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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 9, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. more travel trouble this tuesday. travel efforts are stranded or delayed at bay area airports after delta flight canceled hundreds more flights today. i am natasha zouves. >> i am kristen sze. this is the second dave mass cancellations after yesterday's global meltdown of the booking and communications system. matt keller is at san francisco international airport with the latest. getting better, matt? >> not a good day at sfo. if you check the flight board every delta night is delayed or canceled. check out the line in the people trying to get their boarding
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passes checked. this line stretched to terminal 2, from terminal 1. expect more problems today. it is not even noon. people piled in early to sfo to try to secure a spot an a delta flight. >> what do you think of the line? >> hilarious. >> i have never seen delta this long the. >> not everyone is laughing. the fall intermediate from the glitch that caused delta to cancel a thousand flights on monday spilled interest tuesday the hundred of nights cancel around the nation, many more delayed. one family is not sure how or when they will get home to south carolina. what did you find out? >> our flight was delayed two hours. we will miss our connection. all the connection is where? >> atlanta, georgia. >> what does that mean for the family? >> we probably have to go on a different airline. >> delta is allowing people to rebook without fees. the airline is offering companies to those who have
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flight canceled or had a delay of more than three hours. the flight from sfo to atlanta was scheduled to take off last night at 11:15. i have not slept, up since 10 a.m. yesterday. >> at 4:45a he had boarding pass and headed to the gate. >> they gave me 5,000 sky miles, $200 voucher and a paper that said i am entitled to a refund. whatever...who knows what that means. >> delta said the unaccompanied mines are not allowed. make sure you double check the airline website before you head to the airport, and when you get to the airport, be friend. you could be waiting for several hours. >> thank you, matt. in the east bay, a landlord is giving a restaurant 3 days to get out. now the community is saying, not is fast. tiffany wilson is in richmond
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with the effort going on right now. >> good morning, natasha, several hundred people turned tout show their support and many are behind me. a dozen spoke in support of the restaurant owner. the owner emigrated here from ethiopia and evercame homelessness and got a job as a hostess for $7 an hour at this restaurant in 1995. 14 years ago she became the restaurant's owner and has grown the restaurant into a landmark and said the building owner jacqueline poe is acting like a bully. i specific to jackie poe and she said a contractor found sewage leaking under the building and she wanted to shut down the restaurant to prevent emfrom getting sick. >> poe said it was her responsibility to take care and she does not doing a good a good job. the health inspector was here and listed the sewage complaint
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as "inwill have a it." >> i have pictures of the raw sewage that is under here but it is not evidence when you go in because it is underneath. >> it happens to me today, but...i doing a good job and by giving more love i would win. >> she said the richmond is her home, she will fight for her restaurant, and she does not want to leave. if you come back out here the po. family gave us these pictures of what they say is the sigh agency leak under the restaurant. we have not been able to independently verify them. we will continue to follow this developing story. in richmond for abc7. thank you. developing news in san francisco, police are investigating a bold break in at an electronic store.
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we were at fisherman's wharf where it happened at 3:00 this morning, at leavenworth and jefferson street. a van drove up on to the sidewalk and got in by useing a batting ram. it is a chronic problem. >> it happened the last six months, five or six times the break-in. for 20 years, more than continue times. >> the fox employee said the manager will not let the store install a security gate because there is a surveillance video. the estimate is that the thieves took hundreds of cameras and lones valued up to $100,000. >> new details on an arrest outside at&t park. look at this video of officers handcuffing a man accused of trespassing. he ran on to the field shortly before 4:00 a.m., and officers convinced him to climb become over the fence and while talking to him, determined that he was
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mentally ill, he is 28, from anaheim and now under going a psychological evaluation. >> the c.h.p. is investigating a deadly crash along interrogate 880 in hayward. the box truck and a big-rig collided at 2:45 this morning on the northbound stretch of 880 near industrial parkway. a driver died at the scene. this is in word on the other's condition. >> we are tracking developing news from the peninsula where san bruno police are looking in a pair of purse snapers. a woman was sitting if her car parked at san bruno city park and you can see it on the map. show was there yesterday and two machine approached her car wearing dark clothing. one freed into her car window and grabbed her hurricane. they drove off and head east on crystal springs road. >> a former san mateo resident killed while playing pokemon go in san francisco is remembered at two services this week. the ofs is for 20-year-old calvin riley begain on tuesday, at st. gregory's church in san
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mateo and a funeral is 11:00 a.m. on friday. both are open to the public. riley was shot and killed on saturday night near adequate adequate -- aquatic park in san francisco. ayear after a 10-year old boy was killed in kansas three girls fell from a ferris wheel in ten raising questions of the safety of amusement rights and how they are regulated. jessica castro joins us with this. >> both indemocrats trend under investigation and the for list wheel accident has prompted the county fair in tennessee to shut down all of the rides until they are deemed "safe." >> i have 30 kids that -- three kids that fell from the ferris wheel. all the cabin was caught on a cart underneath, and it tipped 90 degrees, and sent the girls fewing from 30-45'.
