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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, on the roof, the clouds are getting thicker. they are dropping mist but it is having a hard time and no measurable rain showing up. clouds mooring in to san jose and partly cloudy, in mid-to-upper 50s and 60s and 70s at anyone. 60s and 70s and 80s at 4:00. how is the commute? >> our biggest issue is going to be ace train one. that is 35 americans late this morning. it last stockton and on way toism. maybe made up a couple of minutes at 37 minutes behind schedule. a mechanical issue on a bridge and it is fixed, whatever it is, because now it is only 35 minutes late. train they have on time. >> we will look at our traffic cameras coming up in 10 minutes. >> all lanes of northbound 880 and her hard are back open after this hour, after a deadly crash,
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before industrial parkway. a box truck and big-rig collided at 2:45 a and the lanes were cleared an hour ago. a driver died at the scene, but no word at other driver's condition. >> more break news in san francisco, police are investigating a braise inbrake in at an electronic store at fisherman's wharf at 2:50 this morning. a sandri up on to the sidewalk and wedged a battering ram between the car and glass door. security guards say that two were it is walked into the store with empty backs and it is not clear how much merchandise was stolen. >> another stuff day in store for delta passengers, several hundred flights have been canceled this morning, and more delays, too, after the computer delays, too, after the computer system failure.
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as they arrived to make sure necessity could get on their plane. delta reports 250 cancellations around the nation, and at sfo, though, the flight board is showing in cancellations and on time status for most flights. san jose and oakland are seeing similar conditions according to flightaware. yesterday, this was different. three hours ago delta released 9 latest numbers a thousand flights were cancel on monday. we spoke with a man trying to get to south carolina. his flight last night was canceled. delta tried to make it up by offering free stuff. >> i did not get to the front desk until 2:00 a.m. and i got here at 9:00 p.m. they gave me 235,000 sky miles, $200 voucher, and something that said i'm entitled to a refund, whatever: would knows what that means? >> delta 1 $200 vouchers to people who had their flight
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cancel or had a delay of three-plus hours and waving -- waiving rebooking fees. get here early. >> we appreciate warning. >> a former san mateo resident kilted while playing pokemon go is remembered at two services this week. police are looking fore the gunman who shot and killed 20-year-old calvin riley on saturday near aquatic park in san francisco. a friend who witnessed the shooting was so devastated who flew home. he graduated from serra high school last why and was a star athlete. hard to wrap your brain around it. people are struggling to make sense. services are on thursday with the vying and vision el at st. gregory's church in san mateo with funeral on friday. both events are open to the
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public. >> a man accused of killing his wife has posted bill after being held on $1 million. deputies arrested 69-year-old yesterday after finding his wife , marie, dead on sunday at their home. they lived in a gated community. investigators say she died blunt first to the head and her husband was a former professional baseball player who played with the minnesota it wills minor league in the 60. she foiled for legal separation last year. >> a woman deal with a huge clean up at her home after an airbnb renter used her home to shoot important. you can seat home now, the homeowners believes she was a sex worker and left the water run on in bath dutch and -- in the bathtub. she said there is $10,000 in damage. woman renting the room said she
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was a real estate agent but it did not add up. >> the pieces kind fell into place show was more than likely using my bathroom as a business to take photos of herself and in a statement, airbnb has zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and removed the gift from its platform. airbnb is now working to cover the cost of the damage. >> marijuana laced we candy sent nine people to the hospital after a party in san francisco, including a six year old child. doctors believe they all ate gummy candies like these. the victims complained of dizzyness and rapid heartbeat and cop fusion. >> the way in which edibles are affect the body is different than when you smoke marijuana. it can be slower and longer duration. >> we went to make sure it was
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not intentional. a caterer was hired from the east bay with no signs of cannabis at the facility. >> a member of the walnut creek pose force is on the job after be stabbed. this is shanna a dog who was stabbedful time while capturing a man. wad for hit-and-run accident a few weeks ago. walnut creek posted this on facebook and appreciate the support people have given the dog and her partner, officer kauffman. >> the outside lands festival brought thousands but cost hundreds more money for parking violates according to the francisco examiner" 360 tickets were sured for you have lays including cars parked in bus zones, red zones, double parking and mocking drives and traffic. the number of tickets issued on sunday is still coming in.
