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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you are amazing. ♪ ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a major development from the fire lines in lake county. police arrest a man they say set the devastating clayton fire. good morning, it is tuesday, august 16. you can see people cheering when they saw his picture unveiled. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. we will have more on the fire in a moment but, first, wet and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. this is live doppler hd showing you we have patchy drizzle.
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and even fog. you can see how low the clouds are on the bay bridge. temperatures are running the same as yesterday, 50 to 60 at 7:00, and head through the day planner, 58 at the coast and 81 inland, and 59 to 93 with breezy spots at hurricane. we will look at the latest fire conditions ahead. >> overall we are okay on the roads with a police pursuit overnight that ended in a rollover crash in san jose. northbound 880 ranch, that is still closed as far as we know, however, they are in the cleanup phase. it will be back open soon. when it is confirmed i will update you. we could have a new problem in brentwood and an update in a few >> this morning, firefighters from around the bay area continue to stop the clayton fire they have the man who started it, here is damin anthony pashilk, in custody on 17 counts of arson. he is suspected in fires that go back a year and a half.
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amy hollyfield is in lower lake. amy? you look at the damage differently now you know someone is accused of set the fire on purpose. this is someone's hope they lost everything. evacuees applauded. investigators announced an arrest had been made. 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk. of clear lake. he is in jail. officers did not say what they think the motive was but he has been under investigation for a year. >> it is a tragic day, however, when we identify any individual who intention eel starts a fire and a fire like this was devastating to the community that has suffered significantly over the last year. we are very proud of our investigators. >> this fire, the clayton fire, has burned 4,000 acres and it is
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the 5% contained. it destroyed 175 structures in lower lake. the map accused of setting it has a crime fall record and has been arrested a dozen times before for drugs and weapon charges and patrol violations and now is held on $5 million bail. in lower lake for abc7. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. the devastation is hard to look at. this is a closer look at damin anthony pashilk, the suspect arrested in the fire. the 40-year-old was arrested in connection with numerous fires in lake county the last year. he has a long criminal history in the county. including recent arrests for drugs and parole violations. he reported the occupation to be a construction worker in san francisco. >> once in a while journalists get to deliver if news and that happened for amy hollyfield yesterday. a woman thought her parents' home inside the fire zone was lost. she could not go back and check for herself.
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[ inaudible ] who would not feel for the woman. the whom was not on the the official list in lower lake that survived the fire. because the media is allowed behind the fire lines, amy hollyfield took the address, went to check it out, and broke the good news. my gosh, touching to were what. we are so glad amy hollyfield could do that. there are 4,000 people still like that woman, waiting for word their home. firefighter say they are working as quickly as they can to keep residents informed. >> wow, incredible story. now, mike nicco, are there weather conditions to help the firefighters today? >> good news. the fire conditions are better than this time yesterday. the temperature is cooler. remember we were in the 70s
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yesterday? now we are at 65. the humidity was down around 20. we are up to 48%. we do not have winds. hopefully that helped with what they have been work on. the winds this afternoon are fought so fast as they were yesterday. you can see we are around 10 miles per hour late in the afternoon into the early evening and they will calm overnight. the biggest problem is the temperatures in the upper 90s today and tomorrow and mid-90 thursday and friday and low 90s as cool as it is on saturday and sunday. >> several schools are closed for the rest of the week because of the clayton fire. we put them on your screen including burn valley elementary , east lake elementary, lower lake high school, blue herring school, highland academy and clear s lake activity school. all the fire has burned 4,000 acres and only 5% contained.
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flames destroyed 175 structures and 100 are hems. another 1,500 structures are still considered threatened. thousands have been evacuated from their houses and 1,600 firefighters are battling the clayton fire including strike teams from san francisco and san mateo. >> there is continuing coverage of the clayton fire on air and online. we have a resource page on our website at you can down nature to the victims, as well, withness on school closures and community meeting. >> now to back to school in san jose students go back tomorrow and they will have to bring something with them they have not before: proof of vaccination our reporter is at trace elementary school. matt? >> good morning, the first day of class is tomorrow at trace elementary school and all the
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schools in san jose unified but students need more than just becomes tomorrow. there is a change in the law for vaccination requirements, and a student without a medical waiver and without their evacuation nations are sent home start this year in california, they must be vaccinated unless they have a medical reason like undergoing chemo for cancer. 37 kids have a medical exemption out of 32,000. what is no longer allowed is a personal belief exemption. i don't think one kid not being vaccinated should affect an entire group of children. that is what worried me. >> when there is a risk for a medical procedure there should always be a choice. >> many in the medical community say the new requirement will stop outbrakes of disease like measles and save lives. one parent said show is moving out of the california because of the new requirement.
