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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the breaking news is coming out of lake county this morning, where fast moving wildfire continues to grow. >> thousands have been forced from their hopes and crews from across the bay area are heading north to help identity. for many, as you can see, it is too late. their homes and businesses are gone. >> we have team coverage this morning starting with amy hollyfield who is in lower lake, a hardest hit area. amy? look at this devastation, it was a two-story officer building, a real estate office on the bottom floor. the stairs is the only thing standing here. this is next to the habitat for humanity offices which also were burned. this block is in ruins, but, the fire is sporadic, it is fine across the street with a car
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repair shop in perfect condition, stand asking no problems. no power, of course, but this side of the street looking all right, so very sporadic damage. it is still smoky with fire bumping here downtown. but here is a look at what it looks like yesterday. it swept through downtown destroying homes and cars and businesses. 4,000 people have been evacuated and everyone got out okay with no injuries reported. firefighters officially say that ten structures destroyed, we can look around and we suspect that number is going to climb. here is what the postmaster told us about the town. >> they were able to save the post office, there is a fire hydrant in front of office and they were able to save our post office as well as the tire shop next door but unfortunately the sandwich shop we are directly next to, was lost.
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>> this started on saturday afternoon and, really, whipped up yesterday, they are calling it the clayton fire and they describe the fire's behavior as intense. right now, they are saying 3,000 acres have burned, 5% is contained, but we are expecting an update on the numbers in the next hour, hour and a half and here is a look new at fires we still see burning in downtown. we can see firefighters keeping an cry point, their hoses are still full, and, notice, they are putting water on it because the damage has been continue. water not make a difference at this point and they need to conserve the water for when they need it. these folks have been through this so many times, a power outage is forcing the evacuation center at the senior center to close. this video three other locations open. including high school on main street and tin pine in middletown and 7th day
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adventist church in lakeport. the clearlake highland center had to close because of the power outage. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am jessica castro. now, to mike nicco tracking the condition of the firefighters. it is view dropping what they are facing. >> it is. it will be worse. the next couple of days. most of us are waking up to most and drizzle, what they need, here are conditions, 72 degrees. only 22% humidity. the winds are calm. at lunch, they are going do kick up in the 10-15 miles per hour range and they blow southeast and southwest and northwest. they will blow all over the place. that means embers are gooding to be scattered around in hot spots developing. even hotter tomorrow near 100, and same on wednesday, and 96 on thursday, and we will finally feel the cooler weather by the weekend. >> thank you.
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unfortunately, not good news. firefighters from around the bay area and the state are helping fight the fire in lake county. our coverage continues with matt in daly city. matt? >> good morning, firefighters here in daly city have left the foggy conditions and are now headed to lake county where they will battle the clayton fire. this will be hot temperatures there. they will be dealing with those conditions. they will be prepared for the conditions with instructions and though packed up their gather at station 94 in daly city ready for what they will face on the front highs of the clayton fire. they will gin several other bay area crews live the san francisco fire -- to help in lake county and likely get the -- get to work right away. >> we will do what they would like. we focus on structure defense but we have an opportunity to help. >> here are the bay area fire
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departments sending firefighters and resources to battle of chair ton file, daly city, woodsiding south san francisco, san francisco, marin county, mountain view and palo alto. the jobs vary, some helping on the front lines and others filling in at local station providing medical services for the local residents one said there is a typical fire summer in california. you have to be ready at any moment. >> several schools in the unified school district are closed due to the fire including lower lake high school, and lower lake elementary. and carl high school. buns valley. east lake and clearlake creativity center posted on >> the clayton first is the latest in a series of major fires that have forced residents if lake county to evacuate time and time again. the wildfires from last year include the veal fire, and it
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was the third most destructive fire in state history, at 76,000 fire destroyed 2,000 homes and killed four people. we the jerusalem fire break out last august. it charred more than 25,000 acres and desteroid six homes. that overlaps with the rocky fire that burned 69,000 acres and 43 homes were destroyed. >> this is not new for them. stay with us for continued coverage of the clayton fire and we will update the developments for you all morning, and you will also have updates the moment they happen with our free news app with push alerts. >> tough news on a lot of fronts and we home alexis smith has good news on traffic. alexis? >> i do have good news in fairfield crash 15 minutes ago, westbound 80 we had 2002 four vehicles involved. all vehicles are off on the shoulder working on getting the
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debris cleared and using the heed indication, we were at three miles per hours and now it is a little bit more than that. >> thank you. we have breaking news in nepal, government officials say 33 permanent dead and dozens of others are injured after a bus veered off a mountain highway. you can see the area near katmandu following 500' and at this minute crews are still trying to find any survivors. >> san jose police are trying to determine in a man arrested in the high speed chase is connected to a series of shootings that still has a neighborhood on edge. this is video of the end of the chase from yesterday morning with the pursuit topping 120 miles per hour at times. dispatch calls showed the vehicle matched the description of a car involved in several shootings in blossom hill area. a driver we talked to said the shootings made him hyper aware.
