makes me sad that someone could take something that is not theirs. >> reporter: the company rents and offers tours on high-end bikes and it was empty but it wasn't the only trailer they got their hands on. >> this is a $50,000 trailer that plays a vital role in our ability to get produce and healthy vegetables to people in our community. >> reporter: sergeant kelly said the burglars took the sheriff's department trailer the night before. they found it along with tens of thousands of dollars worth of other stolen vehicles and items in this remote area along hegginberger road in oakland. investigators arrested two people at the scene. they believe the suspects planned to resell the stuff on the black market. in alameda county, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. stay here with us. more to come. fears in florida are reaching from the bay area. >> coming up, how the zika virus
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fire officials say there is good news to report about the soberanes fire in monterey county even though it does continue to grow. it is now more than 31,000 acres. but the burn area is impacting fewer people so cal fire has decided to close a evacuation center at carmel million dollars. it is 15% contained and burning for a week. and the massive sand fire which has burned 38,000 acres is now 85% contained so real progress to report there tonight. the fire has killed one person and destroyed 18 homes and forced thousands of residents to evacuate their houses. also evacuated were about 50 from a nearby shelter. where did they end up? the california state prison in lancaster. >> we are the only dog program
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at a maximum security prison in the state of california. >> so to be able to be in this program and interact with these dogs and gentlemen, it gives me life again. it gives me my spirit back. >> the shelter owners say the prison is the only place that offered to take in these deaf dogs and they say the inmates are doing great and doing a great job with the dogs. >> that is wonderful. well california giant sequoias with weathering the state's drought better than most other tree species according to a long-term monitoring program run in part by the u.s. geological survey. one of the reasons, the leaves could store more water than the ground leaves. the tree works as a buffer against water that would damage the system. and shedding leaves could reduce water loss. hot enough for you. when is this going to ease up a little bit. >> we have meteorologist sandhya patel in today to give us that
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answer. >> well just hang in there, alma and dan. this weekend the heat will back off. right now out here, enough of a breeze to make it feel different. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll continue to see the impact of the cooler air in our inland valenci-- valley. not today though. in the sierra nevada, thunderstorms are firing up but most have been north and south of the tahoe area and some into nevada. highs 102 in antioch, 100 in concord. but 60 degrees in half moon bay. so between livermore and half moon bay, about a 42 degree spread. 63 in san francisco, 23469 oakland. upper 80s santa rosa. 84 in san jose. mt. tam can showing you a healthy marine lair. temperatures, 61 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. low to mid-80s from morgan hill to san jose. and the san jose cam showing you
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the smoke layers right now. temperatures in the low to mid-80s, upper 90s for concord and livermore and right now at 96 degrees. from our east bay hills camera you could see the fog rolling in and it is going to be a factor overnight near the coast and bay. cooler days this weekend with a seasonal pattern through next week. tomorrow morning, mild inland and clear but a long the coast and along the bay 50s with the fog. now here is a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. the fog fills in tomorrow morning for your early plans you see the gray skies but into the afternoon most of you will see the sun with the exception of the beaches like it has been all week long, it will remain gray. 85 and hazy in the south bay tomorrow. san jose, air quality is improving and that will continue. 93 in gilroy. but of course the smoke will continue to impact that area. 80 in santa clara. 78 redwood city. 75 san mateo. and downtown san francisco 64. and in the north bay, low to mid 80 frs napa to santa rosa.