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>> thank you, matt. >> san francisco mayor lee said he is happy with the acting police chef but it does not mean the decision is made. the mayor said the interim chief is doing a great job and saying reports he ready to name him as chief are "premature." lee said there are still completing a search for candidates. >> nancy pelosi and mayor lee are expected to attend a naming ceremony in honor of harvey milk with the united states navy ship supplying oil and vessels. he came from a navy fame and was an officer during the korean war. after service he was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors becoming the first only gay elected politician in california. >> he was killed in office in 1978. the senior membership starts at 2:00 this afternoon on treasure
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i'd. >> it lose like by 2:00 it will be breezy on treasure island with temperatures right around 60 degrees with a lot sunshine. we are at 60 right new with redwood city and dallas and pacifica and half moon bay uniform with cloud cover and mist and temperatures at 52. san bruno and foster city are 56, and bell minute and woodside at 57. palo alto is 60. we have low-to-mid 60s around san jose and los gatos and toward antioch and livermore at 58, and fairfield at 54 and oakland is 58. in san rafael, some of the fog is not reaching here as we lack south on 101, jogging custody good, especially a lot joggers in the morning with the mist and cool conditions. if you are on the bay it will be gusty this afternoon north of the bay bridge and choppy, and bicycling? high u.v. index. in san jose 280 at 17, the cloud deck took over and in the south bay, 82 today, 84 tomorrow and back to 82 on thursday. you can see tens are climbing today, tomorrow, and start to
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pull become on thursday. i will show you how low this weekend coming up. alexis, animent spots? >> a new crash in the last continue americans. i will take you on traffic maps in the brentwood area. highway 4, it sounds like three video are involved in the choice, and one is in the ditch with two blocking the middle the intersection. c.h.p. knows about it is they have a crew on the way to scene. hopefully it will be cleared shortly. a look at walnut creek camera southbound on 680 it is filling in but no major issues so far. another traffic update in continue minutes. >> history came tumbling down on the las vegas strip, the hotel and casino is officially gone and jessica has step. >> good morning. the last and final part of the riviera just came down a few hours ago this is new video as the huge cloud of dust rises up
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as the tower comes down. only a few months ago the first half of the casino was demolished but this morning is the total disappearance of the riviera which was home to the biggest names in las vegas entertainment history including frank sinatra. it was in "oceans 11," and "casino," so, 61 yours of history gone. most will remember it as the first high-rise hotel on las vegas strip. >> the end of an era. >> millions of people use it to help with flame and inflammation and unwanted side effects that aspirin can have for pregnant women. >> a move to make away one of the most stressful
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>> los altoses antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a san jose mother accused of abducting her ten-month-old son is in custody this morning. she is accused of taping her son, ten-month-old, on july 9 after told that child services was take, custody of the boy. he was found safe last week and the d.a. will not say why she lost custody. reports indicate that purnell has been in trouble with the law twice in a decade. agun club is shoulding down after 50 years in business. the board voted to close the
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doors on labor day. the range faced pressure from environmentalists and the park saying that the lead was polluting the soil and water at the regional park. the range is popular with recreational sports shooters and law enforcement who train at the range. >> health alert, taking aspirin when pregnant could increase chances of having a child with behavioral problems later in life. researchers looked at mothers who used tylenol and others like that, at 32 weeks were 29% more likely to have children with emotional difficulties. later in pregnancy, the risk went up to 46%. the study is in the journal of jama, long considered safe for pregnant women. >> the "first look," a victim in a near death ferris wheel accident in tennessee is speaking about the accident after falling 30' to the ground. we have the interview.
