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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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amy hollyfield is at market and castro. what is the latest? all the statue is gone. shear where it was, the department of public works said a reason is that you cannot have something affixed to the sidewalk without permission, you can see the mark it left. that is on reason it had to go and the other reason, the crowds, this make it life sized unflattering statue of donald trump here drew people to it all day long. they took selfies, giggled. it was a spectacle. >> i don't think anyone good to vote for this time so, we will take a picture of hillary clinton, too. >> san francisco is not the only city where this statue popped up. see allege had one. new york got one. one in los angeles, and, also in, cleveland. the activity group "in decline,"
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commission opened the statute to be created, finding an artist who creates monsters for haunted houses and now san francisco has taken eight -- it away. the restaurant and bar called lefty o'doul's has offered to take the donald trump in and keep it nice and safe. >> happening now, a nasa astronaut from napa is minutes away from take the first spacewalk of her life. she is scheduled to begin a six hour spacewalk with astronaut jeff williams in 30 minutes, suited up and almost ready to go. they are installing a ring known as the i.d.a. that provides a parking space for future spacecraft to arrive and dock without any help from senates.
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the spacewalk starts at 5:00 a.m. our time. >> the fallout continues for several members of the united states swim team in hot water now for a robbery claim scandal in rio de janeiro. gunnar bentz and jack conger just arrived back in the united states at the airport moments ago in miami after being questioned for hours over claims they were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. james feigen is still in rio de janeiro and will donate $11 ,000 to brazilian authorities -- charities so he can leave the country. all the story is unravelling and it is not clear in a group of athletes were robbery victims in rio de janeiro or not. >> police say that the three teammates were robbed after a night of partying.
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they were questioned by armed guards, on the night in question, ryan lochte got in a taxi they said and headed to the olympic village accounttory is murky. ryan lochte laying out details to nbc news. >> the guy had a gun, he put it to my forehead. >> police released new surveillance video from the gas station where the swimmers say the robbery took place, saying at least one of four olympic swimmers are seen breaking down a bathroom floor at a gas station and getting into a fight with a security guard. sources would spoke to all four swimmers say their story still holds up because three minutes of video is missing, which they claim would show the men being held up at gunpoint and bullied to sit down on the curb until they handed over cash. authorities are asking ryan lochte and another swimmer be indicted for lying to police but any jail time is highly unlike unlikely. >> we are sending out push
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alerts as the olympic swimming story unfolds. you can download the app for free and enable push alerts to get updates. >> we have new details on locations of macy's stories that could be closing. one is in concord. the stories in the sun valley mall has the largest square footage of any store there. the credit rating said the store is on the chopping block because the sales are below the per square foot average. they said they are landing to close 100 stores while reporting another quarter of falling profits and sales. >> in southern california, a red flag wanting trends in affect as firefighters try to slow down the blue cut fire in san bernadino county. crews made progress on the 36,000 acre wildfire. firefighters have also brought containment up from 5% to 22%. evacuation situations were lifted east of interrogate 15 with numerous buildings destroyed by flames but they have not said how many are
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homes. >> in lake county firefighters are also making progress on the nearly 4,000 acre clayton fire, and are 630% contain with full containment expected on sunday. officials now say 190 homes are destroyed and up to eight commercial buildings and 100 other structures. authorities say the fire was intentionally set last saturday by suspected arsonist. the district attorney said there are videos showing 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk in the area of the 12 fires he is accused of starting july of last year. >> the man who maintained all of the equipment for the united states olympic fencing team in rio de janeiro lost his new home in the clayton fire. mathew porter is in the middle of the team, and he and his wife just moved to lower lake a few days before he left for brazil with a gofundme account set up and you can see people have donated almost $20,000 so far. we have posted a link to the page on our website at
4:36 am >> the f.b.i. knees your help to identify a bank robber who has hit several locations in the bay area. he is riding away in two different audis in may and june in burlingame, bunch, and pleasanton. the f.b.i. said suspect was seen driving a newer silver or gray audi and a new verify one with dealer tags and demand money by showing a note to a bank employee. >> a sheriff deputy and his k-9 partner are credited for a major pot dust in sonoma. this is a picture of k-9 deputy jag in front of 108 pounds of marijuana he sniffed out during a traffic stop last night. authorities arrested two men from new york and charged them with possession of marijuana for sell, transportation of marijuana for sale and conspiracy. the pot had reported street value of up to half million.