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>> google is pitting fiber service in silicon valley on hand saying putting cable in the ground is too expensive. it was to launch in a few months but the parent company acquireed a new company that will adopt the wireless technology providing super fast internet service at lower cost without digging up streets. google is expected to focus on aerial installation of fiber. >> a ferris wheel disaster, three young girls fell 40' from a county fair ride. >> san francisco homemade famous in "full house," is off the market and how were it sold for. >> a look outside from mount tam camera. a beautiful summer sunrise and you should get a similar day today than what you had yesterday. up-to-the-minute weather and up-to-the-minute weather and traffic information coming up
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(avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. >> under cloud, and behind me the weather window is showing a few feet away with the embarcadero calmer than yesterday, and temperatures are the same as they were yesterday in san francisco, and presidio
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and lake merced and through the ferry building at 56 degrees, and we are showing tells the samefulry where this morning because of the cloud cover, and as we need through the day, it will be choppy if you are sailing or jogging watch out for the strong sunshine, and cool to hot from the cost inland if you are buying. we will look at the numbers in the neighborhood and arming what trend is on the way. >> similar view to what you have up there on the roof, and here is a look from our rooms at the embarcadero, and bay bridge, and move along okay right now, and keep in mind for the evening commute we have guns and roses at at&t park with start time at 6:30. it could have an impact into and out of san francisco and back to the south bay, an update on possible motorcycle down the on-ramp to northbound 85, some conflicting reports into authorities from callers and do not have word on injury south of 280 in the cupertino area. quote have one lane down.
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another update on traffic in a few. >> something we do not often hear, a home in san francisco sold for below asking price. what is more surprising is this home is when you will surely recognize. this house made famous by "full house." it sold for $4 million, and that $150,000 less than the original asking price when it went on the market back in may. the victorian home was describe ed in a listing as "rare piece of san francisco history." realtors say the original show is not currently on tv. i am still surprised. asurprised, too. >> a health scare for the giants manager and when he could be back from the dug." >> cutting down on distracted >> cutting down on distracted driving wher
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs.
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i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, this is abc7 news. >> san francisco police arrested a man who may have been trying to break in to at&t park this is video of the officers put has been cuffs on a suspect and danger -- and taking away the bicycle. >> developing news, three girls recovering after falling more than 30' from a ferris wheel at a county fair in tennessee.
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investigators just gave us an update. we are monitor that and we are joined with more information. >> i have new information on how the three girls are doing. unfortunately, we have just learned that one child has a head injury. the two others trend alert last night, but as far as police know, all three girls are still hospitalized at this hour. right now, all the rides at the fair are shut down and a big investigation is underway. the three young girls fell from the ferris while when the cart flipped 90 degrees near greenville in tennessee and investigators saying the cabin was caught on the cabin under it which that caused it to one of the girls hit the metal railings. >> i have three kids this fell from the ferris wheel. three kids. >> they screamed and hit the ground. laying there.
