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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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house. >> good morning. i am reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves. we bring you to the fire and the arrest in the investigation in a moment. we will start with mike nicco for conditions as you head out the door. mike? standing outside in the misty morning it feels cool. dress warmly. we look at live doppler hd. it is mist and drizzle and no organized areas of measurable rain. the day planner is 50 to 60 the same as yesterday, and mostly sunny as we head to noon at 2358 at coast and 81 inland, and breezy this afternoon around the bay and 59 at coast to 93 inland. >> no major headaches for the commute and that is good news. the traffic map is heavy for 7 or miles central valley 205 to 580, and you are crawling along at 11 miles per hour. we have another look at the south bay could up in a few
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minutes. >> this morning, investigators in lake county say they have the man who started the clayton fire under arrest. >> this is not the first time he has had a run in with law enforcement. here is the mug shot of damin anthony pashilk that authorities released yesterday from a previous arrest. often the right side you can see we have obtained the new mug shot taken when continuities took him into custody yesterday afternoon. pashilk is 40 and suspected in other arsons before. next, he has a record date back to 2005 with arrests for drugs and parole violations. pashilk was born in san francisco and said she a construction worker. amy hollyfield is on the story with more in lower lake. >> i hear this morning that firefighters are feeling a lot of ride that it was their investigators would made the arrest. residents are feeling relief and anger knowing that now someone is accused of causing the devastation.
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this was someone's home and they lost everything. evacuees applauded the investigators last night when they announced an arrest was made. 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk from clearlake is in jail. officers did not say what they think the motive was but he has under investigation for more than a year. >> it is a tragic day when we identify any individual would intentionally starts a four. a first like this is devastating to the community that has suffered significantly over the last year. we are very proud of our investigators. >> the man accused of set the fire has a criminal record and has been arrested a dozen times before for drugs and weapon charges and parole violations. this fire, the clayton fire has burned 4,000 acres and is 5% contained and destroyed 175 structures in lower lake. the suspect is being held on $5
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million bail. >> hard to see that scene. >> flames have destroyed 175 structures in lower lake and clearlake and 100 of the structures are homes. another 1,500 structures are still threatened. in all the clayton fire has burn 4,000 acres more than six square miles and only 5% contained. thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes and more than 1,600 fryers are beating the clayton fire including strategic teams from here in san francisco and san mateo. >> mike nicco what are you see as far as conditions in lake county? >> better conditions than what we talk about this time yesterday. 67 degrees down from the 70s yesterday. and the humidity is up at 48% and the winds are calm with a gust once in a while around 74 miles per hour.
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through the afternoon, from 2:00 into the evening the warriors and 10 miles per hour and switch from the southwest but they will not be out-of-control. each day since sunday the winds have calmed down and the temperatures are going up, 97 today, 98 tomorrow, the coolest they will be you are low 90s this evening. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing schedule of the fire on air and on-line with a resource on clayton fire on our website at you will find information on school closures, community meeting, and how to donate to fire victims. >> tomorrow san jose students go back-to-school and like students across the state, they will have to bring something with them they have not property before: proof of vaccination. we are at trace elementary school. >> good morning, some parents are really upset about the new requirement, and one told us that she is going to leave california because she does not want her child to have
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evacuation nations to go to class. the new law is in effect for this school year. in california, students must be vaccinated unless they have a medical reason like chemo. those without evacuation nays are sent home. in san jose unified school district 37 kids have an excel shin out of the 32,000. what is in longer allowed is personal belief exemption. one daughter has a bad reaction to a vaccination and will not come may and is home school asking moving out-of-state. >> it will be a hard transition to move away from all of my family and start over in a whole new state but i am so disappointed in california. >> doctors we spoke with say the new requirement is good news for students and will stop outbreaks of disease like measles. san jose unified starts chooses
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tomorrow. >> history came tumbling down in the las vegas strip. all the riviera hotel and casino is gone. jessica castro has the end of an era. all the riviera is no longer part of the las vegas strip skyline and it came down a few hours ago and i want to show you the new video from overnight. you can see the tower came down and a huge cloud of dust rose up. new information for you, i have learned the dust is not considered a health threat, there was condition the dust would contain asbestos but it has been deed "safe." that concern, of course, because of the riviera's long history, 61 years, it was once home to some of the biggest names in las vegas entertainment history including frank senate extra -- sin not extra and was featured in countless homes including