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>> right now i have two more steps. we do it until 11:00 and when it is night you have to were what out. >> the chase hasn't been officially connected to the shoot, but it shows the effort that san jose people are making to try and catch this suspect. >> breaking news, authorities in..say a massive hunt has ended for a man accused of killing a police officer and where the suspect was arrested. >> we continue to track the breaking news from lake county, a devastate wildfire, homes and bigs destroyed and fire crews had to work through the night. >> back-to-school, what kids must new have so th
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we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. >> we are back on the mist this morning with cloud cover into the south bay with temperatures in the upper 60s to low 60s and the cool spot at 56, and santa clara at 61 and los gatos and santa teresa 62 and 50s elsewhere, like san francisco is 53 and sfo arrival delays off to a slow start, 59 minutes and the day planner, 57 and 78, mostly sunny, and clouds at coast and noon, and 58 to 90 so not so hot as we head into afternoon.
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tuesday and weapons, those are the hottest days nearly 100 inland and cooling trend coming up in the seven-day outlook. alexis? good morning, mike, i have the mist and drizzle and a lot of the traffic channels and heavy traffic, westbound 80 through emeryville and we are expecting that through the morning today, a lot of the students are heading back-to-school. i want to talk about mass transit, in san francisco bay ferry, the 8:00 a.m. trip is canceled today ten vallejo and san francisco and we have not gotten word on why but they have shuttle buss if place, the 8:00 a.m. departure. >> next, new detail on the effort to stop the soberanes fire that is still burning near big sur with firefighters facing new challenge that could impact people driving in the area. >> terrify end to a camping truck for an idaho family when the young daughter is attacked by a mountain lion. by a mountain lion. the mother's action that you're watching your go-to movie. by a mountain lion. the mother's action that which has that one scene you forgot about.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we continue to keep you updated on the breaking news from lake county. the clayton fire has car 3,000 acres. in less than two days. right now, it is only 5% contained. high temperatures and gusty winds are a terrible combination fueling the flames.
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now we know they have destroyed ten structures. that is the fowl word. we will have counted many more structures that seem to be affected and will likely see that number go up. several businesses and lower lake, including a has been tan for humanity officer are for longer standing. the fire is burning in the same area as the rocky valley and jerusalem fires that hit only a year ago. all the fire burn right new in lake county is not the only one a stretch of highway one is closed hours after it reopened. it is because of the soberanes fire that forced the closing of the highway from the light station to coast ridge road that was reopened last night at 8:00 but to morning a tree hazard forced it to close. again. the soberanes fire is 60% contained and has burned 73,000 acres. >> breaking overnight police have arrested the suspected gunman would shot and killed a police officer in georgia. the clarke said that the
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24-year-old royheem delshaw deeds was arrested in florida at midnight our time, and the officer was responding to a suspicious opinion call and the officer saw the suspect, and he approached the suspect and he was shot can killed. >> a mother hit by a fall tree him is in critical condition this morning after a 100-pound tree him fell and hit her in the head. san francisco city inspecters are out to look at all of the trees at the park this week. >> an amazing survival story of a mother and child and the wild. four-year-old kelsey was supposed to be napping in this tent while camping with her family. the little girl got up and wandered off into the woods. that is when a mountain lion decided to pounce. >> it grabbed her and flipped her over and went to grab again the we were there. i ran to her, screaming, like
6:18 am