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>> in "first look," an exclusive ten-year-old tells us she is lucky to be alive after falling 40' from the cabin of the ferris wheel at the county fair in tennessee. >> i was scared. but, mostly for my sisters. she told us of the moment she and another girl and her six-year-old sister were thrown to the ground after their ferry wheel basket got caught on another while the ride was turn ing. [ inaudible ] >> in a statement this morning the company that runs the ferris wheel is responding to the accident in tennessee, by no means do we take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visit our mid-way. we will have more on emotional interview at 7:00 a.m. with "first look," for abc in january son city, tennessee. >> new to mike nicco tracking what is happening with the
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weather. good morning, everyone, it is misty this morning in walnut creek it is cloudy and 58 degrees as we lack south on 680. misty to sunny for the bay and inland and hefty to mostly cloudy for the coast, clouds coming in tonight and cool, and dryer than the last couple of mornings and our hottest afternoons are rolling in tom, the fog was down to 2.25 in petaluma and now it is moving around at two miles at half so nothing too serious but if you do drive up into higher elevations, you will run into thicker cloud cover. low 80s for the south bay until los gatos and gilroy, upper 80s and up peninsula, mid-to-upper 70s until millbrae right at 70 and you can see the temperatures are 62 at half moon bay, the warm spot and sunset at 61, and downtown, 65 and at the game, dress like you
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would with temperatures in the upper 50s and dropping to mid-50s. in the north bay, low-to-mid 80s and closer to the bay, in the upper 70s, a lost low-to-mid 70s, and fremont and castro valley upper 70s and orinda is 85 and inland, temperatures from 90 at san ramon to 97 in brentwood the my seven-day outlook shows heat peeks on wednesday, still hot on thursday interest friday and back to average by the weekend. alexis i would like an update at accident. >> i have one. if you are traveling in the brentwood area we have one blocking collision, three vehicles involved in the crash and just off the interchange, and one of the vehicles ended up in the ditch, and two in the middle of the intersection, and one of them lost their rear axle and calling for a flatbed tow truck. eastbound was red last time we checked. this early it is not a huge problem but i am keeping a close eye on that. outside at the san mateo bridge
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headed to foster city, there is light volume and that is what we have seen so far this morning with no major slow downs yet. another update on traffic in 10 minutes. it turns out this is a free ride in concord people new have a free schultz to take advantage in the community, and the monument schultz runs along monument boulevard and includes stops in concord and the john muir medical center from 8:00 to 5:00 a.m. each weekday. >> and hoping to take away a stressful part of drive, audi has a system with cars that tells drivers when a traffic height is about to turn green. the driver is getting a countdown clock every time it stops. the car communicates with the track management to get the information and lodges in the fall in las vegas, and washington, dc, and seattle, and portland, oregon.
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>> you can check it out will you are at the light? >> i don't know...people are going to be staring at that number...come on... >> new, rio de janeiro, american him apps have had plenty of opportunities to win. >> in weapon's 400 meter finals, felix was upset and who is been the only woman ever to win five in track and field. felix was in second place against a performer from the bahamas. >> and biles cost what could have been the 4th gold medal. she had to settle for disappoints bronze. biles' teammate did bitter with silver, and the netherland took the gold. biles had the chance to set another gold in near exercise and in the men's pole vault,
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american soared to the bronze the first medal in 12 years. in the finallals of hull, kenya defend olympic title and clay continue more any won the bronze on his first trip to the him -- olympics, and american role ball were knocked out by brazilians and american driver advanced with a third-place finish and in women's 3,000 see pole chase, emma took home bronze beating her best time a united states record and becoming the first machine woman to win a medal in the competition since the event debuted in 2008. >> kenya? i have been pronouncing it incorrectly. all the seven thing you need to snow as you start. >> fan of "black," how you can download season two. for free. >> another day on the job for the first respond
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proud sponsor of the us swim team >> freeze are the seven things you need to know, 40-year-old lake county man under arrest suspected of starting the clayton fire in lower lake and clearlake. damin anthony pashilk facings 17 counts of arson, which will likely be enhanced because homes and businesses were destroyed. all the fire has destroyed at least 175 structures and sun of them were homes. >> 4,000 acres have bumped and it is only 5% contained. many residents are still waiting do hear in the whom is standing. >> three, check out the temperatures today. we are from 1-6 degrees warmer. hard to believe with all of mist and drizzle. i will have cooler conditions, significantly cooler in my seven-day outlook. four, we are tracking breaking news from the so the bay, where