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james bond films and "southeast 11." the first part was imploded in june but this marked the end of an era. back to you, natasha. >> thank you. >> me and my sister were crying. trying to hold on. >> an exclusive you do not want to miss a young girl who goal from a ferris wheel in tennessee talking about exactly what happened. >> the big honor taking place today for gay
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>> on of roof we are dealing with the most you have to deal with outside, it is lows in the south bay of the tens are in the upper 50s to low 60. we have 62 in san jose, the warm spot. cupertino and milpitas about 57. same in brentwood and san pablo and novato at 53. jogging is good. caution bay, it will be gusty. the temperatures the fiscal year three days, we chile up today, a little more tomorrow, we start the cooling trend on thursday. the weekend forecast is next. alexis? >> can you see the low clouds and the mist on the bay bridge. the inbound side, westbound is not too bad beyond the bay
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bridge toll plaza. we have a couple slow spots or potential trouble spots on the traffic maps. we have confirmed we are all clear on the northbound 880 exit. it was closed because of an overturned vehicle. it was the end of a police pursuit they have wrap up the investigation and all the emergency crews have cleared. highway 4 in brentwood we still have a crash blocking part of the intersection and are working to confirm that. slit delays in the area. >> an exclusive from abc. the family of two girls who fell out of the ferry wheel in tennessee are talking of the terrible accident. a 10-year old was on the ride with her sister and friend. the basket was tilting and the parents ran to the operator. she recalls when she was thrown from the carnival ride. >> me and my sister were crying and just...trying to hold on to
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stuff. i thought maybe it was tilted back the other way. he hit the button and it starts going again and we fell out. >> next, on "good morning america" safety inspectors reveal what they blame for the accident at 7:00. >> saving a poor little squirrel, video you have to see. a police officer tries to remanufacture a cup from a squirrel's head. >> and mayor lee make
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get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> san francisco mayor lee said he has not decided who will be the new chief or naming chief chaplin is our premature," he is still searching for candidates. the application period is on until the end of the month. >> a warn tenths for women to ray void carrying purses. police say in six weeks there has been one purse snatching a week in shopping center parking lots. someone driveing a car grabs a purse off of someone's surelies. >> there will an land to offer
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college courses to inmates at the connectional facility and the jail to help inmates better prepare tore transition back into the community. instructers to san jose state will work with the clarke to offer college courses from justice studies to philosophy. the plan is presented to the board of supervisors this morning and classes could begin by september. all the gun club is shut down after more than 50 years in business, with the board voting to close the doors labor day september 5. they faced pressure from environmentalists and the park district who say that lead from the ammunition was polluting the soil and the water at the regional park. the range is popular with recreational sport shooters and law enforcement who train at the range. >> congresswoman pelosi and mayor lee are expected to attend a united states navy ship naming ceremony in honor of gay rights icon harvey milk. the us harvey milk will look
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like this supplying oil and develop on the high seas. milk came from a navy family and served as a diving officer in the korean war and then was elected as first openly game politician in california. he was killed in office in 1978. the ceremony started at 2:00 a.m. on treasure island. >> we will have good weather at 2:00 p.m. but mist and drizzle right now. a temperature of 56 degrees. by 2:00, it will be sunny and 60 if san rafael i have been tracking the fog all morning. it is getting thicker southbound on 101 and 101 could be wet from the mist and drizzle causing an hour and 10 minutes flight arrival delays at sfo the average delay getting into sfo.
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this morning. now, misty to sunny at the bay and inland and clouds as the coast. clouds roll in tonight and cool again but not so damp as the last couple of mornings. tomorrow is the hottest afternoon in the seven-day forecast. you can see the next six hours, we have mist and drizzle until 9:30 around the bay, and until 11:00 at the coast. we will look at what is happening with the high temperatures, upper 70s in sunnyvale and low 80s for cupertino and san jose, and mid-to-upper 80s in los gatos and morgan hill and on the peninsula, from 77 in palo alto to milbrae at 70, and 59 at pacifica today, and daly city, and downtown san francisco, 65, and at the game this morning it is like last evening, starting off sunny and becoming partly cloudy bringing to more clouds and drop the temperature from 58 at 7:15 to 56 by final out.