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>> those little kids...they screamed and then they hit the ground and laying there. >> two children were alert and answering questions. i cannot tell you in the third was but the third child was, does have a head injury. >> in kansas, still shock over the death of a popular water park. water slides are among the most addition attractions at amusement parks according to the consumer products safety commission. there were 7,200 water slide injuries last career alone. >> -- last area alone. i knew that somebody mad fallen off the raft. >> police confirmed the ten -year-old son of a kansas lawmakers, died from a income injury when tossed from the raft at the end of what is known as the tallest water slide in the world. >> two years ago early safety checks of the slide showed that
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sandbag dummies going airborne and prompting officials to add seat belts and safety notes before the ride opened. >> here in california it is the state's amustment ride unit this is in charge of inspecting and approving the rides with different requirements for portable rides like the ones you see at a fair compared to permanent rides like you sigh at a place like california's great america. if you would like too see more information on the regulations fine this story on >> thank you. the peninsula woman is dealing with a huge clean up at her home this morning after show said an airbnb renter used her home to shoot porn. cornell barnard broke the story and the home owner believes she was a sex worker and she left the water running in the bathtub she posted this video showing mess and $10,000 in damage. the woman renting the room said
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she was a rental agent but it did not add up. >> the pieces fell in place she was more than likely using my bath almost as a business to take photos of herself. >> in a statement airbnb said that they have zero tolerance for this behavior and removed the guest. >> airbnb is working do cover the cost damage. >> hundreds of court employees are walking picket lines in santa clara county again today. >> today is the 5th day of their strike and they are vowing to continue until an agreement is reached over raises officials say they cannot afford what workers want accusing the county of spending too much money on a new courthouse in san jose. spending all that money they could have built a halt of justice where the service public, it does not need to be fancy, just something that was built that would not waste 9
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taxpayer money. >> if you have court business, you still have to go trying to acome bait as many as possible. >> changing could be coming to the red lanes in the district the broad bus only lanes along mission street between 4th and 30th have caused a major headache for drivers and for businesses. two forced right turn will be reversed, one at 26th and another at 22nd, the summer chaps say business from customers with cars has dropped, and officials will take up the changes next tuesday. >> this is concern of the zika virus growing again, and this time as we learn of a tragedy in texas. >> and cal fire zeros in on highway one at the soberanes fire burns and what is the top item the watch list that could impact public safety. >> later from the court to the classroom, a bay area school may soon be flashing their dub nation pride. >> a look outside right now of our camera in downtown san jose,
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sunny, warmer, and meteorologist mike nicco has the
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>> texas health official say a baby born with zika virus-births defected has died. the mother contracted the virus while traveling to el salvador. her baby passed away shortly after being born. the new born had mike selfly --
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been born with the zika virus related birth defects and nearly a thousand pregnant women are infected with zika in the united states and the united states territories. >> cal fire is watching highway one north of big sur as the sob first buns. this morning, 16 miles was shut down after flamed jumped the five line. shifting winds could blow the fire on to the highway. more than 67,000 acres has burned, account fire now is 50% contained. a wildfire in enter know county is quickly spreading to nearly 6,300 acres forcing hundreds of over evacuation situations and the pilot fire started on sunday afternoon, now only 6% contained. right now, 375 homes are under a mandatory evacuation orders and another 5,000 homes are under voluntary advisories. >> kids can not wait grow up but sometimes it is dutchy ride a school is getting creative to make the transition easier.
