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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 5, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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now, the zika virus strikes a mother who gave birth inside a bay area delivery room. sources confirm that mom gave birth to a baby with zika related birth defects. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> the mother gave birth at alta bates summit medical center in berkeley. katie? >> reporter: two sources who asked not to be identified did confirm the baby was born a few month as go in berkeley and that the baby has zika-related microcephaly. first the announcement from the department of public health. >> two infants have been born in california two women who have zika virus infections during pregnancy. we know one of the babies was born at alta bates hospital in berkeley. it is a condition in which the head is smaller than normal, the
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brain has not developed properly. there is no treatment. >> i would look to emphasize. and it spread remains greater than what we do know. >> public health confirmed 114 zika infections associated with travel in california. 21 of the patients were pregnant women. officials say there is currently no risk to the public. >> while mosquitoes can carry the virus are found in 12 california counties. there its no evidence the mosquitoes are transmitting zika in the state at the time. >> new at 11:00, a company that maintains electronic medical record for dozens of marin county doctors, paid a ransom to hackers to regain access to their own system. marin medical practices concepts tells marin they were hacked on july 26th. since then doctors who depend on the company have been unable to access patient records.
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the company's clients include several medical groups and county public health clinics. they say it does not appear any patient data was compromised by the hackers. we have new details tonight on a deadly car crash that left two prominent members of the south bay community dead. dr. sandra morris and husband chris durbin were killed in february. five months later an arrest has been made. and lisa? >> reporter: dan, suspect craig allen is charged with double homicide. i learned he has prior duis, so his history, plus the fact that police believe he left the scene of the crime, are just a few reasons why his bail its set at $5 million. craig allen accused of speeding, drinking, driving recklessly and then leaving. after allegedly rear-ending a couple as they drove south on camden avenue. >> suspect's vehicle struck the
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victim vehicle. sending the victim's vehicle, vehicle into the northbound lane. striking a third vehicle. >> reporter: police say allen sped off. doctor sandra morris died at the scene. her husband chris durbin driving the family car died a short time later. the person in the third car wasn't seriously injured. we only saw the two. we didn't hear any speeding. >> that's what witnesses told police that night. which led those in the neighborhood to conclude this. >> that, that there was just two cars. the guy that was, the people that died, they, they were speeding down the road. and that they -- like spun off and hit the car. >> tip led police to allen who has a history of drinking and driving. it took them until yesterday to track him down. the couple's family lives out of state. i smoke with dr. morris's brother by phone. he admits for some time, his brother-in-law was responsible. >> just a horrible -- to have
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to, think along those lines. craig allen will be arraigned tomorrow. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> a dock worker is recovering after slipping and falling about 10 feet aboard a navy ship. sky 7 hd shows san francisco firefighters putting him into an ambulance. it happened this afternoon on the mid deck of the ship in the dogpatch neighborhood. the fire department videoed the rescue and a rope cyst temperature to raise him up and pull him out. the victim works for the private dock. he is not in the navy. the power is back on after a large pg & e outage in san francisco started around 5:30. and 20,000 customers in the south of market area seen on the map were in the dark. pg & e told abc 7 news it is still trying to figure out the cause. >> california mayor accused of playing strip poker with children is under increasing pressure to resign. video shows fbi agents arresting
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stockton mayor, anthony silva at the silver lake campsite early this morning. charged with crimes against children at the youth camp. abc 7 news reporter, laura anthony traveled to stockton today where she found this isn't the first time silva has been in trouble. >> reporter: the mayor of stockton, participated in a booze fueled game of strip poker at his camp for kids in 2016. according to the district attorney who signed a warrant for silva's arrest. the mayor bailed out this afternoon. >> this didn't have to result in an arrest. they have been talking about information for a year. they could clearly make a call and say court date in august. charges include felony eavesdropping, misdemeanor sale of alcohol to a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and child endangerment. according to officials, the allegations stem from a strip poker game in silva's bedroom at
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silver lake camp last summer. the audio recorded on his cell phone confiscated by the fbi according to the da the clip contains audio of a conversation between participants in the strip poker game that occurred in silva's bedroom. conversation between participants indicated they were naked. one of the participants was a 16-year-old male. they found 23 photos and four video clips related to silva's activity with teens at the camp. according to the witness an investigator told the da, silva has cameras in his bedroom at the stockton kids club. her 17-year-old thought of going to the may you're camp this year but decided not to. >> my daughter was going to go to the camp. we just moved here. she got a bad vibe. he didn't want to go. >> laura anthony, ax 7 news. >> new tonight, uc berkeley police looking for this man. they say he inappropriately touched a 20-year-old female
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noon today at the plaza. the groper described as a white male, 50 to 60, clean shaven. he was wearing a dark gray collared shirt and cargo pants. >> evacuation order for residents forced out of their homes by the so-called fire burning near napa county line has been lifted. the fire burned 4700 acres so far and is 15% contained. it started tuesday evening. cal fire says containment improved on the southeast side of fire alug lowing the evacuat order for golden bear neighborhood to be lifted. in monterey, the fire near big sur has grown to 51,000 acres, 80 square miles. the two week old fire is 30% contained. the wildfire burned 57 homes, blamed for the death of a contractor. evacuations remain in place for thousand. this saturday, half marathon canceled because of air quality worries. unused wautd ter and food will
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denated. >> warnings up along a popular stretch of the russian river, toxic alalgae. the sticky green algae greg along the banks of the russian river from willets, and past gurnville. last year a dog died after ingesting algae. it is safe to swim, raft and enjoy russian river. signs remind families to rinse thoroughly with clean water after they get into the river and have a little swimming fun. >> hundreds of people who showed up to santa clara county court were turned away by striking workers. workers, walked a picket line for a second straight day today. many who wanted to take care of citations and court business. were told they have to go home. no one was able to help them. the striking workers have not said whether they will return to their jobs tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see.