running up to the lion, and scooped her and she was clinging to me and the first thing i look at her body. >> coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, we learn more of how the family's quick action saved the little girl the. >> a incredible. >> in florida four are recovering this morning after the coast guard rescued them from a capsized boat south of fort myers beach yesterday afternoon. a good samaritan overheard a faint distress call and relayed the information to the coast guard and when they arrived they found four people including a child clinging to the boat. all four wear life jackets and no one was hurt. there is no word on the cause of the capsize. >> incredible. happening today, for thousands of students in the bay area summer break is being. but the first day of school is not always fun and the start of the new guthrie public schools for san francisco unified students. the mayor lee will greet returning students at a few schools and a big reminder, parents, a new state law in affect last month requires
6:19 am
children to have proof of their vaccination. >> i still have dreams all these years later. >> you did future like the first day of school? >> no. >> why? >> a it is horrible, the anxiety. >> will the teeners like me? will the kids like snow what am i wearing? even in high school. right? >> good morning, everyone. dress them warmly. look at san mateo unified school district forecast. 52 and drizzle this morning. partly cloudy this afternoon. about 60. the dampness this morning is going to get them complaining the from east bay hills camera, the marin lay is around 2,000' so it is not so hot everywhere today with sunshine around the bay and inland and more clouds and mist, our two hottest days are tomorrow and wednesday, and gusts to 29 in fairfield and a nice see breeze this morning, over the water the winds are faster than over the land.
6:20 am
the cloud cover shows by noon, most of it is back to the cost where it will stay. our temperatures are cooler because of the breeze, upper 70s in milpitas and sunnyville and los gatos and gilroy, limited affect, nearly 90, 69 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of the peninsula and mid-to-upper 50s along the coast and low-to-mid 60s downtown, south san francisco, and 59 and 56, 7:15 first pitch and dropping to 56 by 10:00, and mid-extent to low 80s in the north bay upper 60s to nearly 80 loan the east bay shore and upper 80s to mid-90s is cooler than it has been over the weekend. heat on wednesday and by the welcome we are below average. >> your mother dressed you this high school and your wife still picks out director colleagues? >> yes. >> okay. i thought so. the bay bridge shows we are so in this trend, we have a fog advisory for golden gate bridge, but we do not have one more the
6:21 am
bay bridge and you are dealing with some of the mist and the reduced visibility so keep it in mind it could add a few minutes to the commute. right now, to fairfield on our traffic map from vacaville we have heavy delays westbound 80 from an early crash, they were able to get that pushed to the shoulder involving three or four vehicles with a five mile backup and 19 miles per hour average. if you have a detour, that is a better bet. >> alexis has been here for five seconds and already calling out mike nicco. >> it is a family. >> if you book another trip before summer ends, michael finney has tips to find the best deals on plane tickets. >> next, a mother bear to the rescue and saved her cubs after they were swept down a rushing river. >> what is happening in lake county this morning, now that we have daylight you can see more
6:22 am
of what is gone. >> this was a building at one point. >> the habitat for humanity office is around there and it was burned down affected i so harshly by a series of fires last summer, and we
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>> if you are just listening us this is video of a concerned mother bear on the in television make sure her cubs safe which has gone viral. the bear is standing at the side of a low waterfall in the national park and she sees a cub go over the edge, watch in, a second one follows and she jumps in, takes off after them, and descends the falls and charges through the water to make sure none of the three is concept downstream. >> now, ask michael finney, fox has a question on plane tickets. "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> my question to you, when is the best time to buy cheap airline tickets on-line for traveling this summer? >> from question. you do not want to waste money the best day to buy is tuesday and wednesday, the best time is noon pacific. how far in advance?