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in the north bay, in san rafael and vallejo at 79 and 77 and low-to-mid 80s heading northbound until you get to lick part and calistoga mid-to-upper 90s and berkeley is 69, and oakland at 71. warmer in young city and fremont and castro valley and upper 70s and 90 in san ramon and brentwood at 97. air conditioning wets coming back inland this afternoon. check out the 50s again tonight with the cloud cover out there but for possibly the inland east bay neighborhood. hottest tomorrow, thursday is like today and by saturday, sunday and monday, a killing trend and below average next week. >> good morning, mike, we hear about a minor issue for right now on northbound 8 youth in the oakland area, this is at coliseum, we have what is left of a minor crash hanging over the far left lane and traffic approaching that quickly, and they are asking c.h.p. arrive and provide traffic control.
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no one comes up on crash too fast to create a second. we watching that closely. and potential collision westbound 80 beyond the bay bridge toll plaza and obviously we are looking at folks approaching the toll and it is congested through the maze and everyone but for the car pool lanes are inching around and westbound 4 an to evening to hurricane cheese is 35 minutes and you in the green, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is congested this morning, and you are in the yellow at 21 minutes and northbound 87 in the south bay, highway 85 to the san jose airport, about nine minutes and still in the green. we will have an update on mass transit in 10 minutes. >> why necessity if you are ready for this, first responders are used to saving human lives but a crew in connecticut was working to save a squirrel. a 50y squirrel at that. do you unless something is attach to the end of him? is head is stuck in a yogurt cup.
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he bounced around but it wasn't working. the crew used blanket to calm down the squirrel did not work but they bond off the cup and the squirrel scampered off into the woods, unhurt, but with a taste of yogurt. >> have you thought of a girls get away to las vegas? just you and girls? >> michael finney has great tip on getting to sin city. >> win the gold, where else can you go? how visa is helping to give our greatest
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> the deadly police shooting in milwaukee is highlighting a difficult that is quite tough for african americans. the north under of the city saw riots caused by a black police officer shoot asking killing a black man. in 2012, 40% of plan residents live in the north end. people this are far more likely to live in poverty, be inconisderation rated are out of work.
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wisconsin has the highest rate of black unemployment of any state. >> now, ask michael finney. we have a question from pleasanton from kaitlyn going to las vegas. michael finney has the answer. >> i am land on visiting my grandmother in las vegas and helpfully some time next month and i wander is there a best weekend to do that? >> there is in specific weekend but you have good timing. this week is the least expensive week to travel to las vegas all summer long. round trip air fares are going from $200 to $300. for cheap air fare any weekend avoid flying into las vegas on friday and out on sunday. that is when it is most expensive. for cheap hotel rooms avoid friday and saturday night. even in staying saturday and sunday can save you nearly half off. from a friday and saturday stay. >> is kaitlyn hitting the clubs with her grandmother? that kind of grandmother?
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>> all right...if you have a question is for michael finney record it on your smartphone and head to >> visa is hiring. you only need two requirements: a bachelor's degree. yes, and being an olympian, a career problem launched for former olympic athletes looking to move beyond sports. for most, sponsorship money, that is not this after they stop competing. though are dedicated and hard working individuals, proven, visa seize them as future business leaders. they will be placed in visa san francisco offices. >> and biles was on america mcyesterday and said the best advise, happening on to your money. it doesn't last. >> stay with us we have another 30 minutes of news and weather and traffic including the massive fire that is bushing in lake county. >> after the break, the incredible moment that our very
6:27 am
own amy hollyfield shared with one of evacuees you do not want to miss. >> airbnb is stepping up. in a big way. allowing hosts to help flood victims in louisiana. >> we start misty and cool and how we end up this afternoon, warmer than yesterday. and warmer weather is on
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. mike nicco will help you get out the door. >> patchy and dense fog with mist in the air the damp and cool. live doppler hd is showing must of our reporting stations are doing okay as low as 1.5 at half moon bay but barely seeing to the port of san francisco. that is a mile away. slow clouds are hanging out in the east bay hills and valleys. starting off in the 50s, so dress warmly especially the kids off to cool. toes hanging out in the 50 at the coast and nearly 80 inland at noon and afternoon temperatures are 50s at the coast and around the bay, 75 and 93 at noon. a bump up from yesterday. i will have more heat coming up in the seven-day forecast. alexis has the commute. >> not looking like fun through the bay bridge toll plaza we are getting reports of a crash
6:31 am
beyond the plaza and they made it off to the last happen shoulder. we do have fire response on the scene. we do not have a view of crash. you can see heavy traffic getting through. the car poor lane is the session much massens extra it a san francisco ferry cancellations today, vallejo to san francisco, 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. departures are not happening with shuttle bus service in place. another update come up in 10 minutes. >> back to our top story at 6:30, the clayton fire. it is bump out of control in lake county and the most important information a man is under arrest suspected of start the fire intentionally. he is 40 years old of clearlake facing 17 counts of arson and dame detail will have enhanceed because businesses and his were destroyed. thousands of homes are threatened. the governor declared a state of