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everyone was called 9-1-1 and they had the ambulances and helicopters coming in. i don't know the little girls but they were so little and i hate to see this... >> others riding the ferris wheel were rescued with a fork lit and a fire truck ladder when the ride stopped. this morning, there are several averages involved in the investigation. we will keep you updated. >> thank you, police in kansas city are revealing the ten-year-old who died at the schlitterbahn water park died of a neck injury found at the bomb office the slide in a will pox the investigation into what, exactly, happened is still ongoing. speeds on the slide can reach 50 miles per hour. a co-own wear said the slight is not a family ride and should be ridden by people into extreme adventure. >> today a new urgent care facility opening in san francisco's castro district, is
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the first bay areast for the joint venture of dignity health and go health urgent care, promising to provide a new model of high quality patient focused urgent care. the center is open seven days a week and officials will cut the ribbon at 10:00 a. >> giants manager is expected to be back with the tomorrow after spending the night in the hospital. he is resting comfortably and is in florida. the giants are laying the mar minutes on the ride. they will not give specifics but that he was feeling "ill." >> the game last night is going to go down in history. crawford became the first giants ever to record seven hits in a game. he is the first major leaguetory do this in 41 years. the crawford's final hit was the game running single in the 14th given 8-7 lead for the giant as. the bench manager said that he picked a heck of a day to take
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off. >> hard work by santa clara representatives has resulted in a financial wind fall for the valley transportation authority. the department has awarded $2.5 million to buy a float of zero emission buses and used to upgrit a maintenance facility to service the buses and electric buses will provide free public transportation connections between v.t.a. light rain and san jose, and out of san jose international airport and the commuter rail station in santa clara. >> you supply to put your coffee and food away in new jersey. lawmakers are considering a bill to ban all activity not related to driving your car. that means no more snacking. no sipping. no apply mass carry -- >> the thing on law it is written to say "any activity unrelated to the operation of a car." what is that? everything. giving director kid a bag of carrots in the back, talking to
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a fellow passenger, anything do you in the car that can seen as distracted driving. >> that is interesting, i did not thing of a couple of those. new bill is going too far some say, and the challenge the state could have in enforcing it start ing at 7:00. >> i spent quality time in until for the convention going to philadelphia and the people this live and breath their cars. they not pedestrians. not a lot of pedestrian areas for city. >> mike nicco is on the roof. a gray start to the day? >> gray. miffy. in cleaning the rear drums while you are driving. cloudy this morning, and then sunshine, and excessive heat thursday, friday and saturday. watch out for the breezes north of the bay bridge and east bay bridge starting at 3:00 and lasting until 10:00, and up to
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24 to 38 miles per hour. temperatures today are down in the south bay, from milpitas at 76, to morgan hill at 85, right in between, a light breeze, 81 in san jose, and up the peninsula, san mateo, 73 degrees, sunshine break out before noon, and cooler around pacifica at 62 and warmer around redwood city at 69, and in san francisco, 69 is our average high for today, cooler at 60 and daly city 62 and south san francisco, and up in the north bay, you get closer to the san pablo day it will be breezy and that will hold vallejo at 79, and sausalito at accident, and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere and stand rose at 88 and long east bay shore, strong sunshine, 74 in oakland, and mid-to-upper 70s everywhere and richmond at 71, and inland, it will be in the upper 80s to low 90s so watch out for the hot sunshine. temperatures tomorrow take a step back by a degree or two, and we will add those back for thursday and a couple more
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degree by friday and saturday and sunday and monday weer's average, and away from the coast but nothing too extreme in the next couple of days. how is the commute? >> we are looking okay, we have not had any major problems since we first started at 4:30 this morning and that sig-alert is long gone by now and we looked at the big picture you can see mostly green on the traffic grows, a new issue if you are traveling in oakland, westbound 580 at the 98024 split you can see red and jell-o under the icon, indicating road hazard and someone lost the trailer, association unfortunately, a few vehicles hit that and it sounds like the vehicle that was drive the trailer did not stop and i a not sure in they were aware they lost it but they are looking for the person and course we have the typical delays through the bay bridge toll plaza and westbound 80 from berkeley to emeryville we moving along with a lot of company and over ought it is average. we will look at the drive times in a few minutes.
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>> here is something you don't expect to see on a hive, a -- on a hike, a cash on a leash, this is a photo to mount tam in marin, taking a cat and a dog to enjoy nature. i tried walking a was before and it is like >> it was national cat day yesterday. >> there are five words to describe this next video. the don't try this at home but it is amazing. >> if you go to 24 hour fitness and do this you will be kicked out. this is a spenter, going viral, she said...i can run seven miles per hour on a good day and she is going 20 miles per hour and in the back ground you can see the guy jumping rope and he is normal so that indicates to us she did not speed up this video.
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she attending the university of louisiana in lafayette in the fall and i have a feeling this is not the last we will hear of her. i love the twitter handle "@turnup. >> next, seven-day forecast has what you need look out for if you are consider buying pet insurance. >> disney insurance in >> disney insurance in florida...
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>> scary moment from walt disney's show, the actor playing dopey loses his footing and falls to the floor. it looks like it hurt so much. and he planned on the cast member: the lands on goofy. >> both were treated on the scene, they are okay and this is scene, they are okay and this is under review... >> i am glad they are okay.
