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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 2, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> developing news, five people are dead after the violent crash in the central valley. sky 7 is showing the pole split the bus down the middle. bus hit the pole of the highway sign. it sheared through more than half of the vehicle. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. kristen sze is off. in addition to the dead self people are also hurt. this happened along highway 99 south of livingston. it is 90 minutes from oakland. jessica is here with the latest on the investigation and where the bus was heading. jessica? >> they were drive through california headed to washington. investigators in mercede county
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said this is the worst crash there in a decade. >> a horrific tour bus crash in merced county from the air you can see the sign's metal pole went through the bus slicing it nearly in half. six people were airlifted to hospitals for major injuries and many lost their arms and legs. the merced county sheriff now said the bus was speed when it veered off the highway. there were 30 people on board. the victims are all spanish speaking and emergency crews worked quickly to get them to safety. >> they will be interviewed as part of investigation, as of right new we are trying to make sure they are safe away from the freeway. >> the crash on highway 99 happened at 3:30 this morning near livingston half an hour from modesto. crews pried people from the bus through the morning. the bus driver has been identified as 57-year-old mario david vasquez from los angeles.
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>> he is still alive but he did sustain major injuries. >> it is not clear in the trip was for travel or work. the bus was traveling from mexico to washington state, with several stops along the way. it stopped in los angeles last night. it was due stop in livingston this morning to change drivers. >> the energy administration said on their website that the bus company received a "satisfactory," safety rating, the bus itself had not been involved in any crashes in the past two years. >> thank you. we wondered, what are the regulations for highway signs and we found out that must signs must be built with a break away or some sort of crash cushion or shielding in the event of a collision like this. the protections are man dated by federal law. it is not clear in the sign in this case had any barrier in
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place or what the rules were surrounding larger pillars that support overhead signs. if you use the news app you have been getting alerts all morning which is tree in the corner store by enabling alerts to get updates. >> foothill college in los altoses is offering grief counselling to students after a popular professor was gunned down. david moglen was teach on the summer and the class now is canceled. the colleagues hope to set up a memorial scholarship fund in his honor. he lived in san jose with his wife and two young daughters. his wife shared the family photos with us, david was shot and killed on thursday night at willow and first street and the killer is still on the loose. >> a former san mateo police officer is going to be in court, acusses of sexually assaulting several women while on duty. noah winchester faces charged of rape and kidnapping and sexual battery including one victim who
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was only 17. we broke the news of winchester's arrest two weeks ago. he will be in court this afternoon in redwood city. pg&e said crews will start repairing on power damned power lines with the soberanes first still bun between big sur and carmel. it is stubborn and 43 the acres are charged, 18% contained. six outages are reported in car million by the sea since the fire broke out. it continues to threaten equipment and facilities. pg&e said that the craws are trying to rebuild and restore power as quickly as they can. >> in what hayward a close call for a teen girl, the prius slammed into her family house. just a few feet away from her bedroom. a man and a woman stayed in the scene they cooperated, with in arrests made and no one was hurt. >> pg&e is still trying to recover from an under ground
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fire in the tenderloin this morning. hundreds lost power and some are still in the $. amy hollyfield is near geary and hyde street. >> pg&e crews are still here on the scene trying to get lights on four one residential building. the traffic lits are back on because of a temporary fix but the situation out here is fluid, a, worry at the scene told me this is a chance they will be town off again today while they work on a permanent repier so stay on your toes. here is the scary situation. smoke was coming from the machine hole because of the underground fire. residents heard an explosion and it was just before midnight and alarming, some say it was loud enough to sound like crying was erupting. >> midnight. i thought it was a gunshot. everyone was on their balcony looking over.