6:32 am
emergency in lake county. the fire is holding at 4,000 acres. we just got this good news that the fire now is 20% contained. earlier we say it was only 5% contained. that show as lost progress. the school district has closed schools for the rest of week. the man in custody, damin anthony pashilk has been arrested a dozen times before. amy hollyfield is in lake county with the emotional meeting where the arrest was announced. amy? >> i am hearing there is a lost anger in the community. authorities say that people have been coming up to them and saying they should release the suspect to the community so real justice can be handed out. they angry, look at this damage, they can nut believe they are not hearing someone may have set this fire on purpose. this is the suspect we got in to the newsroom of the 40-year-old
6:33 am
damin anthony pashilk of clearlake. evacuees applaud when authorities announced his arrest. he has been been under investigation for month than a year. >> a lost anger. and relief. knowing who caused it because there were questions. authorities accused him of set this fire, the clayton fire but they will not specify what other fires they believe he has set and the community has a lot of questions about that. the clayton fire has burned 4,000 acres and destroyed 17235 structures. 4,000 people are still evacuated the suspect has been arrested a dozen times before for weapons, dries, and parole violations and is held in jail and the bail is society at $5 million.
6:34 am
>> thank you. it was amy who was involved in a touching moment yesterday, a woman thought her parents' home inside the fire zone was lost. she could not actually go back and check for herself. [ inaudible ] your heart goes out to her. whom was not on the official list of homes in lower lake that survived the fire. the media is allowed behind the fire lines so amy had the idea tory down her address and go and check it out and come back. she had good news. for word of their homes. firefighters are working as quickly as they can to keep them informed. so good on amy and thank
6:35 am
goodness for this family. >> now to meteorologist mike nicco is there help for firefighters today? >> a little deficit hope. i wish we could take the damp and cool air we have and transport it. but it is not is bad as yesterday. and not so good as it is here. 66 this. relative humidity is 48% calm to these miles per hour so good weather during the overfit hours compared to the last couple of nights and the latest winds updated and you can see they are around 10 miles per hour at 5:00 and 8:00 from the northwest to the southeast so it will not be as windy as yesterday. the temperatures are what are an issue, upper 90 the, few days and mid-90 on thursday and friday and as cool as it is, only low 90s this weekend. >> nearly 700 pg&e customers are still without power including some in the evacuation order. crews were asked to cut off fire to lines to keep firefighters safe as they work to put out the fire. pg&e said flames have damaged 20
6:36 am
power poles and other circumstantial equipment. >> the american red cross is teaming with lucky super markets to raise money for fire efforts, with 20 stores participating. all you have to do is go do the store and make a contribution and you get a receipt of your tax deductible donation. for all participating stores go to >> you can help the victims by donating to the lake county wildfire relief sunday led by north coast opportunities and mendo lake credit union with a link on where to send donations on the front page >> get major updates on lake county fire by downloading our news app with push alerts and they will be sent to director mobile device. >> now the historic floods in louisiana and there is major condition this morning as floor waters condition to rise.
6:37 am
our reporter is watching this developing story. >> i have new numbers up to 12,000 people in shelters this morning, and the coast guard has rescued 30,000 people so more than we initially thought, parts of louisiana are declared federal disaster areas and i want to show you new video from overnight with the rescue efforts and there as the death toll has again up to at least seven people. the latest confirmed victim a man whose body was found near a library in batten rouge but there are reports coming in that the toll could be up to nine people but right now there are flood water as far as the eye can see. >> we will not give up. we will stay until the bloody build. in it knocks us down we get back up and rebuilt. >> this is new video to overnight drone aerial footage for the lucky few in their homes they are likely not going far, several big highways trend
6:38 am
closed. the major concern as we move forward is the waters could continue to croup up or more rain could come done making a bad situation worse and that standing water is not good. a lot to look at and a developing story. >> here is how airbnb and the users are trying to help folks affected by the flood. they are letting those who offer homes at arab free of charge to evacuees. arab abe started this disaster response page in 2012 after hurricane sandy. >> san jose police are investigating in a hit-and-run accident is connected to a double shooting that last one person dead. the shooting happened last night in east san jose. two shooting victims showed up at regional medical center at 6:20 the when died at the
6:39 am
hospital. authorities say earlier in the same area where the shooting occurred, a hit-and-run accident happened. this is the 32nd homicide in san jose this year. >> if you ride muni you will see unusual ads on buses targeted to keep their bus driver from being targeted. the ads use posts from prairies urging criminals to avoid go after their because operators. this is an example "i get you across town safely i want to get home safely too," #keepthemsafe. on saturday morning a muni operator said a man threw her to the ground and repeatedly punched her. announce the traffic conditions. alexis? >> we are looking okay so far today. we have had in major blocking issues but we are looking at traffic building in many typical busy spots.