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>> abc 7 news at 11:00 does continue. >> shame on you. shame on you. >> veterans are jut raoutraged a vandal left broken bricks at an east bay war memorial. >> more trouble for the man who shot and killed trayvon martin, ended with george zimmerman getting punched. >> music man yeah, preparations for outside lands festival. >> i'll have the forecast for the festival and let you know about a gray damp conditions for your morning drive. full look at your weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. all that coming up. first a look at what is a head tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc 7. >> thank you, dan, alma. lack at what we did. really look at it. >> you make some one who you venerate, what do you say? >>
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>> livermore police are looking for vandals. >> abc 7 news reporter, alisa harrington spoke with vets
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picking up the pieces. and just want to know why they were targeted. >> it bothers me. it just bothers me. >> commander john gillette with veterans of foreign wars, says it hurts to see the names of local vets in pieces. he took these pictures of the remember our heroes wall in livermore. damaged by vandals last week. 15 engraved bricks were ripped off the wall. he found them cracked and stacked in a pile. >> it is extremely disappointing because when you come down here -- this is a memorial, monument to all veterans. >> jillette has a ]. of his own, the wall and pathway were built in front of the veterans memorial building. vfw members are troubled some one would damage a placement to honor those who served our country. >> i came done here and when i saw it i was devastated. i mean we work so hard on this to try to keep it, clean, and neat. and -- and -- and so people can, enjoy looking at it.
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>> police don't have any witnesses. moving forward, the vfw plans to install a security camera. gillette has a message for the vandals. >> shame on you. shame on you. you desecrated a monument and memorial here to all veterans in livermore. why. >> it will cost at least 1,000 to repair the wall. alyssa harrington, abc news. >> george zimmerman the man who shot and killed trayvon martin was punched in the face in a florida restaurant. in a 911 call he made, zimmerman said he was talking about the shooting to people seated at a table. a man overheard the conversation, walked over and asked if he was bragging about it. the man punched zimmerman. other patrons inside the restaurant said zimmerman was bragging about the killing. >> in the race for president, the latest national poll shows hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump. the survey shows clinton leads
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trump. 48% to 33%. 15-point advantage. trump is not backing away from a series of gaffes including accusations that the election will be rigged. today president obama flatly dismissed that notion. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? the federal government doesn't run the election process. >> clinton sharpened her attacks on trump accusing him of not paying some of his workers. today, is president obama's 55th birthday. check out the birthday gift vice president joe biden gave the commander-in-chief. a woven friendship brussels. this one has both their names, smilie face and charms. after the vice president tweeted the picture it quickly became his most retweeted, tweet ever. >> tens of thousands of music fans will converge on golden gate park starting tomorrow, for the outside lands music festival. >> abc 7 news at the polo fields. crews were putting finishing
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touches on one of the festivals. >> outside land has become one of the top five music festivals in the country. gates open at 11:00. with 60 pants performing including radio head and lionel ritchie. >> the full forecast. just a tip. sweater probably. >> our meteorologist here with that. hi, sandra. >> that its a great tip. sweater weather. for outside lands. once you get moving. and rocking out. hey, won't we so bad. take a look at day planner. cloudy at noontime. 56 degrees. partly cloudy at 3:00. temperature barely hit 60 degrees. in golden gate park. cool, breezy. evening. mid to upper 50s. chilly by 10:00 p.m. you will need a jacket or sweater. a look at live doppler 7 hd. notice how widespread the low cloud are tonight. live picture from our walnut creek cam showing you why the morning will start with a
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drizzle. overcast skies. into the inland valleys. strong push. 56 in san francisco. upper 50s. oakland. mountain view. 60, san jose. 55 half moon bay. a camera, live look. showing a murky view of the bridge there. mid 50s. napa. santa rosa. 59, concord. livermore, 57. from our camera up here, 15. little mist, drizzle outside. already seeing this from our camera. that is what is going to be included for your morning commute. so we'll look at morning overcast, drills. stays below average. the next few days. and sunday through tuesday. how much below average, today's temperatures were good 4 to 12 degrees below normal. a sampling of tomorrow. and cooler than normal. 75 in santa rosa. average high. 83. 8 below where you need to be. san francisco, 5 below. oakland. 4 below. and san jose. down four. compared to average liver more below the normal temperature. for this time of year.