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>> and plu testimony o is doing the show. >> and now ask michael finney. a question on insurance for our friends. michael finney has the answer from "7 on your side". >> i wanted to start a new line of credit and as a young adult establishing new credit, should i start a new opening of a bunch of lanes of credit and what is your advise? >> from question. hook, apply for credit cards, if they give you one you are on the way. if not, get a secured credit card. that is where you put, say, $200 in the bank and they let you charge up to that amount. after six months of pay on time and in full every month, then you ask them for a regular credit card. they will probably give you one and you pay that on time. >> that is the wrong clip from michael finney. >> we had a little mistake.
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if you have a question for manufacture in record it on the smartphone or tablet. you can share it on social and see your questionanced right here. >> the move to protect black students who go do berkeley and another massive hack, with information compromised after a russian cyber attack. >> is justice really unravelling in san francisco? coming up, what the city's public gdper is saying a witness saw on a sheet of paper circulating in court. >> the sun is up. it hooks -- looks good. you can see our highs today compared to year, not much much a change but i have a warming a change but i have a warming trend in the seven-day (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪
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good morning, 6:30 already, and i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is tuesday, august 9. somer is back. meteorologist mike nicco has the weather information you need before you go identity the door. >> good morning, everyone. on the roof, we are trying to get miffy and the closer you are to the cost you could get wet. but no organized area of measurable rain. the day planner shows 48 to 58, through 7:00, and it will be bright and blue everywhere by noon, and 60 at the cost and 77 inland, and sunshine at the
6:31 am
coast by 4:00, 61 to 88 inland close to average. the commute is looking average, and we are at the point where only the car pool lanes are moving okay, fast track and cash lanes are traveling, and the the drive time southbound 1017 minutes and bay bridge is continue mits and beyond the toll plaza, of course, when 92 still green and 18 minutes. still green and 18 minutes. mass transit coming up. leavenworth and jefferson with a wild story. >> absolutely. very while. it wasn't the typical smash-and-grab but was well executed. a source who saw the surveillance video said before 3:00 this morning a van came up on the sidewalk where i am standing. two of the suspects got out.
6:32 am
they wedged a battering ram between the van and this glass door. the driver of the van that put the van into gear hit the pedal and the ram did what it was spoused to do, smashed through the director. if you -- through the door. can you see the battering ram is still on the floor. on the inside of door. the video goes on to show that two of the suspects m the store with empty bags and a up cough minutes later the bags were full and they took off before police arrived there was security guard who called the police but we do not know how much merchandise was stolen and the property manager has to get here on the scene to get an estimate but the robbery is a year and a half arrest the rash of electronic store smash-and-grabs throughout san francisco and the peninsula so you can imagine at the love the electronic store owners are nervous this morning and hop
6:33 am
that this does not set off another string of burglaries. now another crime, a massive crime, a computer hack to could involve where you shop or east at oracle fell victim to an international cybercrime. a security company said a russian organized cyber group hacked oracle targeting the division that we road 330,000 cash registers operating inside hotels and restaurants an the world. in the throat customers, oracle admits code was found in the software and assures the customers that data is were scripted. perhaps the real sign of the types here is the reaction you get if you ask the average person on the street. >> i am not surprised usually once a week my credit cards are stolen and i happy it. >> she is not surprised. experts advise people to coach an eye on their accounts and to
6:34 am
report fahd u charges. the public defender said some are not getting a fair share in court after a witness history was fund circulated that called the defendants "bad guys." the public defender said the witness saw this sheet of paper circulating in court yesterday and look on the ride -- right side of the screen, the witness column said "bad guys," but it should say "defendant." it is important the system be perceiveed as fair if you pass around a witness list referring to defendants or accusing criminal cases as bad guys, it sends the wrong message. all the district attorney that usually circulates a left has no idea who created the sheet and the public wind are say the preshum shun of innocence is paramount in court because in the cases he sees a third are thrown out before trial. >> hundreds of court employees will walk the pick account line
6:35 am
again today in santa clara county. >> today is the 5th day of strike. they vow do strike until an agreement is reached over raises. officials say they cannot afford what the workers want the union leaders accuse the county of spending teach money on the courthouse. >> spending all that money they could have build something like the hall of justice where services are public. it does not need to be fancy just something that would not waste the taxpayer money. what do you do if have curt businessst go anyway. they are still trying to accommodate as many as they can. >> mack students at uc berkeley have third own resource center next month, working for 15 months with the chancellor do create the center. the conversation started after the deadly shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the union hosts though can provide a place for students to
6:36 am