5:25 am
emergency crews are on the scene of the rollover crash in san jose. the c.h.p. has shut down the exit on northbound 880. one person has taken to the hospital. >> five, we have another crash right now in the brentwood area, highway 4 we talked to c.h.p. and the intersection is fully closed. we have a document of tow truck on the way with an update in a few minutes. >> time for school. for the first time parents need to bring proof of vaccinations for the kids. san jose unified starts tomorrow. only 37 students out of 32,000 have a medical exemption. >> this is a picture of the united states navy ship harvey milk officially designateed with his name this afternoon. he was a navy veteran and of course the first openly game elected legislation in california. he was killed to office in 1978. >> happening today, santa clara officials will present a plan offering college courses to inmates at the correctional
5:26 am
facility and the main jail with the idea to help inmates better prepare themselves toens extraing back into the community. instructors from san jose state are work with the clarke to offer college courses ranging from justice to philosophy. the plan is going to be presented to the board of supervisors this morning and could begin in september the >> fans of emmy nominateed "blackish," can binge watch for free through tomorrow. you can catch up on all director favorite moments before the premiere of season three happening next in. the johnson family returns to abc7 september 21 at 9:30 right here. and blackish received three emmy nominations. a crew in connecticut of first responders worked to save...a squirrel. its head was stuck inside a
5:27 am
yogurt cup of the it could not shake the cup and they used a blanket to calm down the squirrel and popped it off. >> the squirrel scampered into the woods, unhurt. it is really jumping around. glad it is okay. >> what flavor? >> we are coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the latest on the devastate clayton fire in lake county. >> airbnb is stepping up in a a big way to
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. agood morning, at 5:28. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is tuesday, august 16. now, mike nicco has traffic and weather the ought big story is
5:30 am
the dampness with the mist can drizzle and the marine layer clouds from mount tamalpais you can see the marine layer at 2,000'. we will have a gorgeous sunrise. the day planner shows money 50s at 7:00, like yesterday. as we head to noon, 50s at the coast and 60s around the bay and 80s inland, and 70 around the bay and 90 inland by noon, warmer today. alexis? >> back to brentwood this is our only major blocking issue, highway 4, we have a three car crash, and that and fully closing the intersection and we talked to c.h.p., no e.t.a. on reopening but a couple of tow trucks are on the scene. we will have an update on that and look at the bay bridge toll plaza in a few minutes. >> we will share the latest on the clayton fire this morning, police have arrested a man. >> absolutely. he is suspected of starting the fire intentionally, 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk of clearlake is facing 17 couples
5:31 am
of arson, and the charges will be enens whatted because of homes and businesses were destroyed. at least 17235 structures have been destroyed, and thousands of others trend threatened right new. the governor group's declared a safety message. the fire is holding at 4,000 acres and only 5% contained. the school direct has closed schools for the peek. >> more of man in custody, he has been arrested at least a dozen times before. amy hollyfield is in lake county with the emotional meeting where his arrest was announced. amy? >> a lot of emotions, especially when you look at damage. and you think about the arrest. this is a lost anger here, some relief, but, the anger that someone is believed to have set this fire on purpose. we have a new mug shot in to newsroom, 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk of clearlake.
5:32 am
evacuees applaud when authorities announced his arrest. he has been under investigation for more than a year. >> a lot anger and relief at who caused it. he was accused of set the clayton fire but will not pass file what other fires they believe he has set. the clayton fire has burned 4,000 acres and destroyed 17235 structures with 4,000 people still evacuated the suspect has been arrested a dozen times before for parole violations and weapons and drug charges charges head on $5 million bail. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. >> many homes that burned in the fire were the same oned spares last year in the valley fire. they have moved on for now but
5:33 am
the conditions are ripe for trouble. the state's drought has left lake county bone dry. it is facing extreme fire danger. some are just trying to stay positive. >> as long as the lives and animals...everything else is rebuildable. >> many people near the fire are still waiting to find out in their home is standing. >> mike nicco is fromming the latest weather conditions. what is in store for the day? >> light are winds. toes, though, up a little bit and it is a tradeoff. we will look at what is going on better conditions than yesterday, at 68 degrees, 47% humidity, and calm conditions and gusts up to only 4 miles per hour. the winds are not so aggressive as sunday or yesterday at 10 miles per hour they will be variable from east in the morning to northwest as we head into the afternoon and evening.