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tomorrow morning, upper 40s to the mid 50s. great sleeping weather tonight. but when you get going tomorrow, not exactly perfect hair weather. going to be misty, drizzly. you know what i tam taam talkin about. mist, drizzle. overcast skies. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. when you are heading off to bart, taking the ferry across the bay. you will notice it is drizzly outside. going to be wiper weather. driving. for the commute. at 11:00 a.m. clouds. fog. east bay shoreline. entire coastline. as we head into the afternoon. inland areas see the sun along the coastline. some parts will see a barareak m the clouds. not all. highs, 59, half moon bay. 68, oakland. low to mid 80s. inland. mild day. 77 in nap snapa. and 78 in san jose. 71 in santa cruz. a look at accuweather seven-day forecast. call it a drizzly start. upper 50s to the mid 80s.
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narrow range of highs for your friday. even your saturday, only in the low 80s for the warmest spots. a break from the heat continues. sunday. although you will notice the temperatures rising, especially by a few degrees. monday, tuesday. summer spread for you. our wide range will be back. good 30 day spread. summertime. microclimates. until then. take a break from the microclimates. and give the firefighters a break as
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>> tonight on espn, they turned back the clock. >> after 15 years away from sportscenter desk, sports director returned for a second consecutive night. >> welcome to aloha edition. larry biel back for night two and pride of the 808. >> larry will be back on the sportscenter set friday night as well at 10:00. he loves showing the video. >> his one lucky shot. >> exactly. we see it over and over. >> good for larry. filling in. >> hey, rick. >> yeah, i'm going to try to do it tonight with authority. another larryism.
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coming up, the giants and as, needed extra innings to decide their games
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>> desperate for a win, struggling giants finally got one today in philadelphia. avoiding a three-game sweep. not all of the great catches were made on the field. check out this grab by a giants fan. matt moore who came over from tampa bay in the trade tied career high with six walks. managed to stay out of too much trouble by striking out seven. trailing 2-1. phillies had the bases loaded. and makes a nice play behind the bag. only get one. and the game is tied. and stayed that way until the tenth. golfs this ball into the right field stands. his third hit of the game. made it 3-2. santiago, closed it out. thanks to this play. eduardo nunez. throws to first. giants win, 3-2. redemption for nunez. costly error last night. tomorrow, san francisco is at washington. these as fans would go home happy tonight in anaheim. tied at one in the third.
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crushes this pitch. to put oakland on top. his third home run. since being called up last month. the angels choi answers in the bottom half with the second home run of the game. three run shot. puts them on top. 5-9. 5-5. nearly unties it. with the third home run of the game. but coco crisp. robs him with an amazing leaping catch. are you kidding me? unbelievable. chris then did it with the bat in the seventh. two on. he doubles off the right field wall. the throw home is going to be way off the mark. and scores easily, to put oakland in front. the angels tide it. in the tent. alonzo, and marcus ssimeon. tomorrow, oakland plays host to the cubs. niners all pro linebacker, navaro bowman, four year, $44 million contract extension after
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missing 2014 because of a devastating knee injury. bowman returned to form and led the league in tackles. he wants to show the younger players if you work hard it can pay off. >> when i do something like this. you want to hear guys say you deserve it. when they say that, to me, it just keeps motivating me. so win-win situation for all of us. just to, to show guys that it's, it's possible, but you have to, you know put the work in it. and go out there. and do your job. >> former niners owner, ed debartolo, received his gold jacket, prepares to be inducted into the pro football hall of fame. daughter lisa presented the jacket. during his time as owner, san francisco won five superbowls. also attending the ceremony, niners great. jerry rice, ronnie lott. ken stabler will go into the hall saturday. sports report brought to y


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