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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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somali background. >> we applied cpr to those on the ground. [ inaudible ] >> this morning there is an increased police presence on the streets of london. an update on the hurt victims in the attack. police say no injuries are life threatening. we will keep you updated. >> a wildfire on the edge of napa county continues to burn this morning out of control. it is moving away from the homes. the cold fire started on tuesday afternoon at lake berryessa forcing evacuation of homes and camp grounds in the area. it grew to 4,600 acres with winds driving the flames. the fire now is 10% contained.
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>> better news in monterey county, cal fire and the united states forest service officials say winds are in their favor to gain the upper hand in battling the soberanes fire. higher humidity and lower temperatures are expected to help the crews. flames have corned 46,000 acres. containment is at 25%. flames have burned 57 homes so far north of big sur. an illegal campfire sparked the campfire ten days ago. >> california 9-1-1 system is facing an emergency. it is running out of the cash. katie? >> yes, reggie. the 9-1-1 fund the state puts money into, funds most local communities 9-1-1 services and equipment. it is clear how important the budget issue is. the money is down from three years ago, the current fund is around 11 million and it was at
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$77 million. this is according to the "los angeles times" when the state is in the process of upgrading to a new system which is next generation 9-1-1 to work with the wireless callers better. but in testimony, maintaining the two systems could cost $90 million. the state pays for 9-1-1 services through a tax on phone bills but the telecommunications industry is pushing for that to change. asking lawmakers to take money from the general tax fund and from grants. when the new 9-1-1 system is in effect it will be useful as cell phone users can send text messages, video and other data to 9-1-1 operators. until that happens we have to pay for boat the old system and implementing the new system. it is not clear where the funding will come for the important state resource. ought ground keeping shaking under northeast california.
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17 earthquakes have rattled the area since last night. the biggest hit before 10:00 and 4.5 earthquake. the biggest this morning was 3.4 at 3:13 this afternoon. the sheriff offer has received no reports of injury or damaged. >> hundreds of striking court workers will be back this morning, 300 court employees picketed in san jose yesterday. operations were almost entirely halted. the clerk offices were closed and jurors were sent home. employees are demanding a raise after no pay increase for eight years. the court is advising anyone with a court date they should still show up, just in case the case moves failure. >> 15ive agreement has been reached with the janitors and maintenance group negotiating for clearing companies according to the "san francisco chronicle" with hundreds of janitors
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blocking traffic and marching demanding higher wages and new contract. members vote tomorrow. it includes a $1.05 the first year increase, and graduating increases the next three years. >> police in the north bay arrested a drug and alcohol counselor accused of drewing and sexually assault as teen girl. investigators say the 38 -year-old counselor met the girl law a social media app. we have the latest on the investigation. >> it is troubleing. this woman did not want to be identified. she has daughters and lives down the street from the suspect's petaluma apartment. i was frightened and call my mother and said are you home with my girls. the 38-year-old faces charges of drugging and sexual assaulting a 16-year-old girl he met through a social media app. he was arrested on tuesday after searching his apartment. >> we found evidence by
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admissions to the claim. >> he worked at muir wood family services as lead recovery counselor. the website said he has extensive experience helping adolescents and he worked with foster children. the executive director said he has been suspended pending the investigation. in a statement, the director said all our employees are thoroughly vetted and undergo comprehensive prescreening process including finger prints ." police are reminding families of online safety. >> i encourage parents of minors to make sure they know what their children are doing online and not accessing elections that can make them the victim of predators. he is out on detail. we have an update on a top story from yesterday, the deadly crash after a car want off a cliff in the santa cruz mountains. police have found the driver, 29
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-year-old garcia, and he turned himself in. the c.h.p. said that he was driving without a license and he likely is going to face manslaughter charges and felony hit-and-run charges. a 19-year-old cabrerra died when the nissan with the off highway nine, a teen girl suffered serious injuries. >> the phillips 66 refinery in rodeo is paying $ air complaints with 87 violation s between 2010 and 2014. a third of the violations stem from smoke and other fumes that escape during unplanned refinery shut down in 2010. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that the fines will pay for inspections at local oil refineries. >> poll numbers are showing the impact of what has been a rough week for republican presidential nominee donald trump. democrat hillary clinton now leads trump 49-39% in the latest
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fox news poll which just came out last night. trump has not indicated he will drop out. i make that clear. however, abc has learned that g.o.p. leaders are exploring their options to replace trump if he decided to quit. trump ignored the shes while campaigning in florida yesterday. >> the campaign is doing really well. it is never been so well united. right now it is the best in terms of being united that it has been since we began. >> while he was in florida hillary clinton was stumping in colorado, the former secretary of state slammed donald trump for the remarks on the family of a muslim american army officer killed in iraq. >> hillary clinton is getting a bump after the democratic national convention and president obama is also seeing a boost in his approval rating, rising to 54%, according to a cnn survey.