5:34 am
it is the temperature that is the big wild card. upper 90s today, and tomorrow, and mid-90s on thursday and friday and again on monday and as cool as it is 90 over the weekend. >> thank you, mike. 700 pg&e customers are without power including some in the of evacuation, and utility crews are asked to cut off power to keep the firefighters safe as they work to put out the fire. pg&e said that the flames have damaged at least 20 power lines. >> salvation army has spent mobile kitchens to him the firefighters and evacuees to be send as the high school and the 7th day adventist this lakeport. if you want to help the victims, lake county wildfire relief fund is led by north coast opportunities and the credit union with a link on the information on donations on the front page of the website. >> you can get update on the fire by downloading the news app
5:35 am
by enabling push alerts to get news updates to the mobile device. >> in had that flood is not over and a 15th person has died. -- a 7th person has died. authorities confirm a man found in front of a library in baton rouge accidentally drown bring the did the toll to seven the he was fund by a volunteer patrolling the area. this is a look at the flood that is happening in baton rouge. the flood waters are widespread. they continue to raise. we have new video in our newsroom from overnight and these are aerial footage from a drone and you can see how widespread the flood wars are. the man jumped into the flood waters trying to help a woman and her pet get out of this. >> want order get aheld of her
5:36 am
and pull her out and could not do it. jumped in. 20,000 people have been rescued in baton rouge. but this morning floodwaters are still rising and that is the major concern right now. we expect more evacuations in the baton rouge area, and right now in are still 11,000 people in need of shoal -- shelter. >> san francisco's airbnb is activating their disaster response page to help those flooding victims were the page let hosts offer homes to evacuees free of charge. airbnb has e-mailed everyone with the property listed in the flood area with a request to help. arab abe started this after hurricane sandy. >> police are have thing whether a hit-and-run accident is connected to a double shoot that last one dead in east san jose shortly after can last night. accord to our media partner, two
5:37 am
shooting victims showed up at regional medical center, and one died police are trying to determine in it is conducted to a hit-and-run accident in the same area a few minutes before the shooting. >> a man is mugged days after a body was found at the popular west field mall in san francisco. at least three men attacked another man in one of bathroom on friday, and demanded his money and possessions and investigators are looking at surveillance video for leads with the camera in the stairway where san francisco san francisco's body was found was spray painted. >> it is not a if time, maybe they need to get things under control security-wise. >> westfield declined to commit on security. they said the mall is still safe when you consider that thousands of people go there each day. >> fans tapping ever develops in uc berkeley are limit on what they can bring in to memorial stadium.
5:38 am
the new rules were released limiting fans to a large clear bag and a small purse. the move follows a trend at sporting ofent haves to heighten security and make lean getting into the venues to move faster. the raids and warriors and 49ers and stanford have similar measures in place. >> now, talking temperatures, inland east bay, dublin/pleasanton, pleasanton, san ramon valley, all began their school year yesterday and running right new in the mid-to-upper 50s in most neighborhoods and the warm spot is antioch at 59 degrees, and elsewhere, 52 in napa, and oakland is 58, 53 in san francisco, hayward is 59 and low 60s in los gatos and san jose.
5:39 am
today, this is the green, that is 60s. yellow is 70s. orange is 80s. and red is 90s. most of the minutes are inland east bay neighbors up to clearlake and cloverdale. as we head to wednesday, the reds start to take over more we get to mid-to-upper 80s around san jose and low-to-mid 80s around san jose and petaluma and still staying in the 60s. and, notices on thursday, most of the 90s are gone and i could take them out of the weekend forecast. i will show you that coming up next. >> looking at roads, it is starting to it will in on the bay bridge and getting through the toll plaza, you are slow from 880 and the metering lights are on at 5:32 so the car pool lanes move along okay and fast track is the cash lane, not so much. up to brentwood on the traffic map, we do not think the intersection is fully closed but we have a couple of lanes down through the entire intersection and that is a three car crash a
5:40 am
couple of those needing tow trucks. if you are use mass transit this or, everything is look okay, 38 bart trains in service and ace trains, one and three are out on time today. and caltrain is okay with all train on time. another traffic update and our drive times are coming up in 10 minutes. >> anyone who has driven on mission knows the frustration of congestion and no left turn signals and some of your headaches could be alleviated. the board is beating today to consider modifying the red carpet plane on mission. staff is recommending that the removal of two mandatory right towns at 22nd and 26th and changing rules for taxis. drivers and merchants have expressed displeasure with the lanes. >> if you ride muni you see new ads on buses addressing the safety your driver. according to the "san francisco examiner" the ads urging criminals to avoid targeting bus operators. here is an example, saying "i