fell safe and nameed at a civil rights leader. >> and now some areas near the soberanes fire will re-open after the fire lines jumped over the weekend and cah fire is worried that shifting fire will blow this on to highway one. it has burned sent,000 acres and 50% contained. >> a wildfire thread to 6,400 acres forcing hundreds of evacuations starting on sunday. it is now only 6% contained. 375 hopes under mandatory evacuation orders and another 5,000 homes are under voluntary advisories. >> we are on the roof and watching the pacific princess come into the port of san francisco right now. it looks nice. in san jose, 87 at the shark
6:37 am
tank, and temperatures are ranging from 51 in saratoga to mountain view and san jose at 57 , and santa theresa is 58. san carlos and danville and alum pickup at 56 and fairfield and san francisco, and here is what will happen today, temperatures are close to average, from 60s along cost in san francisco, to 70s around the bay, and 80's inland, and until you get to the east bay we will hit the 90s and see a drop of a couple of degrees tomorrow, especially near the coast and into san francisco, and on thursday we see a little deficit a return -- little bit of a return but still not out of hand. on friday, saturday and sunday our warm of the days, all coming up in the seven-day forecast. but, first, the commute. >> good morning, we just getting word of a big problem in the fairfield area, so, at our traffic man, westbound 80, a rolled vehicle and judging by the backup, we have something
6:38 am
going on. we are making calls to c.h.p. right now, and trying to get that confirmed but we do know we have two lanes blocked, possibly three lanes blocked and i measured this out, it is close to five miles of heavy traffic, and using the speed indication tool you are acknowledging only seven miles per hour approaching that. it will be a big headache if you can avoid that i recommend it. mass transit, if you use that for an option, bart train is on time and 53 trains in service right now, and train one, ace train, was late this morning due to an early mechanical issue and they got that mixed but it is running 35 minutes late, and trains three and five are on time, and caltrain is okay in green. another update on the problem on westbound 80 in a few minutes. >> now we will talk about the red, red lanes in the mission district could change. these are red bus only lanes on mission strene 14th to 30th and it is causing maybes for
6:39 am
drivers and businesses. right new, the two forced right turns are reversed, one at 26th and one at 22nd and business from car driving customers is dropping. continues it officials will take up the changes next week. >> you may know about coyotes in san francisco but there is one that likes to play lick a dog. this quiet likes to play with a ball. the video shows the coyote running back-and-forth but remember, coyotes can be dangerous. early this year city supervisor called for a meeting to address the growing coyote population. all the warriors want to take their low go to a local middle school. the board is going do consider a partnership when the warriors and the new wily brown middle school in southeast san francisco. this is according to the "san
6:40 am
francisco examiner" putting their low go on center court and fund team-branded backboards. the school board has strict advertising rules so we will see in they make an exception for the warriors. >> is this a case of karma? the unexpected twist after a second arsonist in kentucky tried to set a build on fire. >> san francisco bicyclist takes matters into their own hand with a memorial they are sending to drivers in the city. >> but, first a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> coming up on "good morning america" breaking overnight a her filing ferry wheel accident in tennessee. three young children falling 30' three young children falling 30' to th
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>> a tough day in store for delta passengers with the number of canceled conflicts up. more delays after a computer system failure yesterday. matt keller is at sfo. matt? >> yes, natasha, we got an update from delta. they say that they went from 250 flights cancel today to more than 300 flights canceled. a lot of the people who were on the flights yesterday, a thousand nights canceled on monday morning and now they are in line trying to get on a flight today at sfo. the lines are long. up to the delta counter. here is what delta wants you did
6:43 am
know: expect delays, cancellations, and long lines. you can rebook without fees today, in your flight is canceled or you have a three hour or more delay you get compensation like $200 travel voucher. remember, unaccompanied minors who have not traveled yet will not be allowed to get on a plane today but have to wait until at least tomorrow. most importantly check the flight status before you head to the airport this morning. >> we are thinking of the folks in line thank you, we are hearing more from the former bay area resident whose just announced his body as an independent for the united states presidency. and here is that story. >> yes, reggie, mcmullen just spoke and he essentially said that he has a shot. he is a former c.i.a. operative who previously worked for goldman sachs in san francisco. he most recently worked on policy for house republicans. he is being funded and help by
6:44 am
republicans unhappy with donald trump. this morning, he is saying he has the campaign money to make his run competitive against donald trump and hillary clinton and he also addressed worries about him never having before held public office. take a listen. >> no, i have not served in elected office before. but that is because i have been busy doing things that have given me the knowledge and the skill set to answer some of the country's biggest challenges from day one. >> mcmulch said he hopes someone with big make recognition would jump in but that does not happen he felt obligated and faces expired ballot deadlines but could hurt trump in utah where he had another week to get on the ballot. he told abc7 that he sidestepped questions about his run helping to hand hillary clinton the white house and when he does speak to abc, mcmullen simply said that trump "will lose to hillary clinton regardless." we will see what happens.
