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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 23, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> the breaking news is in the south bay. new trouble at the santa clara county jail.
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a former deputy is under arrest tonight accused of beating an inmate. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the former deputy was arrested tonight. here is his just released booking photo. >> let's go to lilian kim live at the santa clara county jail with the story tonight. lilian? >> reporter: dan and ama, the bail amount is $75,000. his arrest is the latest involving guards here at the santa clara county jail. timmy tree was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and assault under color of authority. the sheriff's department says it it dates back to 201 throughy when he was called by another deputy to help restrain a combative inmate. tree kicked the inmate in the head and face two to three times. the inmate suffered a broke ep cheak bone and cuts to his face. according to the spokesman the three-year gap between the assault and arrest is the
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result of gathering all of the facts. >> we submitted the case to the district attorney's office. the district attorney had additional questions and we resubmitted the case to the district attorney and we got an arrest warrant and we made the arrest tonight. >> tree is the latest santa clara county jail guard to be arrested. three former deputies were charminged with the beating death of michael tyree and two others charged with beating another inmate and breaking his jaw. >> as for timmy tree while he was arrested tonight he was forced to leave the sheriff's department last year. live in san jose, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks, lilian. our other top story, the search for a sick coyote in the east bay and the fear that it could turn dangerous. tonight wildlife officials say this animal spotted in contra costa county needs critical care and needs it as soon as possible. >> the sick coyote was spotted in danville.
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alyssa harrington is live with the new details. alyssa? >> reporter: a lot of people want to help this coyote, but wildlife officials say if you see it do not touch it and do not feed it. it is sick with a skin disease and it is traveling closer to the downtown area including here along del amigo road right next to the high school. >> reporter: video shows the coyote wandering around the neighborhood. they say it is sick with a severe case of mange and could die if untreated. she saw the animal on saturday. >> it was right around the el capitan. it was in the middle of the day. he was crossing the street. very sad looking. >> reporter: the wildlife emergency services says they want 20 catch the coyote and then take it to a bay area animal hospital. >> he needs help. he is suffering from a severe case of mange which is caused by mites and causes hair loss. >> he was last spotted near
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the iron horse trail. it was also seen near charlotte middle school. >> it frightens me because it does look very sick and very emaciated. i have this little dog and she would be just a a morsel for a coyote. >> reporter: mange can be transmitted to pets and people, but only if you get very close. anyone who sees the coyote is urged to report sightings to police. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> one child has serious injuries, but should survive after a car slammed into trees in redwood city. sky 7 shows the damaged car along redwood shores parkway. investigators say the driver lost control and has not been cited. >> new tonight, san jose police now believe a man found dead was the victim of a homicide. someone called police saying
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they saw a bowed near the ramp that connects 101 to northbound 280 on august 12th. the santa clara county medical examiner says the victim died of brupt force trauma. he was identified as alejandro zacarias. they haven't made any arrests of two brothers outside their home. they both died after being shot in a shooting 8:45. it appears the victims were targeted. the victims were marco and arturo ramirez and they hope more witnesses come forward. the double murder brings the homicide total to 33 in san jose. three more than all of last year. to fight the rising crime wave a wave of reassignments could be coming to san jose's police department to get more officers on the street. the police officer's union says they vow to work with the department while the union wants to declare a state of
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emergency. >> we are talking about over 340, 10-hour shifts that need to be filled every week in patrol. >> it is important that we do this together. we have a common interest to protect our officers and protect our community. >> abc7 news received a copy of this letter from the city manager's fs on. it says to fully staff the street patrols, 47 officers would need to be redeployed. police arrested a man for reserving a home on air b and b to burglarize it. he canceled his reservation and then broke in and stole several items including personal information. soon after the homeowner got a call that somebody opened a credit account in their name at the at&t store. police were there to arrest the man when he showed up to pick up a new iphone. police are looking for a
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man who bit off a bar bartender's finger trying to get back in after it closed. he is rough housing with a friend and police say after closing time the man came back. he tried to kick in the door and even jumped through a window. the bartender confronted the man who attacked him and bit off his finger. >> he was able to take the finger with him to the hospital. they tried to put it back on, but they weren't able to save the finger. unfortunately this bartender now has some type of prosthetic finger to replace that. >> investigators plan to pursue mayhem charges. one person had to be pulled from a dump truck that crashed 250 feet down an embankment. sky 7 shows the man being airlifted from the ravine. the chp has shutdown all traffic during the response. two other people were able to get out on their own. crews will show up tomorrow to pull out the vehicle itself.