5:41 am
get you cross town safely and i want to get home safely, too." #keepthemsafe. the campaign is happening at at the time of 509 muni attack. on saturday morning an operator said that a man threw her to the ground and repeatedly punched her. >> a powerful california consumer group is stepping up their battle against oil companies. next, the move today to lower prices at the pump. >> put the brakes on bicycle theft after the break, the crackdown underway and three reasons why this will be an uply
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5:44 am
benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today, consumer group is fighting for california drivers at the state capital. we told you earlier about consumer watch dog and they say that california's market for gas is the hest in the country. so why are drivers paying 70 cents more a gallon than elsewhere? does it sound familiar? they are in sacramento to present the findings in court, and the marketing group argues that market factors are the main driver of the costs. >> investigation wagon and the justice department are in talks to settle a criminal probe into the. messes scandal. in june, righters reported a criminal settlement would include a consent decree and independent monitor to oversee the conduct of vw and fines. now they are reporting the two are in preliminary settlement talks. the "wall street journal" said
5:45 am
that fins could top $1.2 billion. the justice department declined to comment. >> san francisco police are launching a newation targeting bicycle chop shops, with the hurdles enormous. the unit consists of only one man, and the operation targets homeless camps where this is a that rebounding black market in surveillance videoen bicycles. and, third, prosecutors say that the proof of the bicycles being stolen is difficult. $4 million worth of boys are stolen each year in san francisco. >> intel is show off their if youest technology. the company is holding their throw day developer forum in san francisco. though will talk about and display everything from autonomous situations to virtual reality and features real sense, bringing human-like sensing to the technology. >> a nasa astronaut who grew up
5:46 am
here is ready for her first spacewalk. she will install a docking adapter on the international space station that will help american commercial spacecraft dock automatically. her mission in space is primarily to sequence the first genome in in microgravity and how our bodies change while living in space. >> she would be a tough opinion to sit next to in a cocktail party. >> what did do you? >> i went to space. >> tell me about your job. >> good morning mike and alexis. >> she needs some of mike's hair gel to help out with the fly arms in space. that is tough to control. we have a problem in brentwood, highway four crash we got off the phone with c.h.p. and they said this is no new information other than a tow truck on the scene and the middle of the roadway is blocked. it sounds like outside lanes the
5:47 am
remark is able to get around the crash and there is a throw car crash and a couple of those ended up with pretty major damage. our drive times if you coming in westbound 580 from the central valley, tracy to dublins an hour and five minutes, and that is our worst spot. and westbound four beyond the crash, antioch to concord is okay at 17 and south 101 san rafael to san francisco coming from marin county, still in the green. now, mike nicco has made his way up to the roof. >> good morning, alexis, a light drizzle falling right now if you have very nice clothes grab an umbrella heading to san francisco or oakland. here is a look from our east bay hills camera, you can see the clouds are taking over our neighborhood at mt. diablo in the distance. we will have slightly warmer wet, and spotty drizzle and fog tonight, but not is thick or as widespread this morning and the cooling trend is. coming this weekend. our fastest breezes are during the afternoon, again, for the ferry riders head back to the
5:48 am
north bay at 3:00 to 9:00 this evening, and 24 to 38 miles per hour winds. we will talk temperatures heading to the south bay, where we are average in san jose, 82, and we go from milpitas at 78 to warm spot, gilroy, at 88. on the peninsula, we have mainly money 70s until millbrae at accident and upper 50s to 60s at pacifica and half moon bay and the video across san francisco from 58 in the marina to 65 downtown and the mission at 64 and daly city is 59 and across the north bay, a last upper 70s to lowity, northwest so a warm spot at 85. the east bay shore is mist to sunshine today and tomorrow from richmond at 71 and berkeley at 7 2 to castro develop at 79. and inland east bay neighborhood, low-to-mid 90s. today. and tomorrow? it will be warmer. temperatures tonight are back in the 50s with a lot of should cover but for probable our
5:49 am
inland east bay neighborhood. we are back to the temperatures today on thursday and back to average and below average and near the cost on friday and below average holding through the welcome. enjoy. >> new at 6:00, an exclusive, the ring girl in the for list wheel accident in tennessee opening up about her ordeal. >> if you found a sneaky way to catch all of the pokemons, they are cracking down on cheaters. >> would you choose your pet over your significant other? what people are willing to sacrifice for their best friend.
