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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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these are pictures from downtown lower lake. fire destroyed nearly 190 homes and businesses. the woman who took these photos did not leave her home. she stayed with no electricity, water or cell service, and scanned the horizon, deciding if she would have to suddenly run. she didn't want to leave her home unprotected. >> during the valley fire in lower lake, we had a lot of looters so even though we were in mandatory evacuations, we stayed. and chased looters off of my neighbor's property, across the way, and down here. >> people started their search yesterday looking for any valuables that may have survived the fire. most remained optimistic despite the now annual threat of fire. >> we're not quitters. we'll rebuild. that's what we're going to do. exactly what we'll do. >> firefighters stayed behind to help with the search. the fire is caused some air quality problems here in the bay
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area. a live look from the east bay hills camera. let's check in now with meteorologist drew tuma. >> this time yesterday smelled like someone was barbecuing across the entire bay area so much smoke in the atmosphere, look at the nasa imagery from yesterday, the soberanes and chimney fire and the cedar fire feeding smoke interest the atmosphere. today it's clearer and the reason why, the winds have changed and the smoke is blowing east, away from the region. however, if you are traveling to the east, we still have an air quality warning in effect for the san joaquin valley. so that smoke will linger for in time. here locally the winds that got rid of the smoke will bring cooler numbers. >> firefighters now believe it will take longer than originally thought to control the soberanes
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fire in monterey county. it's 60% contained after burning nearly 84,000 acres. firefighters they would have it out at the end of the month but today changed the estimate to late september. the blue cut fire in southern california has destroyed a landmark along route 66. the summit inn in hesperia grounders to the ground. it's been a stop nor classic car buffs, americana fans and celebrities like elvis presley for more than 50 years them former owner turn it into a unique restaurant and museum of route 66 nose stall gentleman. >> it's often. i know every button there, every light switch, every pipe, after 50 years you have had to repair half of that stuff. >> the new owners plan to rebuild. today firefighters held the blue cut fire to just under 60 square miles. some mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted and containment is 68%. >> santa rosa police arrested a man accused of pulling a gun on
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an officer. officers were responding to a fight. one officer chased the suspect, who reached into this waistbands and pulled a weapon. the officer took cover and watch the man toss it. hernandez faces several felonies. >> we were in san francisco'sry. district when highway patrol officers arrested a man. the chp believes he drove away after hitting a toll booth at the golden gate bridge him truck lost a tire. officers believe the man was drunk. bridge officials tell us there was minimal damage to the toll about. child prostitutes in california could stop being prosecuted at criminals. state lawmakers working to decriminalize prostitution for children under the age of 18. the measure is now headed to the senate. the bill allows police to take sexualitily exploited children into temporary protective custody or get them help from
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social services if they're in danger. >> in california, child under 18 cannot consent to sex, and so when they're forced into it, when they're coerced into it, when they're treated as sex slaves or in sexual trafficking, it makes absolutely no sense to criminalize them as prostitutes. >> opponents of the bill believe it could make it more difficult to help children who don't see themselves as victims. there is frustration for freshmen at san jose state. it's time to move in but construction on students' new dorms is not complete and that's creating a lot of headaches. cornell bernard is live on campus with more about the move-in day mess. cornell? >> reporter: it's been a long day out here, eric, hundreds of students hope to be moving into the new high, rise dorm but are getting older dorms instead. not what many were expecting but like it or not it's a new temporary home for now. >> a new city, san jose.
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>> move-in day at san jose state. today was like a headache. >> i'm not too happy about it. i was really looking forward to being in the new dorms. >> oh, my god. i'm finally in my dorm room. >> this freshman took this video of the moment she saw her new dorm room for the first time. the accommodations, not exactly what she hoped for. >> how are you feeling. >> i was so upset but nothing i can do. >> look at the closet space. >> three students bunking together. >> i have to share my room with two other people and i have a lot of stuff. >> her mom is disappointed. >> not what i expected. >> 820 san jose students thought they had it made. moving into a brand new dorm, but construction isn't finished yet due to last-minute delays so students have been detoured into temporary housing at these 1960s era dorms nicknamed "the bricks" slated for demolition.