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temperatures coming down. 73 in the east bay and oakland. 80 in fremont. head inland and it is warm but you don't see the 100s on the board. 94 in loifr mord, walnut creek 92 pleasant ton, you are heading to the garlic festival, we lose the 100s and the upper 90s. not too hot. pleasant starting off in the 60 the and ending in the low 90s. so a warm afternoon. and if you are going to be taking part in the san francisco marathon this sunday, hey, fog is in your favor. it is going to be cool and foggy. ideal conditions for the marathon. accuweather seven-day forecast, heat eases this welcoekend, ands coast side an then the typical range monday through friday and upper 50s to 60s and low 90s inland so relief is coming. >> sounds good. >> sounds nice. well it is time to get healthy. >> and finney's frida
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health officials in san francisco confirmed a new case of zika virus, bringing the total to eight. >> now all of the cases were contracted during a travel outside of the united states. but a new case in florida spread with local mosquitos and that has travelers worried. >> david louie is live at sfo with that. david? >> reporter: ama and dan, the news coming out of florida is concerning to people because this is peak travel season. the summer vacations are underway and people are heading to florida for family vacations and to see relatives so we spoke to travelers here this afternoon who told us they were surprised to hear this is a localized outbreak in south florida, specifically in the miami area. governor of florida rick scott indicated that spring is -- straying is underway and they are trying to contain it to an area north of downtown miami. travellers tell us they will have to wait and see what
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updates they get from public health officials and they are hoping this will contain the situation but they may want to reconsider their plans to go to that part of florida. people have said, gosh, this is a lot bigger than we originally thought. that it has spread from south america to north america and that has people on edge but right now people are waiting to see what happens next before they make any drastic changes. live at sfo, david louie, abc 7 news. stay
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coming up at 6:00, call it another injustice. tonight only on 7, the promise the state has yet to fulfill to a man who spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. and the big money being spent at the palo alto v.a. on art. like this $400,000 boulder. why some say the spending is justified. and the move from strip to
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chip. 7 on your side's michael finney looks at how the transition is going and the credit cards of the future. all of that is coming up at 6:00. we also like finney for his free stuff. >> that is always a great way to end the week. what do you have for us. >> we're going to get you healthy. there is a small box in front of you with packets inside of it. get those out and show those to the camera. this is from a north bay company. it is prebiotic nectar supplement. it is 100% natural. prebiotic packets. you mix it with water and they are slightly sweet and they have been found to be good with digestion and boost immunity -- amenities -- say you are at a hospital. no. but a $15.99 value. and now on the way to getting
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healthy, we have crunch fitness, they are all over the bay area we're give you two weeks and one training session from crunch. aside from the gym equipment and cardio you could try out the new classes, lyra, a high flying dance class and dan, that sounds like you, it has you written all over you and there is bar bootcamp and i thought it was based on buena vista but it is based on ballet with sprng training and part of the value for free at crunch fitness. >> that is fabulous. >> what do we do? >> it is easy. log on or call that number, 800-546-7177. and seven on your side and finney friday free stuff, it is first come first serve. and book stores will do something they haven't done in nine years and that is host a late night party for those
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hoping to get the harry potter fix. >> it opens tomorrow in london and the script goes on sale at midnight on sunday. >> book stores in san francisco, oakland and palo alto and santa clara are a few of the sites that you could celebrate harry's triumphant return. tomorrow night, it is back. now to two power pooches who met up at facebook yet. >> basketball belongs to mark zuckerberg. doug the pug is an internet sensation out of nashville. >> doug posted this picture. zuckerberg posted this one saying apparently beast had an important meeting at the office today with dog the pug. >> they agreed facebook needs more kibble and belly rubs and they also want some sheet. >> they are both cute. >> they really are. well world news tonight with david muir is next. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz in for kristen zse. >> and i'm dan ashley and
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sandhya patel and all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. welcome to "world news tonight." we're following two big breaking stories. first, zika hits home. the first infections transmitted by mosquitoes right here in the u.s. we're at ground zero in this new zika fight. ready to rumble. hillary clinton hitting the road. and hitting trump. plus, an abc news exclusive. donald trump one-on-one with george stephanopoulos. tonight, firing back at the democrats. officers down. one police officer dead, another wounded. was this a new targeted attack on our police? and, too extreme? a 25,000-foot freefall. no parachute. and cameras rolling. is this daredevil knocking on death's door?


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