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it was 50% heading into the convention. his approval rating is at the highest level since before the second inauguration. >> looking at roads we had a sig-alert usually this morning northbound 680 between walnut creek and concord. that cleared just a few minutes before we went on the air at 10 or 15 minutes. and the lighter side this time of the year, the southbound side, is starting to fill in as the folks head to 24 and another overnight problem that has wrapped up or is a construction project, northbound 880, north of high street, we were fully blocked until hurricane, but the backup and the construction all clear. getting over to mike nicco for a look at a forecast. >> yes, thank you, saw a little bit of haze on the shot of walnut creek and toward concord and i wanted to look at the fire and see what they are dealing with in the valleys at 49 degrees and 97% relative
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humidity. unless, the winds are light and they are going to pick up and hit around 13 and gusting up to 20 on the west side pushing the fire toward winters into the central valleys where all of the smoke is going to go and possibly up to lake tahoe. the soberanes fire is 65 and 70 in the mountains and 65 degree humidity and winds are from the south. as you saw yesterday they came from the northwest and pushed the smoke to the southeast and that is what it will do again. we will look at our air quality as we look at san jose, which is hazy, we are all good to moderate and the forecast rather today is everyone is good, with refreshing cool and clean air coming off the sea breeze and temperatures today are 5-12 degree cooler than yesterday and we are cooler-than-average on friday and saturday, with the rest of the weekend forecast next. >> thank you, mike. next, the bay area start-up now set to make history with a mission to the moon.
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>> hit the hiring jackpot, the hundreds of new jobs the north hundreds of new jobs the north bay
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>> walnut creek and burlingame, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. and now a hurricane has hit the coast in the caribbean with
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80 miles per hour wind, warnings remain in affect for belize with parts of mexico. forecasters believe earl will weak were but people can still expect to be drenched. all the first time the fight overing fromming from restroom rights has reached the supreme court. in an unusual 5-3 submit, justices temporarily blocked a lower court's ruling. here is what it means. the transgender male student now cannot use the men's bathroom at the virginia high school. a lower court ruled that title 9 protects the student rights to use the bathroom corresponding to gender identity. this temporary block is happening while the school board is fighting the original ruling. >> doctors in florida have discovered no new cases of zika virus so far after 15 people contracted the virus in one part of miami. crews are spraying pesticides to try and kill the mosquitoes that carry the disease. officials are going door to door to sent for people infected and
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to test them in places that mosquitoes can thrive. the national institutes of health are testing the vaccine for humans. >> prosecutors want to top companies by cashing in on fight against zika, and several companies have received cease and desist letters from the ton general with false products such as zika shield and mosquito repellant bracelets. supporters claim the products do not work. >> 15 years after president kennedy challenged the nation to go to the moon a bay area start-up is taking on a new mission to the surface. this type of space exploration has never been done before. >> the landmark decision by the u.s. government will send a private company to deep space for the very first time. until now only governments have taken missions to the moon and these are pictures of what the silicon valley start-up plans to
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do. no humans would go on this mission, just an unmanned spacecraft. the c.e.o. bob richards is in cape canavaral where they are businesses. >> this is the time when humanity is leaving the horses of earth and all of the future will look back at this moment as time when we truly became a space species. he described the spacecraft the size of a washing machine hopping around the moon surface taking pictures and video. they want to explore the moon because there are trillions of dollars of resources there to benefit us on earth. >> we will develop new resources and new energy and this will be very important to us as a growing species. >> the vision is to start commercial lunar exploration and the maiden voyage is scheduled in late 2017. >> now the hiring sign is going up at the graton resort hiring 300 people as it is ready to
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open up a brand new hotel. the business jump reports that the 200 room hotel will open on november 15, and it will feature a resort-style pool, a spa and space for meetings and conventions, and the, expansion is going to make it the second largest private employer behind kaiser permanente. >> if you plan on going near san francisco's golden gate park this weekend, brace for big crowds. the outside land festival kicks off the celebration tomorrow. tens of thousands of people are expected to show up. radiohead, lcd sound system, are headlining, and commuters should expect road closures in the sunset and richmond district. >> what a feeling when you are dancing on the ceiling. mike nicco? >> he said it with a straight face. >> what do you come up with next time? >> good morning, everyone, did you see the lack of clouds?