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there is a lost controversy on that but it appears to be between 60 and 45 days out. for extra savings book your flights for midweek, that will sable. >> lot money, too. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it on the smart 15 or tablet at or share it on social using # askfinney. you could see your question answered here on the morning news. >> next, at 6:30, we continue to follow wreck news from lake county and amy hollyfield is at lower lake working to gather new detail on the tonight stop a fast-moving wildfire that has already caused so much devastation. >> we will show you how a man's pool helped him survive the flames as they devoured his property. >> the clouds are lower on the golden gate bridge and mist is becoming a big part of our morning cot mute and temperatures that are 39 degrees apart from the coast inland, and this is cooler than yesterday. i have another heat wave come
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news from lake county this morning, where a destructive wildfire still threatening thousands of homes and other willing. >> the clayton fire has scorched 3,000 acres. remember, it is only 5% contained. >> ten structures have been destroyed. the number is expected to go up
6:30 am
to be in the 100s. several schools in lake county are closed today. 4,000 people have been forced from their homes. our reporter is joining us from lower lake with more. >> it look like a movie set, see for yourself, the row of burned out cars behind me. completely destroyed. smoke is still rising from the destruction. look at this rubble next to it. this used to an two story building on main street. it is again. we are told it was a real estate office on the bottom level and the stairs all that is stand. hard to believe this is real life. it just looks so devastate. lower lake was hit yesterday and firefighters say in the morning the fire seemed fine but the winds changed and the embers were carried and suddenly it was
6:31 am
burning in every direction. now it appears to be burning away from residents in the northeast direction and firefighters say they do not take anything for granted we, and what they can not control, they say, is the weather. >> the problem is the best containment is strong enough with the weather and that is what we feared and what happened. the winds picked up, hot embers hike those you see around us today, they exist, and they are lying low but you get the winds to come, pick them up, blow them out beyond our containment lines and now we have to adapt and try to address the fire. that is what happened yesterday. >> here is an example of the embers burning right now, this morning, on main street. firefighters are keeping a watch on this situation by you will notice they are not using water. they say the damage has already been done and they have to save the water for when they really need it. we they have evacuated 4,000 people and are saying they will
6:32 am
be working lard to try to get the people home and they are not lifting evacuations at this point but they still have a lot of work to do. at last check it was 3,000 acres burned, 5% containment, and we are expecting this to change and we are expecting that update in the hour. >> thank you. we a lower lake resident got creative to stay safe using the backyard pool to put out hot spots on the property before firefighters got to the neighborhood and early in the caylee and his son used the pool as shelter from the oncoming flames. >> honk long were you in the pool? >> 20 or 15 minutes. it was intense with smoke and fire and sparks blowing. >> amy has been showing us all morning, several businesses in the downtown area of lower lake are gone and a sandwich shops winery and a habitat for humanity office are desteroid
6:33 am
and the flames localing over the four block strip. >> at fire has closed the hospital in clearlake, according to the newspaper, patients were transferred to lake side hospital in lakeport 28 mile apart. ambulances moved the patients. >> pg&e has turn off power to mile of electrical lines to maybe it safer for firefighters battling the clayton fire with more than 8,300 homes and businesses without power and the flames have damaged 20 pg&e power peoples and essential equipment with no estimate on weapon the power will be restore ed. everyone is crossing their fingers. that happens soon, but, my, it will be -- not easy. >> not ideal. and it will be worse the next couple of difficulties. the mid-level winds are easier and not so fast so that means
6:34 am
the surface winds in the afternoon should be less than yesterday at measure to seven miles per hour, and 72 degrees, and humidity is low at 27%. the surface winds pick up during the afternoon hours and they do, again, taper in the evening and overnight hours. it is the heat that is a big story. 93 today. nearly 100, on tuesday and wednesday, and still nixon thursday, and 93 on friday, and we will have cooler and more humid winds starting to develop on saturday and sunday. that will help the firefighters out. you can get the latest on what is happening with the fires downloading our news app which is free we right now and you get the information as soon as we do, make sure to be able push alerts with update as they happen. >> now, traffic it is smooth? >> a all things considered, the first day of school for at the half students, so we are seeing increasing volumes later in the morning, and keep in mind you
6:35 am