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it looked like steam coming out of the holes. >> ward. >> pg&e said the fire burned out on its own but it did a lot of damage underground here at geary and hyde and started because of quipment failure. they need to figure out why it happened, that is the mystery, but first, they have to repair the damage and get the power back on. there is good news that no one was sure, just a scary, tense situation for those living here. thank you, pg&e bill is going up, higher electricity rates starts yesterday. the typical husband hold could see the bill jumped nearly 9%. an average bill of $145 would see an extra $13 in charges. according to our media partner, the mercury news, peg said the customers still pay less than the national average for gas and electric and the utility said they need the extra money to
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invest in the technology and infrastructure. >> tonight it is national night out, many bay area neighbors will gather together to rome met police and community partnership, and is at a time when tension is certainly high between many people and police. our reporter is outside of the san jose police department. >> tonight is the 33rd national night out and each year police say they gain valuable insight into the community and the concerns. however, this year, they are expecting some especially tough conversation, they think it will pay off in the long run. >> inside the disney backpack the building blocks for a new school career. folders. paper. >> andrea hopes the "national night out," at the farms will provide the building blocks for better community and police relations. >> it is a great way for police to see residents coming together
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and a neighbor that often has a bad reputation in the city. and, also, for residents to see police and law enforcement come on site. >> we have seen devastating attacks on police in dallas and baton rouge and the frustration over officer involved shooting in minnesota and louisiana and across the bay area. martinez hopes tonight is a chance for both sides to heal. >> events like this are important. >> 300 are expected to fill the tennis court starting at 5:30 this evening. police and community leaders will join the residents for a barbecue, band and backpack give away, one of dozens of national night out events. san jose police officers know this is a great opportunity to build friendships. >> a great opportunity to reach out and find out what their leaderships are and open up the dialogue. >> if you would like to attend a "national night out," go to our website at we have
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posted a full list of the events . thank you. fighting the zika virus? miami, next, why the head of the centers for disease control said that the zika virus mosquito is a lot tougher to control than first thought. >> plus --. >> sit down. sit down. hands up. >> stopping a dangerous confront confrontation, a pilot comes to the rescue after an unruly passenger. >> a look at sfo where the flight arrival delays are over for now, the clouds are clearing to the coast and temperatures are seasonal today. we have a big coolinged from on
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule on one screen, all the weather and traffic and news that lives where you live. >> developing news from baltimore county, maryland, the number one story on twitter, about police shooting and killing a woman. police say she was pointing a shotgun at them. in the process, her five-year-old boy was hurt. officers were serving a search war respect at 23-year-old woman's apartment and she point add gun at them. the officer shot her after an hour long stand off. she died at the hospital. she threatened to kill the
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officers and the five-year-old boy suffered non-life threating injuries. show was wanted for failing to appear in traffic court. >> health officials in florida are now going door-to-door testing thousands for zika virus after official tests found 14 cases of the virus. the cases are clustered in the same square mile neighborhood in miami dade county. the centers for disease control is issuing a historic travel warning to stay away from the area. officials are spraying and delivering prevention kits to stop mosquito breeding. the head of the centers for disease control said that the mosquitoes are proving much tougher to control than previously thought. >> the mosquitoes could be resistent to the sprays being used l is in quick test. it could take a week or three or four to figure that out for sure >> the mosquito could be hiding in so-called breeding places that are very small amendments of water.
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>> just in, the c.e.o. of the democratic national convention is stepping down according to several party strategists. she relieveed her post today after the maim scandal showing the party favoring hillary clinton or bernie sanders and debbie wasserman-schultz has heard stepped down. >> a federal court has just banned an american airlines passenger from all commercial flights. he is adays, of going after a flight attendant and threat wering to break the pilot's jaw, the cell phone video shows the pilot tackling him. >> a sit down. sit down. sit down. >> take a seat. >> i don't want to. >> take a seat. now. >> 25-year-old is charged with interfering with a crew after his plane landed in charlotte. officials say he was disruptive after drinking three glasses of jack daniels in an hour. >> this morning we are hearing from a paraglider who plunged is
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50' after the engine failed. he was pea gliding over south florida beaches and in minutes, disaster. he started to skip out of control after the engine sputtered and the line started becoming tangled. >> just a feeling that...there is super soft bush right there and jump. so i jumped. it was the best decision i have ever made. >> wow the landing was sometime tough with a broken back, femur, pelvis, three broken ribs and a punctured lung but he will survive. it is a miracle. >> in i want do that remind me of the video. thank you. >> still ahead, the hunt for pokemon could lead the creator straight to court. >> we are tracking a few cloud on the roof and the closer you