6:45 am
summer bad poll news for donald trump this morning, a survey found that donald trump is trailing hillary clinton by 12 points among registered votes, and analysts say the results reflect the fall intermediate from trump's feud with the geld star family and republican leaders, yesterday in dry donald trump tried to get back on message with a speech on economic policy. >> i am proposing an across-the-board income tax reduction especially for middle income americans, and this will lead to millions of new and really good-paying jobs. hillary clinton's campaign said she looking forward to participating in all three presidential debates and donald trump is raising questions of the debate schedule complaining some are on during nfl games. conservatives say they cannot stomach the thought of rum true as the canidate and are trying to do something now. the group is called the going
6:46 am
accountability protect and it is circulating a petition calling for the republican national convention to hold a special meeting during which donald trump could be replaced as nominee. the project officials admit it is a very long shot. >> a marijuana advocate who is a long time member of the marin health care district board, wants patients at marin general hospital to be allowed to use mold pot. the doctor who worked at the hospital is not advocating patients be allowed to smoke inside the hop, because smoking is prohibited but according to the independent journal he favors inhalation units where the pop is distributed and along the lanes of what they do at hospitals in israel. speaking of marijuana, of course, in november you can decide what to localize recreational pot, through data showing a major cultural shift on the subject. the number of adults who smoked weed has doubled in three years curing to a new poll. 13% adult americans say they
6:47 am
smoke, and 43% have tried it. and, also, a third of those would use it regularly report signs of addiction. >> twitter is like many of us, and now are searching for roommates. and now a check of that story and the money report from jane king. >> good morning, everyone. we are in thing do days of summer, with trade listless but we are positive, the dow is up 32 points and the s&p 500 and nasdaq are trading slightly here. twitter is looking to sublease out a total of 183,000 square feet of space in the san francisco offices, and that is according to 15-page marketing perspective posted online and reports in "usa today", with the space on four separate floors of the company headquarters located on two buildings at 10th and market is available now, and the surprise "negotiable." twitter occupies 600,000 square feet in the two buildings. all the next iphone reportedly will have two cameras, and no
6:48 am
headphone jacket with a duo camera that can snap brighter photos and both cameras can take a picture at one time and emergency them. where does california rank when it comes to having a baby? it is 17th in the nation, the state ranked really high for baby friendliness and california has the lowest infant mortality rate in the nation but the state lost points nor the cot of both types of deliveries. mike nicco is on the roof and has been stare at the cruise passengers. >> they are in for a noise day. >> yes. it is taking it half an hour to get in there. now, everyone, we will look from the exploritorium camera at pier 15, if you take the ferry from the north bay it will start off
6:49 am
breezy but choppy but it is calm closer to the ferry building in san francisco. sfo is showing the sunshine and no delays and sunny in the afternoon, and even the coast, summer spread at 35 degrees and sound alamos and clouds back tonight and bump up on friday and saturday in temperatures. pivot along the coast but nothing measurable will fall and we will look in the south bay our temperatures are in the low-to-mid 80s in most neighborhoods and milpitas and cupertino and santa cruz, mid-to-upper 70s, and peninsula also in the mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is 71, and low-to-mid 60s along the coast today and we will threaten 70 in downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and mid-to-upper 80s through the north bay, and deeping into cloverdale, low 90, and low-to-mid 50s for the east bay sure and castro valley and fremont in the upper 70s and the hourly day planner for oakland, 59 right now, and heading out at noon, sunshine and 67, and 72 degrees at 2:00, and that is agency for this time of the year.