have to watch for the school zones. you have had the summer off. westbound 580 a slowest drive times tracy to dublin is under an hour, westbound 4, slow between antioch and concord, as well, and san rafael to san francisco, still in the green on southbound 101. >> from hayward this morning, police are investigating a deadly stabbing near cottonwood avenue happening after 7:00 p.m. last night. officers found a man suffering from stab wounds. he died at the scene. police are not releasing the man's name but witnesses say two male suspects took off in a white vehicle. this is hayward's eight homicide of the year. a driver was arrested after a high speed chase, and that could be the person responsible for a string of shooting, this is video of the end of the chase on sunday morning, officers say the driver raced down freeways, and surface streets, and steams at speeds of more than 120 miles per hour. the driver's car matches the
6:36 am
description of the car thattens with saw in connection with the shooting near blossom hill road and there have been ten of those shootings in the area in just the past 2 1/2 months. >> the sister after man shot and killed by milwaukee police is condemning the violence take over the city battling angry crowds by the officers after the deadly police shooting of 23 -year-old sylville smith on saturday, armed with a lengthy criminal record. his sister said the violence and destruction needs to help but she cannot get her brother back. this is my brother. my protector. someonesomeone supposed to be tr me. [ inaudible ] i lost my brother. i can get him become. >> an officer was injured as you can see, someone through a rock through a patrol car window and, also, someone was shot and hospital side of. >> the officer in the milwaukee case had a body camera on him and now, two san francisco
6:37 am
police stations shoulding fully equipped with the body cameras in the next few weeks. there are two san francisco police stations to put body scam as on all officers including at bay you have. 70 officers are wear them and every officer will be trained and equipped bit end the year. >> happening today, hundreds of court clerks will go back to work after the eight day strange. >> workers voted to ratify a continuative agreement and the details of the deal have not been released yet, workers demanded a pay raise before the strike bagged up routine business at the courts and both sides met last week with a mood airport. >> police say they need your help to catch two masked men who robbed a trader joe's at gunpoint, they targeted the trader joe's on menlo avenue after closing time on saturday night. detectives say the crooks
6:38 am
ordered the remain low hes to lie face down on the ground and demanded cash and made off with undisclosed amount money. police are describing the robbers as being two polynesian mentioned wearing hooded sweatshirts, one black and one gray. >> crews have found a fifth body in the aftermath after an apartment complex fire in maryland, aid people are not accounted for after the explosion rocked the complex on wednesday, north of washington, dc. flames enguffed the building and the associated press reported that the 5th victim was found verdict and officials cannot learning any victim to the eight people still missing because no bodies have been identified. >> developing news, this morning, from louisiana, parts of state are still end a flood watch until mid-afternoon. thousands of residents waking up in shelters after days of heavy rain have forced rivers to overflow from their banks. the rising water has killed six people so for.
6:39 am
more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their hems. >> obviously, this trends a serious even, historic flooding and it trends ongoing >> the federal government has declared a major disaster and president obama said that the people of louisiana are in his thoughts and prayers and coming up on "good morning america" the latest on the flash floods now threatening the states from ohio to texas, so many people are in the cross hairs but we wish we were getting that rain here. >> yes, would like to relieve them of the extra rain and it would help us with our fire conditions. but it does not happen this time of the year. what happens on a happier note, back-to-school, san francisco unified school district, west portal 52, and presidio 54, and downtown, near the fearry building, 54 and 53, we have 60 in santa clara, tracy, and walnut creek at 55, and petaluma
6:40 am
is 52. other areas going to school today, like the san ramon valley, unified school district, 55 this morning, to 84, at 3:00, and that is after topping out at 88 this afternoon, and we have another palo alto unified school district, 60 this morning to 69 this afternoon, after topping out in the mid-70s this morning. now, a look at what is happening as the temperatures are comfort am around bay and the coast, 60s and 70s, and we are going to warm inlands, in mid-90s in the east bay, and even warmer on wednesday, but, notice, the warm the peaks with a big time warming trend. now, how is back-to-school monday? alexis? >> expect some increases volume and looking westbound 80 through the emeryville stretch. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic. no blocking incidents, but, really, heavy approaching the bay bridge toll plaza on our traffic cameras. and a purchase problem westbound 80 near water man believe in
6:41 am