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>> no secret san francisco is among the least affordable cities in the world. a new report takes it to a whole new level. according to the study 90% of those in the city cannot actually afford to buy a medium prized home of $1.3 million. that translates to $7,000 a in in housing costs. it is actually, if you can believe it an improvement over 2007 when only 8% had the money to boy during the housing boom. bottom loop? the report said if you want to buy a house in the city you need to make at least $269,000. a area. to qualify. >> a waterfront plot of land in south san francisco will be home to this billion dollar research and development complex, a group based in china has bought a 42 acre site at oyster point for the project. the construction is ♪ begin on
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the landing at oyster point in mid-2016 although a number of infrastructure improvements have to be made before site can be developed. >> now a look at a serious situation overnight in the vallejo area. westbound highway 37 at the pure island off-ramp there was a fatal situation. someone left the roadway at 2:00 a.m., went into the napa river and did not survive. that investigation is ongoing. we talked to c.h.p. and he said their crews are no longer on the scene and it does not sound like lanes are blocked. i will keep you updated in it changes. mass transit, light rain, there are emergency repairs to the overhead wire downtown san jose at the children's museum impacting two lines with a bus bridge this morning, san antonio and san fernando station. and now over to drew with a look at the welcome forecast. drew?
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good morning, alexis. we start off with a fair amount of fog as we do in august. live doppler hd shows a lost fog along the coast. not so widespread around the bray this morning as yesterday. however, still, we are dealing with the fog first thing in the morning. winds are generally on the light side cross the region but we are going to notice, the winds will pick up and it will be out of the south later today. what that means for us, smoke at the soberanes fire and the chimney fire is moving to our atmosphere, again, so "spare the air" day is in affect for friday, and, really, the inland east bray is the poor air quality you have seen it in the south bay, the haze in the sky so if you can, use public transportation and try and cut down the pollutants in atmosphere. highs if you like the cooling trend you will like this, inland numbers are showing very few locations in the 90s, with a lost 80s and comfortable 60s and 70s, and we will look at the weekend forecast in the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes.
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>> donald trump is making an effort to change the tone of the presidential campaign. next, where he and running make mike pence are headed today. >> also, tony bennett left his heart in san francisco. today the city is give its hea
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. our san jose man is trying to coach with the death of his fiance and the birth of his premature son. the 18-year-old dulce capetillo died in a traffic accident. doctors managed to save baby christopher. his father spoke to our reporter >> a tire asked drained pedro cortez talked about losing the love of his life and gaining a new love. he said he and his fiance had a great future planned, now there is a void, the pain is overwhelm ing. the passenger in the brother's car pickedder help after the shift in morgan hill and they were going to pick up pedro after his shift at the taco bell in san jose. when the car suddenly swerved and smash interested a bmw parked on the shoulder. doctors saved their baby. >> friends and co-workers are devastated by the reality.
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>> allegation happy. all of said were happy. i cannot imagine what he is going through. >> taco bell has donation boxes if honor of dulce capetillo and will match the kiss inform donations. this family gave what they could >> it is tragic. nobody deserves that. >> a gofundme page is in place. in san jose for abc7. >> money raised on the gofundme page will help the family with funeral costs and you can see so far more than $4,town has been raced. if you would like to help out we a link on >> donald trump and his running mate mike pence will visit flood ravaged louisiana and last night voters in north carolina saw him reading from a teleprompter and
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admitted he chose the wrong words and said the wrong thing the. >> believe it or not i regret it particularly where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues. one thing i can promise you this: i also always tell you the truth. >> donald trump did not say specifically which comments he regretted. >> in hillary clinton is elected she said her family foundation will for longer be accepting foreign and corporate donations. she said she will bring an end to the annual clinton global initiative meeting regardless of the outcompleting with eight leaders in the law enforcement community to focus on challenges facing officers and the community they serve. >> everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the
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law. clinton is hold on to the lead over donald trump in the latest poll. according to the survey, in held today 41% would support clinton and 37% would support trump. >> rebound is getting heat for not cutting the vacation in new england short to visit the people of louisiana after his historic flooding. the louisiana newspaper said the president should visit now that the raging floor floodwaters are receipting. baton rouge is on the way from "response," to "recover provide," but some flood waters trend. 13 people died in more than 300,000 people have been rescued >> excitement is building for the unveiling of the tony bennett statue in san francisco. we were outside the fairmont hotel as crews set the stage for the event and the singer will be this, with the statue created by sculpture bruce wolf. he posed for three days at his
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piedmont studio. wolf came up with the pose of singer standing with his arms stretch out. >> that is how he starts every song his mike is in the hand, the chest is out and the sun is hitting. >> bennett will have a mona lisa smile, he cannot grin because the patina looks strange on teeth. the unveiling is today at the fair moment where he first performed "i last my heart in san francisco." >> a fascinating behind the scenes look how the statue comes together. >> very exciting for the community. >> now to alexis and the commuter alert although it is only 4:47 in the morning. >> hello! it's me! how are you doing? we are doing well as far as visibility the we have a ten on the board, picture perfect and the only place with fog is petaluma and visibility is down to eight miles, but, still,