6:50 am
a last step underland east bay neighbor, 87 at san ramon, to bankrupted would at 93. tonight, we are back in the low-to-mid 50s and tomorrow, a degree or two cooler, adding it back on thursday, and we are above average on friday, and saturday, and sunday away from the coast. up to fairfield, we have something going on, and i am trying to get to the bottom it, we will have reports of a roller collision at westbound 80 before green valley before the cordelia stretch. it is possible it is cleared and there could be a second crash in the backup so you add those together, you are looking at seven miles of pretty heavy traffic. not a lost fun westbound 80 through that stretch. and the san mateo bridge is cool, and westbound side is heavy, and we are socked in for the golden gate bridge, so, lower visibility if you are
6:51 am
coming in from marin county. another traffic update coming up and back to fairfield in a few minutes. >> san francisco bicyclists tar icing matters into third own hands as far as safety. the group is san francisco transformation age, and saying the city is fought doing enough to protect them. a guerilla organization has a mission to create more awareness of bicycle lanes and the need forbear areas separating the bicycles and cars a two bicycle fatalities this summer the last structure. they are putting out cones along the bicycle lanes. they on. i had no idea who does it. now that i know who does i, i am...i am thrilled to know there are people who are look out for the rest of us. >> the spokesman said that the city does need to do more and said since 2010 san francisco has installed 27 miles of bicycle lanes. >> helicopter pilot who helped accept for miss people here in
6:52 am
the bay area helped search for a miss man in oregon, and the man was last seen two weeks ago on the pacific crest trillion. it is recorded that jim higgins flew the chopper over the area to find any sign of the man. higgins provided a tip yesterday but it tinned out not to be anything of substance. deputies in oregon have topped looking for him but volunteers will continue the ground search. >> man caught on camera trying to burn down a barber shop in kentucky and you can see him getting out of the van, put something down, and he catches himself on fire, do you see the leg burning there? police say man tossed a come of molotov cocktails at business, he missed the second time, liquid flashed back and he ran off, he loses a shoe there, and the a son suspect, though, did not stop but grabbed another bottle and poured it out by barber shop and the man and woman left in the van and police
6:53 am
are still searching for them. >> sometimes you can judge a person's character and this is one of them. we are back with the seven things you need to know before you go. you go. >> we are head the out and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it.
6:54 am
(vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> here's the seven things you need to know before you go. overnight, san francisco police are investigating a brazen break-in at a store at fisherman's wharf, with the
6:55 am
source saying they saw the suspect use a ram to smash through the door and take off in a van. no word on how much merchandise was actually stolen. >> two, all lanes of northbound 880 in hayward are back open after a deadly crash this morning. a box truck and big-rig were involved. a driver died. we do not know the cause. >> three, if you are flying delta, switch your ticket to day out of sfo. nights are still on time there right new. they are canceling or delaying hundreds of flights today after a power outage that crippled the system yesterday. >> golf club in the east bay is closing up in antioch on thursday after 16 years in business. the owner said that water costs out of control and cannot keep up. >> five, look for sunshine and half an hour quicker today as temperatures are seasonal from 60 at the coast to 90s inland. >> westbound 80 has a long backup through the forward area,
6:56 am
and we had a reported rollover crash earlier at green valley, and c.h.p. said that all lanes are back only now. >> seven, do you feel like being an adult is hard? east carolina university is offering classes on how to be an adult and overcome pitfalls of growing up. >> one includes...dealing with failure. and dealing with being "out of time."
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror on the ferris wheel, three young children fall nearly 50 feet to the ground after their basket flips over. >> i was hollering please stop. stop, stop the machine. >> the girls rushed by helicopter to the hospital. the latest on the investigation right now. massive fires and floods. more than 6,000 acres burning in california, forcing thousands of residents to flee and remnants of tropical storm javier wreaking havoc on the southwest. new jogger murder mystery. another young woman found dead after going out on a run by herself, killed in broad daylight less than one mile from her mom's home. the second deadly incident in just days. two communities on edge this morning. rivalries heat up in rio.


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