fairfield, multi-car crash, and the backup, really, is seven miles still, with heavy crimestoppers delays and keep that in mind. who are hear about a new problem westbound 580 at grant line road near altamont pass, a hit-and-run accident with a vehicle in lane three. that is a hit-and-run collision. that is not going do help if you are trying to come from the central valley. we will see how mass transit is in ten minutes. >> caltrain is celebrate the signing of contracts to electrify its line between san francisco and the south bay after receiving a green late last week to move forward with the plans. two firms have agreed to help deliver the infrastructure and new high performance electric trains to the suspect. caltrain will debut the community outreach office starting at 3:30 this afternoon in san mateo. >> we are still tracking breaking news from lake county, the fast move fire leaving devastation for thousands ask how firefighters are helping to
6:42 am
fight the flames. >> more trouble on the horizon for airlines, why some experts say we should expect more glitches to cause serious d
6:43 am
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) >> we continue to follow an urgent story from lake county where hundreds of phones are believed to have been lost by the clayton fire. there is damage assessment team
6:45 am
on the ground, and it is important to know this is the first time we say someone said "hundreds hopes." until this moment it was in the to be only ten homes destroyed. this is a major change. we suspected given the sky 7 pictures that there are many more than ten homes but now we have at least a spokesman say they believe hundreds of homes. this is going to be a huge impact for the people in lake county. >> not a change we wanted. you can seat images from sky 7, the fire has spread across the community and lower lake and clearlake and officials are saying the fire is still creeping north, 3,000 acres have burned, and at this point it is only 5% contained so, still, a massive firefight ahead of us. >> a it is tell. firefighters are helping to battle the flames in lake county >> our team coverage continues with matt keller in daly city. matt? >> good morning, jessica, this
6:46 am
is the reality of fire departments all across the bay area. they have to be ready on short notice in case they are needed in california during fire season. that includes station 94 here in daly city and they got instructions and, pad up their gear yesterday and left the foggy and drizzle here and will face hot temperatures if lake county fighting the clayton fire. though could be assigned to self jobs including structure protection and covering the stations and bringing medical support. leader is a list of the bay area fire departments sending resources, daly city, woodside fire protection district, and south san francisco, and san francisco, and marin county, and mountain view and palo alto. they return weapon the job is done. >> they appreciate the help. it is business as usual in new york city's john f. kennedy airport this morning after a report of shots fired load to the evacuation of two terminals. you can see the video from inside one of terminals,
6:47 am
passengers hiding under neath the seats and running ever are where. the terminals were affected of american and another terminal that houses foreign carriers. they say they found no evidence that any gun the were fired. nights were delayed two hours. >> republican presidential knox nea donald trump will be in ohio today giving a speech on his plan on how to tackle terrorism and the leaders are hoping trump can begin to focus on issues rather than lashing out at the media. >> i'm fought running against crooked hillary clinton. i am running against the crooked media. >> in connecticut he blames his plummeting poll number on the media and insisting if he were fairly covered he would be beating hillary clinton by 20%. he followed that up with this statement, promising a cancer
6:48 am
patient he would never lie to him >> i might like to you like hillary clinton does but never to giacammo. >> hillary clinton will be in pennsylvania joining vice president biden, and experts are warning of us of airline outages with their computer systems as we have experienced with delta and southwest. >> good morning, everyone. more record highs falling with the s&p 500 and nasdaq setting new highs and the dow is up 76 and nasdaq up 22 and system suspect up six points and oil is up, as well, so this is part of the thing driving the stocks higher. in the past two, woos, two major airlines have suffered massive technical glitches bringing their operations to a stand still but a new report suggests even more of the devastate glitches are likely to happen
6:49 am
because of an ageing united states airlines reservation system. the security experts warn the glitches suffered by delta last week and southwest before that are inof thible unless carriers spend the money to up grid systems. ofs to diverse file the workforce is not showing much progress. there is some decline in the diverse difficult of workers. in the first half hiring of females was down. intel was one of the many companies that set tout create a more diverse company the last couple of years. general motors is not commenting on reports that it wants to buy san francisco's based lyft with a report that they turn down an offer from g.m. would already owned 9% the company. they have been looking at options in distance second to uber. thank you. adele will be doing what we all did for the super bowl, sitting on her couple, maybe having a few chips, enjoying.