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>> and good morning, from the roof, i am meteorologist mike nicco, with a picture from mount a.t.m.,sun coming out earlier than yesterday, but the soberanes fire could return to the forecast. i will explain coming up. >> at&t park is ready to rock and not everyone is excited about that the warning to residents before guns n' roses
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> a concert by an 80s band is raising noise concerns for the neighbors that live near at&t park. guns and roses will take the stage, running from 7:00 p.m. until 11:00 tonight. there have been previous compliments of loud concerts at at&t and the venue is giving notice to neighbors that it is making efforts to reduce the volume and has set up a sound complaint hotline. >> are we welcoming them to the jungle, the november rain what can we say for guns and roses? >> it will not be a paradise city with all of noise. >> look at you. >> columbia house, i sat on the c --s and i was hooked. >> now, maybe you are hooked on sunshine we had early this morning, come off the bay as the exploritorium picked up the early sunshine and it looks
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gorgeous. this is how it looks from emeryville with a few clouds in distance, the cost will clear as we head into the afternoon hours and a few lingering clouds, mostly sunny and seasonal and mist near the coast and a item warmth on thursday, and friday and saturday. winds are coming from the south at surface, but this is not going to be an issue. when the mid-helpful winds come in the south later in the week we will start to get more smoke from the soberanes fair in the south bay. until that time the biggest concern with the winds is going to be the small craft advisory, the same area as year, the same winds and the same time from 3:00 this afternoon until 10:00 in the evening. you can see the clearing take place across the north by coast, and that is going to make it down through most of the coast today but a few lingering clouds and we will call it sunny. already, 57 at half moon bay, and 66 in san francisco, and oakland is 65 and san jose is 67, and a last 70s as you head inland, and our destination is mid-to-upper 70s milpitas and sunnyvale and cupertino and santa cruz and low-to-mid 80s
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for the south bay like san jose at 81 and mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula and we go from 80 in los altos to milbrae at 71 forth through the pension that, low-to-mid 60s along the coast and nearly 70 in downtown, south san francisco, ask sausalito. mid-to-upper 80s through the north bay with pet hum at 85 and mid-to-upper 70's for most of the east bay sure and richmond at 71 and oakland at 74 and we star outside with the baltimore orioles on a good most and we will see if we can keep it going at 66 for the 7:00 first pitch but you need the hoodie, 59 and under stars by 10:00. temperatures in the upper 80s in the san ramon valley, everyone else inland east bay is in the low-to-mid 90s. by 7:00, we are down at least 5-10 degrees from the highs and 50s and 60s at 9:00, and you will want to grab a jacket. the stars they tend to cool off quickly or the lack of clouds do in the 50s tonight, a little bit cooler tomorrow, and we are going to gain the pushes back on thursday and it will be warmer on friday, saturday, and sunday,
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and before average with no 100s or 90s, just 80s around the bay and 90 inland, and at the coast you will stay in the 60. a school is now offering classesoning -- classes on being an adult, and all the we pitfall growing up with skills like paying bills, and needing deadlines. stress reduction andry sell conference, and some young people are too hard on themselves because of sole media, and the others have perfect lives and think success is going from point "a" to point "b" with no ups or downs or troubles in between. all the warriors want to take their logo to a local middle school, and the board of education will consider a partnership between the warriors and the willie brown middle school in southeast san francisco. that is according to the examiner, putting their logo at center court and on existing backboards but the school board
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has strict add very tuesdaying rules and will hear the issue today. we have seen videos of dogs overshowed seeing the southeast for the first time we will explain why this husky could not be more filmed to run around in
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>> we have breaking news with a crash that is east of the airport. in the san jose area. it is affecting traffic. >> this is north of highway 87, as we pull out you can see how slow it is getting through, and at least one major injury, first called in as big-rig accident with several cars, three or four but we do not see a big-rig. it is a truck but you can see the impact on traffic in the area. that is northbound we in san jose, the closest exit is brokaw, follow us at abc7 news bay area for the latest updates with the backup extending. >> arizona is then for hot and dry weather. can you understand where a husky went wild the first time she saw a giant mud puddle. it is okay it is muddy, it is water, right? the husky was everjoyed and the family said the storms flooded their back yesterday and the dog saw i as the best thing ever. running around, and she can not
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get enough bouncing around, in the mud, and we have seen the videos of dogs seeing ocean for the first time, but small are scale but just as sweet. >> kids love mud puzzles. have a wonderful day.
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>> hey, everybody, welcome to the show, where, all this week, we are playing with some of the most eligible bachelors in america. and i'm gonna try to hook them up with some big money. it's eligible bachelor week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody! how's it going? welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who want to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] let's do it. this should be fun this week, especially for me. today's first eligible bachelor is a princeton grad, who was voted "best smile" in high school. we'll be the judge of that now. sounds like a pretty good catch. from washington, d.c., please welcome kevin hyzak. [cheers and applause] what's up, kevin? >> chris. >> how you doing, man? good to see you. >> yeah, good to be here. >> it's a pretty good smile. >> thanks. >> i hear we almost met before.


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