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>> the rooms are tiny, the bathrooms aren't that good. >> from senegal is not impressed. some found dirt and trash inside their new digs. >> i went to school in france and this is worse. >> we always had a plain it wasn't done on time. we had structures in place that would house just about the same number of students. >> the university apologizes for the inconvenience but appreciates cooperation. brianna is making the best of it for now. >> my mom was like, that's your first life lesson, not everything goes as planned. >> the university will help students move into the new dorm when it's finally complete in three to four weeks in san jose, abc7 news. >> burlingame celebrated the opening of its first new elementary school in 50 years. we were there as families and local leaders checked out hoover elementary. voters passed a bond to pay the $17 million it took to buy and modernize the campus.
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>> this is my new classroom and i feel so fortunate to be part of such a beautiful school, such a wonderful school community, and burlingame is just the school district gives souse much support. feel fortunate to be here. >> the campus features high-tech gadgets and wi-fi, the campus began as a serve and then was a monastery for buddhist monks. classs start on wednesday. it will ease overcrowd using, tonight, tony bennett will belt out his classic love son to san francisco as a charity fundraiser. he recently turned 90. sergio kin quintana is live at the fairmont in san francisco. >> reporter: by the time tony bennett debuted the song "i left my heart in san francisco" he was an established crooner but the song has become his sergeant and first sang his song on stage at the venetian room here in the
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fairmont. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: so it's only fitting that this weekend of a statue of bennett was unveiled in front of the fairmont. the ceremony dedicating a statue was the first part of what turn out to be a long day of celebrations for the singer. later he was honored at at&t park. ♪ when i come home to you san francisco ♪ >> reporter: tonight's event here at the fairment will be more low key. a few members of the audience who heard the debut of the song will join a select group for free concert cocktails and then bennett will perform a short set list. the event raises money for the
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tonymen fund for pediatric care at san francisco general hospital. the venetian room has been reconfirminged to have the stage the same as when he sang that song in december of 1961 for the first time before a live audience. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, tech companies step up to help stop an annoyance to millions of americans. what is brewing on the space station? how about a coffee shop or
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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goingle and apple have joined more than two dozen tech and communication companies to help stop annoying robocalls. narrowly of the robocall strike force organize by the u.s. government to develop tools to stop the calls. they hope to develop a standard to block calls from a list of spoofer phone numbers them fcc has not banned ail robocalls because it sees some value in them. the strike force will record to fcc in october. >> nasa hopes to test out commerce. the space agency is taking ideas from private companies to possibly set up a marketplace in space. so far there have been 11 ideas
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mitted. nasa would not say what but there are ideas coming forward that scientists never imagined. now the budget does not allow nasa to implement any ideas. hmm. starbucks in space? up next at 6:00, a cool finish to the weekend. meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> the giants cannot get out of their own way after back-to-back wins against the mets, jake peavy was let up by a
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♪ >> lots to hear and see and eat at arts' soul oakland. we were at franco gala plaza for the owning lean tradition. crafts people sold some creations. in case you missed the fun today, it continues from noon until 6:00 tomorrow. admission, $12 for adults. and will we see sunshine like today for art and soul oakland? >> a fine finish to the weekend especially if you're a fan of cooler numbers. the next couple of days temperatures below where they
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she be for the month of august. live doppler 7 showing you a really nice picture right now, coastal fog pushing in around the bay but otherwise comfortable evening on tap. a couple of popup showers in sierra and the statement story tomorrow. take note if you're headed into the higher elevations. be big story today is the temperature change. cooler by seven degrees in concord. seeing the picture live from the golden gate bridge elm overcast sky are ready but the cloud cover not too low. you see the flag waving in a breeze right now, gusting to 25 to 25 miles-per-hour. overcast morning, coastal drizzle likely the next 12 hours or so. the sky we had today, the hazy sky, is going to be a repeat performance sunday afternoon and then tracking cool august day the next three days.
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current temperatures comfortable. 74 in san ramon, 77 concord. 72 san jose. 61 in san francisco. 73 napa. santa rosa, 69. overnight tonight, most spots drop into the 50s. we have fog on the coast and that marine layer will strengthen to 2,000 feet so the fog will push inland and also have the drizzle chance right along the coast. future weather, going hour-by-hour well-'ll stop the time at 7:00 tomorrow morning, zoom in and show you the fog in concord, danville, dublin, san francisco, hayward, fremont, saratoga, by 10:00 in the morning, much of the fog around the coast pulling back in the afternoon, going to be a nice afternoon. we'll have a lot of sunshine and temperatures very comfortable for this time of the year. highs on sunday, 80 in san jose. 67 oakland. 62-san francisco. that's below normal.