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are to the coast the cooler you are compared to yesterday. now, how does that affect your national night out lap and the weekend when it is cooler? i will show you that coming up. >> insurance gram is taking aim at snapchat hoping to beat determine at their own game. >> to floss or not to floss? new information on the at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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>> no more daily flossing? there are new questions how effective it really is. the federal government is now saying that there is little evidence floss prevents gum disease or cavities but more research is needed. the sort press did a review of
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25 studies and found they were weak and unreliable. the american dental association said that, yes, flossing does remove plaque and most dentists are still going to tell you to floss to help avoid gum disease. >> and brush your teeth. >> to keep that right where it is. >> i am in favor of all of this. >> mike nicco? >> i will take that up with my militant hygienist. >> who happens to be director wife. >> i know she is not watching because she is doing some grocery shopping. kidding. i love my hygienist. for 20-something years. cloudy at coast, sunny at bay, close to average temperatures, and clouds and drizzle, and more than the most we saw this morning and it will set the stage for below average highs starting thursday and lasting through the weekend. live doppler hd is showing over the next several hours, nothing to worry about and no more
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drizzle, just clouds clinging to the cost but they will open up for sunshine, here and there, and temperatures are in the 50s after half moon bay and san francisco and vallejo and everyone else in the 60s until south bay and inland east bay where we have the 70s. this afternoon, we have temperatures in the upper 80s and low 70s in the south bay but, still, hazy, and we have stayed below unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter from the soberanes fire the last to days and, today is the day when the wind is switching more to the west than the southwest. fingers crossed as it comes to fruition and we do not have to talk about the haze. low-to-mid 70s for most of the peninsula and 77 in redwood city and upper 50s to upper sits, and 66 this downtown, and south san francisco, and sausalito at 6 a, and about 79 in sonoma, to santa rosa at 83, and we will have money 90s around calistoga and lakeport, nice time to be out on the lake. and, here is a look at richmond and berkeley, and low-to-mid
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70s for the east bay shore line. temperatures inland are upper 80s to a few mid-90s headed to brentwood and discovery bay. we just opened the gates at sonoma county fair all the way through this weekend, 65 degrees right now. sunny and blue skies at 3:00, and 83, starts to cool done by 80 at 6:00, and 61 at 9:00. national night out, here is the temperature for 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00, the three hours, when we are stuck in the 50s at the costs ambassador the pay we will start in the my 70s, fall and the mid-60, and inland we start in the mid-80s and fall in the low 70s so you will need a jacket when the sun is setting at 8:17. now, the temperatures, if you are outside, tomorrow, we have more cloud cover, more mist and drizzle, especially along the coasts san francisco, marin county, and up in the east bay hills. temperatures are hang out in the 50s. here is my seven-day outlook, tomorrow, about the same as today as we hold steady and the
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low pressure will drop from the gulf of alaska bringing us a better chance of drizzle on thursday morning, friday morning, and saturday morning, and kick up the breezes, and when they come off the 50-degree water and reach our neighborhoods temperatures are going to be below average. we will rebound on sunday into mop. >> a new jersey man is literally telling kids "get off my lawn e he is tired of the position manage -- pokemon go craze and filed a lawsuit in california against the makers of pokemon go saying strangeers began lingering outside his home after it was released last month. he said others knock on the door and ask to get into his backyard to catch a pokemon, and defendants have shown a flagrant misregard for place virtual pokemon go without permission. at last they are knocking and asking. >> instagram appears to be trying to beat snapchat at its own game. there is a new feature rolling
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out called stories and with it you can make your photos and video disappear in 24 hours. sound familiar? it will appear in a bar at the tonight feed, and instagram hopes to eliminate the worry of everposting and allow you to post goofy and respond table use content more often. >> goofy content on-line? >> exactly. you will notice the change in the next few weeks. >> next, overnight animal rescues that kep
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>> there is a small town be being invaded by thousands of...flies. they figured out exactly what is attracting all of them. >> and vegetable burgers are more popular but are they the healthy obligation? seven-day outlook looks at 5 o'clock. >> bay area firefighters were extra busy with two tiny rescues. first, a morning walk in san francisco was wrong when a small dog fell through a hole in the sidewalk at conference -- jones street. that is the hole, 7' democrat. >> five firefighters fried to rescue the little blind dog
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named tiny, her 15-year-old dog and not see so we can tomorrow you tiny is safe. and sound. >> another tiny. also, this morning, this is volunteer firefighters taking part in an unusual rescue in sonoma county trying to free the family's cow which is also named tiny. what are the odds? this cow tumbled down the him at a ranch on mountain home drive. >> that tiny is not. as you can see, this is a large animal, and needed large animal rescue specialists so they came in and did the heavy lifting. >> what are the odds that the cow is okay, too? >> both will be okay. >> have a great day.
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