6:40 am
san jose at 880 split looking okay but south of here you are stop and go traffic but in major problems for the south bay. moving over to our traffic map westbound 80 we have a report of a crash on the last hand shoulder beyond the bay bridge toll plaza. you are jammed from the 880 split and beyond getting very close to 580 through the maze and through emeryville and northbound 880 beyond the coliseum i told you of a disabled vehicle hanging into the left lane and they got it cleared and took the off-ramp. no longer a visual distraction. >> we will check with mike nicco on the roof. a little misty? >> it is. dress accordingly. a couple of school districts are going back with students at campbell union high school, cloudy and 60 at 7:00. but sunny and 80 this afternoon. head over to...peed monday, 58
6:41 am
with drizzle so dress accordingly the sunny and 71 this afternoon. we have another one in morgan hill, the unified school district, cloudy and mist and 54, a lot sunshine this afternoon and 86. have fun, kids, congratulations parents, good luck faculty. >> a little bit of a bump up inland to low-to-mid 90s in the east bay valley and a mixture of 60s and 70s an the bay, and maybe warmer, not maybe, it will be, warmer tomorrow, and we will pull become on thursday with the weekend forecast coming up next. >> putting the brick on bicycle theft, a crackdown underway and three reasons why this is an uphill battle for san francisco police. >> would you choose your pet over your significant other. what people are willing to sacrifice for their furry
6:42 am
friends. >> ginger? >> coming up on "good morning america" devastation in louisiana with 11 thousand in shelters forced from their home by historic flooding that left at least six dead. water? it is still rising. we are in louisiana with the
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>> constitutes in the bay area go back-to-school tomorrow and they have to bring something with them they have not brought before: proof of vaccination. matt keller in san jose at trace elementary school. matt? good morning. the first day of class is tomorrow at trace elementary school along with all of other schools here in san jose unified but students need more than their backs to get into the classroom. that because the new law that changed the vaccination requirements. start this year in california students must be vaccinated unless they have a medicals reason like undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. student without a medical waiver and without their vaccinations will be sent home. in a san jose unified school district 37 have a medical exemption out of 32,000. what is not allowed is personal belief. some are happen about it and others are threatening to take their kids out of school and move out-of-state the many in the medical communities say the
6:46 am
requirement will help to stop outbreaks of disease like measles. it helps to save lives. san francisco police are launching a new operation targeting bicycle chop shops. the hurdles of enormous. the antitheft unit consists of one man. second, the operation targets homeless camp where there appears to be a thriving black market in stolen bicycles and proving the boys are stolen is extremely difficult. an estimated four million worth of bicycles are stolen each year in san francisco. >> you have to choose, your pet or your significant other. >> be careful. in someone else is in the room with you. if you said "pet," you are not alone. the apartment search website surveyed 2,000 dog and cat owners and 63% said they would take their pet own their loved one. 78% could give up their favorite
6:47 am
food in it want their pet could live forever the many say it is because pets give unconditional love. >> my pet gives unconditional attitude. if you do not believe guess to facebook and watch the videos. >> struggling twitter after big deal with apple tv and will the momentum on the stock market continue another day? that is our money report. >> good morning, it looks like we will take a pause from the record highs we have been seeing so much lately. we are trading lower today. the dow is down 67 and we have the s&p 500 down nine and the nasdaq low by 25 points and twitter is at a seven point high with the addition of apple t partnership adds to a punish by twitter including partnership with the nfl.