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>> due to this location and the amount of time this will take, we were going to wait until tomorrow until we recover. it. >> all three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a natural historic landmark in central california is now an operation center for crews fighting a wildfire. hertz castle tweeted out this picture. the mansion said today they will remain closed until at least sunday. the chimney fire has bone to 51 square miles since it started nine days ago in san luis obispo county. it destroyed 16 other buildings. they say it is 35% contained. residents east of los angeles are returning to their fire-scorched neighborhoods. officials lifted all evacuation orders as the fire crews get the upper hand on the blue cut fire in san bernadino county. the fire started last tuesday and grew to 58 square miles and destroyed 105 homes. in lake county some schools opened today a week
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behind schedule because of a wildfire near lower lake. crews have the fire nearly surrounded. an arsonist sparked the flames nine days ago. cal fire reports 189 homes and eight commercial buildings were charred to rubble. coming up next, stopping those annoying robocalls once and for all. joining forces to make that dream a reality. >> and paying price. what is happening with ryan lochte. >> and the major action taken against hot air balloons following the deadly crash in texas. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. anything but hot this week. here is a preview of the morning commute. it will include gray and drizzly conditions. how the rest of the week is shaping upcoming up. >> thank you, sandhya. here is a look at what is coming up on gem me kimmel live -- "jimmy kimmel live." >> thank you, dan and ama.
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tonight the pass to the white house goes through hollywood. >> have you considered using face time instead of e-mail? dan dan
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>> ama: now at 11:00, they are joining forces to battle a common enemy, annoying robocalls. leslie brinkley has been tracking the new program and joins us with what consumers can expect. leslie? >> reporter: that's right, ama. coming soon, an end to the annoying robocalls trying to sell you a vacation or solar panels or pretending to be the irs. a task force is going to use technology to end them. >> hello. >> reporter: robocalls were con in2350ed -- were confined to land lines. >> we ended up using our cell phones and have done away with our home phone. >> reporter: now they are popping up on the cell phone too. it is against the law to sell
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with a commercial message if you are on the do-not-call list established in 2003. >> i think the law is largely irrelevant if they break it with impunity and are not able to get caught. the only way to solve this problem is to use technology that can either block these calls or authenticate who is making them so the law can be enforced. >> that's why there is a new robocall strike force. it is a task force partnering with apple, google, microsoft, verizon and at&t. the strike force will meet in october to come up with ways to come up with ways to thwart them to get us to answer calls from foreign countries using free voiceover internet. >> it is extremely annoying. it is my private time and in my home. i don't like to be interrupted. >> reporter: robocalls are not just a nuisance. they rip off millions from consumers. and now for the first time the government and the private
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industry are working on a way to make consumers robocall proof. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> dan: more fallout for ryan lochte and it will cost big bucks. he netted a firestorm of controversy after he lied about a drunken incident at the rio games. lochte and three other teammates first said they had been robbed. instead they were involved in a dispute over vandalism. two more companies, air we have mattresses and gentle weave canceled their endorsements. >> ama: the f.a.a. is grounding balloons until they can fix the dangerous leaks in the propane burners this following the deadliest crash when 16 people died in texas last month. the directive is not a reaction to the tragedy, but they have increased scrutiny of the hot air balloon industry since last month's crash.
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>> dan: now to the election. jimmy kimmle asked her about the now infamous e-mail scandal and even questioned her pick for vice president. >> were you looking for somebody who looks like they jumped out of the front row of the jimmy buffet concert? >> i was looking for somebody who has been a successful mayor and governor. >> it is not too late to dump timmy and get jimmy on. >> dan: jimmy kimmle is up next at 11:35. trump promised a fair and firm approach to illegal immigration. he told a crowd in ohio that he would consider allowing immigrants to stay if they do not commit any crimes. trump says he is not flip-flopping on the issue. he wants to work with the hispanic community to come up with the correct policy. >> ama: it is time to turn our attention to the weather. >> dan: it is getting cooler.