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fine. how bad? currently 57 in san francisco, and oakland is at 59, currently at 61 in san jose, a comfortable 63 in antioch and failed is 60. i will show you the hour by hour situation, fog in santa rosa, san rafael, oakland and hayward and san francisco. clear skies on the peninsula to the south bay in the mid-morning. the fog will pull back to the coast and by the afternoon we are looking good with sunshine away from the coast. our streams today, shrinking the spread in the typical summertime environment and inland, we are in the 80s and it will feel nice, where we should be this time of ther along the coast in the 50s. highs take a look, fine friday, 64 in san francisco, 80 in san jose, 89 for an toy, 87 in fairfield and 80 is the high in stand rose. the seven-day forecast shows the weekend and a cool trend continuing for much of next week, temperatures mother nature on cruise control we are holding steady with in intense heat wave
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often the horizon. >> now to alexis and the view. >> not so great, not the friday morning quiet start we wanted. we have a net to pass along with mass transit so they are doing emergency repairs downtown san jose area for v.t.a. near the children's museum at the downtown station. they will have a because bridge set up for the two lines being impacted, and then over to the traffic map we have another problem in concord downtown. someone took out a light pole, a water main, and a fire hydrant there and this is at clayton road. we could have lane restrictions there. another traffic update come up in a few. >> alexis, you have by busy. >> kanye west can buy a taste of the life this weekend opening up a pop-up store in san francisco. >> the possible future of
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transit in the east with commuters getting unpaid for. >> in techbytes twitter is cracking down on terrorists suspending 250,000 million accounts. despite the suspensions, this is after a string of attacks and twitter is increasing daily increased by more than 80%. uber has the almost out of a fleet of self driving cards with customers summoning the car with the smartphone still work on making them human driverless, coming with human backup drivers to handle unexpected situation. >> mercedes has the latest concept car, the mercedes that is huge, more than 18' long with an electric engine packed with 738 horse power but it only has a range of 200 miles. this is very high-tech, it can be charged through a wireless
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>> the state senate will take up a bill that ends the stat you've limit takes for prosecuting rape charges after a series of allegations against bill cosby fueled the argument for the bill. dozen of women claim the famous comic abused them decades ago. current law requires crimes be prosecuted in 10 years of the assault. the proposed bill will return to the senate for final consideration. >> you -- unique tributes to
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bicyclists killed in san francisco is disappearing with no notice. there is a call for city moratorium on removing government bicycles and for new policies, ghost bicycles are makeshift memorials for a bicyclist hit and killed. a member of the city bicycle advisory committee is introducing a resolution calling on the public works department to hold off for a career on dismantling the memorial. >> i would like to work something out with the city they would permit the putting up of ghost bicycles. of course, provided that no ghost bicycle is posing a public hazard. >> in it is a piece of art or something that doesn't involve a lot of maintenance, maybe there is a examine ground we and look at. >> public works officials say the securent policy is a two week stay for all makeshift memorials. >> a dog left by a dutch step has a new home. a security guard found the mix abandoned at shopping center in mill valley last week. we the marin humane staff named
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him mozarella because they used cheese to go him out of his hiding block. he will be renamed ziggs, joining zelda who was also abandoned. >> you so glad to hear the story. >> drew, straight to you. >> my good if, the cutest dog, coming up at 11:00 we have the most adorable miniature pin pcher named kanye. now, live doppler hd is showing fog but it is not to expensive as it was yesterday morning. you can see the agree shading over san francisco and the immediate bay waters in the east bay around oakland and skirting right by hayward at san mateo and a finger of fog trying to pick it presence known in the so the bay, but, really, most areas away from the bay water are
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seeing generally clear skies. as you look at the day planner for friday, we will call it partly sunny, but the coastal fog is there and hazy sunshine in the afternoon with a "spare the air" day for poor air quality inland east bay locations. that is the weather and now traffic. alexis? >> good morning, i am seeing a little bit of the fog on the traffic cameras and i show you that in a second of the i want to pass long another mass transit note with bark doing the track repair, between glen park and daly city and that will be closed all day tomorrow and sunday so you will be traveling to sfo or millbrae, add at least an hour to the trip. and here is a look at the golden gate bridge as promised, not looking terrible as far as visibility but it is throughout. we have two problems on the road overnight in the clearing same and we talk about that in a few. >> a new deal has been reached
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between ride hailing companies and the city of dublin. for the first time in california a public transit system will subsidize the fares of uber and lyft riders, with the goal to reduce the cost of running buses on routes that are not used very much. the union of bus drivers objects to using public newspapers to subsidize private drivers and is expected to start next month. >> a kanye west pop-up is coming to san francisco this morning. the rapper turned fashion mogul will turn clothing based on his latest album "the life of pablo," in chinatown. he said he is opening 21 pablo stores around the world this weekend, a opinionup in australia is already open. we are hearing shoppers are...not allowed to town the merchandise before buying. items for sale include a $400 military jacket and a $50 baseball cap. you can check it out for
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yourself by don't touch, the san francisco store opens this morning at 10:00 a.m. on jackson street. >> more than keeping up with the kardashians, the woman accused of cyberstalking and hacking kris jenner. >> classes start next week at san jose university and hundreds of students will be packed into the oldest dorms rather than into
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 5 o'clock a.m., i am natasha zouves and glad you are with us on


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