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that is what it will be this year, a last fog and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s with drizzle. if you wake up inland east bay temperatures are in the mid-50s until highway 4 corridor, and low 60s in pittsburg and antioch. elsewhere, we are mid-to-upper 50s and mountain view is warmer at 60. refreshing sea breeze today, and cooler and it is considered a summer chill with below average temperatures today and through the weekend and at night the clouds bring us patchy drizzle. the winds are 12 at oakland, 17 in concord and gusts to 39 in fairfield so you have will a nice sea breeze and small craft advisory with the same area yesterday from 2:00 until look. to the south, mid-to-upper 70s until los gatos and morgan hill and low-to-mid 80s and low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula, and milbrae is only 66. upper 50s off the coast, and low-to-mid sent downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and mid-to-upper
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70s through the north bay valley, and mid-60s to mid-70s along the east bay shore. upper 70s to mid-80s in our inland east bay neighborhood. we are going to be cooler tomorrow. we will be back to average but it will take until monday. alexis? >> a lot better and a sig-alert in walnut creek area this morning, northbound 680, and, still, doing okay with the bay bridge toll plaza, so, westbound 80 drivers, no metering lights, give it another 40 minutes and i am sure we will turn that on. drive time is okay, so far, heating up in a few normal busy spots, westbound 80 tracy to dublin out of the central valley, 33 minutes, with flight delays, when 4 antioch to concord, and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is 19 minutes. the olympic torch arrived in rio de janeiro to cheers as well as jeers. a lot of people are not so happy to see it. >> going, going, almost gone. a final big section of the old
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bay bridge is coming down. here are the tech bytes. >> today's tech bytes wal-mart is looking to take on amazon. the retail giant is in talks to buy worth up to $3 billion. it was founded to compete with amazon. >> youtube has a new ad help free auction. papers who subscribe to youtube red have access to commercial-free programing as well as the ability to watch content offline. it costs $10 a month. >> a private company has the go ahead to go to the noon, moon express will fly a robot there next year helping win a $25 million prize from google with the golf to fly all of us to the noon with flights starting in 10-15 years. 10-15 years. >> those the tech
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> look at this view from sky 7. this is the final stress of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. it will be gone by next wednesday. it will be lowered to barges that will float to the port of oakland. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the metal will be recycled. the rest of the span will be gone some 2018.
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>> from brazil, the torch relay finally ends tomorrow at the opening certificate person of the rio de janeiro games. demonstrators have followed the torch throughout the country. on tuesday, riot police had to use tear gas and pepper spray to disperse protesters north of rio de janeiro. they have been protesting against brazil's unpopular interim president and the country's $12 billion price tag for the olympics. brazil is facing should like riot -- rising crime and zika virus health scare. all the warriors are part of team u.s.a., they found a way to avoid staying at the olympic village altogether. look at the cruise ship the basketball teams are living on the next few years, docked at the pier in rio de janeiro and this is done to avoid the olympic accommodations where athletes, including former years have criticized the living
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conditions. >> klay thompson posted this on instagram, showing the team on the flight to rio de janeiro and team u.s.a. is favored to win olympic gold. >> children from across the bay area are spending part of their summer to learn coding, engineering and robots, the stem, stars summer camp in redwood city. stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. it is a free camp for boys and girls in 6-12. children come in once a week hearing from people working in the fields to get exposure to future years. >> what we are trying to do is educate kids of color from underserved disadvantaged communities and suppose them to these fields. all the kids go do moffett field for the nasa research center. >> now, a look, it is early in august. what do we get in a normal or average august in san francisco? we get warmer at 68 to 70, and
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55 to 56 for highs and lows and we have been 98 to 48 for extreme at .0 6" drizzle. now a look at what is to the north for the sonoma county fair, it is cool at look, at 59, topping out in the mid-70s, and watch out the sunshine is sneaky and it will burn you. if you head aroundment of the smoke is heading south to los angeles today. at 83 and sunshine. how is the commute >> okay. a lot of green on the maps which is the color we want, before pack a.m., so, everything around san francisco, and the east bay, we are okay this morning. getting you to the south bay it was tough, we are seeing green, a few delays in heavy spots filling in, in the usual areas and one of the northbound 101 right around 880, we are seeing heavier volumes but, nothing blocking, nothing to report on the boards this morning, and we are all clear at the molt. fingers crossed.
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>> we will see how it looks getting out of the central valley in a few minutes. >> if you hear any explosions in danville this morning, do not be alarmed, police are conducting an active shooting training exercise starting at 8:00. the exercise will take place at a middle school until 12:30 p.m. federals say this will be simulated firearms and explosive sounds but no live ammunition used. >> san francisco is expanding a program despite neighborhood blight. the mayor lee looked over efforts from the team to spruce up the area. teams of workers spread out over 9th to power wash sidewalks, pickup liter and scrape off graffiti. the idea is to condition blight from attracting crime. >> broken glass, liter, all this contributes to neighborhood safety and making people feel safe and welcome. >> san francisco's latest budget
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invests more than $6 million to expand fix it efforts in more neighborhoods. the fiscal year area to get the tlc is right here. >> cheers to a happy marriage a study finding couples who drink together stay together. researchers say an occasional glass of wine or beer could be key to happy marriage, surveying the drinking habits of older married couples 50 and older and those who had a drink a year -- a year? -- got along better compared to those where only one partner drinks. the study is published in the journal of geron willing to. >> 4,600 acres and still, raging out-of-control with a battle for the firefighters trying to keep a wildfire near lake from growing. >> in san francisco a man is barricaded in his home and the
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stand off is hour 13.
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