6:48 am
microsoft windows 10 has serious problem and users, some of them, load the anniversary update that causes the come party to free so there is a work around. the freezing does not happen when starting in space mode. are you tired of waiting for lights to turn grown at the stoplight? drivers can now know when that light will change if you drive audis with real time information from the advanced trafficment system that monitoring traffic lights and display the information on the system. >> thank you. happening today the apple iphone face time function is getting competition. google is launching an app called google duo allowing recipients to see the person call them before they accept and turn on the camera. the new app originally announced in may is released starting today, iphone and droid users
6:49 am
can download for free. >> new, to mike nicco on the roof, a gray day. >> a lot mist. kids headed to the second day of school, 51 in lake merced, castro and mission at 52. portrero is 53. through the ferry remaining to downtown, 54 in richmond and san leandro, and walnut creek is 56, and young city is 57, petaluma is 51 and ten degrees warmer in palo alto and 61. from sutro tower you can see a more shallow marine layer and i think that mean faster sunshine although we miffy and cool. drizzle and fog tonight and not so much as this morning and cooling friend this weekend after temperatures have surged today and tomorrow. on the bay water it is choppy at 3:00 to 9:00, from the bay bridge north through the delta communities and that is the small craft advisory, by noon we
6:50 am
should have mostly sunny conditions an the bay and sunny inland, but, still, partly sunny to mostly cloudy through afternoon. to the south bay average afternoon in san jose is 8 to, and milpitas is 78, and up the peninsula, mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is 70 and half moon bay is 62. downtown san francisco, breezy and warm of the here at 65 and coolest in the marina at 58, and daly city tonight at 59 degrees and through the north bay, we will have vallejo and san rafael closer to the bay water and the breezes are keeler and upper 70s and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s and santa rosa is 85 with patchy fog, oakland is 71 and destroy after mist and money 70s for the rest of the east bay sure and as we head inland, temperatures are going to run in the low-to-mid 90s so air conditioning weather is likely again. temperatures tonight are comfortable in the 50 to increasely 60 degrees. my seven-day outlook shows going
6:51 am
to be hot inland and highway four consider door we could flirt with 100. on thursday, a lot like today, rid is become to average and saturday and sunday and monday more cooling but... >> that is your cue to wrap up. we are seeing heavy traffic on bay bridge toll plaza back to the maze. we are getting reports of a crash on the shoulder. still, a bit of a visual distraction. you have to mess it up through the maze. the car pool lanes are okay. westbound 580, tracy to dublin is an hour. you still in the red not is bad. maybe an hour on so ago so letting up from the central valley. westbound 4 antioch to concord, 29 minutes. early crash in brentwood is long gone, southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco 17 minutes in the green from marin county and i pass along this mass transit note, again, today, the san
6:52 am
francisco bay ferry has a couple of cancellations, 8:00 a.m. vallejo with the 5:00 p.m. san francisco departure not happening today, those are canceled and they will have shuttle bus service in place, with another traffic update comes up. >> a giant panda and new mom are a secret with zookeepers say panda gave birth to one cub but a wind was hiding. the camera is showing mother kicking back and they spotted the second cub, weighing only 3 1/2 owns, as much as a deck of cards. >> we have seven things you need to know before you go when we run.
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6:54 am
>> here are 15 things you need to know a40-year-old lake county man is under arrest suspected of start the clayton fire in lower lake and clearlake, damin anthony pashilk faces 17 counts of arson likely to be enhanced. >> there is a spot of good news of the crews are making major progress with the clayton fire, and moments ago they said they are 20% contained. that is up from 5% early this
6:55 am
morning. unfortunately, 100 homes and 75 other buildings have been lost. thousands are still threatened. >> if you get the kids ready for school dress for misty conditions, with temperatures in the 50s. we mostly sunny an the bay with low-to-upper 70s and 80s and find inland and clouds at coast keep you in the low-to-mid 50s. >> and the coast is misty along 80 heavier westbound through emeryville with a crash on the shoulder beyond the bay bridge toll plaza causing backup through the maze and beyond. >> driver taken to the hospital after a bad really over in san jose. the c.h.p. had to shut down the exit on northbound 880. is no word on driver's condition. the scene new is cleared. >> name of the first openly gay el helpinged politician in california will now be on the side of this ship, the uss
6:56 am
harvey milk will be dedicated this afternoon in san francisco at 2:00 p.m. the navy veteran was killed in office in 1978. >> this it goes the last tower of the riviera hotel and casino in las vegas on strip is history. it was him to the biggest names in show business history including frank sinatra. and ocean's 11. >> in moore room for riviera. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight a search for survivors under way after deadly floods hit the south. 30,000 rescued. the national guard pulling people to safety. now rivers are on the rise as the midwest faces twisters overnight and severe weather moves east. donald trump talking tough on terror and immigration. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> how trump says he will keep america safe from isis and will his reset last, as vice-president joe biden hits the trail with hillary clinton, calling trump's ideas dangerous. we have


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