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>> sandhya: how about 82 for the warmest location this week. you are absolutely right. we are going with cooler than average conditions for self- more days. today's temperatures are a good four to eight degrees below normal. this will give you a preview as to how we are seeing the cool weather. it is about 2,000 feet deep tonight and that's why it pushed all the way up to santa rosa and into oakland and hayward. you notice the entire coast is socked in right now. as we take a live look from the emeryville camera notice the overcast skies. it is 61 in oakland and mountain view. san jose 62 and morgan hill is 57 degrees. sfo is showing the overcast skies as well. tomorrow morning you will fly out of the gray conditions. napa and petaluma and 60 in livermore and a live look from the abc7 news exploratorium camera.
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look at the bleufl shot of the moon through the low clouds. below average temperatures this week. a cooler pattern is setting up friday through the weekend. that's when you will notice the temperatures going to bottom out. the hour by hour day planner. temperatures in the 60s especially if you are sending them off. 70s there and cool at the coast at 4:00 p.m. mid80s inland and the sun goes down at 7:51. we are looking at mid50s to the low 70s. now tomorrow morning it is going to start out on the cool side with some spotty drizzle. so some slick roadways are not out of the qui. here is a look at how this will all play out. overcast conditions to the north and east bay. well into the east bay. places like danville and pleasanton you will start out gray along with fremont and in places like santa rosa and petaluma. you are already there.
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starting out with the low clouds and into palo alto and san jose. we hang on to the clouds. you can see the sun and it is going to be a nice looking day. just not what you s should be for this time of year. 78 in the south bay and san jose and cupertino. 78 in santa cruz. 70 in san mateo and upper 50s to low 60s and cloudy near the coastline. we get you to the north bay and it will be quite pleasant. napa, petaluma and 73 san rafael. in the east bay you will need the sunscreen and 69 in oakland and 74 castro valley and fremont. inland 80s 83 and 85 in livermore. when you look at the temperature trend for oakland, you will notice the average high is 74 degrees. well, let's just say for the next seven days you are going to hover well below normal for this time of year. the accu-weather of the is, temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid80s for your tuesday.
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a slight up tick in the numbers on wednesday. okay, so we get you near 90 inland, but not quite there. mid80s inland. upper 50s to the low 60s at the coast. we'll keep it cool in time for your outdoor activities. upper 50s to the low 80s on saturday and sunday. we will bump up the temperatures a few degrees on monday. we'll get a nice break in the middle of summer from the hot weather we are used to inland. >> thank you, sandhya. creamy swirls of pure indulgence.
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we want to share with you the latest at the san francisco zoo and gardens. do you know what this is? it looks like a llama, but it is a member of the camel family. it is showing the first steps of the little baby girl. she doesn't have a name yet. she is the very first born at the zoo. >> we can have a naming contest. >> talk about sports tonight. shu is here. >> what do you have for us, shu? >> the a's are taking on the indians tonight and it was a pitcher's dual.
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billy butler and danny valencia put him on the dl. we'll explain
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>> abc said sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the swinging a's of the 70s were known to hit homeruns and each other in the clubhouse. butler missed two games due to concussion-like symptoms. valencia's shoe rep was in town and he was selling off brand shoes in his locker. he said it was only pre game and not an actual game. he accused valencia of lying in front of the shoe rep and could have cost the shoe rep. he called butler out on it and they traded punches. he will go on the seven-day concussion dl as a result of the fight. they fined both players. >> there is an altercation in the clubhouse and both have been disciplined and fined and we are moving past it.
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i wasn't there and billy wasn't and and the manager didn't see it and i am not getting into a he said-he said. from an organization standpoint it is resolved and i am moving past it. this is not the first time they have done the fight in the clubhouse. unfortunately when you are having the season we are having it is a big story. if we are winning it would be colorful, but we are not. >> the a's are on their best behavior with ricky henderson in the house. perez is in the 6th. six score less. controversy in the bottom of the 6th. coco crisp going down the right field line. he has some speed and tries to stretch a double to a triple. he will be thrown out at third. the play was reviewed and he is ruled out. top of the eighth. no score until carlos santana makes the a's face the music.
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his 27th of the season and cleveland will go on to win it 1-0 your final. the giants hosted by the dodge dodge -- dodgers the next three nights. the dodgers just hammered the reds today. two on for adrian gonzalez. see ya. a three-run homer. homer bailey -- it was off homer bailey. a solo shot to left and his last of four homers this inning. now 12-7 in the seventh. it is another three-shot. the dodgers win it 18-9. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> dan: thank you, shu. stay with us. we wi


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