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the the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> water problems persist for farmers in state despite our wet winter. the continuing drought is costing farms an estimated $6303 million this year. the impact is lows than a year ago, according to a new uc davis study researchers say the farmers have not planned 79,000 acres of land this year because of water shortage. an estimated 500,000 acres were planted last year. in antioch police arrested a man
5:53 am
taking selfies with a loaded gun. someone called officers after he kept pulling out the weapon can posing in front of the quick step yesterday. investigators found a gun in the basketball ban and the weapon was stolen. >> a bill move through the state legislature would allow women to get a year's worth of birth control pills at one time. right now insurance covers 30-90 days and makes unwere interested pregnancies less likely because it reduce as chance of skipped doses. the right to life economy is opposing the bill. it has passed the senate. >> who do you love more? your pet or significant other? if you said "pet," you not alone. an apartment search website surveyed 2,000 dog and cat owners and 63% said they would choose their pet over the person
5:54 am
who is closest to them. 58% would rather keep their pet and live in a shack than give up their pet for their dream house. why, you ask? people say the pets give unconditional love. >> even my dog would say, you want to reevaluate your life choices? mike nicco? >> does your pet want all of that from you? cats, not necessarily...back off. a little. >> i am seeing this morning our camera from bi15 cross the street looking back to the san francisco you can see the mist and drizzle hanging out for the kids and ling to the second day school in san francisco, our extremes today are antioch and lakeport and brentwood, mid-to-upper 90s and daly city, pacifica and bodega bay, 58 to 59 degrees. need a win at at&t park, dropping the first game yesterday, 58 at 7:15 and breezy
5:55 am
and increasing clouds in the afternoon and ems it are flirting with 100 through the central valley and thunderstorm is possible at lake tahoe. safe travels. >> safe travels if you are about to head outdoor and start tuesday morning commute, overall we are look okay and do not have major blocking issues on our main highways and light volume right here. 280 in san jose at 17, and haziness there today. not so light here through the emeryville stretch of westbound 80 and we are backed up through the bay bridge toll plaza with the meet weeing lights on for under 30 miles now in your jam through the maze and a look at our traffic map we are keeping track of the problem in brentwood, highway 4, the only new information we are getting is that the middle of the intersection is blocked, so you can get around the crash, but they have not fully cleared it with red on the traffic flows. we will check on the drive from the central valley in continue minutes. >> the pokemon go madness is aextraing cheaters and now the
5:56 am
acceptors are fighting back. the new terms of service anyone caught cheat is banned for life. work arounds like falsifying your location or using an emulator are groups for the permanent ban. it is not clear how they are fining the cheaters but obviously they are trying to catch them. mike? >> this is a good use of technical. this is a small solar powered tablet that can provide green clinking water around the world, that can removed 99.9 9% of back step why after only 20 minutes in a glass of water and is re-usable and can be charged with sun. when exposeed the bacteria is killed. they want to make the device cheaply. further testing is needed, they
5:57 am
caution. >> artists can look at parts for the new project, the old bay bridge. some of the steel from the truss dare down is going to artists who allied or were approved, to get a chance to check out the materials they will turn into art installations. all the clayton fire is still burning out of control in lake county and we will go to the devastation with the good news that evacuees received. >> students head back-to-school in san jose facing mandatory vaccination and we hear from a parent refusing to comply. >> major honor the united states
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news waiting in agony with emotions running high as residents dwight find out in the
6:00 am
clayton fire claimed their house. >> good morning. i am reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves. we bring you to the fire and the arrest in the investigation in a moment. we will start with mike nicco for conditions as you head out the door. mike? standing outside in the misty morning it feels cool. dress warmly. we look at live doppler hd. it is mist and drizzle and no organized areas of measurable rain. the day planner is 50 to 60 the same as yesterday, and mostly sunny as we head to noon at 2358 at coast and 81 inland, and breezy this afternoon around the bay and 59 at coast to 93 inland. >> no major headaches for the commute and that is good news. the traffic map is heavy for 7 or miles central valley 205 to 580, and you are crawling along at 11 miles per hour. we have another look at the south bay could up in a few


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