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antioch, comfy at 85. at the beach tomorrow, nice forecast. the cool sea breeze will be there in the afternoon, peeks of sunshine. the best chance for sunshine around santa cruz. future tracker temperature shows you the trend continues for cool for august on monday. look at that. 50s in in san francisco, mid-80s. and then wednesday, just a slight bit warmer but no intense heat on the horizon. so, good news there. we get a break from heat we had earlier. the seven-day forecast, hazy tomorrow, below average, a bit of a warmup on wednesday and right back down with the numbers thursday, and friday. it's really comfortable around here, saturday, week from today, feeling like fall, temperatures five to ten degrees below normal. >> thank you. pretty day to play baseball.
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right? >> perfect. >> shu is here. >> the giants second half has been hard to watch. yesterday's victory of the mets, first back-to-back wing streak in august. mets again today. pitching in the bull pen a no-show. barbecue in the cove. all right. only in san francisco. first inning, former a, yoenis cespedes. a double. reyes scores. mets 1-0. cespedes, crushes this to left center. 23rd of the season. 3-0 new york. another former a, bartolo cologne, allows two runs, and span was one of the runs in the bottom half. the third splash hit. 3-1 mets. the guy goes for a swim. jake peavy, out of the bull pen. did not go well. diaza with a bomb just inside the foul pole.
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cespedes, see ya. the mets take the game, 95 the final. >> a's in chicago to face the white sox, bottom first, abreu deep shot off detwiler, looks like -- hits the top of the glove for a home run. 1-0 sox. hate that. tim anderson, rbi base hit. chicago two hits the entire game yesterday, raking tonight. 3-0 sox. we saw cespedes rough occupy the giants, cabrera roughing up the a's. detwiler pitched four, allowed six rounds ten hits right now 6- 0 white sox. >> the niners taking on the broncos, colin kaepernick will not play. c. j. sanderson ran for a td. 7-0 denver in the first.
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then carolina taking on tennessee. cam newton threw for 162 yards, one td, right here to ted ginn, jr. breaks a tackle and runs around everyone else. panthers win 26-16. new york giants taking on the bills. buffalo quarterback taylor just signed a $90 million deal. showing why. completely fools this defender. air us it out, 59 yards. taylor threw for 132 yards and a touchdown. to the links, the wyndham championship in north carolina where kim is trying pad a two-stroke lead after firing a 60 yesterday. par-3 16th two aces this week. this has the third. 156 yards and nothing but net. 367, tied for 18th. jim furyk, two back to start the day, shoot 3-under 67. best shot on 15.
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62-foot putt. drains it for the second longest of his career, he's five back. everybody is chasing kim. 10-under 60 yesterday, 6-under 64 today. 18 under par. u.s. women's hoops defeat spain in the gold medal game, their sixth straight gold medal at the olympics. klay thompson, devin durant and draymond green going for the gold tomorrow. the story of the game has been michael phelps and swimming. usain bolt in track and field, and simone biles in gymnastics who will carry the american flag on sunday in the closing ceremony. busy day as usual on a saturday. >> it was. i like the way furyk looks at the putt like, i do it all the time. thank you, shu. >> next at 6:00. it's like tennis with a twist, or more like a pop. a look at the rising
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>> join u.s. tonight on kofy tv 20. authorities taking action to stop bike thefts. then at 11:00 on channel 7, richmond police offering a big reward for help finding whoever killed a teenage girl.
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a new sport quickly gaining popularity here in california. we were in san francisco today to check out a pop tennis exhibition. it's like regular tennis but on a smaller court with a lower net and specializes paddles. organizers say it's accessible by people of all ages and all skills, though it can still be mastered. right now there are more than 18,000 pop tennis courts in the country. the u.s. tennis association is helping to promote the rising sport. good luck with that. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. for drew and shu, thank you for joining us, and we'll see you later.
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