6:50 am
>> do you think she watches the super bowl? >> they will not be performing that is for sure. ♪ hello ♪ it's me >> she is performing in los angeles this weekend, and she told the crowd that the half time show is not about music and let is not going to be part of it slow she was asked. she said "i cannot dance or anything like that," and she was no beyonce. pepsi and nfl said though of fans but they have not made a formal offer to anyone. but aidala does not lie so i am sure she got some sort of "call of interest." she would be fine standing there and singing, so impressive but maybe she can do a rain dance. >> that would be nice. >> cold play did it. they don't dance. >> they brought someone this that could. >> thank you, mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, the east baylies camera, a beautiful
6:51 am
nature of clouds, as they roll cross the hills and valleys and toward mount abu dubai signifying cooler conditions today and at least inland it will be cool again around the bay and toward the cost and clouds and mist do not make it tonight with heat the next few days before a drop off in temperatures which is dramatic in the back half. the ferry will be chopper today, at 28 to 38 miles per hour, in the shade, and in the south by, upper 70s to low 80s, most neighbors and upper 80s this gilroy and los gatos and the peninsula, a lot of mid-to-upper 70s until milbrae at 69, and the spread cross san francisco sunset at 56, to downtown, mist and 62, in the north bay we have mid-70s to low 80s today with patchy fog turning to sunshine, and mist to sunny this afternoon, with mid-70s through most of east bay, and upper 80s to low 90s inland and no more 100s but they could come back in the forecast briefly on wednesday before
6:52 am
cooling trend begins on thursday and below average weather as far as temperatures for saturday and sunday. >> good morning, mike, we have a new problem in the south bay, in the pill speed area getting word of a collision involving a smaller vehicle and a semi southbound 680 you can see the line of red forming behind that is it is not in a great spot and i keep an eye on it with the far right hand lane blocked and now mass transit, san francisco bay ferry from vallejo to san francisco is 8:00 a.m. departure canceled. they do have schultz bus service in place and we understand they had swung their afghanistan at 6:45 with a call to them to get to the bottom there and why it is canceled, we are not sure. you can take the shuttle bus. more traffic in a few. >> we are back with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> you can take us with you in your pocket if you are headed owe the door. enable push alerts to get
6:53 am
up-to-the-minuteness on the fire burning in lake county and we will have updates through the day. it is
6:54 am
here are the seven things you need to know. breaking news, officials say that they believe that hundreds of hopes have been lost in the clayton fire in lake county. an official update is expected later today. it has already burned 3,000
6:55 am
acres since starting on saturday. >> two, officials are landing to hold a townhall meeting tonight to update residents on the fire. schools are closed today across the unified school district with a list of the closures at >> three, strike teams are jumping in to help the crews fighting the clayton fire. san francisco, marin and daly city are a few of the communities sending help to headache county. >> four, at least five deaths are being blamed this morning on massive flooding across louisiana. residents are waking up in shelters after days heavy rain, 20,000 people have been rescued from their hems. >> school starts for a lot of the kids today, san francisco, san ramon valley, dress them for mist and drizzle and cool conditions but temperatures are one to four degrees cooler this afternoon, and that means 60s at the coast to 90 inland. >> we have not had too bad a morning traffic wise although we have the increases volumes with a lot constitutes and teachers heading back and we have this
6:56 am
southbound 680 in milpitas, and a crash blocking when lane causing a delay. >> we will end on a sweet note, the second bay area dunkin' donuts locations now open for business in half moon bay and doors openedded an hour ago and a ribbon-cutting ceremony is at 9:00, and in it is like the other one that opened in walnut creek the line is around the block. >> sweets sweet, sweet. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, state of emergency. more than 20,000 evacuated from deadly flooding in louisiana. rescue crews working overnight to pull people to safety. volunteers cutting a woman free from her car. >> get my dog. get my dog. >> i got your dog. also, breaking overnight, violence erupting in milwaukee over a deadly police shooting. national guard about vated as buildings are burned to the ground and police cars destroyed. robbery in rio. gold medal swimmer ryan lochte held up, forced to kneel down as criminals dressed as police put a gun to his head. a night celebrating his olympic win turns terrifying. why olympic officials may have


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